Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 12

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My dad kept his hand in place as we made our way down the hallway to the top of the staircase, where my mom was waiting for us. She had an incredibly maternal glow on her face, and as I continued to push down on my dad's probing finger, she reached out to cup my head in her hand, then she planted another kiss on my cheek. She took my dad's free hand and we descended the stairs together. When we approached the downstairs bathroom, I could still smell the delicious aroma of my boy fudge. My mom and dad smiled at me when they saw my nose working, taking in a long whiff as the scent drifted into my nostrils.

How does that make you feel, honey?” my mom asked, stopping in front of the door and pushing it open. She reached in and turned the light on, and when I saw the remnants of my earlier deed on the floor, I sighed contentedly.

It makes me feel hungry for more poop,” I told her, still grinding my horny boy pussy against my dad's finger. “I'm glad you didn't mop in there. I want to come back in here later and smell it some more.”

That's fine, buddy,” my dad said in a low tone, adding a little more pressure to his probing. “Right now mommy and I want to have some special time with you on the couch, okay?”

I rested my head on his shoulder while my mom turned the light off in the bathroom and closed the door, then we took a detour into the kitchen.

Are you thirsty, honey?” my mom asked, and I nodded. “Would you like mommy to get you something to drink?”

Yes, mommy,” I said in a childish tone. “I want you to get me a cup of milk.”

What about you, dear?” she asked my dad.

I'll have a beer,” he told her, then he let go of her hand and carried me out of the kitchen, into the living room. He took a seat on the couch and cradled me in his lap, but his finger never left my crack. Instead, he positioned me so that my butt was resting comfortably on his hand, and his thick finger continued to rub and scratch my hungry butt hole. He smiled lovingly down at me, then he started to rock me from side to side, as if I were a baby. I felt as if I were wrapped in a cocoon of warmth and pleasure, and I couldn't help but gaze up at him with a smile of my own. I could hear my mom working in the kitchen, but it sounded like she was a thousand miles away because I was so focused on my dad.

You know that daddy would never hurt you,” he told me, looking deep into my eyes. “You're becoming such a big boy, but you're still my little one.”

I didn't say a word. I just looked up at him in wonder, trying to process what was happening. I'd been so open with my parents, so forthcoming about everything. I admitted to them that I was letting boys fuck me in the ass, and that I was swallowing hot loads of poop from the rear ends of other boys. Some I knew, one I had just met. I even admitted that I had eaten three of my own steamy loads that day, and that I loved every minute of it.

Before I realized that she had even joined us, my mom was handing my sippy cup to my dad. He kept his finger lodged in my crack, instead adjusting the arm that he was using to support my head so that he could hold the cup and put the nozzle to my lips so I could drink from it like a bottle. As I took my first sip, my mom snuggled up to my dad's side and rested her head on his right shoulder, then she cooed down at me. I felt an overwhelming desire for my dad's finger to enter my fuck hole, so when he pulled my cup away, I communicated my need to my parents.

Daddy, will you put your finger inside?” I asked, reaching down to my underwear, trying to somehow expose my bottom by pulling them off. My dad smiled warmly and pulled his finger out of my crack, making it possible for me to get them off of my rump. When they were as far down as I could get them, I gave my mom and dad a helpless look, and they understood what I wanted.

Would you like mommy to pull your undies off all the way?” my mom asked, and I nodded. She very gently pulled them down off of my legs and over my feet, until I was free of them. I saw her hold them up in the air, ready to fold them, and I whimpered and reached for them, trying to get them from her.

Let me have them,” I whined. She and my dad exchanged a glance, then she handed them to me. They both watched curiously as I unbunched them and examined the seat closely for stains. I spotted the brown streaked area that my dad had been rubbing into my horny poop-chute, and without delay, I brought it to my nose and inhaled deeply as my little boner jumped on its own.

Do you like that, buddy?” my dad asked, and I answered his question by sniffing loudly, then stuffing them into my mouth and sucking on the stain, eager to experience the joy of tasting even the slightest flavor of poop.

It looks like he does,” my mom said, then she gave my dad a kiss on the cheek. “He loves his underwear as much as his daddy loves mine.”

Is that true buddy?” my dad asked, and I nodded with a grin as I continued to draw in the flavor of my own butt hole.

I wish it was my underwear that I was wearing all day,” I told them when I finally let my underwear fall from my mouth. “It has all of my farts and my poop stains from all day on it.”

Well maybe when you go to bed tonight, mommy can get them for you out of your bathroom,” my mom offered, reaching down to brush my bangs out of my eyes. I gave her a grateful smile, then I snuggled up closer to my dad's chest.

Daddy, you didn't put it back,” I said, realizing that my dad's finger was no longer probing my crack. Before I could say another word, my dad placed the nozzle of my sippy cup back to my lips. As soon as I started to drink from it, I felt his powerful finger start to rub my moist pussy with gentle care.

How does that feel, little one?” he asked, and I sighed my appreciation.

Are you going to put it inside?” I asked, but he didn't answer.

Your milk is going to get warm,” he said, shaking my cup to see how much was left. It was almost as if he were changing the subject on purpose. Before I could protest, he placed the nozzle back to my lips and I found myself taking another drink, unable to resist being babied in such an erotic way. While I was drinking, he started to rock me again while his finger started to burrow into my hole. It barely got far enough inside to reach the end of his fingernail, but it felt amazing to have it there none the less. I felt a surge of ass juice in my rear end, and at the same time, I felt my dad delicately twist his probing digit from side to side. I let out a long moan, and my hairless little pecker bounced on its own again.

Does that feel good baby?” my mom asked, and I nodded up at her dreamily while my dad pulled the nozzle of my sippy cup away from my lips, then he leaned down and kissed my lips.

I'm glad you like it, pumpkin,” he told me. “Mommy and Daddy want to make you feel special tonight.”

Do you want to open a present that daddy and I got you early?” my mom asked, and I nodded again, still feeling a warmth surround me that I hadn't felt before. I saw my mom nod at my dad, and before I could even consider what it was that they might have been communicating about, my dad placed my cup back up to my lips so that I could take another sip. I started to drink from the cup, and almost simultaneously, I felt my dad's twisting finger move a little further up into my stink hole. He was so close to my sweet spot that I could literally feel the heat from his finger, knowing that it was literally millimeters away, so I used the muscles in my talented boy cunt to pull it in deeper. As soon as his large digit made contact with my clitoris, I moaned loudly into the cup. My mom and dad were both watching the entrance of my pussy the whole time, and when my dad's finger sunk in further, they were both taken aback.

My dad pulled the cup away from my lips and asked me, “Did you do that, buddy?”

I bit my lower lip and nodded hungrily as his finger continued to rub my clit with his twisting digit.

I need it there, daddy,” I told him shamelessly. My mom smiled down at me, then she got up and walked over to the Christmas tree and knelt down to pick up a present that was wrapped with green wrapping paper. She brought it back over to the couch and reclaimed her spot next to my dad. As soon as she sat down, my dad repositioned me in his lap so that I was sitting up straight. He never took his finger out of my butt, though he did stop twisting it. I felt it settle against my clit, then he very gently started rubbing it in a slow, circular motion.

My mom handed me the box, and I wondered what it could be. My dad cupped my head in his hand and gave me another kiss, this time on the cheek, then he encouraged me to open the gift.

Go ahead Kyle,” he said in an excited voice. My mom had a hopeful smile on her face, and I could tell that they were both very excited about what they'd bought me. I took a deep breath and started to unwrap it, pulling it apart at the seam. Once I had the tape pulled away, the wrapping paper fell off on its own, and a smile spread across my face when I realized what it was I had in my hands.

It was a box that contained two dildos that were still in their original box. But they weren't just any kind of dildos, they were special. One was called the Taffy Tickler, a pick and black dildo with soft silicone dollops lining every inch. The other was called the Torrid Tickler, a blue and black dildo that had little nubbies all over. The blue one was a little thinner and had more give than the pink one, but it looked like it was going to be amazing.

They're both really mine?” I asked as I unconsciously started to ride my dad's finger, and they nodded at me with huge grins on their faces.

My little boner was still sticking straight up, pressing against my groin as I tried to rip them out of their packaging. My dad gave my mom a look, and she gently took them both away from me and got up. She walked all of six feet to the hutch, where she retrieved a pair of scissors. When she sat back down, I watched with nervous anticipation as she cut the packaging open to the blue Torrid Tickler and handed it back to me.

Why don't you look in the box and see what else is in there, baby?” my mom suggested as she cut the Taffy Tickler from its box, handing it to me as well. I looked into the box again, and my eyes lit up when I saw a tub of KY Tingling Jelly at the bottom. I grinned up at my mom and dad, then I felt breathless because my dad's finger started to rub harder. I swallowed hard, then I rested my head up to my dad's chest and opened my legs wide so that I could look down at my dad's finger as it pleasured my lewdly exposed boy cunt. I let out a loud moan, then I smiled at my mom as she started to rub my nipples with her fingertips.

Would you like mommy and daddy to help you try these out?” my dad asked, and I nodded with a whimper. My chest was heaving up and down heavily as I felt my head start to spin with pleasure, and I knew that I wasn't going to last much longer under the spell of my dad's magic finger.

Which one would you like to try first, baby?” my mom asked, but I couldn't speak because my head was spinning harder and harder. I reached out to hand her the Torrid Tickler, not exactly sure what I was doing at the moment. She took it from me with a loving smile, then she took the Taffy Tickler from me and set it down on the coffee table before reaching for the KY Tingling Jelly.

Would you like daddy to add another finger?” my dad asked, and I moaned loudly with a frantic nod. My pussy offered no resistance when my dad slipped a second finger inside of me, and I threw my head back as I felt another powerful surge of ass juice flow around his invading digits. Out of nowhere, he changed his motion from circular rubbing to blatant finger fucking, causing my pussy to queef loudly.

Oh daddy,” I panted, then I reached out and grabbed both of his shoulders with my hands and dug into them with my fingertips as I felt an intense burn deep in my pussy. At the same time, I opened my legs wider and swallowed hard., then I let out another loud moan as an anal orgasm tore through my body. Without thinking about what I was doing, I pressed my lips to his shoulder, then I opened my mouth and bit down on his shirt. I felt his free hand stroking the back of my head, then he used it to gently lift my head off of his shoulder so that he could make sure that I was alright. When we made eye contact, I leaned forward and planted my lips against his, and I felt the suction as he kissed me hard on the lips. I started to open my mouth so that we could French kiss, but he wasn't reciprocating, so I reversed course and accepted his show of affection.

His fingers were still working hard on my boy pussy, and I could feel the ass juice sloshing around them. I realized that my legs were now spread eagle, and that my mom was watching in amazement as my anal orgasm started to wind down. My lips were still pressed to my dad's, and I was still panting hard, giving off lighter moans but still expressing my pleasure. When I felt my dad's lips pull away, I smiled and snuggled tightly into his chest, content to feel his fingers service my now satisfied boy cunt.

Don't stop, daddy,” I whimpered into his chest. “It feels so good.”

I can tell, pumpkin,” he said quietly, stroking my head with his free hand. My hair, which was still wet when he carried me downstairs, was now dry. I could feel it standing up, as if drawn by static electricity. When he finally did slow his fucking motion down, I didn't mind because I could still feel him rubbing my sweet spot. He stroked my head a little longer, then he used his free hand to rub my back while my mom leaned in and gave me a kiss on the lips.

Do you still feel like trying your new dildos?” she asked, and I smiled at her.

Yes mommy,” I said with a sigh. “I want daddy to do it for me.”

That means I have to take my fingers out, buddy,” he said, then he started to withdraw them from my tingling boy cunt.

No, don't take them away yet,” I whined, but it was too late. He lifted them up, and I instinctively reached out for them with my hands, greedily pulling them to my mouth so I could suck the ass juice off of them. I examined them for any sign of boy poop, but there was none, so I put them in my mouth and lustily sucked them clean. When I let them go, he pulled them away and turned me over so that I was laying on my stomach across his lap, then he parted my cheeks so that he and my mom could examine my hole for damage. While he was holding my cheeks opened, my mom opened the cap on the KY and squirted a generous amount of the cold jelly into my pussy, then my dad slipped his finger back up my butt and worked it back and forth while I moaned and raised my hips into the air.

Do two fingers again,” I begged him as I rolled my hips around, trying to encourage him to bring me off again.

Be patient, baby,” he told me, withdrawing his finger from my now slippery boy pussy. “I want you to go to mommy.”

I didn't question his reasoning at all. Instead, I let him manhandle me, lifting me up from my prostrate position across his lap and handing me off to my mom. She grabbed me under my arms and brought me to her for a hug, wrapping me up tightly in her arms as she handed the Torrid Tickler off to my dad.

Honey, I want you to turn so that your sitting in mommy's lap with your back to me, okay?” she whispered into my ear. I nodded and did what she asked, then I felt her reach between my thighs and push them apart. When they were where she wanted them, she used her arms to grab each one of my legs and lift them into the air, once again exposing my horny boy cunt. My dad turned so that he was sitting on his knees, facing my mom and I, then he added more lube to the dildo before placing the tube down in the coffee table. I felt a surge of nervous energy run through me when my dad put the tip of the blue dildo to the lips of my pooper and pushed. I let out a moan as it started to move up inside of me, and once again, I used my muscles to pull it in, feeling inpatient for the butt fucking that I craved so badly.

Take it easy buddy, we have plenty of time,” he told me when he felt himself losing control of the dildo. I wasn't interested in waiting, though, especially when I felt the nubbins start to run along the lining of my pussy. Every nerve back there came alive with pleasure and I moaned loudly, then I gave my dad a needy stare and waited for him to fuck me deep with this wonderful new toy. When he didn't react fast enough, I told him what I needed.

Please hurry,” I begged him. “I need you to do it now, daddy.”

Here babe,” my dad said to my mom, handing her my sippy cup. Before I could say another word, my mom held it to my lips and I started to drink from it. At the same time, my dad started to withdraw the dildo. Before he completely withdrew it, he pushed it back in and I moaned loudly into the cup. He pulled once again, and as it began its outward journey, I used the muscles in my pussy to fight its extraction. He smiled knowingly at me and pulled with a little more force, then he plunged it back in, sending a long shiver up my spine.

Be patient, pumpkin,” he told me in a gentle tone. “Daddy knows what you need him to do.”

I bit down on my lower lip once more and let out a deep breath, then I gave up the battle and let my dad do all of the work. As he pushed the dildo in and pulled it out over and over, I found myself panting hard, delirious with sexual joy. My mom was still holding my legs up into the air, but she leaned down and planted a kiss on my forehead.

Does that feel good, baby?” she asked, and I nodded without delay. “Is daddy doing a good job.”

Yes,” I moaned, then I added, “I want him to do it harder.”

Not too hard, buddy,” my dad said with a loving smile. “I don't want to hurt my baby boy.”

It doesn't hurt, daddy,” I whimpered, still panting hard. “It feels so good.”

Give him another drink, honey,” my dad said, and this time I opened my mouth, eager to let my mom put the sippy cup to my lips so that I could drink from it like a bottle. As soon as she did, I felt him increase the pressure. Not too much, but enough to notice. When my mom pulled my cup away, I let out another moan as goosebumps started to break out all over my skin. I let my eyes travel down to my dad's crotch, and took note of the fact that he wasn't hard. In fact, I recalled, I never once felt an erection when I was sitting in his lap, or when I was laying face down.

He was close enough for me to reach out and feel with my hands, even in my exposed position. When my hands made contact with his groin area, I was amazed to discover that his penis was totally flaccid. I could feel its thick outline, but as my hands explored and grabbed, there was no sign of an erection. He gave me a curious look, and I responded by kneading his dick through the front of his blue jeans. When it didn't respond, I looked up into his eyes for an explanation.

What are you looking for, Kyle?” he asked me softly, still feeding me full strokes with the dildo.

I want your wiener,” I admitted. “Why doesn't it get hard, daddy?”

Because it's not for you,” he said with a sympathetic smile. “That's for mommy.”

But I want it too,” I told him, and he shook his head no.

I only share that with mommy,” he told me, then he added more force to his thrusts. “It's something very special to her, just like she has something that's special to me.”

With that, I let my hands fall away from his crotch and took in a sharp breath as my orgasm started to build again. When I let it go, I felt my boy cunt start to squeeze the Tickler that was working in concert with my dad's arm. I felt a long series of shivers roll up and down my entire body, then I swallowed hard and howled out with pleasure. I could feel a throbbing pressure deep inside of my pussy as my dad continued to work it back and forth, over and over, then everything got dark and I saw flashing lights, almost like flash bulbs going off all around me. I could feel my mom lift my left leg up a little higher, then I felt her run her left hand through my hair and plant another kiss on my forehead.

As soon as she pulled her lips away, I felt my dad pull the Tickler out of my clutching snatch. Without telling him what I needed, he brought it up to my lips and I instinctively parted them to allow entry. He eased it into my mouth, and without hesitation, I started to blow it like it was a dick. I was still moaning like a bitch in heat, sucking all of the ass juice off that I could, then I pushed my head forward and tried to treat myself to its full length. Unfortunately, it was too bulbousy in the center, and I wasn't able to get it all in my mouth. I opened my eyes and wrapped my lips tightly around the part that I was able to fit, then I started to bob my head back and forth, wanting to suck on it like a pro.

My dad finally pulled it away, and I found myself leaning forward, trying to get it back into my mouth with no success. When it was out of my reach, my mom gently lowered my legs back to the couch, then she wrapped her arms tightly around me and held me close while I tried to recover from the orgasm that had just wrecked havoc on my body. My dad leaned forward and planted another kiss on my lips, then he smiled at me and rubbed my tummy with his palm. I smiled back at him, then I reached down and rubbed the lips of my boy cunt with my fingertips.

Did you like that, baby?” my mom asked, and I nodded with a sigh. “Do you still want to try the other one?”

Yes,” I hissed. “I want daddy to do it for me again.”

Well buddy, it's getting late,” my dad said. I looked over at the clock on the wall and blinked when I realized that it was almost ten o'clock. “We need to go to bed before Santa comes, or he might not stop.”

Okay daddy,” I said with a grin. “Are you going to help me in my room?”

How about if you sleep with mommy and daddy tonight, kiddo?” my dad said. “I'll help you out up there, alright? I want you to go upstairs with mommy, and I'll clean up down here so that Santa doesn't find a surprise when he gets here.”

With that, I got up and waited for my mom and dad to follow suit. My dad got up first, then he reached down and took my mom's hand to help her to her feet. As soon as she was up, he leaned in and planted a long kiss on her lips, and I felt a little jealous because I could see their tongues dancing. I decided to take charge of the situation by standing up on the couch so that I could try to put myself at eye level with them, then get in on the action with my dad. Unfortunately my plan didn't pan out, because as soon as they spotted me, they broke their kiss and smiled, then they both reached out an wrapped me in a warm embrace.

We love you, baby.” my mom said, planting a kiss on my lips. “This has been a very special night for us all, hasn't it?”

I rested my head on her shoulder and nodded my agreement while my dad caressed my cheek with one hand and rubbed my back with the other. We stayed that way for a while, with my parents hugging me, petting my head and rubbing my back, then my dad handed my mom my sippy cup and she held it back up to my lips so that I could finish what was left. When it was all gone, she pulled the cup away from my lips and handed it back to my dad. When he took the cup, I felt my mom wrap her arm around my waist and lift me off of the couch, prompting me to instinctively wrap my legs around her. I felt her kiss my cheek, then my dad instructed her to take me upstairs.

Before we headed up the stairs, she asked me if I had to pee. I nodded, and without a word, she took me into the downstairs bathroom, where the smell of my boy poop was still strong. When she set me down, I looked hungrily down at the floor, where a few brown smears remained from my earlier snack. I could smell a powerful combination of dried pee and poop, and it was making me dizzy as it wafted into my nostrils. When I was finished, my mom flushed the toilet for me and helped me wash my hands, then she carried me upstairs. She surprised me by taking another detour, this time into the upstairs bathroom. With a tender smile, she set me down and bent down to pick up both pair of underwear that I'd worn that day. She turned them inside out, then she offered them to me.

Here you go, sweetie, just like I promised,” she told me, and I felt my insides jump. I took both pairs from her and held them to my nose, inhaling deeply, then I very quickly determined which pair held the darkest stain and shoved them into my mouth as I followed her down the hallway to their room. My dad joined us shortly thereafter, the Taffy Tickler and my new tube of KY Jelly in tow. Once I pulled my stinky undies out of my mouth, I found myself smothered in kisses from both of them as they prepared to pleasure my horny boy pussy with another dildo.

I was sleeping soundly in my dad's loving embrace when I was awakened by the sounds of his and my mom's voices. At some point in the night, I felt him let me go, and they both got up and left the room. I knew the moment that they returned, because I felt him wrap his arm around me and pull me to his chest while he slipped his two fingers up my butt. At the same time, I felt my mom run her hand lovingly up and down my back, then I picked up the scent of my stinky underwear and felt them being pressed to my lips. I smiled and parted my lips, then I felt her easing them back into my mouth for me. I immediately started to suck hard on them, drawing out the taste of my poop stain while she snuggled up behind me, giving me a sense of security as I drifted back off into dreamland.

This time, though, I didn't feel my mom behind me anymore. I could hear her talking to my dad, but there was something different about the tone of her voice. I could still feel my dad's fingers lodged inside of me, only they were working furiously on my sweet spot.

Take it easy, honey, you'll wake the baby,” I heard my mom say in a guttural tone, then I realized that the bed was rocking and my mom was panting hard.

He's out like a light, babe,” my dad told her confidently, then he kissed my cheek. “He's off somewhere in his own little sexy dreamland.”

I stayed quiet, only letting my eyes open slightly when I thought it was safe. What I saw made my boy cunt even hornier than it already had been, and I surged ass juice around my dad's fingers. My mom was straddling my dad, riding his thick cock hard, and they were both enjoying the ride with lewd smiles on their faces. I couldn't help but moan when I realized that they were fucking, and I quickly closed my eyes and snuggled up to my dad's chest again so he would know that I was enjoying the finger fucking he was giving me.

It looks like someone's enjoying this as much as we are,” my mom commented, and I felt my dad start to fuck my pussy with even more force.

He's starting to juice hard,” my dad said, and I let out another moan. “I don't think it's going to take much more to get him off. His hungry little hole is squeezing my fingers.”

I started to nuzzle my head into his chest, then I moaned loudly and pushed up with my hips. I was breathing hard, and I could feel my dad's technique change up as I pushed my rear end up into the air, longing for more than the finger fucking he was offering me.

Oh daddy,” I panted, then I opened my eyes and bit my lower lip. I knew that my mom was riding his cock behind me, but all I could concentrate on was the sensations that were coursing through my butt hole, up my spine and down my thighs. Without thinking twice, I wrapped my lips around his left nipple and sucked hard on it, running my tongue all over it as I encouraged him to fuck me harder with his two digits until I finally came hard and collapsed back into his loving embrace. I went back to sleep while my mom and dad were still fucking, my dad's two fingers still buried deep inside of me, and I didn't open my eyes again until I felt my bladder screaming.

When I lifted my head off of my dad's chest, I immediately took note of the fact that he still had a finger up my butt, even though he was sound asleep. My mom was pressed up to my backside, and I could feel the warmth of her nearly naked body. I needed to extract myself from his embrace, but first I had to find a way to disengage his probing digit. I let out a long yawn, then I reached back to try to ease his finger out. At the same time, I felt my mom's touch on my face, alerting me to her conscious state.

Merry Christmas, sweetie,” she said tenderly. I turned my head to look at her, and I realized that the maternal glow she had the night before was even more brilliant in the rays of the morning sunlight. “Do you need to go potty?”

Merry Christmas,” I told her sleepily, then I nodded my reply. Without a word, she eased my dad's finger out of my tight pussy so that I could get up and drain my aching bladder. In his sleep, though, my dad simply brought his newly freed hand up and used it to wrap me up a little tighter. I gave my mom a helpless look, causing her to chuckle and rub his arm.

Let go, honey,” she told him softly, and he unconsciously listened to her command. As soon as I was free from his loving embrace, I crawled over him and hurried into their bathroom to pee. As soon as I was done, I walked back into their bedroom and scratched my head, still trying to get the cobwebs out. I stretched out, feeling a few of my joints crack, then I made eye contact with my mom once more and smiled shyly at her.

She'd put her bra and panties back on, and she was sitting up in the bed. I climbed back into their bed, once again crawling over my dad, and snuggled up to my mom's side.

How do you feel this morning, baby?” my mom asked. I bit my lip and looked over at my dad's sleeping form, especially at his beautiful cock, which was thick with girth and looked especially long, even in its flaccid state. My mom followed my gaze, then she gave me a firm squeeze with both arms.

I want to play with daddy's wiener,” I told her. “How come he doesn't let me?”

What do you want to do with it, Kyle?” she asked gently, seemingly unfazed by my words.

I want to suck it,” I admitted, then I opened my legs and pointed to the opening of my boy cunt and told her, “I want it in there, too.”

Do you think that daddy has a nice penis?' she asked. I leaned into her and nodded, looking up at her face for any sign of what she might be thinking.

Will you tell him to do it?” I asked her. In reply, she smiled down at me sympathetically, then she gently lifted me up and pulled me into her lap. I opened my legs again, then I reached down with my hands and started to rub my chute with my fingers.

Would that be special for you, baby?” she asked, and I nodded.

I need it, mommy,” I told her in a small voice. I felt her hand run up and down my back, then she reached over and grabbed my dirty underwear, bringing them up to my face. The seat was right at my nose, and I moaned out loud as I sniffed it and pressed my nose into the dark stain, which had long since dried out, giving off an incredible smell. At the same time, she produced one of my dildos, the Torrid Tickler, then she wrapped it with my stinky underwear and held it up to my slutty mouth. I very selfishly opened up and let her guide the dildo between my lips, then I started to suck hard, wanting to draw out more of the dark flavor of my briefs.

Is that good, honey?” she asked, and I nodded eagerly.

While I sucked hard on my dildo, my mom reached out and took my dad's cock in her hand, carefully stroking it to hardness while I watched and moaned. I felt a shudder run through my body when I saw his cock standing tall, then she caressed my cheek and kissed the top of my head.

Is this what you want, baby?” she asked me, and I nodded my answer, looking up at her with the dildo and my undies still in my mouth. I heard my dad take a deep breath, then his eyes slowly opened. He looked down at his stiff cock and grinned, then his eyes traveled to my mom and I.

Merry Christmas, dear,” he said with a long stretch, then he smiled at me and said, “Merry Christmas, pal.”

My mom pulled the dildo and my undies away from my mouth, setting them down by her side.

Merry Christmas, honey,” she said.

Merry Christmas, daddy,” I said hungrily, watching his throbbing cock wantonly. He sat up and planted a long kiss on my mom's lips, then he leaned down and grabbed both of my cheeks as he kissed my lips tenderly. I opened my mouth to allow his tongue entry, but once again, he failed to respond.

Do you want a big boy kiss?” he asked, still holding on to my cheeks, and I nodded. He looked up at my mom questioningly, and I felt her kiss my forehead and nod, so he leaned back in and pressed his lips back to mine, then I opened my mouth and brought my tongue out to meet his halfway. As soon as our tongues touched, I melted and wrapped my arms around his neck, never wanting it to end. I moaned softly into his mouth as I felt his arms envelop my frame, then I felt his hands travel down to my little rump and run all over them. When he broke our kiss, I let go of his neck and settled back into my mom's lap.

Did you like that, son?” he asked, and I nodded eagerly.

Do you want me to tell daddy what you want?” my mom asked. I continued to nod as I let my gaze travel down to my dad's still powerful erection.

What does my special boy want?” my dad asked tenderly, reaching out to run his fingers through my hair. I bit my lip and looked hungrily at his cock, then I looked up at him needily to communicate my desires. He gave me a loving smile, then he looked at my mom and they silently communicated as I felt a rush of nervous anticipation run through me once again.

Are you sure that's what you want, baby?” my mom asked, and I looked up at her and smiled, then I licked my lips wantonly and set my sights back on my dad's raging hard on. My mom rubbed my back and whispered into my ear, “Go get it, baby.”

I was practically shaking when I reached out to grab it with my hand. My dad didn't say a word as I tried in vein to wrap my hand around it. I brought my other hand to its base, then I used both hands to stroke it slowly. At the same time, I leaned forward and pressed my nose against the head, taking in a long whiff. I turned to look at my dad's face, taking note of the fact that he was watching me with a curious stare, almost as if he were waiting to see what I was planning to do next. I gave him a sexy smile, and he returned it with a smile of his own.

Without breaking eye contact with him, I let my tongue run all around the head of his dick, paying special attention to the ridge around the crown. While I was doing this, I watched his face for any change in expression, but there was none, so I decided to take it a step further. With my tongue bathing his glans, I slipped my mouth over them and sucked sensually, taking special care not to let my tongue get in the way. I let out another soft moan, then I went down a little further, taking more of him into my mouth.

That feels good, pumpkin,” he murmured, and I felt a burst of pride deep inside of me because I was pleasing the most important man in my life. I smiled again, this time with my mouth full of hard cock, then I went down further, anxious to try to take him all the way to the back of my throat. I started to bob my head, pushing down a little bit further each time, and I heard my dad start to moan. Out of nowhere, I felt him grab my right leg and tug on it, so I pulled off of his throbbing cock long enough to figure out what he was trying to do. I felt my whole body being pulled so that I was straddling his chest, facing his cock, then I felt him part my butt cheeks and push his finger back up my rump. I moaned in appreciation, then I went back to work on his cock. When it was back in my mouth, I swallowed as much of it as I could, wanting to feel it work the clitoris in my throat.

You make daddy feel so good, baby,” I heard him say, drawing in a sharp breath as his finger twisted and turned inside of my pussy. I moaned again, then I started to bob up and down on his throbbing dick, wanting to feel it fuck my throat deeply. I felt him pull his finger out of my butt, then I felt him part my cheeks again and waited to feel the head of one of my dildos at my entrance. When I felt his face smash into my cheeks, I was a little stunned, but then I felt his tongue snaking around my pussy lips, and I felt a sensation I'd never experienced in my life.

It was amazing, and I was barely able to concentrate on the blow job I was giving because the feelings of overwhelming pleasure were enveloping my whole being. I felt my mom start to rub my back, then she ran her fingers through my hair, adding to my blissful state of being. All of the sudden, his tongue slipped up inside of me, and I almost passed out. I selfishly pulled off of his cock and moaned loudly into the air, then I somewhat composed myself and impaled myself on his manhood. I used the muscles in my throat to squeeze down on his glans, and I could feel the burn in my rear end starting to get stronger. The whiskers on his face were scrubbing the insides of my ass cheeks, making them burn sweetly as he continued to eat me out.

I reached down and cupped his balls in my right hand, fondling them and picturing the cum boil deep inside of them. I could feel his cock starting to throb harder, then his nut sack tightened and I knew it wouldn't be long. I tightened up as much as I could with my throat, then I increased the speed of my bobbing. The head of his dick was hitting the clit in my throat just right, and along with the major ass eating that my dad was giving me, it sent me over the edge. I started to feel wave after wave of throbbing pleasure sweep over me, and my senses were incapacitated as I came hard. In the middle of my climax, my dad started to eat my rear end with even more force, pressing his mouth hard against my opening while his whiskers worked my cheeks over. At the same time, I felt his cock jerk hard in my throat, then it exploded in my mouth. The taste was incredible, and it felt thick and rich. I quickly started to swallow, then I pulled it out of my throat and wrapped my lips around the head, just past the glans, forming a tight seal as he continued to fill my slutty mouth with his sweet cream. I rested my head on his stomach and continued to suck on his cum firing dick until it finally slowed down, not wanting to waste a drop.

When he was finished shooting, I let it fall from my mouth and licked it all over, wanting to get every last drop of cum that he had to offer me. When I was sure he was clean, I let go with my hands and watched it stand straight up, still alive after shooting such an amazing amount of cum. I was about to take it back into my mouth when my dad pulled his face out of my now satisfied boy cunt and gripped my hips to lift me off of him. I instantly complied, letting him manhandle me again, and I found myself face down in his pillow with my ass in the air. He parted my cheeks again, then he dove back in and started to tongue fuck my pussy.

Oh daddy, oh daddy,' I cried out as I writhed around under him. I started to press back hard with my hips, and it only seemed to encourage him to eat me out harder. I saw my mom reach over and grab my stinky underwear, then she brought them down to my face and I smiled when I picked up their dark scent. Without another word, I opened my mouth and she stuffed them inside for me. While I was concentrating on tasting my poop stain, she lifted the tube of KY Jelly and squirted some out into her hand, then she reached out and started to massage my dad's throbbing cock with it.

When it was sufficiently lubed, she laid down so that her head was next to mine and asked me, “Do you still want daddy to put it back there?”

Yes,” I moaned loudly, letting my delicious underwear fall from my trembling mouth. She bunched them up in her hand, then she leaned in and kissed me on the lips before she sat back up and rubbed my dad's back, giving him the signal that it was time to stop dining at my back door. When he pulled his face out, I fell over to my side and rolled onto my back, then I let him manipulate my legs so that they were where he needed them to be.

The baby's ready,” she told him softly, and he smiled down lovingly at me as we locked eyes. He reached down and stroked his hard cock, then he used some of the lube that he got on his fingers to push back up inside of my yearning boy pussy. He smiled at me again when he brushed over my sweet spot, then he pulled his fingers out and lined up with my hole.

Are you sure that this is what you want, pumpkin?” he asked, and I nodded up at him with a grin. He looked over at my mom and told her, “Keep his legs in place, honey.”

My mom wrapped her hands around each one of my ankles, keeping my boy cunt in place as my dad placed the head of his rock hard cock at my entrance and slowly pushed in. I felt his head push past my ring and a shiver ran up my spine. I swallowed hard, then I tried to use the muscles in my ass to pull him in deeper. He was too strong for that, though, and continued to push in at a slow, deliberate pace.

How's that feel baby?” my mom asked softly, and I let out a moan.

It feels so good,” I whispered, then I let out a long sigh.

You did such a good job for daddy,” he said lovingly, pushing in a little bit deeper as he petted me by stroking my hair. “You made me feel so good when you were sucking me.”

You made me feel good too, daddy,” I whimpered. “No one's ever done that for me before.”

I could tell you liked it, baby,” he said. “And daddy liked doing it for you.”

I liked giving you head,” I told him, feeling his shaft get hot as it slowly sank into my needy pussy. “I really like having you in my pooper.”

Yeah?” he asked softly, and I bit my lip and moaned as I felt his pubic bone pressing against my cheeks, then I nodded frantically as I waited for him to start thrusting. Instead, he bent down and cupped my cheeks with both of his hands, then he gave me another kiss, slipping his tongue deep into my mouth. As we kissed, I felt him slowly start to pull back, then he gently pushed back in. I let out another loud moan into his mouth, then he pulled his hips back carefully, then he guided his throbbing cock back down with a forward push.

Do it harder,” I begged into his mouth, his tongue still snaking around in my mouth. He pulled back with a little more speed, and he pushed back in with the same amount of pressure. After seven more strokes, he added a little more force, then he gave me time to adjust to the new rhythm before he added more. The head of his cock was pushing and pulling on the lining of my pussy, in and out, and with every stroke, I felt a sharp shiver run up my spine, all the way to the base of my head.

It seemed like it took forever for him to reach the pace that he eventually settled into, but once he did, I got lightheaded and moaned even harder into his kissing mouth. I finally had to pull my mouth away from his so that I could bring my fist up and bite down on it as my climax swept me away. I heard my noisy pussy start to queef loudly as he pushed in and out, over and over, then I started to holler out for him.

Oh daddy!” I exclaimed into my fist, then I felt him cup my cheeks again before he leaned down to kiss me. I started to settle down when I felt his tongue slip into my mouth, and just when I thought I was finished with my climax, he started to thrust in and out even harder, then I felt another orgasm building.

That feel good, baby?” my dad panted, and I nodded, once again stricken by the delirium brought about by his torturous thrusting. I wanted to wrap my legs around something, anything, but I couldn't move them because my mom was holding them in place. I saw my dad lift his head, then he started to slam hard into my rump, driving me up towards the headboard.

Careful honey, you're going to hurt him,” my mom told him, and he looked down protectively. Before she could say another word, he reached down and placed his hands on my shoulders, holding me in place as he continued to drive into me as hard as I wished he would.

My second orgasm was as frantic as the first. It washed over me like a tidal wave, knocking out my faculties and rendering me speechless, other than the high pitched moan that I belted out. I could feel my dad's thrusting get even more forceful for a few seconds, then I felt him erupt inside of my hot pussy, flooding it with a torrent of searing hot cum that never seemed to stop pumping out of his cock. He continuously fed me long strokes, even as his cum was overflowing out of my butt hole, and I was loving every minute of it. Finally, he pulled out of me, and I opened my mouth, wanting him to slip it in so that I could clean it off. As soon as my mom let my legs go, I was on my hands and knees like the cock hound that I was, eagerly sucking my dad's cum and ass juice coated dick into my mouth so that I could enjoy every drop. When it was clean, I used my hand to scrape his cum from the crack of my ass so that I could slurp it all up. When my hand was licked clean, I cupped both of my hands at my entrance and started to bear down, expelling all of his cum and a large volume of ass juice, then I slurped it all up while they both watched in amazement.

When I was done, I collapsed into my dad's arms and let him hold me close while I recovered from my orgasms. He petted me and rocked me in his arms, then I looked up at him and offered him my lips for a kiss. He leaned down and planted a kiss on my lips, letting his tongue slide into my mouth once more as we both calmed down. When we broke our kiss, he squeezed me tightly in his arms.

Merry Christmas pumpkin,” my dad said.

Merry Christmas, daddy,” I told him. “I love you.”

I love you too, Kyle,” he said, then he leaned over and shared a long French kiss with my mom. When they broke their kiss, he kept his forehead pressed to hers, and their noses were lightly rubbing at the tips as they whispered sweet nothings to each other before my mom got up to go to the bathroom. She went in and sat down on the toilet with the door wide opened, and I smiled because I remembered that I peed in it earlier and never flushed. When I heard her pee hitting the water, I realized that we'd done something so special that she thought nothing of peeing in front of me. When she was done, she flushed the toilet and washed her hands, then my dad smiled down at me and asked, “Do you want to go pee with me, buddy?”

Okay, daddy,” I said, grinning up at him from his lap, where he still had me nestled tightly in his arms. Without moving me out of his lap, he hung his legs over the side of the bed, then he stood up and carried me into the bathroom with him. He set me down in front of the toilet, but instead of standing in front of it and aiming, I turned to face him and wrapped my arms around his naked waist.

What do you want, buddy?” he asked knowingly as I looked up and gave him a hungry gaze. I reached for his soft hose and pointed it at my lips, then I slipped my mouth over the end and waited for his stream. “Kyle, that's not a good idea.”

Mmm hmm,” I whined around the head of his dick, nodding as I did so. My mom came to the bathroom door and watched us silently, and it dawned on me that I was shamelessly asking my dad to feed me his pee. I reached out and rubbed his hairy tummy, then I felt another shudder go through me as I looked over at my mom with desperate eyes. She could see the need in my eyes, and I knew it, because she gave my dad an agonizing look. I knew that she wasn't able to deny me what I needed.

Please baby, this isn't a good idea,” my dad panted, but I didn't let his hose fall from my mouth. He reached down and shook it lose from my lips, then he looked over at my mom. Her eyes met mine, and I could see the need to nurture coming through, so I piled on.

Mommy, tell him I need it,” I begged her, reaching back out for my dad's limp cock and placing it back between my lips. She looked tortured, torn between doing what she felt was right, and giving her baby the sustenance he was asking for. Like all good mothers, she couldn't tell me no.

Get in the tub,” she told my dad, and I felt my heart skip a beat. I climbed in first, eager to have my slutty mouth filled with hot pee that I would be able to drink straight from my dad's bladder.

As soon as we were in the tub, I pulled the curtain all the way back so that she could watch, then I grabbed my dad's dick and placed the spongy head at my lips, forming a tight seal as I waited for him to let go. I reached out with my hands and started to rub his tummy again, wanting him to give me the morning load of hot poop that I knew was waiting in there. I wasn't sure how I would get that from him, but I knew that if I could get my mom to side with me again, it would be mine.

I saw him close his eyes, then I felt the first shy drops of pee hit my tongue. Slowly, the stream started and I immediately inhaled the strong aroma as it drifted through my nasal passage. I grinned up at him to let him know that I liked the taste, then I sucked on the end of his peeing cock, letting him know that he could increase the flow. He reached down under my chin and lifted my face, then he let the flow get a little harder. I was still able to keep up and swallow all of what he was giving me, and even gave out a few satisfied purrs as I continued to enjoy the taste and scent of his warm yellow love potion. My mom stepped in to watch closer, and I could see how amazed she was that I was able to keep up and not lose any. I gave her a sweet smile and continued to drink it all down until his stream finally slowed down and eventually stopped altogether. When it was over, I let his soft cock fall from my mouth and gave a sigh of contentment as I rested my head against his stomach.

Was that good, buddy?” my dad asked, hugging me close to his body. I nodded. “Did you get enough?”

No, not yet,” I whined, looking up at him desperately as I started to massage his stomach more vigorously. He looked down at me with concern, then he looked at my mom, who looked equally concerned, and a little conflicted. “I'm hungry. I need you to feed me daddy.”

With that, I reached around and slid my hand into his hot crack, then I found his pooper and began to massage it with my fingertips. I looked back over at my mom, giving her a helpless whimper as I slowly eased around my dad to his backside, then I parted his cheeks and buried my face between them, taking in a long drawn out whiff as I did. Without thinking twice, I started to lick up and down his crack, moaning loudly as I did, then I zeroed in on his stinky hole and started to eat it with reckless abandon. I let my eyes wander over to my mom, who was watching helplessly as I ate at my dad's back door, then I pulled my face out and told her, “I need it so bad, mommy.”

Before she could say anything, I shoved my face back up into my dad's poop-chute and started to lick it as hard and deep as I could with my tongue while I waited for something to emerge. When it didn't happen, I pulled my face out and rested it against his rump, once again appealing to my mom for help.

Tell him to poop for me,” I begged her, and I could see the agony on her face once more as I pleaded my case. “Please, I need it now, mommy.”

I saw her looking at my dad with tortured eyes, and I saw him shake his head no. That was when I started to weep, then I begged her one more time to make him comply with my needs. She reached out and touched my face, then she pulled it away and to my delight, she placed the flat of her palm on my dad's belly and started to rub it for me. I could see him give her a questioning look, but she only responded with a kiss on the cheek and a warm, motherly smile as her maternal glow returned.

The baby's hungry, dear,” she told him softly. “He needs it.”

This is crazy,” he said to my mom, but his tone was one of a defeated man. “You tell me when to stop, baby.”

Okay daddy,” I said with a grin, rubbing my nose up and down his hot crack. When I parted his cheeks, I saw his hole start to open, so I opened my mouth and placed it at his back door. My mom was watching me intently as the head of the first piece started to emerge slowly. I used my tongue to guide it into my watering mouth, smiling even more widely the moment that the smell hit my nose. It was a distinctive odor that I can't say I've never smelled before, but it was still somehow new to me. The dark brown turd bullied its way out of his chute and into my eager mouth, where I instantly began to smash it with my tongue against the roof. It was hot and moist, and when I started to swallow, my mom leaned in to watch closer, prompting me to give her an appreciative sigh. When the first piece of poop from his butt completed its journey, I opened my full mouth and displayed its contents to my mom, then I chewed it up and swallowed it all before parting my dad's cheeks and placing my opened mouth at his entrance.

Push, daddy,” I told him, and he complied, sending another thick log of butt fudge down his poop-chute for me to savor. It was a much softer piece, and it had a darker, richer stink to it that I needed more of. As it filled my mouth, I found myself smashing it with my tongue into the corners and along my gums, wanting to keep it there until it was all out. When the end finally released from his butt hole, my dad turned to watch me macerate his offering. I opened my mouth one more time to show them both what I was enjoying, then I started to chew the soft load up.

Do you have anymore?” I asked with a small voice, prompting my dad to run his fingers through my hair and nod before turning around and offering his rear end to me once more. I parted his cheeks again, then I shoved my face in between them, eager to feel the warm poop that was stuck in his crack smear all over my cheeks and hair. When he pushed, I moaned loudly into his crack and opened my mouth, where he offered me one last turd from his delicious butt. It was almost the exact same consistency as the second one, and it had the same delicious taste and aroma as it filled my eager mouth. When it was out, I turned to face my mom and began chewing it up, then I swallowed it all and moved back between my dad's cheeks for dessert, licking his crack clean and pulling in large heaps of poop that were smashed in between his cheeks.

As I carried on with the task of cleaning my dad's ass crack, I felt the urge to poop come over me as well. I was insatiable, and I knew that I wanted to eat another hot load of poop, so when I was finished, I pulled my face away and told my parents what I was about to do.

I have to poop, too,” I said, looking up at them, my face still covered in my dad's butt fudge.

Go ahead, baby,” my mom told me. I hung my butt out and pushed, letting it all go in the bathtub. As the stink started to drift into my nostrils, I gave another moan, then I knelt down and ate every bit of it while my parents watched me in stunned silence. While I was still cramming the last of my own poop, I let go with a warm stream of pee that hit my dad's legs. When there was nothing left in the tub, I used my hand to scrape my crack clean, then I brought it to my mouth and licked it clean.

I looked up at my parents, finally somewhat satisfied, and smiled. My mom smiled back at me, then she unhooked her bra and dropped her panties and climbed into the tub with us while my dad started the shower. I stood still and let my parents wash me from head to toe, then I watched while they washed together. While they were washing each other, I used the soap to stroke my dad's cock back to life, then I turned around and asked him to service my horny cunt one more time. I placed my hands against the shower wall and bent over, so he slipped back inside of me and started to fuck me gently, then he picked up the pace. I was already so horned up about the hot loads of poop I ate that it didn't take me very long to have another mind blowing orgasm. Shortly after I came, he squirted his load deep inside of my once again well fucked pussy, then we got out of the shower. My mom took me to my bathroom and supervised me while I brushed my teeth, then the three of us got dressed in our underwear and they took me down stairs to open our presents.