Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 11

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When I got to the top of the stairs, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, telling me that I had a new text. I smiled when I saw that it was Jimmy who was texting me, wanting to know if he could see me. I quickly texted him back, instructing him to call me as soon as he could. I walked into my room and closed the door behind me, then I went straight to my bed, where the large dildo that had been up my butt the night before lay prostrate between my sheets. I hastily dropped my sweats and underwear, using my fingers to rub the lips of my boy pussy to feel for dryness.

I decided that it would be best if I lubed up before sliding the large phallus into my opening, so I pulled my covers back further and found the tube of KY Jelly. The dildo, a Doc Johnson, was made of rubber, but its length and girth were amazing. It was about 9 inches long, and so thick that when I wrapped my thumb and forefinger around it, the tips of my extremities didn't reach each other. In fact, it wasn't even close. To make things even better, it was lined all over with protruding veins, all of them very pronounced and rigid.

The night before, when I got the monster to go up inside of me, I'd been working my boy cunt for hours on end, gradually moving up the size scale with all of the dildos in my collection. My dad brought me seven in total, not counting the one I already had. Each one was a little bit bigger than the one I used before, as if he carefully selected them so that I could ease into the next size until I was able to take all 9 inches of the Doc Johnson.

I squirted out a generous amount of KY into my palm, then I smeared it around on my fingertips before I slipped them into the warm recesses of my quivering pussy. I strummed my sweet spot for a while, then I pulled my fingers out and rubbed the remaining lube on the lips of my pooper before I grabbed the tube again, knowing that I'd need plenty of it on the length of the monster that I was about to insert. Once I had it lubed up, I crawled into my bed and sat on my knees so that I could line the dildo up with my love tunnel and sit on it.

As soon as I sank down, I felt it start to slip up inside of me and I shuddered with pleasure as the lining of my butt clenched down, giving me the intense pleasure that I craved. I could feel each and every vein against the walls of my cum tube, pressing hard into my sweet spot and causing my boy pussy to sizzle with intense joy. I started a slow ride, but it quickly progressed into a rough fuck as I moved up and down. I started to moan out loud, and at the same time, I could hear my pussy starting to queef again.

Hearing my noisy poop-chute only solidified my resolve to ride harder. I drove hard into every downward plunge, wanting to feel the phallus dig harder and harder into my body each time. My head was starting to whirl, and I was panting hard. I used the muscles in my pooper to bear down harder, wanting the violator in my ass to finish what it started. I reached back with my right hand, trying in vain to wrap it around the dildo as my climax started to overcome my senses. I knew that there was no rhyme or reason for my actions, but all I could think about was prolonging the butt fucking that I was in the middle of. At some point, my bed started to squeak with every downward push, and I was moaning louder than I thought. I felt goosebumps run up and down my body, then I hollered out loud and my hair stood on end.

Finally, I collapsed and felt the dildo shoot out of my clutching butt hole. As I lay still, trying to recover from my orgasm, I heard my mom and dad's voices outside my door.

“Kyle, sweetie, are you okay?” my mom asked through the door. I was still panting hard and didn't have the faculties to answer her question.

“Buddy, this is daddy,” I heard my dad say. “If you don't answer us, I'm going to open the door. Are you okay?”

I tried to speak, but my voice failed me. There was a tingle that traveled up and down my body, almost gushing through my system, and I felt paralyzed. I started to sit up, and was about to answer them when my door opened and my mom and dad came in with worried looks on their faces. I looked at them, my chest still heaving, and saw the relief on their faces. I brought both of my hands up to my head and ran them through my hair with a deep sigh, then I laid back down, flat on my back and watched the ceiling spin.

“Son are you alright?” my dad asked, and I nodded, still taking deep breaths.

“Honey, you scared us,” my mom said. “Are you sure you're okay?”

I nodded again, then I sat up straight and made eye contact with my dad. He was watching me intently, and I wondered what was going through his mind as he and my mom watched me recover from a powerful orgasm. I let my gaze travel slowly from his eyes to my bed, where the large dildo lay once again, covered in my ass juice, and I grinned. I looked back over at my parents and realized that they were now looking in amazement at the large phallus that I'd taken so eagerly in my tiny bottom.

I was about to speak to them when my phone rang, bringing all three of us out of our thoughts. I got up, still naked from the waist down, and hurried over to my desk so that I could answer my phone. My mom and dad stood still in the doorway, watching my every movement as I trekked over to my desk from my bed. I grinned when I saw that it was Jimmy, and answered it right away.

“Hello?” I said anxiously.

“Hi Kyle,” Jimmy said in a sweet tone.

“Hi Jimmy.”

“Can you come over today?” he asked, and I looked over at my mom and dad, who were now looking back and forth between my naked little rump and the Doc Johnson that had been running so blissfully up inside of it just a minute or so earlier.

“My mom and dad want to go shopping in a little bit,” I said, then I looked hopefully up at my parents. “If they say yes, can you come with us? I miss you.”

I saw them exchanging glances, then they both looked back at me as my conversation continued.

“My mom said I can leave, but I have to be home by 7 tonight,” he told me, prompting me to address them directly this time.

“Can Jimmy go with us?' I asked in an almost desperate tone, knowing that this was the best way to get what I wanted from them. My dad took a deep breath and turned to my mom, who shrugged and nodded her approval. I smiled widely, then I added, “When are we leaving?”

“In about an hour, buddy,” my dad said.

“Can you come over right now?” I asked hopefully into the phone.

“Okay, I'll ride my bike over as soon as I go inside and tell my mom,” he said. “Let me go pee, and I'll come over.”

“Wait until you get here to do that,” I told him, feeling a sudden shudder run through me. “I want you to do it with me.”

“Okay,” he said with a giggle.

“I love you, Jimmy,” I said, feeling my cheeks heat up a little because my mom and dad smiled warmly when I said it.

“I love you too,” he said sweetly. “I'll see you in a minute.”

“Are you going to take a shower and get dressed before he gets here?” my dad asked, and I shook my head no.

“I'm going to put my sweats back on, but I'm not going to take a shower yet,” I said, biting my lower lip because I knew that he had a bladder full of hot pee that I wanted to take.

“I see,” my dad said, looking down at me with a knowing smile. “Do you think he wants to smell you the way you are right now?”

I grinned up at him and nodded, then I heard my mom clear her throat.

“What did you mean when you told him to wait until he gets here because you wanted him to do it with you?” she asked, and I grinned again.

“He said he has to go pee,” I told her, rubbing my tummy. “I want him to do it in my bathroom with me. Maybe he has to poop too.”

My mom and dad exchanged another look between them, then my dad looked down at me and let out a long breath.

“Do you think that's something he wants to do with you, son?” he asked, and I nodded again.

“I talked to him about it already,” I said, walking over to the other end of my bed, where I bent over to pick up my undies and sweats so that I could put them back on. I couldn't help myself from wanting to make a show out of it for my dad, so when I bent over, I pointed my butt their way and stuck it high up into the air, letting it linger invitingly for a long moment. I could feel my cheeks spread apart, and the scent of my well fucked pooper was strong in the air as I swung it slowly from side to side, knowing that my still dilated boy pussy was on display for them to see and smell. When I felt like they'd gotten a good look at it, I stood up straight with my underwear in hand and smiled over my shoulder.

Once I was dressed, I went into my bathroom and brushed my teeth so that I could kiss my boyfriend. Almost as soon as I rinsed the toothpaste out of my mouth, I heard the doorbell, so I quickly put my toothbrush away and hurried downstairs, where my mom had just let him in. The sight of Jimmy was enough to get me to squeal gleefully and run over to him, eager to wrap my arms around him and feel his touch. He smiled when he saw me coming to him with outstretched arms, and we hugged by the front door. Without delay, I lifted my head off of his shoulder and planted a long kiss on his lips right in front of my mom, when I daringly slipped my tongue into his mouth.

I saw the initial shock in his eyes, but he quickly recovered and reciprocated briefly. I groaned when he broke the kiss, but I realized that he was looking uncomfortably at my mom, who was watching us with a neutral look. I paid her no mind, though, and grabbed his hand so that I could walk him up the stairs.

“Kyle, I want you to remember that we're leaving at three,” she said, pointing to her wrist watch before walking back to the family room so she could rejoin my dad on the couch and finish watching their show.

“Okay mom,” I said, then I rested my head on Jimmy's shoulder and encouraged him to wrap his arm around my waist while we walked up the stairs so I could take him to my room and show him my new collection of toys. When we got to my room, I closed the door and attacked him again, this time kissing him more forcefully. When we broke our kiss, I reached down and groped him through his Khaki pants. His cock was stiff, so I massaged it with a naughty grin, then I started to unbutton his fly.

“Won't your mom and dad know?” he asked, and I nodded.

“I told them that I'm gay and that I like to have it up the butt,” I told him, watching his eyes grow large with the revelation as I reached down into the front of his underwear and wrapped my hand around his stiffy. “I also told them that I like to eat poop.”

“You didn't get busted?” he asked disbelievingly, and I shook my head no, giving him a hungry gaze.

“I saw Matt from our school this morning,” I told him, and Jimmy's expression quickly changed from disbelief to naughty pleasure as I started to knead his hairless dick.

“Did he fuck you again?' he asked, and I nodded. “He let you go to his house?”

“His mom and dad were gone,” I said. I've blown and rimmed Matt at school before, and the last time we were together before Christmas break started, I begged him to fuck me in the locker room. He reluctantly obliged, scared that his dick would stink all day, but I assuaged his fears by promising to lick his dick clean when we were done.

We'd made plans to meet up before first period, and I was eager to feel his cock slide deep into my warm pussy, so I lubed up before I left my house that morning. When we met in the locker room, we made sure that there was no one else in sight, then I let him kiss me before I yanked his pants down and buried my face between his stinky butt cheeks. I could tell that he took his showers at night, because I could taste and smell the warm, sharp sweat that resided in his crack. I also knew that he was a morning pooper, because his chute was moist with un-wiped boy fudge. I selfishly licked it all away, then I buried my tongue in his hole and indulged for several minutes before I finally bent over and rested my palms against the concrete wall so he could service my horny cunt. When he blasted off inside of me, I let his load roll out of my body and slurped it up in front of him, then I dropped to my knees and cleaned his sticky cock. When I let it fall from my mouth, I asked him to turn around and let me clean his butt hole again. Much to my delight, he readily complied.

Later that day, Mike approached me and asked if it was true that I wanted to go to his house after school. I figured that it was Matt who'd tipped him off, since they're close friends. I also figured that they're both at least a little gay, possibly with each other, but maybe not. They're both very talented tops, but having eaten at both of their back doors many times, I'm pretty sure that neither of them are taking it in the ass. After Mike and I made plans to meet after school, Matt tracked me down and asked me to have sex with him again. We didn't have a lot of time, so I took him into the boy's room and sat on the commode while he stood facing away from me so that I could enjoy his stinky chute again while he jerked off. When he was ready to cum, he turned to face me so I could take his load down my throat.

“Do your parents know yet?” Jimmy asked, and I shrugged.

“I told them that I played with his dick, and they know that I ate poop from his butt.”

Jimmy gasped, his eyes once again the size of saucers, so I leaned into whisper seductively in his ear.

“I also told them that I wanted you to pee and poop in my mouth.”

He swallowed hard, looking deep into my eyes for any evidence that I was fibbing. I could tell the exact moment that the realization hit him that I was being completely honest, because his jaw dropped and he blinked, trying to process what I'd just told him.

“What did they say?” he asked quietly, as if he didn't want them to hear his question.

“Nothing,” I told him, contemplating whether I wanted Jimmy to fuck me before or after I had the chance to eat a warm, luscious load from his butt. “They said that they won't think I'm dirty if I eat poop from other boys' butts. I also told them that I eat my own poop.”

He stood in stunned silence for a moment, and I imagined that he wasn't sure what to think. He's always been very respectful of my mom and dad, I think because he's a little afraid of them. I don't know why he'd feel that way, because they've never given him cause. But it's just one of his quirks, I guess. I wondered how skittish he'd be around my folks when we went downstairs to leave with them.

“Do you still have to pee?” I asked, and he nodded silently. I gave him a naughty smile, then I let go of his cock and took his hand. I walked him over to my bed, where we both looked down at the large dildo that was still coated with my ass juice. I picked it up and sniffed it, then I held it out under his nose. He leaned forward a little and gave it a sniff, then he smiled at me and I knew he knew what I'd just been doing with it. I very sensually licked it all over, wanting to clean it while at the same time swallowing my own ass juice. When I set it back down on my bed, I reached down and caressed Jimmy's buns before articulating my desires.

“Let's go in my bathroom,” I said. As we walked out of my room, I gave his bubble butt a firm squeeze, then we turned into my bathroom and I closed the door and locked it. I quickly sat down on the toilet and opened my eager mouth.

“Don't you want to take your clothes off?” he asked, and I shook my head no.

“I want it now,” I admitted with a whimper, then I added, “If you have a fart, I want you to do it in my mouth too.”

With that, he dropped his khakis and underwear, then he turned to face away from me and hung his butt out. I smiled and gripped his hips, pulling him back to my face. The scent of his pooper was so succulent, and I knew that I had to stick my tongue in there right away. As soon as I made a seal around his smelly hole, I burrowed in with the tip of my tongue and moaned, then I felt his thighs stiffen and he released a long, hot and loud fart into my opened mouth. I felt light headed with lust when I tasted it, then I lapped away greedily at his stinky poop-chute until he finally pulled his butt away from my face and turned to face me, urgent to drain his bladder.

I grinned up at him and grabbed his semi stiff cock, wrapping my lips around the head and forming another seal. I rubbed his thigh and encouraged him to let his stream go, and he cautiously proceeded. His stream flowed moderately into my mouth, and I knew he was going slowly because I was still dressed and he didn't want to soak my clothes, worried that my parents would find out what we had done. At the same time, it was nice because I was able to keep up and take his whole bladder full. As I continued to drink his warm pee, I inhaled the strong scent and moaned around his cock, feeling a tremble run through my boy pussy because I was enjoying it so much. As his stream started to subside, I reached between his legs and toyed with his stinky chute, wanting so badly for him to treat me to a hot, stinky load from its depths. He finished off in my mouth with three strong shots of hot pee, then I opened my mouth and offered him my tongue to shake off on. When he was dry, I gave him another hungry gaze and asked him to feed me.

“Do you have any poop for me?”

Right away, his hairless pecker got hard, sticking straight out when he nodded. As he turned to face away from me, I saw it continue to stiffen and take form, pointing up just like mine.

“I might have to fart, first,” he said, and I let out a moan because the taste of his last fart was so heavenly. I massaged his moist pooper, then I clamped my lips around it again and waited patiently. He pushed, blowing another hot fart directly into my watering mouth. Then, without warning, he started to bear down and strain loudly, so I pressed my opened mouth harder around his butt hole and inhaled deeply. The smell was incredible, and I started to moan loudly as soon as it hit my nostrils.

I could hear the first long piece start to emerge, and as it started to fill my mouth, I let out another moan. I wanted to start smashing it into the roof of my mouth right away, but it didn't stop, so I kept my face in place and let it curl up in my mouth. It was firm, but it also had a creamy texture and a dark, rich flavor that I was enjoying. When it finally released completely from his sphincter, I let out a very load moan and started to chew on it as Jimmy looked over his shoulder. Just as I had done earlier for Matt, I opened my mouth and displayed its delicious brown contents, then I went back to enjoying my treat by smashing it against the roof of my mouth with my tongue before swallowing.

When I had it all down, I wantonly looked back up at Jimmy and waited for him to turn around again. I spread his cheeks apart again, then I placed my eager face between his poop smeared cheeks and waited for him to give me another load. This time, he pushed out a softer, creamier load. I let it fill my mouth again, inhaling deeply as it did, then I gave another loud moan that I was sure carried all the way downstairs as I began to chew it up and swallow it all. When that portion was down, I pushed my face back between his buns for another load. Jimmy gave another push, and a much smaller but still satisfying load filled my mouth, causing me to let another moan go.

At the same time, I could hear my mom and dad walking down the hallway from the staircase. My bedroom door was wide opened, so they knew that Jimmy and I were in the bathroom. I made no effort to suppress my moans, either, as I chewed up the last of Jimmy's hot, stinky poop load that I was enjoying so much. I heard them stop by the bathroom door, but I didn't care, even going so far as to part Jimmy's butt cheeks so that I could lick them clean. I gave out another moan as I lapped away the thick poop that was smeared all over his buns and stuck in his crack, wanting it all in my mouth so that I could swallow every last bit of it. When I was sure it was clean, I decided to make it very clear what we were doing in there.

“Do you have anymore poop?” I asked, and he shook his head no with a panicked look on his face. I just grinned up at him and said, “I licked it all off of your butt. How much is on my face?”

He looked terrified when I said that, and looked even more frantic when I used my fingertips to wipe away what was on my face and lick it off, loudly letting my lips smack each time. As I was enjoying the last of my delicious meal, there was a knock at the door, and I thought that Jimmy was going to faint.

“Kyle, we're leaving in twenty minutes,” my mom said through the door. “You need to take a shower before we leave.”

“Okay mom,” licking my fingers loudly. “I'll get in the shower as soon as I'm done licking the poop off of my fingers.”

When she walked off, I gave Jimmy a naughty smile and stood up. His cock was still rock hard, so I reached down and caressed it before I stood at the counter, over the sink, and offered up my once again horny rear end to him.

“He's cute,” I told Jimmy as we sat in the food court, ogling a cute high schooler from afar while eating pizza from Sbarro. I wasn't very hungry, having eaten 4 loads of hot, tasty poop already that day, but I wanted to have a reason to sit with my boyfriend while my parents shopped. So I complained to my mom that Jimmy and I were hungry for something from the food court, and she gave me $50 so that we could go to Tilt Arcade when we were finished.

“He is cute, isn't he?” Jimmy agreed, licking his lips and wantonly staring at the hottie who was sitting at a table with another boy and a girl. The other two were all over each other, obviously a couple, and he appeared to be the third wheel. It was ironic in a way, because the other boy wasn't anywhere near as cute as his friend.

He had very fine dirty blonde hair that was neatly groomed, short and a little shiny. His complexion was clear, and his skin looked baby soft. He had thin lips that were somehow pouty, and he had the most magnetic smile I'd ever seen. I was guessing that he was about 14 or 15, standing at over 5 and a half feet tall and weighing maybe 120 pounds. He was eating a chili dog and fries from Dairy Queen, intermittently stopping to drink from his soda. When his food was gone, he picked up his drink and drew it all down through the straw, then I watched him lean back in his chair and pat his full stomach, and I suddenly found my appetite all over again.

Jimmy was staring between the two of us, and I knew that he understood what was on my mind. He looked into my daring eyes and grinned, then he gave me a challenging look. I silently accepted his challenge, wanting nothing less than to have sex with this cute high schooler, and maybe even more if I was lucky enough. I saw the couple get up from the table, saying something to the boy as they did. He nodded and folded his arms, then he rested his head on the table and looked our way.

As soon as he made eye contact with me, I smiled sweetly. He smiled back, then he sat up straight and reached for his phone. It was obvious to me that he was texting someone, and I wondered what he was up to. When he was finished with his exchange, he slid his phone back into his pocket and got up. He cleared the debris from the table, putting it all on his tray, then he carried the tray to the garbage can, where he dumped it. He turned my way, once again smiling, then we made eye contact. To my surprise, he blushed and looked away with a shy smile, then he looked back over at me. I bit my lower lip in anticipation of what I was hoping for as I got up and carried my own tray to the garbage can.

“What's up?” he asked, and I shrugged.

“You want to go to Tilt?” I asked, and he nodded. “My name's Kyle.”

“I'm Jack,” he said. “Are you in middle school?”

“Yeah, what about you?”

“No, I'm in ninth grade,” he told me. “Who's your friend?”

“That's Jimmy,” I said, motioning with my head to invite him over to our table, where I introduced them. “Jimmy, this is Jack, Jack this is Jimmy.”

“Are you guys here alone?” he asked, and I nodded.

“My mom and dad told me to meet them in the food court in an hour,” I fibbed. “What about you?”

“I'm here with my sister and her boyfriend,” he said. “They're shopping and said not to tail them.”

As usual, Tilt was crowded with people waiting in line to play games. There were a few older high school kids there that were basically telling everyone else to get out of their way when they wanted to play a game, and it started to suck because the attendant wasn't doing anything about it, so Jimmy and I decided to leave. Before we did, though, I found Jack and asked him if he wanted to leave too.

“I think I'm going to hang out here,” he said. Then with a shy smile, he added, “Text me your number.”

“Okay,” I said, feeling butterflies in my tummy. He gave me his cell number, and I texted him my number right away. Before we left, I added him to my address book, and I even took a picture with my phone so I could add it to his profile.

“You've got to text me that pic,” Jimmy told me as we were walking out, and I giggled because I knew that Jimmy was going to have something new to look at while he played with himself. We walked around the mall to look at other cute guys before we had to meet back up with my mom and dad. We walked into Macy's, The Gap, Gamestop and even JC Penney. I was about to text my parents to find out where they were when I got a text from Jack, asking if I was still at the mall.

I immediately texted him back and told him where to meet us. When I saw him for the second time, he looked even cuter than he did the first time I set my eyes on him.

“Do you guys want to go sit in my sister's car?” he asked, and we both readily agreed. When we got out to the parking garage, we got on an elevator and went up. While the three of us were in the elevator, the sexual tension was high and I knew that something was going to happen. When we stepped off the elevator, I turned to look at Jack, and was pleasantly surprised to see that he was sporting major wood through his jeans. He was also smiling at Jimmy and I, and was making very little effort to hide his arousal. I grinned back at him, then I did something bold to let him know that we were thinking the same thing.

“Hold my hand,” I told Jimmy out loud, reaching for his hand right in front of Jack. We stopped walking and turned to face him, and his grin got even wider. I leaned in and kissed my boyfriend on the lips, keeping an eye on Jack the whole time. His crotch was now bulging obscenely, and he reached down to rub his boner through his jeans. Jimmy and I broke our kiss, then we leaned back in and let our tongues battle it out as Jack's expression changed again, becoming more lustful.

“Do you like blow jobs?” I asked, and he nodded silently. “Do you want one?”

I saw him take a deep breath and swallow spit, so I leaned in and kissed Jimmy one more time as I looked longingly at Jack and waited for his answer.

“Where can we do it?' he asked.

“We can go back inside the mall and go to the bathroom,” I told him, licking my lips. “We can go into the family bathroom. No one will know.”

When we got back on the elevator, I took a chance and gave Jack a quick peck on the lips. He took three deep breaths, then he leaned in for another. I took charge of the situation and slipped my tongue into his mouth. The sound of the bell on the elevator caused us to separate until we made it to the family restroom.

When we got to the bathroom, Jimmy and I attacked him, pulling his shirt off and unbuttoning his pants. Jack seemed to be in a haze the entire time, letting us remove his clothing articles one at a time until he was standing naked. Jack had a very cute hard on, with about as much hair at Mike and Matt each have, though his cock was a little bigger. Jimmy and I both undressed as well, then we moved in. Jimmy planted a kiss on Jack's lips, and they immediately let it progress to a major French kiss. For my part, I was eager to have both dicks inside of me any way I could get them, so I quickly got on my knees between Jimmy and Jack and took both cocks into my mouth at the same time, letting them each feed me from where they stood. Of course, this took more work than it would have normally because of Jack's inexperience, but it was still fun. When I let their cocks go, it was so I could stand up and join them in the lip lock.

When we broke our lip lock, Jimmy dropped to his knees and took over where I left off while I quickly squatted behind Jack and spread his butt cheeks so that I could feast on his hot, stinky hole. He was looking over his shoulder worriedly at me when I started, so I ran my tongue up his sweaty crack, then I ate his poop-chute out while Jimmy moaned around his cock. Less than a minute after we both got to work on him, he tried to warn Jimmy that he was about to cum. I heard Jimmy moan again, and at the same time, I tried to shove my tongue as deeply up his pooper as I could. Seconds later, he groaned loudly and fired a load into Jimmy's waiting mouth. When I was sure that he was cumming into my boyfriend's mouth, I pulled my face out of his crack and moved around to the front, where I engaged my boyfriend in a passionate kiss while we simultaneously cleaned Jack's cock. Jimmy pulled away and I took over, taking his cum and spit covered tool into my mouth while Jimmy took position behind our newest conquest and buried his face in Jack's stinky cheeks so that he could eat at his back door and get him hard again.

“I can't believe you both licked my butt,” Jack panted as his cock raged back to life in my mouth. I rubbed his thigh with my left hand to let him know that we both enjoyed it, then I impaled myself on his cock, taking it all the way down and encouraging him to fuck my throat deeply. As he worked my throat, I could see Jimmy pushing his face up further into Jack's rear end as he licked him deeply. Moments later, I felt something warm on my thigh, and I opened my eyes to find that Jimmy had cum all over my legs and Jack's ankles while he was eating ass. When the last spurt of cum left my boyfriend's dick, Jack shot another load, this time down my throat. When he was finished shooting, I sat back on my butt and swallowed, then Jimmy and I moved in to clean the cum off of his cock and ankles with our tongues.

“That was fucking amazing,” Jack panted as Jimmy and I lapped the last of the cum from his crotch. “You two are great at this.”

“We do other stuff too,” I told him, reaching out to rub his belly. “We really like the taste of your butt.”

“Really?” he said in a hushed tone, his smile still wide.

“Yeah, didn’t you see how much Jimmy came when he was eating it?”

“Oh my God, that was awesome,” Jack exclaimed.

“He really likes it,” I said, reaching back to rub his hot hole with my fingertips. “So do I, but I like it a little more than he does.”

“You... you do?” he asked, and I nodded.

“If you have anything back there that you can feed me, I'll be happy like you and Jimmy are.”

“You mean..?” he asked, stopping mid sentence, and I nodded with a hungry gaze. His eyes got bigger than they were when Jimmy and I were making out in the parking garage when he realized that I was serious. “Okay.”

With that, I sat on my knees and waited while Jimmy stood up and showed him how to stand. When he hung his butt out, I moaned out loud and my mouth started to water all over again. When Jimmy instructed him to push, I quickly got into position behind him and waited for my meal. I heard Jack start to strain, then a wonderful smell that I'll never forget filled my nostrils as he started to poop out a soft, almost orange colored load that filled my waiting mouth quickly. It almost smelled like dog poop, and I started to swallow right away, eager for as much as he could give me. His poop continued to come out continuously for at least 30 seconds, and I found that he was filling my mouth back up as soon as I could manage to swallow. Finally, the pieces of poop stopped and I was able to get it all down, then I let out a satisfied moan, eager for the next offering to come down his chute and into my waiting mouth. He gave a hard push, and it almost exploded from his butt. If filled my mouth almost instantaneously, and just like earlier at Matt's house, my mouth overflowed and it started to cake in his crack and up my nostrils. I quickly swallowed what I could and let it start to fill my mouth again. As the load was filling my mouth, he simultaneously blew out a fart that cause several projectile splatters of poop to hit my forehead, hair and chest. I moaned involuntarily when I realized that he still wasn't finished.

“Do you want me to pee in the toilet?” he asked, and I shook my head no, opening my mouth wide and encouraging him to pee down my throat. When he gave me what I wanted, I washed down his brown offering, then I slipped his cock into my now cleaner mouth and allowed him to fill my mouth with pee. For a moment I forgot where I was, and I let his pee overflow from my mouth, then I directed his stream at my hair and forehead, then back into my desperate mouth for more.

When he was empty, I beckoned him to turn around so that I could lick his crack clean. I started to part his cheeks when I heard him ask Jimmy, “Does he want me to keep going in his mouth?”

“Mmm,” I moaned from behind him as I licked up his crack, which was caked with even more poop than Matt's crack was earlier. I pulled a large heap of his boy poop into my mouth, then I gave off another satisfied moan as he squatted over me and pushed. I got underneath him with my opened mouth, just in time to catch two firm turds as they exited from his smelly hole and fell to a safe landing in my mouth. I smashed them as quickly as I could with my tongue and swallowed them, then I heard him strain hard, obviously at the end of his supply of delicious boy fudge. I got back into position and pushed my face back into his poop smeared crack and waited for the last of his precious offering to travel out of his butt and into my mouth.

It was another soft mound, much smaller. He pushed again, and I was treated to another loud fart, then I quickly swallowed before I used my tongue to lick his butt cheeks and crack clean. When he was as clean as I could get him, he walked over to the sink and wet some paper towels so he could clean himself up a little better. While he was doing this, Jimmy got into position, squatting over my needy face, and as Jack watched, he pooped into my opened mouth. Just like before, it was firm and voluminous. It curled up in my mouth, and Jack's eyes got big when he saw the hot, delicious load filling my mouth. When I started chewing, he bit his lip and watched me hungrily, then he mouthed the words “Fucking hot.”

When Jimmy was about to push again, I got behind him and opened my mouth wide at his entrance while I gave Jack a hungry stare, wanting him to know how badly I needed it. When Jimmy let it go, I was treated to a soft flow of poop that was similar to Jack's. It filled my hungry mouth, but it was nowhere near the size of Jack's steamy offering. Eventually, he was finished, so I took to licking his crack clean before scraping the poop off of my face with my fingers. Jimmy helped me clean up with paper towels before we left the restroom, and I could still smell the combination of the two loads I'd taken in my nostrils. Jimmy gave me a stick of gum, then we went to the food court and I got a Sprite to rinse down all of the delicious fudge that I still had on the roof of my mouth. Not long after we were done, my mom and dad texted me to tell me they were ready to leave.

It was dark when we pulled up to Jimmy's house to drop him off. All of the lights were on in the front room, and I could see his mom walk past the front window with her cell phone up to her ear. I'd been holding Jimmy's hand for the entire ride back to his house from the mall, and even managed to steal a few kisses.

“Are you sure you don't need someone to walk you up, buddy?” my dad asked, turning in his seat to look back at Jimmy for an answer.

“I'm sure,” Jimmy said with a nod. “Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I had fun at the mall.”

“You're welcome, honey,” my mom said warmly. “Do you two need a little time to say goodbye?”

“Yes,” I said with a disheartened sigh, then I rested my head on Jimmy's shoulder. “I wish you could spend the night tonight.”

“Me too,” he said, wrapping his arm around my shoulder. “I'll call you tomorrow morning.”

“Okay, I love you Jimmy,” I said planting a kiss on his cheek.

“I love you too, Kyle,” he practically whispered, then he puckered his lips. I leaned in and planted a kiss on his lips, then I slipped him some tongue, knowing that my parents didn't mind. I also knew that when we got home, we were going to talk again about my sexual activities, and I had resolved to tell them the truth because somehow, I knew they wouldn't try to stop me from doing anything I wanted, no matter what they thought about it.

Less than a minute later we were pulling into the driveway and the garage door was going up on its own. When we got out, my mom and dad unloaded the car while I went inside and made a beeline for the downstairs bathroom. The pizza I ate at the food court was stirring in my stomach, along with the steaming loads of boy poop I'd eaten throughout the day, and I could feel another tasty load settling in my butt, ready for my enjoyment.

I started to unbutton my pants before I even got into the house, and I kicked my shoes off in the hallway so that they wouldn't be in the way when I dropped my pants and underwear. As soon as they were down, I kicked them off and squatted right by the door, wanting desperately to poop on the floor so that I could savor the aroma before I dined on the tasty treat. I pooped for what felt like an eternity, enjoying the smell as it filled my nostrils. I could hear my mom and dad walking back and forth by the door, carrying in bags of things they bought at the mall while Jack and Jimmy were feeding me from their scrumptious rear ends.

“It stinks in here,” I heard my mom say as she passed by the door, then she talked to me through the door. “Kyle are you pooping in there?”

“Yes mom,” I said through a loud strain.

“It smells like shit,” I heard my dad exclaim when he came in.

“It's Kyle,” my mom told him. “I don't think he's going in the toilet.”

“I'm not,” I told them through the door, then I pushed again. “I'm pooping on the floor.”

“Buddy you're going to make yourself sick,” my dad said, and I shook my head no as I pushed again.

“No I'm not, dad,” I argued as the smell continued to waft into my nostrils, causing my mouth to water and my stomach to growl once again. “I'm almost done.”

“Let's just talk about it when he comes out, dear,” I heard my mom say, then they carried on with unloading the car.

When I was finished, I sat on my knees and looked down at the pile that came out of my butt, feeling dizzy with anticipation. It was a large combination of delicious looking poop. Some of it consisted of soft piles, other parts of it were solid and soft turds. Some of them were straight, and some of them had curled up like the ones that Jimmy had pooped into my mouth earlier that day.

The smell was intense, and I had no idea how my mom and dad could complain about such a wonderful scent. When I brought the first handful up to my mouth, I stopped to sniff it deeply first, then I crammed it into my watering mouth and moaned. I quickly moved in for the second handful, and after another loud sniff, I treated myself to another mouthful as my parents walked by the door and heard my moaning.

“Is that him eating it again?” I heard my dad ask my mom, and before she could answer, I admitted my deed with my mouth still full.

“Yes,” I said through the door, bringing the next handful up to my nose and inhaling loudly again as I swallowed what was in my mouth. When it was down, I put another handful in and moaned. “Mmm.”

“Oh my god it stinks so bad,” my mom exclaimed as I smashed the delicious boy poop against the roof of my mouth with my tongue, then I reached down to scoop up what was left.

“It doesn't stink, it smells good,” I said through the door with another mouthful, then I brought the last of my boy fudge up to my nostrils and inhaled once more. At the same time, I let go with a stream of hot pee that shot out of my hairless little boner, which was sticking straight up, and felt it hit my chest before it ran back down into my crotch, soaking my shirt and pooling up between my knees. As soon as I was done swallowing, I crammed the last of my poop into my mouth and moaned again as I surveyed the remaining mess on the bathroom floor. There was a large section of the floor right in front of the door that was smeared with poop, and a medium sized yellow puddle was starting to run into it.

“Are you almost done, Kyle?” my mom asked. “I'm going to have to mop in there.”

“I'm cleaning the floor right now,” I said through the door, then I got on my hands and ran my tongue through the puddle of pee and right into the smeared mess of poop on the floor.

When there was nothing left of my creation, I wiped the smeared poop from around my mouth with my fingers, then I licked them clean again. I removed my shirt and stuffed it into my mouth, sucking hard on it in an effort to draw out as much pee as I could, wanting to suck it all down, then I tossed it on the floor for my mom and dad to take to the laundry room. I put my pants and undies back on, then I opened the door and walked out. My mom and dad were waiting on the other side of the door for me.

“Buddy, I want you to go upstairs and get undressed in the bathroom,” my dad said in a quiet tone, stepping into the bathroom and looking around. The stink was still incredibly strong, and quite pleasant, but I could tell that they didn't appreciate it. I did, though, and I displayed my appreciation by taking a long sniff of the powerful funk and grinning up at my mom and dad. My mom looked into the bathroom behind my dad, then she looked down at me and sighed.

“Kyle, I'm going to run you a bath,” she said in an even tone. “You need to soak in the tub for a little bit, okay?”

“Okay mom,” I said, a little disappointed because I was still in a state of bliss. She smiled warmly and turned to walk up the stairs, so I followed behind her and got undressed while she started the tub. While it was still filling, my dad came into the bathroom and took my toothbrush out of the medicine cabinet, adding some toothpaste and handing it to me with an expectant look on his face. I reluctantly took the toothbrush from him and he watched while I brushed my teeth. When I was done, he took the brush from me and rinsed it off, then he added more toothpaste and once again, he watched while I brushed my teeth.

Out of the corner of my eye, I watched my mom add bubbles to the filling tub, and I wondered if it was because she was being thoughtful, or because she wanted to find a way to get the delightful stink completely off of my body. When I was finished brushing my teeth for the second time, they were minty fresh. I showed my dad my teeth, then I blew my minty breath up at him and he nodded with an approving smile. At the same time, my mom turned the faucet off and instructed me to get into the tub. The water was nice and warm when I settled into it, so I smiled up at my parents and slid down so that I was underneath the surface of the water, then I re-emerged with a wet head.

“Are you and daddy going to wash me?” I asked in a childish tone, and my mom nodded.

“I'll wash your hair, and daddy's going to scrub you,” she told me in a gentle voice, reaching for the shampoo bottle. She squeezed a little out into her palm, then she lathered my hair, scrubbing it deeply with the tips of her fingers and even digging a little into my scalp with her nails, though I'm sure she didn't mean to. I winced a little, and she eased up right away.

In the meanwhile, my dad stepped out of the bathroom for a moment, but returned right away with a washcloth and a large, fluffy towel. I felt my boy pussy quiver at the thought of his strong hands washing me again, then wrapping me up in the warm towel and carrying me out of the bathroom in his powerful arms. He turned the sink on and ran the rag under the faucet while I watched. The water started to steam as it soaked the rag, then he shut the water off and rung the rag out.

“Stand up, baby,” my mom instructed me when she was finished scrubbing a thick lather into my hair. I did what she asked and watched while she stepped out of the way and let my dad take her place. My hairless boner was standing straight up in plain sight of both of them, but they both seemed unfazed as the bathwater ran down it and cascaded off of my tight scrotum.

He reached into the tub and let the drain go, then he grabbed the bar of soap and wrapped it with the rag. He proceeded to lather me up, starting with my shoulders and arms. As he worked, he raised and lowered my arms on his own, not asking for my cooperation. He ran the rag all over them, then he moved down to my chest and stomach. He paid special attention to my belly button, causing me to giggle playfully when he used his finger to soap it up. He gave me a loving smile, then he proceeded to run the rag over my groin, moving his hand seamlessly behind my little boner. When he washed my dick and balls, his face was emotionless and matter of fact as he worked the rag thoroughly before moving down to my legs.

When he was finished with my front, he reached out and placed his hands on my sudsy shoulders, steering my body so that I was facing away from him, then he started on the back of my neck. He moved the rag all over my back, starting at the top and working his way down. When he got to my buns, I felt my horny pooper start to tremble. He ran the rag all over my butt cheeks, then he used one hand to part them and hold them open while he ran the rag up and down my crevice. The cold air felt amazing against the lips of my boy cunt, so I closed my eyes and let out a little whimper as the rag ran back and forth. With his hand still holding my cheeks apart, he pulled the rag away and my mom stepped forward to examine it closer, so I looked over my shoulders at them and watched them communicate silently.

“Give it a once over,” she instructed him with a look of concern. He brought the rag back into my crack and ran it directly over my poop-chute in a gentle, circular motion for about 10 seconds, causing me to pant with pleasure because I was feeling so many wonderful sensations. When he pulled the rag away for the second time, he held my cheeks apart and my mom stepped forward to look once more. I looked back over my shoulder at her just in time to see her approving nod, so he let go and my cheeks closed as he worked his way down the back of my legs. When he was finished, he turned the shower back on and I rinsed off. While the water was flowing over me, he reached in and grabbed my shoulders again, directing me to face away from him while he ran his hand down my neck and back, then he parted my cheeks once more and let the water flow between them.

When he shut the water off, my mom handed him the towel and he proceeded to dry me off. When I was dry enough, I stepped out of the tub and into the opened towel, then I held my arms up and smiled , eager for him to scoop me up into his strong arms. As soon as he picked me up, he kissed my cheek and smiled at me, then he gave me a sniff.

“Am I stinky?” I asked, and he shook his head no.

“You smell good now, little boy,” he told me, then he turned to my mom and waited for her instructions.

“Let's take him to our room so we can talk,” she said, reaching out to caress my cheek. I grinned at her, then I rested my head on my dad's shoulder while he carried me down the hall to their room. My mom took a right turn out of the bathroom, and I watched her go into my room and turn the light on. While we waited for my mom to join us, I wrapped my legs tightly around my dad's waist, not wanting him to put me down because I was enjoying his scent and the feel of his embrace. With my head on his shoulder, I closed my eyes and imagined that he was about to toss me onto his bed and lift my legs so that he could slip his thick cock deep into my clutching pussy. I let out a loud sigh, and I felt him hug me tightly.

“Are you okay baby?” he asked me in a soft voice, running his fingers through my wet hair, and I nodded. “What's on your mind?”

“Just that I love you, daddy,” I said into his neck, then I lifted my head off of his shoulder and looked at him with a smile. He was smiling back at me, and even though I couldn't prove it, I imagined that he had a lustful look in his eyes and wanted me to kiss him deeply.

“I love you too, baby,” he said lovingly, then he puckered his lips and beckoned me to kiss him. I leaned forward to kiss him, and it took everything that I had inside of me not to let my eager tongue slip out of my mouth and into his.

“Are you giving daddy some sugar?” I heard my mom ask from behind me. When she came into my view, she was carrying a clean pair of underwear and a tee-shirt in her hand. I smiled shyly and nodded. She tossed my clothes on the bed and gave me a kiss on the lips, then she held her arms out so that I could give her a hug. I reached out for her with my arms, and as she wrapped me up in a hug, my dad handed me off to her.

“I love you,” I told her, wrapping my legs around her waist.

“I love you too, sweetie,” she said, planting another kiss on my cheek. “You know that mommy and daddy will always love you no matter what, right?”

I nodded with a happy smile, and she let go of me to let me down. My dad held my undies out for me to step into, then he slid my tee-shirt on over my head before he patted the spot between him and my mom on the bed. When I climbed up and sat down, they both took a hand and held it.

“Since you know that we love you, Kyle, I hope that you'll be honest with us,” my dad said, giving my little paw a squeeze.

“I will, dad,” I promised, eliciting a confident smile from him.

“Sweetie, how much poop did you eat today?” my mom asked. I looked up at her as I counted the hot, stinky loads I'd feasted on, then I grinned.

“I ate poop seven times today,” I admitted.

“Was some of it from other boys?” she asked, and I nodded again. “Which other boys?”

“Are you going to tell on them?” I asked, and my mom shook her head no.

“I promise we won't do that, honey,” my mom said with a smile, so I answered her question.

“I ate poop from three other boys,” I told her. “Matt, Jimmy and Jack.”

“So Matt's your friend that you saw this morning, right?” my dad asked, and I nodded. “You told us earlier that you played with both of your privates. What did you mean?”

“I played with his wiener and his butt, and we did stuff with my butt too.”

“How did you play with his wiener, baby?” my mom asked, causing me to take a deep breath before answering.

“I gave him head,” I admitted.

“You put it in your mouth?” my dad asked.

“Yes, dad,” I said. “I wanted to suck it really bad.”

“I see,” my dad said. “What did you do to his butt?”

“I licked it,” I told him.

“Because he asked you too?” my mom asked. I shook my head no.

“Because I wanted to do it,” I told her. “After I sucked him, he was soft and I wanted him to be hard again. Also, I wanted to lick his butt because I liked how it smelled and I wanted to taste it.”

“Why did you want him to be hard again, son?” my dad asked. “Is it because of what you said about your butt?”

I gulped and nodded, looking up at both of my parents. My mom let out a breath, and my dad seemed to understand what I was telling him. They both seemed to accept it.

“Honey, did he put his penis in your bottom?” my mom asked. I smiled widely as I thought about the wonderful cock that filled me so thoroughly that morning, then I let out a satisfied sigh and answered.

“Uh huh,” I said. “It felt good when he did it, and I wanted him to do it again.”

“He didn't talk you into it?” my dad asked, and I shook my head no.

“I wanted him to give it to me in the butt really bad,” I confessed.

“When did you eat his poop?” my mom asked.

“After that,” I told her. “I asked him if he would, and he said okay, so we got in the bathtub and I asked him to poop and pee in my mouth.”

“And he did it for you?” my dad asked, causing me to nod eagerly with a huge grin on my face.

“He peed in my mouth first, and I swallowed some of it,” I told him. “Then he pooped in my mouth and I ate it all.”

“You liked it?” my mom asked, and I sighed again with a smile.

“I wanted him to keep doing it when he made the first piece come out, then he pooped for a long time for me and I ate it all.”

“Did you eat poop when you came home from his house?” my dad asked.

“Yes daddy,” I said. “I had to poop again, and I wanted to eat more. Plus I ate my poop in the morning after breakfast before I went to Matt's house.”

“What about Jimmy?” my mom asked. “Does he eat it too?”

“No,” I told her, shaking my head. “I ate his poop two times today, though.”

“Upstairs in your bathroom?” she asked, and I nodded.

“Only one time in my bathroom,” I said. “The other time was at the mall when I ate poop from Jack's butt.”

“Who's Jack, honey?” my mom asked. “Is he a friend from school?”

“He goes to high school,” I said. “We met him when we were eating our pizza.”

“You didn't know him?” my dad asked, sounding a little taken aback. I shook my head no and continued.

“He's in 9th grade, and he's cute. Me and Jimmy wanted to do stuff with him, so we took him in the bathroom and we both gave him head and licked his butt. Then I told him I wanted him to poop in my mouth. He had more poop in his butt than Matt and Jimmy put together and I ate it all.”

“And Jimmy went again while you were in there with him?” my mom asked, and I nodded.

“After I was finished eating Jack's poop, Jimmy fed me more poop from his butt,” I told her, feeling my horny pussy start to juice hard while my little cocklet strained against my underwear. “When we came home, I felt like I had to poop bad, and I wanted to eat it again.”

“I see,” my dad said. “Did you have sex with Jimmy at all in your room?”

“He gave it to me up the butt in my bathroom after I ate his poop,” I told him, then I looked down into my lap at my obvious boner. I looked back up at my parents and saw them both looking down into my lap as well, then at each other.

“Would you like to come downstairs and watch TV with mommy and daddy until it's time for Santa to bring presents?” my mom asked. I smiled up at her and nodded, prompting her to lean down and kiss my cheek.

When we got up, my dad reached down and picked me back up, affectionately kissing my cheek again as his arm supported my bottom. As we were walking out of the room, I felt him slide his arm across my butt until it was his hand that my butt was resting on, then I felt him give my bottom a firm squeeze as his finger pushed into my crack, then he ran it up and down from the outside of my underwear, brushing it over my horny boy cunt with force over and over. I let out a moan and nuzzled my head into his shoulder, then he added more pressure as I instinctively ground my bottom against his digit.

“Do you like that, baby boy?” he asked softly, and I nodded, trying to press harder with my grinding hips. He kissed my cheek again, then he said, “I told you before, you're more like mommy and daddy than you know. We're both very happy about that, Kyle.”