Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter One

b/b/ oral/ anal/mast

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“Who's that, buddy?” my dad asked, looking across the table at me when I picked up my I Phone, which had just vibrated, alerting me to a new text. I looked at the text, then at my dad and tried hard not to blush.

“It's my friend Mike,” I answered, not wanting to give away too much information because I didn't want to invite more questioning.

“Who's Mike, honey?” my mom asked, making me sigh.

“He's a friend at school,” I said, and I tried to leave it at that, but they weren't having it.

“I don't think we know him, Kyle” my dad said, and I shook my head to confirm what he said.

“We just became friends,” I said, then I hatched my plan. “He's in 7th grade. I was actually going to see if he could come over and you could meet him and he could spend the night while school's out.”

“What about Jimmy?” my mom asked, and I smiled at her.

“Oh, Jimmy too,” I said. There was no way I would pass up an opportunity to have both of my friends over for a sleepover.

“Are you sure nobody's going to come in?” I asked with a note of concern in my voice because his mother was downstairs and had greeted us when we came in. Mike told her we were going upstairs to play Modern Warfare 3, and she reminded him that he needed to have his homework done before 9. We took a quick detour to the bathroom so we could pee, then we hurried to his room.

“I'm positive, don't worry,” Mike said, closing the bedroom door and turning to face me. He took both of my hands with his own, and leaned in to kiss me. I instantly melted and wrapped both of my arms around his neck, finding myself lost in the moment.

When he broke the kiss, he gave me a cute smile, and I couldn't help but grin. I ran my left hand through his dark brown hair, letting it run between my fingers as I used my right hand to unbutton his pants. He took a deep breath and rested both of his hands on my shoulders, so I brought my right hand down to work in concert with my left.

Once I had his pants down, I lowered his white cotton briefs, and I stared at his beautiful, stiff cock. I knew I had to have it, so I rather recklessly kicked my shoes off and stripped down to nothing but my socks. My own hard on looked very different from his.

At 11, I still had no hair to speak of, where as my 13 year old Adonis had a respectable patch around the base of his beautiful cock.

I eagerly dropped to my knees and wasted no time in taking him to the back of my throat. As I bobbed my head up and down, I knew he wouldn't last long. The thing was, I was eager to take his load. I wanted it badly, all of it, so that I could savor its taste and feel it slide down into my tummy.

Then, the fun would begin for me.

“It's just like they said it was,” I heard him groan, so I caressed his velvety ball sack with my left hand as I sucked with more vigor than before. I felt his nuts draw tight, and he released a torrent of tasty sperm down my throat that I eagerly swallowed. I sat back on my knees and waited for him to steady himself, and then I went back to work, anxious for the real spoils of my labor.

He sat down on the bed, his pants still bunched around his ankles, trapped by his shoes. I didn't have the patience to fiddle with that, though.

“Turn around,” I told him with a smile, and he instantly complied with my wishes.

“You're really going to lick my butt?” he asked, and I quickly moved in behind him and parted his sweaty cheeks as I answered his question.

“I want too,” I said, inhaling deep as the dark, rich fragrance drifted into my nostrils. With a moan, I ran my tongue all the way up the deep valley of his hot crevice, anxious to get every drop of sweat that resided there. I gave his ass crack long, sensual laps with my tongue, then I dug into his stinky chute, using the tip of my tongue to make a clockwise motion around the wrinkly, odorous orifice. I let my fingertips rub all around his tasty chute, extracting an even sharper, more intense flavor that I was eager to consume. As always, my feast was heavenly, so I slowed down in an effort to make it last as long as I could.

I was reluctant to pull my face away, but my own rear end was horny and I needed Mike to give me the action I was desperate for. I crawled onto the bed and got into the doggie style position, eager for him to take me from behind.

Won't it hurt?” he asked, and I shook my head no, looking over my shoulder with a smile.

I already have lube back there,” I told him, and it was true. I knew well in advance that Mike wanted to mess around with me, and I was eager to have him slide his meat into my ass and fuck me. I also knew that the best way to get him to last would be for me to blow him first, then bring him back around with a delicious rim job. So, before I left for school that day, I lubed myself up in anticipation of the main event.

As Mike crawled up behind me, I was rolling my hips around, trying to entice him with my willing rear end. I started to moan quietly, not wanting to arouse any suspicions from his mother, but unable to control my eagerness. I felt him place the tip at my entrance, and I gently pushed back, urging him to put it in. When I felt him start to push, I looked back over my shoulder and bit my lip, wanting him to know that I was looking forward to his entry.

He rested his hands on my hips and pushed in, and as his glans pushed past my rosebud, I felt a shudder of delight run up my back. I was certainly no stranger to sex, but I had a major crush on Mike and had wanted this since the start of the school year. When he was all the way in, I felt his shaft get hot, and I responded by rolling my hips around in a sensual circle once again, this time feeling his cock move around inside of me as I did.

This was his cue to start thrusting, and when he did, I had to make a fist and bite down. I was in a blissful state as he ran his cock back and forth in my hole. His cock was so much thicker than the ones I had already been treated to, and I was concentrating on feeling every glorious inch of it.

Out of nowhere, he started to quicken his pace, and another shudder ran through me, followed by another, and another, and another. I could feel the insides of my chute squeezing down on his hard on, and I felt a powerful burn in my butt and my groin, and I knew what that meant for me. I was panting hard when it hit me, and I was unable to control my moaning as I pushed up to meet his hard strokes. At the same time, I felt him blast off inside of me, shooting hard and deep in my ass, giving me an even more intense feeling of bliss as I continued to move my hips back and forth on his cock, even though he had stopped thrusting moments before.

Breathlessly, we both collapsed onto the bed and I felt him grinding the tip of his dick into my crack. I thought for a moment that maybe he was ready to go again, and I was about to roll over onto my back and lift my legs for him, but when I looked back, he was deflating quickly.

Without having to be told, I took his softening cock into my mouth and licked it clean, eliciting more moans from Mike. I lifted his cock and bathed his balls, then I playfully encouraged him to lift his legs up further and I treated myself to five luscious licks of his tasty butt hole before I snuggled up with him and let him hold me while we recovered.

That was great,” he said with a sigh. “It was just like I heard it was.”

I'm glad you liked it,” I said quietly. “I liked it too.”

Are you going to do anyone else today?” he asked, sounding a little insecure. Mike was well aware of my reputation at school as a cock hound. Rumors about me giving blow jobs and rim jobs in the locker room were true, and I knew that I was guilty of so much more. I simply couldn't resist a cock if someone waved it under my nose, and I was on a mission to swallow as much cum and ass juice as I could. If there was time to ride a cock and take a load up my butt, I didn't think twice.

I might go see Jimmy,” I admitted, knowing that I would be unable to resist the allure of sleeping with my best friend. “I'd like to see you again, though.”

Are you going to let him fuck you?” he asked, and I nodded. “That's cool.”

Do you want to spend the night over Christmas break?” I asked hopefully, running my fingers through his hair.

Sure,” he said quietly. “Will Jimmy be there?”

If you want him to be,” I offered, the thought of being worked out by both lovers at the same time getting me horny. “We can have some fun together.”

I'll see if my mom will let me,” he said, sitting up and looking down at his pants, which were still bunched around his ankles, then he grinned at me. “It didn't bother you to lick my butt?”

Uh uh,” I said, shaking my head. “I like doing it.”

What does it taste like?” he asked, and I smiled.

It tastes just like it smells,” I told him, and he scrunched his nose.

And you like it?” he asked, and I nodded. “How come?”

I don't know how to describe it,” I told him. “I just love how it tastes when I'm eating someone's stinky butt hole.”

Is it true you licked someone's ass at school?” he asked, and I nodded, not sure which time he was referring to, mainly because there had been about five different guys who I'd given rim jobs to in the locker room.

The first time it happened, it was with Jack, an eighth grader I'd blown the day before. I knew he didn't want anyone to find out what we'd done, but I also knew he wouldn't be able to resist coming back to see me, so I waited on our lunch period for him by the locker room entrance.

When he came around, I smiled at him and he looked around pensively, trying to make sure that no one was watching, then he motioned me to follow him in. We walked straight back to the shower stalls, and I squatted on the back of my legs and waited for him to lower his pants so I could gobble his dick down. He came so fast that I felt a little disappointed, not wanting it to be over so quickly, so I made him an offer.

I want to do something else for you,” I told him, and he gave me an inquisitive look. Without another word, I moved around to his backside and spread his butt cheeks apart, enjoying their powerful aroma before I treated myself to his scrumptious backside. I could tell that he was in heaven, but I doubt he knew how wonderful I felt doing it. His ass juice danced on my palate, and I was sure that I was experiencing the closest thing to paradise that I might ever know.

After that first time at school with Jack, I felt that there were no longer limits to what I would be willing to do in that locker room, and before long, I had moved on to my next conquest. Of course, Mike had no idea exactly how many there had been before him, and I didn't want to waste time on particulars.

I wanted to do it,” I told him, then I rubbed his thigh and asked him, “Didn't you like it when I was eating yours?”

He nodded silently, so I moved my hand down further to his rump. I softly caressed what I could and smiled tenderly at him, and he understood what I wanted. I gently guided him back down onto the bed, then I urged him to roll over and let me have another go at his butt. He instantly complied, and I straddled the back of his legs as I spread his cheeks and drew in the intoxicating scent that permeated his cheeks.

As I ran my tongue up his warm crack, I could still taste the powerful flavor that was there earlier. I wanted to stay there all day and night, but I knew I had to hurry, so I zeroed in on his tasty poop-chute and dined for as long as I could. When I knew it was time for me to leave, I pulled my face out and he rolled over, presenting his hot cock to me. I wrapped my fist around it and gave it ten quick strokes before I felt the cum starting to rise up his shaft. I quickly engulfed it with my mouth and he gifted me with one last load to savor for the walk to Jimmy's.

After we got dressed, Mike walked me down the hall to the bathroom and we washed our hands and faces. He gave me one last kiss on the lips, then he walked me downstairs. On the way down, Mikes mom spotted us.

Are you leaving already?” she asked, and I nodded politely. “Well at least let me fix you a snack before you go.”

No thank you, ma'am,” I said as Mike and I continued toward the door. “I've already eaten today.”

End of Chapter One.