Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 19

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When we got back to my house, the garage door was opened and my mom was putting Christmas decorations away. She smiled when she saw us ride up, but she quickly took note of my disheveled hair and gave me a questioning look. I grinned as we parked our bikes and got off, then I walked over to greet her. Almost instantly, her nose picked up the scent of pee and poop that was all around me, a wonderful byproduct of my late morning sex romp with Jimmy, Matt and Mike. The smell of drying pee was especially prevalent in my hair, which had been soaked by my three lovers. The smell of fresh poop was rolling off of my body, and I knew that anyone within a few yards of me could probably detect it.

“Sweetie, you stink really bad,” she said gently. “Why don't you go inside and get cleaned up. I'll make you two some lunch when I finish out here.”

“I don't want to get cleaned up yet,” I told her, still grinning. “I like having the poop and pee smell on me.”

“I understand that, baby,” she said with a sympathetic smile. “But I don't want you sitting down on the furniture while you're stinky. If you want to stay in your room for a while, that's fine. But I want you to clean up before you go in the kitchen or the living room, okay?”

“Okay,” I told her with a smile and a nod, then I took Jimmy by the hand and practically pulled him up the stairs for another round of sex.

As soon as we were in my room, I started to undress while he closed the door. When I had all of my clothes off, I laid down on my bed and watched him undress. I opened my legs, offering up my horny boy pussy for him to pound once more, then bit my lower lip as he crawled between my legs and lifted them into the air.

“I think you stink so good,” he said sweetly, hooking his arms around the backs of my legs and pushing them back far enough for him to lean down and kiss me. Our lips met, then he slipped his tongue into my mouth and kissed me furiously while his hard on poked me in the bottom. As we kissed, I could hear him sniffing loudly, no doubt enjoying the smell of three drying pee loads and the remnants of the many turds that I'd eagerly eaten just a half hour before. I let out a moan in his mouth, then I slid my hand between us and found his stiffy. Once I had it in my hand, I pressed it to my pussy lips and felt the head slip in. He broke our kiss and smiled down at me, then he pushed until he was buried all the way inside of me.

“You feel so good inside of my pussy,” I moaned, then I puckered my lips and held them out. He leaned down and kissed me tenderly, then he slowly withdrew about half way before pushing back in, eliciting another load moan from me.

“You like that, don't you baby?” he asked, once again starting to pull back. I nodded furiously, feeling heated not only from our fucking, but from his use of a pet name towards me.

“I love it,” I moaned as he pushed back in forcefully. “Give it to your girlfriend really hard.”

“You're a good girlfriend,” he said, beginning to thrust in and out with a steady motion, adding more pressure to each thrust until he was slamming into my rump with his hips. At the same time, the head of his cock was hammering my sweet spot, causing my ass juice to flow heavily and my eyes to flutter. Without losing his tempo, he lowered his face down and began to sniff all over my cheeks, then he ran his nose across my brow and let out a soft moan of his own.

“Am I stinky enough for you?” I asked as my legs rocked back and forth in the air in time with his thrusting. He responded by pressing his lips into mine and letting his tongue press hard into my mouth, then he started to thrust into me so hard I thought that he'd drive me into the headboard. This brought out even louder moans from deep inside of me as my boy cunt began to squeeze his cock over and over. He grunted hard with each push in, with almost animalistic like noises, then he broke our kiss and closed his eyes, almost looking as if he were trying to compose himself as he bottomed out one more time and froze.

When he opened his eyes, he planted one more sweet kiss on my lips, this time with no tongue, then he pulled away from my squeezing pussy and slid down my body. I watched his face disappear and all I could see was the top of his head, then I felt his face smash into my cheeks and his tongue spearing into my dilated poop-chute. I let out a loud, continuous moan as he ate my pussy deeply, using his tongue to dig in and torture the nerve endings that lined its walls. I covered my eyes with my forearms and called out my lover's name over and over, then I started to pant hard. I could feel my orgasm starting to build, accompanied by a swift moving current of ass juice that was flowing down my boy cunt. I could hear Jimmy slurping my juices up, as well as the several loads that had been screwed into my pooper all day long. He was letting out a light series of moans into my horny love tunnel as his tongue continued to lick and pleasure me.

When he finally pulled his face out, his mouth was covered in my brown juices. He lined back up with my trembling cunt and pushed in, then he resumed his hard thrusting. Almost as soon as he slipped back inside of me, I felt the familiar burn in my pussy that told me I was about to climax. The head of his hard on was torturing my clit, and I knew that there was no stopping it. He leaned down to kiss me, and my nose picked up the smell of my dark brown ass juice. Combined with the pee and poop smell that I was already luxuriating in, it was enough to cause my already full glass of sexual pleasure to overflow and I came hard. As I rode my orgasm out, my juicing pussy was clamping down violently on my boyfriend's cock, catching the head just right as he pulled out and pushed back in and causing him to blast off inside of me. I watched him shudder as his hot seed fired up into the furthest depths of my boy cunt, then he took a few deep breaths and let them out. A sleepy smile crept over my lover's face as he pulled out of me, and I wasted no time in taking his deflating cock into my mouth so that I could clean it up like a good girlfriend should.

As I lay with his soft cock in my mouth, I reached out and rubbed his hairless pubic zone, signaling to him that I was ready to drink a hot bladder full of pee. He grinned down at me, then he licked his lips and nodded, causing goosebumps to erupt all over my body as I waited for my warm treat. He rolled over onto his back, and I quickly adjusted to his new position without losing my lip lock on his dick, then I rubbed his tummy and smiled hopefully. With a huge smile on his face, he let go of his pee stream, once again giving it to me slowly. I kept up easily, so I gave him a look that I hoped would communicate my desires, and he nodded once again. His flow increased right away, and before I knew it, he was peeing full force into my mouth while I swallowed as quickly as I could, not wanting any of it to get away from me.

When his flow finally weakened, I smiled naughtily around the head of his dick, then I grabbed it at the base and let it fall from my lips, directing his stream into my hair and all over my face and chest. As his yellow stream ran down the sides of my head and soaked my sheets, Jimmy was giving me a surprised smile. He gave me a few last spurts that I caught in my slutty mouth, then I shook him off all over my sheets and blankets. I licked my pee soaked lips, then I reached out and rubbed his belly with another hopeful look.

“Do you have anything else for me?” I asked hungrily, feeling suddenly ravenous for another hot load of stinky boy poop. He smiled down at me and shook his head no, then he reached out and caressed my pee streaked cheek.

“I have a fart for you, but I don't have any poop,” he said, a hint of remorse on his face. He looked genuinely sorry, but to me, it was like saying that he didn't have any chocolate, but offering me a lollipop instead. Maybe not as good, but still something I'd happily take.

I licked my lips and smiled up gratefully, my mouth watering at the prospect of having him blow another stinky fart into it. He sat up and moved over, allowing me to rest my head on my pillow, then he crawled over me on his hands and knees, facing away from me with a leg on either side and lowered his butt until he was sitting on my face. I parted his stinky cheeks and opened my mouth, then I let my tongue dance around his well fucked pooper as I waited for my reward. I felt his thighs stiffen and heard him strain, then he treated me to a loud, prolonged fart that blew directly into my mouth. The stink was incredibly strong, almost as if it had passed over a large load of hot boy fudge. I felt lightheaded with pleasure as his pleasing stink enveloped my probing tongue and traveled into my nostrils. I gave a loud moan and started to eat his rear end out with reckless abandon.

“It feels so good, baby,” he panted as my passion got the better of me. I was letting my teeth brush the outside of his puckered hole, no doubt adding to his pleasure. I ate him out for five solid minutes as we both moaned wildly. In the middle of my feast, he released several more farts into my mouth that caused me to intensify my lewd act, wanting to taste even more of the pleasing funk that he was blowing into my face and up my nose. They were getting progressively stinkier as they blew into my face, and I was sure that there was a tasty turd waiting for me to enjoy if he could just let a few more of his wonderful farts go. With my tongue lodged deep in his boy pussy, he moaned loudly, then he confirmed my suspicions.

“I do have to poop, Kyle,” he moaned, prompting me to pull my tongue from his chute and moan in gratitude.

“I want you to do it right here,” I begged him, then I opened wide and waited for my reward. I heard him straining, then he released three more stink filled farts in my face that told me what was coming. I kept my watering mouth opened and heard him strain again, and this time he treated me to a mouthful of soft poop that came out with the sound and force of a loud, juicy fart. The stink was heavenly, almost as if it were a culmination of every poop load and fart that I'd been treated to all day, beginning with the first one that Jimmy had fed me in the middle of the night. As soon as he filled my mouth up, I began to chew and swallow the hot load that he gifted me.

When my mouth was empty, I reached around and rubbed his tummy, prompting him to push again. This time, he pushed out a quartet of soft turds that filled my mouth to capacity, once again emerging with the sound of a juicy fart. I moaned loudly around my luscious mouthful, then I chewed them all up and swallowed them as fast as I could, anxious for another stinky pile of turds to feast on. Jimmy must have had a sudden wave of gastric pressure because he grabbed his tummy with both hands, then he let out a groan.

“I have to go bad,” he complained, and I let out a lustful moan from beneath him. Without another word, he pushed and I was treated to a long series of hot, medium sized turds that emerged swiftly from his rear end, uninterrupted for nearly 20 seconds. I was chewing and swallowing as fast as I could, but it was difficult because I was grinning so hard. My mouth filled up quickly, then the hot load started to cake thickly against his butt and around my mouth. My hairless boner was standing straight up and my pleasure was reaching a fever pitch. The stink was so powerful and so pleasing, the taste even more so. I thought I knew what dog poop would taste like already, having experienced the stinkiest of Jimmy's hot loads, but this was a new level for me. I was sure that if I ever were to ingest a dog's poop load, this is what it would taste like.

When his turds stopped, I quickly swallowed what I had left in my mouth and heard a gurgle in his tummy, so I opened wide and prepared myself for the next butt load. With very little effort, he once again pushed out a large volume of hot, stinky poop logs that I greedily collected in my mouth before chewing them up and swallowing every last one. I opened my mouth once more, and was pleasantly surprised when a hot, gassy fart blew out of his rear end, almost immediately followed by a smaller load of soft, dark brown poop that flowed like soft serve ice cream into my waiting mouth. I smashed it against the roof of my mouth with my tongue, then I gulped it down with a grin. I sealed my lips around his dilated pooper once more and waited hopefully while he strained, but was only treated to a few more farts and a small clump of his warm poop.

When I knew that there was no more luscious boy poop to be eaten, I licked his heavily poop smeared crack clean. When his crack was cleaned, I dug into his tasty hole once more, eager for any traces I could find of his dark treat. When he lifted his butt off of my face, I still had a large amount of poop caked around my mouth. I was about to use my fingers to scrape it off when Jimmy surprised me by using his tongue to lick it all off. When he was finished, he held his tongue out and showed me its brown contents. There was easily two thick turd's worth of poop in his mouth, so when he began to chew it all up and swallow, I was shocked. He smiled brownly at me, then he collapsed into my arms and we shared a long kiss, our poop coated tongues dancing deliciously as we passed the contents of our mouths between us.

“Did you like that, baby?” I asked him when our lips parted, and he nodded at me with a very big smile.

“It tasted so good right now,” he said breathlessly. “I've never eaten that much poop before.”

“It always tastes good to me,” I told him wantonly, then I let my hand run down his back and into his warm crack where I rubbed the lips of his boy pussy. “You fed me so good today. I hope you can feed me more later.”

“Do you want me to spend the night again?” he asked. I nodded eagerly.

“Can you come back over after your mom gets home?”

“I just have to eat dinner with her,” he told me. “But her food always makes me have to poop afterward.”

“Then eat a lot,” I implored him with a lick of my lips. “I want you to feed me a lot of poop and a lot of cock tonight.”

“I promise, Kyle,” he told me, then he leaned down and kissed me. “I love you. You're such a good girlfriend.”

I felt a shiver run through my pussy when he said that, so I gave him a hungry look and rolled over, eager for him to pleasure me once again. He quickly mounted me from the back and slipped his hard cock up my butt. I was already so worked up from the hot poop I'd swallowed straight from his rear end that it didn't take long for me to get my rocks off. Moments later, he seeded my cunt once again, then he ate his load out of me while I moaned wildly.

When he pulled his face out, he took my hand and helped me off of the bed, then he led me down the hall to the bathroom, where we got in the tub. I quickly assumed the position, on my knees with my mouth opened, and waited for him to soak me with his hot pee. Once he did, we turned the shower on and I let my boyfriend wash me tenderly, then I used the shampoo and soap to do the same. While I was soaping him up, I jacked his hairless cock until it was hard, then I bent over and let him screw another load of cum into my horny boy cunt.

When we got out, we used my toothbrush to brush our teeth really well, then we got dressed in clean clothes and I walked him to the garage. We kissed tenderly, and he promised me he'd come back, then he got on his bike and rode away while I watched. When I went back inside, my mom was in the living room watching TV, so I joined her on the couch.

“Did Jimmy go home?” she asked with a warm smile when she spotted me.

“Yeah, he has to go do chores before his mom gets home from work,” I said, leaning into her for a hug.

“You smell much better, honey,” she told me, planting a kiss on my head and pulling me into her lap. “I could tell that you had a good time today.”

“I did,” I said with a grin, resting my head on her shoulder as she sat back so we could both get comfortable. “I took it up the butt from Matt, Mike and Jimmy, then they all pooped and peed in my mouth. It was so stinky and it tasted so good.. I wanted to keep smelling like all of their poop and pee.”

“I know you did, honey,” she said in an understanding tone. “But I know you'll have fun with them again.”

“We're going to go see them tomorrow,” I told her. “Jimmy took it up the butt today and he liked it a lot.”

“Did you give it to him up the butt, baby?' she asked, and I shook my head no.

“I don't want to do that,” I admitted. “I like being his girlfriend better, and I still only want to take it up the butt.”

“I see, baby,” she said, stroking the top of my head. “Well as long as you're happy, then I'm happy too.”

“What time is daddy coming home today?” I asked her, nuzzling the side of my head into her shoulder.

“He should be home at 3:30, baby,” she said, her maternal glow starting to show. “Are you looking forward to that?”

“Yes,” I hissed, feeling my horny boy pussy start to stir with the desire to have sex with my father, as well as a brown, stinky load that I could feel making its way down from my tummy to my rear end. “Mommy?”

“Yes, baby.”

“If I have some poop in my butt, will you help me eat it?” I asked her shyly.

“Do you have to go poop, honey?” she asked, planting a kiss on my cheek.

“I'm starting to feel like I do,” I told her with a nod. “I want to poop my pants so you can feed it to me like you did last time.”

“Are you ready to go right now?' she asked, and I shook my head no as I maneuvered myself so that I was being cradled in her lap. She smiled down at me, and without a word, she lifted her blouse up high enough to present her left breast to me.

I latched on to her nipple and started to nurse right away, noticing that her breasts seemed to be larger than they were the first time she let me suckle them days earlier. As I continued to nurse, I felt her begin to gently rub my tummy, almost as if she was trying to stimulate my bowel movement so that she could feed me. As she did this, she smiled down at me, then she settled back in her seat and turned her attention to the show she was watching on the Food Network. We stayed that way until the commercial break, during which she muted the sound on the TV and started to hum gently, causing me to experience a very warm, very safe sensation inside as I looked up at her with a wondrous gaze.

I felt like a baby, and I knew that was her intention. I was her baby, and she was my nurturing mother. It was her job to tend to my needs, all of them, and I was very happy to let her do just that. She needed to nurse me, and I loved feeling the closeness that we shared when I was at her bosom.

“You tell mommy when you're ready to go potty, and I'll make sure we do it right,” she said softly, smiling down at me with loving eyes. With her constant rubbing, I knew that it wouldn't be long. The commercials ended and she took the show off of mute, so I busied myself by concentrating on suckling while she watched her show.

I started to feel gas pains wash over me, so I reached up with my left hand and touched my mom's face, wanting her attention but not wanting to let go of her breast so I could tell her what I needed. She smiled down at me questioningly and I nodded, so she pulled her hand away from my tummy and stood up with me still cradled in her arms so that I could continue to nurse. She carried me through the dining room and into the downstairs bathroom, where she sat down on the lid of the toilet seat and planted another kiss on my cheek before she massaged her nipple enough to make be disengage my mouth. I slid out of her cradling arms and stood in front of her. I smiled at her, then without a word, I latched back onto her breast and started to suckle once again.

“Honey, I don't think this is going to work with you nursing on mommy's breast,” she said with a warm smile. I nodded my head and continued to suck, then I bent my knees and hung my bottom out. I gave a long, hard push, causing several hot turds to fill up the seat of my underwear. I felt my mom rub my back as the stink started to rise all around us, then I pushed harder and forced out another round of soft poop that landed in my pants. At the same time, I let loose with a torrent of hot pee that soaked my pant legs and puddled up at our feet. When I was finished peeing, I strained loudly and pushed out one last piece of poop, feeling it snake out of my rear end and push into the hot pile that was resting in the seat of my pants.

I could see my reflection in the long mirror on the wall, and took note of the fact that I was standing in front of my mom with a large, bulging pant load in the back while I was standing in a small puddle of pee that ran down my legs. I was still suckling at her breast, in fact harder than ever, and I felt completely satisfied with myself. There was only one thing left to indulge in, and as I watched in the mirror, I saw my mom pulling the waist band of my pants and underwear back to examine the pile of stinky poop logs that I was sitting in, deciding which one to feed me first. I saw her reach down into the seat of my underwear, then her hand re-emerged with a pile of three moist turds that brought an instant grin to my face. I disengaged from her nursing bosom once again, then I opened wide and let her ease the first of many hot, delicious pieces of dark brown poop into my watering mouth.

“Is that good baby?” she asked softly as I chewed up the first turd and swallowed it. I nodded my head and opened wide, waiting for her to slip the second one in. It was long, thick and firm, and I was in heaven as she fed it to me like it was a candy bar. I quickly devoured it and opened wide for the last of what she had in her hands, another long turd that I was desperate to have. She held it under my nose, letting me take a long sniff, then she held it up to my lips and watched with a warm smile as I hungrily consumed all of it.

“It tastes so good, mommy,” I said in a very childish voice as she pulled the waistband of my wet pants and underwear back so that she could fetch another handful of hot, stinky boy poop to feed her baby. She pulled out another pile of long, steamy turds, then she brought one of them to my nose and let me smell it.

“How's that, honey?” she asked in a loving voice, and I sighed.

“It smells good, mommy,” I exclaimed in my childish tone. “It's so hot and stinky. I want you to feed me poop everyday.”

“Mommy's special little poop eater,” she said softly. “You just don't get enough, do you honey?”

With that, she offered me the turd to eat, and I very quickly took her up on her offer. Soon, I had the entire handful of turds down, and she went back into my underwear for the last handful. She very lovingly fed me each hot, brown piece one at a time, taking special care to hold each one under my nose so that I could enjoy the dark, rich stink that drifted out of each of them. When my underwear were empty, she used her fingers to scrape my smooth crack clean, then she offered me what she had in her hand and I eagerly ate it all. Finally, she let me lick and suck her fingers clean, then she stripped me bare, letting my jeans and underwear fall around my ankles. She pulled my shirt off, then she grabbed my soaked and stinky underwear and turned then inside out before she eased them into my watering mouth. I sucked as much of my pee and poop out as I could while she gathered up my jeans and shirt and carried them to the laundry room.

When she returned, she was confident that I wasn't going to be able to suck anymore pee out of my stinky undies, so she took them away from me while I groaned in protest. She simply smiled down at me, then she picked me up and lifted her blouse once more. I very quickly latched onto her breast and wrapped my legs around her waist while she carried me upstairs to her bathroom, where she pulled her blouse the rest of the way off and dropped her pants and panties. We were both nude when she started the shower, waiting for the steam to start rising, then she used her fingers to make me disengage once again from her breast so we could get in and she could wash us both up.

When we were finished in the shower, she got out and dried off, then she very lovingly dried me off with the same towel. I followed her into her room and watched her put on a pair of panties, then she sat down on the bed and held her arms out for me to come to her. Once I was cradled in her arms, she once again gave me her left breast and let me nurse while she held me close and hummed a soft tune. I was sucking furiously on her nipple, almost desperately while she rocked me back and forth in her arms. As I continued to nurse, I felt my eyes starting to get heavy and before I knew it, sleep had come over me.

When I started to come around, I could hear my mom and dad talking to one another. My mom was telling him about our afternoon, and then she told him that I had been nursing at her teat for the last two hours while I slept. I was still groggy, but I felt like something was different this time, though I couldn't quite place it. I wasn't tasting poop, but there was a distinct flavor filling my mouth that I found fulfilling, almost as if I needed it. I was still sucking furiously on my mom's breast, and I could feel a warm sensation all through my tummy and down my throat. The flavor in my mouth was sweet, and yet I knew that it was somehow not candy or dessert.

My mom was still rocking me gently in her arms, but she hadn't noticed that I was awake. My bladder was screaming at me, and I felt a gurgle in my tummy, so I instinctively pushed and let out a gassy fart that caused them to turn their attention my way while my soft little cocklet gave two big spurts of hot pee that hit my mom's stomach and ran down into her lap.

“Hi baby,” my mom said, cooing down at me almost as if she didn't notice that I peed. “Did mommy and daddy wake you?”

“Uh uh,” I cooed back, shaking my head no while still suckling at her bosom. I smiled when my dad leaned over and gazed down at me with a smile of his own.

“Is my little man getting enough?” he asked, and I responded by sucking harder. My mom winced a little, then she very gently massaged the outer edges of her nipple so that I would let go. I very reluctantly let go, then I licked my lips and sighed.

“Was that good, baby?” my mom asked, her maternal glow stronger than I'd ever seen it. I nodded up at her with a grin, then I felt her pass me over to my dad. He was still dressed for work, his coat and tie still on, but he looked and smelled so manly that I loved it. He very gently cradled me in his lap and kissed the top of my head while I got comfortable.

“Mommy tells me that you were her special little baby this afternoon,” my dad said gently. “Is that true?”

“Yes daddy,” I said in my childish tone, stretching my arms and legs after two straight hours of sleeping in my mom's arms. “Mommy loved me in our special way, then she fed me my poop and changed my pants.”

“That's what I heard,” he said. “She also told me that you've been waiting for daddy to get home. Any reason why?”

I bit my lip and nodded, then I reached down and gave his package a squeeze. It was already stiff, so I licked my lips and started to search for his zipper. He very gingerly grabbed my hand and shook his head no, then he leaned forward and whispered into my ear.

“How about if you come upstairs with daddy and we'll take a shower,” he said, and I nodded eagerly. “Maybe you can also help daddy take care of his full bladder.”

He stood up with me in his arms and planted a kiss on my cheek while I wrapped my legs around him. He slipped a finger up into my boy cunt, causing me to moan in anticipation of another satisfying butt fuck as he carried me upstairs.