Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 23

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Taking a shower with Mike and Matt, it didn't take long for Jimmy and I to wind up on our knees with respective mouthfuls of hard cock. I was sucking Matt's cock like a pro, taking him all the way to the back of my throat while Jimmy sucked Mike's dick like a bitch in heat. It wasn't long before we each received warm mouthfuls of cum that we swallowed gratefully, then we made out on the floor of the tub while Mike and Matt stood over us and did the same. While I was in Jimmy's passionate embrace, I felt a powerful wave of gastric pressure wash over me, and I knew that my body was ready to pass the many turds that I'd eaten since my mom fed me my brown pant load earlier in the day. I broke our kiss and communicated my needs to my three lovers, anxious to have another luscious meal of hot poop to enjoy.

Jimmy grinned widely at me as we turned off the water and used towels to dry off, while Mike and Matt looked curious about what was next. I let Jimmy dry me off, then I took the towel from him and dutifully reciprocated while Mike and Matt watched from the tub, still dripping. I walked out to the hallway, still naked, and retrieved two clean, fluffy towels for them, then I closed the door and handed one to Jimmy so that we could dry our lovers off like good little pussy boys are supposed to. When they were dry, I spread all four towels out on the floor so that my three Adonises would have somewhere dry and comfortable to stand, then I prepared to poop on the floor in front of them.

I started to assume the position, with my legs bent and my bottom hanging out, when Jimmy surprised me by getting on his knees behind me with a naughty grin, his stiff pecker standing straight up and pressing against his hairless crotch.

“I want you to poop in my face,” he said boldly, licking his lips.

“Fucking hot!” I heard Matt say, prompting me to smile at him. He and Matt smiled back, then I felt Jimmy's hands spreading my cheeks apart as he made noises of desire beneath me, then I felt his face smashing in between my cheeks. I'd never been in this position before, and I have to admit that I was a little unsure about how hard I needed to push, or how slow I should let it go. I knew that I had a full butt load ready to explode, one that included turds I'd already eaten from my own rear end, as well as Mike's, Jimmy's, Matt's and Nathan's. I knew that they would be stinky and delicious, and was looking forward to eating them all. Yet it was such an incredible turn on for me that Jimmy wanted me to share with him, and I was happy to treat him to the large poop buffet that I'd eaten from all afternoon.

I gave a firm push and felt my first round of hot turds slipping down my poop-chute with an uncontrollable speed. I wasn't even sure how many came out because it happened so fast, but I felt a lot of it smashing into my crack, no doubt because Jimmy's face and opened mouth was blocking its journey to the floor. At the same time, I picked up the delicious aroma of my stinky poop load, knowing that Jimmy was on the receiving end of it all. I looked over my shoulder and caught site of my boyfriend, sitting on his knees and cramming a trio of long poop logs into his already full mouth with a huge grin on his face. His face was caked with dark brown poop, and he was chewing and swallowing simultaneously. It was obvious that most of my poop wound up in his mouth straight from by rear end, and the rest of it smashed into his face and landed in his hands, possibly in his lap. His cute little Adams apple was so busy, bobbing up and down while he worked on the large mouthful that he was no doubt enjoying.

I grabbed my stomach and winced a little as another gas pain hit me, and he seemed to understand that I still had to poop. He smiled up at me brownly, then he got back into place and shoved his poop smeared face back into my crack, so I hung my butt out once again and let go with another large load, listening as it came out with the force of a hard fart. I could hear it filling Jimmy's mouth, then I felt the remainder caking up in my crack along with what was left over from my first poop load. At the same time, I felt three hot shots of cum hit the back of my legs, knowing that they were fresh from Jimmy's untouched cock..

“Holy crap, that's fucking nuts,” I heard Matt say under his breath, prompting me to look over my shoulder again as Jimmy pulled his face out of my crack, which was now caked with even more poop than before. The entire area of his mouth, nose and cheeks were caked with soft poop, and there was a large splatter in his hair and on his forehead. He was chewing everything up with a depraved smile on his face and taking long sniffs at the same time. It was so sexy and delicious looking that I couldn't stop myself from kneeling down on the floor so that I was eye level with him, then I licked all around his mouth and face, wanting to get in on the action. Once I licked his face clean, we shared a long kiss and passed what was left of my poop load between us before I got up and swallowed, then I got into position once more.

“Sexy little poop eaters,” I heard Mike exclaim while Jimmy parted my cheeks and used his tongue to scrape the caked up poop into his mouth, giving off a loud moan of desire with every lick. Finally he opened his mouth wide and waited for me to poop, so I strained hard and once again, I filled his mouth to the brim with my hot, smelly poop load. I watched him work slowly on my load, and it was obvious that he'd had his impressive fill, so I squatted all the way down on the floor and released three more large turds that curled up like dog poop. They were very hot and steamy and I wanted them badly, so I quickly picked them up and crammed them into my mouth with a moan, then I opened wide and showed Matt and Mike my mouthful before chewing it up and swallowing with a loud sigh.

When I stood up, Jimmy spread my poop smeared cheeks again, burying his face in them and licking them clean, then he went to work on my boy pussy, eating it deeply while I moaned loudly and bit my lip. While Jimmy was eating me out, Matt took a seat on the toilet and pulled Mike down into his lap, where they proceeded to kiss, their tongues dancing while they held each other lovingly. They very briefly broke their kiss, just long enough for Matt to whisper something into Mike's ear that caused him to blush and nod. They grinned at each other dumbly after that, then they fell back into their make out session while Jimmy ate me out to a powerful orgasm.

When Jimmy finally pulled his tongue out of my pussy, I promptly bent over the sink and let him sink his cock into me. I held on tight while he serviced my boy cunt, which was still reeling from the wonderful rim job he'd given me, so it didn't take long for me to cum again. I let out a loud moan as the walls of my pussy squeezed his cock over and over, then he filled me up with another load and pulled away. When he pulled out, I begged for someone to take his place, so Mike got up from his lover's lap and grabbed my hips before taking his turn at my back door.

While Mike was fucking me, Jimmy was on his knees in front of Matt, his mouth once again filled with cock. I was moaning loudly with every inward stroke, tightening my pussy muscles around his cock and luxuriating in its length and girth. My orgasm built back up quickly, causing me to climax long before Mike was ready to blow his load inside of me. While my head was spinning out of control, he picked up speed and added force to every thrust, causing my pussy to start queefing loudly.

While Mike was fucking me silly, Matt took the opportunity to bend Jimmy over the toilet and treat him to another ass fucking. Even with a large cock in my climaxing pussy, I was able to smile at the thought of Jimmy and I being pleasured by these two hunks. It was obvious that my boyfriend was in heaven, taking a long cock up the ass once more while I did the same just two feet away. I knew that Jimmy was learning how much pleasure I took in being his girlfriend, possibly wondering what it might be like to become a girlfriend himself to a hunk like Mike or Matt. In the end, though, I knew that while he was now an insatiable bottom like me, he was still a very happy top, and would always want to be my man.

I was now moaning louder than I had all night, watching while Jimmy became delirious with pleasure. Having a tummy filled with hot poop and a butt filled with a hot cock does that for a gay boy, and we were each full of both. I knew that the time had come for Jimmy to give in to his desires and eat a full poop load, and I was so happy to be the one to feed it to him. I wondered what the rest of the night would be like for us. Not if we would eat more poop, but how much more we were going to get to eat.

As these thoughts filled my mind, my already climaxing boy pussy started to grab Mike's cock violently, no longer squeezing but clamping down with force as he long dicked me from the back. I knew that I was at the end of my luscious lay, and that I would have to wait for more. Mike's cock was starting to swell under the force of my pussy's contractions, and he was now moving in and out faster and harder than before, trying to hasten his moment of ejaculation. I could feel the glans of his steel hard rod being caught in the contractions that my cunt was experiencing, first on the inward thrust, then on the outward stroke, and that was when it happened. He pushed all the way back inside of me and froze, all the while letting my juicing pussy squeeze his cock over and over, then he squirted his load deep inside of me.

When he pulled out of me, my pussy was still grabbing him and trying to pull him back in. I felt the walls of my pussy squeeze hard on the head of his cock, giving me another electric feeling as he retracted. I quickly spun around and dropped to my knees, then I took his deflating cock into my mouth, eager to clean it off and suck on it while it was still a little hard. When he was clean, he pulled out while I sighed once more and looked over at Matt and Jimmy, who were cuddling closely. Matt was once again sitting down on the toilet, and Jimmy was in his lap, resting his tired head on Matt's shoulder. They weren't kissing, and I knew that it was because Jimmy had poo poo breath, just like me. I crawled over to them and leaned in to kiss my boyfriend, wanting to give him pleasure and steal a little more for myself.

“You did such a good job, baby,” I told him when we broke our kiss. “I love you.”

“I love you too, sweetie” he said sweetly, causing my heart to skip a beat. “You're such a good girlfriend, and you did a good job pooping for me. I wanted to eat it all.”

With that, he and Matt separated and he got up to take me into his arms. We shared another long kiss, the taste of poop wonderfully prevalent on both of our tongues, then we got back into the shower and lovingly washed each other off. When we got out of the shower, Mike and Matt were at it again, kissing hungrily while they cuddled closely, every once in a while breaking their lip lock so that Mike could bury his face in Matt's neck and Matt could blow in Mike's ear. Jimmy and I brushed our teeth three times, then we used mouthwash to gargle before we headed back down the hall to my room.

While we were walking down the hall to my room, I let my rear end switch from side to side, wanting Mike and Matt to know that I was a good little cock hound who needed another fudge packing. I heard my parents turn the TV off downstairs, so I decided to wait for them to come upstairs and say goodnight. Matt, Mike and Jimmy went into my room and closed the door while I waited at the top of the stairs and listened. I could hear the washing machine running, no doubt washing my pooped and peed on sheets, and probably the many pairs of underwear that I'd pooped in over the last several days as well. My little cocklet was hard as steel as I listened through my bedroom door, knowing that Jimmy was well on his way to being split roasted by Mike and Matt, but I had something else in mind as I watched my mom and dad ascend the stair case.

“Hey buddy,” my dad said when he spotted me, giving me a warm smile. “Did you take a shower and get cleaned up?”

“Yeah, we all did,” I told him with a shy smile. “Me and Jimmy had poo poo breath, and we want them to give it to us up the butt again and kiss us some more.”

“Are you having fun, baby?” my mom asked as the three of us made our way down the hall to their room.

“Yes mommy,” I told her. “I wanted to say goodnight to you and daddy in a special way before you go to sleep, though.”

“In a special way?” she asked, and I nodded, crawling up onto the bed and watching while she removed her top, exposing her engorged bosom. She smiled lovingly at me when she saw me lick my lips, knowing that what I wanted was for her to breastfeed me before she turned in for the night. I waited for her to strip down to her panties, then she sat down on the bed and waited while I got comfortable in her lap with her cradling me. She offered me her left breast, and I instantly latched on and started to nurse while she hummed quietly. Her flow of milk was immediate, and I felt a warm sensation spread throughout my little body as her mother's milk joined the warm poop loads that were resting in my tummy.

“Is that good, buddy?' my dad asked, and I nodded while I opened my legs, exposing my well fucked pussy to him. I felt him rub it, then he nodded and pulled my left leg up a little further, then he used his tongue to pleasure me while I moaned around my mom's nursing breast. He stayed between my legs, eating my pussy for five good minutes. When he pulled away, he retrieved a tube of KY Jelly that he used to lube me up by sinking his middle finger all the way up my butt, then he used an in and out fucking motion to get my juices flowing hard before pulling it out. At the same time, my mom massaged the outer edges of her nipple, forcing me to disengage from her.

“Baby you need to get down the hall so your friends don't wonder where you are, okay?” she told me, and I nodded.

“Daddy, will you poop for me in the morning?” I asked, and he nodded.

“I promise Kyle,” he assured me, so I smiled and got up, giving them both a hug and kiss before I padded down the hall to my room, where the sounds of sex were carrying through the door before I had a chance to open it.

When I walked in, I saw Jimmy on his hands and knees on my freshly made bed. Mike's cock was buried in his upturned rear end and he had his face buried in Matt's upturned bottom, eating it deeply while he was serviced from behind. Mike was holding his hips firmly and pushing in and out with force, causing Jimmy to moan into Matt's butt hole, which he had gained easy access to by spreading his cheeks with both hands. Matt's head was on my pillow, his knees tucked under his body so that his rear end was sticking straight up. His eyes were closed, and he had a blissful expression on his face as Jimmy dined at his back door.

Not wanting to be the odd girl out, I hopped up onto the bed and planted my lips onto Mike's, then I slipped my tongue into his mouth and kissed him deeply. He was on such a sexual high that he let go of Jimmy's right hip and used his hand to cup the back of my head, pulling me in close for a hard kiss. While our tongues danced, my stomach swirled with butterflies and I was instantaneously hot for his cock, which was pleasuring my boyfriend's pussy at the moment.

Jimmy's muffled moaning was getting more and more frantic, and I knew that it wasn't going to be too much longer before he came hard from the pleasing fuck that Mike was treating him to. At the same time, the wonderful taste of Matt's pooper was no doubt giving him chills of delight, adding to his already heightened pleasure. Mike's balls looked swollen as they swung below his cock. Aside from when I've had his dick in my mouth or sucked his balls, I'd never taken the time to look at them this closely. Unlike the area above his cock, they were hairless, but they looked amazing. I knew that they were boiling with a hot load of cum that he would squirt deep inside of Jimmy's poop-chute when the time was right, and judging by the way he was starting to whimper and moan softly into my mouth, I knew that time wasn't too far off.

He let go of the back of my head and we broke our long kiss, then I watched him start to slam into Jimmy's rump hard as his face contorted. At the same time, Jimmy's moaning intensified, reaching a fever pitch. I watched as goosebumps started to erupt all over his body, so I got on all fours and looked under his body, between his legs, where his untouched erection once again fired several strong shots of cum onto my bed. As Jimmy was moaning and climaxing in his boy ecstasy, Mike groaned loudly and froze, shooting a large load deep into Jimmy's hungry rear end. When he pulled out, I was on his dripping dick like a true cock slut, sucking it and licking off all of the cum and ass juice I could find, wanting to swallow a large volume of both.

While I was sucking his cock for all I was worth, I felt him use both of his hands to grab my head and pull it up, so I let his cock fall from my slutty mouth and let his hands guide my head until we were face to face, then he leaned in and kissed me, slipping his tongue back into my mouth and wrapping his arms around my shoulders. I passively let him control the tempo of our kiss, then he guided me down onto my back right next to Matt and Jimmy, who were now engaged in a hot kiss of their own. When my head hit the pillow, I opened my legs while Mike collapsed on top of me. I squirmed gleefully as he continued to kiss me, all the while feeling him run his fingertips all over my chest. He reached under my arm pits and grabbed my shoulders as I reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck, lacing my fingers as our kiss got more passionate.

While our tongues danced, I could feel his cock, which had raged back to life, pushing between my opened legs. My pussy was surging with ass juice, eager for another round of sex with Mike, who had already blown two loads in the last 30 minutes, all but guaranteeing that I was in for a long, forceful lay. On the bed right next to us, Jimmy and Matt had changed positions, with Jimmy on his back, his legs already resting on Matt's shoulders. Matt's cock was buried to the hilt inside of my boyfriend while Jimmy sucked on Mike's tongue, literally drawing the saliva off of it and swallowing eagerly.

Mike and I were still engaged in our kiss when he lifted my legs and started to ease his cock into my itchy pussy. My hairless little boy cock was still rock hard, and even though I knew that I was only seconds away from getting laid, I was climbing the walls in want of a hard fuck. I needed to feel a hard cock inside of me, any hard cock in any entrance that I could get it in, my mouth or my pussy. Of course, I preferred to have both ends filled up at the same time, but I was very grateful at the moment that Mike was sinking his shaft into my juicing cunt. When I felt him bottom out, I flexed my ass muscles to let him know that I was desperate to be fucked. He moaned a little into my mouth, then he began to thrust back and forth, in and out of my horny boy pussy, bringing another loud moan from deep inside of me that I couldn't have suppressed even if I wanted to.

I started to queef right off the bat, picking up right where we left off the last time he serviced my pussy. His cock was forcing air up into my chute as he pushed in, then sucking it back out as he pulled back. I could tell that he was having fun making me queef, pushing in and pulling out with more and more force. Every time my queefing got louder, he had a look of mischief on his face, then he would try to make me queef even louder still. On my end, the forceful thrusts in and out, working in concert with the air that was pushing and pulling on my clit, were starting to send me into orbit. I knew that at this pace, my orgasm would start soon, and there was no telling how long he could make it last.

In the meanwhile, Jimmy was moaning like a little girl, his own pussy being worked over by the other stud in my bed. Matt was driving in and out of Jimmy without mercy, giving him the pounding that he was hoping for when our night of passion began. I knew that Jimmy wanted Matt and Mike to take turns reaming him out, and throughout the night his wish had come true. I wanted the same thing for myself, and like Jimmy, I had my every wish fulfilled. But I know that Matt is far from the considerate lover that Mike is. Matt makes me cum every time we have sex because he sports a nice sized hard on and it fills my pussy up nicely. His length and thickness always work my clit over, not because he's good at sex, but because his cock is the right size to fit snugly up against it. But when it comes to endurance, he doesn't seem to have it, nor does he seem to want it.

Mike, on the other hand, has a much nicer sized cock than Matt when he's hard, but he also knows how to please Jimmy and I. He wants to last as long as he can because he cares about getting us off right, and then doing it again. I've had many multiple orgasms while Matt fucked me, but the multiple orgasms I have when Mike and I fuck are so much more satisfying because he knows all about my clit and how I like it worked out. His fuck stick is big enough to fill me up to the brim and work my clit over without any effort, but he aims his cock just where I need it to go so that he gives me the maximum pleasure and carries out my orgasms for two or three minutes at a time, not just 30 or 60 seconds.

Just as I hoped, my anal orgasm began to wash over me just a couple of minutes into our love making. My pussy was starting to squeeze Mike's shaft over and over and I felt a powerful surge of ass juice course around his cock as he ran it up into me. We broke our kiss just in time for me to feel a sharp tingle run through my entire body, and I let out my own girly moan.

“Does that feel good?” Mike asked, and I nodded frantically as my high pitched moaning got louder. “Jimmy's right, you are a good girl.”

“Oh yes,” I moaned sissily, a sexy feminine feeling taking me over and intensifying the already powerful climax that was starting to sweep me away. “I love being a good little girl. Fuck me harder, please.”

“Your pussy is squeezing the shit out of me,” he panted, biting his lip. “You're queefing so hard. Is my cock making your pussy feel good?”

“Yes,” I squealed like a bitch. “Your cock always makes my pussy feel so good.”

With that, he lowered his mouth back down to mine and we resumed our kiss. I instantly wrapped my arms back around his neck and let him dominate my body in every way, wanting to feel his stiff rod work my queefing pussy over while his stiff tongue worked my slutty mouth over. I had totally given into being a little girl for him, and I wanted him to know that he had access to my pussy anytime he wanted it. That I would seek his cock out at all hours of the day, at school or at home, and that I would ride it, suck it or jack it off without hesitation, no matter the venue. That I would be lubed up for him, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He seemed to sense my feelings of femininity and cock hunger, because he was very tender with me, kissing me lovingly and steadily, feeding me strong strokes of cock while I continued to ride the wave of my orgasm.

Five minutes into our fuck, I heard Matt groan. I looked over to my left and saw Jimmy gazing up at him with stars in his eyes, his own tummy and chest a mess of cum. Mike broke our kiss and we smiled lovingly at each other, then he leaned down and gave me a sweet peck on the lips. Matt pulled out of Jimmy, and much to my delight, he brought his dripping cock over to my mouth. I opened wide and let him ease it in, then I began a slow, sensual suck as I continued to moan around it. Jimmy crawled around to the other side of the bed so that his back was up against the wall, then he leaned in and began licking at the base of Matt's shaft, which had started to get hard again in my mouth.

While he was doing this, I opened wide and let Jimmy slip his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues immediately sought each other out, then they danced around the head of Matt's cock. At the same time, I felt Mike start to ride my queefing pussy harder, sending me over the edge once more as another anal orgasm started to unravel inside of me. Before I could prepare for the climax that was washing over me, I was moaning loudly around Matt's dick and into Jimmy's mouth.

“Your girlfriend has such a good pussy,” Mike told Jimmy, who nodded happily in agreement. “She loves getting fucked, doesn't she?”

“Yes, she does,” Jimmy said with a grin, rubbing my chest while my orgasm made the room go dark. “She needs lot's of dick in her pussy.”

“We'll give her plenty of dick tonight, then,” Mike panted, still pushing in and out of me with force.

“I like having dicks in my pussy, too,” Jimmy offered wantonly, slipping his tongue back into my mouth so that he could work in tandem with me to lick the head of Matt's dick.

“You're both good girls,” Matt said, drawing in a sharp breath. “You both have nice pussies that need lot's of cock.”

With that, Jimmy used his hand to gently pull Matt's cock from my desperate mouth, taking it all in at once and swallowing it while I watched from my pillow, unable to move because I was still getting my brains fucked out by Mike, who showed no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Before long, Jimmy had crawled back over me to the other side of the bed and laid back down on his back, lifting his legs up into the air so that Matt could fuck him again. I turned and smiled at him, our heads right next to each other, and we shared a very sweet kiss while we held hands and enjoyed getting laid side by side for the next twenty minutes. By the time Mike squirted his cum load into me, I had been fucked so thoroughly that all I wanted to do was suck him clean, then I let him hold me while we watched Matt screw another load into Jimmy.

While we were sleeping, all three of my guests released a series of farts, but Matt and Mike were farting the most, and their farts smelled wonderful. At one point, I lowered myself down the bed so that I could plant my face in Mike's rear end and sniff the wonderful aroma of his farts. While I was down there, he released several hot farts right in a row, prompting me to open wide so that I could have them blown into my watering mouth. When Mike's noisy butt calmed down, I did the same with Matt, taking note of the fact that his farts were the stinkiest. I loved every one of them, the way they smelled and tasted, and I knew that he had a load of hot poop in his tummy that would have to come out sooner than later. I was hoping that Mike and Jimmy would also have something for me to savor later on.

When Matt's farts started to subside, I planted my face in Jimmy's rump and ate it deeply while he treated me to several gassy farts, though their volume and stink were nowhere near Matt's or Mike's. When I was finally content that I'd lapped away as much stink from Jimmy's rear end as possible, I crawled back into Mike's arms and fell into another deep sleep with his cock pressing into my crack.

“Kyle, are you awake?”

The light was still on in my room when I felt Matt nudge my shoulder, so I took a deep breath and opened my eyes, letting them adjust to the light. I was still wrapped in Mike's embrace, sleeping with his hard cock lodged between my cheeks, just centimeters away from the lips of my boy cunt. I very gently pulled away and sat up with Matt, stretching out and letting my joints crack.

“I have to go to the bathroom again,” he said quietly, and I felt a shudder run through me. I smiled and crawled over Jimmy, who was sleeping soundly on his stomach with his bottom sticking straight up in the air. I leaned over and planted my nose between his cheeks, taking a nice long whiff of his stinky chute before I followed Matt down the hall to the bathroom. He got nervous when he noticed that my parents' bedroom door was opened, so I eased his fears by leading him to the downstairs bathroom, where I turned the light on and closed the door.

“Do you have to go pee or poop?” I asked, feeling a rumble in my tummy for some hot, stinky poop to savor and swallow.

“Both,” he told me. “I think I need to poop some first, then pee, then finish pooping. Otherwise I'll pee on the floor.”

“Okay,” I readily agreed, eager to have a large volume of turds to dine on right away, then a nice bladder full of hot pee to wash them down with. I quickly got on my knees and waited for him to squat over me. When he did, I parted his stinky cheeks and opened wide, taking note of the fact that I could see our reflection in the long mirror on the wall. I grinned when I saw his face get serious in the mirror, a sure sign that he was about to push. Seconds later, his stinky hole started to expand and his thighs stiffened, so I placed my opened mouth right at his hole, watching myself in the mirror the entire time. I heard the familiar crackle of his moist turd making its descent down his poop chute, then I felt a thrust of heat filling my mouth.

I heard him strain loudly and was rewarded right away with a mouthful of stinky, dark brown, rich tasting poop. It was nice and firm, yet soft enough to form a large, lumpy mound in my mouth. I looked in the mirror at the mouthful that he had just treated me to, and took note of the fact that it looked and smelled as delicious as it tasted. I started to chew it up with a huge smile on my face, then I swallowed it and sighed. Matt looked over his shoulder at me with a smile of his own, then he hung his butt back out, prompting me to get back into position and open wide, eager for another luscious mouthful.

He pushed hard, and right away a massive turd emerged, escaping his rear end rapidly and pushing into my hungry mouth. It was so long, thick and soft that it started to curl up right away in my mouth. I watched in the mirror, feeling so grateful as I saw it curl in my mouth that it didn't break off, instead completing its journey in tact, crackling loudly the entire time. When it was finally released from his anus, it had curled up nicely, just like a piece of dog poop, with a very similar scent. It had a very long tip sticking out at the end, sending its wonderful aroma into my nostrils. I waited for Matt to turn and look at it, wanting him to see his beautiful creation before I even considered chewing it up. It was so hot and stinky, yet so perfectly formed and tasty. I loved feeling it resting in my mouth, the walls of the thick turd pushing against my cheeks and the roof of my mouth, enticing me to smash it up with my tongue and swallow it all.

When I finally swallowed the delicious turd, he pointed his hard pecker at me, prompting me to open my mouth. He rested the mushroom head on my tongue, so I wrapped my lips around it and waited for him to fill my mouth with pee. He closed his eyes, letting his mind focus on the task at hand, then he let loose with a stream of hot, refreshing pee that I eagerly swallowed without losing a drop. When it was down, I opened wide and begged him to shake off on my tongue, them I waited for him to get back into position so that I could once again enjoy the delightfully stinky poop load he was treating me to.

I parted his stinky cheeks again and opened my mouth, taking note of the fact that I looked so naughty and hungry in the mirror as I posted up at his rear end. He hung his butt back out and started to push, and I was excited when another massive turd pushed its way into my mouth, once again curling up perfectly while I listened to it crackle. The tip of this turd was even longer than the one before, settling against the tip of my nose when it finally broke free from his butt hole. I smiled up at him gratefully once more, wanting him to see the way his turd was resting in my mouth, then I chewed it up with a smile, savoring every last morsel before I swallowed. I licked my lips and got back into position, hoping for another long, thick turd to fill my mouth like the others. I wasn't disappointed, watching with glee as once again, he sent a soft poop log down his chute that landed in my watering mouth. The only difference was that instead of curling, this one simply smashed against my tongue and the insides of my cheeks, then against the roof of my mouth as it bullied its way in.

I opened wide to show him the gift he presented, then I chewed it up and swallowed as he hung his butt back out and prepared to fill my mouth once again. I eagerly opened wide and smiled, knowing that this was my payload, so to speak. Matt had promised me a night filled with plenty of delicious poop to eat, and he was keeping his promise. He gave a firm push, and a huge, soft load filled my mouth instantly. It was hot and steamy, and very stinky, just the way I love to enjoy it. I looked in the mirror at my brown mouthful, taking note once again at my naughty disposition, sitting on my knees with a large mouthful of delicious boy poop, my hairless little pecker straining hard against my groin as I shamelessly swallowed my stinky meal.

I looked up at Matt and saw that he was holding his stomach, knowing that there was much more to come. I grinned hard when the realization came to me, then I opened my mouth and practically shoved my face into his backside, desperate to treat myself to the buffet of yummy turds that he had waiting on the other side of his butt hole. He hung his butt out and pushed, and once again, I felt an incredible thrust of heat circulating in my mouth right before he filled it up with a large, soft load of poop that I quickly smashed with my tongue and swallowed without pulling my face away.

I let out a moan of satisfaction and used my tongue to lick his butt hole, wanting him to know that I was ready for him to push. He strained hard, and once again my mouth was filled to the brim with a nice sized load of hot poop that I gulped down as soon as I felt it pushing into my mouth.

He pushed again, and this time I was treated to a continuous series of hot, soft turds that poured out of his rear end rapidly, causing my mouth to fill up so fast that I wasn't able to chew and swallow, so a large amount of his boy poop caked up in his crack and all over my face. I pulled away while he was pushing, and about ten medium sized turds landed in my lap until he finally stopped. While I was chewing what I had in my mouth, I looked in the mirror and grinned. He saw me grinning in the mirror, and cracked a smile of his own. He watched with a naughty expression while I crammed every last turd into my mouth, chewing them all up and swallowing them with a grateful smile, then I waited while he squatted over me once more and pushed out what he had left. It was a long, thick turd that pushed its way into my mouth without curling, but I still enjoyed its soft texture, hot temperature, delicious flavor and stinky aroma.

When I had all of his wonderful poop load down, I scraped the poop off of my cheeks with my fingertips, then I licked his rear end clean, giving off satisfied moans as I pulled in large heaps of the poop that caked in his crack and all over his cheeks. Before he left, I bent over the sink and offered my horny rear end up to him. Without delay, he screwed a nice sized cum load deep inside of my pussy, then he told me what a good little poop eater I was before he went back up to my room.

While I was cleaning myself up, Jimmy came downstairs and joined me in the bathroom, looking half asleep. He planted a kiss on my lips, then he encouraged me to get on my knees. When I did, he squatted over my face and pooped in my watering mouth, filling it with three hot, stinky turds that curled up perfectly like dog poop, just the way I loved for them to. Once I had them all down, he peed in my mouth so that I could wash my delicious meal down, then mounted me doggy style on the floor and fucked another load into my horny pussy while I moaned like a bitch in heat.