James' Secret by Josh Terrence Chapter Two

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Sitting quietly with James in my arms, I felt like nothing in the world could disrupt my tranquil state. For the first time all morning, he wasn't making a play for my dick, giving my balls some much needed relief. He had snuggled up to me, crawling into my lap and resting his head on my shoulder, his skinny legs curled up so tight that his knees were practically touching his chest. He was gently nuzzling his face into my skin while his left hand rubbed my tummy in a counter clockwise motion.

Per his insistence, I'd made myself a large breakfast. Three eggs, three toaster waffles with butter and syrup, fried potatoes and two glasses of milk was far more than I wanted that morning. But James gave me a needy, almost pleading look, and I gave in. While I sat at the table and ate, James crawled under the table and got between my legs, taking my cock in his mouth and sucking it slowly while he fondled my balls. He was moaning softly, and I knew that he wanted to enjoy a long, sensual blow job, so I took my time and tried to concentrate on cleaning my considerably full breakfast plate. In the middle of my meal, I emptied my glass of milk, but James had been two steps ahead of me, setting the carton on the table before he commenced giving me head.

When my meal was long gone, I patted my tummy and let go of a loud belch, prompting James to let go of my balls with his right hand and reach out, rubbing my belly and trying to move things along. I reached under the table and ran my fingers through his light brown hair, then I told him, “Be patient, little buddy. It's not too far off.”

He let go of a moan, then he resumed caressing my balls with both hands while I placed my hand on the back of his head. He continued his slow suck for another ten minutes, moaning hotly as his young body shivered with passion. His hands never left my ball sack while he was sucking me off, and as the minutes passed, he took more and more of me down his throat until, at one point, his lips pressed hard into my pubic bush. I knew that he wouldn't be able to keep that up, though, so when he gave himself some room to breathe, I caressed his cheek as a show of approval.

When it was finally time, I wasn't too surprised that he was able to keep up and swallow everything. His sex starved body had drained so many cum loads from my balls that morning that I was afraid I would start shooting blanks soon. Not that I gave him a small load this time, to be sure, but the load was significantly less than my last one had been.

Before we ventured into the kitchen, we stopped back in my bathroom and I gave him another tummy full of hot piss, then I let him eat my ass while, at his request, I blew a few stored up farts in his face. Still, that wasn't enough to sate the little sex addict, and I found myself fucking yet another load up his hot ass. This time, he seemed to understand that I needed time to recover, though, because he dutifully swallowed his mouthful of cum, then he licked my cock and balls carefully. When he re-emerged, he kissed me full on the lips and said, “Thank you, Jason. That made me feel so good.”

“You made me feel good, too, lover boy,” I said, returning his show of affection. “Why don't you let me clean this mess up, then we'll go sit together and watch some TV. Does that sound good?”

“Okay,” he said with a smile, then he went into the living room and waited for me while I loaded the dishwasher. I could see him from the kitchen, bending over my easy chair with his fingers lodged in his upturned ass. He looked so adorable there, doing whatever he could to tame the sexual beast that raged deep down inside of him. Watching him pleasure his own rear end reminded me of the first time we had sex.

“Are you going to tell my mom on me?” he asked tearfully, his eyes wide with fear as he trembled.

“Of course not, James,” I told him, kneeling down to put myself at eye level with the startled 11 year old. “Why would I do something like that?”

“Because it's weird,” he wept, and I shook my head no in disagreement.

“James, it's not weird, buddy,” I tried to reason with him. He gave me a dubious look and his expression softened a little, then he sighed and let go of another sob.

“I don't know why I do it,” he said, offering me some sort of an explanation that I hadn't asked for, then he practically wailed, “I don't want my mom to find out.”

“Shh, come here, buddy,” I said softly, holding my arms out to him so that I could comfort him. He quickly accepted my offer, letting me wrap my arms around his tiny frame and hold him close while he let go of a few more sobs.

The truth was, I felt guilty for sneaking up on him like that. He had been in his backyard, enjoying his private time that he thought nobody knew about. I watched him through my kitchen window, strutting around in his clean briefs when he first walked out, then he ground his bottom on the tree while piss ran down his legs, dripping from his wet crotch. He was so into it, and it seemed like such an innocent plan to me at the time. I snuck out of my house through the garage and into my backyard, interested to see if he would notice me and stop what he was doing. But by the time I made it to the backyard, he was in his fort, and all I could hear was muffled moaning and loud sniffing.

Wanting to know what he was up to, I carefully hopped the three foot fence that separated our yards and quietly crept through his yard. Creepy? Yes. But I had already decided that if he told his mom that I was in their backyard, I would feign concern for the little scamp by telling her what he was doing back there. It wasn't my first choice, but it was my “nuclear option,” so to speak.

As I approached the thick ivy, I could hear the unmistakable sounds of moist chewing, then more moaning. As his chewing became more audible, I heard his moaning become frantic and I honestly became concerned for his well being. I pulled the ivy back, just slightly, and was greeted by the site of James in a most compromising position. He was sitting in a toy wagon with his legs dangling lewdly off of each side. He had the middle finger of his right hand lodged firmly in his ass, twisting it back and forth while he held a pair of shit smeared underwear to his mouth with his left hand, obviously eating the contents right out of them. He had a look of sheer delight on his young, shit smeared face, and he hadn't noticed that I was spying in on him. Against the planks of the fence was a pile that consisted of every pair of underwear that I'd watched him soil that week, and suddenly all of it made some sense to me.

Unfortunately, just as it was all starting to come together in my mind, James spotted me and froze. He instantly panicked and tossed his underwear to the side, as if he were somehow getting rid of incriminating evidence, then he realized that he was still sprawled out naked in front of me, his mouth smeared with shit and a finger lodged firmly up his ass. As the reality that we were both facing dawned on me, too, I quickly pulled my head out of the ivy and immediately kicked myself for spying. I heard him start to cry, and realized that I could not unring this bell.

Moments later, he emerged from his fort with an old pair of undies on, the shit smears around his mouth still there but not as heavy. He looked terrified as he pleaded his case, and all I could do was take him in my arms and promise my silence. The stench of shit was rolling off of the little pervert, but I didn't have the heart to reject him in his moment of need.

When he calmed down, I brushed the bangs out of his eyes and instructed him to go clean up, then come next door to see me so we could talk this out over a coke. He seemed relieved, especially when I gave him a warm smile and a long hug. He hurried into his house while I hopped the fence and went back into my own humble abode.

Fifteen minutes later, he was at my dining room table, telling me his darkest secrets while I felt my dick go stiff. It was as if he were relieved to get it all out, and suddenly he was an opened book. I assured the little boy that there was nothing wrong with him, that some boys have different feelings than others, and that it was okay to act on those feelings. I was particularly interested to know about how fingering himself made him feel, and with a dreamy sigh, he dished on his love for anal stimulation. While his words were more basic and childish, their meaning was clear; he liked to take it in the ass. While he hadn't had a cock just yet, he was exploring his bottom with other items, like baby carrots, his mom's curling iron, the roller that holds the toilet paper in place and candles, to name a few. I asked him how long he'd been eating shit, and he told me that he'd been doing it for as long as he could close the bathroom door. He had to be in the mood for it, but lately it was all he could think about.

The sexual charge was strong in the air when I asked him about having relations with others. He assured me that he hadn't, but thought about it at times. He said that he wished he had a man to kiss and “do things with.” I asked him what kinds of things, and he shyly answered, “Suck them off and fuck them with my butt.”

Five minutes later, I was on my knees, eating the eager little boy out while he moaned wildly, using his arms to reach back and grab my head, trying to push it harder into his tasty rear end. Ten minutes later, I carried him to my bed and carefully deflowered him. Easing my dripping cock into his horny, well lubed asshole half inch by half inch until he had accepted all of me took a tremendous amount of patience, but I wanted this to be a memorable moment for him. He had a hopeful, determined look on his face, the moment that he'd been fantasizing about finally upon him. When I was buried all the way inside of him, I rested for five minutes, my aching cock desperate for release.

When I finally started to thrust, I moved very slowly, once again wanting to take it easy and make this a pleasurable experience for both of us. His pleasure receptors were alive with passion right from the get go, his sizzling hot anal canal squeezing my cock so perfectly as his moans filled the room. Very carefully, I added more force behind every thrust, my attention focused purely on bringing him satisfaction. He was smiling up at me from his prone position, his legs too short to allow his ankles to rest on my shoulders. Instead, they rested just above my pectoral muscles, their rough skin teasing my nipples as they brushed over them with every thrust.

I looked down at the little boy, taking note of the blissful expression that he was wearing. It was just like the grin he wore each day in his backyard, where his two desires clashed and his fantasies were acted out in private. When I spied in on him earlier, his face had that same look of joy and release as he devoured a pile of steaming hot turds from the seat of his underwear, his finger working in his ass. I knew that he was a special boy, with special needs, needs that I would now be called upon to meet.

Knowing that this horny 11 year old would come to me for sex from now on gave me a thrill. I thought about all of the other boys whose asses I'd dumped loads of cum into. Most of them were fleeting encounters during out of town business trips, or one time rest stops along the interstate. But this boy was right next door, a thought I found exhilarating as I pumped in and out of his ass. I felt his body start to tremble and watched as his eyes shut, then he reached up and grabbed each of my arms with his hands, as if he were hanging on for dear life while an anal orgasm ripped through his young body. Under the force of his climax, my cock started to swell, and I knew that I was about to pump the first of many hot loads of cum up James' ass. I increased the pressure of my thrusting again, wanting to add as much pleasure as I could for him, then I groaned and shoved my dick all the way up his butt and froze, letting my geyser erupt with cum as he moaned louder than he had all evening.

When I pulled out, I collapsed on the bed, but he was in a sexual frenzy and went down on me, using his mouth to suck on my dick, his inexperience making his work sloppy but still sexy as hell. I reached out and rubbed his back, encouraging him to come up and snuggle with me so that he could calm down and bask in the afterglow. With a sigh, he melted into my arms and closed his eyes, drifting off into a comfortable slumber while I held him close.

I could tell that my quiet morning with James wasn't going to last too much longer. The little turd burglar was still rubbing my belly, adding more pressure with every passing moment and mewing softly in my ear. He was working hard for his reward, and I could hardly believe that he was already craving it. He'd had such a large helping just an hour and a half before, and here he was, trying to stimulate my bowels so that he could feast on another shit load. While he was rubbing my tummy, I quietly spoke to him about it.

“You're really hot for it again, aren't you, James?” I said in his ear, and he nodded slowly, his head still resting on my shoulder. “Why do you think that is?”

“I don't know,” he practically whispered, still adding pressure. “I'm really horny, Jason.”

“Are you horny for cock?” I asked him, and he shrugged. “Tell me what you're horny for, James.”

“I'm horny to eat more poop,” he whispered again, his boyish vocabulary a trait I found charming. “I want it to be yours.”

“Who else's do you eat?” I asked, and a smile crept over his little face.

“Simon's,” he whispered, then he looked up at me inquisitively. “Do you think you can give it to me before we go find him?”

“Tell me how you want it,” I whispered back, and his smiled returned.

He patted his tummy and licked his lips, then he whispered, “Just like this morning. I want a nice, big tummy full of your poop.”

“Tell me what Simon eats,” I whispered into his ear, and he sighed, patting his tummy again.

“He likes to eat what I eat,” he told me cryptically, then he added, “He'll want you to give it to him the same way I like it.”

With that, he lifted his head from my shoulder and planted his lips to mine, kissing me deeply, our tongues exploring each others' mouths. When we broke our kiss, he said out loud, “After you take a nice, big poop in me, you can cum in me again.”

“Tell me where you want to feel me cum,” I teased, and he lifted his butt from my leg and pointed at it.

Five minutes later, we were back in my walk in shower. James picked his pissy, shit stained underwear off the floor and held them close to his nose for an extended whiff, then he put them back on and got into position, trapping my hose in his mouth and supporting my balls while I gave him another bellyful of hot piss. When my bladder was empty, I carefully eased my dick from his mouth and smiled down at him. He returned my smile, knowing that the moment he'd been waiting for was finally here. He grabbed my hips and carefully guided them until I was facing away from him, then he parted my ass cheeks. I felt his young tongue start to probe my shitter as he took a hard whiff, and I knew that he was searching for the head of a turd that he knew was only seconds from being released.

I looked over my shoulder at the young shit lover, taking note of his outstretched tongue and his hungry expression. I tried to reconcile his craving for shit with my own experiences, but I knew that there was no comparison. This little boy was a hungry shit eater, and it seemed that today of all days, he was in an insatiable state for it. I heard him moan, almost impatiently, then his yearning eyes drifted up and met mine. He gave me a little grin, knowing that I was watching him in his most depraved moment, then he rolled his bottom around. I knew that he was trying to remind me that after his feeding, I was going to fuck him up the ass again, almost as if he were offering me an incentive to release my ass load. I nodded at him in recognition of what he was trying to communicate, then I started to push.

I felt his tongue enter my shit chute, then I felt a mass of shit push into it, forcing it back out of my ass. All at once, James' mouth filled up with what looked to me like a shit brick. I can't really describe it any other way. It was a solid mass of shit that didn't really take a shape. Instead it just forced its way into his mouth all at once, nearly gagging him with its volume. It took less than a couple of seconds to expel, and as soon as the last of it detached from my hole, I farted hard and painted James' face with thick shit splatters.

I watched him pull his face away from my ass and try to close his mouth around the mound. His lips looked distended as he forced them together, then his cheeks started to bulge intermittently, almost as if he were using his tongue to dig through the mass. He opened back up and pushed his fingers into the brown mass of shit, then a huge smile crept over his shit splattered face and he moaned. Finally, he started to chew, the brown mass now visible to me as his Adam's apple bobbed up and down. He shuddered hard as he swallowed the first portion, then he chewed the rest up with a very satisfied grin. When he swallowed it, he licked his shit smeared lips, then he licked his hands clean before taking to my rump. I watched him over my shoulder, making a shit pig out of himself and treating himself to an enjoyable experience of licking all of the shit smears he could find. When he was done, he used his fingers to scrape the splattered shit from his face, eyebrows and hair, then he licked them clean with a greedy grin.

He smiled up at me hopefully and grabbed my buns, not even waiting for my confirmation that there might be more. I felt his tongue move back up my turd tunnel, once again looking for any ass gold he could mine. I gave a firm push, and sent down a long, firm turd that exited my anus swiftly and filled his mouth quickly, then it crowned beyond his lips before it detached from my hole. The young turd burglar used his little hands to cram it all in, then he feasted on his moist, thick mouthful while I watched with an amused smile. When it was down, he went through the motions again, licking his hands and my ass clean before practically begging me for more.

Luckily for him, I'd had a big breakfast and was able to send another large, stink laden turd down my shitter. As it filled his young mouth, he was grinning hard and taking loud sniffs, no doubt wanting to savor every morsel. When the shit log was entirely released, he once again feasted on it, taking his time and enjoying it fully as he swallowed one portion at a time. When it was down, he licked his shit caked hands clean, then he took to my ass, licking it slowly, hot moans escaping his lips the entire time. When there was no more shit to lick away, he held his nose to my ass and closed his eyes, inhaling with a dreamy smile on his young, shit smeared face.

Finally, he used his fingers to scrape the heaped up shit from around his mouth and sucked them clean, still lost in his own world. When he finished licking the smears from his fingers, the young shit pig smiled up at me and let a torrent of his own piss go, drenching his underwear again while I watched. When his bladder was empty, he dropped his undies and picked them up, ringing them out over his opened, shit caked mouth and swallowing all of the piss he could, then he picked my hose back up and trapped it between his lips.

I knew then that this little boy was truly insatiable. I closed my eyes and released half a bladder full, dribbling piss into his mouth while he wiped his shit smeared face with his pissy briefs. When I had no more to offer, he kept my dick in his mouth and sucked on it, getting it nice and hard. When he let it go, he took a breath and grabbed my hips again, planting his nose back in my crack and sniffing hard, then he ate my hole deeply.

Finally, he pulled his tongue out of my shitter and bent over, begging me to give it to him in the ass again. By now re-invigorated, I slipped my dick into the little shit lover and fucked him for five minutes, pumping a hot load up his ass while it squeezed my dick unmercifully. When I pulled out, I started the shower and we cleaned up. When we got out, James told me that he didn't want to rinse his mouth out, instead choosing to keep the taste of his brown meal with him. I smiled down at the little tramp and ruffled his damp head, then I led him to my room, where we cuddled with each other. Even with shitty breath, I found myself wanting to hold the boy close as he showed his gratitude again.

“Thank you, Jason,” he said softly, resting his head on my chest. “I have a nice, full tummy, just like I wanted. I feel really good, now.”

“I can tell, James,” I said with an amused smile, gently rubbing his tummy with my palm. “Do you think you can hold off long enough for the next time, or are you going to starve?”

He gave me a naughty smile and said, “Maybe I'll feed you a big lunch so I won't have to starve.”

“Or maybe you should try eating some real food today,” I suggested, and once again, he smiled.

“I have been eating food,” he countered, being a smart ass. “What do you think poop is made out of?”

I smiled down at him approvingly, then I said, “Do you think your little boyfriend is going to want to eat some shit today?”

James nodded almost immediately, then he said, “He probably already ate some. He gets it down at the quarry, too.”

“Oh really?” I said, raising an eyebrow for the second time that day. “How does he manage that?”

“He asks for it from all the guys he sucks off,” James told me. “He really loves it. He eats more than I do.”

“It sounds like it, James,” I said, a note of curiosity in my voice. “What do you say we head down there and see if we can find him?”

The afternoon sun was beating down on us as we made our way from the edge of the large field. Once a busy industrial site for a large concrete company, the quarry had been stripped of its properties and was now abandoned. In spots where large machinery and bulldozers once operated, there was now a fine layer of sun drenched earth that bore the scars of its past use. The ground was hot, making me glad that I'd put on a pair of flip flops at the last minute, opting not to go barefoot like James. For his part, James didn't seem bothered by the hot ground. His feet had a natural tolerance for the heat of the earth, a result of being barefoot all summer long.

He had slipped his little paw into my hand as we started down the trail toward the large quarry, which was now filled with debris such as discarded drain pipes and disconnected electrical panels. Once the concrete company abandoned the quarry, it quickly became a haven for drug dealers, prostitutes and men cruising for gay sex. Its reputation as an easy hookup spot was well known, though ignored by local law enforcement for some reason. My guess is that many of the prominent leaders in our town frequented the quarry for sex, drugs and any other reason that might arise. As a result, it was a safe place for the seedy underbelly of our community to thrive.

As we walked down the trail, James took his phone out and texted his little friend. A text was quickly sent back, and James grinned up at me. He took a quick right turn near a collection of tumble weeds and an old stove top range, seeming to know exactly where to find his little buddy. Sure enough, as we approached the edge of of the quarry, the form of a little person came into view and I had to blink twice.

That's your friend?” I asked, still processing the sight of the beautiful little boy who'd just emerged from the quarry.

Yep, that's him,” James answered, his small hand still planted firmly in my now sweaty palm. “I told you he was cute.”

If anything, James had seriously understated the beauty of this boy. He stood at four feet, eight inches, just a hair taller than James, and looked like he weighed about 70 pounds. His hair was jet black, cut short and laid flat on his head with a slight cowlick at the back of his crown. His lithe body was a site to behold. His torso was flat, covered by a plain white tee shirt and he was sporting a very cute little erection beneath his tight fitting, tan corduroy shorts. His most striking feature was his plump, almost impossibly round bubble butt, a feature that was accentuated by his tight shorts, revealing a deep crevice that ran from the top of his buns all the way down to his perineum. His short legs were tanned from the summer sun, and as he approached, the bottom of his tee shirt lifted just far enough for me to spot the blue and white waist band of his Fruit of the Loom briefs.

Just then, Simon spotted James and I watching him, and his cherubic face lit up. He made a quick beeline toward us, his eyes fixed on the youngster at my side and a dreamy smile on his face. He was eying me up and down, too, but the knowledge that James was with me seemed to quell any concerns that he might have had about me. When he reached us, James let my hand go and leaned in, planting a sweet kiss on Simon's lips.

I missed you,” Simon admitted, prompting James to gush.

I missed you too, Simon,” he said, his green eyes fluttering with romantic feelings for his friend, then he turned to me. “This is Jason.”

Simon looked up at me, squinting slightly from the glare of the sun, and gave me a smile that took my breath away.

He's sexy,” Simon said, turning and giving his little friend a naughty grin. “What do you want to do?”

Let's go with Jason back to his house,” James suggested, just like he promised he would. Simon gave me another look, this time seeming to survey my whole body, then his eyes fixed on my obvious bulge. He smiled back up at me and said, “Okay.”

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