It Really Wasn't Planned

A homoerotic tale by Anthony Thomas [Ant-Boy], that's not for children

Chapter Four

[If you're classified as a child in your state please go away and come back when old enough to read about such things as M-to-M sex, S&M practices, Water sports and all the rest. For all others I hope you enjoy]

The next couple of weeks passed almost before I'd realised it. Not only did I have to get settled in to my IT courses, luckily they appeared to be easier than expected and left me with quite a bit of free time, I also decided that even though the moors were no longer available for running I shouldn't give it all up. My body was already telling me I'd been lazy for too long and having become aware how much my fit nearly five foot ten inch body appealed to some other men I decided to risk the traffic and purchased a new bicycle to rush round the streets on, also signed up to a running club that knew footpaths round the old canals and side streets and finally joined the colleges martial arts club. When they inspected my certificates I was asked to become a part-time instructor but I didn't want the responsibility of anything like that, just the exercise.


At the same time John helped to broaden my horizons in other ways. He lent me a book `Joy of gay Sex,' which showed me that I was not the only gay man with extreme fantasies. I was also introduced to poppers the first time he used a dildo between my legs and found the freedom they gave me to take abuse and also to tell him what I'd done before on my own and what I wanted to happen. He admitted that he'd decided to seduce me the first time we bumped into each other, and had been hopeful that I might be up for a bit more. He also admitted the reasons he was out late some nights was something I'd just never thought off.


He was being paid for sex and had it in mind that I might be willing to join him, especially now he had some idea of my likes and limits, there were apparently people who would pay good money to watch him use me, even more if some could join in. The very thought of being watched was such a turn on and the possibility of multiple use even more so. I would have obliged for free, just the fun of it, but somehow the idea of being paid made it even more exciting. I agreed, such situations could certainly be on the cards, just as long as he was with me all the time and after I'd got some more experience. When was he actually going to fuck me for real?


He also took me on a bus ride one day to a gay sex shop where my mind went into overdrive and I knew just what a child let loose in a sweetshop would feel like. Of course I wanted everything I could see, even the items whose use I just couldn't imagine. However, after a couple of hours I settled for a couple of knapsacks full of various items, not before I'd spent ages trying various combinations of straps and harness on in the changing room, getting so excited I ended up going down on John at one point to discover half way through he'd pulled the curtain open and we had a happy audience. Happy boy on his knees as well.


Finally the day arrived, I didn't know which was affecting me more, being fucked for the first time or the fact there would be an audience. Both ideas worried and turned me on at the same time. Then there was the problem of deciding what to wear to start the evening off and what to change into when the party went private. I knew now there would be lockers we could leave clothes and stuff in, the club room were actually an old sports pavilion built alongside the pub that became redundant when the playing fields were built on hence the large tiled area with large bath, showers, open trough urinal next to a lounge area and bar.


I asked John to check on my proposed apparel, or lack of it, for the evening. He said the metal ring fastened behind my shaved cock and balls looked good but was unsure about the weight ring on my balls until I told him I'd worn it several times now and like the feeling of stretching it gave me. Trainers with short socks, sleeveless T, sleeveless jacket and thin football shorts were also OK with him and at his suggestion I did without any underwear, the shorts being somewhat longer than my usual rugger ones. That just left my new poppers inhaler on a cord round my neck and, at his suggestion leather wrist and ankle straps.


The very thought of standing round in the pub dressed like that, not to mention walking through the streets beforehand made me feel somewhat apprehensive, even fearful, but it was that nervous apprehension that added a drug like edge to the evening and the slightly scared ex country boy who left the building in John's company was a very different person to the one who's turned up a couple of weeks back. I was going to be on display to a lot of men, later on quite naked, and I was going to be fucked for the first time by a real live black cock right in front of them as opposed to private play with a dildo. Keeping my erection under control was an almost impossible task and I seemed to be walking almost all the time with an obvious bulge at the front of my thin pants.


Once inside the pub my situation only got worse - or better, depending how you looked at it. Everybody it seemed was looking at me, when possible touching me in passing. I felt even more naked than if I'd actually striped. It seemed that John had passed word round about the later entertainment and the private party later was going to be full. I'd become aware my body drew a lot of attention and had thought it just because of being a new face but the comments from the few people I'd come to know had dissuaded me that it was so simple and the financial offers John had hinted at sounded interesting. The thought of being paid to allow others to see and use my body, maybe even abuse it if things went that way! I just had to think of something else.


My erection was now full blown, even after I slipped my hands inside to make some adjustments it pressed out in an obvious point from my groin and my balls, weighted down by the metal ring, swung about unimpeded between my thighs as I walked over to what I now thought of as our usual table. I could feel myself getting heated up, whether from starting to blush or being aroused I didn't know, my cock was starting to tell me it wanted attention, hard attention, I swear that if many more hands had so accidently brushed across my groin or backside it would have shot a load without any action from anybody else.


Hans and Stan were already seated there and the cool pint they pushed toward me was half emptied in relief the moment I rested my back against the wall. It never crossed my mind to use a chair, after all there were people here who wanted to look at me, to imagine their fantasies out on me and, to be fair, I was imagining enough fantasies of how I might get used in the future if tonight went well myself. Somehow the next hour was gone before I knew it, so had several pints leaving me just a little light headed not to mention in need of some bladder relief. Not quite so lightheaded that I didn't notice tickets being handed over as others moved through to the club rooms and from overheard conversation I discovered John was being paid for what was supposed to follow. At the lockers he just told me strip and handed me a small strip of towelling in return to wrap round my waist and, nearly falling over in the process, I obeyed happily just telling him that, right now a toilet was becoming rather more pressing but his response was to lead me to the centre of the tiled shower room rather than the urinals and show me my first sling.


It was more or less as I'd expected from my readings, heavy chains from the ceiling and leather straps to lie on. John showed me how to lay down and the thrill, if that was what to call it, as he lifted my legs bend over higher straps and to attach my ankle straps leaving my arse only covered by that little bit of towel and my legs held open and apart. For a moment my thoughts of requiring a piss were forgotten and when he merely raised my hands to grasp the chains above my head I asked him why they were not attached as like my ankles.


`Do you want to be tied down then?'


You intend to hurt me don't you? Wouldn't it be best to restrict my movements?'


He went to clip my wrist restraints where they were but I asked him quietly to pull them tighter and to fasten the straps I'd seen hanging below the sling around my body. All this time other men had been closing in around us and the knowledge my near naked body was now constrained and open to their view brought my erection back to full mast and my mind to ask if it really wanted to be in this position. John pulled the towel from my groin allowing my cock full exposure and as it sprang to attention my weighted balls bounced down between my open thighs.


The next thing I knew John was placing a poppers bottle at my nose and tying the towel across my eyes.


`Trust me! OK?'


I grunted. There were hands on my body; I had no idea who they belonged to, several sets at least. I could hear heavy breathing, grunting and whispered comments. Fingers brushed across my face, my lips, tweaked lightly at my nipples. More pulled at my cock, lightly squeezed my balls, then, someone's were fingering the lips of my hole. I couldn't help gasping as my body shivered in expectation and most of the handling stopped.


`Are you OK?' somebody asked.


`Yes! Please don't stop. Do what you want.'


Johns voice in my ear, `Are you sure?'


`Yes! Do me now please, fuck me. Don't wait any longer.'


It was all getting to me, I wanted others to see my body violated and abused, I wanted everything that I dare not mention, well not yet at any rate but a cock up my hole for the first time would be a start.


I felt some cold jell squeezed up there and then what could only be a firm hot length of living man flesh probe at my entrance. Even there it felt different to the fingers and dildos I'd played with for the past few years. Then it was suddenly pushed through my arse lips with a jerk that made me yelp, as much in surprise at how easily he entered as with the slight discomfort of being stretched. That wasn't so bad I just had time to think to myself before he continued his invasion of my body, slowly but surely each little thrust in and out stretching me further and entering deeper until with a thud I felt throughout my whole body his cock came up against an obstruction. It hurt. Each time he pulled back and thrust forward again it hurt. My eyes were watering under their blindfold and the yelps escaping from my mouth in between gasping breaths were increasing in volume, this was no inanimate object violating my body, this was hot black living flesh, harder and stiffer than anything that had been up there before. Something had to give and it would have to be me.


`Push back out against me,' I heard him say with an edge of frustration at his failure to obtain the dominance of my body he felt necessary.


My overfull bladder came more fully to mind and I answered, `If I do I'm liable to piss myself.'


`Whatever,' he put his hands under my buttocks to raise them slightly and thrust forcibly forward and it all happened at once. My weighted balls slammed up against his groin as he achieved his goal and at the moment I became aware of the fact my bladder let loose with a gush, he told me later right up his chest and bouncing off his chin, before he grabbed hold of my cock harshly and directed the stream back over my body, splashing my face. Don't ever let anybody tell you it's difficult to piss lying down, it's not when your bladder is over full and somebody's cock is ploughing your arse and punishing your prostrate. The only problem is in deciding which feeling gives you the most pleasure, as one pressure decreased the other increased.


His hands were now back on my buttocks, holding them apart to allow deeper penetration, every thrust hurt, every thrust bounced my balls until somebody's hands pulled them out of the way, every thrust left me crying out in pain and crying for more. My face was as wet from the tears seeping from beneath the towelling blindfold as it were from the earlier piss shower, my body was being handles, my nipples were going to be raw, and poppers came and went. All around I could hear gasping and moans, `fuck him harder,' `make him feel it,' `give him a night to remember,' `rape the boy.'


He was doing that now with a vengeance, pulling almost right out and with no hesitation plunging back in, forcing his hot throbbing cock past that bony obstruction as if it weren't there. I wanted to see him, wanted him to see me, to see in my face he was hurting me and I wanted to see his enjoyment in the fact. I almost screamed for somebody to remove my blindfold. I had to see.


All I could see were naked and half naked bodies of, so it seemed, all sizes and colours you could think off, surrounding me and busily wanking off if not using their hands to explore my body, sometime both. As my eyes focused the first of them blew his load of hot steaming man juice over my chest, then stepped back to be replaced by another. Lowering my gaze my eyes focused down between my legs where an almost unrecognizable shining black body soaked with sweat, and I discovered later my piss, was doing his best to drive a tunnel from one end of my body to the other. His eyes seemed glazed and inside his open mouth gasping for breath as much as mine was I could see his brilliant white teeth clenched, almost grinding. I didn't think he was focused on anything except his need for release.


Then something made him look up and our eyes clicked. `Good?' I could only grunt. `He squeezed my fully erect prick hard, `Hurts eh?' Another grunt. `You like the pain don't you?' He didn't sound surprised, was I that transparent? I nodded, about the only part of my body I could move strapped into the sling as I was. He squeezed my balls and I cried out. I've no idea how long they'd been hanging loose again and getting punished at each and every thrust of his firm body against between my legs, I only knew they felt tender and bruised and I wanted more. I wanted to cum myself but my body wanted more abuse.


`Go on. Fuck me! Do it like you mean it and make me feel it.'


As if he'd not been doing just that already. Grinning he reached up and somehow adjusted the harness holding my legs to pull them higher and further apart before recommencing his attack, only stopping his chat in order to breath, grinning all the time as he watched for reaction from my face.


`I'll string you up and beat you another time.' `Let others use you.' Have you crying like a baby before I finish with you.' Every idea that came from his mouth only seemed to egg him on as he saw acceptance or maybe resignation in my face. `Fuck you on a nice dirty toilet floor.'


That last seemed to do it for him and with a cry that could have come straight over from the Dark Continent he started to shoot hot burning stream after stream inside my sore tender abused hole. I thought he would never stop and neither, it seemed, would the streams falling on the outside of my body from the happy audience. Somebody was running their fingers over my body, mixing the deposits together, and then bringing the fingers up to my mouth to be sucked at greedily. I was as close to heaven as I'd ever been and only wanted more but as John pulled back and out with a wet plop and slightly disgusting escape of air I know only full well there was no way I could take another attack down there right then.


It was strange, I'd been lying down, well strapped down in a sling if you want to be pedantic, but was exhausted, more so than those around me it seemed. I made no objection as some of the straps were released, a tongue licking at my sore arse was in fact welcome, even the one almost hovering the cum from my body but when a mouth found its way over my straining cock It wasn't enough and I finally spoke my first real words for some time.


`Don't be nice to it! Make me cum, do it hard. Please!'


A hand took over, I don't know who, I just closed my eyes and allowed my feelings to take over. The hand added lube and slid rapidly and tightly up and down my shaft causing those poor weighted abused balls to thrash around up and down, back and forth. I wanted somebody's belt across my body, wanted a cock in my mouth but was afraid I'd bite it off, wanted more, more, more.


I got it. The tongue so soothingly licking around my sore hole was replaced by a couple of fingers roughly forcing their way back inside to feel around and I shot my load. It exploded everywhere, stomach, cheat, even across my face, and still the hand kept on milking until I cried out for him to stop. My body just couldn't take anymore.


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