Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 14

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When my dad was finished squirting his load in my hungry hole, he pulled out and I quickly spun around to take his wet cock into my mouth, wanting to suck it clean like a good little cock hound. When it was as clean as I could get it, he pulled it from my lips and playfully swung his hips from side to side, letting it hit me in the face softly. I gave him a sweet smile and took swipes at it with my tongue until he finally sat back down on the couch. He held his arms out for me to come to him, and I melted into his embrace as he held me close in his lap again while we recovered from our romp. While we rested my mom got up to start making our Christmas dinner.

You're going to have to let me get up soon, buddy,” my dad said after about ten minutes of cuddling. “I don't think mommy's going to like it if I pee on the couch.”

You have to go pee?” I asked, looking up at him and licking my lips. “I want to come with you.”

You just don't get enough, do you baby?” he said, ruffling my hair. I grinned and shook my head no, then I hopped up from his lap and tugged on his arm, eager to go into the bathroom with him so that he could make a warm, yellow deposit in my mouth. We went into the downstairs bathroom and I hopped onto the toilet, opening my mouth wide to give his soft cock a warm place to rest while he fed me.

He stepped up and placed the tip of his dick on my outstretched tongue, causing me to let out a soft moan as I wrapped my lips around the head and form a tight seal. I smiled up at him to let him know that I was ready, then I felt his flow begin. Just like before, the intense aroma and heady flavor overtook me, and I found myself lost in my own world of pleasure. I started to suck hard on his head, wanting to draw his wonderful pee out faster. He looked down at me with a smile that told me he understood what I wanted, then he added more pressure. I was gulping it down quickly, easily keeping up with his controlled stream, so I sucked a little harder to encourage him to let his stream flow at full force.

He smiled knowingly once again, but he didn't increase pressure again. Instead, he kept up the pace, allowing me to keep up and swallow it all. When I knew that he wouldn't be increasing his flow, I relented, at least happy that he was giving me his bladder full of hot pee to savor and enjoy. I gave him an appreciative smile as his flow started to weaken, then I reached out and rubbed his hairy tummy with my right palm. His stream slowed to a dribble, then I felt him release three strong shots that signaled to me that his bladder was empty, and I sighed as I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out, allowing him to shake off on its flat surface.

Thank you daddy,” I said sweetly, still rubbing his tummy. “Do you have anything else for me?”

No baby, I don't,” he told me softly, shaking his head with a sympathetic smile. “You got everything that daddy had this morning.”

It's okay,” I said in a small voice, then I looked up at him hopefully and asked, “Do you have to fart?”

Maybe, kiddo,” he said, looking down at my needy expression. “Would you like me to share with you?”

I bit my lip and nodded up at him through a shy smile, so he reached out for my hand and helped me up from the commode. I quickly moved to his backside and spread his two firm buns apart, then I planted my face in his crack and inhaled the wonderful aroma of his poop-chute before I clamped my lips around it. I let out another moan, then I let my tongue explore the wrinkly orifice. I felt the backs of his thighs stiffening, so I grabbed his hips and encouraged him to press back against my face, then I opened my mouth wide and welcomed his offering. He gave a firm push, and I was treated to a loud, stinky fart that blew directly into my mouth.

Mmm,” I cried out as his hot gas danced on my taste-buds, then I slipped my tongue back out of my mouth and let it probe his stinky pooper. I pulled my face back momentarily, then I grinned and licked up and down his hot crack before I zeroed in on his hot hole once again and dined at his back door. I heard him let out a groan, then I felt his thighs start to stiffen again, so I took the initiative and shoved my face as far into his smelly rear end as I could as my tongue continued its job of rimming his hot asshole. Just as I thought, he released another delicious fart, this time a silent, hot one that flowed around my tongue and danced on my palete, causing me to start moaning wildly as I ate him out with passion. I could hear his breathing become labored, and at the same time, I was able to detect that he was now stroking his cock.

As I continued my job of rimming my dad, I reached around and grabbed his thick cock, which had once again raged back to life. I pulled my face out of his hot crack, feeling the heat of his rump radiating off of my cheeks, then I moved back around to give myself easier access to his boner, wanting to feel it fuck me deeply. I grabbed it with both hands and smiled up at him, then I slipped my mouth over the end and used my tongue to bathe the head. He took in a deep breath, then he let it out slowly as he gazed down at me with a lewd smile.

You love a hard cock, don't you baby?” he asked, and I nodded up at him, making eye contact but not letting his stiff rod out of my sucking mouth. “It doesn't matter which end you get it in, does it?”

I shook my head no, then I wrapped my arms around his waist and took him all the way to the back of my throat, encouraging him to thrust in and out. He took my cue and started fucking my slutty mouth deeply, giving me full, sensual strokes. He was driving his cock down my throat slowly, and I had him buried so far down that my nose was bending sideways in his pubic bush every time he humped in. On every outward stroke, the head of his massive prick would catch my clit, and on every forward trust, I could feel his girth running along its sensitive glans, hastening the onset of my already rapidly approaching climax.

As my head started to spin, I felt a sharp shiver run up my spine. At the same time, my ass juice was starting to surge hard, causing me to use the muscles in my throat to squeeze down hard on his fuck stick, which was now running back and forth more forcefully over my clit. I let out a loud moan and tightened my grip around my dad's hips as my orgasm started to sweep me away. I used my head to fuck my throat harder on his cock as I rode the pleasure out to a crescendo, then I felt him grab my head and hold onto it as he gave me ten more hard thrusts. I was prepared to accept his cum offering in my tummy, but he suddenly stopped fucking my mouth and withdrew his cock.

I looked up at him questioningly, but he smiled tenderly at me and grabbed my shoulders, encouraging me to turn around. When I did, he grabbed my hips and lifted me up so that I was standing on the lid of the toilet, then he parted my cheeks and buried his face between them so that he could eat at my back door. As soon as I felt his tongue in my crack, I let out a loud moan and put my hands on the top of the tank, holding on for dear life as he gave me pleasures untold. His whiskers were scrubbing the insides of my cheeks roughly, giving them a sweet burn that only added to my pleasure. I felt his tongue slip up inside of my aching pussy, then he fucked me with it while I cried out in pleasure.

He pulled his face out of my rear end, then I felt him grab me around the waist and guide me safely to the floor. As soon as my feet were on solid ground, he sat down on the lid of the toilet and reached out for me. I let him lift me up, then he lowered me down into his lap so that I was facing him, straddling his cock. I grinned at him and reached back with my left hand, guiding the head of his monster cock to my entrance, then I lowered myself down and felt it slide deep inside of me. When I knew that his entire length was buried deep in my boy cunt, I started to ride him.

Oh punkin, you're so tight back there,” he said through clenched teeth. “I don't know how you stay so tight when you ride so many cocks.”

It's because you have such a big dick, daddy,” I moaned, increasing my speed and tightening my grip on his cock by squeezing the muscles in my poop-chute. “I want to ride it everyday.”

As I continued to ride his rod up and down, he grabbed my head with both of his hands and pulled me to him for a tender kiss. My pussy was starting to clamp down on his hard on, and I knew that he might not be able to hold on much longer. I wanted to make this as pleasurable as I could for him, so I started to bear down, wanting to tighten up even more for him, then I started to ride his cock furiously as I moaned into his mouth. I felt his cock start to swell, and I knew he was about to fire his load, so I increased the speed of my up and down motion again as my hungry boy cunt squeezed his rod over and over. We broke our kiss and he let out a loud groan, then he shot his hot load deep inside of me with incredible force. As his sperm was firing up into my chute, I pressed my lips to his once more and treated myself to another taste of his delicious kiss, then I slowed my ride gradually until he pulled out.

When he pulled out, I once again slid down and took his deflating member into my mouth, swallowing every drop of cum and ass juice that I could find. When I let his cock fall from my mouth, I stood up and placed my hands at my horny entrance while he watched, still panting. I expelled both of his loads from my rear end, along with a large volume of ass juice, then I brought the potion up to my nose and sniffed it with a naughty grin on my face before swallowing every drop. With a belly full of hot pee, cum and ass juice, I sat back down in his lap and let him hold me again while we recovered.

He finally scooted me off of his lap and we walked into the kitchen to see what kind of progress my mom was making with dinner.

Did you two have fun in there?” she asked with a warm smile, and I nodded with huge smile of my own. “It sounded like you were having a good time in there. Are you having a nice Christmas, baby?”

Yeah, I am” I said with a shy smile, then I walked over and wrapped my arms around her waist, giving her a long hug. “You and daddy made this the best Christmas ever. Thank you.”

You're welcome, sweetie,” she said, kneeling and hugging me back. “Daddy and I love you very much, and we want you to enjoy being who you are.”

I do,” I told her. “I love you, mommy.”

She planted a kiss on my head, then she shooed me out of the kitchen to go watch TV while my dad grabbed another beer. I went upstairs and checked my phone, where I saw that Jimmy had texted me about 10 minutes earlier. I texted him back, then I laid down on my bed and waited to see if I'd get another text or a call. Less than 15 seconds after I plopped down on my bed, he called me.


Merry Christmas, Kyle.”

Merry Christmas, Jimmy, are you home yet?”

We just got home. My mom's making a ham and some mashed potatoes.”

We're having Prime Rib,” I told him. “I miss you. Can we see each other today?”

I can ask my mom if I can come over, but I don't know what to tell her when she asks me why.”

Tell her that my mom and dad bought you a present,” I said. “It's true, anyway.”

It is?” he asked, an inflection of surprise in his tone.

It's from all of us. I wanted to get something for you because I wanted to show you how much I love you.”

I love you too,” he said sweetly. “I'll ask my mom. If I can't, I'll call back. If I can, I'll just come over.”

I'm going to take a shower and lube up,” I said seductively, trying to add a little extra incentive for him to come see me.

Don't lube up until I get there,” he said in a seductive tone of his own. “I have a present for you, too, but I have to give it to you with my tongue.”

Okay, hurry over, I really want to see you.”

I will, Kyle.” he assured me, then he added, “Love you.”

I love you too, Jimmy.”

With that, we hung up and I hurried down the stairs to tell my mom and dad that Jimmy was on his way so I was going to get in the shower.

Buddy, I wanted to talk to you about something before he gets here,” my dad told me, so I walked over to the table where he was sitting and leaned into him. He planted a kiss on top of my head, then he ran his fingers through my hair.

What is it daddy?” I asked, and he took a deep breath.

Do you understand that it's not a good idea to tell anyone what you do with mommy and daddy?” he asked, and I nodded. “What we do is very special, but it's also private between us. We're a family, and we have fun together, but other families don't do things like we do. Do you understand what I mean?”

Yes, I do,” I told him, knowing that he was trying to avoid telling me that he and my mom could go to jail for having sex with me. “I'll never tell anyone what we do, dad, because I love you and mom and don't want anything bad to happen.”

That's my big boy,” he said, leaning forward to kiss my lips. There was no tongue this time, just a tender kiss from my dad, then he and my mom got up and they followed me upstairs. While I was taking a shower, they got dressed so that they'd be presentable when my boyfriend got there. When I got out of the shower, I brushed my teeth, then I walked down the hall to my room, where my mom had laid out a clean pair of underwear, some fresh slacks, a nice button up shirt and some matching socks to wear for Jimmy's visit.

I checked my phone and sighed when I saw that he hadn't called or texted me to say that he couldn't come over. I got dressed in everything that she laid out, leaving out only a pair of shoes because I knew that we weren't going anywhere. I hurried downstairs and found his present under the tree, then I joined my mom and dad in the kitchen, feeling fidgety about seeing Jimmy.

Relax buddy,” my dad told me, picking up my nervousness. “He'll be here soon.”

He told me that he has a present that he can only give me with his tongue,” I told him, reaching back to rub my horny rump, then I sighed. “I already know what it is.”

Well when you two go upstairs, I want you to have fun, okay?' my mom said with a warm smile. “It sounds like he plans to be very considerate this afternoon.”

I know, I can't wait,” I admitted. “If his mom says yes, can he spend the night tonight?”

My mom and dad exchanged a glance, then my mom shrugged and said, “Sure baby.”

Thanks, mommy,” I told her with a smile. Just then, the doorbell rang and I tore out of the kitchen, eager to let him in. As soon as I opened the door, my heart skipped a beat. He was dressed in a dark red Polo hoodie and a pair of blue jeans. His hair was fixed differently, too, but it was very cute. Instead of just laying down, he had gel or some sort of styling wax in it. It was all pulled forward and his bangs were spiked up along his brow.

Merry Christmas,” I said with a shy grin as I closed the door, then I leaned in and planted a kiss on his lips. “You look so cute today.”

You look cute too,” he told me, smiling sweetly as he leaned in for another kiss. As soon as our lips met for the second time, I melted into him and turned my head while my lips parted to allow his tongue entry into my mouth. I felt his strong love muscle slip between my lips, then he wrapped his arms around my waist and held me close. I found myself lost in our kiss, wanting it to last forever, so I wrapped my arms around his neck and locked my fingers as he continued to pleasure my senses.

The sound of my mom and dad's voices at the kitchen table caused him to break our kiss, but I still held him close and rested my head on his shoulder. I picked up the scent of cologne on his neck, and it was driving me crazy. I buried my nose into his neck and inhaled deeply, then I lifted my head off of his shoulder and grinned at him.

You smell so good,” I told him. “Did you get cologne for Christmas?”

My dad got it for me,” he said with a smile. “It's call Dolce and Gabbana. It smells sexy, huh?”

It sounds like something from a Gucci Mane song,” I said with a silly smile, and Jimmy giggled. I planted another sweet kiss on his cheek, then I took his hand and led him into the dining area where my mom and dad were.

Merry Christmas, pal,” my dad said to Jimmy when we walked up to the table.

Merry Christmas Mr. Smith,” he said respectfully, then he turned to my mom. “Merry Christmas Mrs. Smith.”

Merry Christmas, honey,” my mom said. “You look very handsome today.”

Thank you,” Jimmy said, blushing deeply and looking down. I couldn't stop myself from nuzzling my head into his shoulder again, then I looked up at my mom and dad with a huge grin.

Can you smell his cologne?” I asked, lifting my head off of his shoulder. “It smells so sexy.”

Yes I can, sweetie,” my mom said. “Your daddy wears that cologne, too.”

He does?” I asked, looking over at my dad curiously. “I've never smelled it before.”

You probably just haven't been paying attention, kiddo,” my dad said. “I have it on every morning when I leave for work.”

That means that we both love someone that wears it,” I told my mom, resting my head back down on Jimmy's shoulder with a sigh.

That's right, honey,” my mom said. “Do you want to take Jimmy into the living room so he can open his gift?”

Okay,'”I said, then I puckered my lips and planted another kiss on his still blushing cheek. “I love you.”

I love you too,” he said shyly, his cheeks turning an even darker shade of red. I was in heaven as we strolled into the living room, where I made sure that he was comfortable on the couch before I retrieved his present and brought it to him. I sat down next to him and snuggled up to his side, curling my legs under my body as I handed him his gift and waited for him to open it. He somewhat carefully removed the wrapping paper, revealing the box underneath, and he gasped with a huge smile when he saw what it was.

You got me an iPad?” he exclaimed, his mouth hanging wide opened. I nodded, then I leaned in and stole a long kiss from him, letting my tongue slip back into his mouth. When we broke our kiss, we looked up and saw my mom and dad watching us, causing Jimmy to blush again. Still, he got up and gave my mom and dad each a hug and thanked them profusely, then he asked if it would be alright if he called his mom on his cell phone.

Kyle and his parents bought me an iPad for Christmas,” he told his mom excitedly, then he listened to his mom talk and nodded his head in agreement. “I know, I can't believe it. I gave Mr. and Mrs. Smith hugs and said thank you, mom.”

With that, he handed his cell phone to my mom and let her talk while we removed his new iPad from its case and powered it on. My mom and dad got me an iPad long before, and I knew that I was going to be upgrading soon. I also knew that my mom got them for practically nothing because of her job, so that it wasn't really a lot for her and my dad to spend a couple hundred dollars on an iPad for my boyfriend. I heard my mom explaining the last part to Jimmy's mom, then she handed the phone to my dad and he graciously accepted her thanks. Before they got off the phone, my dad told her that Jimmy was welcome to spend the night if it was okay with her. I felt my heart skip a beat while my horny boy pussy started to flow ass juice heavily at the thought of being serviced all night by my lover. I watched him nod, then he told her that Jimmy was always welcome to spend the night and hung up.

Buddy, you're welcome to spend the night if you want to,” my dad explained, kneeling down so that he could assist in getting Jimmy's iPad set up. “You're mom would like you to be home for supper at 6, but if you decide that you want to come back over, that's fine. There's no time that's too late to come over, okay?”

Thank you Mr. Smith,” Jimmy gushed. I smiled warmly at my parents, knowing how lucky I was to have them as my mom and dad, then I hung on Jimmy and blew into his ear while they worked on his iPad. My mom had to take the process over, taking it into my dad's study and plugging it into his Mac. By that point I was practically climbing the walls in want of some cock, so I vocalized my need shamelessly to anyone within ear shot.

I want to go to my room with Jimmy,” I told my mom and dad, biting my bottom lip and looking wantonly at his crotch. “I need to take it up the butt really bad.”

Jimmy's eyes got huge, but my mom and dad gave me a neutral look before telling me to go.

That's fine, honey,” my mom said. “You two go have some fun. We'll get the iPad set up.”

With that, I dragged my boyfriend upstairs to my room and closed the door behind us. As soon as I shut the door, I started to strip down to nothing, tossing my clothes into a pile in the middle of the room. Jimmy grinned at me, then he did the same thing. When we were both naked, he took me into his arms and kissed me deeply, then he guided me to my bed and gently laid me down. We broke our kiss, and he smiled tenderly down at me, then he lifted my legs all the way up and looked at my horny boy pussy. He licked his lips, then he lowered his head until all I could see was the top of his head and his spiky bangs. The next thing I felt was his scratchy tongue in my crack, near the tip of my tail bone, licking all the way from the top of my crack over my quivering pooper and down to my taint. I let out a moan, then he ran his tongue all the way back from my taint to the top of my crack. I made two fists and bit my lip hard as he once again ran his tongue along my crack to my taint, then back to the base of my spine. Finally, he ran his tongue back down my crack, but he stopped when he reached my back door and ate it enthusiastically for about five minutes.

I could feel his lapping starting to get progressively weaker as time wore on, and I figured that he wouldn't last too much longer. When he pulled his tongue from my pussy lips, I reached under my covers and found the KY warming jelly that was still there from the day before and handed it to him. He very quickly lubed my boy cunt, then he slid his hairless boner in and serviced it well. I was already horned up from the earlier fucking that I got from my dad in when we were in the bathroom, and the added stimulation of Jimmy's tongue was enough to put me on the edge. So once he slipped in, it took me less than two minutes to climax. About a minute later, Jimmy seeded my pussy, then he feltched his own load out of me while I moaned wildly. When he stopped, he collapsed in my arms and I held him closely while we basked in the afterglow of our love making.

Wow, we both came so fast,” he panted, then he smiled at me and puckered his lips. I gave him a kiss on the lips, then I stroked his head with a satisfied sigh.

You made me feel so good,” I told him. “Thank you for eating me out.”

I wanted to do something special to show you that I love you,” he said quietly, resting his head on my chest. “You always do it for me, and you suck me off and let me butt fuck you. I wanted to do something nice for you.”

You always show me that you love me,” I told him, running my fingertips along his spiky bangs. “You feed me your cock when I need it, and you give me your cum. You also feed me your pee and poop when I need it. It makes me feel special when we do that.”

I saved it for you today,” he told me, and I felt my stomach growl. “I had to pee today, but I've been saving my poop for you because I thought you might want it.”

I do want it,”I whispered into his ear, then I slipped my hand down underneath his body so that I could rub his tummy. “Do you want to give it to me right now?”

Okay,” he said, slowly pulling himself up off of my chest. I waited for him to get off of me, then I very eagerly hopped up and sat next to him on the bed, letting my legs dangle over the side as I took his hand and spoke to him. “We don't have to go in the bathroom if you don't feel like it. I ate my poop in here this morning.”

You did?” he asked with a huge grin, and I nodded.

My mom and dad came in and saw me,” I said. “I left my door opened and they smelled it from their room. I just kept eating it anyway.”

They didn't care?” he asked, and I shook my head no. “Was it a lot? I nodded.

I finished eating it, then I told them that I already ate poop from Matt's butt today. They just made me take a shower and brush my teeth.”

How much poop did you eat from Matt's butt?” he asked, and I licked my lips.

It was more than he had yesterday,” I told him. “It tasted so delicious.”

He got up from my bed and took my hand, then he urged me to walk to the door. He looked a little uneasy when I opened the door and walked out into the hallway, still in the nude, but he still followed me down the hall to my bathroom, where we closed the door and got down to business.

Do you have to pee, too?' I asked, and he nodded. “Will you poop for me first, then give me your pee? I don't want to wait for your poop.”

I quickly got on my knees and sat on the back of my legs, waiting for him to squat over my opened mouth. When he got into position, I shoved my face up into his crack and opened wide, wanting to receive a large mouthful right away. With my face buried between his cheeks, I started to inhale, then felt his puckered hole open and I was rewarded with the rich aroma of the hot poop load that I was about to receive. Almost as soon as the smell hit my nose, his load of butt fudge started to emerge.

Just as I had hoped for, he filled my watering mouth right away with a hot load of poop that was soft enough for me to smash against the roof with my tongue and swallow right away. I gulped it down quickly, then I moved back into position and waited for him to fill my mouth again. He didn't disappoint me, once again treating me to a stinky load that I moaned around as it filled my mouth. I took my time with this one, wanting to savor its sharp flavor and aroma. Once I had it down, Jimmy pointed his hard dick at me and I opened wide for him to wash my meal down with hot pee. As soon as his stream hit my tongue, I caught it all and gulped furiously, wanting desperately to keep up and not lose any. When my mouth was sufficiently flushed, I wrapped my lips around his hairless pecker and let him finish in my mouth.

When he was finished peeing, he turned around and hung his butt back out, so I eagerly got back into position and let him feed me another hot load of boy poop. Two stinky turds slipped out of his rear end and I caught them both in my mouth, then I chewed them up quickly and swallowed them so that I could take my place between his butt cheeks and let him finish feeding me the hot load that he'd been saving all day for my enjoyment. When he was finally finished, I licked his crack clean, then I stayed between his cheeks and ate at his back door until I was frantic for his cock once again. I stayed on my hands and knees and offered him my rear end from the doggy style position, and he quickly took me up on my offer. As he fucked me, I moaned loudly and called his name out while I was in the middle of my orgasm. When we finished, he pulled out, then he surprised me by taking me into his arms and slipping his tongue into my still poop coated mouth, kissing me passionately and sharing the remnants of his luscious poop load with a naughty smile.