Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 10

bb/ oral/ anal/mast/rimming/piss/scat/ws/incest

As soon as he closed my door, I walked over to the bookshelf and opened the box, looking inside at my new toys. I reached in and grabbed the smallest dildo in the box. It was teal colored, about 5 inches long and had a black knob at its base. Aside from its color, it was very realistic looking and feeling. It had a piss slit at the top, and the crown resembled the real head of a dick. Even better, it had a network of veins that ran all along its length and diameter, and it flared out at the bottom.

I gripped it tightly in my right hand and enjoyed the firm texture, then I brought it up to my lips and let it softly slip between them. I carefully ran my tongue along the ridge of the crown, treating it with the same care that I would if it were a real dick, then I slid it further back. I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply as I guided it past my tonsils, then I let out a sensual moan and slowly withdrew it. When I pulled it out, I examined it again. There was now a slick sheen of my saliva dripping from its head, so I lanced out with my tongue and licked it dry.

With the dildo still in my grasp, I used my left hand to grab the black knob at the bottom and turn it. As soon as I did, the large phallus came alive and started to vibrate in my hands. This was something new, something that my old dildo didn't do, and I was anxious to see what I was missing out on. I quickly grabbed my lube and the dildo, then I walked over to my bed and laid them down so that I could get my pants off. I slipped my shoes off without even untying them, then I unbuttoned my pants and let them fall to the floor while I slid my fingers into the waistband of my undies and pulled them off of my hips.

Without even stepping out of my pants and underwear, I flipped the orange cap off of the tube of KY, then I squeezed some out into the palm of my hand. Once I had the cap replaced, I dropped the tube of KY on the bed and hastily bent over, resting my torso on top of my covers as I reached back and slid my slippery fingers into my waiting boy cunt. I let out another moan when I felt the warming jelly hit the lining of my chute, then I let my fingers work on my sweet spot for another minute before I finally pulled them out and stood up straight.

I picked the dildo back up and used the lube that was still smeared on my fingertips to give it a decent coat before I bent back over and placed it at my eager entrance. Without pretense of hesitation or doubt, I gave a firm push and felt it penetrate my willing poop-chute. As it made its journey inward, I could feel every one of the well placed veins, as well as the crown, running along the lining of my pussy and giving me goosebumps. It felt so realistic, and yet I knew that I could control the pace of this new toy that my parents had gifted me. When I had it all the way in, I turned the knob again and felt an explosion of pleasure deep inside of me that to this very day, I have no way to describe.

Before I even had a chance to fuck myself with it, I felt my eyes rolling back into my head while my chute started to clutch the dildo on its own. I laid still with my head on the bed and my ass in the air while my body experienced its most intense pleasure up to that point. I felt the familiar burn deep in my clutching boy pussy, and I knew that I was about to cum. I had the presence of mind to start working the large phallus back and forth with as much force as I could, pulling it back and forth with my right hand as my climax built itself up to a height that I'd never known. I could feel the veins and the head being grabbed over and over again by the hot lining of my pooper and I began to moan loudly. At the same time, my moist pussy started to queef with every inward and outward stroke, adding to my already uncontrollable pleasure.

When it happened, it was as if a pressure cooker had burst. I was howling with lust and pleasure as my head spun and my vision got spotty. At the same time, I felt more desperate than ever to thrust the dildo in and out of my needy pussy, which seemed to be pulling it back in on its own every time I pulled out. When I could stand no more, I let go of the dildo, and it moved back up my butt, where it stayed while I reached back with both hands and spread my butt cheeks apart for reasons that I still can't explain. All I know is that my urges were controlling my every movement, and at that moment, I needed to pull them apart and keep them opened while my pooper contracted around the dildo, which was still moving around in my upturned ass.

As my climax subsided and my vision started to clear, I once again grabbed the dildo with my right hand and gave it a tug. My clutching boy pussy wasn't cooperating, though, and I had to bear down with all of my might and literally push it out. When it finally slid out, I brought it back to my face so that I could examine it closely. It was thickly coated with my boy fudge, so I stood up straight and held it under my nose so that I could inhale deeply. The rich scent of my poop sent another shiver up my spine, and I couldn't resist sucking it all off with vigor. When it was clean, I sat down on my bed and laid back while my feet hung off the side, then I brought the dildo back to my face so that I could sniff it while I basked in the afterglow of my orgasm.

As I laid still, I realized that I wanted to be held. Being loved so tenderly by Jimmy over the last two days had spoiled me, and I found that I was unfulfilled because I needed to feel the warmth of another person's arms, so I got up and put my underwear on. I walked out of my room, leaving the used dildo on my bed. I went down the hall to my bathroom first, where I peed and washed my hands and face, then I brushed my teeth. I figured that my mom and dad wouldn't be interested in hugging or kissing me if my breath smelled like poop. When I was sure that my breath was minty fresh, I went downstairs to seek out some companionship and affection. My pussy was still throbbing with pleasure as I made my way downstairs, the afterglow of my act still strong.

When I got to the bottom of the stairs, I could smell dinner in the oven and hear my dad's voice carrying from the dining room. Both of my parents were sitting at the table, and they smiled warmly when they spotted me.

Hey sweetie,” my mom said when I came in, dressed in only my underwear and the blue Aéropostale tee shirt I was wearing when they left me alone to service my horny pooper. I walked over and gave her a long hug, resting my head on her shoulder as she stroked my hair.

"Are you okay buddy?" my dad asked, and I nodded my reply with a smile. When I let go of the hug with my mom, I went to my dad and held my arms out. When he wrapped his arms around my small frame, I rested myself in his lap and curled my legs so he could hold me.

"Are you sure you're okay, honey?" my mom asked, and I nodded silently as I clung to my dad. I gave her a little grin, then I nuzzled my head into my dad's shoulder and closed my eyes so that I could enjoy the feeling of his strong arms keeping me secure while my boy cunt continued to pulsate.

Did you have a nice time upstairs?” my dad asked gently, and I nodded into his neck.

It was the best ever. I didn't know that I could turn it on and feel that good.”

I thought you'd like that,” he said. “You didn't hurt yourself did you?”

No, I only used the smallest one that you gave me and it made me feel like I've never felt before.”

That's nice, sweetie,” my mom said from across the table. “Are you still having special feelings?”

My smile got wider as I nodded my reply, then I felt my dad kiss the top of my head and tighten his embrace, then he started to rock me back and forth. For a moment, I let my imagination run wild again, and pretended that instead of a dildo, it was my dad's thick cock that serviced my horny rear end. I felt my dad rub my back with the palm of his hand, and it brought me back into reality.

Tonight when I go to bed, that's the one I'm going to use first,” I said.

Are you still planning to use the others tonight?” my dad asked. I nodded eagerly.

I can't wait to try them all and see if they make me feel good like the blue one did. Especially the bigger ones if they turn on.”

I'm sure you'll love it, baby,” my mom said with a smile. “I know that a couple of the bigger ones that we gave you vibrate like the blue one.”

I wonder if they'll pack my fudge like the blue one did,” I wondered out loud. I heard my dad clear his throat.

What do you mean by that, son?”

I mean that when I was doing it, I could feel it and hear it squishing into my poop,” I said with a contented sigh. “It felt good.”

Well buddy I'm sure it did,” he said, exchanging an uncomfortable look with my mom. “But wouldn't you rather be empty back there when you play with your special toys?”

No, daddy. I think it feels good when I'm getting my fudge packed.”

That can be messy, though, sweetheart,” my mom told me, and I shook my head to disagree with her.

It didn't get messy for me,” I answered. “I just cleaned the poop off when I was done by sucking it.”

You put poop in your mouth, honey?' my mom asked, and I nodded my answer.

There was a lot of poop on the dildo when I was finished, and I wanted to suck on it because I like how it tastes, and I wanted to pretend that I was giving head.”

My dad looked down at me with an expression that I couldn't read, then he and my mom made eye contact. I could tell that they were having a silent conversation between them, then my mom spoke again.

You like how it tastes?” she asked, and I nodded. “Have you eaten poop before tonight, Kyle?”

Yes mom,” I admitted, watching her face for any sign that she was mad at me. She and my dad were both watching me with a look of concern, then my dad asked me to explain why I liked it.

How does it make you feel when you do that?” he asked, and I couldn't help but grin because I felt my pussy tremble hard as I considered his question.

It makes me feel really tingly. I wish I could smell it and eat it all the time.”

How long have you felt that way, honey?” my mom asked.

For a long time,” I said. “Remember after my birthday at Chuck E Cheese when I turned eight?”

Yes we do, buddy,” my dad said. “Did you feel that way then?”

I nodded and studied their expressions closely, then I rested my head back down on my dad's shoulder and waited for one of them to speak. My dad softly caressed my cheek, and my mom gave me a sympathetic smile before she asked me another series of questions.

How many times have you done that, sweetie?”

I don't know how many times I've eaten poop,” I confessed. “I used to just suck it off of my fingers and my little dildo, but now I eat more.”

You eat more than that?” she asked, and I nodded.

Sometimes I feel like eating it when I have to go. So I just eat it then.”

How much do you eat?” she asked a little guardedly. I decided to be as honest as possible without bringing Jimmy into my confession.

Sometimes I only eat one piece, but sometimes I eat it all.”

Have you ever eaten anyone else's poop?” she asked. I gulped and tried to hide my feelings of desire, but my smile betrayed me.

I want to,” I told her, once again only telling half of the story. “I think about doing it all the time, but I don't think people would want to be my friend if I tell them.”

You're probably right, buddy,” my dad said softly, petting my head with gentle strokes. “Is it other boys that you want to do that with?”

Yes, with a lot of other boys,” I admitted, still grinning. “Sometimes I think about what it would be like if all of the boys at my school let me smell their stinky butts and then pooped in my mouth.”

Do you know that eating poop can make you sick, buddy?” my dad asked, and I shook my head no. He kissed the top of my head and said, “It can. I'd like you to remember that, okay?”

Okay, dad,” I said, my smile fading a little. “Am I going to get in trouble if I eat my poop again?”

No baby, you aren't,” my mom said gently. “Have you ever felt sick from it before?”

Uh uh,” I said, shaking my head no. “I only feel good from it. I ate some this morning before I got in the bath.”

You mean when mommy and daddy gave you a bath?” she asked. I nodded again and felt my throbbing cunt surge with ass juice as I confessed my sins of the morning.

It was in my underwear, and I ate it and got it off of my butt with my hand and ate that too.”

I felt my dad start to rock me back and forth again as he cuddled me closely and planted another kiss on my forehead, and at the same time, my mom got up from her chair and walked around to where we were. She knelt down and softly caressed my cheek, then she planted a kiss on my cheek and said, “I love you, Kyle.”

I love you too, mommy,” I told her. “You don't think I'm dirty?”

No baby, I don't. Neither does daddy.”

What if I eat poop from another boy?” I asked in a small voice. “Will I be a dirty boy then?”

No you won't, buddy,” my dad said in a loving manner, still rocking me in his arms. “Nothing you can do will ever make us think that about you, okay?”

Okay,” I practically hissed. I felt another strong surge of ass juice flow through my once again horny pussy when I realized that my parents wouldn't stop me from eating hot loads of poop from the rear ends of as many different boys as I wanted. My head was swirling with thoughts of how many loads I could eat by the time school started again in January when the oven timer went off. My dad placed the palms of both of his hands on my buns to scoot me off of his lap so he could help my mom, and once again, my boy pussy trembled with desire under his touch. When I was back on my feet, I looked up at my mom and dad and told them my intentions.

I'm going to do it,” I said with a determined look. My mom and dad gave each other a knowing glance, then smiled down at me. Without another word, they went into the kitchen to get our supper ready. At the dinner table, I could feel my stomach stirring with a large load, so after we ate, I got up to go to the bathroom.

I have to poop,” I told them. I didn't have the patience to go upstairs, so I went into the downstairs bathroom and treated myself to another stinky load of delicious boy fudge while my parents cleaned up. I dropped my underwear and squatted, releasing five long logs of hot, steamy poop that curled up on the floor. I shuddered when I inhaled the dark aroma, then I greedily ate the entire load with a naughty grin. I knew that they could hear me through the bathroom door, moaning with every mouthful that I indulged in, but I was craving it so bad that I didn't care.

When I came out of the bathroom, my mom gave me a knowing smile, then she whispered into my dad's ear. Later on, I slipped away to give myself another butt fucking with my blue dildo, then I went back downstairs to watch TV with my mom and dad. At some point, I started to get horny again, so I announced my need and they encouraged me to go back to my room for another round of fudge packing. By the time we all turned in, I'd been back to my room three times to service my horny boy cunt. I had no problem taking all of the various dildos up my butt, including the biggest one, which was probably 9 inches long and much thicker than the two smallest ones combined.

I'm pretty sure that my parents could hear me moaning all night. I woke up at 2am to go pee, and when I got back to my room, I couldn't resist the temptation of sliding the biggest dildo back up my slippery boy cunt for another session. When I'd brought myself off again, I licked it clean and tried in vain to put it in my mouth, but it was just too damn big around. I wound up licking it clean instead.

The next morning my mom and dad let me sleep in, and I was awakened by the smell of pancakes cooking in the kitchen. After we ate, I was in my bathroom, eagerly cramming my mouth full of another hot load of poop. When I came out of the bathroom, I heard my cell phone ringing, so I went to my room to see who it was. When I saw the name on the caller ID, I felt my pussy tremble and my heart flutter.

My parents know that I'm gay now,” I said to Matt as I started to remove my shirt.

They do?” he asked in an almost panicked voice.

Yeah, it's okay,” I told him as I pulled my shirt off over my head. “They know that I like to take it up the butt, too. They gave me some dildos.”

Matt's eyes were as big as saucers when I kicked my shoes off and pulled my sweatpants off of my hips along with my underwear. Once I was as nude as the day I was born, I looked down at my little pecker, which was sticking straight up, then I smiled up at Matt and waited for him to make his move.

They gave you some dildos?” he asked incredulously. I gave him a naughty grin, then I bit my lower lip wantonly.

They gave me some KY Jelly that gets hot, too,” I said seductively. “I used it before I came over to see you.”

With that, he grinned and continued the process of undressing. He unbuttoned his shirt and let it fall to the floor, then he loosened his belt buckle and started to undo his fly. When his pants were loose enough to fall to the floor, he stepped out of them and let me kiss him. He slid his tongue into my mouth and kissed me passionately, then we broke our kiss and I smiled up at him as I dropped to my knees.

His cock was delicious as I slid it into my waiting mouth, wanting to take him all the way to the back of the throat. I moaned around his cock as I blew him, knowing that he probably hadn't cum since the last time he blasted off inside of me, which was three days earlier. I very quickly swallowed his entire length, then I grabbed his hips and encouraged him to fuck my throat hard. I could feel him hitting the clit in my throat over and over again, driving me crazy with lust. I knew, though, that he wouldn't last long enough to bring me off this way, and that I'd have to be patient.

Sure enough, I felt his pace pick up, and just as I started to feel delirious with pleasure, he blasted off down my throat. I quickly swallowed as his volley continued with force for several seconds.

I sat back on my knees and finished swallowing, then I quickly grabbed his hips and beckoned him to turn around so that I could bury my face between his warm cheeks.

As soon as I spread his cheeks, I inhaled deeply and felt a shiver of desire run through me. His brown eye was especially stinky, so I clamped my lips around it and sucked hard, then I used my tongue to dig in. He was juicing hard, and I was eagerly lapping it all up. I could hear his labored breathing, so I knew that he was enjoying the rim job as much as I was. I pulled my tongue away from his poop-chute and gave his crack deep licks, then I moved back to his pooper. I gave it a long, sensual French kiss while I inhaled and tried to imagine how many farts had slipped through his hole.

I could taste the remnants of his last trip to the bathroom, and I wondered how recent it had been. Certainly since the last time he'd taken a shower, because the pleasing stink was filling my nostrils and making me light headed. I reached around and gripped his cock, which had returned to its rock hard state, so I gave his poop-chute one last, long French kiss. When I was finished deep tonguing his stink hole, I sucked hard on its lips in an effort to draw out as much ass juice as I could. When I finally pulled my face out of his crack, he looked over his shoulder and gave me a cute grin. When I caught site of his smile, I smiled back and decided that when we were done fucking, I was going to find a way to get him to pee and poop in my mouth. I needed it badly.

He turned and took my hand, then he helped me to my feet and led me to his bed. We both looked at the clock, and I smiled because I knew that I didn't have to be home for another two hours. I laid down on his bed and opened my legs wide with a naughty grin as he climbed between them and lifted them up. I reached out and pulled them back, lewdly exposing my horny boy cunt to him as he aimed his thick rod and placed it at my entrance. With my legs up in the air, I reached down with my left hand and rubbed my hot entrance with my fingertips while I bit my bottom lip, then I grabbed his pole and guided it in.

As soon as he pushed past my anal ring, my lubed up pussy pulled him the rest of the way in until his pubic bush was pressed up against my butt cheeks. He felt amazing inside of me, easily as amazing as my collection of dildos, all of which had been up my butt the night before. I think that the biggest difference between having a dildo inside of me and a real cock in me is the temperature. A dildo is big and it vibrates, but a cock is hot, and it feels so wonderful when it shoots cum. Also, when I have a cock in me, I don't have to do any of the work. With a dildo, I have to do all of it, though I really don't mind all that much.

Ooh, you feel so good,” Matt groaned as his luscious prick slid in and out of my slippery pussy..

You feel good, too, lover,” I panted as he continued to run his thick cock along the walls of my horny love tunnel, hitting my clit hard with every inward and outward stroke.

Oh, god, I want to fuck every day,” he exclaimed. I reached up and brushed his bangs out of his eyes, prompting him to lean down and kiss me hard. I let my legs go so that they were resting against his shoulders, and they started to rock back and forth in time with his humping as our kiss got more intense. I could feel my orgasm starting to swell up deep inside of me, and as the walls of my fuck hole started to throb around his cock, he started to drive in harder. This elicited a loud moan from me as he continued to dominate my body, and before I realized what was happening, my climax crept up on me and sent me into orbit.

As I started to cum, Matt began pumping harder and faster, bringing me even more pleasure until he finally froze while he was buried balls deep, then filled my hungry boy pussy with a thick load of cum. When he pulled out, I let my legs fall to the bed and quickly moved into position, taking his still stiff cock into my mouth and sucking on it lustily as I gulped down as much cum and ass juice as I could. When it was clean, I continued to suck on it, wanting it to finish servicing the clitoris that I had in my throat the way he serviced the one in my pussy.

My cock was still standing at attention as I selfishly went down on him, forcing his hard cock deep down my throat so that he could fuck it forcefully. I gripped his hips and set the pace for him to give it hard thrusts. When I let up, so did he, so I once again set the pace by pulling his hips to and fro with force. He finally understood what I wanted and began to hump my slutty mouth with reckless abandon while I moaned loudly. I found his hands with my own and guided them both to either side of my head, then I moaned again as he fucked my throat deeply for several minutes.

I could feel every artery that ran through his hot shaft, and as his glans worked my throat, I started to feel breathless. I had a burning sensation deep down in my groin and my horny poop-chute started to throb with passion. My vision started to get blurry and I felt a series of sharp tingles run up my spine. I started to fuck my throat harder around his cock, and when I did, I pushed up with my hips, putting my ass into the air as my climax took me over again. I gave one last moan around his cock, then I let him pull it out. I spun around quickly and offered my horny boy cunt up, wanting him to finish off inside of me again. He quickly slid it in again as I hissed my pleasure, then I felt him start to thrust again.

I was still in the last throes of my orgasm when he entered me, and feeling his veiny tool work my horny rear end was enough to restart the whole thing. In my mind, I was calling out Matt's name, but I'm pretty sure that it came out as incomprehensible gibberish. I started to push my ass up once again, wanting to meet his powerful strokes as he fucked me silly until he finally screwed another load into my quivering pussy.

When we collapsed, he took me into his arms and held me tightly while I thought about what I wanted to do next. I was sure that he had a load of pee that he wanted to unload, but I had to find a way to get him to unload it in my mouth. At the same time, I was anxious to sample his butt candy, wondering how much different it would taste than mine or Jimmy's. I wanted to be cautious, especially because it was something we'd never talked about before, but at the same time, I knew that if I was ever going to try it, I'd have to let him know that I wanted it.

How do you feel?” I asked, tracing my fingertips along the outer edges of his nipples, which were hard as steel.

I feel amazing,” he said with a pant. “You do everything so good. I wish we could fuck everyday.”

We can if you want to,” I offered, wanting him to know that he was always welcome to slip his cock deep inside of me. “Or we could do other stuff, too.”

Other stuff?” he asked, and I nodded. “Like when you suck my dick and lick my ass?”

Mmm hmm,” I said, still running my fingers over his nipples. “I love having your dick in my mouth, and I love eating your butt hole, especially when it has extra flavoring.”

I looked up to his face, searching for his reaction, and I wasn't disappointed. He grinned down at me, which was just what I wanted.

You like tasting shit, don't you?” he asked, and I nodded.

I like tasting yours,” I told him.

Would you lick my ass if I just took a dump?” he asked with a naughty grin, and I answered with a horny moan of desire as I bit my bottom lip and rubbed his belly with the flat of my palm. “Wow, that's crazy, Kyle.”

I'm not afraid to try anything. Anything you can think of, I'd do with you.”

Anything?” he asked, and I nodded with a wanton look. He gulped.

Would you really lick shit off of my ass?” he asked, and I nodded, then I took it a step further.

I'd even let you poop in my mouth,” I told him with a naughty grin, wanting deep down for it to come true. “Would you like that?”

Matt laid still and didn't speak. I felt his embrace tighten around my frame, and as I looked into his eyes, I could tell that he was considering my offer. I very softy planted a kiss on his left nipple, then I ran my tongue around it seductively. I felt him shudder, so I raised my head and gave him a hopeful smile.

My mom won't be home for another two hours,” he said with daring eyes. I got up and reached for his hand. When he got up, we walked across the hall to the bathroom and I got into the bathtub. I quickly got on my knees and sat on the back of my legs and looked up at him. He was standing on the outside of the tub, and I could tell that he was expecting me not to go through with it, as if I were playing a prank on him. I smiled up at him to ease his mind, then I asked him something that I knew would show him that I was serious.

Do you have any pee for me?” I asked, and his eyes got big. I carefully gripped his cock and directed it at my opened mouth, encouraging him to let go of his stream. He looked a little unsure, so I tenderly reached out with my free hand and rubbed his thigh. He swallowed hard and nodded silently, so I gave him a loving smile and placed the tip of his soft dick on my lips as I waited for him to let me have it.

I moaned out loud when the first dribble came out, catching it in my mouth and swallowing to set his mind at ease, then I waited for the torrent. When he finally released it, I made a tight seal around his hose and drank it down. I was able to keep up at first, but had to let it go and redirect it into my hair while I swallowed. I could tell that he was shocked, but he offered no protest when I wrapped my lips back around his cock and took the rest down without spilling another drop.

When his flow subsided, I sat down on the back of my legs and licked my lips, then I looked up at him with a grin. He grinned back down at me, breathing hard, unable to believe what I just did for him.

Do you have to fart?” I asked, and he nodded. “Get in with me.”

He instantly complied and I moved in behind him. I spread his cheeks apart and made a tight seal around his smelly hole, then I ran my hand up and down his butt cheek, hoping for his fart to blow directly into my watering mouth. I felt him bend his knees a little bit, then he farted loudly. I let out another moan, then I dug my tongue into his tasty chute while the stink overloaded my olfactory senses with pleasure. I pulled my tongue out, and rubbed my cheek up against his buns, and he asked me if I was sure.

You really want me to poop in your mouth?” he asked.

Yes,” I stuttered, feeling my legs get weak with anticipation at the thought of being treated to Matt's hopefully large load. I clamped my lips back around his poop-chute and opened my mouth as I heard him start to bear down. He placed his hands up against the shower wall and gave a hard grunt, causing his delicious chute to dilate as the head of the first piece started to emerge. The stink was incredibly powerful, and I was moaning in anticipation. I could hear its moist form crackling as he pushed, then I experienced a burst of flavor in my mouth as it made contact with my tongue. I instantly started to smash and chew it up as it filled my mouth rapidly. It was firm at first, then it started to get soft. The more he pushed out, the softer it got, and I found myself able to swallow fast enough to make room for more, which I was hoping he had. He turned to look over his shoulder at me, so I opened my mouth to display its lovely contents, then I grinned hard as I chewed it all up quickly and swallowed.

When it was all gone, I gave him a hungry gaze, so he squatted over me and waited while I got back into position. When I had my open mouth at his stinky opening, I tickled him with my tongue to let him know that I wanted more. He strained hard, and when he did, his load emerged swiftly. I took as much as I could into my mouth, but it came out so fast and with so much volume that a lot of it ended up on my face and caked into his crack. I made a point of swallowing as fast as I could, then I treated myself to what was caked in Matt's ass crack and all over his cheeks. I let off loud moans as I cleaned him with my eager tongue, pulling thick pieces of his delicious fudge into my mouth and savoring the flavor before I swallowed the rest of his impressive offering.

When I licked his crack clean, he turned and offered me his cock. I took it into my poop smeared mouth and he gave me some more pee to wash my meal down with. When he was finished peeing, I used my fingers to scrape the poop off of my face, then I let my own pee fountain up and hit me in the chest and stomach. When I was finally through making a pig out of myself, I got up and Matt turned the shower on. I rinsed off, then I used a washcloth and body soap that was in the shower to scrub Mike's cock and balls, then I washed his crack really good.

Don't you want to use soap?” he asked when I got out of the shower.. I shook my head no.

I want to keep your stink with me,” I said, feeling butterflies in my poop filled tummy.

Won't your parents smell it?” he asked, and I nodded.

I already told them that I was going to eat someone's poop,” I told him with a naughty smile. “I wanted it to be yours.”

Can we see each other again tomorrow if there's time?” he asked. “I know it's Christmas, but my mom has to work in the afternoon until nine. Just don't eat any shit before you come over so we can kiss, okay?”

I nodded and reached out to rub his now empty tummy, then I got dressed and went home.

On the way home, I could feel another rumble in my belly, and I knew that I either had to fart, or that I was about to poop. I knew that if I farted, all of Matt's two loads would probably end up in my pants. I wanted to savor them, so I held out until I got home. When I walked in the house, I could hear the TV in the family room, but the front room was dark.

Mom, dad, I'm home,” I called out, making a beeline for the downstairs bathroom. The door opened just as I was making my approach, and my dad walked out. I smiled up at him, knowing that the smell of Matt's poop was still prevalent on me, as well as the pee he shot into my hair. I saw his nose working as I stood still and grinned, taking in the wonderful stink that was all around me, and he gave me a knowing look. At the same time, my mom got up and came into the hallway to greet us, and I knew that she could smell it on me.

Were you with a friend?” she asked, and I nodded. “Who was it?”

A boy from my school,” I told her, knowing that they were both well aware of my deed.

I see,” she said with a nod. “Did you have fun?”

Yes,” I said with a happy nod, rubbing my tummy. “I want to go over to his house again tomorrow afternoon if I can.”

My dad simply looked down at me and took a deep breath, then he shrugged.

I'm glad you had a good time this afternoon, Kyle. Go to the bathroom. Mommy and I are going to be in the family room if you need to talk about anything, okay?”

Okay,” I said, watching as the two of them walked hand in hand back to the family room. The pressure in my stomach was getting worse, so I went into the bathroom and closed the door. I quickly dropped my sweatpants and underwear around my ankles and cupped my hand at the entrance of my poop-chute and squatted down so that I could treat myself to another steamy pile of boy poop. I strained loudly and let go of an impressive load of my own. It was nowhere near the size of Matt's delicious load, but it was at least as big as the load I'd eaten the day before after dinner. The stink was intensely sharp, and I knew that it would be a delicious treat. My hand filled up quickly, so I expelled the rest on the floor. Once I had it all out, I sat on the floor and lifted the large handful I was holding to my nostrils, breathing in deeply before I crammed it into my mouth. When I had that portion down, I reached down and scooped up as much as I could, then I ate it with as much passion as I had eaten Matt's load earlier. When there was nothing left of the pile, I used my tongue to lap up what was smeared all over the floor, then I licked my lips.

When I was finally done, I pulled my undies and sweats back up, then I went out to the family room to tell my mom and dad that I was going to my room so I could take it up the butt with one of my dildos. I could still smell the poop that was smeared on my face, sending a pleasing scent into my nostrils and causing my boy pussy to shiver with desire. I walked to the family room and saw them curled up on the love seat, watching Downton Abbey.

Hey pal, you all finished in there?” my dad asked, and I nodded with a huge grin because I could tell that they knew what I was doing.

I'm going to go up to my room so I can use my dildos,” I said, rubbing my satisfied tummy. “My tummy's full, and now I feel like taking it up the butt again.”

Okay, sweetie,” my mom said with a smile. “Make sure you wash your face, okay?”

Look's like you forgot something, pal,” my dad said, motioning with his finger to show me where to look. I reached up with my hand and on my left cheek, I wiped away a dark smear of poop that I didn't know was there. I looked at it on my finger, then I brought it to my nose and sniffed it loudly before I smiled and sucked it off. When I tasted it, I felt another shudder run through me, and I knew I had to get upstairs quickly.

"Do you think you got enough today?" my dad asked, and I shook my head no.

"I want to eat some more poop later," I said with a grin, then I brought my finger back up to my nose and drew in its dark, rich scent. “I wish it wasn't Christmas Eve so I could have a friend spend the night.”

It sounds like you had a really good time today,” my mom said, and I nodded.

I got to do everything,” I bragged, rubbing my tummy again.

Your friend helped you?” my mom asked, and I nodded. “Did you like it?

I got to do things with our privates,” I told her with a huge smile, reaching back and placing both of my hands on my buns. “I smelled his butt like I wanted to, then he farted and pooped for me.”

Is that what daddy smelled when you got home?” my dad asked.

Maybe there was some of his pee on me, too,” I said with a nod

Honey, we're going shopping a little later,” my mom said. “You have time to go have some private fun in your room, but you need to take a shower and brush your teeth when you're done. We'll talk about it when we get home”

Okay, I'm going to my room now so I can have my fudge packed again,” I said with a grin, then I turned and headed up the stairs so I could hurry to my room, where I knew another round of pleasure was waiting for me.