Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 16

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After my dad screwed another load of cum into my hungry boy cunt, I licked his dripping cock clean and let him bend me over the couch so that he could eat at my back door until dinner was on the table. Before we ate, my mom and dad dressed me and then went upstairs and put their clothes on. Even after eating two large loads of hot poop, I had an appetite for my Prime Rib and mashed potatoes. My mom and dad both gave me a sideways look when I picked at my asparagus, though.

You mean to tell me that you won't eat your vegetables because you don't like the taste?” my mom asked, raising an eyebrow at me, then she turned to my dad. “This from the boy who eats poop like he's starving to death.”

It's different,” I said with a shy smile. “Asparagus smells and tastes gross, but poop smells and tastes good.”

Will you at least eat a couple of bites, buddy?” my dad asked. I nodded and did as he asked, using my glass of Kool Aid to swallow the two bites I took like they were pills. When we were finished eating dinner, my mom and dad cleaned up while I went upstairs and checked my phone for a text from Jimmy. I'd just missed one he sent a couple of minutes before saying that he was about to leave, so I ran back downstairs and turned the porch light on for him so he'd know that I was waiting.

When he showed up, he had his backpack stuffed with a change of clothes, and he was still dressed in his cute outfit from earlier. I was all over him right away, smothering him in kisses and hugs and hanging on him in the front room. He noticed right away that I'd showered and brushed my teeth.

You smell minty,” he said, almost sounding a little disappointed.

My mom and dad made me brush my teeth and get cleaned up,” I explained to him, rubbing my tummy, which was filled with a satisfying concoction of cum, ass juice, pee, poop and my dinner. I could feel it all churning inside of my stomach, making its way through my digestive track where it would become a chocolatey treat that I would savor later on.

My mom said that I stink, and that I needed to take a shower before I left but I didn't,” he said with a naughty grin. “I wanted to be stinky for you.”

I felt my heart skip a beat when he said that, then I moved in for another taste of his delicious kiss. When we broke our kiss, I dropped to my knees and pressed my nose into his crotch, then I moved around to his backside and pressed my face into his rear end so that I could enjoy his stinky butt. With my face planted in his rear end, I thought about how hot and stinky his poop load would be if he were ready to feed me right at that moment. Before I got up, I encouraged him to fart into my opened mouth. Much to my delight, he treated me to a hot, stinky fart that blew into my watering mouth, then I planted my nose back in his rump and inhaled deeply for a long, enjoyable moment.

When I finally got up, I took him into the kitchen where my mom and dad were doing the dishes, and I told them that we were ready for pie. They shooed us out of the kitchen and into the living room, where they told us to wait until they were done doing the dishes, then they'd bring us our pie. While we were in the living room, we kissed hungrily on the couch. I groped him, then I slid my hands down the front of his jeans and found his hard cock, eager to jack him off while we continued to tongue wrestle.

Feel my butt,” I panted, briefly pulling my lips away from his so I could give voice to my desires, then we locked lips again. His hands were all over my buns, grabbing them and driving me crazy as our kiss got even heavier. Before I knew it, he was panting hard into my mouth and I was reaching back with my free hand to guide his hand down the back of my pants, wanting him to slip a couple of fingers up my boy pussy and work on my sweet spot while we made out.

When our make out session came to an end, there were two small plates sitting on the coffee table, each with a piece of French Silk pie on it, and two cups of milk by each plate. I grinned at my boyfriend, who was blushing hard, then I leaned in and gave him another peck on the lips. When our pie was done, we went upstairs and got undressed, then we resumed our make out session, picking up right where we left off. With his tongue in my mouth, his fingers up my ass and his cock in my hand, I let him guide me to the bed, where he laid me down on my back and used his right arm to lift my leg, giving him easier access to my pussy with his left hand. He moved a little further down, causing me to lose my grip on his hard dick, then he pushed my rump up into the air and parted my cheeks. I felt his face smash into my crack, then I heard him inhale deeply and give off a satisfied sigh.

You smell so good back here,” he told me, talking into my crack. “It doesn't smell like you took a shower at all.”

With that, he used his tongue to lick my poop-chute deeply, causing me to pant hard and moan out loud while he did.

You make my pussy feel so good,” I told him, reaching down and running my fingers through his hair. “Are you going to fuck me again?”

Mm hmm,” I heard him moan, his tongue still working hard on my pussy, giving me incredible sensations. In between laps with his tongue, he asked me a curious question. “Do you have to poop, Kyle?”

I will in a little bit,” I told him, then I felt him lick harder with his tongue a few times before he pulled his face out of my boy pussy. He gave me another naughty smile, then he licked his lips and crawled up beside me on his hands and knees, rolling his hips around in the air with a moan to tell me what he wanted. Without having to be told, I crawled around to his backside and spread his stinky cheeks apart, taking note of several brown smears that resided on them and in his crack.. His cheeks were extra sharp, and I knew that it was due to the hot load of boy fudge that he'd treated me to earlier on. I was looking forward to being fed from his rear end again, hoping that the load he'd be presenting me with this time would be even bigger and even stinkier that the one I already had in my tummy. I started by licking all around his tangy cheeks, wanting to lap up as much of the leftover poop as I could, then I planted my face in between them and probed his pooper with my tongue

I gave his butt hole a deep French kiss, then I slipped it up inside of his chute and lapped up as much ass juice as I could, all the while letting its strong odor drift into my nostrils. After five minutes of this, I pulled my tongue out and crawled back up to lay beside him, flat on my back with my legs wide opened so that he could lay between them. As soon as he was comfortable between my opened legs, I offered him my lips for a kiss, which he readily accepted, pressing his lips to mine and slipping his tongue into my mouth. While he kissed me hungrily, I reached over and grabbed the lube off of my bed, then I flipped the cap off and handed it to him so that he could lube me up.

Without breaking our kiss, he poured a liberal amount of lube into his hand and proceeded to grease my boy cunt, fucking me hard with his middle and fore fingers and working on my sweet spot. When he removed his fingers, he greased his hairless pecker up and down, then he handed me the tube of KY and lined up with my entrance while I flipped the cap closed and tossed it off to the side. With the head of his stiff organ at my hole, he smiled down at me and pushed all the way in, then he bit his bottom lip and rested while the walls of my pussy throbbed around him.

He took a deep breath and let it all out, then he pulled back, causing his hot dick to run along the nerves that were lining my poop-chute, then he pushed back in. As his humping motion picked up and became steady, I felt an incredible tingle course throughout my boy cunt and started to moan loudly. He quieted me down by pressing his lips to mine, once again slipping his wet tongue into my mouth as my legs rocked back and forth in the air, in time with his thrusting hips. When he pulled his lips away, he smiled lovingly down at me, and I responded in kind.

I love you so much, Kyle,” he said gently, still feeding me strokes that seemed to be pulling my orgasm to the surface. “Are you my girlfriend?”

Yes, I'm your girlfriend,” I moaned loudly, biting my lower lip.

Tell me how it feels when I give it to you in your pussy.”

It makes me feel lucky to be your girlfriend,” I told him, delirious with pleasure. “You always make me happy when we do it, and I love you so much.”

Do you want me to cum inside of you?” he asked, and I nodded up at him with starry eyes, my climax approaching with the velocity of a speeding freight train.

I want you to do everything inside of me,” I stuttered, watching his smile grow bigger. “I want you to cum in me, then I want you to pee in me and poop in me too.”

I have a lot of poop waiting for you,” he told me, causing me to lick my lips. “When we're done here, do you want it right away?”

I nodded frantically, and as if he knew that I was on the edge of climaxing, he started to thrust harder and faster into me, then he kissed me again. I moaned loudly into his mouth as my pussy started to queef, then I came hard. My boy cunt was squeezing his shaft hard, over and over while goosebumps erupted all over my body. His thrusts suddenly got even more forceful, and I lost control of my senses, howling out loud and letting loose with a stream of yellow pee that hit my chest and ran down the sides of my torso to my sheets. I was so carried away by my climax that I didn't care about my sheets, or the fact that I had just peed involuntarily while Jimmy fucked my juicing pussy into a wonderful orgasmic frenzy. I felt his hairless cock swell inside of me, then he froze and shot deep into my poop-chute, filling me up with a larger than normal load of cum.

When he pulled out of me, I quickly took his sticky prick in my mouth and sucked it clean like a good cock whore would, then I moved passionately down to his nuts and bathed them with the flat surface of my tongue. When I pulled off of his nuts, he grabbed me under my arms and gently guided me to his loving embrace. I collapsed into his arms and let him hold me close while I basked in the afterglow of our love making. Every once in a while, he planted a tender kiss on my lips and whispered that he loved me while he ran his fingers listlessly through my hair. Once I felt stable enough to think straight, I reached down and rubbed his tummy, then I gave him a hungry look to let him know what I needed.

Are you ready?” he asked softly, and I nodded eagerly. We got up and put our underwear on, then we hurried down the hall to the bathroom. I swung the door closed behind us and got on my knees, but Jimmy noticed that the door hadn't closed all the way, so he walked back over and shut it tightly, then he locked it. When it was closed all the way, he walked around and turned to face away from me while I got into position behind him. With his underwear still up, I took note of the many brown streaks that colored the seat of his white briefs and I knew that I had to treat myself to their aroma. I planted my nose against the stains and took a long, intoxicating sniff as he pressed his butt back into my smiling face.

When I pulled my face out, I gripped the waistband of his undies and eased them all the way down. As he was stepping out of them, I was lightly running my nose up and down his stinky crack, still enjoying the sharp odor that they were emitting. With my nose still pressed into his crack, he bent his knees and rested his butt on my face, so I parted his cheeks and opened my watering mouth wide around his expanding hole, then I let his cheeks close around my face. I heard him start to strain lightly, then I heard his moist, brown poop start to emerge from his hole. At the same time, an incredibly powerful stink started to fill my nostrils and I smiled because I knew that my earlier wish for an even stinkier load than before was coming true.

I felt a gassy heat emerging from his butt hole that was circulating into my watering mouth, followed by a soft, thick turd that began to fill it swiftly. As it made its way out of his poop-chute and into my mouth, I moaned loudly and opened wider, wanting it to fill every inch so that I could enjoy its taste, smell, heat and texture. It was so long and thick that as soon as I could no longer accommodate its length, it began to smash against my tongue and the roof of my mouth, allowing it to fill my mouth to the brim.

Mmm,” I moaned as I felt the soft load start to push my cheeks out slightly to make room for more. When he was finally finished pushing the first turd out into my mouth, he turned to see his handy work. I pulled my face out of his hot rump and smiled up at him with a large mouthful of his hot poop, then I eagerly smashed the delicious treat with my tongue and swallowed as fast as I could, eager for another hot load from his rear end. When I had the bulk of it down, I looked up at him and licked my lips, so he turned around and squatted over me again.

I have a whole bunch this time,” he warned me. “I don't want you to be surprised.”

I want it all,”I moaned, then I parted his poop smeared cheeks and pressed my face in between them with my mouth opened wide. Jimmy pushed again, and I was treated to a massive offering of hot, stinky boy poop that exploded from his butt and into my mouth, as well as all over my face, in my nostrils and in my hair. It was extremely soft and hot like lava, its odor incredibly strong like dog poop or cat poop, almost identical to the load I'd taken from Jack the day before at the mall.

Jimmy turned around to look at me again, and this time his eyes got big when he saw that I was covered in his hot poop load. I smiled blissfully at him as I swallowed everything that was in my mouth, then I reached up and started to scrape the thick coating of poop that was all over my face into my mouth.

He grabbed his stiff, hairless pecker and pointed it at my mouth, and I hungrily opened wide and waited for him to give me something to wash my dessert down. While he concentrated on releasing his yellow stream, I inhaled the scent of his wonderful poop load, hoping that there would be more for me to enjoy from his rear end. The thought of another mouthful of his stinky turds brought another smile to my face, causing him to smile back down at me as if he knew what I was thinking. At the same time, he released his yellow stream, and I quickly let him fill my slutty mouth up with his hot pee before I swallowed, then I did it again. When he was almost finished, I begged him to pee in my hair, and he quickly complied. I could feel the warm poop that was smashed into my hair start to break loose, and as his pee streamed down my entire body brownly, I stuck my tongue out and caught as much of the brown pee and thick hunks of poop as I could until his flow subsided.

I licked my lips and reached out to rub his belly again, and he nodded at me. I was waiting for him to turn around, but he surprised me by kneeling down so that we were face to face, then he planted his lips to mine and slipped his tongue into my poop and pee flavored mouth and started to kiss me hungrily again. When we broke our kiss, he pressed his nose against my cheeks, then he licked a dark, thick poop smear off of my cheek and held his tongue out to show it to me. Then, with the naughtiest grin I've ever seen him give me, he pulled his tongue back into his mouth and swallowed hard before leaning in and kissing me again.

When he got up, he turned around and hung his dirty butt back out at me, so I quickly got into position and waited while he pushed hard. Four more thick, luscious turds emerged from his butt. Three of them were soft and hot and came out swiftly, filling my mouth to capacity and caking in his crack when I couldn't swallow fast enough. The forth one was solid and a much darker brown than the others. All of them were super stinky and delicious as they filled my mouth. While I was still working on the last piece, he knelt back down and held his nose to my chewing mouth, inhaling deeply with a very big smile, then he puckered his lips and held them out for a kiss. I grinned and offered him my poop covered lips, and he quickly leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine with an unsure look. Then, without warning, he slipped his tongue into my mouth, directly into his poop load, and sought out my tongue. I reciprocated, then I let him do all of the work so that I wouldn't overwhelm him. He surprised me by moaning lightly and wrapping his arms around my neck, then he trapped my tongue between his lips and sucked hard for a moment before he broke our kiss.

While I chewed and swallowed, Jimmy opened his mouth and showed me its brown contents. I was surprised to see that he had a small portion of his poop load on his tongue, then he closed his mouth and swallowed again.

When he got up again, I spread his cheeks and started to lick away the thick mass of poop that was caked in his crack, pulling the rich, creamy pieces into my mouth and moaning like a bitch in heat. When his butt cheeks and crack were licked clean, I zeroed in on his hole and ate it greedily as I felt my own load starting to stir hard in my bottom, telling me that it was ready to be enjoyed. I pulled my face out of Jimmy's crack and smiled up at him, then I told him what my need was.

I have to poop right now,” I said, sitting on my legs. “Do you want to see me eat it?”

Will you poop on me?” he asked me with a shy smile, and I nodded.

Can I sit in your lap and poop?”

Okay, that sounds fun,” he told me. “Do you want me to sit on the toilet?”

I nodded, so he got up and sat down on the toilet, and I quickly scrambled to my feet and bent over to grab his underwear, then I took my place in his lap. When I sat down without pulling my undies down, he gave me a questioning look.

Aren't you going to take your underwear off?” he asked, and I shook my head no. “Are you going to poop in your undies?”

I want to,” I told him, then I rested my head on his shoulder. “Do you want me to take them off instead?”

You don't have to,” he said. “What about your mom and dad?”

They already saw me eating poop out of my undies two times today,” I told him. “I pooped my pants when I came home from Matt's house today and ate it right in front of them. Then I did it again when you went home, and I ate it all right in front of them. That's why they wanted me to take a bath.”

Jimmy licked his lips and grinned while I lifted the seat of his underwear to my nose and inhaled the stains, then I held them under his nostrils and let him take a long whiff. While he was sniffing his own underwear, I strained loudly and felt my poop-chute open up, releasing several hot pieces of poop into the seat of my underwear and into Jimmy's lap. I could feel the load smashing against his crotch, so I took the initiative and ground my bottom into him, smearing the mess all over my bottom and into the seat of my undies before I planted my feet on the floor and pushed again. This time one large turd snaked out of my butt and into the seat of my underwear, joining the others and smashing against the large, brown mass that resided there. When I was finished, I turned and smiled at Jimmy, whose boner I could feel sticking straight up into my stinky pant load.

It feels so hot,” he whispered into my ear, then he took a long whiff of the powerful stink that was rising up all around us. “Are you going to eat it?”

I nodded with a hard grin, then I got up and looked down at his boner, which was sticking straight up and coated with my thick, brown poop. I anxiously dropped to my knees and took it in my mouth, using my tongue to run all over it and clean every inch, then I stood up and reached down into my undies, pulling out a large handful of my stinky butt fudge and shoving it wantonly into my mouth. When I had it down, I reached down and took out another large handful, cramming it into my mouth and letting my cheeks bulge with it as I moaned loudly. When my underwear were finally empty, I scraped my crack clean and quickly ate everything I had on my hands, then I dropped my undies and turned them inside out so that I could suck on the moist, brown seat. While I was doing this, Jimmy grabbed my hips and urged me to turn around, then he spread my stinky cheeks and licked all around them before he ran his tongue up my crack, moaning loudly as he did. When he was finished licking my crack, he moved to my poop covered hole and ate it deeply while I moaned around my stinky underwear.

Finally, he pulled his face out of my crack and took me into his arms. His face was streaked heavily with my dark brown boy poop, and he was smiling lewdly at me as he pulled my stinky undies out of my mouth and kissed me hungrily. We were both moaning wildly as our tongues dueled, then he bent me over the sink and ate at my back door again while I reached up and grabbed the Cortizone 10 out of the medicine cabinet. When he pulled his face out of my stinky rear end, he lubed me up and fucked me silly until he squirted another load into my horny pussy. When he was finished pleasing my well fucked pooper, we got in the tub and he stood over me and peed in my hair and mouth, then he blew another fart into my mouth that I could tell passed over a load of hot poop that was still in his tummy, ready to make its way down his poop-chute and into my tummy in the morning.

After we showered, we went down the hall to my room, where I offered my horny pussy to him once again. After he seeded me, I ate at his back door until my tongue was too tired, then I retrieved my box of dildos and I taught him how to take the two smallest ones in the ass. After a long evening of him taking it up the butt with the two smaller dildos, we moved up one size. I was surprised how easily he took it, so I used the dildo to fuck him until he came, then we made out and he told me what a good girlfriend I was and how much he loved me until he fell asleep.

With Jimmy fast asleep, I picked up my stinky underwear and shoved them back into my mouth, then I went down the hall to my mom and dad's room. My dad was sleeping, but my mom was still awake, watching the news on their TV. When she saw me come in, she smiled warmly, so I took my stinky undies out of my mouth and handed them to her as I climbed in on her side.

Hi sweetie,” she said, accepting my brown underwear from me with her right hand and wrapping her right arm around me. “Is everything okay?”

I wanted to come see you and daddy and have some special fun again,” I told her. “Jimmy went to sleep and I still feel horny.”

Well daddy has to wake up early, baby,” she told me with a sympathetic smile. “You and Jimmy didn't do anything?”

Yeah we did,” I told her with a grin. “We both pooped and I ate it all, and we did it in my butt two more times.”

Then it sounds like you had a good night,” she said, and I shrugged, causing her to look questioningly at me. “You didn't have a good night?”

I did,” I told her in a small voice. “But I wanted to have fun with you and daddy tonight.”

I'm sorry honey,” she said, rubbing my shoulder. “Daddy's got to get up early. I'll be home tomorrow, though, Maybe we can get daddy to come home early.”

Can we?” I asked hopefully, and she nodded.

I think we can manage that, honey,” she said. “Would that make you happy?”

I bit my lip and nodded, then I looked up at her to ask her something else.

Does daddy always poop in the morning?”

Yes he does, sweetie, first thing,” she answered.

I want daddy to poop in my mouth again,” I pouted.

Well you'll have to wake up at about 6 in the morning for that, sweetie.”

If I wake up for it will he do it?” I asked.

I think he will, baby,” she said with a nod. “Do you want me to talk to him?”

Will you mommy?” I asked, and she nodded, then she held up my stinky underwear and smiled.

I see you pooped your pants again,” she said knowingly, causing me to smile shyly.

I like doing it,” I admitted. “That way I can feel my poop on my butt and I don't have to waste it when it's on the floor. Plus I can smell the stain in my underwear and taste it longer.”

My little poop lover,” she said warmly, giving me a squeeze. “So should mommy get used to washing your dirty underwear again?”

Mm hmm,” I told her, nodding my head with a grin. “I was wearing my undies when Jimmy pooped and peed in my mouth, too.”

Did you get enough tonight?” she asked, and I shrugged.

It was really stinky, and I really liked it a lot. I wanted him to keep going poop and never stop.”

He didn't have a lot?” she asked.

It was a lot, but I still wish it was more. But then I had to poop, too, but it wasn't as good as Jimmy's poop was. His was stinkier and hotter than mine was.”

Well maybe because yours was in your pants first, then you put it in your mouth,” she explained. “If he pooped in your mouth, then it was hotter because it wasn't somewhere else first.”

Plus his smelled like dog poop,” I said with a grin. “I hope that his poop smells the same way tomorrow.”

If that's what you want, then I hope so too, Kyle,” she said, planting a kiss on my forehead and holding my stinky undies against my lips. I let them part, then she slid them in and I instantly started to suck hard. As soon as the flavor filled my mouth, I smiled up at her, then I let her scoot me out of her bed and I went back to my room so that I could snuggle up with my boyfriend and dream about all of the hard cocks and hot poop loads that I was going to be enjoying the next day.