Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 21

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Before I left Matt's house, Mike called his mom and got permission to spend the night. I could feel my pussy juicing hard in anticipation of our night of passion. I felt my head spin when Matt said that they'd both eat a lot, then he asked me if I wanted him to tell his mom to make bean burritos for dinner. I very eagerly nodded, and he promised me that he would, even going so far as to retrieve a large sized can of re-fried beans from the cupboard to show me what I could look forward to that night. My ass juice was starting to surge as I thought about all of the delicious smelling farts and thick turds that Jimmy, Mike and Matt would have for me to enjoy.

When I left, I felt a warm glow of satisfaction, having my butt filled with two large loads of cum and my belly filled with two stinky loads of delicious poop. I could smell drying pee in my hair, and my juicing boy cunt was starting to ache for more cock. I decided to put it out of my head by stopping at 7-11 on my way home for a Cherry Coke and an iTunes card. I walked inside and the cashier immediately recognized me.

“Hi cutie,” she said with a smile. I replied with a friendly wave as I made my way to the soda section. I picked out my drink, then I browsed the gift card section, where I found a $15 iTunes card. With my plunder in hand, I made my way around the aisle to check out.

As I rounded the corner, I caught the site of a cute older boy in a Texas A&M hoodie in line at the register. He had blonde, stringy hair, moist red lips and the most intoxicating blue eyes I'd ever seen. He stood about a foot and a half taller than me, and he must have weighed a good 155 pounds. We made eye contact, and he immediately smiled at me. I blushed and smiled back, then I got in line behind him, paying close attention to the way his hot rump filled out his jeans.

“Did you find everything you needed today?” the cashier asked, and he nodded.

“I think so, unless you have tonight's winning lotto numbers in the store,” he joked, and the two of them shared a laugh. He turned to look down at me once more, so I made a point of giving him a warm smile as he dug his wallet out of his back pocket. I noticed his nose working, and wondered if he could smell the drying pee on my skin, or the hot loads of poop that I had eaten. Before I could give it much thought, he gave me a very cute smile and winked, then he collected his change and walked out.

When it was my turn to check out, I handed the cashier my I-tunes card and can of Cherry Coke, then I dug my money out and paid. When I walked out of the store, I saw him standing by his car, a blue Nissan Maxima, watching me walk over to my bike, which was resting against the wall. I cracked open my can of soda and took a drink, then I let out a loud belch.

“That was a good one,” he said, causing me to blush and look away momentarily.

“Thanks,” I said, looking down shyly. I don't know why, but it took me a minute to get the nerve up to talk to him. Once I did, though, I gave him my sweetest smile.

“My name is Nathan,” he said, offering his hand to shake. I accepted his offer, slipping my little paw into his hand and letting him shake it.

“I'm Kyle.”

“How old are you, Kyle?” he asked.

“Eleven, how about you?”

“Eighteen,” he told me. “You look a little younger than eleven.”

I grinned up at him, then I batted my eyes at him and spoke. “People say that a lot. I know I'm little for my age, but I really am 11 years old.”

“Do you need a ride?” he asked in a friendly tone when we made eye contact again.

“Which way are you going?” I asked, deciding to be a little risky. I knew that I had plenty of time before Jimmy, Mike and Matt would be over, and I felt extremely horny again.

“I just live back here,” he said, pointing to my neighborhood.

“Me too,” I told him with a smile. “Where do you want to go?”

“We could go back to my place if you want,” he suggested. “My folks won't be home for a few hours.”

I batted my eyes at him again before I answered.

“That sounds like fun.”

On the way to his house, he reached over and rubbed my leg, so I responded by groping him quite deliberately. I massaged his package through the front of his jeans, then I shoved my left hand down the front of his pants and boxers. I let my little fingers run all along the length of his cock, trying to determine its size and girth. I wasn't disappointed with what I felt down there, either, guessing that he was bigger than Mike but nowhere near as big as my dad.

I knew right away that I wanted to have his dick up my butt in the worst way, and couldn't wait to get to his house. I was a little taken aback when we turned down the road that I lived on, then pulled into the driveway of a house that was only four doors down, but I was also excited because I knew that if this went well, I'd have another resource for hard dick whenever I needed it, and hopefully more.

When we went inside, the house was dark, but Nathan quickly turned the lights on. He took my hand and we walked up the stairs to his room, where he let me unbutton his pants and pull them down. I gave off a horny moan when his hard dick popped out, right in my face due to the difference in height between us. I grinned up at him, then I quickly wrapped my hand around it so I could jerk him off.

“Oh fuck, that feels so good,” he panted, so I leaned forward and planted a sensual kiss on the end of it. There was no tongue, but I added plenty of suction with my lips so that he'd know what I wanted.

“Do you want me to suck it?” I asked, and he looked down with a lecherous grin.

“Is that what you want to do?”

“Yes,” I hissed, so he nodded his head. I planted kisses all along its length, starting at the tip and moving all the way down to the base, then I pulled it up and licked its underside, letting my tongue travel from the top of his ball sack all the way back to the tip. I looked up at him and smiled sweetly, then I went back to work with my tongue, lapping away at the underside of his cock before I dropped to my knees and swallowed his ball sack.

With his nuts in my mouth, I started to hum while at the same time, giving them a long French kiss.

“Oh, shit, that feels so good Kyle,” he whispered, sucking in sharp breaths and squeezing his butt cheeks tightly together. I continued my job of bathing his nuts for a good three minutes, then I eased them out of my warm mouth and used the flat of my tongue to once again lick all the way up the underside of his cock to the tip. When my tongue completed its journey, I slipped my mouth over the head of his cock and began sucking it furiously, using my tongue once more to French kiss the head before I took him all the way to the back of my throat. I grabbed his hips and encouraged him to hump my throat, then I tightened my muscles around his cock. I felt his glans brushing over my clit a few times, then his balls tightened and his cock expanded in my throat. I pulled back far enough so that my lips were wrapped tightly around the head of his cock, then I felt him flood my slutty mouth with a hot load of tasty cum that I quickly swallowed, desperate to keep up and not let any get away.

“Mmm,” I moaned as the last of his load poured out into my mouth. I sucked a little harder, then I let his deflating cock fall from between my lips and smiled up at him. “That was so good.”

“You liked doing that, didn't you?” he asked, and I nodded eagerly.

“I want to do more stuff with you,” I admitted, then I looked down at my tenting jeans, which I hadn't even bothered to unbutton, much less take off.

“You know how to do other stuff?” he asked. I bit my lower lip and nodded wantonly at him.

“I can make your dick hard again, if you want to fuck me,” I offered. I watched him give me a measured look, then he licked his lips and nodded, so I quickly pulled my shirt off over my head, then I unbuttoned my own pants and stood up to let them fall. I dropped my undies, revealing my hairless little boner, and he grinned at me again.

Without a word, I dropped to my knees and crawled between his legs, then I pushed my face up into his stinky rear end and started to eat it deeply. His pooper held a sharp odor, and I was in pig heaven as I used my tongue to give him an intense rim job. I could feel goosebumps forming on his butt cheeks, so I pulled them apart and pushed in harder with my face. He started to push back with his hips, then he started grinding his rear end against my face in a circular motion while I continued to eat at his back door. It was so hot feeling my nose bend sideways from left to right as he ground his butt into me that I started to eat him out with even more passion.

When I finally pulled my face out of his poop-chute, he was rock hard again, so I got up and crawled into his bed, staying in the doggy style position so that I could entice him with my willing rear end. He immediately placed the head of his dripping cock at my entrance and pushed in, sinking his length into my boy pussy. I moaned loudly when he did this, and he responded by giving off a loud moan of his own as he started to pull back. I felt his glans almost back at my anal ring, then he pushed forward and sank his cock back inside of me.

“It feels so good,” I whimpered, then I rolled my hips around to add a little more pleasure for both of us. Even though I’d been treated to multiple fucks up the ass that day, I was still horny and wanted to get laid again in the worst way.

“You're so fucking sexy,” he said, then he brought his opened palm down hard against my ass cheek, eliciting another horny moan from deep within me before he started to fuck me with all of his might. I was in sheer heaven as he worked his cock in and out of my juicing boy cunt, in and out, back and forth, rubbing my sweet spot until I felt the familiar burn of an anal orgasm start to sweep me under. I was moaning like the cock hungry whore that I am as I rode my climax out to its sweet end. In the meanwhile, my pussy was squeezing his thrusting dick over and over, grabbing its head and clamping down tightly until finally he could take no more. He groaned loudly and squirted his load deep inside of me, filling my pooper up with a load that was at least the size of the one I swallowed.

When he pulled out of me, I spun around as fast as I could with my mouth opened, anxious to take his sticky cock into my mouth and lick it clean from top to bottom. When I completed my task, I let it fall from my mouth and smiled up at him contentedly. He immediately wrapped me up in his arms, and together we laid down on his bed while we recovered from our romp. He spooned up to my backside, then he linked his fingers at my front, right up to my chest.

“That was great,” he said in my ear, then I heard his nose working again. “You've done this before, haven't you?”

“Yeah,” I said, still catching my breath. “I have a boyfriend.”

“That's so fucking hot,” he said. “Does he pee on you?”

“Yes,” I admitted, then I listened to him take a long sniff.

“Did he pee on you today?”

“Yeah, I like it when he does that,” I told him.

“You do everything,” he said, a hint of wonderment in his tone. “Have you ever drank piss before?”

“I drink it everyday,” I told him. “I love it.”

“Wow, that's so amazing,” he said softly. “Do you only drink your boyfriend's piss?” he asked, and I shook my head no.

“I'll drink pee from any guy I think is cute,” I told him, then I used my hand to reach back and rub his thigh. “I think you're really cute.”

“I think you're cute too,” he told me. “You have no idea how fucking adorable you are and how amazing it was to fuck your bubble butt.”

“I love taking it up the butt,” I told him. “I wanted you to give it to me back there when I first saw you in 7-11.”

“Does your boyfriend fuck you?” he asked, and I nodded.

“We fuck everyday,” I told him. “We both get fucked by other guys all the time, too.”

“Fucking hot,” he said. “Would you ever let me fuck you again?”

I responded by reaching back between us and wrapping my hand around his cock, which was starting to stiffen again. I gave it a few strokes, then I eased it into my crack and started to grind my butt against it with force.

“Does that answer your question?”

With that, I felt him lay flat, so I quickly got on my back and lifted my legs into the air, then I watched with hungry eyes as he climbed between them and grabbed my ankles. He pushed my legs all the way back, exposing my horny pussy once more, then he placed the head of his dick at my entrance and pushed in. When he bottomed out inside of me, I let my ankles rest on his shoulder and encouraged him to screw another load up my butt. He immediately acquiesced, and it wasn't long before he long dicked me to another furious climax, then he seeded my boy cunt before pulling out and letting me suck him clean once more.

While we were still reeling from the passion of our fuck, I made a suggestion that he probably knew was coming. I doubt, though, that he knew where I wanted it to lead us.

“Do you want to pee in my mouth?” I asked with a hungry gaze, and he quickly agreed. We got up and went to his bathroom, which it turns out is connected to his bedroom.

He was a little unsure about what to do, so I took the initiative and sat on the toilet, then I reached out and grabbed his dick, which was about 4 inches and cute now that it was soft, then I wrapped my lips around it and moaned.

He closed his eyes and concentrated, then I felt the first shy drops of pee hit my tongue, followed by a fountain of hot, fresh pee that I greedily drank down. The steamy aroma was drifting into my nostrils, and I was eager to take it all down the way I took his load of cum. When his flow stopped, he gave me three hard shots that signified the end, so I lovingly kissed the head of his dick and smiled up at him appreciatively.

“That was so good,” I said longingly. “I wish there was more.”

“Wow, you love drinking piss, don't you?” he asked, and I nodded hungrily.

“If you have anything else, I can take that, too,” I said seductively, then I reached between his legs and rubbed the lips of his poop-chute.

“Do you mean what I think you mean?” he asked, and I nodded, still giving him a hungry gaze.

“I want you to poop in my mouth,” I said flat out, and I watched him swallow hard.

“You eat shit, too?' he asked in a husky voice, and I nodded, once again biting my lower lip.

“I love it,” I admitted. “I really want to eat yours too, Nathan.”

He stood in front of me, looking down and blinking with an unbelieving expression, so I scooted myself off of the toilet and crawled back between his legs, then I sought out his pooper with my tongue and began to eat it deeply once more.

“Oh fuck, that feels so fucking good,” he panted, so I pulled my mouth off and rubbed it with my fingertips, then I used my tongue to try and burrow my way in, desperate to taste his hot poop anyway that I could. I just knew that he had a yummy collection of fresh turds on the other side, waiting for me to enjoy. Finally, I pulled my face out of his butt and begged him to poop for me.

“Please give it to me,” I pleaded, then I switched to my childish tone, hoping to coax it out of him that way. “I promise to eat it all.”

“You are just too fucking sexy,” he said, a hint of resignation in his voice. “How do you want me to do this?”

Without a word, I laid down on my back and told him to squat over my face. He looked a little unsure, but didn't question me. Instead, he stood with a foot on either side of my head, then he looked down at me and began to lower his butt.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” he asked, and I nodded frantically, my mouth wide opened as I lay flat on the tile floor of his bathroom, watching him squat over my face. “It might be a lot, Kyle.”

“Good,” I practically moaned, then I reached out with my right hand to caress his soft butt cheek. “I want it all.”

With that, Nathan strained and I watched his hole open up. The head of a thick, dark brown turd started to emerge, so I lifted my head in an effort to expedite its journey into my watering mouth. I could hear it crackling as it made its descent from his butt hole, very long and very moist. The stink was indulgently powerful, and I was in heaven as it drifted into my nostrils, making my head spin with pleasure.

I had it in my mouth before it broke loose from his anus, wanting it at its hottest possible temperature. Its texture was so divine, nice and heavy, yet soft and somehow creamy. I let it fill my mouth without chewing, wanting all of it to be crammed in as tight as possible so that I could enjoy chewing the entire turd at once. My wish was coming true, as the tip of his turd had made a safe landing in my mouth and it was now starting to build up, smashing under its own weight against my tongue and expanding to my cheeks, making them bulge slightly. When he finally pushed it all the way out, he lifted his butt so that he could see my face, and looked almost shocked to see me laying there with a mouthful of his delicious poop, a huge grin on my face.

“Wow, that's amazing,” he said, watching me chew up the long, stinky turd he'd just gifted me. When I swallowed it, I looked up at him hungrily, and he smiled. “Do you want more?”

“Yes please,” I practically stuttered, so he got back into position, squatting over my opened mouth, then he pushed again. Another long, dark turd emerged from his rear end, this time filling my mouth rapidly, and I wasted no time chewing it up and swallowing before I gave off another moan of desire underneath him. He pushed again, this time sending two medium sized turds down his chute and into my slutty mouth, then he turned his head so that he could look over his shoulder while I smiled gratefully and chewed my tasty treat. When it was down, I heard him strain again, but nothing was forthcoming, so I used my tongue to clean the remaining poop from his crack, pulling in large hunks of it and giving off more satisfied moans as I did. My little cock was standing straight up as I continued to treat myself to what was left in his crack, wishing that it was a never ending supply of the butt fudge that I found myself craving more and more each day.

When his rear end was clean, I rolled over and raised my rear end up into the air, feeling horny for yet another lay. He slipped his hard dick back up my butt and gave me what I wanted, fucking me on the bathroom floor for ten luscious minutes before breeding my pussy with his hot cum.

When he pulled out, I dutifully helped him clean up while explaining to him that I wanted to keep his stink with me all night, then I nakedly retrieved his clothes and helped him get dressed. I held his boxers out for him to step into, then I did the same with his pants before pulling his shirt over his head and guiding his arms into their holes. Finally, I slid his socks over his feet and found his shoes, putting them on and tying them tightly before I put my own clothes back on.

We got my bike out of his trunk, and I rode home, once again glowing with satisfaction because I now had a tummy filled with three hot loads of poop and a butt filled with five hot loads of cum. I licked my lips and felt my pussy start to juice in anticipation of my sleep over, dreaming of how many more loads of cum I'd take in my cunt and how many hot, stinky poop loads I'd get to savor and swallow before the night was through.