Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 15

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When we broke our kiss, Jimmy smiled at me lustily as his hand traveled down my backside and settled on my rump. He puckered his deep red lips, and I responded in kind. He let out a light moan, then he slipped his tongue back into my mouth and kissed me hungrily, almost sucking the spit out of my mouth and the brown paste off of my tongue as his moaning got louder. At the same time, I felt his hand travel into my crack, where he found my juicy cunt and began rubbing its lips forcefully, bringing out another round of moans from me as I felt my ass juice start to surge.

I want to eat you out again,” he said wantonly when we broke our kiss, then he licked his lips. Without waiting for a response from me, he rolled us over so that he was on top of me, then he lifted my legs so that they were up on his shoulders. Then he placed his hands on my rump and pushed them back further so that my knees were almost touching my chest. With my boy pussy fully exposed, he buried his face in my cheeks and started to kiss and lick it deeply.

It feels so good,” I moaned as his licking became more forceful and deliberate. I could feel the swipes he was taking with his tongue getting harder, then he pulled my cheeks apart again and drove his tongue up inside of my poop-chute. His tongue was nowhere near as long as my dad's, though, and he didn't have the endurance to keep it up, I knew. Especially after he tired out so quickly in my room. Still, I knew that he was being driven by lust and would keep it up for as long as he could, and that by the time he needed to call it quits with his tongue, he'd be eager to screw another load into my needy pussy.

Just as I figured, he had to stop because his tongue was cramping. He pulled out, then he opened and closed his jaw about four times in a row as he placed the tip of his hard dick at my entrance and pushed in. As soon as he was buried inside of me, he let out a sigh and rested while he smiled down at me affectionately. His cock was emitting a heat that I could feel radiating against the walls of my pussy, and I couldn't help but smile back up at him.

You feel so hot inside,” he told me softly. “You feel so good to me right now.”

You feel good to me too, Jimmy,” I told him, grinning up at him and biting my lower lip. “I hope you do me hard this time.”

Okay,” he practically whispered, then he started to thrust back and forth slowly. He started to pick up speed and add more force to every thrust, and before I knew it, he was pounding my boy cunt unmercifully as I moaned loudly. He leaned down to kiss me again, this time pressing his lips to mine without using his tired tongue, but I still moaned into his mouth as he continued to slam into me. With our lips locked, I heard him inhale through his nose, taking in the strong scent of his stinky poop load, then he grinned at me and I felt his tongue slip into my slutty mouth. At the same time, his thrusting got harder and I felt his hairless cock swell inside of my pussy. Seconds later, he presented me with a smaller load that poured out of the end of his cock and into my well fucked pooper.

As soon as he pulled out, I let my legs fall from his shoulders and grabbed his hips, encouraging him to move up to my head and let me take his softening cock into my mouth so that I could clean it for him. As soon as I licked away all traces of the sex we'd just indulged in, he very gently helped me to my feet and wrapped me up in a tight hug. When we broke our hug, he leaned in and kissed me again, then we washed up. After we washed our face and hands, we went back down the hall to my room so we could get dressed and he could go home for dinner.

Will you come back tonight?” I asked hopefully as we dressed, and he nodded.

I promise I will,” he told me, then he smiled lewdly at me and said, “I'm going to eat good so that I have something to share with you later.”

I felt a shiver run up my spine when he said that, and could feel my already poop filled tummy start to rumble in anticipation of another hot, stinky load from Jimmy's rear end. When we were finished dressing, he took me in his arms and held me close for a moment, then he sighed and leaned in for another kiss.

I love you, Kyle,” he whispered into my ear. “I liked what we did tonight.”

Did you like eating my stinky butt hole?” I asked, and he moaned into my ear.

I loved it,” he told me. “I liked kissing you when you still had my poop in your mouth, too.”

Did it taste good to you?” I asked, and he nodded with a huge grin on his face.

That's why I want to feed you more later,” he told me. “I'm going to make sure I eat enough to make it a lot. Do you think you'll have to go too?”

I nodded, then we locked lips once more, letting our tongues dance blissfully for a long, enjoyable moment. I walked him downstairs to my dad's study so we could check on his iPad. My parents were just about to shut it down when we came in, so he got on it and my mom walked him through all of the processes. It was getting close to 6, and Jimmy had to leave, but my mom and dad insisted that he not walk home. While he hugged my mom and dad and thanked them again, I found my dad's keys so Jimmy and I could get in the backseat and make out while we waited for my dad to get his coat and come out to the garage. While we were kissing, Jimmy was running his fingers through my hair with one hand and handling my buns roughly with the other, causing me to moan loudly. When my dad got in the car, Jimmy tried to pull away from my kiss, but I wasn't having it and locked my arms around his neck so I could enjoy the taste of his kiss for the duration of the short ride. As his tongue probed my mouth, I could feel a rumble in my tummy, signaling to me that I had a load stirring in my butt that was brought on by Jimmy's hot poop, as well as the hot pee that I took from both him and my dad earlier.

Do you think you'll want a ride back, buddy?” my dad asked when we pulled up to Jimmy's house, prompting us to break our lip lock and straighten up in the back seat.

I can walk, Mr. Smith,” Jimmy said respectfully, then he stood up and leaned into the front seat, where he wrapped his arms around my dad's neck and gave him another hug. “Thank you again for the iPad, I love it.”

You're welcome, pal,” my dad said, wrapping his left arm around Jimmy's shoulders and giving him a firm squeeze. “We'll see you a little later, alright?”

When Jimmy hopped out, I climbed into the front seat and we watched him go inside, then we pulled away.

Did you have fun upstairs, pal?” my dad asked, and I nodded.

He gave it to me up the butt three times, and he ate me out twice,” I practically bragged, then I smiled up at my dad seductively and added, “But I still feel like I want it up the butt again.”

He smiled knowingly at me as we pulled into the garage. We got out of the car and I waited for him to close the garage door, then I followed him inside. My mom was sitting at the kitchen table with a glass of wine in her hand, and I notice that the first thing my dad did was lean down to give her a tender kiss. When their lips parted, he said, “I love you honey.”

I love you too, dear,” she told him with a dreamy sigh, and it made me wonder why Jimmy and I didn't use pet names with each other. My mom held her arms out to me for a hug, and I quickly went to her and let her wrap me in her arms.

Did you have fun, baby?” she asked, and I nodded on her shoulder.

What time will dinner be ready?”

Probably at around 7,” she said, rubbing my back. “Are you getting hungry?”

A little, but Jimmy gave me some poop to eat in the bathroom.”

I see,” she said, then she loosened her embrace a little so that I could stand up straight and look at her while she talked. “I thought he might. Did you get enough?”

No,” I told her, shaking my head for emphasis. “I wanted some from daddy, but he didn't have any for me.”

That's because daddy poops in the morning, honey,” she said, then she kissed my cheek. “You usually have to poop in the evening. You don't have anything tonight?”

I do,” I told her with a smile. “I want to eat it, but I wanted you and daddy to have some special fun with me too. I know you don't want me to smell like poop.”

Well why don't you go get what you need first,” she suggested lovingly. “Then when you're done, mommy and daddy will give you a bath and we can have some special fun, okay?”

With that, she reached down and pulled my shirt off over my head, then she pulled me into her lap and lifted each one of my legs so that my dad could take my shoes and socks off for me. After that, I stood up and they took my dress pants off of me, leaving me standing there in only a pair of white underwear. I leaned back into my mom and let her caress my head, then she stood up and the three of us walked up the stairs. When we got to my bathroom, my mom sat on the edge of the tub and started to run me a bath while my dad put the lid down on my toilet and took a seat.

With my audience in place, I didn't even bother to drop my undies. Instead, I got into a comfortable squat and pushed, releasing a large load of hot, stinky poop into their seat while my mom and dad watched. I felt a wave of gastric pressure wash over me, so I pushed again, causing several long turds to come out rapidly, adding to the already large pant load that was weighing my underwear down. When I finally finished, I stood up straight and showed my mom and dad the full, brown seat of my undies, then I proceeded to shove my hand down into them and pull out a large handful of hot poop that I crammed into my mouth with a hard grin.

Come here, baby,” my mom said warmly, holding her arms out to me as I chewed up the first mouthful. I did what she asked, and was surprised when she wrapped me up in her arms. I felt my dad pull the waistband of my undies back, then I felt my mom reach down into them and pull out a large handful of my boy fudge. Without having to be told, I opened my mouth and let her feed me. As I chewed up the second warm mouthful, she kissed the side of my head, then she reached back down into my underwear and pulled out a long, thick turd, holding it gently under my nose as I continued to chew up and swallow the mouthful that I was still working on. When my mouth was empty, I inhaled the thick poop log she was holding under my nostrils and gave off a loud moan, then I began taking big bites out of it while she held it in place. When it was gone, she reached back down and gathered up another large handful for me to enjoy. I felt my dad kiss the top of my head, then my mom let me lick her fingers clean before she reached down and took the remaining turds out of my underwear, offering them up for me to smell before I eagerly consumed them all.

When there was no more of my boy poop left, my mom reached back down into my underwear and used her hand to scrape the fudge out of my crack and off of my cheeks, then she let me suck them off with my grateful mouth. While I was sucking the last of my poop off of my mom's fingers, my dad pulled my underwear down and I stepped out of them. He lifted them up and handed them to my mom, who turned them inside out and eased them into my watering mouth so that I could suck the dark, rich stain right out of the seat.

Is that good, honey?” she asked, and I nodded eagerly. My dad turned the running water off and I groaned when my mom pulled my undies away from my mouth and tossed them on the floor. I let her guide me into the tub, where she proceeded to wash me from head to toe while I looked longingly at my stinky underwear, wanting badly to have them back in my mouth. While my mom was washing me, my dad was getting my toothbrush ready. I felt a little conflicted, knowing on one hand that the delicious taste of my poop would be washed out of my mouth, but also knowing that I'd be treated to French kisses from my dad, hopefully while he fucked my pussy.

When I got out of the tub, my dad dried me off and watched me brush my teeth while my mom disappeared with my stinky underwear. When he was satisfied that I'd brushed well enough, he scooped me up into his arms and carried me to their room, where my mom was waiting in the bed with no top or bra on. My dad walked back out of the room, telling us that he would return shortly, and I quickly went to my mom and allowed her to cradle me in her arms so that I could nurse while we waited for my dad to return. I instantly latched onto her left nipple and started to suck, then I closed my eyes and enjoyed the closeness that I was feeling. I felt my dad climbing back into the bed, then I heard him pop the cap off of the lube and I knew what was coming.

I felt my mom shift a little, then she pulled my left leg up and let my right leg dangle, exposing my horny pussy to my dad as I continued to suckle at her bosom. I felt my dad's tongue travel into my crack, then they coursed over my pussy lips and sent a strong shiver through me. I moaned around my mom's breast and started to suck harder, eliciting a sigh from her that seemed to encourage my dad to eat my pussy harder.

After a few luscious minutes of having my pussy eaten, my dad pulled his tongue away and squirted lube on his hand, then he stroked his cock with it. When he was sufficiently lubed, he squirted more lube out, then he pushed up into my poop-chute and finger fucked me while I continued to moan around my mom's nursing breast.

Are you ready for daddy, pumpkin?” I heard him ask, and I nodded, still not letting go of my mom's nipple. I felt her gently massage her breast to encourage me to let go, then she leaned down and planted a kiss on my lips before she handed me off to my dad, who took me into his arms and slipped his tongue into my mouth. When we broke our kiss, he laid me face down on the bed and pulled my hips up into the air so that he could have easy access to my boy cunt. I moaned loudly and rolled my hips around, then I felt him hold onto my waist as he placed the tip of his cock at my entrance and pushed. When his glans pushed passed my anal ring, my hungry pussy pulled him the rest of the way in. My ass juice was flowing heavily around his thick member, and I was desperate for him to fuck me hard, so I started to thrust back and forth on my own until he began his own back and forth motion and I could let him do all of the work himself.

Ooh, daddy, that feels so good,” I panted as he plowed me from behind.

You love it in the ass, don't you buddy?” he groaned, and I answered with a loud moan. I knew I would cum soon, especially after being fed such a delicious meal of hot, stinky poop by my mom and dad. My breathing was becoming labored, and I knew that I was going to cum soon. His thrusting was getting harder, and I closed my eyes as I started to feel my head spin. All of the sudden, I picked up the taste and smell of my boy fudge, so I re-opened my eyes in time to see my mom easing my moist, stinky underwear back into my mouth. I inhaled their strong odor as they passed under my nostrils, then I sucked hard and drew out as much flavor as I could while my vision got spotty and an overwhelming burn traveled out of my pussy, up my spine and down my legs. My pooper was starting to contract hard, squeezing my dad's thick fuck stick over and over as my climax swept me away. At the same time, I felt him start to slam harder into my backside while I held on for dear life, then he froze and filled my squeezing pussy with another large load of searing hot cum that coated my insides so deliciously.

When he pulled out, I turned to take his dripping cock into my mouth, but my mom beat me to it. She was moaning loudly as she lustily sucked every drop of cum and ass juice off of him, then she let his dick fall from her mouth and guided my mouth back to her bosom. I latched on right away and began to nurse, this time while I was on my knees. As I sucked, I felt my dad part my cheeks and lap away at my well fucked pussy, making me moan wildly around my mom's breast. I pushed hard and expelled as much cum and ass juice as I could into his mouth, then I felt his tongue drive up further inside of me for a moment. When he pulled his face out of my ass, he leaned over my head and kissed my mom hard. With her nursing breast still in my mouth, I let my gaze travel up and took note of the fact that they were sharing my butt load of cum and ass juice between them while I nursed.

I watched them break their kiss, then my mom swallowed hard and sighed again as she held my head with both hands. Without pulling me away from her bosom, she managed to pull me into her lap and cradle me in her arms. With my dad leading the way, she got up and carried me with her downstairs to the kitchen, where she checked the timer on the oven.

Fifteen more minutes, babe,” she told my dad while I continued to nurse and recover from my orgasm. My dad kissed my cheek with a warm smile, then he wrapped his arm around her waist and we went into the living room, where she sat down on the couch and rocked me gently as I continued to suckle her breast. When the timer went off, I didn't want to let go of her nipple and groaned loudly when she started to rub her breast to get me to stop sucking. She responded by pulling my stinky underwear out of her pocket and holding them out invitingly. I let her breast fall from my mouth and opened wide, waiting impatiently for her to put them back in my mouth. As soon as I tasted the rich brown stain in the seat of my undies, I smiled and let her hand me to my dad, who kissed the top of my head and held me in his lap, against his still semi hard cock while my mom went into the kitchen to take the roast out of the oven.

I instantly felt horny again, so I threw the sides of my legs over each one of his thighs, exposing my boy cunt and giving me easy access to his veiny dick. I slid my hands down and began to fondle it, feeling precum leak from its head. My mom walked back into the living room and smiled knowingly when she saw what I was up to.

I think somebody's horny again,” my mom said softly, and I nodded at her while I bit my lower lip.

I want daddy to service my pussy again,” I said with a mouth full of underwear, still stroking his cock.

You didn't get enough yet, baby?” he asked in my ear, and I shook my head no, looking desperately at my mom, who understood what I wanted her to do. She got up and went upstairs while I stroked my dad's cock back to its full length and girth. When she returned, she had the tube of KY Jelly that they'd bought me. She flipped the cap off, then she squirted some into my dad's palm. He smeared it over the lips of my pussy, then he slid two fingers deep inside of my hungry hole and lubed me up while my mom squirted more over the head of his cock. My little fingers spread the lube out over his entire length, then I lifted my legs and rested the bottom of my feet on the top of his thighs, exposing my horny cunt as I encouraged him to slip back up inside of me and give me another fudge packing before dinner.