"We wanna know what the deal is... I mean, you said..."


"But... but what do we have to do if you stop the beatings?" Finally, the glowering guard began to smile...

"Come on lads, you're not stupid. You KNOW what we want -- or do I have to spell it out to you?"

The youths nodded slowly...

"OK, get your asses in here and we'll make things VERY clear..."



As he spoke, the guard moved aside, opening the door wider and with a nod, beckoned the youths in.

They entered the guardroom again, hesitantly, hearing the door being closed behind them... They were astonished to see one of the guards with his trousers down, squatting on the face of the English prisoner. From the smell and the satisfied grunts of the guard it was obvious he was taking a dump on the prisoner's face, and it was clear that the prisoner was chewing and swallowing the guard's shit... The youths were horrified but fascinated ...

"Yeah," the guard said nonchalantly, closing the door behind him. "The toilet facilities round here ain't too good, so we use the prisoners..."

"So what does the little fucker want now?" asked the guard who was taking a dump.

"He wants to know what the deal is," came the reply, with a smile on the guard's unshaven face.

"Does he now?" said the guard, standing up from the prostrate, handcuffed prisoner and pulling up his uniform trousers, not too worried about whether his asshole had been thoroughly cleaned or not...

"Well, the deal is this," he said, walking towards the youths as he stuffed his cock into his trousers and pulled up the zip: "The Inspector will get a court order putting you into our custody at weekends for your protection. That should take about a month or so. Your fucker of a father will be out in a month. Every Friday afternoon, at five sharp, you will report here. You will go home on Monday morning when your father reports in for duty. You see? No matter how drunk he gets on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you won't be around - you'll be here, and there's nothing he can do about it... you'll be safe with us! Now, isn't that a good deal?"

The youths nodded hesitantly... but it seemed too good to be true.

"So, that's it? You protect us from him and look after us every weekend?"

The guard slowly lit up a cigarette and smiled...

"Well, there is one other thing: while you're here, your asses are ours! You do whatever we want, whenever we want, and however we want. No ifs, buts or any shit like that..."

The boys already knew that it would be something like that, but the elder brother was worried...

"Will... will we have to do THAT...?" he asked, pointed to the prisoner still lying on the ground, his mouth and nose streaked with shit...

The guard laughed... "No, that's for prisoners only. Sometimes prisoners have to service other prisoners -- what they do to each other is not our concern -- but they ALWAYS have to service the guards..."

"You mean, they eat your shit?"

"... and drink our piss..."

The youth was incredulous, his eyes widening...

"But you won't have to do that -- in fact, they'll have to service you too..."

The youth's face brightened up: "So, we... we do... what you want -- what does that mean?"

"Don't be so fuckin' stupid! Do I have to spell that out for you too?"

The lad nodded slowly...

"You come here on Friday afternoon, as I said. You take off those filthy rags you're wearing and hand them over. You stay naked all weekend, ready to suck, lick, get fucked and generally be good boys, doing what you're told whenever you're told. You get your rags back on Monday morning and fuck off home. You return at five the following Friday, reporting for duty... Is that clear enough? Think about it - this is your last chance, otherwise your fucker of a father will be coming home in a month ready to beat the living daylights out of you, all weekend and every weekend after that, especially after what the fuckin' prisoners will have done to him by then... So say yes NOW or fuck off... and I mean NOW -- you got five seconds!"

The youths looked at one another, alarmed, as the guard counted backwards...

"... three, two..."

"OK, OK... it's a deal!"

"You both agree on that?" the guard asked, nonchalantly sucking on his cigarette...

Both youths nodded...

"OK, we'll get the court order sorted out. When it comes, we'll come to collect you from home for the first time, then you get your fat little asses here by yourselves after that. Remember, if you fail to cooperate, we'll just tear up the court order and hand you back to the tender mercies of your dad. Agreed?"

"Agreed," the elder youth reluctantly replied, his asshole twitching at the prospect of being ravaged again by these men. He knew from his father's stories how the guards treated the prisoners, so he knew it was going to be no picnic when they offered up their naked bodies to their lusts and perverted desires every weekend... but it was still better than what awaited them every weekend after their father had been drinking.

The guard slowly stubbed out his cigarette and spoke quietly to the lad:

"If you wanna make life easier for your asshole, keep sticking something up it during the week to stretch it, `cos some of us have VERY big cocks, and after all, we don't wanna damage our fucktoys now, do we?"

The youth nodded, blushing: "I guess so..."

"Or," the guard continued, "we could start next weekend instead of waiting for the court order. That way, your holes won't get too tight -- after all, it could be a month or more before the court order comes in..."

The lads looked at one another, not knowing what to say. Then the younger one spoke:

"We, er... we'll wait..."

"SIR!" the guard barked.

"We'll wait... sir..." the youth mumbled.


"We'll wait, Sir," the youth repeated.

"Remember, boy: when you're round us, every guard is SIR to you -- got it? When you're sixteen -- which won't be too long now -- you can fuck off and never come back again. But when you're in the custody of the court -- and that means US -- you remember your place. Every man here is SIR, superior to you in every way -- except the prisoners of course... they are the lowest form of life here..." as the guard spoke, he slowly spat on the face of the English prisoner, who was still lying on the floor.

"OK, so you'll wait," the guard said, a faint smile playing on his lips...

The youth could not know that the man was already hatching a plot to 'encourage' the youths to come for their `exercise' sooner, rather than later...

"Right, fuck off now, and remember to keep your holes stretched, if you wanna save yourselves some pain next time we meet!"

"Yes Sir," the youths almost whispered, embarrassed and blushing, knowing that their private parts would no longer be their own, to be used by these men for the next year or so till they could leave home and get away from their brutal father.

They walked hesitantly towards the door, knowing the guards were looking at their asses, which had just been fucked by them and which would be fucked many more times...

"Well, what do you say?" the guard asked...

"What d'ya mean... Sir" the elder youth asked.

"Don't you want to thank me for helping you?"

"I don't know what you mean...Sir..."

The guard approached the youth and placed his big hands on the lad's shoulders, looking him straight in the eye:

"Aren't you grateful that you're not gonna get the shit beaten out of ya every weekend?"

"Y-yes... Sir..."

"And..." the guard almost whispered... "aren't you grateful that we are taking the trouble to show you how to make a man feel good, so that when you are men you will know to make your woman pleasure you, or of course... somebody like you...?"

The youth looked the man in the eye, blushing...

"Yes, Sir," he replied, also nearly whispering.

The guard suddenly grabbed the youth's face between his big hands and planted his thick lips on the lad's mouth, kissing him gently at first, but then more urgently. The youth was at first disgusted, but the guard's grip was so strong he couldn't pull away. All he could do was yield to the guard's hot lips and insistent tongue as it probed its way between his own lips and into his mouth. This feeling of powerlessness repulsed him, yet the heat of the guard's lips and tongue was somehow electric, and his own lips began to throb in response, his own tongue began to wrestle with the guard's in his mouth. The guard's spit also began to fill his mouth and he had to swallow if he was not to choke.

The youth could not control his feelings as the big guard wrapped his arms round him, feeling his ass, but never unlocking his hot, spit-slick lips from the youth's mouth. He felt his cock begin to harden, his recently-ravaged shithole twitching as the big man pushed his big hand inside the back of his trousers, a finger searching out the cleft between his buttocks and finding his shitter.

This whole thing was disgusting, repulsive... but his cock betrayed him: the guard knew he had the youth right where he wanted him... He suddenly pulled back a little, yanked the lad's trousers down and pulled his shirt over his head, leaving the youth exposed, naked from the nipples down, his arms and head restricted and hidden inside his pulled-up shirt... and his cock hard, dripping with precum, jutting out proudly... and helplessly.

The youth's muffled groans from inside his shirt as he tried to untangle himself only added to the amusement of all three guards.

The guard who had brought him to this level of excitement, had caused the youth's cock to harden involuntarily, had exposed him even to his own brother, not to mention the other guards -- this guard suddenly grabbed the boy from behind, keeping his head and arms firmly entangled in his shirt with one hand, and jerking his throbbing cock with the other. The lad tried to pull away at first, but at a certain moment suddenly just let himself sink back against the body of the big guard as he felt his cock being wanked and wanked until he his spunk suddenly shot out, splattering on to the belly of the English prisoner lying at his feet. The lad's groans could be heard from the confines of his shirt within which his head and arms were locked... but they were not groans of pain or humiliation, but of pleasure. Of course he was revolted at the thought of being exposed and wanked like this, but the fact that he liked it filled him with horror. He had liked the guard's hot lips and probing tongue; he liked like the guard's big hand probing his ass... and he had liked the guard's big hand on his cock, holding him helpless as he jerked it till he came, spurting his juice shamelessly everywhere, in front of everyone, guards and brother alike.

The guard spoke softly in the lad's ear, still holding him tight and keeping the shirt over his head and arms:

"So, what's it to be? You still wanna wait for the court order... or you gonna come here next weekend?"

The youth's cock, still dripping cum, but now no longer jutting out from his naked torso, was slowly subsiding with an occasional twitch as he mumbled through the shirt:


"What's that? Can't hear ya boy..."

"Ymmmmmppphhh Shhhhrrrrrrr...!"

The guard slowly released his gip on the youth, pulling down his shirt and allowing him to pull up his trousers. He looked down at the floor, embarrassed to hell that all three men and his brother had seen him kissed, groped and wanked... and that he had not resisted. The guard who had wanked him put a big hand on his shoulder and walked him to the door...

"So, we have a deal?" he asked. The youth looked up, directly in the man's eyes...

"When...?" he whispered softly.

"When what?

"When... Sir..." The guard smiled, still hatching his plan.

"In two weeks..."

The youth felt a bit disappointed, he needed to be with these guys who had fucked him and wanked him, especially the one who had wanked him. But he could wait...

"Now fuck off the pair of ya!"

The lads left, hearing the door bang shut behind them as they walked along the dusty road in the direction of home...