James' Secret by Josh Terrence Chapter One

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The knock at my door came while I was in the midst of pouring my second cup of coffee, still trying to process my thoughts as I started my day. It was Eight o’clock on a Saturday morning, so at least I didn't have to worry about the 40 mile commute to Richmond today. It was my screaming bladder that had awakened me from a sweet dream, a dream about James, the neighbor boy who'd been in my bed the night before. He was 11 years old and very sexually aware. His libido had been stirred well before he ever made it to my bed, though I'm not entirely sure what brought that about.

James and his mother Susan moved into the house next door when he was just ten. He was a latch key kid, meaning that he came home from school to an empty house for a few hours each day. His mom worked in the financial industry, though I never learned what her title was. All I knew was that her job made it necessary for James to be home alone from time to time. The fence separating our back yards was no more than three feet high, chain link and covered with ivy. The fence running along the back of both our yards was six feet high and also covered with ivy. Only the ivy in their yard was not trimmed, growing so thickly along the fence that a small boy could easily have a ready made fort to play in.

From time to time I would see James out of my kitchen window, playing all alone in his back yard. And, just as I suspected, he would disappear in the thick, overgrown ivy that had become his fort. He was a very cute boy, standing at about four and a half feet tall when I first met him. He had light brown hair that seemed to fall right into place, not really brushed but not messy either. He had a magical smile, one that made my heart flutter with joy because it seemed to be built in. His almond shaped green eyes, high cheeks and his deep dimples complimented the deep red lips that adorned his cherubic face, giving the appearance of a boy who always looked like he was smiling. His skin was olive toned, setting off his highlights in the perfect manner while his delicious, 60 pound frame stirred my 32 year old libido in unmerciful ways. He always seemed to be showing off his bubble butt, which stood out from the rest of his body. He liked to wear loose fitting jeans, and even so, the shape of his bottom was lusciously visible at all times.

James would occasionally wander over to my yard while I was cutting the grass, weeding the flower beds or working in my garage. He was a curious little boy who seemed to be interested in what I was doing. His mom seemed to take the helm at home, mowing the lawn and planting flowers in the beds that lined their front porch. Their garage was always opened when she was home, but as a rule, it stayed closed when James was home alone. Susan was nice enough, though it was obvious to me that she had very little time to be a mother to her son, or to pursue a relationship of her own. Her husband of 13 years passed away when James was just two years old, leaving her with little choice but to go back to work and provide for her son and herself.

The first time I got an inkling that there might be something different about James was on the first hot day of Spring. I had just gotten home from work and had gone to my kitchen for something to drink after a long, relaxing shower. I looked out the kitchen window and spotted James in his backyard, dressed in nothing but a pair of white underwear. I figured that he was out there to turn the hose onto himself as a way to cool off. As if he thought that nobody was watching, he strutted around his back yard in a peculiar fashion, letting his hips sway from side to side as if he were trying to entice a mate. I felt my dick start to stiffen right away as the blood rushed in, not able to believe my luck as the ten year old put on a show.

Then things took a strange turn. James pulled his little pecker out and aimed it up into the air. His stream began, arching high as a visible smile crept over the little boy's face. Then, out of nowhere, he manipulated his piss firing little dick and aimed the stream at himself, letting the flow course down his torso and soaking his white undies in the process. He stopped mid stream and looked down at his wet briefs, almost as if the realization of what he'd done hit him, then he put his dick away. He stood there with a contemplative look on his young face, then he looked back down at his legs. Seconds later, two streams of hot piss coursed out of his briefs, one down each leg, and a very satisfied smile spread across his mug.

I reached down and grabbed my stiff member, still not able to believe what I was seeing. I figured that James would go back in his house at that point, but instead, he turned to walk over to the fig tree in the corner of his yard, and leaned forward, planting his nose into a very specific spot. As he was doing this, I watched his white cotton clad bottom roll around from right to left in a very enticing manner. Finally, he stood up straight and turned to face away from the tree, then he hung his rear end out and started to grind his bottom against the spot he'd been sniffing in a circular motion. He had a very naughty grin on his face, as if he knew that what he was doing was wrong. But he assumed that he had privacy, so he let go of his naughty inhibitions. As the little boy continued to grind his wet bottom against the tree, I began to jack myself off furiously.

After about two minutes of this, he stopped what he was doing and leaned up against the tree, obviously exhausted. The front of his wet briefs were tenting hard, and it seemed like he was catching his breath. Finally, he lowered his undies and stepped out of them, then he lifted them high and examined the seat. I saw him press his nose into them and close his eyes, then his chest filled with air and a dreamy smile spread over his face. He turned them around to examine the wet, yellow crotch, and I got a birds eye view of the now brown seat of his once white briefs, and took note of the fact that they were caked with shit. He inhaled the soaked crotch with that same dreamy smile, then he turned them around and took another long whiff of the large shit pile while he carried them to his fort, where he went in and disappeared from sight.

When he emerged, he had a different pair of underwear on, one he must have taken into his fort when I wasn't watching. They looked dry, but it was obvious that he'd pissed in them because they had a very pronounced yellow dinge to them. When he turned back toward his fort, there was a massive brown stain that looked like it had been there for days. He started to strut around his yard again, swinging his hips from side to side, then he walked back over to the fig tree. He bent over and planted his nose in the same spot, the spot he had ground his bottom against earlier, and I got an even nicer view of his shapely behind.

When he pulled his nose away from the tree, he had a satisfied look on his face. He once again disappeared into the fortress of ivy, then he reappeared with nothing on at all. He stopped one more time at the fig tree, bending over and taking a long whiff of the spot where his ass had been, then he went back into his house, his hairless little boner bouncing the entire way.

You're here early,” I commented, happy to see my little lover up and around at 8am. He stood in my doorway with messy hair and a pair of the same denim shorts that he had worn the night before. He was barefoot, but still had his dark blue Scooby Doo night shirt on. “Did your mom have to work again?”

Yeah,” he said huskily, stepping in so that I could close my front door. “I was kinda hoping that we could do it again.”

Oh yeah?” I said knowingly, watching as he rubbed a little bit of sleep from his eyes. “You couldn't wait, could you?”

Through a yawn, he shook his head no, still finding his own bearings after a night of passion in my bed. As usual, Susan had another late night at the office, so James was on his own. Luckily for us, that meant hours of playtime. As luck would have it, he was all alone again this morning, and as I surveyed the randy tike standing in front of me, my mind harkened back to our encounter the day before.

He'd come over to see me as soon as he knew that I was home from work, hardly waiting for me to get out of my truck as he made a beeline across both lawns, eager for any action he could get. His hair was damp and he smelled freshly showered, telling me that he'd been at it in his back yard again. He grabbed my briefcase from me and carried it while I hauled my empty lunch bag in. As soon as I unlocked the door and disabled the alarm, he set my briefcase down and was all over me. He gave my already erect package a firm squeeze through my trousers, then he led me over to the kitchen table and pulled out a chair. Before I could sit down, he unlatched my pants and pulled them down while I kicked my loafers off, then he planted his nose in my crotch and inhaled through my boxers.

With a hungry look, he quickly pulled my boxers down, showing little regard for my raging hard cock and causing it to snap back against my stomach once it was free. My shirt tails were in his way, so he pulled them up and sighed, taking in the sight of my cock. His own little hard on was raging through his shorts, but he paid it little mind as he wrapped his left hand around the base of my dick and guided it to his watering mouth, hot to have sex with me anyway that he could.

Mmm,” he moaned blissfully, using his tongue to bathe the underside of my member, then moving to the head, where he gave it a long, sensual French kiss while he sucked. As he did this, he used his right hand to unbutton his shorts and let them fall to his bare feet, revealing his hard boy pecker. It was no surprise to me that James wasn't wearing any underwear. He had no need for them at the moment, and he knew that would be the case as he prepared to see me. Besides, his underwear were now soiled, soaking wet and no doubt smeared with shit as they sat in a pile in his fort.

His mom frequently inquired about the state of James' underwear when she found them in the laundry basket in his room after a week of drying out in his fort. His explanation to her was that he “couldn't hold it after school.” She seemed to accept his answer, chalking it up perhaps to the carelessness of a little boy. James told me that his mom would often do a “load of shame,” meaning that his wet and soiled underwear went into the wash by themselves as not to ruin the other whites. He wasn't embarrassed about it, though, and often brought it up in casual conversation with her, as if walking around in his own urine and feces was the most normal thing in the world. She seemed to believe that his steaming pant loads always found their way into the toilet during cleanup, but James and I both knew better. I knew that when James was in the right mood, as he had been before coming to see me that afternoon, his after school shit loads were disposed of in a manner that was much more satisfying to the little boy's taste-buds, as well as his tummy.

But all of that was miles away for the two of us at that moment, as James had a mouthful of hard dick, having the sex that he had been craving all day. James had become well trained at sucking my dick, and was now starting to take more and more of it in his throat. I watched his starry eyes sparkle as the length of my cock ran back and forth between his lips with fluid motion, then I felt him step out of his shorts and use his right foot to kick them away. I smiled down at him and placed my hand on the back of his head, causing him to moan again, then he wrapped his little arms around my waist and encouraged me to hump in and out of his mouth gently.

Moments later, I felt my toes curl and a warm feeling started to spread through my entire pubic region. I knew what was coming, and so did James, because he began to moan loudly and suck with even more passion. His eyes drifted up to meet mine, and we shared a special, tender moment between us that was made perfect when he used both hands to caress my heavy ball sack. He gave off one more “Mmm,” then he used his tongue to massage the underside of my hard cock until I lost control, filling his mouth with my seed. He gulped furiously, eager to keep up and not lose any, but inevitably, there was a sizable amount of my semen that dribbled from the corners of his mouth and dropped to the floor, splashing my sweaty feet and oozing between my toes.

He continued to nurse on my softening dick for a few more minutes, off in his own galaxy of little boy ecstasy as he gave off small moans of satisfaction. When he pulled my cock out of his mouth, he kissed the head of it gratefully, looking up at me with a smile of contentment. I used my thumbs to scrape the cooling semen that had dribbled from his lips and offered it to him, and he quickly gobbled it all up before looking longingly down at the cum on my feet. I nodded approvingly at him and sat down in the chair, watching as he dropped to his hands and knees and licked the cum up off of the floor like a dog. When the kitchen floor was clean, he moved to my feet, licking the tops of them, his tongue soaking up the cum that had landed there like a sponge. He leaned down and took a deep whiff of my feet, then he moaned again as he lifted my left foot to his mouth and ran his tongue between my toes, eagerly licking away not only my cum, but the cheesy sweat that he found there as well. He took his time, sucking each toe into his mouth and grinding his horny rear end around like a common whore, then he gave a repeat performance to my right foot.

When he was finished, he stood up and took both of my hands into his, tugging on them in an effort to get me to stand again. When I did, he grabbed my hips and urged me to turn around, then he planted his cute face in my sweaty crack and inhaled deeply.

Mmm, it smells so good,” James panted breathlessly, then he parted my cheeks and pushed his 11 year old face in deeper, taking another long whiff that ended with a sigh. I felt his scratchy tongue run along my crevice, starting at my taint and running all the way up my sweaty crack. His tongue made a special stop when he reached my brown eye, paying careful attention to it, then he let his tongue continue until it reached its destination. He took another long whiff of my ass hole, then he used his tongue to eat it deeply, pushing his face up into my backside so hard that I was worried his bending nose would start to bleed. I could hear him feasting on my shitter, his tongue making audible wet smacking sounds the entire time, giving both of us a pleasure that was on a different level.

My cock quickly regained its stiffness, and I knew that was what he was after. At the same time, I knew, James loved the taste of my spicy chute. He could never get enough, and on a day like today, when I hadn't showered or even had time to unload the massive pile of shit that was waiting to be released, it was an extra special treat for him. As he continued to probe my butt hole with his tongue, I felt his small hand reach around and feel my cock, confirming that it was once again hard as steel. He moaned into my ass and pulled his hand away from my cock, then he pushed his face up into my rump even further, eating it as deeply as he could for another minute until his tongue could no longer keep up with his desires.

James pulled his tongue out of my asshole and took one last whiff of my shit box, then he took his face out of my ass, giving it one last passionate French kiss before he did. He smiled up at me, still pulling in hard through his nose, and let me lead him over to the couch. He crawled up onto the couch on his hands and knees, presenting his plump bottom to me. I quickly parted his cheeks and took sight of his beautiful asshole, so wet with passion, almost as if he could lube up naturally for sex. I placed my nose at his hole and sniffed, loving the faint aroma of soap being overwhelmed by the powerful pheromones that told the tale of how horny this little boy was. The smell of hot, horny butt hole was all around my face as I drew in his scent, hastening the moment when I dug in with my tongue, eating his ass with reckless abandon.

Feels so good,” he panted over and over again with hard breaths, resting the side of his head on the back of the couch, a huge smile on his face. As my talented tongue tortured the nerve endings in and around James' sweaty hole, the stubble around my mouth was scrubbing the insides of his cheeks, causing them to burn sweetly as his senses were overwhelmed with the pleasures of being eaten so deeply. While James was experiencing the joys of anal pleasure, my aching cock was dripping with precum, which was drooling from the end all the way to the couch cushion. I could hardly stand to pull my face out of the plump cheeks that had enveloped it, but James and I were both ready for me to bury my horny man cock deep inside of him.

I lined up to his hole while he moaned like a nymphomaniac, ready for the main event. With my right hand, I gathered up as much precum as I had and slathered it all over his hole, then I pushed in with my middle finger. His hole was sizzling hot and very tight as I pushed in, eliciting even louder moans from the sexy boy who was kneeling in front of me. I pulled my finger out and added a second, prompting him to call out with pleasure while I felt his pulse against the walls of his treasure. I let my fingers stay there momentarily, wiggling them around and rubbing his prostate while he writhed from the pleasure. When I finally pulled my fingers away, they were coated with a very noticeable sheen of ass juice. I brought my fingers to his face and watched while he sniffed them hard, then he sucked them lustily while I placed my left hand on the small of his back and lined up with his hole.

I pushed in gently, watching as the glans of my hard penis disappeared into his hot, tight hole, then I sunk it all the way in. He responded with a loud, almost slutty moan as I sank my shaft deep inside of him, then I felt him bear down, giving it a squeeze to let me know that he was happy to have it there. He grinned over his shoulder at me and sighed, then he rolled his rear end around, causing my cock to stir in his bottom. I took this as my cue to start thrusting, pulling almost all the way out, then sinking my shaft back in with one fluid motion.

Mmm,” he mewed, so I did it again, then again, and again. Soon, I had a very steady fucking motion, thrusting in and out, bringing out a very audible indicator of his pleasure each time I did. His ass felt so amazing to me, just like always, so hot and so eager to accommodate my dick. As I continued to thrust, I could feel the tale tale signs of his anal orgasm starting to swirl, as his love tunnel started to squeeze my shaft over and over while I plunged in and out. The constant squeezing of his ass, combined with the repetitious thrusting of my cock in and out caused his boy pussy to start queefing, first silently, then loudly until his noisy bottom filled the room with the sounds of flatulence over and over again.

Finally, I could no longer hold off, as my aching cock had reached its own climactic end. I felt the cum rising up my shaft, prompting me to take hold of both of his hips and begin to thrust even harder. James called out my name as my orgasm started to take hold, and with fast, hard pumps into his rectum, I unloaded my seed deep inside of him. When I was nearing the end of my climax, I buried my cock all the way up his rear end and let it finish pumping out the remaining sperm, then I heard James sigh between deep breaths as his hole continued to squeeze my tool.

When I pulled out, he quickly scrambled into position, sucking my cum coated dick into his mouth and bathing it with his tongue. When it was clean, I collapsed on the couch and he crawled into my lap, resting his head on my shoulder while I listened to his soft breathing. Once we'd rested in each others' arms for a spell, I announced my need.

James, I love laying here with you but I have to take a shit,” I said, causing him to smile at me.

Can I come?” he asked, and I nodded, not at all surprised that he wanted to be in there with me. His affinity for body smells and human waste was something that I found charming, as if his baser instincts were irresistible. We moved into my bathroom and I sat down on the toilet while James knelt between my legs and trapped my soft penis in his mouth. He smiled up at me hopefully, knowing that I had a bladder full of piss for him to swallow. I carefully let my stream go, then I started to shit into the bowl. The entire time I was shitting, he was pulling in hard through his nose, with a big smile plastered to his face. When I was finished, he insisted, as he always does, that I let him wipe my ass. I stood up and let him go to work, parting my cheeks with his small hands and sniffing loudly, then using his tongue to do a thorough job of cleaning my rear end.

When he was finished licking the shit from my ass, he looked down and examined my brown creation, letting go of a moan as he pulled in hard through his nose again. Finally, he planted his face between my cheeks and used his tongue to bathe my hole, once again giving himself the joys of eating out a ripe sphincter. In the process, he got me hard again, and when he finally had enough restraint to pull his probing tongue from my shitter, he promptly bent over and I fucked another load into his ass. When I pulled out, he got in my shower and begged me to piss all over him. While he was dripping wet with my man piss, he tongued my ass again, then he deep throated my cock until I blew a load down his gullet.

We had sex three more times before his mom texted him that she was on her way home, and all three times, he wanted it in the ass. Each time I unloaded in his asshole, he would straddle my face and let me eat the cum from his boy cunt. Before he left, he wrapped his lips around my hose and requested another bellyful of hot piss. When he left me, he reeked of hot asshole, piss, shit and cum, complaining that he was still horny. I told him to come see me in the morning, and he promised me he would be back.

Let's go in your room,” he said sleepily, taking my hand. “I wanted to wake you up so you could, well, you know.”

Well, I have had my morning coffee, James,” I reminded him. “But it's not time just yet.”

Okay, well maybe we can do some other stuff,” he offered, and I nodded my head in agreement as we walked down the hall, my coffee cup in hand. When we got to my room, it was obvious that James was in no mood for foreplay. He unfastened the fly of his shorts and they fell to the floor, then he pulled his night shirt off, revealing a pair of clean, white undies that he no doubt put on the night before when he was alone with his mom. When he turned away from me, I couldn't help but notice a few dark brown streaks in the seat, where he'd been rubbing and fingering his hole. He quickly dropped his undies and smiled over his shoulder at me, then he crawled into the bed and lay flat on his back, watching me with an expectant look.

I took one last swig of my coffee and set the cup down on the nightstand, then I crawled in beside him. He quickly snuggled up to my side, resting his sleepy head on my chest for a moment, then he grinned up at me and said, “Give me a kiss.”

I pressed my lips to his and parted them, allowing him to slip his tongue into my mouth and engage me in a long, passionate French kiss. He quickly wrapped his arms around my neck and moaned into my mouth, carefully maneuvering himself so that he could straddle my body without breaking our kiss. I felt him wiggling his butt around, trying to feel for my cock. When he found it, he moaned again, then he raised his little rear end up and settled his hole against my mushroom head.

You really are in the mood, aren't you?' I said, breaking our kiss momentarily. He nodded his head feverishly, then he applied pressure. I felt my glans trying to break through his moist entrance, but we both knew that it wasn't going to happen like this.

With a frustrated sigh, he lifted himself off and reached back with his fingers, rubbing his hot entrance. I planted another kiss on his lips, then I grabbed his right ankle and told him, “Turn around and let me get you ready.”

He smiled appreciatively and allowed me to spin him around so that his legs were splayed across my chest. I used my hands to part his cheeks and dug into his tasty little asshole, eating it deeply and causing him to moan loudly. While I was doing this, he hastily grabbed my dick with his little hands and guided it to his waiting mouth. He found himself longing to wrap his lips around it so he could feel its length glide between his lips while at the same time, getting it nice and wet for what was to come. After three minutes of him sucking my rod and me eating his tasty bottom, we were both ready to burst. I pulled my face from his bubble butt and tugged on his leg, prompting him to pull my engorged member from his mouth and change his position again. He carefully lined up and lowered himself down on my cock, which was leaking so much precum that the entire length was coated with it in the few moments that it took for him to change positions and prepare to accept my dick in his ass. This time, my glans went in easily, and as his impossibly tight ass swallowed my cock, I felt my toes curl again and I had to collect myself.

Don't move yet, James,” I said softly. “Give it a minute, okay? I don't know how long I'll last if you start moving right now.”

James reluctantly acquiesced, giving my throbbing member time to settle down while the hot lining of his ass massaged its length. While we waited, James carefully leaned forward and started to kiss me again. His little tongue darted into my mouth and sought mine out, then he engaged me in a long French kiss that took my mind off of his terrific ass for a moment. When we broke our kiss, I knew that he could wait no longer.

He began a very slow, deliberate up and down ride on my cock, using his knees to lift and lower his young body while he rested his hands flat on my chest. James smiled at me as he continued to give himself the pleasure that he wanted so badly, then he closed his eyes and shuddered hard, over and over again. I could feel the contractions in his asshole, grabbing my stalk again and again, giving it a first class massage. It was as if my dick was caught in a vice made of hot, moist flesh and someone was increasing the pressure steadily. Slowly but surely, his ass got tighter and tighter while he shook hard, taking sharp breaths and digging his fingertips into my chest. Just when I thought that he couldn't milk my cock any harder than he had, he let go of a long, depraved moan and I felt his ass practically close around my dick. At the same time, he increased the speed of his ride, little by little until he let go of himself and started to ride faster and faster, until he was moving at a frantic pace.

After a minute of this new, quick pace, I could no longer hang on. I gave into my demons and let my cock erupt in James' tight bottom. With a groan, I began flooding his insides with volley after volley of thick goo that only seemed to encourage him to continue to fuck himself on my dick at a rough, quick pace. Finally, he stopped and sank all the way down, letting my cum firing dick stay inside of him while we both tried to settle ourselves. I could feel the cum escaping my piss lips, by now a whimpering ooze instead of an erupting geyser. His ass muscles were still squeezing my shaft over and over, but he had calmed down considerably and his moaning had turned into deep breaths as we both came to grips with the violent beauty of his anal orgasm.

His hairless boner was dancing around on its own, and while he hadn't laid a hand on it, it gave away the pleasures that he'd experienced. His chest looked tight as it heaved in and out, his tummy pulling tight, then relaxing with every breath. He was glowing with sexual bliss, his long sought out butt fucking now a fait acompli. He smiled contentedly at me and sighed again, then he very slowly lifted himself off of my still rock hard cock. With the certainty of a still horny boy, he hungrily devoured my dick while at the same time, giving me access to his well fucked boy pussy. I ate it deeply for him, felching out the load that he'd just received and giving him deeper pleasures while he sucked my dick clean.

When it became obvious to him that my dick was not going to deflate right away, he treated himself to the naughty pleasure of deep throating it while I ate his ass out, then he pulled off and begged me to fuck him missionary style. The boy was insatiable, and I knew it, so I waited while he laid flat on his back and pulled his legs up to his chest, then I crawled between his legs and entered him. He let his ankles rest against my chest, giving me access to his feet. I eagerly sucked on his toes while I fucked him, only stopping when he asked me to kiss him. With my tongue lodged in his mouth and my dick lodged in his ass, I brought him to another mind blowing boygasm before filling his boy cunt with another load of man seed.

When I pulled out, he asked me to stick my dick in his mouth while he lay still, giving him the joy of sucking my dick clean once more, then we cuddled close. While he was wrapped in my arms, he spoke his truest desires.

Are you ready yet?” he asked, and I smiled knowingly at him.

You really want it bad, don't you?” I teased, causing him to blush a little.

Yeah, I do,” he confessed, then he smiled at me and said, “I've been thinking about it a lot.”

Is that why you went to your fort yesterday?” I asked, and he nodded again, blushing deeply this time.

I think about it all the time,” he admitted, running his fingertips down my treasure trail until he reached my belly button. “I wanted to ask yesterday, but...”

But what?” I asked gently, not wanting him to feel bad about his fetish.

I don't want you to think I'm weird, Jason,” he said, nuzzling the side of his head into my chest.

I don't think you're weird at all, James,” I assured him. “I think you're a sexy kid who likes different things, that's all.”

Do you like them, too?” he asked me curiously, and I looked for a diplomatic way to answer. I gave his shoulder a squeeze and let go of a contemplative breath.

I like doing them with you,” I told him, and that seemed to sate him. He gave me his winning smile and planted a kiss on my lips, then he eased his way down my body, bypassing my soft member and lifting my left leg into the air. I assisted in the process by lifting it all the way for him, then I lifted my right leg, pulling my knees back to my chest and giving him access to my smelly hole. He planted his nose directly into my brown eye and took an extended whiff, then he shuddered. A split second later, his tongue was smashing against my shitter and he was doing his best to suck as hard on it as he could. I stayed where I was and let him work, knowing that what he was after rested just on the other side of my shit lips.

Two minutes later, he had worked himself into such a frenzy that he practically yanked me out of the bed and dragged me into the bathroom. Along the way, he stopped to pickup his white briefs, and I took note of the fact that he was holding the shit stained seat to his nose as we made our way through the bathroom door. Before I could react, he surprised me by bending over the bathroom sink, his bunched up underwear in his hands, and his ass up in the air. He was sniffing the shit stains in the seat of his underwear over and over as I lined up to his entrance and pushed in, unable to believe the frenzy that this 11 year old boy had worked himself into. With my cock buried in his ass for the third time that morning, I began to pump in and out while he moaned like a bitch in heat. Five minutes later, I pumped my hot load up his ass and pulled out. He was all over my cock, sucking the cum and ass juice away as if it were his last taste, keeping his soiled briefs by his nose the entire time.

When he finally let up on my dick, he took my hand and we entered the walk in shower. I waited while he drew in the aroma of his soiled underpants one last time, then he stepped back into them, as I suspected he would. Without waiting for a cue, he grabbed my now soft pole and guided it to his lips, wrapping them tight around the head and nodding up at me, a look of longing and something more in his eyes. I smiled down at the little scamp and let loose, releasing my stream slowly, letting him keep up because I know how much he enjoys swallowing every last drop of my piss.

When there was nothing left, he let my cock fall from his lips and licked them, then he beckoned me to turn around. I did as he asked, and just as I expected, he tongued my smelly hole deeply again. At the same time, he reached around and rubbed my belly, longing for the load that was in my bowels, waiting to be released. I bent my knees just a little bit, not wanting to make it too difficult for the young shit lover to catch my load as it exited, but still wanting to achieve maximum evacuation with each push. In the end, though, I knew that it wouldn't matter how long this took; James was craving my entire shit load, anyway that he could get it, having denied himself the pleasures the day before.

I gave a firm push, knowing that James wouldn't protest if the volume was large. I felt my hole expand, then I felt James' tongue push in deep, just like he'd hoped for, then I felt the firm body of a long turd bully its way out of my anus. I could hear James' depraved moaning, just like always, then it became muffled and I knew what that meant, too. As my turd detached, I looked over my shoulder at the site of James, a beautiful little boy, chewing up a large mouthful of hot shit, a permanent smile glued to his cherubic young face. He had a substantial brown smear on both of his palms, and was holding them to his nose, sniffing them hard the entire time. His bright, energetic green eyes met mine and he gave me a thankful smile as he swallowed his brown, thick meal. When it was down, he licked his palms clean with a look of transfixed pleasure, then he parted my ass cheeks and used his tongue to wipe away every trace of shit he could find.

When my ass was clean, James looked up at my smiling face hopefully, and I nodded in recognition of what he wanted. I felt his tongue thrust back up into my shitter, moving along as far as it could until I began to bear down, causing my sphincter to expand. His tongue burrowed its way in, only to be stopped when a second turd greeted it somewhere along the way. He quickly pulled his tongue back, eager for the moment when his mouth would accommodate the entire mass of shit that he was craving. I knew the moment had arrived when James' tongue left my asshole while at the same time, the heavy turd began to make its exit. I peered over my shoulder, watching with amazement as it grew in length, filling James' young mouth swiftly, his eyes glassed over while a pleasurable grin spread out across his face. It detached with a hard fart, causing a few shit splatters to spray the young turd burglar's face. He used both hands to push the thick shit log the rest of the way into his mouth, then he began to once again chew up his warm, moist breakfast. He smiled up at me appreciatively, then he began to swallow his mouthful.

I noticed that once again, his hands were smeared with shit, and watched with an approving gaze as he licked them clean, then he took to my rump, pulling in thick hunks of shit with his tongue. He gave me a questioning look, and I smiled and nodded, knowing that there was a small portion of shit waiting in my turd tunnel. He smiled widely and shoved his tongue up my shit box, eager to mine for more ass gold. I gave a hard strain, sending down a medium sized shit log that he accepted with a depraved moan. He savored his final mouthful, chewing slowly and sniffing his hands the entire time, then he reluctantly swallowed. When his meal was down, he licked my turd tunnel for an extended period of time, careful not to miss a single shit smear while I watched him with a grin.

When he was through making a shit pig out of himself, he let a stream of hot piss go and soaked his underpants. When his bladder was empty, he dropped them to the floor of the tub and picked them up, ringing them out over his mouth and catching as much piss as he could, then wiping the shit smears from around his mouth with them before tossing them onto the bathroom floor. I started the shower and we washed up, then, while we were still in the shower, I fucked another load of cum into James' insatiable ass.

When we got out, James reluctantly used a couple of cap fulls of mouthwash to rinse the shit and piss from his mouth, then we crawled into bed and he snuggled up close to me again.

Thank you, Jason,” he said quietly. “I really like doing that with you. I like doing every thing we do.”

I like doing everything we do, too, James,” I reciprocated, then I kissed the top of his head. “Do you think you're satisfied for now?”

Yeah, but I really want to have more sex with you,” he admitted, smiling up at me hopefully. “I want you to let me suck you off some more and lick your butt again.”

You're really hot for my dick, aren't you?” I asked, and he nodded shyly. “Where did you learn that?”

From my friend Simon,” he told me, then he blushed hard and added, “He's really cute. We're together.”

Simon?” I asked, my eyebrows raising in curiosity. “Where did you meet this Simon?”

We go to school together,” James told me, then he revealed. “He's like me.”

Oh really?” I said, my interest in James' young friend now piqued.

James nodded and said, “I wish he could come over and see us, but I don't want to tell him what we do.”

I sighed with understanding, happy that James had kept our vow of silence. He knew how much trouble I would be in if anyone found out, and even though his friend seemed to share a similar interest, James kept it to himself. I planted a kiss on his cheek and said, “Thank you, James. You're a good little lover.”

I like being your little lover,” he revealed, then he added, “I wish Simon could be your little lover, too.”

I took a deep breath and thought about what James said. I found myself awash in thoughts of meeting this youngster, perhaps getting to know him and finding out for myself what his boundaries were. While I was thinking, James scooted down my body and wrapped his deep red lips around my dick, moaning softly as he started a sensual suck. I smiled down at him and nodded, knowing that he would never get enough sex in a day to keep himself sated. He maneuvered himself so that he was perched on his knees between my legs, his eyes shut tight, moaning while his little body exploded with the orgasmic joy of giving another blow job. When I finally shot my load, he swallowed everything that he could, then used his tiny fingers to gather up the cum that escaped his mouth, slurping it up with a satisfied sigh before climbing back into my arms and snuggling with me.

That was nice,” he said with a sigh, basking in the afterglow of our sex. “I wish we could do that all day.”

Me too, James,” I told him, running my fingers through his still damp hair. “Maybe if you're lucky, I'll have another bladder full of pee for you. Would you like that?”

He nodded his head eagerly and said, “Do you think that maybe you can poop again?”

We'll see, James,” I said, reaching out and giving his ribs a playful tickle. “I haven't had my breakfast yet. I was about to eat when a little turd burglar knocked at my door.”

I had a nice big breakfast,” he said with a grin, patting his satisfied tummy.

We'll have to go to the kitchen and see what I can make for myself,” I said, watching him lick his lips as he rubbed my belly.

Eat a nice, big breakfast Jason, then you can give me a nice, big lunch,” he said with a naughty smile, prompting me to tickle him again. When we settled down, I asked him to tell me more about his little friend.

Do you want to meet Simon?” he asked, and before I could answer he told me, “He likes to suck guys off more than I do.”

Really?” I asked, and he nodded.

He goes down to the old rock quarry and meets strangers,” he told me, and I felt my loins stir. “He loves to suck dick at school, too. Some of the teachers get head from him.”

Do any of the teachers get head from you?” I asked, and he shook his head no. I suspected that he might not have been telling the truth, but true to form, he would never tell on one of his man friends, and I was proud.

Why don't we head down to the old quarry and meet Simon later this morning?” I suggested, prompting James to gaze up at me with a very happy smile.

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