Fun By The Buck
Part 4
By: Jim Carter

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JT and I were hungry and decided to eat at the dinner down the street. If you were to look up "Greasy Spoon" in the dictionary, you would find this place pictured. The food wasn't too bad, but far from healthy.

"Jim, I will cook us a healthy dinner tonight. I can cook pretty good."

"Oh, what do you know how to cook?"

"I found a cookbook and I started trying to cook the stuff that was in there. We usually didn't have the ingredients I needed, but I usually found something that would work. My old man would come home drunk and eat it without even warming it up. It must have been okay or he would have used it as an excuse to beat my butt."

"I am sure you cook wonderfully, but unless you just want to cook something, we have a cook that does the cooking. If you want to learn, I am sure he will be happy to help you learn proper techniques. He will make sure we have any ingredients you need as well."

"Cool. It will be fun to cook just for fun. I had to cook if I wanted to eat. We got food stamps and he couldn't use it for beer or whisky, so I could buy food to cook. The man at the grocery store used to feel sorry for me and he would always give me a treat. He was sure a nice man. Hey, while we are in the neighborhood, maybe we can stop and thank him. Can we?"

"Sure we can. That is very nice thing to do and it shows how thoughtful you are."

We paid our bill and left the dinner. We went to the local grocery store. I have not seen a neighborhood grocery store in a long time. This store looks well kept from the outside. It didn't have a lot of parking, but enough to handle several shoppers. The inside was very clean and you could tell the owner took great pride in his store.

"Hi JT!" The first clerk greeted us.

"Hi Mrs. Brown. Is Mr. Cummins around?"

"I think he is in produce. Check there first."

We went to produce and didn't find anyone. Soon the door to the back opened and a huge man came through. A big smile grew on his face. "Hey JT, how are you today?"

"Hi Mr. Cummins. This is my new dad. Jim this is Mr. Cummins the man I told you about."

"JT tells me you are always very nice to him and you always give him a treat when he shops. We were back in the neighborhood and he wanted to come by to thank you."

"JT is a very sharp shopper, never buys junk food. He always checks the prices and gets value for his money. Technically he is not allowed to use the food stamps, but when I saw his father, I decided it would be just fine for JT to do the shopping. He is always so courteous and friendly to everyone. We all love the boy. I am sure you will take good care of him, he is a very deserving young man."

"Thank you Mr. Cummins. I will do my best to take good care of JT. He has become very special to me in a very short time. I am glad to meet you. Thanks again for being a friend to my boy."

"Nice meeting you, come back to see us when you can."

As we approached the front to leave the store another cashier shouted. "JT, are you not shopping today?"

"Nope. I just wanted to say goodbye to everyone. I won't be living around here anymore."

Soon a crowd gathered. "We will all miss you JT. Where are you going?"

JT jumped into my arms. "This is Jim, my new dad. He lives outside of town. He loves me, my old father didn't. Thank you all for being so nice to me. I will miss you."

"Bye JT, we will miss you too. We are all happy for you. You look very happy. Jim you take care of our boy."

"I will do my best. Thanks for looking out for my boy." I couldn't help it. A tear ran down my cheek. I was so very proud that everyone loved my boy.

While we were in town, I thought we should get more clothes, toys and stuff for JT's room.

"Jim, I don't want a room. I want to be with you."

"You need a room to take your friends when they come to visit. You need a place to go when you want some private time."

"I don't have any friends and I want to be with you."

"I am not going anywhere. You will soon have friends. Besides you might want to invite Shea over sometime."

"I suppose. Can I still sleep with you?"

"Yes and no. For a little while, we need to sleep in separate beds. There are a couple of people on the household staff that I don't trust. I was going to have Paul fire them last week, but haven't yet. One guy gives me the creeps. Until we are sure we can get that situation taken care of, we will need to be extra careful."

"Then let's stay where we were. We didn't have to worry about anyone, we just loved each other."

"We will soon be moving anyway to make sure we don't have any hassles with the legal maneuverings that allows us to stay together. It won't be long. Be patient my little one."

"I don't really like it, but you have done so much for me and I know you love me so much, I will trust you to do all you can for us to be together."

We spent the better part of the day shopping. We had most of the stuff delivered, but a few things we brought with us. JT was most excited about the entertainment center for his room. It did have all the bells and whistles. He was most excited about having a mini-recording studio.

We headed for home and I could see JT start getting nervous or worried. "What's wrong JT?"


"I have not known you for long, but your smile is gone, you are staring out into space. Something is wrong. What is it? We will work on it together."

"Well, all these people that work for you at the house. What are they going to think about me? That guy you keep calling must be a good friend as well as the guy that runs your house. What if he doesn't like me?"

"Don't worry your pretty little head, he will love you. Paul is a good guy and very smart. He will love you easily. I am sure most of the others guys will too. If they don't like you, or if you don't like them, we will fire them, and find someone else."

"I will do anything for you, but you need to learn something else. This is OUR house and they work for US. Not my house and they work for me. That was last week. This week, I have a beautiful young man helping me make decisions and sharing everything about our lives. We need to keep parts of our relationship between us and I hope you understand that part, but we are partners as well as father and son. Do you understand?"

"Yes and I know we have to be careful. I will have to watch myself. I am so happy, I feel like I am going to bust sometimes."

"Me too, we will have to help each other keep our heads. Deal?"


As we pulled into the garage JT's eyes got big and his chin hit his chest. "Are all these cars yours?"

"No, they are ours. Remember our conversation."

JT ran around open the door and sat in several of the cars. As he climbed into the limo, he asked. "How do you ever decide which to drive?"

"I don't drive the classic cars too much and I don't show them very much anymore either. I just drive what I am in the mood for."

"Cool!" He ran off to another car.

"JT, let's go in and meet the guys."

"Okay, but it is more fun here." He gave a sly smile and I knew he was not as worried as he was sounding.

As we walked in, Paul was there to greet us. "Good afternoon, Mr. Carter. You must be Master JT; I have heard so much about." Paul stuck out his hand for JT to shake.

"Just TJ, no master. Okay?"

"Yes sir as you wish."

"We have put the things in you room as they arrived, but if you want us to rearrange them just let us know and we will get it like you like it."

"Mr. Carter, dinner will be ready in about an hour and a half to two hours."

"Paul, you never call me Mr. Carter unless we have company. JT is family now and besides you know I hate it when you call me Mr. Carter."

"Sorry Jim, I wasn't thinking."

"That's better."

"JT come and meet the rest of the household staff."

Paul introduced JT everyone, from the looks of them a couple of the cleaning crew (Paul called them maids) had been having a little party. The whole staff seemed to take to JT immediately.

As we went up to his room to check it out he stopped. "Jim are all the guys gay?"

"I don't know for sure. Paul is gay and he hired them, so my guess is they are. Why did someone say anything to you or do something I should know about?"

"No, but I know the one you don't trust. It is Karl, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is."

"He gives me the creeps too."

"He is history. I will have Paul fire him the end of the week."

"The other one you are not sure of it Jerry, right?"

"Right, how did you know?"

"Just a feeling. All the other guys made me feel good being around them. Those two, I didn't want to be near."

"Don't worry son, they won't be here long."

I opened the door to JT's bedroom and all he could say was "WOW!"

It was not really a bedroom, but a suite. I have to admit the guys did a fantastic job on setting up the rooms on short notice. It appears everything had been delivered and set up. It looks like a boy had been living in these rooms for years, not just one day.

JT jumped into my arms. "Thank you dad, this is fantastic."

"But I didn't think you wanted a room."

"I know, I know, but it is beautiful. Thank you so much." Each word was punctuated with a kiss.

"You better go down and thank Paul and the guys, they did the work of setting it up."

JT ran down the stairs. I heard him shouting his thank-yous. I went across the hall to my bedroom and sat down to relax. I heard JT running up the stairs. About the time it took him to search his rooms, I heard a soft voice at my door. "Jim?"

"Yes, son. Come in."

JT came and climbed into my lap. "I knew you hadn't deserted me, but if this door had not been open, I might have panicked."

"I didn't mean to scare you. This is my room and I am just across the hall from you." He laid his head over on my chest and was almost asleep. I was stoking his back when I noticed someone by the door. It was like they were trying to see through the crack. Then he knocked.

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