Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 22

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When I got home, I put my bike in the garage and made sure that the side door was locked. There was a slight chill because the sun was starting to go down, and the cool air was causing my bottom to stir with the unbearable horny desire I had for another round of sex. When I leaned my bike against the wall, my rump brushed against the corner of my mom's minivan, and I felt a strong shudder run through my body. Out of curiosity, I let my bottom brush up against the van again, and once more, I felt an incredible burst of pleasure. I was so horny that I placed my hands on the seat of my bike and hung my bottom out, letting it sway slowly from side to side as I let out a long moan of desire.

I knew that my rear end would be busy all night, filled up with plenty of cock and a lot of cum. I also knew that I would be treated to a buffet of hot, stinky turds and plenty of warm pee to wash them all down with. And even though I'd just gotten laid three times by a studly 18 year old with a nice sized cock, I was climbing the walls in want of another fuck. What's more, I was anxious to swallow multiple poop loads from Jimmy, Matt and Mike. Jimmy promised me that he would have plenty to feed me when he came back, and my mouth was watering in anticipation of his brown gift. I knew that Matt and Mike were eating bean burritos, all but guaranteeing that I would be in for a night filled with extra stinky, extra large poop logs from their butts.

As these thoughts ran through my mind, I started to feel even more aroused. My rear end was sticking straight up into the air now, and I was gyrating my hips like the cock whore that I was, desperate for some relief. My moaning was getting even more frantic, and I was sure that my mom and dad would hear me if they happened to walk by the door for any reason. When I started to get my thoughts together, I decided that the best thing I could do was go inside and see if I could get any action from my dad.

Of course that meant I'd have to clean up first. I know for a fact that if I want to wrap my lips around his huge cock or have it in my pussy, that I can't smell like pee or poop. My dad loves to fuck me, but he isn't fond of my stinky smell once I've swallowed a butt load or more of poop. Similarly, if I have drying pee in my hair or on my skin, he makes me wash it off before he gives me access to the cock that I always crave so badly. As much as I wanted to keep the strong, pleasing aroma with me, I knew that it would be another hour and a half before my guests would be arriving, and that was just too long for me to wait for another fudge packing.

“Hi mom,” I chirped when I walked into the kitchen, where my mom was in the process of putting a pot on the stove top.

“Hi sweetie,” she said warmly, then she noticed my smell and gave me a knowing look. “Are you going to go take a shower?”

“I wanted to take a shower with daddy,” I told her quietly, prompting her to nod understandingly.

“Well daddy's in his study getting some work done,” she said. “Maybe you can go in there and see if he can join you.”

“Thanks mama,” I told her with a grin.

“Are you still having guests over tonight?” she asked, and I nodded happily.

“Matt, Jimmy and Mike are spending the night.”

“That sounds like fun, baby,” she said. “Just remember that mommy has to go back to work tomorrow, so you guys can't make too much noise.”

“I promise we won't,” I told her, then I took off for my dad's den, where he was sitting at his desk with his lap top opened, working intently on something. When he spotted me, he smiled widely.

“Hey pal,” he said. “You made it back. I thought we were going to have to call you.”

“Sorry daddy,” I told him a little shyly. “I was having fun and lost track of time.”

“That's okay buddy,” he said. “Are you going to go clean up?”

“Yeah,” I said. “I wanted you to help me take a shower.”

He gave me a long, silent grin before he pulled back from his desk and stood up. He walked over to where I was standing and leaned down to sniff me, then he waved his hand in front of his nose to fan the smell away. I giggled up at him, then I watched him walk back over to his lap top and waited while he shut it down. He took me upstairs to my bathroom, where he surprised me by running a bath and adding some bubbles while I stripped down to nothing. He supervised my tooth brushing, making sure that I brushed twice, then he tossed my toothbrush and unwrapped a new one for me to use. When I was finished brushing my teeth, he went into his bathroom and retrieved some mouthwash for me to rinse with. When my breath was minty fresh, he turned off the water to the tub and got undressed.

I moaned when I caught site of his beautiful cock, wanting so badly to reach out and grab it but he climbed into the tub and lay flat, then he told me to get in. I settled into the tub in front of him and watched him grab my plastic cup, letting him pour the sudsy water over my head to rinse me off. Next he took the shampoo and lathered my hair, then he poured more of the sudsy water over my hair and rinsed most of the shampoo out. When he set the cup down, he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me back into his lap, where I melted into his embrace.

“I love you daddy,” I sighed, feeling his right hand drop into the water and cup my butt cheek right before he slipped a finger up inside of me.

“I love you too baby boy,” he told me in a loving tone as his finger started to work furiously on my sweet spot. “Have you been taking cocks up the ass this afternoon.”

“Yes,” I hissed, then I felt him kiss the top of my still sudsy head.

“How many cocks have you ridden today, Kyle?” he asked, sounding very aroused.

“Five different cocks,” I confessed. “Yours, Jimmy's, Mike's, Matt's and Nathan's.”

“Is Nathan a boy you go to school with?” he asked very quietly in my ear, and I shook my head no. I felt him start to move his finger in a more furious fucking motion, then I let out a moan. “Did you just meet him?”

“Yes,” I whimpered. “I was coming home from Matt's house and stopped at 7-11. He was so cute and I just had to have him, daddy.”

“How old is he?” my dad asked, adding a second finger and keeping his pace. I could feel his hard on raging between my cheeks. The only reason I hadn't taken it in my hands to guide it to my horny boy cunt was that he was already using two digits to work me over. Still, I wanted it badly.

“Eighteen,” I told him, then I felt a surge of ass juice course around his two fingers. “He fucked me so good, daddy.”

“Do you know how many times you've been fucked today?” he whispered into my ear. I shook my head no because I'd lost track. He kissed my cheek tenderly, then he said,“You're such a good little cock hound.”

“Thank you, daddy” I said in a childish tone, then I started to grind my butt into his fingers, wanting so badly for him to replace them with the hard dick that lingered in the crevice of my rump.

“Do you want daddy's cock again?” he asked, and I nodded almost frantically. I felt him kiss me again, then he very carefully eased his fingers out of my pussy. When he was dislodged, he grabbed my hips with both hands and lifted me up slightly while I moaned in anticipation of the butt fucking I was about to get.

When he lowered me back down, I felt the head of his fuck stick at the entrance of my boy pussy, so I pushed down gently and felt the head slip in. I could tell that he wanted to go slowly, but I didn't have the patience for that. I used the muscles in my talented love tunnel to swallow his cock whole, then I let go of a loud sigh, loving the way he felt inside of me.

“You like that, don't you baby?” he asked lovingly, and I nodded as I rested my head back on his shoulder.

“It feels so good, daddy,” I said with a grin. “I love having dicks up my butt.”

“Tell daddy what you want him to do now that you have his dick where you want it,” he said knowingly, and I let out a small whimper before I answered.

“I want you to fuck me,” I told him, closing my eyes as another strong shudder ran through me. He was still holding my hips tightly, making it easy for him to start a slow, sensual fucking motion by thrusting in and out while at the same time, lifting and lowering my body so that we were moving in time, my rear end pushing down to meet his upward strokes. It felt so good, even though he was fucking me slowly. I planted the bottom of my feet firmly in the tub and used my hands to hold onto the sides of the tub, then I rode out the intense fuck that he was treating me to.

It didn't take either of us long to climax. I started cumming moments after the start of our fuck, the walls of my pussy squeezing his long cock over and over with overwhelming force. He lasted about two minutes longer than I did, then he filled my chute with a hot torrent of cum. When we were finished, he stayed lodged inside of my boy cunt while we cuddled closely. My love tunnel was still squeezing his shaft, and it wasn't long before he was ready to fuck me again. He pulled out of me, then he drained the tub and we started the shower. I soaped his cock up with plenty of suds, then I bent over and offered my horny rear end up for another fuck, which he gladly accepted. He fucked me to another orgasm, then he squirted a second load inside of me before we finished our shower and went downstairs for dinner.

“Are you sure your parents aren't going to care?” Mike asked when I closed my bedroom door and started to undress. I rolled my eyes as I pulled my shirt off over my head and sighed, prompting Matt and Jimmy to grin at each other, then at Mike and I.

“They already know what we're going to do,” I told him as I dropped my pants and white cotton undies, stepping out of them and kicking them off to the side. “They don't care. Ask Jimmy.”

“It's true,” Jimmy said sweetly, taking his shirt off and kicking his shoes off one at a time. “One time Kyle told them that he wanted to go to his room with me because he needed to take it up the butt.”

With that, Matt adjusted the bulge in his pants while Mike grinned at Jimmy and I with a hungry look in his eyes, so I decided to take the initiative and get them to undress. I walked over to Mike and immediately started to unbutton his pants, then I leaned in and kissed him on the lips while I eased his jeans off of his hips. When they came down, I saw that he was still wearing his poop stained undies, and had to suppress a moan. I leaned back in and slipped my tongue into his mouth, engaging him in a long kiss before I broke it and slid down his body so that I could finish undressing my soon to be lover.

I planted kisses all the way down his chest and stomach as I slowly worked my way down, until I was on my knees in front of him. I planted my nose into his pee stained crotch and inhaled, feeling his stiff rod pushing through the white cotton fabric and planting a kiss all along the outline before continuing my journey down. I planted kisses all the way down both of his thighs, then I found myself at the end of my trail, where his pants were bunched around his shins, trapped by his Nike's. I dutifully untied each of his shoes, then I carefully pulled them off before doing the same with his socks. When they were off, I lifted each one of his feet and pressed my nose to them, enjoying their strong, cheesy scent before I sucked his big toe into my mouth and licked all around it.

From there I moved around to his back side, starting with his right leg. I kissed his ankle, then I moved up to his slender calf muscle and planted kisses all over it. I moved up to his thigh, once again kissing all the way up until I was face to face with the seat of his white undies, which was colored with dark streaks that ran all the way up his crack and down to where his taint rested. I leaned in with a grin and inhaled, letting my nose press into his crack and opening my mouth so that I could fully enjoy the sweet aroma. When I finally pulled my face out of his crack, I kissed all the way back down his leg until I was back to the floor, then I moved back up his left leg in the same fashion. Once again, I found myself face to face with his stinky rear end, and I couldn't resist the urge to spend as much time as I could with my nose and opened mouth buried in his crack, once again enjoying the sweet odor of his poop stains. While I was enjoying his aroma, I begged him to fart in my face and into my opened mouth, then I felt his thighs stiffen. Seconds later, I was treated to the delicious taste and aroma of a hot, gassy fart that served as an enticing preview of what I could look forward to when he was ready to feed me his hot poop load.

While I was still enjoying the taste and smell of Mike's fart, I heard a loud fart erupt across the room, prompting me to pull my face away from Mike's rump in search of its source. Jimmy was on his knees behind Matt with his face buried in his rear end, eating him deeply. Matt had a look of sheer pleasure on his face, and Jimmy was moaning loudly beneath him. I watched Matt's face redden, then he let go with another fart and looked relieved. At the same time, Jimmy seemed to intensify the force with which he was eating Matt's butt hole, almost encouraging him to continue treating him to hot farts.

I immediately pulled Mike's undies down and spread his cheeks, eager to experience the same nirvana that Jimmy was feeling. I began by giving his hole firm licks, then I started to kiss and lick him even harder, using my teeth to scrape his pucker as I did. I used my hands to grab his hips, pulling him back in an effort to feel him push back against my face. He caught on right away, and I was able to push my face into his rear end with even more force, desperate to enjoy as much of his ass juice and as many of his poop smears as possible. I knew that Jimmy was no doubt tasting the remnants of the tasty turds that Matt had pooped into my mouth just three hours earlier, and it was obvious that he enjoyed it so very much.

Something told me that Jimmy would be eating more than just a few turds tonight. As depraved as he seemed to be while he dined on Matt's poop-chute, I was sure that he would be taking a full poop load down the gullet, maybe even more. I could hear his moans getting louder, only suppressed by the hot sphincter that he was eating and the stinky butt cheeks that he had his face buried in. I had no doubt that he was enjoying every last fart that Matt was blowing into his face and down his throat, and that it would lead to so much more later on.

In the meanwhile, Mike let go of another loud fart, interrupting my thoughts and bringing me back into the moment. Its flavor danced on my palate, and I knew that I wanted to experience the joy of swallowing another hot load of poop from Mike's rear end soon. The flavor and aroma of his hot fart encouraged me to eat him with even more passion, not wanting to pull my face out of his rear end anytime soon. But once again it was what I heard on the other side of the room that prompted me to pull away from Mike's rear end.

My mattress was starting to creak, so I reluctantly stopped eating at Mike's back door and caught site of Jimmy and Matt on my bed. Jimmy was on his back with his legs resting on Matt's shoulders, smiling up at him as Mike thrust his cock in and out of Jimmy's rear end. Jimmy's legs were rocking back and forth with every motion that Matt was making, and it was obvious that they were both very happy with their arrangement. Matt leaned down and planted his lips to Jimmy's, then their tongues dueled as their love making commenced. Jimmy reached up with his arms and locked them around Matt's neck, then he let loose with a soft moan as goosebumps erupted all over his body.

As Mike and I watched the scene unfolding in front of us, we both felt extremely turned on. I for one didn't want to be left out of the fun, so I crawled on my hands and knees over to the bed, then I stood up and bent over, resting my head right next to Jimmy's so that I could get a close up view of their very tongue heavy kiss. I felt Mike grab my hips and line up with my entrance, then he pushed in all the way, causing us both to moan. Once again, I rolled my hips around, wanting to feel his thick cock stir in my pussy so that we could both enjoy a pleasurable sensation. As soon as I stopped rolling my hips, Mike began to fuck me steadily, using his talented cock to hammer my horny pooper. He was torturing my sweet spot, hastening the onset of my already rapidly approaching climax.

“Oh fuck, it feels so good,” he moaned as he long dicked me from the back.

“You feel good to me too, lover,” I panted. “Fuck me harder!”

With that, he picked up the pace and started thrusting into my hungry pussy with even more force, and before I knew what was happening, my toes started to curl and I could feel my own goosebumps starting to erupt all over my arms and legs, up my back and across my butt cheeks. Out of nowhere, I felt a spurt of cum hit my cheek, then another and another, so I opened my eyes in time to see Jimmy shooting a load from his untouched cock, which was stiff as a board and twitching hard as the last of his cum heaved out onto his stomach. I used my fingers to wipe his cum from my face, gathering it all up so that it was resting in the palm of my hands, then I slurped it up.

The taste of my boyfriend's cum, combined with the constant hammering of my clit from Mike's steel hard rod caused me to loose control. I felt my boy cunt start to contract over and over, clamping down hard on Mike's fuck stick, grabbing the head over and over until he blew his load into my hungry pussy. When he pulled out, I quickly spun around and took his cock into my mouth, anxious to slurp up every drop of cum and ass juice that I could. While I was sucking his cock clean, Matt groaned loudly and froze inside of Jimmy, prompting me to let Mike's dick fall from my mouth and get ready. Matt pulled away from Jimmy's boy pussy and I was on him like a bitch in heat, eager to suck it clean. As I carried on with the task of sucking his cock clean, I felt a pair of small hands parting my cheeks. I looked back momentarily just in time to see Jimmy bury his face in my crack, then he ate me deeply while I went back to sucking Matt's cock clean.

It didn't take long for Matt's cock to stiffen once again while I sucked on it, so I very eagerly took Jimmy's place. I laid down on my back and opened my legs wide, encouraging him to climb between them. He very quickly picked up on what I wanted him to do, lifting my legs into the air and pushing in. When he was buried to the hilt, I reached out and took Mike's cock in my hand, guiding it to my lips so that I could suck it while Matt pleasured my pussy. While I was being filled at both ends with hard dick, Jimmy got on his knees behind Mike and started to eat his poop-chute deeply. I could hear them both moaning wildly as I wrapped my lips around the head of Mike's dick and sucked as if my life depended on it. Happily, they had already blown their loads, so I was able to enjoy both cocks for a while, reaching another long climax before I received their loads, with Matt filling my rear end up and Mike treating me to a creamy load in the mouth.

When Matt pulled out of me, I encouraged him to take Mike's place and feed me his cock while Jimmy crawled between my once again opened legs and took his turn at my juicing boy cunt. Having already blown his load, I knew that he would last quite a while. I used my time with Matt's dick in my mouth to be as slutty as I could, moaning loudly around his dick while Jimmy pummeled my sweet spot. It didn't take long for Jimmy to restart my orgasm, simply picking up where Matt left off and giving it to me hard. My whole body was burning sweetly with pleasure, in part because Jimmy was hammering my clit and in part because I knew that I was only experiencing the beginning. We were in for a long night of sex, and I had three talented cocks at my beck and call.

With Matt's dick in my mouth, I looked up to see him and Mike engaging in a very passionate kiss. I sucked even harder on Matt's cock while I watched, then I reached out with my left hand so that I could wrap it around Mike's hard cock. I started to stroke it hard, knowing that I was at my sluttiest moment, with a cock in my mouth, one up my butt and one in my hand. The only way I could be sluttier, I knew, was if I had a forth cock in my other hand. While I jacked Mike and sucked Matt, I felt my pleasure intensifying again and my climax moved to a new level. Jimmy was thrusting hard into my boy pussy, and I could feel Matt's cock swelling in my mouth, about to fire his load down my throat. I sucked even more furiously while I stroked the large cock in my hand, using my tongue to run around the rim of his crown, then I made a tight seal around his head and gummed it over and over. This proved to be too much for Matt, and be blew his thick wad in my slutty mouth, prompting me to swallow it all quickly. At the same time, my rear end was once again pulling the climax out of the cock that was pleasuring it, and Jimmy could hold out no further. He filled me up with a large load of cum, then he gave me a few more hard thrusts before pulling out.

I was insatiable at this point, and wanted another cock in me quickly, so I quickly beckoned Mike onto the bed, where he took Jimmy's place. He lifted my right leg into the air and slid his thick cock back inside of my squeezing pussy, then he started to slam into me while my body continued to experience an orgasmic Nirvana. Jimmy crawled over my stomach and fed me his dripping cock, and I sucked on it feverishly while reaching back out to find Matt's cock, which was semi hard. I wrapped my hand around it and started to stroke it back to life, wanting to have it back inside of me when Mike was finished. In the meanwhile, I could feel Jimmy deflating in my mouth, but he had a look of deep concentration on his face and I knew what he was about to do.

I smiled at him, then I looked over at Matt and batted my eyes, wanting him to watch. He gave me a curious look as I continued to stroke his cock, then his eyes got big when he realized what Jimmy was going to do. Before he could say a word, Jimmy let go with his yellow stream, sending it full force down my throat. I was swallowing quickly, wanting to keep up and not lose a drop. I had gotten so good at it over the course of the last several days that I had no trouble drinking it all, right until he gave me his last few drops, then he shook off in my mouth as I smiled up at him blissfully and wrapped my lips back around his hairless dick.

At the same time, Mike was slamming into me with force, and I felt a frantic burning start to take me over as my climax reached a new plateau. My pussy was starting to queef loudly, and my hair was standing up on my head. I was now moaning out loud, literally howling like a dog, and my boy cunt was reacting violently, as if it were either trying to force Mike's cock further in or force it out. Happily, it didn't push him out, but it did squeeze so hard so many times that he fired another load up inside of me, his eyes seeming to cross for a moment as I felt the hot sperm coat the lining of my pussy so thoroughly.

“Oh fuck!” he exclaimed as he filled me up. “Your ass is so fucking tight!”

With that, he pulled out and I let Jimmy's cock fall from my mouth so I could tell Matt to take Mike's place. He quickly complied, and as soon as he pushed past my anal ring, my still climaxing pussy grabbed his glans and pulled him the rest of the way in. He shuddered and started to thrust in and out while I moaned loudly and shivered. When I was able to think clearly enough, I guided Mike's sticky cock to my mouth. I sucked it clean, then I heard Jimmy ask him if he wanted to pee in my mouth, causing me to moan with desire as I enjoyed the meaty dick I was sucking on. As Matt fed me hard strokes of cock that drove my orgasm, Mike closed his eyes and let loose with his yellow stream, quenching the thirst I worked up by being the slut that I was. As I was gulping down his hot pee, he released a hot fart that was even stinkier than the ones he'd blown into my mouth earlier.

This prompted Jimmy to squat behind him and part his cheeks, then he treated himself to a scrumptious helping of Mike's poop-chute while Matt finished peeing in my mouth. With Jimmy licking and kissing his rear end, Mike came back to life in my mouth, sending another shudder through me. I was incredibly anxious to swallow all of their poop loads, but I was also in no hurry for them to stop riding my rear end. I wanted to ride the butt fucking that I was being treated to out for as long as I could, and feeling Mike's erection in my mouth, I knew I had to have it back in my queefing boy cunt. Finally, Matt fired off inside of me, so I let Mike's cock fall from my mouth and begged him to fuck me one more time while I sucked Matt's dick. They quickly traded places again, and this time I took Matt's bladder full of pee down my throat while Mike screwed another load into my still quivering pussy.

When Mike pulled away from my rear end, I let my legs fall back down to the bed and sucked him clean while Matt and Jimmy made out right next to us on the bed. When his cock was clean, I reached out with my hand and rubbed his tummy.

“Are you ready for me to poop in your mouth?” he asked, and I nodded eagerly. “Are we going into the bathroom?”

“We can just do it here,” I offered, and his eyes got big.

“Are... are you sure?”

“Yes,” I said with a naughty grin, letting my palm move up and caress his chest. “Jimmy pooped in my mouth in here twice today.”

“It might be a lot,” he told me, and I grinned harder.

“I want it to be a lot,” I told him, biting my lower lip. He smiled back down at me, then he turned to look at Matt and Jimmy, who were both watching and listening to Mike and I. Matt was sitting cross legged, and he was holding Jimmy in his lap with his arms wrapped lovingly around my boyfriend's torso. He unconsciously planted a kiss on Jimmy's head, prompting Jimmy to look up and smile, then they shared a sweet peck on the lips.

“How will we do it?” Mike asked with a grin of his own.

“Get in and sit on my chest with your butt on my mouth,” I told him. He climbed on the way I told him, then he lowered his sexy rump down on my face. His cheeks parted on their own as he brought his stinky butt down over my mouth, so I simply opened wide and caressed his cheeks, wanting him to know that I was enjoying having it there. I inhaled deeply, taking a long whiff of his spicy rear end, then I gave off a moan of desire.

I could feel him tense up a little, then I heard him start to push lightly. His hole started to open, and I could smell an incredibly powerful stink pushing out of his chute. At the same time, a very hot thrust of air filled my mouth, then I heard the familiar crackle of a moist turd starting to make its descent. I saw the brown head of the thick poop log at his entrance and a second later, he pushed it out so rapidly that it filled my mouth instantaneously. It was so lusciously hot, firm but not too firm, brown like clay with a smooth consistency and delightfully stinky. I was in heaven as I chewed it up and swallowed. Matt and Jimmy were sitting so close that I was sure they could smell exactly what I was tasting, and I took note of the fact that Jimmy's dick was standing straight up, pressing against his tummy. Mike was looking down at me over his shoulder, a huge grin on his face as I looked up at him and smiled brownly.

When I had it down, I opened wide and waited for my next gift. Mike pushed hard this time and filled my mouth up beyond capacity with a large, soft load of his boy poop. Even though it was a soft load, it was the same clay brown color and had the same wonderful aroma and temperature as the first piece he fed me. What didn't fit in my mouth caked up in his crack and pushed up into my nostrils, sending a wonderful sensation into my nasal cavity as the hot poop I craved so badly filled it up. I quickly chewed and swallowed the steamy pile in my mouth, then I lapped away at the poop that was caked in his crack, wanting to enjoy it while it was still hot and steamy.

“Mmm,” I moaned as I systematically ate everything that he had pushed out, then I opened up and urged him to feed me more. He strained hard again, this time sending three thick turds down his poop-chute and into my waiting mouth. I chewed and swallowed, then I waited for another hot, stinky load. He fed me another long turd that I chewed up and swallowed as it made its descent from his rear end into my mouth, not even waiting for it to break off, then he filled my mouth with one last soft load, this one much smaller but still just as hot, stinky and delicious as the rest. When he was done, I licked his still poop caked crack until there were nothing but dark smears left, then I ate his poop covered hole until he got up.

“Are you going to go next?” Jimmy asked Matt, and he nodded.

Mike crawled off of me and sat next to Jimmy and Matt on my bed, so Jimmy hopped up and let Matt get up, then he sat in Mike's lap and the two of them shared a long kiss as Matt got into position over my face. When they broke their kiss, I heard Jimmy and Mike talking.

“Did you like watching me poop in Kyle's mouth?” Mike asked.

“I loved it,” Jimmy said. “It smelled so good. I kinda wish it was me you pooped for.”

“You want to eat my poop?” Mike asked, but I didn't hear Jimmy's answer. At that moment, Matt lowered his delicious smelling butt in my face, and it was all I could do to stop myself from parting his cheeks and digging in with my tongue. I opened wide and pulled his cheeks apart, but before he could start to poop for me, Mike's head hit the pillow next to me and his legs were in the air. I could hear Jimmy licking furiously at Mike's rear end, lapping up the left over poop smears and anything else he could find back there. I smiled and sighed, then I caressed Matt's butt cheek;

“I want you to poop hard in my mouth,” I told him, wanting my mouth to be filled with as much hot, stinky poop as he could give me.

“It's going to be a lot,” he warned me. “We both ate a lot of dinner tonight, but I had more that Mike.”

“Mmm,” I moaned in pleasure. “I want you to feed me all of it right away.”

With that, Matt grunted and pushed while I opened wide around his poop-chute. I felt an intense blast of heat, then I was treated to a mouthful of one of the stinkiest, hottest and most delicious poop loads that I've ever experienced. Like Mike's load, it was clay brown and had a very smooth texture. The sheer volume wasn't overwhelming, but I could feel my cheeks bulging with it right away. As it rested in my mouth, I took note of the fact that it had a curly tip where it broke off. I started to chew and swallow right away, eager for another mouthful. Jimmy had stopped dining at Mike's back door and was now laying with his head on Mike's chest, both of them watching the show intently. I could see Jimmy's nose working double time, clearly enjoying the aroma that was drifting up from the mouthful that Matt had just gifted me.

When it was all down, Matt pushed again, once again honoring my wishes to have a large mouthful of hot boy poop. I was moaning with delight as he pushed a massive load of steamy poop into my mouth, this time filling it beyond capacity and causing it to pile up a little bit past my lips, another curly tip emerging where it broke off from his butt hole. I had a huge grin on my face as I chewed up my luscious meal, wanting so badly for there to be many more loads inside of Matt for me to enjoy. Out of nowhere, I saw Jimmy reach out with his right hand toward my face. He used his three middle fingers to gather up a medium sized heap of the soft poop load that I was enjoying, then he brought it to his nose and sniffed it hard, smiling at Mike the whole time.

“Go ahead,” Mike said tenderly, smiling up at Jimmy. With that, Jimmy licked his lips, then he quickly spread the poop on his fingers over his tongue, then he closed his mouth and swallowed. He opened wide and showed off his empty mouth, and I knew then that he would be eating much more than that before the night was through. I swallowed the rest of the poop load that was in my mouth, then I waited while Matt pushed another hot load out. This time he pushed out a soft load the size of the first one he gave me, then he followed it up with two thick turds that exited his anus rapidly and didn't fit in my mouth, instead landing on my chin and my nose. I smiled as I chewed and swallowed the load in my mouth, then Jimmy grabbed the turd that was on my nose and eased it into my mouth.

While I was chewing it up, he licked his poopy fingers, then he grabbed the second turd. I opened wide, but was surprised when he crammed it into his mouth and chewed it up. He opened up to show us all his brown mouthful, then he finished chewing it up and swallowed it all. When it was gone, he licked his lips and smiled, then he rested his head back down on Mike's chest and watched while Matt pushed out another trio of hot, thick turds that filled my mouth to capacity. I chewed up what he gave me, then I opened wide and waited for another load.. He pushed and once again, I was treated to another round of soft, stinky turds that I eagerly consumed. His final gift was the smallest, but I was so happy with amount of poop he was able to feed me that I didn't fuss. Instead, I waited patiently as he strained and pushed out a small clump of poop into my mouth. It was just as stinky and delicious as the rest, and I was very grateful for it as I chewed it up and swallowed it before I licked Matt's crack as clean as I could.

When he crawled off of me, Jimmy got up to take his place. Before he got into position, though, he leaned down and kissed me passionately, and together we shared Matt's poop load while our two tops cuddled closely and watched. Matt was resting on Mike's chest, and it was obvious that they were very comfortable in each others' arms. Jimmy and I broke our kiss, then he licked all around my mouth, pulling thick hunks of Mike and Matt's poop into his mouth. Finally, he got into position, lowering his stinky rump over my poop smeared face until he was lined up with my mouth. I spread his cheeks and smiled, thinking about all of the luscious turds I'd already been treated to, and wondering how many Jimmy would be sharing with me.

Jimmy pushed and once again, I heard the familiar crackle of his poop log making its way down his chute. I opened wide and watched with anticipation as the brown head of his long, thick turd bullied its way out of his hole and into my opened mouth. Like Matt and Mike, his poop was clay brown, but Jimmy's was a shade darker and had a very dark, rich aroma and taste. It was very tasty, and I wanted him to treat me to as many turds as possible. I let the turd curl up in my mouth, knowing that Mike and Matt were watching me. It turned me on so much to know that they could both see the way it curled up like a piece of dog poop in my watering mouth, hoping that soon they would be able to treat me to this experience every time they fed me. Matt was getting better at it, the majority of his steamy poop loads ending with a very thick, very curly tip, but Jimmy was able to make his turds curl up in my mouth and I loved it.

I took a very long sniff before I began chewing up the lusciously stinky turd that had curled up in my mouth. Once I had it down, I opened wide and waited for my boyfriend's next offering. He pushed hard and treated me to another long, crackling poop log that curled up the same way in my mouth. I could feel the steam rising off of the tip and drifting into my nostrils, making me delirious with pleasure as I started to chew and swallow once again. Jimmy pushed again, and this time I was treated to a soft load that filled my slutty mouth beyond capacity, caking heavily in his crack and all over my face. I swallowed what I could, then I quickly lapped as much poop out of his crack as I could so that it could be enjoyed hot. Much to my delight, there was a firm turd buried under the layers of caked up poop that I indulged in, chewing it up and swallowing while Matt and Mike watched in amazement.

Finally, Jimmy gave me one last medium sized turd that I very quickly chewed up and swallowed, then I went to work on his rump, licking it as clean as I could before he climbed off of me and buried his face in Matt's crack, treating himself to the dark smears that were left over from his feeding. When he was done feasting, he and I engaged in another poop flavored kiss, then he licked my face clean once more before I opened the window to air out my room. I looked at the clock and realized that it was only 10pm, and I felt another shudder run through me because I knew that I was going to get laid many more times before we went to bed. While the four of us headed down the hall to the bathroom to clean up, I called out for my mom to change my sheets. I climbed into the tub and got on my knees so that my three lovers could pee in my hair and my opened mouth, then we started the shower and they got in with me.