Hunter's Fetish, a short story by Josh Terrence


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This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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It's a mistake that so many mothers make.

Not knowing what's waiting on the other side of the door for them, they haphazardly walk into their son's room. Typically, the door's unlocked at this moment, adding to the shock and confusion of the moment when it happens. That moment when a mother opens her son's bedroom door and finds him in a compromising position. That moment when they walk into the bathroom without thinking and see their once innocent child with his hand somewhere naughty. The instant that the image of puerility is washed away because her son is engaged in an activity that she believed he was too young for.

For Janice Pleasurebum and her son Hunter, that moment has unfolded.

Perhaps it happened because 13 year old Hunter wasn't expecting his mother to come home for another 45 minutes. Or maybe it was the fact that Janice recently purchased an electric hybrid car, and the quiet car pulled into the driveway undetected. Or maybe it was because Janice and Peter Pleasurebum decided that their son was old enough to stay by himself after school, leaving him to his own devices for almost two hours a day.

Happily for Hunter, he didn't realize that his mother opened his bedroom door. He couldn't see the door open because his eyes were shut tight and a blissful smile was fixed to his young face. He didn't hear the gasp that escaped her lips, either. That's because his moaning was too loud for her shocked expression to be heard. He might have noticed the shadow of his mother's frame that was cast onto his bed as she stood in the doorway, but the heavily skid marked briefs that he was holding to his nose were bunched over his green eyes, which were squinted because he was grinning so hard.

Unfortunately for Janice, she can't unsee it. She can't undo the shock that she felt when she saw her boy, her sweet little boy, naked in his room. She can't forget the sight of his 3 ½ inch boy cock standing up from it's nearly hairless base. The site of her middle schooler breathing the essence of his shit stained briefs into his nostrils with a naughty smile. A smile that she'll never get out of her head. A smile of pure pleasure and something more.

At least she can take solace in the fact that he wasn't touching himself.

The next day, Janice was home at the same time. She cautiously walked into the house, hoping against hope that her son was watching TV or gaming online. Instead, the house was quiet, save for the sounds of moaning coming from her son's room. Once again, she found herself at his bedroom door, cringing at the thought of catching her son in the act of sniffing his briefs. She was planning to let him be, but the sound of multiple voices were coming from his room. And these weren't the voices of middle schoolers, but the voices of men. They were using vulgar language that she couldn't believe.

Give me some more shit!” she heard a young man say, and she was shocked. A split second later, the unmistakable sound of Hunters voice chimed in.

Yeah, give me some more shit, too!”

Not knowing what could be happening in her son's room, she opened the door and was greeted by the site of her naked son sitting on his bed with his back to her, watching gay scat porn on his laptop. Beside him on the bed lay a pair of briefs that looked caked with shit. Once again, her son talked to the screen.

I need you to take another shit in my mouth.”

As those words were emerging from the boy, he reached over and picked up his shit caked briefs and she noticed that his fingers were smeared brown. Then, much to her astonishment, the little blonde pulled a long, dark turd from his briefs and brought it up to his mouth. Seconds later, the briefs were tossed on his bed and she could hear moist chewing while his jaw worked slowly.

So good, baby, now do my ass” the youngster hissed around his mouthful, then he swallowed audibly and Mrs. Pleasurebum was stunned. Not knowing what to say or do, she closed the door and went downstairs to sort it all out in the quiet of her husband's den.

Honey, I think we need to reconsider getting a babysitter for Hunter,” she told her husband when he got home. “I caught him looking at porn today.”

He's a 13 year old boy,” Peter said with a dismissive tone. “What did he say when you caught him?”

I... I didn't say anything to him,” she stammered.

It's good that you didn't say anything about it,” the man said. “No sense in embarrassing him.”

Well, there's more than just porn,” she revealed, and her husband raised an eyebrow. “I think he was watching gay porn.”

Maybe he's a little curious,” the man said, and his wife gave him an ominous look.

He was watching gay scat porn, Peter,” she revealed, and he nodded. “I think he has a scat fetish.”

Well if he does, we'll find out soon enough,” the man said. “I still don't think he needs a babysitter.”

Janice wanted badly to tell her husband everything. She wanted to tell him that she witnessed their boy cram a turd into his mouth and chew it up, but she was scared. She didn't move to stop him, and let him go through with it, all the way to completion. Not wanting to admit this to her husband, she dropped the subject.

The next day, she got off work early enough to pick her son up at school. She wanted to surprise him with a trip to the mall to pick out a new game. Then maybe they could sit at a table in the food court and talk. Janice didn't know what she expected to accomplish by all of this, other than connecting with her son. If she had been honest with herself, though, she would have admitted that she was looking for a way to stop him from engaging in scat play.

When she drove up to his middle school, she saw him talking to a much taller boy. Figuring that she'd get his attention eventually, she watched as her boy socialized. She noticed that he was grinning shyly up at the youngster he was talking to, then he batted his eyes at the boy. Then, in plain site of everyone who happened to be streaming past them in front of the school, her son puckered his lips and the boys shared a tender kiss. When their lips parted, Hunter offered his book bag to the bigger boy, who accepted it with a sweet smile, then the boys held hands and walked down the sidewalk.

Realizing that her son hadn't noticed her presence, the startled mother watched him lean into the bigger boy and smile. The tall brunette responded by wrapping an arm around her son's shoulder and holding him close as they strolled toward a nearby park. As they neared the end of the block, the boys stopped and Hunter tilted his head back. With a tender smile, the bigger boy leaned down and slipped his tongue into Hunter's mouth while Janice watched with disbelieving eyes.

Surreptitiously following the pair, she parked across the street from the park and watched from her car as the pair took a seat on a park bench. Without much discussion, the boys fell into a deep kiss that saw her son eased onto his back. When their lips parted, Hunter gave his dreamy beau a needy look and said something to him with a sweet smile. Janice then watched as her son was helped to his feet by the bigger boy, then they held hands and walked into the park restroom.

Unable to help herself, Janice made a beeline for the concrete building in the park. Realizing that she was taking a risk, she willed herself to go into the restroom and see for herself what the boys were up to. As she neared the door, she heard the soft moans of her son and knew she had to go in. It was the right thing to do, she told herself. She was sure her son was being pressured into what sounded like oral sex, and she had to break it up. She reasoned that Hunter wouldn't understand right now, but he would thank her in a few years.

But when she opened the door, she was stricken by the site of her boy doing something far more scandalous than having oral sex.

Indeed, as soon as she looked in the park restroom, she was greeted by the site of her son, who was bent over, hanging onto the sink with his ass in the air. Behind him, the taller, more developed boy was holding onto his hips, feeding him strokes of hard cock that were producing those soft, serene moans that she heard from outside the restroom. Only, when she saw it up close and personal, those moans weren't so soft, or serene. As close as she was, they were loud, shameless and down right guttural.

Neither boy saw her close the bathroom door and hurry back to her car.

When the boys emerged from the restroom, they shared a deep kiss out in the open that anyone walking by could have seen. Janice noticed that the bigger boy was running his hands all over her son's freshly fucked ass, which prompted Hunter to wrap his skinny arms around his lover's neck. When they let their lips part, the boy handed Hunter his book bag and took off in a different direction. Janice was about to get out of her car and approach her son when another boy approached him. After a brief conversation, the boys disappeared behind a thick line of bushes.

Figuring that her son planned on having anal sex with this cute new boy, she resolved that she was going to put a stop to it.

When she approached the brush that she saw the boys disappear into, she could hear her son's familiar moans and walked toward them. Rounding the corner, she saw her boy was naked from the waist down, just as she thought he would be. The other boy was naked too, just as she figured. But what she didn't count on was the site of her son on his knees, hungrily pushing his face into the derrière of the cute 14 year old while his moist, audible licking filled the still afternoon air with sound. She watched with disbelief as Hunter held onto the boys hips with a tight grip, practically pulling his ass back into his young face.

But there was no way for the shocked mother to prepare for what happened next.

Because in a moment that will live in Janice Pleasurebum's memory until her dying day, she saw her son release his grip on the boy's right hip and use his hand to rub the youngster's tummy. Believing that she was watching her son give a reach around, she blinked and wondered to herself where he got that kind of experience. But as she was processing this thought in her mind, the unbelievable happened right before her eyes.

Momentarily, she noticed that her son's mouth was no longer opening and closing against the hot sphincter he was worshiping. As suddenly as it dawned on her that his technique had changed, the sound of an erupting shit load rang out. In an instant, she watched her son's cheeks bulge tight and his lips pooched out, then he sat back on his knees and his mouth began working again. He was smiling blissfully, just like he had been on Monday afternoon when she walked in on him mid sniff. She saw him use his fingers to cram the protruding tip of a turd into his mouth, then he moaned softly and smashed the shit load with his tongue. With a gleam in his eyes, he began to swallow the brown load, much to the shock of his mother.

Realizing that his fetish had already manifested itself into something worse than she could imagine, she hurried back to her car and drove home. As soon as she got home, she went upstairs to her son's room and opened his closet. Finding several pairs of badly stained briefs, she dutifully sorted them out and carried a batch down to the laundry room. Still processing what she saw, it dawned on her what she needed to do.

When the youngster got home, his face was washed and he greeted her with a hug. Unable to help herself, Janice used the opportunity to intentionally sniff her son's face. The dark aroma of shit was more than detectable, so she decided to broach the topic with him.

Honey, what is mommy smelling on you?” she asked, and the boy shrugged.

Maybe I stepped in poop on the way home,” he suggested, causing her to raise an eyebrow.

Check your shoes,” she said with a concerned look, prompting the 7th grader to wish he hadn't used that tactic. He lifted his shoes, revealing a clean set of soles, then he shrugged.

I might have forgotten to wipe my butt,” he told her, studying her face for suspicion.

Maybe, honey,” she said, leaning in to sniff him again. “It smells like more than that, though.”

Looking up at her with a guilty expression, the boy shrugged and looked away. Adding to his angst, she leaned down and practically planted her nose into his cheek, then she took a whiff and gave him an expectant look. When he didn't budge, she smiled warmly.

Well honey, if there's something you'd like to talk to mommy about, you can,” she told him. “You know, there's nothing you'll ever do that would make me stop loving you.”

Nothing at all?” the short, skinny boy asked, and his mother shook her head no.

It could be anything at all, honey,” she assured him, wanting badly for him to tell her what he had been up to.

Thanks, mama,” the boy said with a grateful smile. With that, the pint sized youngster tore up the stairs and got in the shower, anxious to wash the stink off of his body.

That night, while Janice was getting supper ready ahead of her husbands arrival from work, her little boy appeared in front of her dressed in a tee shirt and a pair of white briefs. He was holding his cell phone to his ear and giving her a hopeful smile.

Hi Hunter,” she said, returning his smile. “What's going on, honey?”

Can I have a friend over before dad gets home from work?” he asked with puppy dog eyes.

You can, but I want to have a talk with you before he gets here,” she relented, and her son's eyes lit up.

She said yes!” he declared triumphantly. “Okay, I'll see you when you get here.”

Hanging up with a starry eyed smile, the boy approached his mother, who was smiling warmly at him as he climbed onto the counter and let his short legs hang off the edge.

So tell me about this boy,” she said, continuing to work while Hunter blushed deep.

His name is Elijah,” Hunter revealed. “He's in 8th grade.”

You're pretty fond of him then?” she asked, and he nodded again, his cheeks beet red. Caressing her boy's blushing face, she leaned in and took a whiff, then she told him, “You smell better, honey.”

I got the poop smell off of my face,” he said shyly while Janice smiled and nodded.

I'm sure Elijah will be grateful for that,” she said with a wink. “Tell me what you like about him, sweetie.”

Well, he's really big and he carried my bag for me today,” he told her, and she knew that this was the boy he was having sex with at the park.

I didn't see a boy walking home with you,” she noted, and he looked down with embarrassment. Using her forefinger, she lifted his chin and said, “Did you two walk to his house?”

No, we went to the park so we could be alone,” he admitted.

That sounds nice, sweetie,” she said with a warm smile. “Did you see anyone else at the park?”

Yeah,” he said in a small, husky voice.

Who was it?”

A boy named Bobby,” he said, and she nodded in understanding.

Did he carry your bag for you, too?” she asked softly, and he shook his head no.

We just went for a walk in private,” he said cryptically, and she took a breath before she addressed his deception.

Do you remember what mama said about being able to talk about anything?” she asked, and he nodded sheepishly. “Well, that goes for anything and everything, honey.”

Okay,” he said in a small voice.

So what did you and Elijah do when you got to the park?”

We visited on the park bench,” he said shyly.

Is that all you did, honey?” she asked curiously, taking note of the deep red that had beset her son's cheeks. “If it's a boy you like, I would think that maybe you were there to kiss him.”

I did kiss him,” he admitted in a near whisper, earning him a loving smile from his mother. “We sat on the bench and kissed.”

Did you do anything else special with him?” she asked in a way that eased her son's shyness.

Well, sorta, but I don't want you to get mad,” he told her, and once again, she caressed his face.

I promise, baby,” she said.

We were all by ourselves, so we went into the bathroom and did it,” he admitted, feeling so embarrassed that goosebumps broke out on his face and his hair stood up on the back of his neck.

Do you mean you two went all the way?” she asked, and he nodded his answer with a distressed look on his face. “You've gone all the way before, then?”

Once again, he nodded his answer with pleading eyes, and she responded by kissing his cheek.

You're not mad?” he asked, and she shook her head no.

Do you like going all the way?” she asked, and he nodded again, this time with a warm smile of his own. “Then there's nothing for mommy to get mad about. As long as you enjoy doing something, you should do it.”

What if it's something that you and daddy might think is nasty?” he asked with an insecure expression, and she once again planted a kiss on his cheek.

Well, honey, it's not up to daddy and I to judge you,” she said. “If it's something you enjoy, then you should do it. I just want you to remember that there are some things you should only do with certain people so you don't get sick.”

Like having sex up the butt?” Hunter asked, and Janice nodded.

That's right, honey,” she said. “There are other things that you might enjoy that can make you really sick if you do them with the wrong person.”

Like what kinds of things, mama?” he asked, and she smiled lovingly at him before she answered.

Things like going to the park to meet cute boys and coming home smelling like their poop,” she said with a knowing wink, prompting her son to blush harder than he had during the entire conversation. Seeing his shame, she planted a kiss on his forehead and told him, “Mama knows, Hunter, and it's okay. As long as you enjoy it.”

Does daddy know it, too?” he asked in a small voice, and she nodded.

We both know, baby,” she said. “It's okay, honey. We love you very much.”

I love you too, mom,” the boy said, hugging her tightly.

When Elijah gets here, I want you to go upstairs and close your door,” she said while she rubbed his back. “You can invite him to stay for supper if you'd like.”

With an excited smile, the cute boy hopped off of the counter and hurried upstairs to make himself up in the mirror and lube his rear end up. While her son was upstairs, Janice texted her husband that Hunter was having a boy over, then she turned her attention back to dinner.

Ten minutes later, the rumble of Hunter bounding down the stairs caught Janice's attention. He was still wearing his briefs and a teeshirt, but she noticed that his blonde hair was combed to the side. While her son was greeting the taller boy in the hallway, she busied herself with dinner. She heard the wet smacking of lips, then she heard Hunter say, “I came out of the closet to my mom before you came over.”

With that, the boys walked into the kitchen hand in hand. Mrs. Pleasurebum noticed that her son was leaning into his bigger companion with a dreamy smile, causing her to gush right away.

After a brief introduction of Elijah to his mother, the horny blonde took his older lover upstairs and closed the door, just like his mother told him to. While Mrs. Pleasurebum was greeting her husband at the front door with a kiss, the unmistakable sound of a creaking bed post knocking against the wall broke out. Moments later, Hunter moaned his lover's name out loud and announced that he was cumming, prompting his parents to share a knowing smile.

Well, Hunter, you sure do know how to pick cute boys,” Mrs. Pleasurebum told her son, who was once again freshly showered and snuggled between his parents in his briefs and a long nightshirt.

Thanks mom,” the boy said shyly as his dad ruffled his damp blonde hair. “I liked having him over for a date.”

Well maybe now you two can come here after school instead of walking to the park,” Mr. Pleasurebum commented, and the boy gave his mom a hopeful look. When she nodded, a grin spread out across his face and he gave them both a long hug.

You know, you don't have to go to the park for any reason, Hunter,” Janice said, prompting the boy to look up at her with a curious smile. “I know you said you met a different boy than Elijah today. I'm guessing that's how you picked up your poop smell.”

Yeah,” the boy blushed, looking down into his lap. “Will we go in the bathroom and close the door?”

Well, unless you want mommy and daddy to walk past the bathroom and see you,” she said.

I'll try to finish before you come home,” he told her, prompting them both to smile at him.

Is my little Casanova juggling boys?” Mr. Pleasurebum said with an amused smile, and the youngster nodded with a naughty grin.

I like both of them,” he admitted with a blush. “But Elijah won't do... you know.”

With that, Mrs. Pleasurebum leaned down and sniffed her boy's face, then she said, “No poop smell?”

Shaking his head no, the little cutie got comfortable by laying his head in his father's lap and resting his feet across his mother's legs, letting them dote on him until he fell fast asleep.

The next day, Mrs. Pleasurebum got home 15 minutes earlier than she'd planned. She genuinely planned to give her son the time he needed to entertain his desires with both boys. As she expected, the house was still when she walked in, so she busied herself in the kitchen. Figuring that Hunter needed time to sort himself out before he came downstairs, she resolved to let him wind up with his lover.

A few minutes after she set her briefcase down, the sound of moaning boys poured through the house over a pounding headboard. A few minutes into the ruckus, the sound of her son calling out Bobby's name rang out, then more moaning from both boys. When the headboard stopped knocking against the wall, the pitter-patter of two little boys moved down the hall to the bathroom. The house was dead silent for a moment, then the unmistakable eruption of a loud, wet shit load rang out and her son began moaning again. His moans were muffled, but the pleasure they were laced with was evident to the lady. A full minute later, the rumble of a wet fart rang out, then her son's muffled moans continued uninterrupted until he asked for his lover's piss load.

I want you to do my butt again,” Hunter declared, and from downstairs, she could hear the rhythmic slapping of Bobby's pelvis against her son's rump, then he cried out again. “It feels so good!”

When it was over, the bathroom door opened and the boys went into Hunter's room to get dressed. Janice Pleasurebum could hear the conversation that the two were having about the act they participated in. It quickly became evident that her son was petitioning the boy to come over the next day.

That was a massive shit load, wasn't it?” Bobby asked, and Hunter let loose with a deep sigh of contentment.

It was really big and really stinky,” he said nonchalantly. “I really liked having it pooped into my mouth, Bobby.”

I had to go really bad,” the older boy revealed. “I can still smell it on you, short stuff.”

I hope I smell like your poop all night,” the boy admitted. “Do you want to come over again tomorrow?”

To take another crap in your mouth or to fuck you again?” Bobby asked.

Both,” Hunter said matter-of-factly. “I was kind of hoping that you could come see me before I leave for school.”

You want me to take a shit for you before school?” the older boy asked.

Not before school,” Hunter said. “I was just thinking that maybe we could have some fun in my bed before we have to be to school. My mom and dad go to work early.”

Would you want to suck my dick too?” Bobby asked.

Yeah,” Hunter answered with a dreamy inflection that his mother heard. “Bobby?”

Yeah, short stuff?”

I know I stink, but will you hold my hand when we walk downstairs?” the boy asked shyly, but Mrs. Pleasurebum never heard his answer.

Instead, the pitter-patter of two little boys strolling down the stairs was all she could hear. She saw them step off of the staircase, hand in hand, and she saw her stinky son smiling up at the older boy with stars in his young eyes. A powerful stink seemed to follow him as he walked, and it quickly rolled into his mother's nose as soon as he stepped into the front hallway.

When the door closed, Hunter clasped his hands to his heart and sighed, then he turned and walked into the kitchen, where his mother was standing.

Hi mama,” he said, not seeming to notice the atrocious smell that he was wafting into the air.

Hi baby,” she said with a warm smile, not wanting her face to register disgust. “I see that the poop smell is back with you.”

Hunter smiled happily, enjoying the smell that was dancing around his head.

Thanks for not coming upstairs, mom,” he said with a grin. “I really wanted Bobby to take me with him to go poop.”

Well, it certainly looks like you got what you were after,” she noted, the little boy nodded dreamily. “I heard you getting lucky up there, too.”

I got lucky three times with Bobby,” he sighed. “I want him to come over in the morning so I can get lucky with him again.”

That sounds like fun, honey,” she noted, then she let her gaze travel down to his tented undies. “Are you all finished having your special fun?”

I was kinda hoping I could have a little more fun before daddy gets home,” the boy admitted with a shy smile that revealed a faint shit streak on his top row of teeth.

Knowing what her boy was about to go do, she smiled warmly and told him, “Mama sorted your undies for you yesterday, Hunter. When you finish up, I want you to put your stinky underwear in the special pile that I put the others in. If you want to play later on, you can go get them out of your closet.”

You put all of my dirty undies together?” he asked with a look of pleasant surprise.

I wanted you to have a special pile so you can enjoy them anytime you want, honey,” she told him.

Thanks mommy,” the boy said with a huge grin. “I wish I wasn't stinky so I could give you a hug.”

Gushing outwardly, Janice Pleasurebum knelt down and held her arms open for Hunter, who quickly gave her a tight hug.

I love you, stinky boy,” she told him. “Go upstairs and enjoy having a poop smell. When you're all done, take a shower. And Hunter?”

Yes mama?”

Try not to fill up before supper.”

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