Fun By The Buck
Part 6
By: Jim Carter

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"Goodnight, I can't wait to wake up so we can be together again."

I picked up my clothes and went to my room. I didn't close his door or mine. I tried to get to sleep, but my sleep was a restless sleep. I was so happy; I just couldn't relax. I had a permanent smile on my face might be one reason sleep was not as restful as it might have been. I had just drifted off to sleep when I when a blood curdling scream woke me up. Then I heard JT crying. I ran into his room and pulled him into my arms.

"It's okay, you're safe now." I was stroking his head and back.

"I was so scared. I dreamed they took me away from you. I just knew I would die."

"It's okay. I think you better sleep with me for the rest of the night." I picked him up and carried him across the hall to my bedroom. I thought I saw a shadow in the dark, but decided it was my imagination.

I closed the door behind us and put JT in the bed. I crawled in bed and he immediately crawled on top of me half on half off. He was already asleep. My sleep was quick to follow. We slept soundly until the morning. I felt JT blowing gently on my face to wake me. When I opened my eyes and saw his smiling face, everything seemed right with the world.

"Good morning sweets."

"Good morning to you. Thanks for taking care of me last night. I was so scared."

"I love taking care of my beautiful boy." We kissed gently. "Now you better get off me before I burst."

"I have to go too, but I wanted to go with you." He giggled his sly giggle.

I noticed it was after nine as we made our way to the bathroom. JT was getting frisky and squeezing and releasing my dick as I pissed. "We don't have time for that right now, it is late and we need to get downstairs."

"Can't we have just a little fun?"

"Later my prince, now we need to get cleaned up and downstairs." He relented and we brushed out teeth, again sharing a toothbrush. In the shower, JT couldn't help but try again to get me excited. It didn't take much and before long he was gobbling my dick. It didn't take long before I gave him a mouth full of my seed.

After a few moments rest to regain my strength, I picked him up in my arms and raised him high enough I could take him in my mouth. Only a few licks of his perfect penis and he was filling my mouth with his sweet cum. I was filled with desire for his boy and I took his beautiful balls into my mouth and gave them both special attention. Then I couldn't resist, I had to lick his little boy hole. It was so tight and hot. He was squirming trying to get more of my tongue into his body. "I can't hold it any longer! I'm Cumming!" I left his tight hole and took his hard cock into my mouth as the first volley of his sweet juices shot into my hungry mouth.

JT hung onto my neck and was giving me gentle angel kisses. "That was awesome! It just keeps getting better and better. You make me very happy. I love you so much."

"I love you too, my little prince. Now let's get dressed and get some breakfast."

"Okay, I am a little hungry." He gave me that special grin of his.

We dried each other and he watched me shave. When I finished I patted him on the butt and told him to go get dressed. He went to his room and got his clothes, but brought them into my room to dress. I couldn't help it; I liked being with him too.

We both ate a big breakfast. "What would you like to do today, JT?"

"Well, we never did go swimming yesterday and you said we could fly again today, and oh yeah, you said we could go exploring on a four wheeler."

"So which to you want to do first?"

"How about exploring then flying. Oh, I forgot I want you and I to play around with the stereo too. Then swimming."

We told Paul where we were going and got one of the four wheelers out. "For today we will ride together, so that you can learn to drive this thing. After you learn, you won't have to have me on the back." I taught him the mechanics of driving and let him take off. It was jerky at first and he almost threw us off once when it gave it too much gas, but all in all he did a good job of handling the thing. We explored for a couple of hours. The grounds were much larger than I thought. I had not taken the time to ride around the place before. We found a beautiful meadow with a small lake.

We got off the bike and took off our helmets. "Hey Jim, lets swim here."

"Sounds good to me." JT was already taking off his clothes.

"Last one in is a pussy!" JT screamed as he hit the water. Of course I was the last one in. As I slowly walked into the lake JT said, "I guess you are the pussy."

"Oh, and I thought you didn't like pussy."

"Well, I like one, only because he is the best pussy in the world and I would love him no matter what."

"Yeah, yeah, now you're trying to butter me up." I splashed him with a cupped hand. He giggled and the water fight was on. We splashed and swam around for several minutes. Then JT hung on to my neck and started kissing me passionately. We both soon became rock hard. He moved down so that we were cock-to-cock and rubbing together. We soon both were having an awesome orgasm. I noticed I now had a matching love bite over my right nipple. JT looked up and smiled, pulled himself up higher and kissed me.

"That was awesome."

"Yes, it was. I notice I have matching love bites now."

"Yep, no doubt your mine. Jim, I want to be with you always day and night."

"I like that thought, but you know school will be starting in a month and we can't be together then."

"Why can't I just quit school? I just want to be with you." For the first time I stopped and thought about JT's vocabulary and speech. He didn't talk like a twelve and a half year old at all. His vocabulary was much greater and he used much larger words than most kids his age would.

"JT what grade are you in school?"

"I should be in seventh when school starts. Why?"

"Your vocabulary and word usage seems much greater than most kids your age."

"I read a lot. I never had much else to do. Books are free at the library."

"Yes, and you seemed to have become very wise for your young age."

"So why can't I quit school and stay with you?"

"For one thing, your intelligence and quick wit are part of what makes you so special. You have a great capacity to lean and an education is important. You know it and so don't even try to tell me you don't like school."

"I didn't say I didn't like school. I just want to be with you, but I guess I know better than argue about school. Knowing you will be waiting for me will make it bearable."

"I will be waiting. Now let's get out of this water and dry off we already look like prunes."

We got out of the lake and were sitting on a rock sunning ourselves. "Jim, pinch me." JT said softly.

"What? No, I don't want to pinch my sweet boy."

"I wanted to make sure I wasn't dreaming, but this is so much better than any of my dreams, I am sure it isn't my dream."

"You say the sweetest things. We sure are a couple of romantics. Come on let's get dressed."

"Okay, I guess we should, but I almost wish we could just stay out here forever, just the two of us."

"It is a nice thought, but we might get a little hungry."

"Speaking of hungry. I'm starved. Think John has something for lunch?"

"I am pretty sure he does." We donned our helmets and headed back to the house. JT was riding the four-wheeler like a champ and next time he wouldn't need a co-pilot.

When we went in for lunch Paul said John didn't know when we would return so he just fixed sandwiches and salad for lunch. We both dove into them like we were starving. When we finished eating, JT climbed into my lap. "Jim, will you help me figure out some stuff with my stereo now?"

"Sure, let's go." We went to JT's room and were sitting on his bed. We have tried several different things with his system and he had figured out how to mix different inputs to make a new CD or tape. We were having a ball and he had me giggling like a teen again myself. We were currently doing voice overs to the Baha Men's song `Who Let the Dogs Out'. Suddenly JT stopped singing and I notice his stare. Karl was in the room. JT shut down the CD has Karl approached.

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