Fun By The Buck
Part 8
By: Jim Carter

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© 2000 Jim Carter

"Thanks Paul." I took the phone and dialed Tony. To make a long story short, Tony was having some problems with the legal aspects of trying to get legal documents for me to be able to keep JT. His lover is Judge Parker and picked up on his dilemma. The good judge seemed to think he would talk the authorities into granting an adoption and went to work trying to make it happen. Since they had no previous interaction with JT, they wanted to talk with him and have him examined tonight. He said they wanted to make sure he wasn't coached. If we would agree to it they would be waiting as soon as we could get to the clinic. JT said if I thought it was what we should do, he would go along with anything I thought was in our best interest.

JT and I loaded into the limo. Since we had just lost our drivers, Paul drove us to the clinic. JT and I decided to tell the truth about how we met. We would leave out the sex parts, but other than that it would be better to tell the truth. If this works out, I will get to adopt JT legally and we won't have to move and keep looking over our shoulder all the time.

My interview didn't take but about forty-five minutes. Seems they had already talked with Bill so they knew about our confrontation with Jackson Montgomery. They had the pictures that I have given Bill. I was told I had some very powerful friends and it was their guess that this would be the fastest adoption in the history of this county if not the state.

When JT was brought out, we were told we could leave and their decision would be given to Judge Parker within a few days. JT said they gave him a full examination. He said the doctor seemed to like playing with his nuts. He said he admitted he was gay and when the doctor asked if he every put anything in his butt he told him only his finger sometimes when he played with himself. He said the doctor examined his hole closely. After his medical examination, three different people talked with him about his father and his sexual relationships. He said they told him he should have told someone about the beatings from his father, but they said they understood how hard it was for a child to come forward about such matters.

He said they wanted to know why I got in the car with you in the first place after three nights of not being able to go through with selling my body. I told them that you had picked up Toby first, but let him out. He signaled me that you were okay and he wasn't getting out because he didn't like you. I told them, I couldn't explain it, but I immediately felt warm and safe. I didn't feel threatened or anything other than comfortable. I told them I was sure I was going to get a lecture about being out there, but not in a mean or disgusting way. I told them I tried to instigate sex, but that you wouldn't let me. You wanted to help me and were never anything but supportive and concerned for me. I told them about you taking care of my whelps and making me feel so good I went to sleep. I told them I woke up scared, but found you across the hall and you let me sleep with you the rest of the night. Then I told them about that bastard of a father and how we took care of him. When I told them about the dump I took on his seat, they tried to keep from laughing, but couldn't.

It had been a pretty trying evening. It was after eight-thirty when we got home. John had kept our dinner almost ready and said it would be ready in five minutes. Paul brought out dinner out and was going to go eat his own dinner. "Paul, bring your dinner out here and eat with us. You are family to me."

"Thanks boss, I will."

After about ten minutes of chitchat, Paul asked. "May I speak candidly?"

"Please do." I wasn't sure I really wanted to have this conversation that I thought might be coming, but knew it was necessary.

"I know it is none of my business and I can assure you that I consider your privacy primary importance. I have never seen you so happy, boss. I am happy that you have found someone you can care so deeply about. JT I haven't known you for very long, but you appear to be perfectly happy and content with Jim. I can also see in the way you look at each other and the way you hold each other that your love exceeds that of a father and son relationship. I think it is wonderful and I support you one thousand percent, no one outside this household need know anything, but I think the household staff needs to know so that we can have a united front."

"Paul, I wish it were that easy, but if one hint of our relationship should leak, we could be separated until JT reaches sixteen and I am not sure either of us could deal with that."

"I know I couldn't. I have just found out what love is and what it means to be loved and I would die if it were taken away now. Please don't tell anyone Paul. I would just die." JT started crying and crawled into my lap hiding his face against my chest.

"John and I are soul mates and have already figured it out. We both are happy for you and want the best for you, but secrets are not possible in a house. It seems to me it is best to make sure everyone is on the same page and we not try to keep secrets that can't be kept anyway."

"What you say makes sense Paul. You are a true friend. How should we proceed?"

"Well, I will feel everyone out in a subtle way. I am sure Collin and Jacob won't have a problem with it. Look at the difference in their ages."

"Yes, but Jacob is twenty-six and colleen is what almost fifty?"

"Forty-eight, but they have been together for fourteen years. Do the math. How could they be anything but supportive?"

"Yes, I guess it would hypocritical of them to condemn us for something they have practiced themselves. It might be good for us to talk with them about this type relationship. I am sure they can offer some useful advice."

"That leaves Sean and Jack the gardeners. You know Eric that sixteen year old kid that helps them part-time?"

"Yes, what about him?"

"Seems like it took him a year, but Eric managed to seduce them last year when he was only fifteen. When I caught them, they offered to quit, but said they loved the kid and couldn't promise to refrain from sex with him. He said he was the instigator and was fully responsible and wasn't about to give them up once he managed to break their defenses. Seems to me this is a perfect group to trust with our secrets. I will do a better job of hiring a driver and helper next time. I like hiring couples anyway, it seems natural in a gay household."

"Okay, thanks Paul. Let me know when we should have a get together and discuss our living situation."

JT stayed in my arms and I carried him up the stairs. "Are you okay, bud?"

"Yeah, I guess so, but I am so scared. Please don't let them take me away."

"I will do everything in my power to make sure you stay here. It is out of our hands now. We should know in a few days."

"If they take me away, promise me you will help me run away so we can be together."

"A few days ago I would have said no way will I break the law. Now though, if everything legally possible failed, I would consider illegal options to get you back. I don't think I can live without you either."

"Now that that is settled, let's go to OUR bedroom and shut out the rest of the world. Put me down and I'll start our shower while we get naked." I didn't say anything; I didn't need to. JT seemed to have a plan and I let the boy do it his way.

JT pulled me into the shower and started washing me. I started washing him. When we came to our genitals, he said. "No playing now, we are saving it for later." He flashed that sweet smile that seems to say I am devious, but I know you can't resist me. We dried each other, and ourselves pausing only for sweet kisses and gentle hugs. "Carry me to bed. I love being naked and being carried. I want to get as much of it as I can before I get too big and heavy. This seems so perfect, I wish I could be a boy forever."

"Some things will change as we grow older, but we will always find ways to make our time together special. I have to admit; I love holding you like this. I gently laid him on the bed and I crawled in next to him. I pulled the cover up and we snuggled just enjoying the closeness. We were both asleep before we even thought of anything sexual. We didn't even say goodnight, we were lost in the comfort of being together.

I awoke bright and early the next morning needing to piss badly. JT was lying completely on top of me with his nose in my armpit. He has his legs spread on either side of my body with his hard cock next to mine. I was just about to try to slip out from under him to have my morning pee when I heard him moan and he started to hump his cock next to mine. He was having an erotic dream and I decided to let him finish before I tried to get up. His humping quickly got me even more excited. When I felt him cum, I shot my load as well. I reached for his buns and couldn't help but squeeze them. JT looked up with a smile on his face. "Did I just cum?"

"Yes and I did too. Was it a good dream?"

"Yes, am I still dreaming? This seems just like the dream."

"Feel how sticky we are then you tell me."

He reached down between us and then brought his finger up to his mouth. "That's good, better not waste that." He went down and started licking up all the juice he could from my belly. When he finished, I did the same to his belly. He was hard again, so gave his balls a few licks and then put his beautiful cock in my mouth. The boy was horny this morning and it didn't take long for me to be rewarded with his sweet juice.

We both needed to pee and made a beeline to the bathroom. When we finished, JT held up his arms for me to carry him again. "Back to bed please."

I carried him back to bed. He pushed me on to my back and started licking my cock. He was straddled my chest with his knees. I was looking into his sweet rosebud. I raised my head and buried my face between his cheeks and started to worship his tight hole. I worked my tongue into that hot hole and started to make love to his hole with my tongue. He was moaning and humping back into my face. I felt his cum hit me as he reached his climax. I couldn't hold back any longer and started to shoot. He caught my cock and put it in his hot mouth taking the rest of my juice without loosing a drop.

The End

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