Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 24

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While Jimmy was pulling out of my cunt, Mike opened the door and smiled lewdly at the two of us. My rear end was still sticking straight up in the air, and there was nothing I would have loved more at that moment than for him to mount me from behind and give me another hard fudge packing. But I knew that he had come downstairs for a different reason, one that gave me chills of delight. He was holding his tummy with both hands, no doubt experiencing gas pains brought about by the bean burritos he'd eaten for dinner hours before.

I sat up and rested my rump on the backs of my legs, then I licked my lips and smiled at him, anxious for another round of hot turds to dine on. Right behind me was Jimmy, who was also sitting on the back of his legs watching Mike close the bathroom door, his mouth watering the whole time. My face was smeared all over with a magical concoction of Matt and Jimmy's poop loads, sending a delicious aroma into my nostrils and making me light headed. I felt Jimmy rest his chin on my shoulder as we both waited for Mike to get into position, then I felt him kiss my poop smeared cheek.

I smiled and turned my head to kiss him on the lips, then I felt his tongue slip inside of my mouth and we kissed deeply for a moment. When we broke our kiss, he ran his tongue all over my cheeks, lapping away the dark smears and sniffing hard the entire time. He finally stopped when Mike turned to face away from us, then squatted over our faces. I opened my mouth wide and spread his cheeks, then I pushed my face up into his rump and waited for my reward. He gave a hard push and I was rewarded with a massive turd, very similar to the size and smell of the load I'd just taken from Matt. It was both long and thick, firm enough to keep its form but still soft enough that I knew I wouldn't have to chew very hard. It filled my mouth quickly, running along the lining of my cheek and curving sharply, almost forming a horseshoe in my mouth before it broke off.

Jimmy's sniffing nose was right at the entrance of my mouth, his face frozen with a hard grin as he took in the pleasing stink. I was enjoying the smell too, noting that it had the distinct odor of fresh dog poop, and a very succulent taste. I started to chew it up right away, wanting desperately to feel it slide down my food pipe and into my tummy. While I was chewing the first of many turds from Mike's rear end, Jimmy took the initiative and spread his cheeks again, placing his opened mouth at Mike's opening and urging him to push again.

I watched with glee as Mike granted Jimmy's wish, giving a firm push and sending another massive poop log down his chute. Jimmy was moaning loudly as his mouth filled up almost instantly with a long, thick turd that bullied its way in. Instead of curling, it simply hit the back of his mouth and built up, the force of its entry causing it to smash under its own weight. When Mike stopped pushing, the turd broke off, leaving a long curly tip protruding from Jimmy's depraved mouth. I leaned in and took a deep whiff, once again noting the smell of fresh dog poop that made my tummy growl and my mouth water for another mouthful of my own.

Jimmy was grinning so hard that he could barely chew up the mouthful that he had. He was still giving off loud moans of desire as his little Adam's apple bobbed up and down, then he swallowed what he could of the large load before he chewed the rest up and gulped it down. In the meanwhile, I posted up at Mike's rear end and opened wide, wanting him to poop with force this time and fill my mouth beyond capacity. He was looking over his shoulder at the two of us, smiling lecherously, so I grinned up at him and told him what I wanted.

“I want you to poop as hard as you can in my mouth,” I practically begged him, desperate for another mouthful of his hot, stinky poop load. I heard him straining hard, and at the same time, a steamy load exploded from his butt and into my watering mouth, making my cheeks bulge and my lips protrude as it forced its way in. I instantly started to chew and swallow as his poop continued to push out, causing his poop to spread out across my face, in my nose, all over my eyebrows and into my bangs. When I realized that there was no way for me to keep up with the flow of his lava hot poop load, I pulled away and let Jimmy take my place. Mike easily filled his mouth up right away, then he turned and watched while we both negotiated the massive amounts of poop that we had in our mouths and on our faces. Jimmy's face was literally covered with a thick coating of clay brown poop, his hair caked up nicely as well. He had a large mouthful that he was chewing up, and he looked like he had a large smile on his face.

I used my fingers to scrape the large heaps of poop from my face, licking them clean before going back for more, until I only had large brown smears left. Jimmy was scraping the poop from his face in the same fashion, but his inexperience was slowing his progress, so I used my fingers to help him, feeding him large helpings of the boy poop that I'd scraped away, then treating myself to a few bites while his mouth was still full.

“I have to go pee too,” Mike said, so I opened wide and let him aim into my mouth. He let loose with a powerful stream, and I let him hose down the inside of my mouth so that I could wash my latest meal down. I was about to lean in and close my lips around it when he suddenly turned his stream away from me. I turned my head to my right, only to see Jimmy taking Mike's pee load right into his mouth and gulping furiously. When Mike's flow started to weaken, he turned it back to my mouth, and I quickly wrapped my lips around the head and drank the remainder until he was finished, then I let him shake off on my tongue.

“Do you have anymore poop?” I asked wantonly, and he nodded with a grin. He turned and hung his rear end out, so I opened wide and spread his cheeks apart, eager for another luscious mouthful. He gave a hard push, simultaneously releasing a loud fart and a hot load that once again filled my mouth all the way to capacity, then I pulled away and let Jimmy go again. He buried his face in Mike's butt and sniffed hard, then he moaned. Mike strained loudly, allowing a dark brown turd to push out of his poop-chute and into Jimmy's watering mouth. I watched Jimmy chew up the nice sized poop log that Mike presented him with while I finished swallowing my own mouthful, then I pushed my face up into Mike's poop smeared cheeks and waited for him to push once more.

Mike gave another long, loud strain that helped moved the last of his poop load along, sending a very thick, very moist and very firm turd down into my opened mouth. It's length was very impressive, especially considering that this was the last of Mike's scrumptious load, and I let it push into my mouth, wanting so badly for it to curl up like Jimmy's and Matt's had before. I felt it break in two when there was no room left, and I immediately took note of the fresh texture of its hot core, so very stinky and delicious. My mind was racing with thoughts of the next load that I would be treated to, most likely by my dad, and I knew that I wanted to try to get his turds to break the same way so that I could feel the warmth and freshness of their soft core as well.

As I chewed and swallowed, I continued to sniff in the wonderfully stinky scent that was in the air. It was so similar to dog poop, and the more I smelled it, the more I wondered what a hot pile of soft dog poop would taste like. I imagined that it would be as tasty as the boy poop that I enjoy so much, but I wondered what it's texture would be like. As many times as I've stepped in it, as well as the many times I've watched dogs poop on the grass, I imagined that it would be soft and mushy. As wonderful as I was sure it would be, I wasn't sure that I had the stomach for it, even though I really wanted to dare myself to at least try it someday.

When Jimmy and I had our respective mouthfuls of hot poop down, we got to work on Mike's delicious bottom, licking every last smear of poop from his cheeks and inside of his crack, then we engaged in a long kiss on the floor while he watched us. While we were making out, I let Jimmy guide me onto my back, then I lifted my legs and felt him enter me once more. While we were fucking, Mike was standing over us, stroking his hot cock. When Jimmy finally shot his load into me, he got up and rolled me over so that my rear end was sticking back up into the air, then he spread my cheeks and encouraged Mike to take his turn at my horny pussy.

As usual, Mike fucked me to a hard orgasm, then he prolonged it until he fired his hot cum load inside of my hungry bottom. When he pulled out, Jimmy dined at my back door while I continued to moan wildly, then he slipped his once again stiff pecker into my cunt, giving us both another five minutes of sheer pleasure. When he pulled out, Mike was hard again, so Jimmy bent over the toilet and begged Mike to give him some cock. By the time Mike seeded his pussy, Jimmy had cum twice, firing his load all over the bathroom floor, enticing me to lick it up like a dog.

When we were finished, the three of us headed upstairs to take a shower and get cleaned up. As we walked through the dining room, I glanced at the clock, taking note of the fact that it was only 12:30. We got in the shower and cleaned up, then I soaped Mike's cock back up and let him screw another cum load into my pussy, then we rinsed off and got out. I dried Jimmy and Mike off like a good girl, then Jimmy and I brushed our teeth and rinsed with mouthwash. When our breath was minty fresh, we lubed each other up while Mike watched with a horny stare. As we walked back down the hall to my room, Jimmy and I both let our bottoms switch from side to side like true pussy boys, eager to entice Mike into fucking us again.

When we got back into the bed, Jimmy quickly spread Matt's stinky cheeks and dined at his still poop streaked back door while I sucked Mike's beautiful cock back to life. When our lovers were nice and hard, we both offered our boy pussies up for their pleasure. Jimmy got in the doggy style position and let Matt hit it from the back while I lifted my legs onto Mike's shoulders and took it missionary style, wanting to be made love to like the girl I was. While Mike was inside of me, I encouraged him to kiss me with his powerful tongue so that he could dominate my body in every way while I squealed like a sissy.

To my left, Jimmy was also moaning quite sissily, begging Matt to give it to him harder and not to stop. He was truly enjoying the butt fucking that Matt was giving him, and it was obvious that in at least some ways, Jimmy had given into being both Mike and Matt's girlfriend. I didn't mind, because I wanted to be Matt and Mike's girlfriend as well, although my heart would always belong to Jimmy. I was Mike, Matt and Jimmy's girlfriend, but only Jimmy was my boyfriend, and it would stay that way. At the moment, though, my boyfriend was firing a strong load onto my bed from his untouched cock, his horny pussy still being fed strokes of hot cock that were giving him pleasures untold.

While that was happening, Mike was making sweet love to me, giving me tender kisses and feeding me luscious strokes of his own big cock. He was hitting my clit just right, and it was driving me to the point of no return quickly. My legs were rocking back and forth in the air in time with his thrusts, and it was adding to my delicious pleasure. He had just planted a loving kiss on my lips, then he smiled down at me and inaudibly mouthed the words, “I love you.”

I felt a powerful tingle run through my body as my ass juice surged around his cock, but before I could reply to his declaration of love, he leaned down and slipped his powerful tongue into my mouth. With a mouthful of Mike's tongue and a pussy full of his cock, I immediately started to climax. My dry orgasm ripped through my body as his powerful strokes continued uninterrupted for the next five minutes, causing my girlish squeals to become even more effeminate and lustful. Just when I thought my climax was ending, he added pressure to his thrusts. It felt like all of his thrusting was concentrated on my clit, and as my squeezing pussy started to hum with pleasure all over again, I began queefing loudly. This caused Mike to start his cat and mouse game of seeing how loud he could make my pussy queef, which added to my joy and my carnal pleasures.

Finally, the squeezing and flexing of my cunt around his cock was too much for him to handle and he fired his load up inside of me. When I felt him shoot, I moaned like a girl one more time, then I felt him pull out of me. I looked over to my left and saw Jimmy wrapped up in Matt's embrace, taking deep, satisfied breaths as they basked in the afterglow of their love making. As I took all of this in, I felt the head of Mike's sticky cock against my lips, and I instinctively opened my mouth to suck it clean. When it was free of all cum and ass juice, I let him pull it out so that he could take me in his arms and cuddle me close until we fell back asleep.

It was 3am when I felt another tap on my shoulder. I opened my eyes to find Jimmy sitting Indian Style on the bed between Mike and Matt. He smiled when I opened my eyes, then he leaned down and kissed me tenderly on the lips.

“I have to go pee,” he whispered, biting his lip. I smiled and got up to follow him down the hall to the bathroom, where I didn't even bother to close the door before I got on my knees and wrapped my lips around the head of his cock. He released his bladder, and I felt his warm pee coursing into my mouth, down my throat and into my grateful tummy, where it joined the several turds and hot piles of poop that I'd already been treated to that night. When he finished, I let him shake off on my tongue, then I got up and we shared another kiss.

When our lips separated, he surprised me by dropping to his knees and opening wide, fully aware that I had a full bladder of my own to share with him. I aimed and let loose with my stream, sending it into his opened mouth and watching with fascination as he managed to swallow without closing his mouth. It was as if he were just letting the pee fall down his throat, his cute Adam's apple not even moving as he took it all down. When I finished, I shook off on his tongue, then we got up and shared another long kiss before we went back to my room. When we got there, Mike and Matt were snuggled up to each other in a loving embrace, so Jimmy and I soon found ourselves making out next to them until we could no longer fight the urge to sleep.

An hour and a half later I was up again, only this time it was because I felt a powerful rumble in my tummy. I was hungry for more poop, even though I'd eaten so much of it already. It felt like my stomach was empty, and I could feel it growling in want of another hot, stinky pile of thick turds. I extracted myself from Jimmy's embrace and looked around the dark room, then I got up and walked down the hall to see if my dad was ready to wake up or not. When I walked into my parent's room, it was completely dark, save for the illuminated display of their alarm clock.

My dad was dead to the world, and I knew that trying to wake him at this hour would be a waste of my time. I sighed loudly and turned to leave when I heard my mom's voice through the darkness.

“Kyle, sweetie, is everything okay?” she asked, and I immediately walked around to her side of the bed and climbed in.

“I'm hungry mommy,” I whined in a childish tone. “I wanted daddy to get up and feed me his poo poo.”

“Daddy's not ready to wake up yet, baby,” she said softly. “It's still very early, honey. Do you want mommy to feed you instead?”

“Okay, mommy,” I said, now talking like a toddler. She lifted me into her lap and cradled me under her bosom, then she pulled her left breast out and guided me to it in the dark. I instantly latched on and began to breastfeed, letting go of a satisfied sigh when I felt her warm, sweet milk filling my mouth and traveling down to my poop and pee filled tummy. While I nursed, I felt my eyelids start to get heavy again and before I knew it, I was out like a light.

When I reopened my eyes, it was because my mom was using her fingers to encourage me to detach from her nipple. The TV in their room was on, and my dad was sitting up in the bed watching me with a loving smile. I let go of my mom's nipple and felt her kiss my cheek, then she passed me over to my dad, who cradled me in his arms and kissed my lips.

“Good morning baby boy,” he said with a smile. “Are you still hungry?”

“Yes daddy,” I said, still talking like a very young toddler. “I want your poo poo in my tummy.”

“Okay baby,” he said, then he got up and we headed to their bathroom with my mom right behind us. My head was spinning with pleasure when he set me down on the toilet and placed the head of his semi hard cock between my lips, encouraging me to open up and let him pee there. I eagerly wrapped my dick sucking lips around the head to form a seal, then I drank merrily from his warm fountain of pee. When he was finished, I stayed where I was and opened wide while he squatted over me.

I parted his cheeks and inhaled the rich fragrance of his poop-chute, then I grinned at my mom, who was watching from the door jamb.

“It smells so poopy, mommy,” I told her, my watering mouth just centimeters away from his expanding hole. I listened closely for the loud crackle, then I watched with delight as the head of his dark turd started to emerge. Once again, I was treated to a nice, thick poop log that bullied its way into my mouth and curled up. I moaned with pleasure as I felt it coil in my mouth, then I watched with interest as it detached from his hole, leaving a long tip in its wake. I showed the curly turd off to my mom proudly, wanting her to see the way it sat steaming in my grateful mouth, then I chewed it up and swallowed. When it was all down, I spread my daddy's cheeks and moaned for more. I was treated to a nice, gassy fart that blew into my mouth, then he pushed out a nice, firm load that filled my mouth up until it was bulging with poop. The consistency was incredible, and I took note of the fact that there were several lumps on the otherwise smooth poop load he'd gifted me.

Once again, I showed my mom my mouthful, then I chewed it all up with a hard grin before I opened up for more. My dad gave me two more thick turds, one of which curled up like the first one did, the other was solid and broke in half, once again treating me to the sensation of both a nice solid exterior and a soft, hot core that bore the brunt of the flavor. My mom watched with a warm smile as I chewed it all up and swallowed, then I licked my dad's poopy crack clean before we got in the shower. I let my mom and dad wash me from head to toe, then I soaped up my dad's dick and bent over so that he could slide his huge shaft deep inside of my pussy, reaching depths that Mike and Matt couldn't and bringing me to three hard orgasms before he dumped his load inside of me.

When we got out, my mom and dad got dressed, then my mom took me to my bathroom and watched me brush my teeth and rinse with mouth wash. When I my breath was once again minty fresh, I rejoined my three lovers in my bed, eager to experience the joy of another frenzy of hot cocks pounding my pussy into submission while I squealed like the little girl that I now was.