It Really Wasn't Planned

A homoerotic tale by Anthony Thomas [Ant-Boy], that's not for children

Chapter Three

[If you're classified as a child in your state please go away and come back when old enough to read about such things as M-to-M sex, S&M practices, Water sports and all the rest. For all others I hope you enjoy]

`You really do look lovely mess now,' he carried on. `Better get cleaned up and have a rest If you want to go back to the pub tonight before we start the grind tomorrow.'


He had a point there. I had already realised the first couple of weeks at college were likely to leave little, if any, free time and John and I were on different courses anyway, not to mention he was in his second year. The newly awakened exhibitionist side of me wanted to stay just as I was, covered in saliva and cum it seemed from face to groin, but I knew that was impossible well stupid at any rate. I did agree to accept his suggestion about dressing light; he told me the evening would, if anything, be warmer than the present afternoon, something to do with buildings acting as storage heaters.


Come nine o'clock I was glad to have done so, quick shower, couple of hours nap and a meal had refreshed me but the humidity was something else, we were experiencing an Indian summer that seemed to be going on and on. Clean white jock to match the thin cotton rugby style shorts and ankle socks I thought looked good with the sleeveless red T shirt and red trimmed trainers. I amazed myself when checking on the reflection showing in my mirror. Twenty-four hours ago I would never have dreamt of even buying such clothing to wear indoors, let alone outside and in a gay pub where everybody could see me. Something had happened to me and it was as if there was a new me looking intently back from its reflection, one that had a new set of rules to play by and every intention of enjoying the change.


John obviously agreed when I he opened his door in reply to my knock. `You look good enough to fuck. Hope I can soon.'


His words sent a tingle down my spine and actually I agreed with him, it was what I thought I wanted after all, but even so `I know I, but let's not rush it please. Today's been quite a lot for an ignorant country boy like me to take on board as it is.'


`Ignorant, my arse. Going by the session we had this afternoon you're a natural, little bit more practice and you could well be the best.'


I couldn't stop my stupid body blushing at that remark. Blushing because somebody told me I was good a giving a blowjob, I would never expected to hear that from anybody and really I didn't really believe him. It was nice to hear anyway and finished setting me up for the evening.


This time I was much more aware of my surroundings when we entered to pub and of the number of men who took their time looking us over. I'll admit straight away that I liked the thought that some people found me worth at least a second look and liked it even more when quite a few somehow meandered over to the bar where we had managed to get stools and John was ordering, beer for himself and orange juice for me and after a quick chat with John obtained an introduction. There was no way I would be able to remember all their names, especially as most somehow allowed their hands to fall on my bare knees, in some cases meandering even further up as if to check on the quality of the material my shorts were made off. When I made no objection apart from wriggling about to get more comfortable one hand slipped actually under the rim and fingers half closed over and felt round my jock strap.


`Quite a big boy aren't you?' the owner of that hand asked. I couldn't think of a suitable reply, just gave one of the silly embarrassed grins and tried to pull away upon which he gripped a little harder. `Bit of a tease are you then you little bitch?'


Even in these few hours I'd found an enjoyment in being looked at and touched in a sexual manner that I would never have thought possible but I hadn't intended to tease and somehow just didn't like his manner let alone him calling me a bitch. Yes, I knew I wanted to be used, but as a male not female so I turned my face to his and told him to remove his hand. In response he just moved his grip to cup my balls tightly through their enclosing jock strap, `Playing hard to get eh!'


I reacted without thought, the hours spent Jujitsu training took over and one arm flashed down to grip his wrist tightly the other to his crotch pulling upward. `I asked you nicely, now remove that hand or you'll find getting hard the least of your problems.'


My, oh my! I have no idea where the initiative to react like that came from but I thought there had to be some limits whatever direction my propensities might actually lay. I had some idea in what direction I thought such activities would lead me if given the opportunity but one thing I was quite sure off. I was a man and wanted to be have sex with other men, I was definitely not female. Somehow to my mind there was a difference there even if I couldn't put it into words.


I left John talking to some others and moved away from the group round the bar and over to lean on the wall next to the table we'd sat at that afternoon, now taken by a small group. I needed some moments to recover my equilibrium, also to decide if I was ready for things to continue. I could see John speaking to the man I'd just told where to go and that they were both looking over toward me, as did the rest of that little group, obviously talking about me. I'd begun to realise John maybe had something of an ulterior motive in befriending me but I'd no complaints so far and was mulling that fact over when I became more aware of a hand softly running up and down my calf, slowly flexing and relaxing. Looking down at the table I worked out it belonged to a mature looking gent, somewhere around fifty I imagined, dressed in a smart polo style shirt and light slacks.


`You looked a little tense, thought this might help. Do you mind?'


Actually I didn't. For some reason his approach and demeanour made me feel immediately more at ease unlike that other bastard who'd acted as if he owned me just because he got his hand up my shorts and in answer I slid my body several inches toward him and opened my legs slightly. One half of me was looking at the other half with askance at my audacity, but the half that was opening up to new experiences and ideas was getting turned on with the idea he might move his hand higher in a little while and discover my rear end was bare under my shorts. I wasn't a bitch and I didn't want to be thought of as a tease either so knew something had to be said.


`I don't mind at all, in fact I quite like it Sir,' the Sir just fell from my lips without any effort. `But I wouldn't want you to get any wrong ideas. Please don't be offended but much as I enjoy want you are doing its unlikely to go any further than you feeling me up.'


`That's alright lad, we seldom like to do more than watch, and maybe a little feel around, these days don't we Stan?' He turned to the man sharing the table with him. About the same age, but swarthy, dark haired, well built and retaining what looked like a washboard stomach under his tight T-shirt.


`Speak for yourself,' was Stan's reply and I think he was about to say more but just then John came over to us carrying a tray full of pints which he shared about, this time passing one over to me.


`Here you are, you should be able to manage a couple of theses, can't stay on orange juice for the rest of your life. See you've already met Hans and Stan.'


I started to move away from the hand that was now working its way slowly up to the hem of my thin shorts but the hand reached round to the inside of my thigh and pulled me back. `John's known us both long enough to accept my little idiosyncrasies, haven't you?' glancing up at him, `Are you two staying for the private party tonight then?'


John explained we couldn't as both of us had early lectures in the morning and that I'd not been registered anyway being a first year and he didn't know if I was up to it anyway.


`Up for what?' I asked to be told every Sunday the pub closed at eleven to be followed by a private party that took place in the back rooms and could get a bit wild.


`Especially in the toilets,' was Hans cryptic addition to the explanation. Now that did get my attention but no further details were forthcoming right then as the conversation moved on to people they all knew and general chit chat while the hand continued its exploration of my thigh, moving inside the shorts to fondler my left hand arse cheek, then finally for a finger to make its way round to the crack and push thoughtfully at its centre.


The effect on my groin area from his actions, not to mention the knowledge it was going on in a room full of people, at least three of whom knew exactly what was happening was becoming more and more difficult to hide, not to mention also somewhat uncomfortable and not wanting to appear rude I mentioned the fact to Hans with an apologetic tone in my voice. I actually quite like what he'd been doing, especially the fact it was in a room full of people, some of whom knew something was going on and I told him that as well.


`So you do like to be watched then!'


`I do now,' I told them, `It's a situation that's never come before today.' That's true, it hadn't. After all I'd only imagined having sex with another man prior to this afternoon even if my experiments and imagination had covered nearly all the ideas I'd come across in my magazines.


The next hour passed easily after I finally sat down before I got too worked up and we chatted and drank and somehow my life story poured out, well most of it at any rate. How I'd never dared try anything on whilst at school even though being aware of a few invites and that the only way I'd been able to get satisfaction was up on the fells on my own where I could see for miles whilst hidden among some rocks on the edge of an escarpment. There I'd strip off my running gear and pleasure myself slowly, only snow really keeping me away. They couldn't understand how I could have enjoyed myself when it rained or was cold and I just told them that was how it was. For the last ten years or so I'd cycled eight miles across the moors to school or when I returned to town at night for swim or Jujitsu practice and ran nearly every other night so it didn't seem strange to me. It did I'd realised since coming to London, explain why my body appeared much leaner and my responses quicker than most of those around me.


Somehow the time just flew by and before I knew it the four of us were back in John's room waiting for the kettle to boil for coffee. I still don't know quite how that happened, I'd talked myself out, emptied my bladder on the way in and was happy to sit on the edge of his bed, even made no protest when he pulled my T off, removed my shoes and pushed me back on the bed.


`Let's see if you can remember your lessons from this afternoon,' he grinned whilst dropping his own clothes on the floor and climbing on the bed to straddle my chest, his hard black cock pointing invitingly at my face.


I knew Stan and Hans were somewhere in the room watching but that only excited me more. `Are you going to make me?'


For answer his fingers dug into my nipples causing me to gasp and writhe but I didn't pull away. `Like this?'


`I'm not that easy,' was my unexpected response, well unexpected to me at any rate.


His reaction was to grab my hair tightly with one hand slap and backhand me with the other with enough force to make my head ring so I opened my mouth to say something or other and he slid forward to shove his cock straight through the open hole. I could feel his hot blood throbbing back and forth to keep it engorged on my lips that had closed automatically round its girth and against the muscles at the back of my throat. His thighs had clamped either side of my head and he still was pulling on my hair to move obtain some movement of his cock in and out. I was aware when my shorts were removed followed by my jock as my legs were folded back on themselves and my body was raised to allow a cushion or pillow to slide in under my lower back.


`Are you OK,' John asked me, pulling back just sufficiently to allow for my answer.


`Yes. Am I going to get fucked tonight then?'


`Not tonight, I've got that planned out for a couple of weeks if you agree. Looks like the others are going to do a bit more with you than just watch though.'


`Will I get hurt a bit?' I asked, half in hope, half in trepidation.


`Not unless you want us to,' what a weak reply. I was getting to know how his mind worked, could guess some of what he might have planned and he knew for sure by now after our first sexual encounter not to mention conversations that some form of discomfort or maybe more was one of the things that turned me on.


`Of course, and it's what you want to do anyway isn't it?' He turned and told one of the others to look in the top drawer then back to stare down at my trapped face, his dark skin glistening, mouth slightly open, teeth brilliant against his red lips and I wanted to kiss him, get swallowed up, for him to do whatever he wanted with me. I was so turned on by my situation, a boy whose heaviest experience prior to this weekend had been laying on muddy ground in the rain up behind my rock with the bottom half of a broomstick inside my hole and my cock pissing itself over my chest and stomach. How much more could I get into with willing partners?


As he pulled my head back up by its hair to sink that lovely salty black cock back into my willing mouth his other hand reached behind to play with my nipples but strange things were going on down at my hidden groin. I could feel a pair of hands on my cock and balls, pulling and squeezing and mauling them around but the strange one I couldn't work out was a warm wet something licking at my hole and then it hit me, licking, somebody had their tongue poking around down there and the thought moved me up a notch. I tried to open my legs wider to allow better access and was rewarded by feeling the tongue pushing at my sphincter. The feeling and thought of what was happening was fantastic and I tried to lick and suck at the cock sliding in and out of my mouth in repayment.


Then it stopped, only to be replaced by what I could feel was one, then two fingers. These didn't just play around on the lips but quickly forced themselves through to bend and twist inside me. That was somebody else's fingers inside me, pushing and pulling and twisting, hurting a little bit, just as they should. I was on the edge of ecstasy. I wanted more, more of everything, more of something at least.


`Hans wants to shoot,' John told me. `Where would you like him to cum?'


`On your cock and my face?' I managed to mumble when he pulled away to allow my mouth a rest. It didn't take me a second to decide. I wanted it where I could see and feel it and the thought of John fucking my face with another man's cum would be a bonus.


I felt the bed move and opening my eyes a fraction saw a pair of hairy legs kneel either side of my head to replace Johns as he pulled back and a pair of heavy balls land on my forehead attached to a pulsating red and blue cock being rapidly manhandled over my nose and mouth. Looking down as far as possible I could just see Johns a couple of inches away waiting to be covered. I was ready to try and up the stakes


`Do you think I've been naughty encouraging you all to use me?' I asked to room as a whole to receive three sounds of agreement. `Then don't you think I should be punished, naughty boys should be beaten shouldn't they?' Had I gone too far? They weren't to know that I had an old leather belt up in my rocks that I had used regularly on both sides of my upper body.


I got my answer when the fingers up my hole were removed and used with the rest of his hand to slap at my buttocks, lightly at first, then gradually harder when I made no major objection apart from the odd moan. Actually I was now so far into the scene I wished for more, I wanted them to make me cry, to use and abuse my body, see how much it could take.


It obviously worked for Hans as well as he speeded up and with a couple of grunts started shooting over my face, dropping in my open mouth and, just before closing my eyes I saw, covering Johns stiff cock which was almost immediately shoved back in my mouth and, as Hans pulled back, I discovered his hands pulling my hair out again as he used my mouth to wank himself off.


It was the first time I noticed the different tastes and texture, Hans had been somehow more liquid and slightly spicy but John, who came almost at once filled my throat and mouth with a thick sweet gooey mix not unlike my own but somehow with a smoked flavour like his body. He fucked and filled my mouth then pulled back as I was gasping for breath and emptied off over my face, finishing by squeezing his cock out into his hand and wiping down over my chest.


I felt exhausted and everybody was breathing heavily. My arse felt sore and I grimaced as my legs were pulled down to lay flat on the bed. Stan was kneeling back between my legs and rapidly brought himself to a climax spurting lovely hot steaming cum over my cock, stomach and chest. I enjoyed looking down the length of my sore cum splattered body and my painfully erect cock and wanted it to go on and on.

`Was that too much?' John asked. `'Do you want to shoot now?'


`Oh No! I just wish there could be more.' There were quite a few things I could think off to file under the heading of more but didn't think this was the time to bring them up. I had no idea how far John would go and was aware some of my inclinations had a small following in the gay scene. I'd been luckier than ever expected so far and didn't want to spoil things.


Meanwhile my cock was really aching and I didn't want to finish off myself. I reached behind my head and clasped my hands round one of the bars of John's headboard and stretched down, opening my legs wider.


`'Yes! Please bring me off with your hands but do it hard.'


He spat on my cock and knelt beside the bed to grasp my balls in one hand and my cock in the other.


`No! Let my balls free. Make them bounce around, hurt them please. Hurt me!'


I'd entered that heightened state where my mouth would speak before my brain caught up just because my gonads were overflowing and would have allowed almost anything to be done if it would allow me release.


He took me at my word and after some more spit his hand was sliding up and down the length of my rod, right to the tip and back to slam against my groin, my balls slamming back and forth against his hand and back down between my legs.


`Oh hell I'd love to piss on you right now,' I couldn't tell if that was Stan or Hans and didn't much care.


`Yes! Yes! Soak me, hurt me, whatever. For God's sake please make me cum.'


Obviously John's bed wasn't a good place to be pissed over but a black mouth closed over mine and a tongue found its way through my lips to become entwined with mine and fingers returned to my tender nipples. Someone else had taken over the attack on my cock and balls and was doing a damn good job of it. My balls would be bruised for a couple of days at least and I didn't care. I just wanted the pain.


I could feel myself building to a climax and tried to hold it back, to prolong the agony and ecstasy. Maybe I had found some likeminded men to play with but would they go where I wanted.


I managed to pull my head away and gasp out as I caught my breath, `Use your belt on my body. Please, please really hurt me. I'm almost there.'


John pulled back. Had I gone too far? No. He was pulling a leather belt from some jeans lying on a chair.


`Are you sure about this?' I nodded and gripped the bed post harder. `How do I stop you yelling?'


`Put your hand over my mouth?'


He did so and as I struggled to breathe and tensed my body his first stroke came down across my chest, not held back much but even so. He removed his hand, `Enough?'


`More! Harder!' I managed to gasp before his hand covered my mouth again and the first of three rapid strokes fell, stomach again, chest, nipples. At that one I screamed and rose off the bed and finally my poor abused balls gave up their load and kept on giving and giving. Someone's mouth came down on my still half erect and tender cock to finish draining it but I couldn't see who as Johns mouth had found its way back and I pulled my hands away from his bedpost to clasp them behind his neck.


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