Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 25

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With my breath now minty fresh, I decided that the time was right to treat myself to a long French kiss with each of my lovers. I crawled into my bed, over Jimmy's sleeping form so that I could snuggle up to Matt and Mike, who were holding each other tightly as they slept. Matt was being spooned from behind by Mike, and both of their heads were resting on the pillow. Both of their lips were bright red, moist and very kissable at the moment, and I struggled with the decision about who I wanted to kiss first.

I decided to make things easy on myself by kissing Matt first, since his head was closest to me. I laid down on my right side and put myself face to face with him, then I leaned in and planted my lips to his. As soon as our lips made contact, I felt a small jolt of electricity run through my body, so I puckered hard, wanting to create as much suction as I could against him. He started to stir, then a smile started to creep over him, so I used the opportunity to slip my tongue into his mouth and engage him.

As our tongues danced, he opened his eyes and blinked, so I reached out with my left hand to cup the back of his head, letting my fingers run through his messy hair. I let out a light whimper, then I used my right hand to grope his hardening cock. As soon as I wrapped my hand around it, he let a low moan out in my mouth that caused our dueling tongues to vibrate. When our lips separated, I smiled widely at him and gave his cock a firm squeeze.

“That feels so good,” he exclaimed quietly, then he puckered up and planted a sweet kiss on my lips. When he pulled away, he gave me the sweetest smile ever, causing my heart to flutter.

“My mom and dad are getting ready to go to work,” I told him, intentionally talking with a lisp because it made me feel even more girly than I already felt. “Maybe when they leave we can all go back downstairs and I'll make you breakfast.”

“That sounds good,” he said. “Are we going to wake up Mike and Jimmy?”

“Yeah, I was about to do that,” I told him with a naughty smile, letting go of his hard shaft and picking my head up so that I could access Mike's luscious lips. He looked like he was sleeping so peacefully, and I almost hated to wake him, but I had to have a taste of his kiss. I leaned forward and planted my lips to his the same way that I'd done with Mike, causing him to blink slowly and let go of a loud fart. With my lips pressed to his, I inhaled the rich aroma of his gassy gift, wanting to take it all in before I slid my tongue into his mouth.

“Mmm,” he moaned, his eyes shut halfway as I started to kiss him hungrily. Matt rolled over so that he was facing his friend, giving him an up close and personal look at our passionate kiss. Without breaking our kiss, I crawled over Matt so that I was positioned between my two hunky studs, then I reached out with my left hand and gripped Mike's cock while I used my right hand to grab Matt's. Once Mike's eyes adjusted to his conscious state, our kiss intensified some more and I started to jack both of them off.

“That feels so fucking good,” I heard Matt say as he drew in a sharp breath, so I gave his hard shaft a couple of extra hard tugs to let him know that I was enjoying my carnal act as much as he was. As I was enjoying the feel of having a cock in each hand and a mouthful of Mike's tongue, I felt a pair of small hands spreading my butt cheeks apart, then I felt the familiar burn of Jimmy's tongue burrowing into my pussy. I let go of a long moan into Mike's mouth and started to jack them both off harder, then I broke my kiss with Mike and moved back over to Matt, slipping my tongue back into his mouth for another taste of his delicious kiss.

I could hear Jimmy moaning in between my cheeks as he ate me out hungrily, sending sharp shivers up my spine. I felt like such a lucky girl to have such a considerate boyfriend like Jimmy, who wants to please me all the time. I know that he derives pleasure from pleasing me, but it's still special when he unselfishly services my boy pussy without question. As the wonderful feelings of being eaten out were sending shivers through me, I could hear my mom and dad going through their normal motions of the morning as they prepared to leave. I could hear the sound of the front door closing, then I listened as their cars started and they pulled out of the driveway.

I broke my kiss with Matt and sat back gently, not wanting to hurt my boyfriend. Jimmy pulled his face away from my rear end so that I could sit back on my legs, then I turned my head and engaged him in a long kiss. As our tongues danced, I turned around so that we could wrap our arms around each others necks, then I let him guide me down to the bed so that I was laying flat and he was resting between my opened legs. Mike and Matt were laying on their sides on either side of us, and they were watching lecherously. I raised my legs so that they were resting on my boyfriend's shoulders, giving him easy access to slide his hairless boner into my hungry boy cunt.

As soon as Jimmy entered me, I sighed into his mouth, then I grabbed his hips and encouraged him to start fucking me roughly. As he moved his hips back and forth, we broke our kiss and I opened wide, turning my head from side to side so that Mike and Matt would understand that I wanted to suck one of their dicks. Mike caught on first, getting up on his knees and offering me his still hard cock. I quickly took it into my mouth and started to suck it, taking him all the way to the back of my throat and encouraging him to fuck me as hard as Jimmy was.

With a cock in my mouth and one in my boy pussy, I started to feel insatiable, so I reached out for Matt's cock, desperate to resume the hand job I'd started just minutes earlier. Once I had it in my hand, I let out a girlish squeal and began to flex the muscles in my throat and my pussy while I squeezed with all of my might on the large organ in my hand. I felt completely feminized once again, letting my head spin with the joy of being a complete and total pussy boy for the three cocks that were giving me so much pleasure. I could feel my climax approaching fast, and I knew that there was no turning back.

Mike's cock was hammering the clit in my throat, sending me into a right tail spin. In the meanwhile, Jimmy was nailing the clit in my boy cunt, causing my juices to squirt hard around the head of his cock and sending me into a left tail spin. Matt's cock felt so amazing in my right hand, and I couldn't resist the temptation of reaching up with my left hand and cupping his balls, wanting to enjoy their smooth sack and feel their weight, knowing that there was a delicious load of cum boiling inside of them.

Also hastening the approach of my orgasm was the knowledge that all three of my lovers were sporting full bladders, and that I would soon be treated to a gush of hot pee that I was hot to swallow. I didn't even want to get out of my bed to take them all, instead hoping to lay prostrate where I was and gulp every last drop down. Armed with that knowledge, as well as the hammering that my clits were taking, the powerful burn of an anal orgasm started to envelop my entire body. Every nerve in my body was on fire as my climax took me over, my hairless little cocklet hard as steel as it pressed against my pubic bone and twitched on its own. I moaned like the cock whore that I was around Mike's cock as my boy pussy started to squeeze Jimmy's cock over and over, then it clamped down hard, causing him to rear his head up into the air with a loud groan as he squirted deep inside of me.

When he pulled out of me, Matt quickly took his place, sliding his dripping cock deep into my still climaxing cunt. I immediately moaned sissily, very satisfied that Matt's big dong would be perpetuating the anal orgasm that showed no signs of abating. At the same time, I could feel Mike's cock pulsing in my throat, a sure sign that his climax was near. I used my throat muscles to grip him tighter, wanting to luxuriate in the feel of his glans as they ran back and forth over my clit, adding to my already intense orgasm. He began thrusting in and out with force, taking my orgasm to the next level. I felt his cock swell, so I pulled back enough for him to pull his cock out of my throat, then I wrapped my lips around its head and formed a tight seal.

As soon as I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock, I was treated to a mouthful of creamy cum that I swallowed as fast as I could. When there was nothing left of his load, he pulled away from my mouth and Jimmy fed me a mouthful of his sticky cock. I desperately swallowed all of it, then I sucked as if my life depended on it. I could feel him deflating in my mouth, so I smiled up at him and reached out with my hand, pressing my palm against his groin to apply pressure to his full bladder. Without delay, he released his bladder and gifted me with a warm drink of his hot, pungent pee.

The taste was amazing, and as it coursed over my tongue and down my throat, I could feel the steamy aroma rising up into my nasal passage. When his flow started to subside, I opened wide and let him aim for the back of my throat, by now able to keep up and swallow with no problem. When he shook off on my tongue, Mike slipped the mushroom head of his soft cock between my lips and once again, I was treated to a nice, warm drink of morning pee that I drank down to the end. When his bladder was empty, I continued to nurse on his cock, feeling it harden under the force of my persistent sucking.

While this was happening, Matt's cock was still servicing my boy cunt well. He fit so snugly inside of me, his veiny dick pressed tight against my clit, causing the head to hit it in just the right time and motion. My pussy was still clamping down on his cock over and over, catching the head of his fuck stick every time he pulled back, adding to both of our pleasure and making it increasingly difficult for him to maintain his composure. I knew that he would be cumming deep inside of me soon, and I was looking forward to feeling him fill my clutching pussy up with hot cum so badly.

His thrusts were getting more and more forceful, and I could feel his cock starting to swell inside of me. At the same time, I knew that once he came, Mike would be able to take his place and my pleasure would carry on for a while. Also, Matt still had a bladder full of hot pee that I was anxious to drink down, and I wanted to suck his dick too. I was hoping that I could swallow another mouthful of cum, the whole time being treated to dicks in my boy pussy that would carry forward my continuous string of orgasms until it was time to get up and make my three lovers breakfast like a good girlfriend should.

Sure enough, Mike froze inside of me, then he lifted his head and groaned loudly as his cock erupted inside of me, sending his searing hot cum deep into my cunt before he pulled out of me. I let Mike's cock fall from my lips and kept my legs in the air, then I begged him to fuck me in a girly voice. He grinned and got into position, letting my ankles rest on his shoulders as he fed his large cock into my horny pussy. I was so hot for his cock that my talented boy pussy pulled him all the way in, then it clamped down violently around him as he settled himself. He pulled back slowly, then he was pulled back in almost forcefully by my hungry pussy. He grinned down at me and pulled back again, and once more, my boy cunt had the last word, drawing him back in with force. He nodded in the affirmative, then he began to ravage my horny cunt with reckless abandon, picking up where Matt left off and restarting my climax.

While I was squealing like a little girl, Matt placed the tip of his sticky cock at my lips. I very quickly opened wide, desperate to have another cock fill me up. While I was sucking him clean, Jimmy leaned forward and planted his lips to Matt's, and I could only watch from the pillow, my mouth full of cock. As I sucked and licked Matt's cock clean, it raged back to life in my mouth, so I encouraged him to go deeper in, wanting to feel the sensation of his thick cock fucking my throat again. Soon he was feeding me full strokes of cock down my air passage as Mike fed me full strokes of cock up my butt. As usual, Mike's talented fuck stick made my pussy queef loudly, and he made a game of it by fucking me harder, anxious to hear my noisy boy pussy sing its song of pleasure.

I felt Matt's thighs stiffen, then he released a loud, juicy sounding fart that filled the air with a delicious smell that was very reminiscent of diarrhea. I moaned even more sissily around his cock and watched as he and Jimmy broke their hot kiss, then Jimmy climbed over my head and crawled behind Mike so that he could eat at his back door. I knew from the expression on Matt's face that Jimmy was eating him deeply, then I felt his thighs stiffen once more and another juicy sounding fart erupted from his butt, once again filling the air with the pleasant stink of diarrhea. I heard Jimmy moan blissfully and knew that he was enjoying the taste and smell fully, most likely hoping for several more farts to be blown into his opened mouth.

While Jimmy was feasting on Matt's pooper, Mike was using his talented cock to dominate my mind and senses. My whole body was burning sweetly with the intensity of the orgasm that I was experiencing while my loud queefing added to my pleasure. He seemed to be purposely adding more pressure to my sweet spot than normal, and even though my pussy was still clamping down on his cock with a vengeance, he was maintaining his hard strokes, his angelic face gazing down at me with a powerful look of hunger and something that I couldn't place. I watched him bite his lower lip, then he used his tongue to run across his top lip, moving it swiftly from right to left as he mercilessly pounded my cunt into submission. I was moaning like a sissy the entire time, unable to control my desire to be the girl for the group of males that were servicing me with their cocks.

With Jimmy eating him out, Matt didn't last too much longer. I could see goosebumps erupting all over his skin, and I could feel his cock starting to jerk slightly. I wanted a nice, large mouthful of cum, the same amount or maybe even more than Mike had fed me earlier. His beautiful balls were swinging gloriously to and fro as his swelling cock serviced the clit in my throat so expertly, his passion no doubt being driven by the powerful rim job that Jimmy was giving him. I used my right hand to run my fingers through the small patch of hair around the base of his cock, and that was when he closed his eyes and groaned loudly.

I very quickly repositioned his shaft so that the head of his dick was in my mouth as the moment arrived. I was in heaven as he filled my mouth with the large volume of cum that I was wishing for. I swallowed hungrily, wanting desperately to keep up and not lose any. When he finally finished shooting, I licked his cock up and down like a lollipop, then I lifted his softening dick and sucked his balls like a bitch in heat, moaning loudly the entire time. My girlish moans were now filling the room loudly, only interrupted when Matt directed his soft cock back into my mouth and treated me to another hot bladder full of morning pee.

While I was gulping it down, I felt Mike's thrusting get even more forceful. At the same time, his cock was starting to swell in my pussy, then he started to slam into me hard, his hips slamming into my rump bluntly until he buried himself inside of me and froze. I squealed in a high pitch voice when I felt his cum load squirting deep inside of me, then he pulled away from my still hungry pussy while Matt shook off on my tongue. Mike quickly slipped his dripping cock between my lips and let me suck it clean. While I was doing this, Jimmy got back between my legs and sank his cock back inside of me, bringing out even louder, more girlish moans from deep inside of me.

He fucked me furiously while I nursed on Mike's deflating cock. He wasted no time in aiming for my sweet spot, once again torturing me with the end of his cock as my pussy squeezed him forcefully. With my mouth once again filled with cock, I looked up to see Matt and Mike kissing hungrily. I once again reached out for Matt's cock, wanting to hold it in my hand and stroke it like the true cock hound that I am while I worked hard to suck Mike's dick back to life. Stimulated by their kissing, as well as my sucking and stroking, it didn't take either of them long to stiffen up. At the same time, I felt Jimmy's cock, which was servicing my pussy so thoroughly, squirting a hot load deep inside of me. When he pulled away, I let Mike's dick fall from my lips and encouraged my boyfriend to let me suck him clean.

While I did this, Matt picked my opened legs back up and slipped his hard cock back into my boy cunt. I felt Jimmy pull away from my lips, then I smiled when I realized that Mike was easing him down onto the bed beside Matt and I. Jimmy very quickly lifted his legs and rested his ankles on Mike's shoulders, then he sighed dreamily as Mike entered him. Once again Jimmy and I were on our backs, getting laid by our two lovers. I was still moaning like a girl, wanting all of them to know how feminine I was feeling. To my left, Jimmy was also moaning quite sissily, no doubt feeling the sheer force of Mike's powerful fuck stick working its magic in his own pussy.

When they were finished screwing their hot loads into our willing rear ends, we lay in our lovers' arms and basked in the afterglow of our love making. It didn't take long for all of us to fall asleep again, our energy zapped by a good 45 minutes of sexual activity. I was awakened about 30 minutes later by my screaming bladder. I carefully extracted myself from Matt's loving embrace, then I got out of the bed and watched my three lovers sleep. They'd all serviced my pussy well this morning, and I was eager to experience the bliss of being fed continuous cock over and over again for the rest of my life. I knew for sure now that my place in the world was as a pussy boy, my hard little cocklet not for use. Someday I would squirt cum like the older boys, and like my dad, but I wasn't worried about when that day would come because it wouldn't change a thing. I still would only want my pussy and my mouth to be serviced, not my little dick. I wanted to enjoy being a little pussy boy forever, eager to feel large loads of cum being squirted deep in my pussy and down my throat.

As I made my way to the bathroom, I let my bottom switch from side to side. I wanted to walk like that all the time now, even in public and at school. I wanted every cute guy to know that I was a cock hungry whore, and that I would ride every hard dick that I could. There was no such thing as too big, or too thick. I just knew that there were plenty of dicks to be enjoyed, and I wanted them all to take a turn in my boy pussy. I also wanted to swallow as much cum and ass juice as possible, resolving to double my pace of giving blow jobs and rim jobs at school.

Just as pertinent, though, was the fact that I wanted to try to eat as much poop as possible when I went back to school. I wanted to enjoy the buffet of hot, stinky turds available to me from the various boys at my school. I knew that almost the entire class of boys in the 6th, 7th and 8th grade had to poop after school, and I wanted to experience all of the luscious poop loads that I could. Knowing that my mom and dad don't get home until the early evening, I have at least two and a half hours after school to swallow as much hot poop from as many different rear ends as I can, and I had plans to utilize that time well. I also wondered about the boys that pooped at school. I was feeling so slutty and depraved that I was having thoughts about how many turds I could eat during my school day. I was sure there was a way to make it happen, and I was determined to figure out how.

When I got to the bathroom, I aimed my hairless little pecker into the large plastic cup and let loose, filling it with the hot load of pee from my bladder, a blissful blend of my dad's, Jimmy's, Matt's and Mike's morning pee loads. Before I drank it down, I inhaled deeply, taking in the rich, pleasing scent as I held the cup in my hands, feeling the heat of the dark yellow potion radiate through the plastic walls. I lifted the cup to my lips and started to drink it down, starting slowly at first so that I could enjoy it, then becoming more and more urgent and gulping it down quickly until there was nothing left. I sniffed the empty cup for a few moments before I set it down and prepared to brush my teeth again, wanting my breath to be minty fresh so that I could indulge in more kissing. I was about to open the medicine cabinet and take my toothbrush down when I heard foot steps coming down the hall, so I stood in front of the sink and waited.

“Hey Kyle,” Matt said sleepily when he came into the bathroom. “I have to go pee again.”

“Okay,” I replied eagerly, dropping to my knees and letting him place the end of his soft dick between my lips so that I could drink more of the hot pee I was craving. I wrapped them tightly around his head and smiled up at him, watching as he looked at the wall and concentrated on his release. When he let it go, I moaned blissfully and drank everything he had to offer down. When he was done, I urged him to turn around and fart into my opened mouth. He quickly complied, and I was treated to a very wet fart that hinted of a very delicious meal in the making.

“Do you have to poop?” I asked hopefully, licking my lips clean of the moist brown film that his fart left behind.

“I think I can go if you want me to,” he told me, and I responded with a loud moan. I opened wide and formed a nice seal around his stinky pooper, then I lanced out gently with my tongue to let him know that I was ready. I felt him pushing back against my face, a sure sign that he was trying to poop, then he strained loudly. I could feel his hold expanding against the inner lining of my lips, then I felt a very powerful thrust of heat push out of his rear end and into my mouth. At the same time, I heard a moist crackling sound that made my mouth water in anticipation of what I knew was mere seconds away.

I heard a loud, wet fart escape his rear end, immediately followed by a hot, smooth load of poop that filled my mouth up right away. It was a very dark brown, closely resembling chocolate mousse except that it was steaming hot and very stinky. It was so soft and its body was incredibly silky, making it irresistible for me to swallow it right away and make room for more. When I had it down, I gave off a girly squeal and opened wide, eager for more. Matt hung his butt back out and pushed, this time treating me to a larger poop load that filled my mouth up beyond capacity, causing my cheeks to bulge. It was the same consistency as the first load he fed me, but there was so much that it was protruding past my lips. I started to swallow right away, wanting to make room for more. He was looking over his shoulder at me with a naughty grin as I worked furiously on his warm load, licking my lips and opening wide to show him that there was no more.

“You love it, don't you?” he asked, and I nodded almost frantically.

“I wish I could eat your poop all the time,” I said in a very girlish tone, intentionally using a lisp again.

“Well I have a little more,” he told me, looking down at me with a hungry gleam in his eyes that I found sexy.

Without another word, I posted up at his backside and opened wide, waiting for my reward. He gave a firm push, and out slid a long, thick turd that filled my slutty mouth up perfectly, curling just the way I liked, giving me chills of delight as thoughts of smelling and eating a hot pile of dog poop ran through my mind once more. When his turd detached from his anus, I kept my mouth opened to show him his curly creation, wanting him to see it in all its glory. I was especially hoping that he took note of the long tip that was sticking out of my mouth, pressing hard against my nose and treating me to a very powerful stink.

He looked down and gave me a very cute grin, so I started to chew it up, and soon I had the whole turd down. I quickly took to his poop smeared crack, licking it clean and pulling in the large hunks of poop that resided there, giving off loud moans of desire the whole time. When his crack was cleaned, I kept my face buried between his cheeks, sniffing hard as the sharp fragrance of his delicious poop load lingered.

When I pulled my face out, I used my fingers to scrape the large heaps of boy poop that was smeared around my mouth off, then I licked them clean as I continued to moan like a sissy. While I was enjoying the leftover poop that Matt gifted me, he walked out of the bathroom momentarily, only to return with Mike and Jimmy. They both grinned at me when they saw me sitting on the floor, my face and fingers smeared with Mike's poop.

“I have to pee and poop again,” Mike announced, and I gave off a loud moan. I looked up at Jimmy, whose mouth was watering at Mike's proclamation, and realized that I was going to have to share with him. I grinned up at him and held my arms out lovingly, and he very quickly melted into my embrace. We shared a long kiss, then he licked the remaining poop smears off of my cheeks with a naughty grin. While he was doing this, Mike aimed his soft cock at the two of us, so we both got in the tub on our knees and opened wide. Mike let go of his warm stream and soaked us both, occasionally peeing into our mouths but mainly soaking our hair and faces.

When he was done, I sat back and watched while he got in the tub with us. Jimmy very quickly got into position and opened wide at his back door, waiting for his brown gift. Mike gave a hard push, and when he did, he released a massive load that exploded from his rear end, filling Jimmy's hungry mouth to capacity and covering his face and hair with a thick mass of soft poop.. It was very hot and very stinky, its steam rising up visibly from Jimmy's mouth and all over his face. I acted quickly, not wanting any to go to waste. I used my hands to scrape the large volume that was covering my lover's face and hair. His huge grin was visible even though he was caked in poop, the look on his face nearly orgasmic.

I pulled the soft mass of poop into my mouth and let out another girly squeal, then I anxiously licked my boyfriend's face clean with my tongue while he chewed and swallowed. He looked so proud to display his empty mouth, then he licked his lips and got back into position, his face now registering determination. I watched him open wide and place his opened mouth around Mike's hole, waiting patiently for his reward. Mike pushed, once again letting loose with a warm load of poop that filled Jimmy's mouth up right away. While Jimmy was chewing, I took my place between Mike's cheeks and formed a nice, tight seal around his butt hole, wanting him to push hard and fill me up the way he'd done for Jimmy the first time.

He looked down at me with a naughty grin, seeming to understand that I wanted him to push hard, then he nodded. I felt a shudder go through me when I knew that he understood what I wanted, then I felt his thighs stiffen and I heard his loud strain. I heard a high pitched squeak and felt some hot gas push into my mouth while at the same time, a another massive load exploded from his rear end with incredible force, filling my mouth so fast and so hard that I barely had time to begin swallowing. The sheer velocity was so powerful that once my mouth was full, everything that shot out beyond that pushed into my face, up my nostrils, into my eyes, all over my cheeks and into my bangs. The buildup was very thick, and what didn't wind up in my mouth or on my grateful face was caked up in his crack.

I quickly swallowed, then I selfishly began to lick away what was in his crack while Jimmy and Matt watched me with huge smiles. Jimmy was still gulping down his second mouthful and hadn't moved in for more, but I wasn't in much of a hurry for him to do so. I was in heaven, wanting to indulge in as much of Mike's butt load as I could, wanting to lick his crack clean, then scrape my face clean before I received another mouthful straight from his stinky pooper. When I pulled my tongue out of Mike's crack, all three of them watched in amazement as I quickly scraped all of his poop off of my face and out of my hair, eating every last bit before moving back to his rear end for more.

Matt was grinning at both Jimmy and I as I opened wide and waited for my reward. I was treated to a firm clump of hot poop that filled my mouth perfectly, its pleasing stink filling my nostrils. I opened wide and displayed it for all to see, then I began to chew it up and swallow while I watched Jimmy open wide and wait for his gift, the last of Mike's impressive offering. He treated Jimmy to a brown, thick turd that pushed into his mouth and filled it to the brim, breaking in half when Jimmy's mouth couldn't accommodate its length.

When he was done, I let Jimmy have dibs on Mike's still poop smeared crack. He licked it clean, moaning wildly the entire time, then the four of us got back into the shower and washed up. While we were showering, Jimmy peed all over my tummy and my legs, then he soaped up Mike's cock and took it up the ass while I ate Matt's poop-chute deeply,. When I pulled my face out of Matt's rear end, I stayed on my knees and jerked him off until he shot his load in my face.