Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 17

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I could barely sleep, tossing and turning with my boyfriend right next to me. I was finding the urge to swallow another hot, stinky load of poop, any hot, stinky load of poop, more and more irresistible. I sated my desire somewhat by sucking on my brown, stinky underwear, but that was only doing so much for me. I had a craving deep down inside of me that could only be satisfied one way, and one way only. I rubbed my own tummy, wondering if I might be able to coax a small load from deep in my bowels, but there was nothing for me to enjoy.

Next I planted my face in Jimmy's warm crack and inhaled deeply, then I started to eat his rear end with passion. I felt his hips raise up into the air, so I reached underneath him and started to rub his belly. He even treated me to a delicious series of hot farts while I feasted on his poop-chute, but there were no yummy turds to be had. Finally I couldn't take it anymore, so I sat up and looked at the alarm clock. It was 2:50 in the morning, another three hours and ten minutes before my dad would be up, so I plopped back down in my bed and sighed. I considered waking Jimmy up so that he could at least feed me his bladder full of hot pee, but I didn't want to risk him not being able to fall back asleep. I knew that if Jimmy was up and around, there was no way that my mom would even consider asking my dad to feed me his morning poop load.

Finally, I could take no more. I got up and wandered out to the hall, then I walked to my bathroom and turned the light on so that I could pee. I was about to step up to the toilet for the first time in days when I spotted a large plastic cup in the bath tub that I normally use to pour water over my head when I take a bath. I wasn't craving pee as badly as I was craving poop, but I figured that it would at least be something until my dad was up and could give me a warm, brown breakfast. I grabbed the cup and turned it upside down, making sure that there was no water in the bottom. When I was confident that it was bone dry, I aimed my hairless little pecker into the cup and let loose with a strong stream that filled it up about ¾ of the way.

As soon as I was empty, I placed the cup to my lips and drank it down. I inhaled deeply as the rich aroma of hot pee filled my nostrils, making me feel light headed with lust. I started to drink faster, and before I knew it, the cup was empty and I was pushing my nose into the empty cup, still taking hard sniffs in search of more of the heady aroma I was enjoying so much. I put the cup back in the bathtub, then I walked back out to the hallway. I thought I could still hear my parents' TV on, so I decided to grab my stinky underwear from my bed, then head down the hall so I could at least be at my dad's side when he opened his eyes. That way, I figured, he could feed me both his bladder full of pee and his hot poop load. Maybe then we could shower together, and he might even slide his cock back into my horny boy cunt, which was starting to flow ass juice quite heavily in anticipation of me being able to swallow a large volume of hot, stinky poop logs.

I went back into my room to retrieve my dirty underwear so that I'd have something to suck on while I waited for my dad to get up when I noticed that Jimmy was holding his stomach with a pained look on his sleeping face. I heard him let out a light whimper, then he hunched up a bit. It was obvious that he was experiencing stomach cramps, something I knew well because I'd woken up in the middle of the night before with bad cramps, needing to poop urgently. I crawled into my bed so that I could lay next to him again, then I leaned over and gave him a gentle peck on the lips.

He opened his eyes and blinked, then he sat up and vocalized his need.

“I have to go poop,” he said sleepily, so I sat up and took his hand, eager to lead him down the hall so that he could find relief in my watering mouth. When we got to the bathroom, I turned the light back on and smiled at him as I shut the door, positive that he wanted privacy against the risk that one of my parents might wake up and see him squatting over me, filling my mouth with a luscious mound of hot turds.

As soon as I closed the door, I dropped to my knees behind him and parted his stinky cheeks while he scratched an itch on his head, still finding his bearings and getting used to the light that was shining in his half opened eyes. I opened my mouth and moaned, then I lapped away at his hole until I saw it open up. As soon as I knew he was ready, I opened wide, nearly shaking in anticipation of his release. He simultaneously let loose with a loud fart and an incredibly large torrent of soft and stinky light brown poop logs that exited his anus rapidly. The first two filled my mouth to capacity right away, and while I was chewing them up, he continued to expel several more powerful smelling turds. One of them took a projectile path, landing in my hair. The rest landed on my chest and in my lap, completely covering my hairless boner, which was standing straight up. I quickly swallowed, then I picked up right where I left off, placing my mouth back at his hot poop-chute and treating myself to another scrumptious mouthful of warm boy poop. This time I was able to keep up until he stopped pushing, mainly because I was smashing the hot load with my tongue and swallowing as fast as I could.

As soon as I had his load down, I pressed my face into his poop covered crack and opened wide, inhaling deeply through my nose and mouth. I heard him strain hard, and much to my delight, he pushed out another trio of hot, thick turds, all of which I was able to accommodate at the same time in my mouth by keeping up, chewing and swallowing as fast as I could in hopes of more. Once I had it all down, I spread his cheeks wide and ran my tongue all over them, eager to lap up what rested there while he prepared to push again. When I saw his hole expanding again, I opened wide and watched as a long, dark and thick turd made its exit, right into my watering mouth. It was so hot and stinky, and I loved feeling it fill my slutty mouth so thoroughly. As it was nearing the end of its journey out of his poop-chute, he gave a hard strain, causing it to detach from his butt hole.

As I savored the large, hot piece of poop that I had in my mouth, I looked down into my lap, where several steamy turds lay in a pile, their dark scent wafting up into my nostrils. I reached up and grabbed the warm turd that stuck in my hair, pulling it out and holding it up so that I could examine it. It was the same color and consistency of the many pieces that rested in my lap, so I held it up to my nose and took a long sniff, sending a shiver through my body that only heightened my urgent need to cram it into my mouth and chew it up. When it was gone, I smiled up at Jimmy, who had turned to watch me make a pig out of myself. I reached down into my lap and picked up each turd one by one, holding each one to my nose for a long, enjoyable sniff before systematically cramming it into my mouth with a moan so I could swallow it.

When there was nothing left to enjoy, I planted my poop smeared face back into Jimmy's crack and ate at his back door until there were no more smears left on his butt cheeks. After that, we got into the bathtub and he peed in my mouth and all over my body while I released my own stream of hot pee all over his legs, then he turned the shower on and we washed up. When we got out, we dried off and came out of the bathroom in time to bump into my mom.

“Is everything okay, honey?” my mom asked, so I stayed behind to talk to her while Jimmy continued on to my room.

“Yeah, everything's okay,” I told her with a satisfied grin. “Jimmy had to go poop really bad, and I wanted him to poop in my mouth again. He had a lot of poop this time, and it was extra stinky.”

“I see,” she said with a warm smile. “Well I heard the shower and wanted to make sure nothing was wrong. Do you still want daddy to help you out when he wakes up?”

I bit my lip and nodded, feeling another shudder run through me as the thought of having yet another butt load of warm fudge to savor ran through my mind. She went back into her room, so I went back into mine. When I crawled into my bed, Jimmy was still awake, his hairless cock hard as steel, so I lubed up and offered my horny rear end up to him, my hunger for hot poop once again sated, at least temporarily.

After he squirted a hot load of cum into my boy pussy, we collapsed in each others' arms and held each other. I felt completely satisfied, my tummy filled up with a hot, stinky load of poop and my rear end filled up with a hot load of cum. We shared a long kiss, then I fell asleep in my boyfriend's arms, my head on his warm chest. I was exhausted, and I knew that he was too, and I honestly have no idea if I even had a dream that night.

It was a little before six when my dad gently shook me awake. I opened my eyes and saw him smiling down at me with a loving expression, prompting me to smile back and extract myself from Jimmy's embrace. He was wearing a pair of boxers and nothing else, and he looked sexy as hell. I sat up and yawned, then I stretched my arms out and felt a few joints crack, then I hung my feet off of the side of my bed and got up to follow my dad back to his room. As soon as I stood up, he reached down and grabbed me underneath my arms so he could pick me up and carry me. When we got out to the hallway, he kissed the side of my head and gave me a long hug.

“You smell like baby shampoo, buddy,” he said tenderly.

“I got up with Jimmy last night and we had to take a shower when we were done,” I explained sleepily.

“I know buddy, mommy told me already. Do you still want daddy to feed you this morning?”

“Yes, please,” I practically stuttered. “Do you still have to go pee too?”

“I took care of that already, pumpkin,” he said with a smile. “But I saved you something special that I know you've been after.”

My mouth was watering by the time he closed his bedroom door and locked it. I didn't see my mom on the bed, and figured out right away that she was downstairs getting his coffee started. He took me into the bathroom and let me down in the tub, then he dropped his boxers and climbed in behind me. He's so much taller than me that all I have to do is stand behind him to bury my face between his cheeks, so that was exactly what I did.

I used my small hands to spread his warm cheeks apart, then I opened my mouth and waited for his release. His thighs stiffened and he hung his butt out slightly for leverage, causing me to have to adjust in order to keep my mouth in place, then he pushed. His hole started to open up, and I could hear the crackle of a hot, fresh turd making its way down his poop-chute. At the same time, a wonderful stink started to fill my nostrils, causing me to moan involuntarily. There was a radiating heat in my mouth, followed by the firm texture and delicious taste of his hot poop log as it started to fill my grateful mouth.

I could feel my head spinning with pleasure as I began to chew and smash the moist turd with my teeth and tongue as it was still making its descent, wondering how many more he would be treating me to. It was so long that I finally had to stop chewing, worried that it might break off and that I wouldn't be able to take it all straight from his rear end, something I wanted so badly to accomplish. As it continued to fill my mouth, I felt my cheeks bulging with the dark brown fudge and I finally had to start swallowing again.

Once I had all of the first turd in my mouth, he turned to look over his shoulder at me, looking somewhat concerned about my welfare. I smiled up at him in appreciation, prompting him to smile back and watch me chew until I had it all down.

“Are you ready for more, kiddo?” he asked. I nodded frantically, then I shoved my face back into his butt cheeks and moaned loudly, anxious for my next mouthful. He pushed again, this time releasing a long piece that wasn't quite as thick as the first one, but it was still delicious. I was able to let it curl up in my mouth, like I had before with Jimmy's luscious poop load. Once my mouth was full to the brim, he watched again while I happily chewed and swallowed my warm, brown breakfast. When my mouth was empty, I looked up at him hungrily before getting back into position and opening wide just in time to catch two more poop logs that slipped down his chute and into my mouth, where once again I chewed them up and swallowed. At the same time, I released my bladder full of hot pee all over my stomach and the back of my dad's legs.

I knew that he was finished, so I carried on with the task of licking his crack clean, then I used my fingers to pull the thick hunks of poop off of my cheeks and into my mouth with loud moans. After that, my dad turned the shower on and we washed up. Once we were both sufficiently clean, I took the bar of soap from him and lubed his raging boner up, then I placed my hands against the shower wall and begged him to give it to me up the butt. He lined his fuck stick up to my entrance and pushed in, then he plowed my cunt, bringing me off twice before he seeded my boy pussy with a large load of hot cum.

When my dad and I were finished with our romp, he got dressed and I put on some underwear and a tee shirt. After I brushed my teeth, he came into my bathroom to inspect my mouth, then we went downstairs. I stayed in his lap, wanting to be close to him while the afterglow of my climax was still strong. When he had to leave, he gave me a sweet peck on the lips, then he kissed my mom passionately before he walked out the door. We stood in the front room and watched from the window as he pulled away, then we went into the kitchen, where my mom filled up a sippy cup with milk and handed it to me.

“I take it you aren't hungry for breakfast,” she said with a knowing smile as we walked back into the dining room, where she lifted me into her lap and gave me a kiss.

“Not right now,” I told her. “My tummy feels nice and full right now. The only thing I want to eat is more poop.”

“You still want more, Kyle?” she asked with a hint of alarm in her voice, and I nodded eagerly.

“I love eating poop, mom,” I admitted, licking my lips. “I wish I could eat it all day long and never stop.”

“Do you think you'll get enough soon?” she asked curiously, and I shook my head no.

“Last night after I went to bed I kept thinking about how good it tastes and smells, and I wanted to eat someone's poop all night.”

“I see,” she said, gently caressing my left cheek. “Well I know you were looking forward to having daddy share with you. Do you think that maybe that's the reason you wanted it so bad last night?”

“No, mom,” I told her, shaking my head. “Jimmy gave me a lot of poop last night, and so did daddy this morning. I want more, though. I want someone else to poop in my mouth for me.”

“Honey I want you to be careful,” she cautioned me. “It's dangerous to eat poop from people who are sick, and sometimes you might not know that they're sick.”

“I know, mommy,” I told her. “I won't eat someone's poop if they have diarrhea. But if they just have a lot of poop, then I want to eat all of it.”

“You really love eating poop, don't you Kyle?” she said with a warm smile, and I nodded happily.

“I love eating poop and smelling poop and feeling poop,” I told her enthusiastically, rubbing my tummy for emphasis. “I wish we had a butt in my room that made hot and stinky poop all the time that I could eat and smell and rub on my tummy.”

“Mommy's little poop lover,” she said affectionately, prompting me to smile as I took a sip from my cup. I handed her the cup and got comfortable in her lap. She rocked me gently, then she held my cup to my lips and gave me drinks from it until I started to feel my eyelids get heavy. When I could no longer fight my need for sleep, I felt her hoist me up and carry me with her into the kitchen, where she put my cup in the sink, then we climbed the stairs. I felt her kiss my head, then she laid me down in my bed beside my naked lover. I heard my bedroom door close, so I curled up with Jimmy and wrapped my hand around his hairless pecker. With his cock in my hand, I felt comfy again and sleep completely enveloped me.