Kenny Reports for Doodie, a short story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Mrs. Henderson was watching from the window when her son Kenny came through the gate of the backyard with a hard grin on his face. The 12 year old was wearing a pair of blue denim jeans and a plain orange teeshirt. As soon as the boy appeared in the window she noticed that he was sporting a prominent wet patch in the front of his pants that looked like it had been drying out for a while. Just as conspicuous as the wet patch was the tiny outline of the boy's erection, which was visible even through the kitchen window that she was looking through.

With a sigh, the young lady turned the faucet off and abandoned the dishes that she was tending to in order to greet her son at the back door. Before she stepped away from the sink, she noticed that Kenny had stopped in his tracks, looking at the grass with an intrigued expression. Waiting to see what he was up to, she set her eyes on a pile of dog shit that brought a smile to his young face. Then, just as it dawned on her what her son was so enamored with, the fair skinned little boy used his size 7 sneaker to step directly into it while he took a long sniff.

“Harry!” she called out to her husband. “Your son just stepped in dog shit!”

Hearing his mother's voice through the opened kitchen window, the little boy looked up and spotted her watching him through the window. When they locked eyes, he gave her a challenging smile and twisted his foot from side to side, kicking up the stink while she watched with a neutral expression. When he saw her disappear from the window, he made his way to the back door just in time to greet her.

When Mrs. Henderson opened the back door she was almost overwhelmed with the odor that was rolling off of her son. The sharp stink of fresh dog shit was powerful, but there was a more distinctive aroma that was pouring out of the seat of his pants that she took note of right away. Without a word, she put her hands on his slender shoulders and manually turned the short, skinny boy so that he was facing away from her. With his prominent bubble butt now pointing her way, she set her eyes on the massive bulge that had settled in the seat of his pants and sighed.

“Kenny, did you shit your pants again?” she asked, watching as her son looked over his shoulder and nodded, still grinning from ear to ear. Just then, her husband joined them at the door, his eyes fixed on the brown pant load that his son was walking around in.

“Again, buddy?” he asked, and the little boy nodded again.

“I stepped in dog poop, too,” the boy announced, then he held his left foot up so that his mom and dad could see his handy work.

Not giving his naughty deed anymore attention than she already had, the concerned mother pulled the tail of his shirt up, revealing a thick brown smear of shit that had worked its way up his back. There was a thick ribbon of shit matting the waistband of both his jeans and his white underwear, prompting both husband and wife to raise an eyebrow at their son while he studied their expressions.

“How long have you been sitting in this, son?” Harry asked, and the grinning boy only shrugged.

“I pooped my pants before I went outside,” the youngster admitted, then he went on. “I had to poop again when I was coming home, so I did it in the alley.”

With a deep sigh of resignation, the boy's parents helped him out of his shoes, then they led him inside where the familiar, lengthy cleanup process would begin.

Little Kenny was in an especially naughty mood when he woke up that morning. The house was still, and the little boy could hear his dad's snoring from the next room over. The youngster lifted his blanket and sheet off of his body, taking note of the dry pajama bottoms that were tenting under the covers. With a mischievous smile, the boy pulled his covers tight to his chest and released his bladder, soaking his pajamas and his sheets all at once.

An hour later, he was soaking in the bathtub while his mom and dad stripped his bed and opened the window in his room to let it air out. The smell of pee was strong in the room, mainly because the boy let go of two more piss loads while he lay in his bed, his 12 year old imagination filled with scat related stories. When his mom and dad woke up, the smell of piss hit their noses and they didn't have to ask who the culprit was. Rousing their boy out of the wet bed that he had been wallowing in, they set their eyes on his tented pajama bottoms and knew that he was acting out a naughty fantasy.

When he was out of the tub, the youngster let his mom and dad dry him off and dress him in his outfit for the day, then they sat at the breakfast table. From the start, Mr. and Mrs. Henderson noticed that every line of conversation with their son followed the same path back to his chosen topic for the day.

“Are you enjoying your breakfast, sweetie?” Mrs. Henderson asked, and the boy nodded with a defiant smile as he chewed up a bite of his pancakes.

“My orange juice reminds me of pee,” he told them, picking his small cup up from the table and taking a drink.

“Everything's delicious, honey,” Harry said to his wife, scooping up a bite of his eggs with his fork.

“I like my pancakes, mom,” the little boy said with a sweet smile, and his mom gave him a hopeful look before he went on. “I like how brown they are, just like my doodie.”

“I'm glad you're enjoying your breakfast, Kenny,” his mom said, but the young scat fetishist wasn't satisfied.

“I bet I'm going to have to take a big poop after I eat,” he announced with a naughty smile, earning him a knowing grin from his parents.

Just as he predicted, the 12 year old could feel a massive load stirring in his bowels. He was in a hurry to get out the door, though, so he didn't bother telling his mom or dad what was about to happen. Instead, he simply stopped in his tracks by the front door, making sure that his parents were nowhere in sight, and took a relaxing shit in his pants. While he was releasing the content of his bowels, he let hot piss run down the insides of his pant legs.

His right pant leg took the brunt of the bladderful, with a large wet patch forming while a cascade of piss soaked through the denim. Kenny sighed with relief, feeling the torrent run into his shoes. With hot piss soaking his pants and a large pile of shit filling the seat of his underwear, the boy grinned naughtily, loving the overwhelming odor that was swirling around him. When his bowel and bladder were both empty, he released a series of hot farts and walked out the door.

With a hot shit load smashing into his briefs and caking into his crevice, the 4' 9'' cutie made a beeline for a nearby house, where a familiar playmate was waiting on him. A smile crept out over the face of 13 year old Jacob when he spotted Kenny walking down the sidewalk. As the boy got closer, he noticed that his young accomplice was wearing a pair of pants that looked soaked in the crotch and all the way down his right leg. When Kenny approached him, the familiar stink of boy poop told him that the 12 year old had crapped his pants.

“You already took a dump?” Jacob asked, and Kenny nodded with a lust filled expression on his cute face. “It really stinks.”

“I like it,” Kenny admitted, but this wasn't news to Jacob. “I was kinda hoping that you'd have to poop too.”

“I do,” Jacob said with a naughty smile, his hazel eyes sparkling in the summer sun. “Let's go into my dad's shed and I'll give it to you.”

“Okay!” Kenny said, then the two boys made their way through a side gate that would lead to Jacob's backyard.

As they walked, each boy took the time to study the other surreptitiously. Kenny couldn't pry his eyes off of Jacob's dark hair, noting that the boy was probably due for a haircut. Still, the shiny head of straight black hair was an attractive feature on the young cutie, who stood at 5'1” and weighed 80 pounds. His prominent bubble butt was a prize that drew glances from men and boys alike, especially when it was stuffed in a pair of cutoff jean shorts, as it currently was. Most attractive to Kenny was the knowledge that just past the tight, puckered sphincter that was tucked between Jacob's plump orbs was a hot, healthy load of brown Nirvana that would be his for the taking.

From 13 year old Jacob's view, he found himself enamored with the drooping contents that were weighing down the seat of Kenny's pants. There was something so naughty, so forbidden about the idea of a boy so close to his own age who still gave into the pleasures of soiling himself. Kenny's shameless flaunting of his pissed in, crapped in pants seemed like the ultimate act of defiance to him. At the same time, it was the most decadent pleasure that Jacob could ever imagine.

The naughty grin on Kenny's face had an almost toddler like quality that the 13 year old envied. There wasn't a person in their neighborhood who wasn't aware of Kenny's proclivity for shitting his pants, and it was now nothing more than a routine for everyone. Kenny's mom and dad never yelled at him or punished him for his behavior, either, which was even more appealing to Jacob. He doubted that they were aware of what he and Kenny were about to do, or the things they had done in the past. In fact, he took a particular brand of pleasure in the idea that they were clueless to their activities, instead seeing him as a sympathetic and loyal playmate for their son.

But as he trained his eyes on the large, soft bulge that seemed to be changing shape with every step that Kenny took, he felt a sensation in his developing body that seemed to grip him. It was a feeling that spread through his tummy and his boy parts, making his pubescent dick fill with blood and stand up in his cutoffs. It sent a shiver that he swore he could feel everywhere, even in his butthole, which was throbbing with the load that he was preparing to share with Kenny. When he spotted the 12 year old studying his expression, he blushed and looked away.

When they went inside the shed, the smell of old tools, grass clippings and gasoline was quickly overtaken by the aroma of Kenny's warm pant load. Realizing that the smell of his butt pudding was in the air, the cute 12 year old gave his accomplice a grin and asked him, “Do you think it smells good?”

“Your poop?” Jacob asked with a silly smile, then he plugged his nose playfully while Kenny giggled. Finally giving into his own desires, Jacob gave his partner a warm smile and said, “I love how it stinks.”

With that, the 13 year old dropped his shorts, revealing a pair of white briefs that looked very similar to Kenny's. The only difference between the underwear that the boys were wearing was the fact that the seat of Jacob's underwear were sporting dark skidmarks instead of the massive bulge of brown shit that Kenny's were boasting. Knowing that his 12 year old schoolmate would want to take a whiff, Jacob placed his hands on his dad's riding lawn mower and hung his bottom out. With a naughty smile, the little boy leaned forward and planted his sniffing nose into it, then his young body shivered hard and he sighed blissfully.

“What does it smell like?” Jacob asked, then he listened while Kenny took a long, extended whiff before answering.

“Doodie,” the cute brunette said, his voice muffled because he hadn't pulled his nose out of Jacob's ass.

“Are you ready?” Jacob asked, and Kenny nodded slowly, the tip of his nose pressing so hard into his friend's underwear that it scrubbed the moist pucker that he was sniffing and enjoying so much. “Do you want me to poop on your face or in your mouth?”

“Both!” Kenny said, his eyes animated as he pulled his mug out of his buddy's skidmarked underwear.

Before Jacob could say another word, the young pants shitter was resting on his knees, sitting on the backs of his legs. His soft pant load started smashing and smearing into his bottom as soon as he rested his butt against his calves, kicking up the stink that he and Jacob were enjoying so much. At the same time, he had reached up and hooked the waistband of Jacob's briefs with his fingers, easing them down with a smile.

Jacob watched over his shoulder as his cute partner used both hands to part his buns, then he enjoyed the familiar sensation of a tongue probing his anus. Realizing that Kenny was in a lust filled trance, the 13 year old gave into his own pleasure and accepted a deep rim job that made him moan softly. At the same time, he could hear Kenny's moans carry into his ears, telling him that the little boy was experiencing his own brand of Nirvana that was born of the feast they were both enjoying so much.

When Kenny abandoned the rim job, it was only because he was filled with the desire that had brought him to this point. Indeed, as he took sight of the two half moons that were filling his nostrils with a rich, decadent stink, all he could think of was enjoying the fruits of his labor. His little boy imagination was spinning with thoughts of Jacob's bowel movement, and he was longing to hasten the event. So when he reached around with his right hand and rubbed his friend's soft, warm tummy, it was with the sole intention of sending the signal that he was ready for him to take a shit in his mouth, then all over his face.

Picking up on the signal that Kenny was sending him, Jacob gave into his own desires and bore down. As soon as his thighs tightened, a loud crackle sounded out and he could feel his load making its descent. It was a familiar feeling for the 13 year old, one of relief and one of release that always brought him a measure of joy. But knowing that his load was about to be released into the watering mouth of little Kenny added a degree of naughty delight that he couldn't describe. As the crackle picked up speed and grew louder, he smiled and added force to his pushing.

On the floor of the shed, 12 year old Kenny was in a haze of delectation. The rich stink that had been filling his sniffing nostrils had intensified. In its place was a dark, powerful odor that told him what was coming down Jacob's chute. The cute little boy was grinning so hard that he could barely focus long enough to keep his mouth aligned with his feeder's pucker, which was blooming to accommodate the imminent load. His small body was practically shaking in anticipation of his treat while a sinewy, stink laden heat danced around his face and filled his mouth. He could feel it pouring into his oral cavity with the force of a convection oven, drifting into the spaces between his teeth and inundating his salivary glands.

Then, in an instant, Jacob's load was released. To a casual observer, it might have looked sudden and even shocking. The sound of a wet fart rang out in an almost deceptive manner that might have drawn the attention away from Kenny's cheeks, which bulged tightly as the massive offering erupted all at once. But the unmistakable sight of shit caking up between Kenny's grinning face and Jacob's ass cheeks would have been all anyone would have needed to see in order to know that what they heard was no ordinary fart.

Indeed, as the massive pile of shit filled his mouth, Kenny was moaning with sheer depravity. His joy only deepened when, with his turd repository filled to capacity, Jacob finished taking a shit on his face. He had a full blown erection in the seat of his wet, shitty pants and his young body was exploding with pleasures untold. Before he could process his pleasure, though, a mass of hot turds smashed against his face and pushed into the opening of his nostrils. His eyebrows, cheeks and bangs were matted with his feeder's shit load, giving the young scat lover a brown facial that he luxuriated in.

On the other end of the feeding, Jacob was smiling quite contentedly as he pushed. He could feel the hot load of shit erupting, then he felt it bloom between his cheeks, telling him that Kenny's mouth was full. Knowing that he didn't have to stop pushing, the adorable 13 year old enjoyed the sensation of hot shit caking and smearing against his ass cheeks while listening to Kenny's muffled moans. When his load was completely released, he listened to the moist chewing of his 12 year old partner, knowing that the boy was about to ingest his load.

When Kenny swallowed his mouthful, he sighed blissfully, then he began the delightful task of licking Jacob's ass clean. He started by running his tongue all the way up his feeder's crevice, pulling in moist, thick heaps of crap that filled his mouth almost to capacity again, then he chewed and swallowed. When there were no more ribbons of shit to feast on, the lucky little boy dutifully licked the smears away with a deep smile, taking hard sniffs the entire time.

When Jacob's ass was licked clean, Kenny sat back and gave him a hopeful smile, then he said, “Can I have some pee?”

Giving in with a warm smile of his own, the 13 year old watched from above as Kenny wrapped his moist, shit streaked lips around the tip of his boner and batted his eyes. With a relaxing groan, Jacob let his bladder go, giving Kenny a strong stream of piss that filled his mouth to capacity, then overflowed. As brown piss dribbled down the sides of his mouth, Kenny could feel it streaming into his orange teeshirt but was too far gone to care. Taking the piss firing erection out of his mouth so that he could catch up and swallow, the little boy let it irrigate his shit streaked face, wetting his shirt and pants even more.

When Jacob's bladderful was finally released, Kenny slipped his mouth over the end and sucked lustily on it. Twenty seconds later, Jacob's boy cock spasmed in his mouth and he received a pleasing load of cum for his efforts. He sat back and swallowed with a smile, then he beckoned his feeder to turn around and let him lick his ass again.

Kenny was still sporting a naughty grin when Joe led him into his garage. The boy smelled so strongly of shit and piss that the man had no doubt about what he had been up to. Seeing that the youngster was walking around with a brown pant load wasn't news to the 55 year old, who was mowing his lawn when he spotted the pissy, shitty boy walking his way. Seeing that the 12 year old still had brown streaks of shit adorning his otherwise adorable face, the man put his lawnmower away and invited him inside.

Eager for an encore, Kenny didn't protest when the man pulled his piss soaked shirt off over his head and tossed it into the washing machine. Kenny stepped out of his jeans at the man's request, but he insisted that they not be washed with his shirt. Giving in with a shrug, Joe dropped his trousers and watched as the underwear clad boy got on his knees beneath him, his mouth wide opened while his eyes glistened naughtily. He watched with amusement as the boy pointed to his opened mouth, prompting him to squat down far enough to accommodate the cutie's request.

Kenny rubbed his hands together gleefully as soon as he heard Joe bear down with a loud strain. When the familiar crackle of a descending turd filled his young ears, he felt lightheaded with lust. When the dark, brown head of a moist turd pushed through the expanding opening of Joe's anus, Kenny drew in deep, loving the dark, forbidden stink that was overpowering his own pant load. When the tip of the turd made contact with his tongue, the boy gave off a cry of joy and formed a tight seal around the man's anus.

Soon, Kenny's fantasies were realized again as a long, thick and bulbous turd bullied its way into his mouth. It was bulging with mass and lined with deep cracks that he could feel as it coursed through his lips, then it pinched off and he pulled the tail in with his tongue.

“Mmm!” the 12 year old moaned, feeling his body bursting with carnal delight.

“Is that good, kiddo?” the man asked, watching with a warm smile as the little boy nodded with a transfixed smile on his shit smeared face.

Joe let the boy enjoy his mouthful, observing the way that he smashed and smeared it with his tongue, all the while taking long, deep whiffs. His wet, shit filled briefs were tenting with 2 ½ inches of hard boy cock that gave away the pleasure that Kenny was experiencing. When the youngster had his mouthful down, the man beckoned him to stand up and take a mouthful of warm piss. Ever the eager toilet, Kenny anxiously scrambled to his feet and bent down far enough to wrap his lips around the man's cock.

Unlike Jacob, who had pissed freely into Kenny's mouth, Joe treated the boy to a gentle, considerate flow. He knew how much Kenny enjoyed drinking piss, almost as much as he enjoyed eating shit, and he wanted to give the youngster as much pleasure as he could. While he was pissing into Kenny's warm mouth, he watched with a smile as the boy's small Adam's apple bobbed up and down while he gulped down the refreshing drink. When his entire piss load was swallowed, he let the horny little guy lick the remaining shit from his ass.

“Do you feel like getting in the shower with me, baby?” the man asked, and Kenny shrugged.

“Are you going to wash the doodie out of my underwear?” the little boy asked guardedly, and much to his relief, the man shook his head no. With a sweet smile, the boy said, “Okay, I want to put them back on so I can have poop in my pants again.”

“Come on, champ,” the man said gently, kneeling down and letting the 12 year old hold onto his shoulders while he eased his shit filled briefs down. When Kenny stepped out of his underwear, the man carefully set them on top of his piss soaked jeans. Taking the naughty boy by the hand, they went inside and got in the shower.

Letting the man wash him from head to toe was always an erotic occasion for 12 year old Kenny. His hard little wiener was standing straight up while the gentle 55 year old washed him with gentle hands. When he was clean from top to bottom, the boy felt Joe's soaped up middle finger slip into his anus and sighed, then he enjoyed a minute long finger fuck from his older lover. Finally, the man removed his finger and stood up while Kenny bent over and grinned over his shoulder, anxious for a deep butt fucking.

With his rigid penis now lodged in the tight, familiar rectum of the 12 year old, Joe began thrusting like a stallion and talked gently to the boy.

“Is that what you needed, kiddo?” the man asked knowingly, and the boy nodded, the side of his head resting against the shower wall. “I saw you walking to Jacob's house this morning, Kenny. It didn't take you very long to shit your pants, did it?”

“Uh uh,” the boy moaned, shaking his head no while his body hummed with pleasure. “I had to go before I left and wanted to walk around with poop in my pants.”

“What did Jacob have to say about that, Kenny?” the man asked, and once again, the boy let loose with a long, depraved moan.

“He said he could smell my poop,” the boy revealed. “He was looking at my butt and smiling, too.”

“Oh yeah?” the man asked with a lecherous note in his voice, watching as the moaning boy dug into the tiled wall with his fingertips. “You were both enjoying that shit load, weren't you?”

“Uh huh,” the boy moaned, nodding furiously while he took deep thrusts. “What did you boys do?”

“We went into his daddy's shed and I sniffed his undies,” the youngster moaned hotly. “They had doodie stains on them and they smelled so good.”

“Did he have to take a crap?” the man asked, watching as once again, Kenny nodded through a needy moan. “What did you boys do about that?”

“He went doodie in my mouth and on my face,” the boy whimpered, loving how powerful the thrusts of cock were as they were driven into his upturned bottom. “He had to go really bad.”

“Did you take it all?” Joe asked, and Kenny quickly nodded. “I bet you loved that, didn't you sweetie?”

“Yes!” the boy cried out, his young body shivering with pleasure.

“Did you drink any piss?” he asked, already knowing the answer before the boy could nod. As he watched Kenny's head nodding in the affirmative, he asked him, “Did he piss in your face, kiddo?”

“Yeah, he peed all over it,” Kenny whimpered. “I wanted him to keep peeing while I swallowed what he did in my mouth.”

“Such a dedicated little toilet,” the man hissed, then he buried his shaft all the way up the boy's clutching rectum and filled it with cum. As soon as he pulled out, a torrent of his hot seed ran freely from Kenny's gaping, winking pucker while water cascaded over his upturned bubble butt and down his crevice.

When they got out of the shower, the man put Kenny's shirt in the dryer, then he got comfortable on the couch while the boy got between his legs and wrapped his lips around his cock. His young body was clean and his boy rod was standing at attention as he deepthroated the dick in his mouth with lust filled eyes. Twenty minutes later, Kenny sat up and swallowed with a satisfied smile, then he followed Joe out to the garage. While the man was taking his shirt out of the dryer, the boy donned his shit filled briefs and his pissy jeans.

On the way home, the boy felt a set of strong gas pains grip him and he knew that the two shit loads were making his stomach cramp. Taking a detour through the alley, the boy stopped just outside of the gate to his backyard and took another relaxing shit in his pants, adding to the load that he had been walking around in. While he was shitting, he reached back and squeezed the growing load with both hands, pushing part of his load up his back through the waistband of his underwear.

Satisfied with his handy work, the naughty 12 year old opened the gate and walked into his backyard, where a fresh pile of dog shit caught his eye.

While his dad was sitting on the edge of the tub, checking the temperature of the bathwater as it ran from the faucet, Mrs. Henderson sat on the lid of the toilet and pulled Kenny's shirt off. When her son was shirtless, the doting mother used her palm to softly caress his smiling face with a warm smile of her own, then she spoke to him.

“Where did you go today, baby?” she asked him with a concerned tone.

“I went to see Jacob,” he revealed with a small voice, leaning into her while she rubbed the back of his neck.

“You went to see him with poop in your pants?” she asked, and he looked up at her and nodded.

“I had pee in my pants, too,” he told her.

“I see that, baby,” she said, looking down at the damp patch that looked and smelled like it had begun drying out long ago. “What did you two do?”

“We went to his backyard and played in the shed,” he revealed, and she gave him a knowing look while she raised an eyebrow.

“What kind of game did you play?” she asked, watching her little boy's smile grow naughty.

“Stinky games,” the boy sighed dreamily. “I wanted him to go doodie for me.”

“I see,” she said, manually turning his head so that he was facing her. “Let mama smell your breath.”

With that, the 12 year old blew his powerful breath in her face, telling her what she already knew.

“I see your cousin gave you what you were after,” she said, and he nodded while she sniffed closer. “Where did you go when you left?”

“I went to see Grandpa Joe,” the little boy revealed, and Mrs. Henderson only nodded in acknowledgment. “I wanted more doodie and more pee.”

“Is that why you smell like you've had a shower?” she asked, and he nodded enthusiastically. “I'm sure you both enjoyed that, didn't you?”

“Yes, mama,” the youngster confirmed. “My shirt had poop and pee on it so he washed it for me, but I didn't want him to wash my pants and undies out.”

“I'm sure you couldn't wait to get back in your poopy pants, could you, honey?” she noted, watching with a warm smile while he shook his head no. “Are you ready for mama and daddy to change your pants?”

Kenny nodded dutifully, watching as his mother's experienced fingers unbuttoned his wet jeans. When they fell to the floor, he held onto her shoulders and stepped out of them, then she picked them up and held them in the air for observation. While she looked at the piss stained front, Kenny took note of the moist patch that had formed in the seat, where his pant load had settled. Unable to resist, the little boy leaned in and took a deep whiff while his parents watched with warm smiles.

Planting a kiss on her son's cheek, the caring mother set his pants down while Harry turned the faucet off, then he watched as she pulled the waistband of his undies back and examined the steaming load that was making them droop.

“That's a whole lot of poop, Kenny,” his mom noted, and the boy nodded in agreement. “I guess we better get you cleaned up, son.”

With an eager nod of agreement, the boy watched as his father reached into the seat of his briefs and pulled a large heap of butt fudge out. He was smiling excitedly as the massive offering was held under his sniffing nose, allowing him to take a deep whiff that gave him chills.

“Open up, baby,” Mrs. Henderson encouraged him, and with fluttering eyes that were filled with excitement, the youngster complied with his mother's wishes.

With a gentle smile, Harry eased the entire handful into Kenny's watering mouth, then he and his wife watched their little boy chew and swallow with a glowing expression. While Kenny was enjoying an impacted mouthful, his mother went back into his underwear and scooped another massive offering from their seat. With a maternal glow, she held the steaming pile under her baby boy's nose while he macerated his first offering with a grin. When his mouth was empty, she lovingly crammed it full with the handful that she was keeping for him.

“My baby's so hungry this afternoon,” she noted, watching with a proud smile while he eagerly consumed the brown shit that she had pulled out of his briefs. “Do you want the rest, sugar?”

“Yes, mommy,” the boy said with a husky voice, then he licked his lips and smiled brownly at his parents. “Am I going to take a nap with you and daddy?”

“After your bath, kiddo,” his dad assured him, taking the last of his bulging pant load out and offering it to him. “Finish your lunch, okay?”

With an obedient smile, the naughty boy opened his mouth and accepted the final offering, a generous portion of shit that he savored while his mother eased his undies down. When his load was eaten, the boy was guided into the tub by his father, who washed him from head to toe again while his mom carried his shitty, pissy clothes out of the bathroom. When his bath was over, the boy was taken to his parents' room, where he was laid on his tummy while his bottom was slathered with ointment and baby lotion. With his bottom treated to prevent a rash, he was dressed in a clean pair of briefs, then his mom and dad laid down with him.

“You had a very special morning, didn't you baby?” Mrs. Henderson asked, and the grinning little scat lover nodded. “I bet you'll have sweet dreams while you nap.”

“I will, mommy,” the boy sighed, feeling his father's palm rubbing his warm chest. “My tummy is full of doodie.”

“You love eating doodie, don't you honey?” she noted, and he nodded happily. “You make mommy and daddy so proud.”

“I stepped in dog poop when I came home,” he reminded her, and she responded with a warm smile.

“You were in a very naughty mood when you found that poop, weren't you kiddo?” he heard his dad ask, and he nodded up at him with a mischievous grin. “Daddy's little boy, reporting for doodie today.”

With that, Kenny giggled while his parents rubbed his chest and tummy. When they smothered him in kisses, he scrunched his nose a little bit but then a smiled spread out across his face and he yawned.

“Are you getting sleepy, baby?” Mrs. Henderson asked, and the little boy nodded at the tail end of his yawn. Planting a kiss on the end of his nose, she nodded at her husband, who grabbed the boy at his waist and turned him onto his side. With a sigh, Kenny smiled while his dad's strong grip manipulated his small body, then his undies were eased down to the top of his thighs. Instinctively, the boy lifted his leg, giving his dad access to his horny bottom, then he felt the familiar sensation of Henry's dick sliding into his rectum.

“I love you, daddy,” the boy sighed over his shoulder while Mrs. Henderson pulled her left breast out of her shirt and offered it to her son. With a warm smile, the boy said, “I love you, mommy,” then he latched onto her nipple and began nursing. As the pleasing flow of his mother's milk started, the youngster felt his dad's shaft throbbing against the walls of his rectum. He felt his mom and dad petting and caressing his face while he cooed, then he drifted into a warm, deep slumber while his parents did the same.

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Jason in the Men's Room

An After School Quickie

Short Stories:

The King and the Prince

Rite of Passage

The Family Seed

Daddy's Boy

Rearing Derick

Home for Lunch

Spare the Rod

Daddy Takes Control

Daddy's Little Prancer

Jimmy's Chaperone

Stuart's Insatiable Itch

Short Stories:

Breakfast in Bed

Cooper's Naughty Craving

Hunter's Fetish

The Party Pooper

The Park Toilet

Phillip's Spending Habits

Short Stories:

Mating Sason for Caleb

Saturday Morning Cruise