Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 18

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“Are you nervous?” I asked Jimmy as Matt's house came into view. He gave me a nonchalant shrug as we continued to pedal our bikes, picking up speed until we turned into the driveway and rode all the way up into the garage, where Matt and Mike were waiting for us with the garage door wide opened. As soon as we were in, Matt hit the button on the wall and the large door came down. We hopped off of our bikes and leaned them up against the wall, then we followed them both inside without a word.

This was the day it would finally happen for Jimmy, and as nervous as he was about losing his anal virginity to Mike, I knew that this was what he wanted. I wanted it for him, too, so I was very happy to be there to help him out. I promised him that morning as we made our plans that I'd support him in any way he needed me to. I guessed that he would most likely need plenty of moral support and a whole lot of lube, which I brought with me in my zipped up coat pocket.

I could tell that Mike was very hot about taking Jimmy's virginity, too. The expression on his face said it all. He was very hungry for sex with Jimmy and I, and we were both prepared to satisfy his hunger. I for one was looking forward to taking all three of their hot cum loads deep inside of my yearning boy cunt, and more. I wasn't sure how much Matt had told Mike, but the day before he all but guaranteed that Mike would want to feed me a steamy load of his fresh boy fudge, and I was eager to take it all straight from his yummy rear end. If I could manage to swallow a butt load from Matt and Jimmy, too, that would be even better. But I knew for sure that I was looking forward to a mouthful of Mike's hot, stinky turds for the first time.

To say that Mike and Matt looked good today would be a huge understatement. It looked like they both spent a lot of time getting themselves ready for us, especially Mike. They were both really hot anyway, but for some reason, Mike seemed to ooze sexiness today. He was dressed quite simply, wearing a pair of blue jeans and a plain white Nike Tee Shirt, but there was something about the way his face was glowing that I found extremely hot. Matt was dressed in a really nice pair of khaki pants and a brown collared shirt that was tucked in neatly. His hair looked like he'd taken a blow dryer to it, and it was obvious that he was freshly showered.

Mike saw me ogling him and flashed me a very sexy smile, then he turned to Jimmy and they shared a silent smile before Jimmy looked away shyly. I felt Matt wrap his arm around my waist, causing me to look up at him and bat my eyes as he led me down the hallway toward the living room, where we sat next to each other on the love seat. At the same time, Mike took Jimmy's hand and led him to the couch, where they sat down and engaged in a passionate lip lock.

That was my cue to do the same with Matt. I wrapped my arms around his neck and let my tongue enter his mouth, then I passively let his tongue dominate mine. As soon as he picked up on my passive state, he took command and guided me onto my back, then he picked up the tempo of our kiss. My ass juice was starting to flow heavily, and I wanted to get undressed right away so he could take me, but we were so enthralled with our lip lock that neither of us had the will to separate long enough to take our clothes off. I looked across the living room at Mike and Jimmy, taking note of the fact that they were both shirtless and were very slowly unbuttoning their pants. I released my grip and removed my arms from around Matt's neck to encourage him to let up so we could do the same. He pulled his tongue out of my mouth and his lips away from mine, giving me a questioning look, and I responded by reaching down and untucking his shirt while I smiled up at him. When he caught on to what I was doing, he lifted himself up enough to be able to pull his shirt off while I sat up and worked my coat off.

Once I was undressed, I went into my coat pocket and produced the KY Jelly I'd brought along while Matt and Mike both watched curiously. As soon as I pulled it out, they both realized what I had in my hands and grinned at each other. Jimmy and I were both lubed up already, but I wanted to make sure that we had enough to get Mike's dick lubed up before he tried to put it up Jimmy's ass. Of course, we had a lot of fun in the process of getting ourselves ready, especially Jimmy, who achieved two orgasms before he ever got out of the bed. I was pretty lucky that morning, too.

I woke up again a little after 9am, and the first thing I did was go down the hall to pee. I was eager to drink another bladder full, so I peed in the plastic cup I used earlier, then I gulped it all down and let out a satisfied belch. When I made it back to my room, I planted my lips on Jimmy's mouth and woke him up with a long French kiss.

“You have pee pee breath,” he said with a silly smile when we broke our kiss. “I like it.”

“I like it too,” I told him, puckering my lips and stealing another quick peck from him. “I'd rather have poo poo breath, though.”

With that, I moved down his body and kissed the end of his morning stiffy, then I grabbed his hips and rolled over on my back, encouraging him to roll over on top of me. A few moments later, he was slowly depositing a warm, yellow elixir down my throat that I eagerly swallowed, careful not to lose a single drop. When his bladder was empty, I tugged on his hips and encouraged him to sit on my opened mouth, then he treated me to a very gassy, very hot fart that made my head spin with pleasure. After that, I reached up and rubbed his tummy so that I could coax another hot treat from his rear end. My efforts paid off in the form of two long, stinky poop logs that filled my slutty mouth and felt so satisfying as I chewed them up and swallowed them.

After I swallowed his morning poop load, we shared a long kiss, then I lubed up and let him pound my boy pussy until he came inside of me. Once he seeded my poop-chute, I used the lube to prepare him for our meeting with our two hunky upperclassmen. It didn't take long for him to cum again under the sheer pleasure of being fucked by the Torrid Tickler. Once he came again, I slipped the dildo deep inside of my boy cunt and rode it hard to my own orgasm, then I sucked it clean of both of our ass juice before we got cleaned up. Jimmy and I spent about 20 minutes in the shower, then we lubed up again before we got dressed and did our hair. On the way out the door, I told my mom that we'd be back in about two hours, then we took off on our bikes.

“Do you need to lube up?” Matt asked me with a note of concern in his voice when I set the tube of KY Jelly down on the floor in front of the couch. I responded by moving back in for a kiss, wrapping my arms around his neck once again and slipping my tongue back into his mouth before I mumbled my answer.

“Mm, mm,” I breathed into his mouth, letting him guide me down onto my back. As soon as he had me on my back, I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his waist. He broke our kiss and smiled down at me, prompting me to return his cute smile. We made eye contact, then he reached under my legs and lifted them up into the air, hoisting them up onto his shoulders, then he leaned into me and resumed our kiss while his hard cock pressed into the opening of my horny boy pussy. I felt his glans push past my anal ring and let out a long moan, encouraging him to push the rest of the way in.

At the same time, I let my gaze travel over to the love seat, where Jimmy was on his knees with a mouthful of Mike's cock, sucking on it in earnest. He was giving off a series of low, lustful sounding moans and his hairless dick was standing straight up, pressed against his pubic bone. His eyes were closed, but he had a very satisfied looking smile on his face. Mike was sitting on the love seat, looking down at him with a smile of his own and running his fingers through Jimmy's brown hair.

As I caught site of this, Matt drove his cock the rest of the way in and bottomed out in my love tunnel, then he began to withdraw slowly. When he was almost completely out, he pushed back in, causing me to let out another moan. When he bottomed out a second time, he broke our kiss and grinned down at me, then he rolled his hips, causing his hard on to stir hard against the walls of my boy cunt. He puckered his lips and we resumed our kiss, then he began to fuck me with a very steady motion, pushing in and pulling out, over and over for ten torturous minutes as my orgasm started to build.

I was panting hard through our kiss, feeling the walls of my pussy start to throb hard with every stroke he fed me. At the same time, I felt a very strong wave of pleasure come over me, then my ass started to burn hard. As the walls of my boy pussy started to squeeze his fuck stick over and over, Matt picked up the pace and began thrusting harder and harder. My head was spinning under the influence of his talented cock, causing the hair on top of my head to stand up as if it were being drawn by static electricity. All at once, I felt the burning deep inside of my cunt start to spread to my legs and up my back, then it engulfed my stomach and my chest. I moaned loudly into his mouth, tightening my hold on the back of his neck as my climax swept me under for several moments. As I started to come to, I felt his crotch start to slam hard into my butt cheeks, then he buried himself all the way inside of me and froze. Breaking our kiss, he let out a loud groan and raised his head as he simultaneously blasted off, filling my horny pussy with a large load of cum that I was looking forward to expelling and swallowing when the time was right.

When he pulled out of me, he carefully guided my legs to the couch and let me lay prostrate while I recovered. I took a deep breath, then I used my hands to urge him to slip his still dripping cock into my mouth. As soon as I wrapped my lips around it, I sucked it clean, then I continued to nurse on it gently while I let my eyes roam over to the love seat, where Jimmy and Mike were cuddling closely. Mike was laying on the couch, flat on his back like me, and Jimmy was snuggled up to his side, wrapped in Mike's right arm. It was obvious that Jimmy had swallowed Mike's load, and they were both basking in the afterglow of their own lewd act. Mike was running his right hand up and down Jimmy's back, every once in a while letting his hand slip into my boyfriend's crack, where he no doubt found Jimmy's well lubed entrance.

Watching the scene across the room gave me the urge to suck Matt's meaty cock back to life, wanting so badly to take a creamy load of cum down my gullet, then treat myself to a hearty helping of his tasty ass juice while I rimmed his poop-chute until he was hard enough to fuck me once again. Jimmy spotted me staring at him and Mike, my slutty mouth still filled with the cock that had brought me to orgasm, and grinned. I responded by smiling around Matt's cock and sucking harder, and Jimmy gave me a daring look before he pressed his lips to Mike's and engaged him in another lip lock.

As their tongues dueled, I felt a strong desire to feel Matt fuck my throat hard, so I reached out with my right arm, wrapping it around his waist as far as I could, then I encouraged him to begin thrusting in and out. Matt understood what I wanted him to do right away, and before I knew it, he was feeding me full strokes. I could feel the head of his cock catching my clit, and I started to feel breathless. Once again I panted hard as he fucked my throat, and I knew that if he could sustain the pace he'd bring me off again.

Each time he pushed in, I tightened my throat muscles around his fuck stick. When he withdrew, his glans would run along my cum tube with sensual force, torturing my sensitive clitoris and sending shivers through my body. I started to want it harder and faster, and I was desperate for it to last as long as possible. Happily, Matt had just emptied his balls in my well fucked pooper, and I knew that he'd have the endurance to treat me to a long, forceful throat fuck. My head swam with pleasure for the next 15 minutes, every stroke he fed me causing my legs to shake involuntarily and a strong flow of ass juice to surge through my twitching cunt. Toward the end, I knew that I was on the verge of cumming again, and I wanted him to cum with me, so I tightened up even harder and looked up at him with hungry eyes, urging him to drive in harder.

Before I even realized that it was happening, my crotch and my boy cunt started to burn and I felt a very long, throbbing tingle run up my back and out to the end of every limb. My legs were shaking violently and I moaned loudly around the thick tool that was fucking me to another climax, and I instinctively added more force to my sucking and my swallowing. While I was experiencing my own orgasm, I felt Matt's cock swell in my throat while his thrusting got more forceful, then he pulled out far enough for me to wrap my lips around the head of his cock and filled my mouth with a large load of cum that I eagerly swallowed so I could make room for more, which he quickly fed me.

When there was no more of his load to swallow, I let out one last moan, then I licked his rod up and down before taking his warm nut sack in my mouth so I could suck his balls. I rolled each one around in my mouth and sucked hard, then I lifted his softening cock and lapped away at his balls with long, forceful licks. When I finally let them fall from my mouth, I sat up and moved behind him, eager to finally bury my face in his cheeks and treat myself to a scrumptious appetizer of his moist, tasty butt hole and a hopefully large volume of warm ass juice that I could swallow.

I spread his warm buns apart and planted my nose in his crack, sniffing hard with a huge smile. I rubbed my sniffing nose all over his stinky hole, then I licked up and down his hot crack, which was lined with sweat that he no doubt excreted during our romp. I looked across the room and took note of the fact that Jimmy had already beaten me to the punch. He was sitting on the back of his legs underneath Mike, his face buried in his crack, eating him so deeply that I thought he might be able to push his head up Mike's ass. His cock was still standing straight up, and I could tell that he was enjoying himself as much as Mike was. This only encouraged me to do the same, knowing that through this pleasurable act, I would bring Matt's talented fuck tool back to life and he could slide it back into my still horny pussy. Knowing this, I began to lick and kiss his brown eye, then I very passionately ate him out until my tongue could no longer sustain the motion due to fatigue.

I pulled my face out of his crack and sat back on my knees, watching as he turned to face me, dangling his once again hard cock in my face. His attention, though, was on the other side of the room, where Mike was on his knees behind Jimmy, who was in the doggy style position with his arms folded and resting on the right cushion of the love seat. His rear end was sticking invitingly up in the air, and he looked desperate for someone to slide their cock deep inside of him. I reached out and gave the end of Matt's dick a kiss, then I crawled across the living room floor on my hands and knees until I was next to my boyfriend, who smiled when he spotted me.

I leaned in and planted a kiss on his lips, then I tenderly caressed his cheek and slipped my tongue into his mouth. When we broke our kiss, I looked back at Mike, who was lining up to my lover's hole, and noticed that he was holding the tube of KY in his hand, replacing the cap. He reached down and wrapped his hand around his dick, evenly applying the lube to his entire length and all over his dick head, then he set the tube down and started to push in. Matt was watching the entire scene closely, biting his lower lip as he looked curiously over his best friend's shoulder.

I heard Jimmy moan loudly, then he gyrated his hips, causing his upturned bottom to slowly sway from right to left, then back in place. Mike and Matt both grinned at each other, then at the two of us as Jimmy's horny moaning started to get louder. Mike placed his two hands on Jimmy's hips and gripped them tightly, then he very slowly started to push. I watched with a little bit of trepidation as his head slowly pushed in and disappeared up Jimmy's rear end, then I turned my attention back to Jimmy, who looked like he was getting used to the feeling, but displayed no discomfort whatsoever. Mike stayed still for a few moments, then he slowly pushed in a little more, and once again, all eyes were on Jimmy, who gave no indication that he was in pain.

“God, you're so fucking tight back there,” Mike groaned, letting out a deep breath and waiting another couple of moments before pushing in some more. This time he pushed in about half way, looking a little panicked as he did. I was a little worried about how much length he added as well, but Jimmy wasn't complaining at all. In fact, if anything, he had an almost euphoric expression on his face, seeming to want more cock to be fed into his upturned rear end.

I planted another kiss on his lips, then I asked him, “Does it feel good, baby?”

“Yes,” he hissed out loud, then he puckered up and let me kiss him again. We broke our kiss and he grinned at me, then he panted, “It feels so good. I love it!”

With that, Mike pushed in again, this time burying himself about ¾ of the way in, and Jimmy responded by rolling his hips around with another loud, horny moan. Mike took this as his cue to push the rest of his cock in, and once again, Jimmy responded positively. While Mike was resting in the warm recesses of Jimmy's poop-chute, I quickly got into position next to my boyfriend and offered my own horny rear end up to Matt, who by now was stroking his own hard cock and was eager for release. Matt pulled my plump cheeks apart and lined up with my eager, upturned entrance, then he pushed in and buried himself in me with one hard push. I grinned at Jimmy as we were both fed long strokes of hot cock from behind. Getting laid with my boyfriend was something I wanted for us ever since I knew that Jimmy wanted to take it up the ass. We were sharing such a special moment, and I wanted it to last forever. At the same time, I knew that Matt and Mike were sharing an equally special moment, finally getting laid together, a pair of willing pussy boys at their disposals.

Jimmy had a look of pure pleasure on his face as he rode out the fuck he was being treated to. I was in heaven too, my pleasure being heightened by the fact that my lover was experiencing the same feelings of love and fulfillment that I was. He'd spent nearly a week working toward this goal, and I was there with him the entire time, wanting to make sure that he enjoyed his first butt fuck as much as I had enjoyed mine. I cum from sucking dick, and I love eating stinky butt holes too. But there's something about having a hard dick servicing my boy pussy that I can't describe. There's literally no comparison, and even though I've never played with my own hairless little pecker, I can't imagine that I'd enjoy it as much as I enjoy taking it up the butt. I'm very happy being a little pussy boy, and I'm very eager to service all the cocks I can with my hand, mouth and especially my boy cunt.

As Matt continued to fuck me from the back, I looked over my shoulder at him and Mike, and took note of the fact that they were looking at each other quite tenderly. Mike was holding onto Jimmy's hips and rhythmically moving back and forth while Matt did the same thing with me. They looked like they wanted to kiss, but were being held back by the fact that they were both balls deep in both mine and Jimmy's boy pussies and perhaps something else. It made me think that perhaps they'd messed around before, confirming my suspicions, but it was still a little unclear. Maybe they were still sorting through their feelings, or maybe it was the heat of this incredibly sexually charged moment.

My thoughts were interrupted by Jimmy's moaning, which had returned with a vengeance. He was obviously on the edge of an orgasm, and I could see all of the tell tale signs on his face. His panting was starting to get harder, and I could see his chest and tummy starting to heave up and down, even though he was on his hands and knees. I very gently leaned over and planted another kiss on his deep red lips, then I slipped my tongue into his mouth and treated him to a long French kiss. He moaned loudly into my mouth, then he started to suck on my tongue, pulling the saliva right out of its membranes and into his mouth before he spit it out and gave out one more moan, then cum started to shoot out of the end of his untouched cock all over the carpet.

As Jimmy's orgasm erupted, his upturned ass was squeezing Mike's cock, causing his cock to swell in my boyfriend's pussy as his own climax washed over him. He groaned loudly and filled Jimmy up with a large load of cum, then he pulled his cock out of Jimmy's squeezing pussy and collapsed on the love seat, right next to my head. Matt was still feeding me full strokes, so I quickly took Mike's cock in my mouth and sucked it clean while Jimmy stood up and took a seat on Mike's knee, obviously looking for affection after his first ever butt fucking. Mike took Jimmy into his arms and held him close while I continued to nurse on his softening hose.

While I did this, Matt's thrusting started to get harder, so I pushed my ass up to meet his powerful strokes. Every time that Matt drove in, I felt a strong wave of pleasure roll through my body and my pussy started to burn with the brewing storm that would bring about my climax. I started to moan harder around Mike's cock, feeling it start to stiffen once again as my sucking became more and more persistent. Matt was hitting my sweet spot and running his entire length across it over and over, back and forth while my pleasure grew to a more frantic level than before. I started to fuck myself hard on Mike's cock, which was once again stiff and now pleasuring the clitoris that rests in my throat.

As I bobbed my head roughly up and down on Mike's cock, I looked up to see him and Jimmy engaged in a very tongue heavy kiss. At the same time, I tightened up at both ends, wanting to feel the maximum sensation of both cocks as they filled me up, and that was when I felt every nerve in my body erupt in ecstasy. My whole body felt like it was throbbing as my orgasm slammed into me with the force of a speeding semi. My pussy was screaming with pleasure as it squeezed Matt's hard cock over and over again and literally pulled the climax out of his balls. At the same time, Mike's hard rod was hammering the clit in my throat, and I felt a different but simultaneous whirlwind of orgasmic sensations sweep me away. As Matt was filling me up with a butt load of his searing hot cum, I tried to call out his name, but it came out as gibberish.

Finally, he pulled away from my squeezing cunt, and much to my delight, he switched places with Mike, who quickly pushed up into my rear end and began feeding me strokes all over again. In the meanwhile, Jimmy quickly took Matt's dripping cock into his mouth and sucked it clean while I continued to moan loudly under the force of the butt fucking that Mike was treating me to. I was still in the midst of my orgasm when Matt pulled out, so when Mike took over, my climax continued to sweep me away. The difference is, Mike has a bigger cock than Matt. This caused my already fierce orgasm to intensify, and I felt totally out of control of my senses for the duration of the lay Mike was giving me. I couldn't moan loud enough to convey the feelings of euphoria that were rushing through my mind and all over my body, and I would have loved for it to have lasted forever. But because of the way my boy pussy was squeezing Mike's pleasing cock, he could only last about three minutes, then he fired off inside of me, his hot load joining the two that Matt had already left there, as well as what was left of the loads that my dad and Jimmy had left there earlier in the morning.

When he pulled out of me, Jimmy let Matt's soft cock fall from his mouth and quickly mounted me. As soon as he slid his hard cock inside of my poop-chute, everything started again and I felt delirious as my twitching cunt continued to drive my orgasm. As Jimmy serviced me from behind, Mike eased his dripping cock back into my mouth and I sucked as if my life depended on it. Once again, I was moaning loudly around his cock like a bitch in heat while powerful waves of heat and pleasure coursed through my system. Jimmy fed me hard, furious strokes for two more minutes, allowing me to ride my frantic climax out to a crescendo, then he blasted off inside of me for the second time since we woke up.

When he pulled out, I let Mike's soft cock fall from my slutty mouth and opened wide for Jimmy, who quickly took over where Mike and Matt left off. I was still moaning loudly as I sucked him clean, then I gripped his hips and urged him to turn around so I could dine at his back door. Without even bothering to spread his cheeks, I buried my face in his rump and feasted on his freshly fucked boy cunt. I was still in a frenzied state from my extended climax and three luscious lays in my own pussy. I wanted more cocks to fuck me right away, but I knew that everyone was spent from our marathon sex romp. I also knew that there were probably three full bladders waiting to unload, and I wanted them all to unload inside of me. I was hoping that I would also get to swallow three stinky loads of hot boy poop, but I knew that Jimmy most likely had nothing left to offer, so I was willing to settle for two.

When I'd feltched the last of Mike's cum out of Jimmy's rear end, I pulled my face away from his rump and collapsed on the floor. Matt and Mike were resting on the love seat, and I smiled when I noticed that they were holding each other closely. Because I was eating at Jimmy's back door, I couldn't watch them the entire time, so I didn't get to see if they kissed or not. Jimmy took a seat next to them on the very end of the love seat, then he held his arms out to me with a loving smile on his face. I stood up on wobbly legs and steadied myself, then I grinned and melted into his warm embrace, eager to be cuddled by my boyfriend. I sat on Jimmy's right thigh, then I curled my legs up and rested my head on his shoulder with a sigh while he very tenderly ran his fingers through my hair. I felt him kiss the top of my head, then he squeezed me tightly and whispered into my ear.

“I love you, Kyle,” he said just loud enough so that only I could hear him. On the other side of the love seat, Matt and Mike were still snuggled up to each other. Matt was holding Mike's head in his arms, gently stroking his mane of brown hair with a tender look on his face. He spotted me smiling at the two of them, and he offered me a warm smile in return. I puckered my lips and held them out for Jimmy, and Matt watched with interest as Jimmy answered my need with a soft kiss that made my lips tingle. As soon as our lips separated, Matt used two fingers to lift Mike's chin and puckered his own lips. Mike smiled sweetly up at his friend, then he pressed his lips to Matt's and they engaged in a very sensual kiss that lasted at least 20 seconds. When they broke their lip lock, Mike sighed and rested his head down on Matt's shoulder. I saw Matt whisper something into Mike's ear that I couldn't hear, and Mike responded by grinning up and nodding. Both of them looked my way with naughty smiles, then Matt spoke to me.

“Are you still going to let us take a shit in your mouth?”

I bit my lip and nodded, feeling my tummy growl in anticipation of being filled up with several yummy turds. Without taking his eyes off of me, Matt kissed the side of Mike's cheek and scooted him gently out of his lap, then he stood up behind him. I extracted myself from Jimmy's embrace and got up, then I let Matt and Mike lead the way down to the bathroom, where my wish would be fulfilled. With the four of us in the bathroom, I knew that there wasn't enough room for all of us to get in the tub at the same time, so I climbed in first and waited to see who would follow me in. To my delight, it was Mike who got in, so I grinned and reached out for his thick cock, which was once again starting to harden. I licked my lips, then I dropped to my knees and looked up wantonly at my7th grade Adonis. He smiled down at me, then he looked over at Matt and Jimmy with a questioning look, so I decided to give him some verbal direction.

“Do you have to pee?” I asked, and he nodded. I licked my lips, then I slipped my mouth over the head of his semi hard cock and reached out to rub his thigh with my palm. As if someone hit a light switch, it suddenly registered on his face that he understood what I was waiting for. He closed his eyes and concentrated, taking in a deep breath and letting it out slowly as he relaxed his bladder and gave in to his sweet release. I felt a hot spurt leave the end of his cock, then he looked down cautiously at me as if he were unsure that I really wanted it. With my lips still wrapped around the end of his cock, I nodded to encourage him to give me what he had.

With a determined look on his face, he cleared his throat and let his flow start. There was no trickle or even a slow start. Instead, he treated me to a hot, forceful stream that I challenged myself to keep up with, swallowing as fast as I could, not wanting any to slip away. The acrid aroma was filling my nostrils as his hot pee washed over my larynx, causing me to moan with desire. My hairless little pecker was sticking straight out, stimulated by the wonderful feeling of Mike's warm bladder full flowing down my throat and running over my clitoris. When his flow finally started to slow down, I grinned up at him and opened my mouth so that he could see his yellow love potion fill my slutty mouth, then I swallowed and let him finish with two last shots. When he was done, I encouraged him to shake off on my tongue, then I grabbed his hips and directed him to face away from me.

With his stinky butt in my face, I parted his cheeks and treated myself to a long French kiss of his hot hole. The smell was incredibly sharp, and I could tell that he hadn't showered before he came over. As heavenly as eating his rear end was for me, I knew that it must have been a hundred times better for Jimmy, who had no doubt lapped away most of the stink that resided there before he had a chance to feast on Mike's hot pooper.

“He likes it if you fart in his face,” I heard Matt tell his friend, and I nodded my head in between Mike's cheeks. I felt his thighs stiffen, then he released a thunderous fart right in my mouth that I could tell passed right over a mass of hot poop. As the stink filled my nostrils and danced on my palate, I started to eat him deeper than before, hoping to coax a large load from deep within his bowels. As I tongued his hot chute, I waited for him to release his butt load, listening to his moans and feeling goosebumps erupt on his butt cheeks all around my face. I finally figured out that I needed to pull my tongue out of his rear end because he was enjoying the rim job so much that he couldn't concentrate on pooping in my mouth.

I sat back on my legs and licked my lips, then I opened wide and spread his cheeks apart once again. Jimmy stepped up to the tub and showed Mike how to stand so that he could poop comfortably, with his butt hanging out and his knees bent. When Mike got the hang of it, Jimmy stepped back and watched with Matt as I let out a loud moan of desire, feeling almost desperate for Mike to give me what I was craving. I saw Mike's hole start to expand, so I placed my opened mouth at his chute, watching Matt and Jimmy with a small grin. Jimmy had leaned into Matt, prompting Matt to wrap his arm around my boyfriend and hold him close while they watched the show intently.

With my opened mouth at Mike's hole, I felt a blast of heat push out of his poop-chute, then the dark brown head of a very thick turd started to emerge at a very deliberate pace. I quickly positioned my mouth so that I could catch it as he pushed it out, and as soon as the first inch came out, he strained and it started to slip down rapidly, filling my mouth instantly. It was firm, but not too firm, and it started to curl up when it landed on my tongue. The stink was incredibly dark, rich and powerful. As soon as he released it from his butt hole, he looked over his shoulder at me and took in the site of my poop filled mouth. I kept my mouth opened so that he could see the brown treat it contained, then I smiled up at him and closed my mouth so that I could chew it all up and swallow.

When it was gone, I opened up again to show him my empty mouth, and he blinked. I smiled up at him brownly, then I licked my lips and grabbed his hips again. He smiled down at me, so I spread his hot cheeks and opened up, waiting for him to feed me another mouthful. I placed my opened mouth back at his entrance and moaned, and this time he needed no coaching. He very quickly got back into his comfortable position and pushed hard. A massive load erupted from his rear end, filling my mouth beyond capacity with long, firm turds, the overflow smashing up into his crack. I chewed them all up hungrily, wanting to get the entire mouthful down so that I could clean up his crack and get into position for another stinky mouthful. As soon as I swallowed it all, I used my tongue to pull the thick fudge that was caked in his crack. As I was pulling it all into my mouth, I took note of the fact that there was a long, thick turd buried underneath the steamy layers of butt fudge that had caked up. I used my tongue to cause it to break free from his butt crack, giving off a loud moan as it landed in my mouth, where I smashed it against the roof of my mouth and swallowed it.

When his crack was licked clean, I pressed my nose against his butt hole, running it around in circles as I sniffed loudly and gave off another moan of desire. I felt Mike hang his butt out a little further, so I opened up and waited for him to feed me another stinky load of hot boy poop. He gave a hard strain, and I was once again rewarded with a series of dark, thick turds that slid down his rectum and into my waiting mouth. As each firm, tasty treat entered my mouth, I chewed them up and swallowed them with the certainty that Mike would be willing to feed me from his rear end on a daily basis. When there was nothing left of his load, he gave one last push and blew a hot fart right into my mouth, coaxing yet another moan from deep within me. I licked his crack clean once again while he looked over his shoulder with a smile, then I smiled up at him appreciatively and watched him step out of the tub.

Matt took his place, stepping in as Mike was getting out. I grinned when Mike leaned down and kissed Jimmy on the lips, then the two of them watched as Matt got into position. Much to my delight, he wasted no time in squatting over me, so I opened wide and licked my lips, using my small hands to push his cheeks apart so that I could watch his offering as it emerged. Right away, his hole started to expand, then he started to push hard. I used my lips to make a seal around his pooper, and right away, he filled my mouth with a soft, stinky load of poop that I didn't even have to smash. It was so hot and soft that I simply started to swallow. It was thick, but it was smooth for the most part and it tasted and smelled like a combination of bird poop and drying pee. There were a few firm pieces, but I had no trouble making room for what was next by working it all down with my throat muscles. I opened up so that Mike and Jimmy could see what I had in my mouth, then Mike asked Jimmy if he planned to go in my mouth too. I saw Jimmy nod eagerly, and I felt a shudder run through me.

I placed my opened mouth back at Mike's poop smeared rear end and waited for him to push. He pushed, and with very little effort, he filled my mouth up once again with his hot poop load. The taste, smell and texture was identical to the first offering he gave me, but there was far more volume this time around and I was in heaven. At the same time, the aroma of his hot poop load was rising up all around us, and I could see Jimmy's cute little nose working and a hard grin on his face. His hairless boner was standing straight up and his nut sack pulled tight. It was obvious that he was enjoying the show, maybe as much as I was.

Matt waited for me to swallow my mouthful, then he grinned at me and urged me to get back into position behind him. I expected him to be nearly done, and wasn't expecting too much more, so I was pleasantly surprised when he filled my watering mouth with another hot load of steamy poop, this time feeding me two thick turds in a row, both of which were firm and smelled strongly like dried pee. The first one came out rapidly, and I found myself unable to resist the urge to smash it with my tongue against the roof of my mouth, then I chewed it up and swallowed it all. The second one came out a little slower, and I wanted to feel it slide along my food pipe, so I fought off the urge to smash it with my tongue, instead opting to enjoy its length. As it made its journey, I could feel it gliding along my clit, resulting in a strong surge of ass juice deep inside of my boy pussy that I took additional pleasure in. When it was down, I smiled proudly at my audience, then I anxiously lapped away at Matt's poop smeared hole until it was clean. Finally, he turned and placed the tip of his soft cock on my lips, prompting me to wrap my lips around it and smile up at him as he released his yellow load in my mouth. When he was almost done, I pulled his pee firing cock away from my lips and directed it into my hair, wanting so badly for him to soak it so I could wear his scent home.

When Matt got out, Jimmy quickly took his place and picked up where Matt left off, peeing all over me, then in my mouth. When his pee stream subsided, he squatted over my opened mouth and filled it up with three long, thick logs of soft, stinky boy poop. I chewed it all up frantically, then I buried my face in his crack and let him treat me to a gassy fart before I licked his stinky rear end clean. When we were done, I got out of the tub and waited with Matt while Mike and Jimmy cleaned up under the shower. While they were washing off, Jimmy soaped up Mike's dick and bent over to offer up his cock hungry rear end. Mike slipped his thick cock up Jimmy's butt and fucked him hard for about five minutes, causing him to shoot his load on the floor of the tub without ever touching his dick. After Jimmy came, Mike filled him up with his hot cum. When Mike slipped out, Jimmy stayed in position and waited for Matt, who got in and soaped his hard cock up, then he gave Jimmy another butt fucking from behind while Mike and I watched with lewd expressions. Jimmy was moaning loudly as he shot another load of cum from his untouched cock, then Matt fucked him for another ten minutes. After Matt screwed another load into Jimmy's willing rear end, he pulled out and I turned the water off and got in. I anxiously pulled the cheeks of Jimmy's upturned ass apart and ate the cum and ass juice out of his boy pussy until there was nothing left.

When we were finished, I got on my hands and knees in the doggy style position and let Jimmy fuck another load into my rear end. When he pulled out, he stood up and peed all over me, soaking my hair and my face with his warm stream. This prompted Matt and Mike to do the same, peeing in my hair and into my opened mouth, then all over my chest and legs. When they were finished, Mike offered Matt his lips for a kiss, and Jimmy and I watched with lust as they hungrily slipped their tongues into each others mouths and engaged in a long, passionate lip lock. In the meanwhile, Jimmy helped me stand up, then he slipped his tongue into my mouth and we shared a kiss of our own. Finally, I let Jimmy wash me up so that there was no more poop on my body, but I instructed him not to use soap or shampoo on me because I wanted to keep the stink with me for as long as my mom would allow it.

Before we left, we made plans to see them again the next day. Somehow, Jimmy ended up on his knees with another mouthful of cock, this time from Matt. After he received Matt's cum load, he engaged in a long kiss with each of them, then we walked back to my house, where I was planning to get laid one more time before Jimmy had to go home to greet his mom when she got home from work.