Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 13

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“Are you sure you want me to take a dump in your mouth again?” Matt asked, wrapping his arms around my shoulder as I rested my head on his chest, still basking in the afterglow of the sex we just engaged in. “I have to go really bad this time.”

I'm positive,” I told him, feeling my stomach growl and my mouth water. “I love how your poop tastes.”

“Is it just mine, or is it anyone's poop?” he asked, causing me to contemplate the best way to answer his question.

“I like yours the best,” I told him, knowing that I was fibbing. The truth is that I have no preference, as long as it comes out of the butt of a cute boy. Of course, if I had to choose a favorite it would have to be Jimmy, but the truth is that I'm always very hungry for any butt fudge I can eat. As long as it's hot and stinky, I want it.

Matt and I had just fucked, and I had no issue achieving multiple orgasms as he ran his thick rod back and forth inside my my hungry pussy. As soon as he let me in, he was all over me, wrapping his arms around my neck and engaging me in a long French kiss.

“You look so sexy today,” he told me when we broke our kiss. “I want to fuck you right now.”

That was all I had to hear. I wasted no time undressing and before we made it to his room, I was on my back on the living room floor with my legs in the air and his cock up my butt. He drove in hard, over and over again as I moaned loudly, then he quieted me down by slipping his tongue into my mouth as he brought me to a frenzied climax. As soon as my butt muscles started to squeeze his cock, he blasted off inside of me and pulled out.

When we got to his room, I dropped to my knees and cleaned his sticky cock with my mouth and tongue, then I indulged in giving him a long rim job before he led me to his bed, where once again, he plowed my boy cunt with his hard rod for over twenty minutes, bringing me off two more times before he finally filled me up with a second load of cum.

I promised him the day before that I wasn't going to eat any poop before I came over, but it was impossible for me to keep my promise. I was finding it increasingly difficult to get enough, and my stomach was constantly rumbling for more. I didn't tell him about the loads I'd eaten the day before, or this morning, mainly because I suspected that he might not want to kiss me anymore if he knew.

“Are you ready for it right now?' he asked, and I eagerly nodded. I felt him let go of me with his arms, and I quickly sat up and got out of his bed, then I grabbed his arm and practically yanked him out of the bed. When he was up, we hurried across the hall to the bathroom, where I pulled the shower curtain back and climbed into the tub. He got in right behind me, and before I dropped to my knees, I leaned in to kiss him again. I moaned when his tongue slipped into my mouth and let him control the tempo of our kiss, the way he controlled the tempo of our love making minutes earlier. When our lips separated, I slid down his body, planting kisses all the way down until I was face to face with his semi hard cock.

I was about to reach out for it, but he surprised me by turning to face away from me and hanging his butt out over my face. I smiled and moved in to plant my face between his cheeks, then I opened my watering mouth and prepared to receive his offering. As his luscious hole started to open, I heard and felt a burst of hot gas escape, and I let out a little whimper because it was so delicious. I heard him push again, and I opened my mouth wide, just in time to have it instantly filled to capacity with a soft, stinky load of dark brown boy fudge. Its consistency was almost like chocolate frosting, and its taste and smell was just as heavenly.

“Mmm,” I moaned as I started to quickly swallow what he had presented me with, but before I could even get half of it down, he pushed again and another massive load of warm poop began filling my mouth, this time overflowing and pushing out of the sides of my mouth before it caked into his crack. He looked over his shoulder at me, and I smiled up at him brownly, my hairless little pecker standing straight up as I smashed his load with my tongue and gulped it down. He waited for me to finish swallowing, then he started to bear down as I quickly got back into position. A long, thick, solid, dark brown turd swiftly exited his anus, and I desperately chewed it as it started to fill my mouth, wanting all of it to slide down my throat and into my tummy. It was so large that I could only fit about a third of its length in my mouth. As I chewed what I could of it, the rest of it bobbed up and down against my nose, rubbing against the outer edges of my nostrils and smearing against the tip of my nose. The smell was so rich and luscious, and feeling the creamy exterior of his hot poop log tickling against my skin brought me so much pleasure that I thought I might climax again. When I had it down, he turned to face me, wagging his soft dick in my face, so I opened my mouth and let him release his hot pee stream so I could wash the warm meal down.

“Pee in my hair,” I begged him as his stream started to weaken, and with a naughty grin, he directed his stream to my forehead, then he moved it up slightly so that he could soak my hair. When his stream stopped, I opened my mouth and let him shake off on my tongue, then I bit my lower lip and reached out with both hands to grab his hips. He let me turn him around, and I used my tongue to scrape away the caked up boy poop that resided in his crack. When he was as clean as I could get him, he turned the shower on and I dutifully washed him from head to toe before rinsing myself off, satisfied with the large helping of butt fudge and pee that I'd received.

When we were both dried off, he took my hand and held it while we walked down the hall to the living room, where our clothes lay in a state of disarray. I walked over to where his pants and underwear were and gathered them up so I could help him get re-dressed. I held his underwear up and pressed my nose into their seat, taking a long sniff of the place where his rear end had no doubt released several delicious farts. I pulled the sharp scent into my nostrils, then I smiled at him and held them out so that he could step into them. I helped him with his pants, then his shirt, then I got dressed myself. Once I had my shirt and pants on, I slipped my socks and shoes on, then I looked up at Matt, who was watching me with a hungry look in his eyes.

“I think it's hot that you let me shit and piss in your mouth,” he told me.

“I like it when you do that,” I said with a grin. “I wish you could do it everyday.”

“You mean after school?” he asked, and I nodded.

“You could come over to my house after school and do it,” I told him. “My mom and dad won't care, but they won't even be there.”

“Could we fuck, too?” he asked. I nodded eagerly.

“We can fuck anytime you want to,” I told him, biting my lip. “I'm always horny for your dick.”

“Can we see each other tomorrow?” he asked with a sweet smile.

“Sure,” I said. “Do you think Mike wants to come over too?”

“I'll call him later,” he said. “Do you want him to take a shit in your mouth?”

“Yes,” I hissed, feeling lightheaded at the prospect of having both Matt and Mike feed me hot loads of poop from their rear ends. “Do you think he will?”

“I know he will,” Matt said, his sweet smile turning suddenly lecherous. “I'll text you.”

As I walked away from Matt's house, I checked my phone for any texts from Jimmy. He said that he was going to call me in the morning and he did, but I missed his call because I was in the bathtub with my mom and dad, swallowing mine and my dad's morning loads of poop, then taking his man-cock up my butt for the second time that day. When I didn't answer, he texted me Merry Christmas and I Love You. My heart fluttered and I texted him back, but I didn't hear back from him again. I sent him another text and sighed, wondering if I'd get to see him at all today.

When I got home the house was quiet, so I walked to the family room. The only sign of life was the Christmas tree, which was lit up with decorations and blinking lights. All of the wrapping paper that my parents and I had torn off of our gifts had been crumpled up and thrown into the fireplace. I pulled the curtains back and looked into the backyard, wondering if my mom and dad might be back there, but there was no sign of them, so I figured that they probably went upstairs, maybe to fuck.

When I got to the top of the stairs, I could hear the TV on in their room, so I put my ear to the door and listened as their DVD played, realizing that it was a porno. It sounded like a girl was getting her brains fucked out, and I didn't really want to see that, so I giggled and slipped away to my room, where I left the door opened while I removed my jeans. I puckered my lips so that my upper lip was pressed against my nostrils, then I drew in the scent of Matt's delicious butt candy, which I could still taste as well. I felt a shudder run through my pussy, so I laid down on my bed and let my hand travel down into the back of my underwear. I slowly rubbed and tickled its lips with my fingertips, then I slid two fingers inside and felt around for Matt's two cum loads. When I found them, I scooped up what I could with my fingers and extracted it so that I could slurp it up. As soon as I had it in my mouth, I felt desperate to eat the rest of it, so I pulled my undies down to my knees, then I placed my hands at my entrance and expelled the rest of his sperm, eagerly lapping away at my leftovers with a soft moan.

As Matt's cum made its way into my poop filled belly, I could feel the familiar sensation in my butt that told me I had another load of my own butt candy ready to come out. I got up and pulled my underwear up, then I felt an irresistible urge to eat my hot load right away, so I stood next to my bed and pushed it out. My poop snaked out of my butt and into the seat of my underwear right away, filling them up with several hot pieces that weighted them down in the back. A powerful stink started to fill the room, rising up all around me. As soon as I pushed the first part out, I reached down into my undies and pulled out two hot, stinky turds, holding them under my nose for a long sniff before I opened my watering mouth and crammed them in. While I was chewing them up, I strained as hard as I could, releasing another stinky load into my underwear. I reached back in and took out another large handful, then I ate it quickly before reaching in for more with a loud moan.

While I was cramming my mouth full of my hot boy poop, I heard the door to my mom and dad's room open. Seconds later, my mom appeared in my doorway, dressed in only her nighty, and I looked up at her with a mouthful of my fudge and grinned. I hung my butt out to show her my brown pant load, then I reached back down into my underwear and pulled more out. I held it up for her to see as I gulped down what I had in my mouth. When my mouth was empty, I proudly opened wide to show her that I had swallowed, then I very eagerly crammed what I had in my hands into my mouth and let out another moan.

“Is that Kyle?” my dad called out from their room, and my mom pulled her head back from the door to talk to him.

“Yes it is, babe,” she called out, and I heard him get up and start to walk toward my room. “It looks like our little poop lover's enjoying himself again.”

“I am,” I smiled around my mouthful, reaching back into my underwear so that I could gather up what was left and bring it to my slutty mouth.

“Is he eating his poop again?” my dad asked as he appeared in my doorway, standing next to my mom. I nodded at him and pulled my hand out of my underwear, then I held it under my nose and inhaled loudly as I continued to smash what was already in my mouth. Once I had it down, I very sensually licked away the poop that was in my palm, once again giving off loud moans as I did. While they watched, I reached back and scraped my butt crack clean, then I made another show of it for my mom and dad. When I was finished, I eased my undies down and brought them to my nose, where I once again sniffed hard while I grinned at my mom and dad. My little dick was standing up hard, pressed against my hairless groin. I felt it twitch when I pulled my brown underwear away from my nose and stuffed them into my mouth so I could suck away the stinky remnants of my luscious treat.

As I sucked out the taste of my poop load, I looked down at my dad's naked crotch and took note of his raging hard on. Even with a mouthful of my own stinky underwear, I managed to smile at the sight of his huge cock, wanting it back inside of me badly. I let my gaze travel back up to meet my dad's eyes, and I knew that he was aware of what I wanted. I let my underwear fall from my mouth and walked over to my parents, and the first thing they both did was sniff me.

“Did you eat your little friend's poop too?” my mom asked, and I cracked a smile as I nodded.

“He pooped a lot for me,” I told her, my grin getting wider. “It was so stinky and hot, and I loved it.”

“Would you like to shower with mommy and daddy?” she asked, offering her hand so that she could lead me down the hall to their room. “We can have some more special fun.”

“Okay mommy,” I said, still smiling as I slipped my little paw into her hand. We stopped at my bathroom, where my mom and dad prepared my toothbrush and told me to rinse my mouth with water. I did as I was told, then my mom instructed me to open wide while she brushed my teeth. When she was finished, she rinsed my toothbrush, then she added more toothpaste and did it again. When my teeth were brushed and my breath was minty fresh, she put my toothbrush away and we continued down the hall. When we got to their room, they walked me into their bathroom and my dad started the water. We waited for it to get hot, then we got in. The whole time, my little hard on never lost its stiffness, and my dad remained hard as a rock too. I let them wash me from head to toe, placing my hands against the wall and offering up my tantalizing bottom while they paid special attention to my poop covered butt hole. When they were done washing my hole, my dad spread my cheeks and let the water cascade between them, then he let them close and stood in front of my mom, leaning in to give her a kiss.

While their tongues dueled, I took the initiative and slipped my mouth over the end of my dad's hard cock. I heard him let out a moan into my mom's mouth, then they broke their kiss and looked down while I worked on extracting a hot cum load that I knew was boiling in his balls.

Oh, baby, that feels so good,” he panted as I took him all the way down to the base of his cock. His veiny length felt so good in my wind pipe, and I started to bob my head up and down, wanting desperately for him to fuck my throat forcefully. As he serviced my slutty mouth, I felt my toes curl and I knew that I would climax way before him. The hot water from the shower head was still raining down over us as I moaned loudly around his dick, then I grabbed his hips and encouraged him to fuck my throat deeply. The clit in my throat was on fire, catching his glans just right as he picked up the pace and thrusted harder into me. I felt my mom run her fingers through my wet head, then down my spine and into my butt crack, where she toyed with my horny boy cunt.

I felt her rub its lips, and suddenly every nerve ending on my body came alive as my climax erupted. I gave out another long moan around my dad's thrusting cock while I used the muscles in my throat to squeeze his fuck stick for all it was worth. He was now fucking my mouth harder than ever, giving me deeper thrusts than I'd ever been treated to and intensifying my orgasm. I pushed my hips up into the air, then I felt my mom add pressure to her rubbing. If we hadn't been under the running water, my hair would have stood on end because goosebumps were breaking out all over my body, most notably from the base of my skull all the way down the back of my legs. At the same time, my stiff little cocklet started to twitch violently and I felt like everything was spinning around me. As my orgasm started to wane, I heard my dad groan loudly as the cum started to rise up his shaft and his balls tightened. I wrapped my hands around the base of his cock and started to pump it hard, and was instantaneously rewarded when cum exploded from the end of his aching cock and into my needy mouth. I swallowed hard, wanting to take it all down my throat, then I wrapped my lips around his cock, just past the crown, and drank cum from his cock like I was taking it from a bottle.

When he was empty, I let his cock fall from my lips and wrapped my arms around his waist, eager to be held after such an intense orgasm. I felt him reach down and grab me under my arms, then he picked me up and held me close while I rested my head on his shoulder. He stroked my head gently and blew into my ear, then I felt my mom running a bar of soap up and down my crack, causing me to give off another moan. When he was satisfied that my hole was slippery enough, he slipped a finger up my butt and gently fucked me with it while he held me tightly.

You're such a sexy little cock sucker,” he whispered softly in my ear. “Did daddy's little boy cum while he was giving head?”

Yes daddy,” I said with a sigh. “I love giving head. It makes me cum because I have a special place in my throat.”

Oh yeah?” he said with a warm smile, wrapping his arms around me and giving me a hug. “You must have gotten that from mommy. She has one of those too.”

You do, mommy?” I asked, smiling at her from the security of my dad's arms.

I do, baby,” she told me, gently reaching out to feel my neck with her hands. She was glowing again, and I knew that it was from pride that I was so much like her and my dad. “When did you find yours?”

It was during the summer when I was eating Jimmy's poop,” I admitted, feeling a little excited to be talking about this with my mom and dad. “I was swallowing a long piece of it and it was making my throat feel special because I didn't chew it up first. I gave head a lot of times before that, but I didn't know that I had a special place in my throat that could make me cum.”

Our horny little poop eater,” my dad said warmly, exchanging a smile with my mom.

You gave head over the summer?” my mom asked, and I nodded.

I gave head when I was still in fifth grade,” I told her, letting out a whimper as my dad continued to finger fuck me. “I gave Jimmy head first, then I gave other boys head.”

Did you take it up the butt when you were in fifth grade?” she asked.

I was taking it up the butt from Jimmy then,” I admitted. “I started taking it up the butt from other cute boys after summer vacation started.”

As soon as I said that, I felt my dad slip a second finger up my slippery cunt, and I couldn't stop myself from riding both fingers hard. My mom was still holding the bar of soap, and she started to work up a thick lather before she wrapped her hand around my dad's cock, which had raged back to life while we talked about my earliest sexual escapades.

How many boys have given it to you back there, Kyle?” my mom asked, and I smiled shyly because I had to go back and count them up.

More than ten,” I told her, biting my lip because I knew that my dad was ready to fuck me. “But I've given head and rim jobs to more boys than that. I love to give head and eat stinky butt holes at school.”

Are you out of the closet at school?” my dad asked, and I shook my head no.

I only give head to boys that ask me to,” I told him. “Some boys are friends and they know if I give someone head, but other boys don't know.”

How many boys at your school do you think know?” my mom asked.

Twenty,” I said. “Maybe more than that.”

That's a lot of boys, buddy,” my dad said, starting to fuck my hole a little more vigorously with his two invading digits. “You've sucked that many cocks at school?”

I bit my bottom lip and nodded, then I drew in a deep breath as my head started to spin with pleasure. I swallowed hard, then I threw my head back for a moment and moaned hard as a sharp tingle ran up my spine. My dad smiled at me, then he offered his lips to me, and I gratefully took him up on his offer. I slid my tongue into his mouth, and moaned again when he reciprocated. As he kissed me deeply, I started to ride his fingers even harder as I tightened my legs around his waist, wanting so badly for him to slide his thick cock up my boy pussy and fuck me hard. When we broke our kiss, he smiled at me and pulled my wet head down onto his shoulder.

Have you been fucked at school?” he asked me, and I nodded with a naughty smile. “How many times?”

I don't remember,” I admitted, knowing that this would get him even hotter. “Sometimes Jimmy gives it to me in the boys room, and then I see other boys who do me in the butt, too. I try to take it up my poop-chute everyday at school. Then I do it again after school with as many boys as I can.”

You really like it up the butt, don't you?” he asked breathlessly.

I love it up the butt, daddy. I want you to give it to me right now.”

With that, he pulled his fingers from my horny pussy and let me down. When I was on my feet, I turned to face the shower wall, placing my hands flat against it and offering him my willing rear end. I felt him line up, then he pushed in, sliding it all the way inside of me with one delicious thrust. When he was buried inside of me, I rolled my hips around and moaned, wanting him to know that I was in heaven as the heat of his cock rested deep inside of me. I smiled over my shoulder at my parents, then I began to fuck myself on his dick by moving my hips back and forth.

I could feel the goodness wash over me as I worked my ass over the length of his steel hard rod, and my eyes started to roll back in my head as every vein tore along the lining of my pussy.

Does that feel good, baby?” my mom asked, and I nodded frantically as I bit down harder on my lip. I let out another moan, then I felt my dad grab both of my hips and hold them steady to calm me down. As soon as I stopped fucking back on him, he began a slow, deliberate ride deep inside of my pooper. His searing hot fuck stick was hitting my sweet spot over and over, and I was on the edge of another orgasm when he started to add a little more force to every thrust.

Oh daddy!” I hollered out as my orgasm hit, then I called out for him again. “Daddy, it feels so good. Do me harder!”

He began to thrust into me with even more force, leaving me breathless as I rode out my climax with loud moans and thrusts backwards to meet his forward strokes. I shuddered hard as the high point of my climax washed over me, then he picked up the pace again and I felt dizzy. I was just starting to come down from my first orgasm when my body started to shake and my legs felt like they were ready to come out from under me. I felt his fingers dig in a little harder on my hips, holding me in place as he began to fuck me harder than I'd ever been fucked before.

Do you like that, pumpkin?” he panted, but I couldn't find the words to answer him because I was in the midst of a second anal orgasm. I could feel my pussy throbbing hard around his cock, then I started to queef loudly as he forced the air up into my poop-chute with the head of his cock, only to drive it back out as he bottomed out. I managed to lick my lips, then I smiled as I started to recover again. Every time he drove up into me, I heard my pussy queef even louder than it had the time before, and it seemed like there was no end in sight to my furious ride.

It feels so good,” I finally managed to say through my own pants, then I spread my feet a little further apart and pushed my eager rear end up to meet his thrusts. “Don't stop, daddy!”

Ooh, baby, you make daddy's cock feel so good with your hungry little hole,” he moaned, slamming into me a little harder. “You like daddy's dick up there, don't you?”

Oh yes,” I stuttered, feeling another swell of orgasmic pressure building up inside of me. “You make my pooper feel so good when you do that.”

I felt my mom's hands rubbing my back as my dad continued to fuck my queefing boy pussy with force. Her fingertips glided up my back and along my spine, up my neck and into my wet hair, then she leaned down and spoke to me.

You have a clitoris in your throat, just like mommy. You also have a clitoris in your butt, just like mommy has in her vagina, don't you?”

Yes mommy,” I howled out as another orgasm started to swirl deep inside of me like a tornado. “It's my special place inside of my pussy.”

You like having your special places serviced, don't you baby?” she asked, and I nodded frantically. “I can tell, baby. You love cock as much as mommy does.”

I want it all the time, mommy,” I moaned, then my third anal orgasm hit me head on and I cried out. “Oh daddy!”

I was moaning hysterically as my dad thrusted into my quivering boy cunt mercilessly, sending shivers up and down my entire body that emanated from deep inside of my poop-chute and spread out rapidly. As my orgasm tore through my body, I felt my dad start to slam into my ass cheeks hard and his rock hard rod started to swell inside of me. My eyes were out of focus and my right leg was twitching on its own when he blasted off inside of me, coating the lining of my slippery pussy with his red hot cum. He continued to feed me long strokes of his cock as he unloaded inside of me, and I howled like a bitch in heat the whole time. When I started to calm down, he pulled his cock from my clutching pussy and I felt a large gush of his sperm rush out onto the shower floor.

I turned around to take his cock into my mouth to clean the cum and ass juice from it, but he was already holding it under the spray of the shower. I looked up at him with a look of disappointment, then he gently reminded me that he lubed up with soap, and that I probably wouldn't want to swallow that. I smiled up at him, then I took his soap free cock into my mouth and ran my tongue over its spongie head, but it soon started to deflate, so I let it fall from my mouth and held my arms out so that he would pick me back up and hold me close. As soon as I was up in his arms, I wrapped my legs around his waist like a baby and rested my tired head on his shoulder while he slipped his middle finger back up my hungry butt hole. My mom turned the water off, then she got out and dried off. My dad got out behind her, carrying me with him, and allowed her to dry the two of us off, then he carried me to the bed and the three of us laid together until I fell asleep in my father's arms.

I was awakened briefly by the sound of my parents' furious fucking, but I settled back into my dad's arms and drifted off again as he finger fucked me, too tired to wake up and watch them go at it. About an hour later I lifted my head up off of my dad's chest and looked around. I could hear a moist sucking sound, and when I turned my head to see what it was, I found my mom with a mouthful of my dad's hard dick. I could still feel his finger lodged up my pussy, but he wasn't fucking me with it anymore. I smiled at my mom when we locked eyes, and she smiled back without letting his cock fall from her mouth. She was still completely nude, and she had a hungry look on her face as she treated herself to his cock. My dad was awake, watching her with a very loving smile as she took him all the way to the back of her throat. When he and I made eye contact, he started to fuck my pussy with his finger again, then he added a second finger and began to fuck me with earnest.

Does that feel good, daddy?” I asked, watching as his pleasure built up. He nodded at me with a powerful look of love on his face, then he used his free hand to grab my head and pull me to him for another French kiss. As his tongue dominated mine, he found my sweet spot and started to rub it hard. I let out a low moan, then I pushed back on his fucking fingers as our lips parted.

Oh, honey, that feels so good,” he told my mom. “Get some for yourself, sweetheart.”

I heard my mom moan loudly, then she began a slow ride up and down on his cock with her throat. I could see her eyes starting to glass over. Her hands were resting on his thighs, and it was obvious that she wasn't touching herself. As much as I was enjoying the finger fucking that my dad was treating me to, I was so fascinated by watching my mom get her throat fucked that I focused on her and watched with amazement. Her moaning was starting to get more animalistic and primal, as if she were acting on pure instinct. In the meanwhile, my dad had picked up the pace of his crude finger fucking, and I was now unconsciously running my tongue across his chest, seeking out a nipple to nurse from. When I found his left nipple, I clamped my lips around it and began suckling on it. My mom spotted this and started to force herself down harder on his cock as her glow returned, and out of nowhere, she started to furiously fuck her throat around my dad's steel hard rod.

It all happened so fast that I almost missed it. She buried my dad's dick deep in her throat and gave out a guttural moan while my dad fired his load down her throat. She never moved up to suck on the end of his cock the way I would have, though, instead staying right where she was and working her talented throat muscles along its entire length and allowing him to blast off right into her belly. As soon as she was satisfied that he was spent, she pulled his amazing length from her mouth and crawled over his body to me. I felt his fingers dislodge from my itchy pussy, and before I realized what was happening, she lifted me off of his nipple and cradled me in her arms. I looked up at her and she smiled down at me, her maternal glow stronger than ever, then she gave me her left breast and I found myself unable to resist the urge to suckle it. There was no milk forthcoming, but that didn't stop her from nursing me anyway. While I nursed from my mom's bosom, I heard her tell my dad to slip his finger back up my butt. When he did what she asked, I sighed.

Is that better, baby?” she asked with a warm smile as she supported my neck with her left arm and caressed my cheek with her right hand . I sucked harder and nodded, then she stroked my head with her right hand and cooed down at me. My dad planted a long kiss on her lips, then he wrapped his arm around her and held her close as they both looked lovingly down at me.

Are you hungry, honey?” my dad asked my mom. “Maybe we should go downstairs and get something to eat.”

Let's stay here a little longer with the baby,” she said gently. “He's bonding with his mommy and daddy.”

He sure is, isn't he?” my dad agreed. “He's such a special little boy. He's just like his mommy.”

With that, they shared another kiss while my mom held me close to her bosom and encouraged me to continue to suckle. While most of our interaction that day had been sexual, there was something different about this moment that I've never been able to place. I knew that my mom was looking for a way to keep me satisfied, going so far as to give me poop stained underwear to smell and suck on, and even talking my dad into peeing into my mouth and feeding me a hot, stinky load of poop straight from his butt. She never really objected when I told her that I loved eating poop, and when she knew that I was cramming it into my mouth in the proceeding days, she never admonished me for it. Even when I admitted to her that I was eating hot loads of poop from the rear ends of other boys, one I'd just met at the mall, she accepted it and seemed to want me to get my fill.

This was the culmination of all of that, though. She was a mother who wanted to feed her baby, and she was willing to go to great lengths to see that all of my needs were met. Even though those needs included taking hard cocks up my butt and down my throat. Now she needed to nurse me, and I was happy to be at her teat, feeling every morsel of love that she has for me expressed in a special way. When I yawned around her breast, she gushed.

Are you getting sleepy, baby?” she asked. I nodded. “Do you want mommy to rock you to sleep?”

I nodded again, then I felt my dad stroke my chest as his finger gently rubbed my sweet spot. My hairless little cock was soft, and I had completely given into being nursed by my mom as my eyelids started to get heavy. I fought it off for as long as I could, but I finally lost the battle and a deep sleep took me over.

When I opened my eyes again, I was in the living room with my parents. My mom was still cradling me in her arms, and I was still at her teat. I was sucking furiously, almost desperately, and it suddenly dawned on me that the taste of poop that I love so much was filling my mouth. I was also now aware that my mouth was no longer wrapped around my mom's bare breast. At some point, she had retrieved my moist, stinky underwear from my room and draped them inside out over her breast while I slept so that I could suckle them.

You like that, don't you baby?” she said, smiling down at me warmly. I nodded with a grin as I continued to nurse at her breast. “You've been at it for an hour. Do you need to go potty?”

I nodded again, not wanting to pull my mouth away from my underwear, but she used her hand to disengage her breast from my lips.

No, I want it,” I whined, trying desperately to move back into position so that I could put my dirty underwear back in my mouth.

You can have it again after you pee, honey.” she said, bunching my underwear up in her hand and standing up with me still cradled in her arms. She gave me a loving smile as she carried me to the bathroom, then she set me down on my feet and and watched while I stood in front of the toilet and peed. When I was finished, she flushed and helped me wash my hands, then she handed me my stinky underwear and watched with a smile as I held them under my nose and inhaled deeply.

When we got back to the living room, I climbed into my dad's naked lap and let him hold me close while I continued to suck the stink from the brown seat of my underwear into my mouth. I felt him kiss my head, and I responded by spreading my legs, draping them over each one of his thighs, then reaching down and caressing his long cock back to life. When it was hard enough, I told him to slip it back inside of me and service my horny cunt. Without further ado, he bent me over the couch and ate my boy pussy for ten minutes, then he brought me off again with his huge dick, screwing another large load into my willing rear end.