Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 20

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When we got to my parents' bedroom, my dad made a beeline for the bathroom, where he set me down in front of the toilet and started to unbuckle his belt. I hopped on the toilet and licked my lips, anxious to feel his thick cock resting on my tongue as it unloaded a hot bladder full of pee that I could enjoy. When he unbuttoned his trousers and pulled his dick out, I started to moan out loud and a smile spread across my face. I gazed up at him, noticing that he was smiling back down at me, then I opened my mouth to encourage him to slide his meaty cock in.

He grabbed it with his right hand and guided it to my eager entrance, so I quickly wrapped my lips around the head and made a tight seal, not wanting any of the hot pee I was craving to be wasted. Without taking his lustful eyes off of me, he released his bladder and a moderate flow started. I was keeping up effortlessly, swallowing everything that he had, so I reached out and cupped his heavy ball sack with my left hand, trying to encourage him to increase the speed of his flow. He gave me an understanding nod, then his flow increased dramatically, causing me to let out another moan of pleasure as the hot pee I loved so much coursed over my tongue with incredible force. I could smell the heady aroma rising up through the back of my nostrils, treating my olfactory senses to its pleasing scent.

When he was finished, I opened my mouth and tilted my head back so that he would shake off on my tongue. When he was bone dry, I wrapped my lips back around its head and began to suck it. I heard him sigh, so I used my tongue to stimulate the crown, feeling him stiffen right away. When I knew that he was as hard as I could get him, I very quickly took him all the way to the back of my throat, then I grabbed his hips and encouraged him to fuck me there.

“Do you want daddy to service your special clit, pumpkin?” he asked, thrusting forward and driving his cock deep down my fuck tube. I responded with a horny moan, then I tightened my throat muscles and luxuriated in the feel of his powerful cock hammering my clit. For the next five minutes my head was spinning with pleasure and my hard little dick was standing straight up as he fucked my throat deeply. With every stroke, the feeling of ecstasy that I was experiencing increased until I felt an intense orgasm sweep me away, causing me to shudder violently. When my orgasm subsided, he withdrew his hard cock from my throat and knelt down, encouraging me to get up and melt into his embrace while I tried to recover.

I rested my head on his meaty shoulder and sighed while he stroked my hair gently, then he hoisted me up into his arms and carried me to the bed, where he laid me down on my stomach and climbed in between my legs. He pulled me up by my hips, then he parted my cheeks. I felt his scratchy tongue probing my poop-chute and let out another moan of pleasure as I closed my eyes and let the tingling sensations course through my body. The whiskers on his face were scrubbing the inside of my cheeks, and they burned sweetly as he began to eat my pussy deeply. I was moaning wildly and my desire to be fucked was reaching a fever pitch.

In the middle of the powerful rim job that my dad was administering, I picked up the familiar scent of drying pee, accompanied almost immediately by the smell of poop. I opened my eyes just in time to see my mom laying on the bed next to me, easing my stinky white undies into my mouth while my dad dined at my back door. I grinned and let her slide them in, taking note of the fact that she had turned them inside out and was feeding me their moist, brown seat first. I quickly began to suck on them as she continued to slip them between my lips, and soon the only fabric that I didn't have in my mouth was the blue and white striped waste band, which dangled just over the sheets as my dad continued his powerful tongue fuck.

My mom was smiling at me lovingly, letting her fingers run through my brown locks. The intense flavor filling my mouth was adding to my already heightened state of bliss, and I was sure that if my dad didn't pull his face away soon that he would eat me to another orgasm. I could feel the dark smears of poop breaking free from the fabric while my saliva gave new life to the dried pee that resided in the crotch and all other areas of my undies.

“Is that better, baby?” my mom asked.

“Mmm,” was all I could moan in reply, my mouth stuffed to capacity with my delicious tasting underwear. Finally, my dad pulled his face out of my rear end and instructed my mom to pour some lube out into his palm. My mom quickly produced a tube of KY Jelly that I didn't know she had, then I felt the sensation of my dad's lubed finger moving back up my boy cunt. While he was lubing me up, my mom squirted more lube into her own hand and wrapped it around his cock, then she stroked him up and down until he was slick enough to slide into me.

I felt him place his thick cock at my entrance, then he pushed in while I moaned loudly around my flavor filled underwear. When he was buried inside of me, I could feel his dark pubic bush resting against my ass cheeks and his dangling balls slap against my taint. I moaned again, then I rolled my hips around in pleasure, encouraging him to thrust in and out. He started slowly, then he picked up his pace and added more force. I could feel every vein that protruded along his length and girth tear deliciously in and out of my pussy, rubbing its walls and stimulating my sweet spot. I was seeing stars right away, never wanting the glory of the fuck I was enjoying to end. It felt like my boy cunt was on fire, the sweet burn spreading up my back and down the back of my legs. At the same time, the intense flavor of my dirty underwear was sending my passion to a new height.

All of this quickly culminated into a mind staggering orgasm that ripped through me, causing the walls of my pussy to squeeze my father's fuck stick tightly over and over again. Feeling this only encouraged him to pound my upturned rear end harder. Shivers were breaking out all over my body, and I was moaning even louder around my stinky undies. With the increased force he was putting behind every stroke, my pussy started to queef loudly. The air he was forcing in was being pulled out with the same velocity, and I could feel the suction pulling my sweet spot lusciously to and fro, extending the length of my climax. I felt his pace pick up once more, then his cock swelled inside of me and he filled my queefing pussy with a white hot load of cum.

When he pulled out, I let my poop and pee flavored underwear fall from my mouth and spun around as fast as I could to take his dripping cock into my mouth. I very eagerly swallowed his entire length, sucking every last drop of cum and ass juice off, then I moved down to his nuts and licked them passionately. As my tongue was lapping away at his ball sack, I felt my mom rubbing my back, then she very carefully lifted me up, pulling me away from my dad's low hanging balls. She turned me so that I was facing her, her engorged breasts at eye level, then she guided me to her right nipple and encouraged me to start nursing.

I latched on right away and let out a soft whimper as she held my head with both hands. I immediately picked up the distinct flavor and warm sensation that I was experiencing when I woke up, and felt a smile spread across my face as her nourishing milk flowed down into my tummy. At the same time, I felt my dad spread my ass cheeks apart, then he ate me deeply. I let out a satisfied sigh, then I pushed carefully to expel my butt load of warm cum and ass juice. I felt it slide out of my pussy and into his pleasuring mouth, then I felt him pull away. He leaned over my backside and planted his lips on my mom's lips, and the two of them shared a passionate kiss as they passed my butt load between them before swallowing.

My mom was still holding my head, but I felt my dad easing her down onto her back. I wanted to watch, but my need to breastfeed was much more urgent, so I continued to nurse as my dad eased my mom's panties down and crawled between her opened legs.

“I love you honey,” I heard him say tenderly, then he kissed her lips.

“I love you too, babe,” she said hoarsely, then I heard her moan at the same time that the bed started to rock. I slowly let my gaze travel down my mom's body, where I saw my dad's monster sliding in and out of her pussy, and I let out another sigh. I looked up into my mom's face and smiled around her nursing breast as we made eye contact. She was smiling lovingly down at me, her maternal glow strong. I felt my dad kiss my cheek, prompting me to smile up at him as I continued to nurse, then he leaned down and kissed me again.

“Mommy and daddy love you so much, baby,” my mom cooed. “Does mommy's milk taste good?”

I nodded around her breast, then I felt her stroke my cheek gently as my dad continued to feed her full strokes of cock. I watched her shut her eyes, and I knew that she was probably about to cum.

“Do it harder,” she panted, then she let loose with a loud moan. With my eyes glued to her face, I felt the bed start to rock harder and watched as she made a fist, then she raised it and brought it down hard on the mattress.

“How's that hun?” I heard my dad ask and my mom responded by drawing in a sharp breath through her clenched teeth, then she verbalized her feelings.

“Oh fuck yes,” she moaned loudly, then I felt her whole body tense up and an animalistic growl escaped her lips. My dad replied by fucking her even harder, causing both her and I to be pushed up toward the bed board. As he continued to ravage her pussy, she moaned wildly until he finally let out a loud groan and pulled out. I felt his hot cum squirt across the back of my neck, then I watched as rope after thick rope hit my mom directly in the face, prompting her to open wide so that he could ease his once again dripping cock into her mouth. She moaned loudly around his thick meat, taking him all the way to the back of the throat, then he pulled away from her and they both used their fingers to scrape his cum from the back of my neck and all over her face. She lustily sucked it from both of their fingers, then my dad collapsed next to both of us.

As the three of us lay there, my parents once again took the opportunity to dote on me, rubbing my back and talking about what a special baby I was. I could see that my dad was starting to fall asleep, and it looked as if my mom was about to join him in dreamland, so I very reluctantly stopped nursing and snuggled up between them, all three of us basking in the afterglow of our incestuous act.

With my parents sleeping, I got up and pulled the covers over them both, giving them each a kiss on the cheek before I slipped out of their room and closed the door. I went into my room and checked my cell phone. Much to my delight, I had a text from Matt that came over less than five minutes before. I quickly texted him back, and we made plans for me to go back to his house to see him and Mike. I texted Jimmy, but he wasn't able to get away just yet. I asked him when he would be able to, and he texted me back saying that it would be another two hours. I knew that by then Matt's mom would be home, so I decided to go without him.

Before I left, I brushed my teeth twice and took a shower, then I went back into my parents' room and woke my mom to tell her where I was going. While I was in there, I asked her if it would be okay for me to have a sleepover with more than one friend, and was pleased when she said it was fine. I quickly made myself up in the mirror, wanting to look as cute as possible, then I lubed up with KY Tingling Jelly. Finally, I hopped on my bike and rode as fast as I could to Matt's house, eager for a late afternoon fudge packing.

As soon as I got there, Mike was all over me, kissing me and grabbing my ass cheeks. I very happily reciprocated slipping my tongue into his mouth and kissing him deeply while I unbuttoned his pants. When they fell to the floor, I shoved my hand down the front of his underwear and found his hard cock. While small compared to my dad's, it was bigger than Matt's dick and twice as big as Jimmy's. While I was wrapping my hand around Mike's fuck stick, I felt Matt kiss the back of my neck and run his hands all over my jeans clad rear end.

“You look so cute,” he whispered. “We both want to fuck you again.”

I let out a horny moan to communicate my desire to take both of their hard cocks up the ass, then I broke my kiss with Mike and turned my head so that I could engage Matt in a second kiss. I felt his tongue slip into my mouth right away, so I used my free hand to reach down and unbutton his khakis, then I slid my hand down into his underwear and fished for his cock. With a hard cock in each hand, I let them take turns kissing me deeply while I stroked them both, then I dropped to my knees between them and encouraged them both to feed cock into my slutty mouth at the same time.

With two delicious cocks filling my mouth to the brim, I looked up to see Matt and Mike engaged in a very hot French kiss of their own. This only encouraged me to suck even more vigorously, wanting to take both of their hot loads anywhere they wanted to deposit them. From above, I heard a moist, sensual smacking that indicated to me that my two hot Adonises had broken their kiss, so I let their cocks fall from my mouth and stood up to take my pants off, anxious to be fed cock at both ends. I very hastily kicked my shoes off, then I pulled my shirt off over my head. Finally, I dropped my pants and underwear, exposing my hairless boner, which was sticking straight out. Mike took a seat on the couch, so I dropped to my knees in front of him and quickly took his entire cock to the back of my throat. In the meanwhile, Matt took his place at my upturned bottom, eagerly lining up and pressing his hard cock against my moist pussy lips. I felt him slip in, and let out a long moan as I rolled my hips around, eager to feel his length stir in my warm love tunnel. I felt my ass juice surging around his cock, then he grabbed my waist with both hands and started to plow me from behind.

“Do it hard,” I whimpered around Mike's cock, then I started moaning like a bitch in heat. As Matt pleasured me from behind, Mike began thrusting his hips roughly, treating me to a deep throat fuck. The glans of his thick dick were hitting the clit in my throat over and over, causing me to instinctively tighten my muscles around him. As they fed me hard cock at both ends, I started to feel breathless and I knew that I was about to climax. I pushed up to meet Matt's already strong thrusts while I swallowed hard around Mike's thick member. Matt was hammering the clit in my pussy while Mike was nailing the clit in my throat, and I felt almost out of control as my body started to tremble.

It started out as a swell but quickly picked up, and before I realized what was happening to me, I felt my orgasm wash over me like a tidal wave. My boy cunt was on fire, clamping down hard on Matt's fuck stick, and I was moaning wildly around Mike's cock. I felt Matt blast off inside of me, then he fed me a few more thrusts before he and Mike pulled out at the same time. In a flash, Mike was sliding his dong back inside of me, then he started fucking me furiously. Matt quickly got into position, and I wasted no time in taking his cum coated cock into my mouth, wanting it badly. It wasn't hard, but it was still so satisfying to suck on while Mike treated me to a butt fucking that brought me to another mind bending orgasm before he squirted his hot cum deep into the recesses of my clutching pussy.

When he pulled out, he collapsed in Matt's lap. They shared a long kiss, then they cuddled closely while I took his spent cock into my mouth and cleaned it of all cum and ass juice. When it was clean, I rested my head on his thigh and let him pet my head with gentle strokes.

“We both have to take another dump,” I heard Matt say softly, causing my stomach to growl and my mouth to water. “We've been saving it for you in case you came back.”

“Can you give it to me right now?” I asked with a whimper, feeling suddenly desperate to have them both feed me from their rear ends.

“We both have to go really bad,” Matt told me, then he motioned to Mike with his head. “He's been holding it the longest. His farts have been bad all day.”

I grinned up at the two of them, taking note of the fact that Mike was resting his head on Matt's shoulders, lovingly batting his eyes at him. Both of their cocks were soft, and I was struck by their beauty. Mike easily had six inches hard, but soft he was about 3 inches at best. Matt was about an inch shorter than Mike when they were hard, but their cocks looked identical in their flaccid state. Without another word, I got up and rubbed my tummy, then I licked my lips with a very hungry stare. This brought out a smile from both of them, and we quickly headed down the hall to the bathroom, where I climbed into the tub for the second time that day.

I quickly got on my knees and watched as Mike climbed in behind me with a naughty grin on his face. He wasted no time in squatting over me, so I urgently opened my watering mouth and spread his butt cheeks apart so that he could poop in my mouth. He gave a very firm push and let out a loud fart, then he pushed again. As the aroma of his delicious fart started to fill my nostrils, his hole opened up and he filled my mouth with a hot, stinky load of poop.

“Mmm,” I moaned, smashing the mass of hot poop against the roof of my mouth so I could swallow and make room for more. Mike was looking over his shoulder at me with a huge grin and Matt was absentmindedly grabbing himself as he watched the show. There was a powerful stink rising all around us, and my own little cocklet was stiff as a board, standing up straight and pressing against my hairless pubic bone. When my mouth was empty, I opened wide and got back into position, then I listened closely as Mike pushed with a little more effort, producing three soft, thick turds that crackled loudly as they made their swift exit from his butt. They were very hot and very stinky, and they were impressive in length given the large load he'd already expelled. Collectively, they were more than I could accommodate in my slutty mouth, so a lot of the third piece was protruding from my mouth, smearing against my pert little nose as it bobbed up and down while I chewed.

When I finally had all three turds down, Mike hung his butt back out, so I took my place at his back door with my mouth agape. I was treated to one last turd, this one long and firm, yet delightfully stinky. I very quickly macerated the offering from Mike's butt, then I licked his cheeks and poop smeared crack clean. When I pulled my face out of his crack, he quickly got out and Matt got in. Like his best friend, he simply squatted over my face and waited for me to get into position. I licked my lips and spread his stinky cheeks, then I opened wide around his hot hole and waited for my prize.

I didn't even hear him push. I felt his thighs stiffen, then he pooped out two hot turds that filled my mouth right away. The stink was incredibly pleasing, and I let out another moan of satisfaction as I chewed up my delicious brown meal.

“Is that good?” I heard him ask from above, and I responded by smiling up at him appreciatively as I continued to chew. When I had it all down, he hung his butt out and I smashed my face between his cheeks with my mouth wide opened. I felt his thighs stiffen and was rewarded with a long, brown poop log that bullied its way into my eager mouth, then started to curl because it was so long. When it broke free from his butt, I kept my mouth opened and showed Mike its brown contents, wanting him to see how the hot turd curled up in my mouth the way a dog's poop curls up on the grass.

He grinned and bit his bottom lip, then he watched with a hungry look in his eyes as I chewed it up and swallowed with glee. I got back into position and opened wide, making sure to angle my head so that Mike could watch, then I moaned in appreciation as the pleasing stink of Matt's poop load drifted into my nostrils. Matt's hole started to open once more, and without breaking eye contact with Mike, I accepted another large helping of his hot boy poop. He pushed out a firm load that crammed into my mouth, causing my cheeks to bulge slightly while at the same time heaping up just past my lips before he was finished. I was grinning so hard that I could hardly chew it all up, so I used my tongue to smash it against the roof of my mouth, easing its journey down my food pipe and into my happy tummy. When it was all down, I spread Matt's cheeks one more time and let him push into my mouth. This time he produced a medium sized turd, then he pushed again and a fart was all that I got, so I chewed up the last of his offering and swallowed gratefully, then I used my tongue to lick his crack clean.

When my mouth was empty, I sat back on my knees and watched while Mike climbed back into the tub. I opened my mouth and watched with glee as both he and Matt peed in my hair, then down my throat. When they were finished peeing, they turned the shower on and I dutifully washed them both, then I rinsed all visible traces of their poop off of my body.

When we walked back out to the living room to get dressed, I let my rear end switch slowly from side to side while they watched. I picked up Mike and Matt's underwear one at a time and treated myself to long sniffs of their seats. Mike's underwear were streaked heavily with poop stains from his day of farting, and I took extra care to press my nose hard into the stains while I inhaled through my nose and mouth. Finally, I held their underwear out so they could step into them, then I helped them with their pants and shirts. I was still naked as I dropped to my hands and knees, then I slid each of their socks on and tied their shoes like a good little cock slut would. When they were both fully dressed, I put my clothes back on slowly, once again switching my ass from side to side as I did.

“That's so fucking hot,” I heard Mike tell Matt, prompting me to look up at him with a wanton gaze and bite my lip. I saw Matt nod his head in agreement, so I decided to make my move.

“Do you guys want to spend the night at my house tonight?” I asked, watching as a lecherous smile spread across both of their faces. “My mom and dad won't care. They already said I could have as many boys as I want spend the night.”

“Will Jimmy be there?” Mike asked, and Matt looked hungrily at me for an answer.

I bit my lower lip and nodded, then I added, “He spends the night all the time. My mom and dad know that he fucks me in my bed, too.”

“Will your mom let you?” Matt asked Mike, who shrugged in a nonchalant fashion.

“I'll get her to say yes, what about your mom?” he answered.

“She'll say yes,” he said. “Her and my dad won't care, especially because it's Christmas vacation.”

“Do you promise to call Jimmy?” Mike asked, and I nodded, licking my lips in the process. “Okay, what time should we come over?”