James' Secret by Josh Terrence Chapter Three

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The boys were still for the first time all afternoon, their young bodies finally exhausted after what felt like a full day of sex. I smiled as I gazed down at the sleeping pair as they lay in my arms, knowing that I'd done my duty for them. Their well fucked bottoms were each stuffed with a finger while their white briefs lay in a state of wreck on my bathroom floor. I had no idea that two horny eleven year old's could require so much sex, and I was almost glad that they were snuggled up tight to my chest. As much as I enjoyed feeling their warm asses wrapped around my cock, I needed a long break. There was no way that my 32 year old loins could keep up with the little tramps, and as I surveyed my ravaged bed linen, I thought about Simon's veracious sexual appetite. It was obvious to me why he made the daily walk down to the quarry for sex, but I had no idea when he climbed into my truck just how horny this little boy was.

As tired as we all were, one would think we had been at it all day long. But the truth is, it had only been a few hours since Alan, Simon and I got in my truck and drove to my house. Of course, getting the boys to my truck was difficult, because just as we were about to walk away, Simon got a text. His cherubic face lit up when he read it, then he looked at James and I with pleading eyes.

“My friend wants to see me,” he said, then he added, “It should only be a few minutes.”

“Is he here?” James asked, and Simon nodded.

“Take your time, we'll wait,” I told him with a friendly tone, then a smile spread across his cute face and he dashed off. Curiosity got the better of me, prompting me to walk with James along the path that little Simon had just trotted down in search of his older friend. From a distance, I was able to see the horned up boy approach a much older man, probably in his late 50's or early 60's. The shirtless man leaned down and took a whiff of the boy, then I saw Simon nod his head and get undressed as the man unbuttoned his trousers, letting them fall to the ground.

The little cock hound was on his knees in an instant, his mouth opened wide as the now nude man turned to face away from him. His hard little pecker was out of my sight, my view blocked by the hairy set of legs in front of the boy. I watched Simon reach up with both hands and grab the man's hips, pulling them down so that the man was squatting on his face. The man made two fists and his thighs flexed, then Simon's soft cheeks bulged and he let go of the man's hips. Settling his ass so that he was sitting on the back of his legs, Simon chewed and swallowed, then he rubbed his tummy and lifted himself so that he was back on his knees, reaching out for the man's hips once more. The man quickly bunched his fists together again as Simon opened wide, watching from below while the man pinched off a long, thick loaf that fell to a safe landing in his waiting mouth. His smile was evident as he chewed his brown mouthful up and swallowed, then he used his tongue to lick the man's ass clean.

Finally, the man turned and rested the tip of his dick just past the boy's lips, smiling as he let loose with a gush of hot piss that the boy swallowed diligently. When there was no more piss to be swallowed, Simon stayed where he was, using his tongue to massage the man's prick until it was rock hard in his mouth. Minutes later, he was accepting a creamy load of man sperm down his satisfied gullet. When he let the man's cock go, someone else stepped up to the horny 11 year old. They had a brief conversation, then the man pulled his dick out and slipped it into the boy's mouth. Less than a minute later, Simon sat back on his legs and swallowed, then he got up and put his clothes back on. When he was dressed, he walked back to the trail while the two men walked off in the opposite direction.

When he met back up with James and I, he acted as if nothing had happened. I leaned down to sniff the boy, taking note of the fact that I could only detect traces of his brown meal with my nose. He and James shared a long kiss, then they held hands all the way back to the truck, dishing about their morning the entire way. As I listened to them speak in childish terms, I was reminded that they were still little boys. Words like “ass” were replaced with “butt” while words like “shit” were replaced with “poop.” “Fucking was called “taking it in the butt” or “getting laid,” while “sucking dick” was called “giving head” or “sucking off.” I was amused at the way they avoided cuss words at every turn while they talked freely about participating in the most taboo of activities. James told Simon all about our morning of sex together, practically boasting that I'd given him two large loads of shit to savor and swallow.

Simon revealed that he'd had an early start to his day, having his ass filled with hard cock as soon as he woke up. Listening to the little boy talk, I quickly discovered that his step father was fucking him at home, servicing his rear end morning and night. After his morning lay, he swallowed a load of hot piss, then he got dressed. Simon's adoring step dad dropped him off at the quarry at 7am to meet a regular who had promised him a morning shit load, then he took a quick ride on the man's cock. Over the course of the morning, Simon got undressed and swallowed three more full ass loads from three different men before meeting up with us. In the meanwhile, he'd sucked off all of his feeders, as well as six men who didn't bother to squat over his cute face. He revealed that the man he was just with was the fifth man to drop a pile of turds into his mouth that morning, and that he'd been looking forward to taking it straight from his ass.

When we got into my truck, they were all over me and each other from the jump. Before we could pull away from my parking spot at the quarry, I felt Simon's warm hands working on my fly. As he worked to gain access to my dick, James eagerly slipped his left hand down the back of his boyfriend's shorts and let it travel into his deep crevice, where he sought out the boy's puckered entrance. He let out a cry of joy when his fingers found their target, then he blatantly started to dig into Simon's chute. As James dug into his rear end, Simon let go of a small whimper. When he felt his little friend push into his back door, he smiled dreamily and continued with the task of unleashing my one eyed monster.

When it was free, Simon quickly wrapped his lips around it and started to suck with passion. His hard little boy cock was straining in his shorts, as hard as it had been all morning when the little scamp first journeyed down to the quarry in search of gay sex. With my cock now sliding between his deep red lips, Simon gazed up at me, giving me a moment to examine his gorgeous features. His black bangs rested low on his forehead, falling just an inch above his thin eyebrows. His baby blue eyes sat flawlessly in a set of half moon socket's, so full of pleasure as they trained on my face. His clear complexion worked in concert with his full cheeks that flowed seamlessly into his soft, rounded chin. Even while he moaned softly around a hard cock, the dimples around his mouth accentuated his smile, with faint lines that traveled from the corners of his lips to the sides of his button nose.

While James used his left hand to toy with Simon's moist hole, he used his right hand to rub the small of his young lover's back. In the meanwhile Simon's warm mouth was doing amazing work, making my toes curl against the soles of my flip flops as surges of sexual pleasure coursed through my body. I took my right hand off of the steering wheel and placed it on the back of his head, feeling it move up and down while he took my dick to the back of his throat.

When we pulled into my garage, I hurriedly put the truck into park and closed my eyes, knowing that my moment of climax had arrived. With a groan, I turned the truck off, then I used the remote in my truck to close the garage. Just as the familiar sound of the electric motor of my garage door opener started to carry into my ears, my toes curled one last time and my aching cock exploded, filling young Simon's mouth with a hot load of cum that he quickly swallowed. While he accepted my load, I looked down at his crotch, taking note of the tiny bulge in his shorts that had not gone down since I first laid my eyes on the horny youngster.

When there was no more of my cum load to swallow, Simon released my dick and sat up, licking his lips as James pulled his molesting hand out of the back of his shorts. With a naughty grin, James held his fingers up to his nose and sniffed, prompting Simon to lean in and do the same. Both boys were smiling as the aroma of Simon's ass drifted into their nostrils, and as if they were having a silent conversation between them, they both started to lick and suck on James's fingers until they fell into a deep French kiss. I sat still and watched as their kiss progressed, with Simon wrapping his arms around James' torso, resting his hand on each one of his shoulders, then James responded in kind. They were both letting out intermittent moans into each others' mouths, then James leaned against the passenger door and made himself more comfortable.

When the boys finally separated, they smiled quietly into each others' eyes, almost in a romantic gesture, then they turned their attention my way. I hastily opened my door and got out while the boys did the same, holding hands for the entire walk from my garage to my kitchen. While I disabled the alarm, they locked lips again, kissing hungrily while they groped each others' bottoms. Eventually, James wound up naked from the waist down, a predictable outcome that was caused by Simon's work on his fly. At the same time, James let his hands travel down far enough to unbutton Simon's shorts, causing them to fall to his feet and puddle around them, leaving him standing in only his white briefs. I saw James reach around and grab Simon's bubble butt through the white cotton, pushing up into his crack while his lover moaned with pleasure.

When they broke their kiss, they turned their attention my way. I quickly beckoned them to the living room, watching with an amused smile as they waddled into the room with their shorts still wrapped around their ankles. They were holding hands again, smiling at each other and making eyes the whole time. I watched them share a sweet kiss, then Simon expressed his desire to eat his lover's ass. James got on all fours in my easy chair, putting his rear end at eye level for his little lover, who eagerly parted his cheeks and dug in. While Simon was dining at James' back door, I dropped to my knees behind the little fairy and buried my nose in his crack. The aroma that was rolling off of his bottom was pure boy, and I could hardly contain myself long enough to ease his briefs down and feast.

I carefully hooked the waistband of his underwear and pulled them down, revealing his smooth globes and his deep crack. His ass was just as tanned as the rest of his young body, telling me that he spent plenty of time running around in the nude. I reached around and felt his stiff little cocklet, taking note of the fact that it was hairless. With my fingers, I determined that his boy cock was considerably smaller than James', maybe two inches hard, and I wondered if it got any use at all. James never seemed to be interested in using his little dick, not even to play with himself. But he was still my little sex fiend, an aggressive bottom boy with a healthy appetite for sex, just like his young friend.

When I parted Simon's cheeks, his puckered hole came into sight and my cock jumped. It looked so sexy, and as I examined its contours, I knew that I was looking into the gates of paradise. It was probably half an inch in diameter, dark pink, puckered with wrinkled folds and slightly sunken from frequent penetration. I leaned forward and took an extended sniff, the aroma of boy ass and fresh cum filling my nostrils and sending me into a sexual frenzy. I quickly ran my tongue all around the wrinkled diameter of his opening, then I started to eat it hungrily, unable to believe that I had two beautiful boys in my house who were looking for sex.

While I was dining on Simon's puckered boy pussy, he moaned wildly into James' ass and began to tongue him even deeper. He was sexed up from his morning of sucking dicks and eating shit, only climaxing once that day while his ass was filled with hard cock at home. Since then, he'd sucked nearly a dozen cocks, including mine, and taken multiple shit loads. He felt like he was ready to crest the sexual summit at any moment, and as his young body shivered with passion, he drove his tongue deep into James' love tunnel. This caused James to pant hard, his boygasm not far off either as he contemplated taking my hard cock in his ass.

Finally, I couldn't wait another minute. I pulled my face out of Simon's rear and and stood up, running my hands up and down the length of his back as I listened to James moan. Simon gave his bottom a little wiggle, as if he knew what was coming, then he parted his feet until his legs formed an almost perfect triangle. I grabbed his buns and placed the head of my dick at his entrance. When my piss slit touched his rose bud, I felt the radiating heat of his entrance practically wrap around the head of my dick. I looked down to make sure that I hadn't entered him yet, smiling when I realized how alive with sexual energy this boy's ass was.

With a sharp breath, I pushed in carefully. As my glans pushed past his anal ring, the powerful heat that I felt outside of his hole started to intensify as his boy pussy opened up. He moaned hotly into James' backside, then, as if he had tentacles in his ass that were pulling me in, I felt his ass swallow my cock whole. I inhaled deeply, then I exhaled with another shudder as the hot lining of Simon's amazingly tight bottom pulsated around my stalk. I placed my hands on his hips and took hold, not wanting to hurt the boy by cramming his face into James' ass but knowing that he was in no hurry to stop eating his gay companion out.

I started to thrust carefully as goosebumps erupted all over my body, starting on my thighs and quickly spreading out in all directions. I felt the hair on my shins raise up while a powerful shiver ran through me, then my stomach, chest, back and face felt electric as Simon's hot, tight boy pussy flexed around my dick. I heard him start to coo into his lover's ass, then his cooing turned to moaning. With every thrust, he moaned a little louder into James' tasty boy hole and his moist licking turned into full fledged ass munching. I cautiously increased the force of my thrusts, bit by bit, until his moans turned into violent, high pitch shrieks that echoed off of James' ass cheeks. Simon seemed to be pushing his own face as far into James' ass as he could, pulling hard on his little lover's hips while pushing up into his backside. His cowlick was standing straight up and his shrieks suddenly disintegrated into a long, continuous wail. Right at that moment, I felt his ass clamp down with awesome force around my cock, squeezing it hard enough that I was afraid it would be ripped right off at the base.

I gave off a long moan of my own and prepared to fire my load deep into his ass when he pulled his face out of James' rear end and begged me to pull out.

“I want it in my mouth,” he moaned, then I watched James collapse on the chair in front of us. I slowly withdrew, my cock dangerously on the edge of its climax. As soon as I pulled it out, he spun around and wrapped his lips around it, moaning like a bitch in heat as he took my length all the way to the back of his throat. He pulled my cock out of his throat and sucked lustily on the end of it, using his tongue to bathe the head and driving me right over the edge. With a loud groan, my dick exploded in his mouth, filling it with hot cum while he gulped furiously. While I was unloading in Simon's mouth, James got on his knees beside his lover and took my balls in his mouth, sucking on them and humming softly. When Simon's mouth started to overflow with cum, James was right there, licking it up, loving the mixture of my man sperm and Simon's spit as it trickled down my stalk.

Finally, my balls were empty, having heaved out the last of my cum load into Simon's sucking mouth. He smiled up at me appreciatively, his lips still wrapped around my hard dick, but he made no move to take it out of his mouth. Instead, he stayed where he was, sucking my dick lustily while James continued to suck and lick my balls. At some point, James moved around to my backside, burying his face in my cheeks and licking my ass with horny moans. I felt my dick start to get hard in Simon's mouth again, his tongue and his throat working in tandem with James' ass eating to get me back up. Finally, he pulled his mouth from around my cock and beckoned his little boyfriend to trade places with him.

James eagerly slipped his mouth over the head of my dick and moaned with starry eyes. He was so hot to suck my dick, his horny young body always ready for sex. While James was treating himself to a mouthful of hard cock, Simon quickly posted up behind me and began to rim my ass like a pro. James was good, but I have to admit that Simon was much more talented. I was happy that James was learning at Simon's side, and that soon, he'd be as good as his boyfriend. I felt Simon pull my cheeks apart with his small hands, then I felt him try to push his face up so hard that it felt like he wanted to shove his head up my ass. His talented tongue was getting into spaces that I hadn't imagined possible, twisting and turning as it burrowed up into my turd tunnel. Someone had taught this boy well, giving him the kind of first class experience that a boy lover like me only dreams about.

Under the force of Simon's deep rimming, I didn't last long in James' mouth. My climax crept up on me, the onset so rapid that I barely had time to prepare. I dug my toes into the carpet and shuddered, then I felt my balls pull tight and my shaft started to burn. Moments later, I was unloading another load of man sperm into James' mouth, watching while he sucked it down with horny moans. After firing my load, James moved back down to my balls, taking them into his mouth one at a time while Simon stayed right where he was, licking my ass with his scratchy tongue. When he finally pulled away, I gently pulled James off of my spent balls and fell into the chair, completely exhausted. On the floor in front of me, the boys put on a show, falling into a deep French kiss while they stayed on their knees. Eventually, Simon posted up at James' back door, eager to eat more ass. Five minutes later, they changed positions and James felched my cum from his little lover's behind, moaning while Simon ground his bottom back against his face. When James' tongue was fatigued, they shared another kiss, then they climbed into my lap and I slipped a middle finger into each of their tight bottoms.

Holding them in my lap was magical. Perhaps just as magical as fucking their tight bottoms, if that's even possible. Because while they were snuggled in my arms, they had a conversation that stirred my loins all over again.

“Does your stomach hurt?” I heard Simon ask, looking at James with a hopeful expression. “I saw you holding it when you were eating Jason out.”

James nodded his answer, causing Simon to lick his lips.

“Is it because you need to poop?”

“Yes,” James answered, then he gave Simon a curious look. “Do you have to go, too?”

Simon nodded his answer, bringing out a moan from James that caused a smile to spread out over his face.

“I want you to poop in my mouth,” Simon told his boyfriend matter of factly, and James agreed with a smile and a nod. “You have to go a lot, don't you?”

“Yeah, it's all the poop I had to eat this morning,” he revealed, then he turned his smile my way. “Jason gave me a nice big tummy full of it.”

“Did it stink?” Simon asked hopefully, and once again, James nodded, using his warm palm to rub my belly. This time it was Simon's turn to moan, grinning up at me and batting his pretty eyes. “Will you go poop in my mouth, Jason?”

“Sure, buddy,” I told him. “Are you two really that hot for it again?”

“Yeah,” James admitted while Simon nodded eagerly.

“All of the poop I had today was really stinky, too,” Simon told his friend, a fact that I thought would have been a forgone conclusion. Still, James' hard little cocklet jumped at Simon's revelation, and he urged his boyfriend to expand upon his story.

“I didn't smell it that bad after we watched you eat it at the quarry,” James said curiously, and Simon grinned.

“That's because I always eat it all,” he said, licking his lips. “My dad said that a good toilet slave doesn't leave any behind. So I make sure that I get it all in my tummy and not in my hair like I used to.”

“I wish I was that good,” James said quietly, then he grinned up at Simon and added, “But I have more fun getting it in my hair.”

With that, the two little shit lovers fell into another deep kiss, only separating when I pulled my fingers out and scooted them off of my lap. With a determined look, James picked his boyfriend's underwear up off of the floor and held them open for him. Simon looked like he was doing the dirtiest deed ever as he stepped into his briefs and pulled them up, then James led the way to my bathroom. I stood by and watched, once again amused as James and Simon worked out the logistics between them. In typical 11 year old boy fashion, they seemed to negotiate with one another about who would go first and how they would do the deed. Simon wanted to lay flat on his back while James straddled his chest, facing his feet with his asshole resting over Simon's mouth. James thought it would be better to squat over Simon's face the way the man at the quarry had earlier.

Finally, James felt a powerful gas pain in his shit filled belly and the time for debate had passed. Simon used James' urgent state to his advantage, laying flat in my walk in shower with a naughty look on his young face. He was grinning as James lowered his bottom over his face, knowing that the boy was about to fill his mouth with a torrent of hot shit. His two inch boner was poking up into the cotton pouch in the front of his undies, straining hard as his wish to have his mouth packed with shit was about to come true. James settled his ass right where Simon wanted it while I watched from right outside of the shower, kneeling down so that I could see the load fill Simon's mouth. Simon reached up and softly caressed James' ass cheeks, grateful for the opportunity to serve another feeder.

I heard James strain, probably a lot harder than he had to, and all at once, his ass load pushed out with force, filling Simon's mouth swiftly. As his mouth filled up, the horny boy opened wide, welcoming the torrent of soft, thick shit as it flowed freely. When James' flow of hot ass pudding stopped, Simon's mouth was packed tight and there were large shit splatters all over his face and in his hair. A dark, intense stink filled the bathroom and almost made me gag, but Simon was loving it. He closed his mouth and chewed with a very large grin while James looked over his shoulder at the boy, seemingly satisfied with his handy work. He diverted his eyes my way, as if he were searching for praise, so I smiled warmly and nodded my approval.

Simon swallowed the entire mouthful with stunning speed, then he eagerly opened his mouth and parted James' shit smeared cheeks, then he formed a tight seal around his hole. I could hear him sucking on James' hole hungrily, as if he were trying to hasten the moment that James would feed him. I reached out and ran my fingers through James' hair, trying to urge him on, and with a sigh of relief, he let go of his next load. I heard it push out of his ass and into Simon's mouth with the sound of a wet fart, almost as if it were liquid shit, but when the little shit eater pulled his face out of James' ass, he opened up and revealed a mouthful of thick, ripe smelling turds.

I could hardly believe the volume that this little boy could accommodate, his mouth stuffed with what looked like the totality of my entire two shit loads. He had that same grin on his face as he chewed and swallowed, seeming almost desperate to get it all down so that he could have another mouthful. While he was consuming his moist lunch, he was using his hands to stir James' rear end around in his face, smearing it with the shit that was caked in his crack. By the time he had his mouthful down, his face had a thick brown smear of shit that painted its entire surface and matted into his bangs. He was being a total shit pig and loving every minute of it, and I wondered how he made it through the day when he was at school and couldn't have his mouth stuffed with shit.

When his mouthful was down, he opened back up and moaned like a whore, then he sealed his lips back around James' hole while he rubbed James' shit smeared ass cheeks urgently. James pushed hard again, straining loudly as he forced the last of his impressive load out of his ass and into Simon's mouth. The young turd burglar was treated to a considerably large load, considering that James was at the end of his dump. When he pulled his face away from James' ass, Simon had a soft turd resting between his lips and his mouth was packed tight again, not quite as full as the previous two times but it still looked overwhelming to me. With soft moans, the little fairy chewed and swallowed his gift, then he used his shit smeared tongue to lick Simon's ass. He was trying to clean it, but his tongue and Simon's entire backside were caked so heavily with shit that he was only making it worse.

“Simon, why don't you let me give you some piss,” I suggested, and he responded with a hot moan right into James' shit smeared crack. Hearing my suggestion, James got up and watched while I aimed my hard dick down into Simon's mouth, closing my eyes long enough to let my stream go and fill his mouth with a foamy puddle that he swallowed, washing his meal down in the process. As he accepted my liquid gift, Simon was looking up at me, giving me a needy look the entire time. I knew what he was after, and I was ready to give it to him, but I waited until I was sure that James was finished.

“I told you he eats more poop than I do,” James said, leaning down and picking his dirty briefs up off the floor. He held them up to his nose and gave them a long whiff, the smell of dried piss and smeared shit giving him a thrill. “He wants you to poop in his mouth right now.”

With that, James stepped into his underwear. As soon as he pulled them up over his shit smeared ass, he hung his rear end out toward Simon and I. He reached back and started to dig into his crack with his hand, turning the seat brown while he smiled naughtily over his shoulder at us. While James was intentionally smearing his underwear with shit, Simon was licking his hands clean. He used his fingers to scrape a thick ribbon of shit off of his face, then he licked them clean again. When he saw me watching him, he reached out and caressed my ankle with his hand, then he gave it a light tug.

“I'm hungry for you to feed me,” he whimpered, then he licked his lips. “I need you to sit on my mouth right now.”

Unable to deny the little shit eater, I slowly lowered my rump over his opened mouth. I was too heavy to straddle his chest, so I squatted and pressed the flat of my hand into the shower wall so that I could balance myself. Perched on my heels, I found the task of releasing my shit logs much easier. I gave a push and a massive turd slid down my rectum with no trouble, crackling quite audibly as it left my anus and fell into the little boy's mouth. When it detached from my ass, I watched from between my legs while the young shit lover used his hands to push the entire turd into his mouth, then he closed his mouth and chewed with horny moans.

When it was down, he licked his lips and opened wide, eager for another mouthful. I gave a firm push, once again releasing a long, thick turd that slid down my chute and emerged swiftly. The little boy was in heaven as the dark turd touched down in his mouth while it was still growing in length from my asshole, then it broke off and he moaned softly. I once again peered between my legs, watching as the young shit pig crammed the entire turd into his mouth, then he chewed and swallowed with a far away look in his eyes.

“I want a piece, too,” James said from outside of the shower, catching my attention and prompting me to look his way. His little mouth was practically watering and he was still toying with his asshole, digging into it from the outside of his underwear, making the brown smear as dark as he could, knowing that his mom would have to soak them in a solution of bleach and water to get the stain out. I smiled at the little scamp and stood up, watching as he walked into the shower and stood over Simon, who was still laying flat, watching while James prepared to feast on one of my shit logs. I placed my hands against the wall and hung my shitty ass out while James shoved his depraved young face up into it, then he used his tongue to pull thick hunks of shit that he found there into his mouth with horny moans. Seconds later, he was accepting a hot shit log from my ass, grinning like a Cheshire cat as my meaty turd pushed between his lips.

I looked over my shoulder at the shit faced boy behind me, chewing his moist meal up with the same dreamy look in his eyes that Simon had for the duration of his feeding. I let my gaze travel down to Simon's face, grinning down at him as he lay still and smiled up at his lover's shitty underwear. His little boner was still standing at attention, poking up through his undies, and his face looked like it had endless shit smears. He looked incredibly horny, and I knew that he was hot for any action that he could get. While I was watching Simon below me, I felt James part my cheeks, then his little tongue ran up my crack, searching for more shit to lick away. I reached back and petted his soft brown hair, then I let him carry on with licking all of the shit smears from my ass cheeks.

When he could find no more shit to lick away, he opened wide and parted my cheeks while I pushed the last of my shit load into his mouth, a slender turd that I had to strain hard to expel. When I felt the turd detach from my hole, I felt James shift beneath me and looked over my shoulder. What I saw was James chewing his brown gift with a naughty smile while beneath him, Simon had gotten on his knees and pushed his depraved face into the dark, shit caked seat of James' underwear. I could hear him munching on James' ass through the cotton briefs, then he sucked hard on the seat, trying desperately to pull more shit into his mouth. While Simon was feasting on his shit matted underwear, James licked my ass clean again, searching for any shit that he could pull into his young mouth. Finally, he pulled his face out of my ass, then he fell into Simon's arms on the floor of the shower and they kissed deeply. While they made out on the floor of my shower, the seat of James' shit caked underwear pushed into the front of Simon's white briefs, leaving him with a dark ribbon of shit on the front of his crotch. When they broke their kiss, James got on his knees and Simon lowered his now shit smeared underwear, letting them rest just above his knees so that James could look into them and sniff.

With a loud moan, James pushed his face up into Simon's ass and used his tongue to push up into the boy's rear end. Simon responded by hanging his ass out and making two fists, just like his feeder at the quarry had earlier. Seconds later, I heard James' mouth fill up with soft shit and his cheeks bulged tight. The stink was almost unbearable to me, a brown combination of every shit load that Simon had accepted that morning, and possibly some of the shit he'd eaten the day before. As the sharp stink rolled up into my nostrils, I felt almost nauseated.

Simon pulled his asshole away from James' mouth and I watched while James grinned around his brown, thick meal of soft shit. He chewed with horny whimpers, his little Adam's apple bobbing up and down as he swallowed each portion until he had it down. He quickly opened up and watched with a naughty grin as Simon squatted over his face again, then he sealed his mouth around his lover's asshole and accepted another hot mouthful of shit. The stink was once again overwhelming to me as it rolled up into my face, but James had a look of sheer euphoria on his young face as he used his tongue to push into the shit load he was enjoying so much. He swallowed again and rubbed his belly, then he licked his lips and grinned up hopefully at his 11 year old partner.

“Does it taste good?' Simon asked, and James nodded. “I have more.”

James let go of a hot moan, then he opened wide and watched as Simon squatted over his face and forced another full load into his young mouth. As the powerful odor swirled around my head, I watched with wonder as the little shit lover savored his meal with a satisfied smile on his smeared face. When his load was down, he gave Simon yet another hungry gaze, his mouth wide opened as his lover posted up over his face and prepared to unleash the last of his ass load. I felt relieved when Simon pushed out a smaller load, then he strained and released a few stink laden farts straight into little James' mouth while the thankful young toilet chewed and swallowed his final gift.

When his mouth was no longer accommodating a large volume of butt fudge, he opened wide while I aimed my piss firing cock into it, giving him something warm and refreshing to wash his meal down. Simon reached down and pulled his underwear up, then he watched from over his shoulder while James used his hand to dig into his crack, smearing their seat with fresh shit. When James was happy with his work, he shoved his tongue deep into the shit caked pair of briefs, sucking hungrily on them while Simon released his bladder, sending more hot piss down into the little boys mouth and all over his face and hair. While he was accepting Simon's piss load, James released his own hot piss right into his underwear, once again soaking them while a puddle formed between his knees.

While James was on the floor of my shower, making a pig out of himself in Simon' shitty and pissy underwear, he felt another ass load starting to make its way into his turd tunnel. He quickly stood up and urged Simon to drop to his knees, then he lowered his ruined briefs, squatted over Simon's hopeful face and took another shit. He sent two satisfying loads down his chute that Simon gratefully accepted, then he let the young turd lover lick his ass for five minutes. Finally, the boys removed their underwear, tossing them out onto the floor, and I started the shower.

I carefully washed both boys, knowing that we would go to my bed next. Not wanting to ruin my bed linen, I gave them a once over, then I let them wash me. As I suspected, little James soaped up my dick, then he bent over and begged me to give it to him in the ass. With all of the shit eating I'd just witnessed, I found myself unloading into his hot ass in less than three minutes. We got out and dried off, then I watched while the boys jumped into my bed and kissed hungrily. Eventually, Simon made a play for my dick, sucking it while James moaned into his ass, then he straddled me and rode my cock hard for ten minutes while his amazing ass squeezed it non stop. As Simon rode my cock, James straddled my face, giving me the access that I needed so that I could eat his boy pussy. While I ate his tasty bottom, he leaned forward and kissed his boyfriend deeply. When Simon knew I was about to cum, he broke his kiss with James and pulled off of my dick, then he took it in his mouth and sucked it, wanting my cum load in his mouth again. When his mouth was full of hot cum, he wrapped his arms around his little boyfriend's neck, sharing it with James while they French kissed.

Spotting my still hard dick from the corner of his eye, James quickly climbed back on, eager for another ass fucking. With my cock buried in his ass, little James took the initiative, riding it up and down with force. I quickly beckoned Simon to lower his rump over my mouth, then I ate his delicious ass while the boys shared another kiss. As their tongues dueled, they were moaning into each others' mouths while their pleasure crested. Finally, my moment of ejaculation was upon me. My tongue was buried in Simon's hot ass and my dick felt like it was on fire with the lining of James' boy cunt squeezing it over and over. My toes curled and I let a groan out into Simon's ass, then my cock exploded and I shot a hot load deep into James' tight bottom. As he accepted my seed, I heard him give out a muffled cry of joy, then he and Simon broke their kiss and James lifted his hot little ass off of my dick. I heard the boys kiss each other again, their lips smacking loudly, then I pulled my tongue from Simon's crack.

Finally, the boys snuggled up to my side, with Simon on my right and James on my left. They rested their sleepy heads on my chest and sighed while I slipped a finger back up each of their asses, then they talked quietly to me and to each other.

“Thank you, Jason,” James said softly, nuzzling his head into my chest. “My tummy feels so happy right now.”

“Well you're welcome, James,” I said, giving him a gentle squeeze. “But maybe you should thank Simon. He's the one that fed you so much.”

“I know,” James said with a dreamy sigh, smiling at his boyfriend. “Thank you, Simon. My tummy feels nice and full.”

“My tummy feels nice, too,” Simon said with a note of quiet reflection in his soft voice, then he smiled at me. “I really liked eating your poop, Jason. Thank you for giving it to me.”

“You're welcome, little lover,” I said, running my thumb around in his crack, where my finger was still buried deep in his hole. “What time do I need to have you two little turd burglars home?”

“My mom won't come home till after 6,” James said, just as Simon was planting a tender kiss on my left nipple.

“My dad gets off work at 4,” he said. “Then he'll come see me at the quarry and take me home later.”

“You have a lot of fun down there, don't you?” I observed, and he nodded.

“I love it because I get to suck cute guys off and eat poop all day,” he admitted, then he sighed contentedly. “My dad always poops when he comes to get me after work.”

“What do you do when you get horny and there's no dicks to suck and no shit to eat?” I asked curiously, and Simon grinned up at me naughtily.

“Sometimes I eat dog poop or cat poop when I really need it bad,” he admitted, causing my loins to stir again. “But my dad said that if I'm a really good toilet, cute guys will want to use me all day.”

“What does your mom say?” James asked curiously, and Simon grinned again.

“She says that pussy boys and toilet slaves like me always find a way to get what we need,” he said with a long yawn. “That's why she's with my dad. He makes us both happy, especially when I get to sleep in their room.”

With that, both boys got quiet and laid still while I worked my fingers in their hot rear ends, lulling them into a restful slumber while I contemplated the rest of my afternoon with James.

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