Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 26

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When we got out of the shower, I dutifully dried my three lovers off like a good little pussy boy. When they were dry, Jimmy and I brushed our teeth and rinsed with mouthwash, then we lubed each other up. I led them downstairs so that I could make them comfortable in the living room while I fetched something to eat for Mike, Matt and Jimmy. My tummy was filled to the brim with the large assortment of hot turds I'd eaten all morning, as well as the warm breast milk that my mom fed me earlier. The only thing I was craving was hot cum and more hot, stinky poop from the rear ends of all three of my Adonises.

Matt and Mike sat side by side on the couch and Jimmy found a spot in Mike's lap, cuddling closely with him and batting his eyes like a love struck school girl. He immediately buried his face in Mike's neck and planted kisses all over it, then he blew in his ear and moaned. I retrieved the remote and handed it to Matt, who was watching the unfolding scene with a lecherous smile I had a feeling that Jimmy was about to be fed hard cock at both ends, which was what I knew he wanted, and I felt a little envious.

Not too envious, though, because I knew that my place was in the kitchen, making breakfast like a good girlfriend. Mike took the remote from me with a sweet smile, then he puckered his lips and used his forefinger to motion me to lean in for a kiss. I quickly acquiesced, feeling my lips tingle as they met his, then I felt his tongue slip into my mouth. As we kissed deeply, I felt him grab my buns with both hands, causing my head to swim with horny pleasure. He began to knead them forcefully, and I let out a moan into his mouth as my horny boy pussy started to flow with ass juice.

“I love you,” he told me when we broke our kiss, sending a shudder through me. “You're such a good little girlfriend.”

“I love you too,” I said with a thick lisp. “I want to be a good girlfriend to you all the time.”

With that, we resumed our kiss for another minute or so. Right beside us, Jimmy and Mike were engaged in their own passionate lip lock that showed no signs of abating anytime soon. When Matt and I finally broke our kiss, I turned to walk away, letting my rear end switch invitingly from side to side all the way to the kitchen.

Even though I was out of their site, I continued to walk that way. I felt so feminine and wanted to be as dainty as I could, so I made no effort to resort back to my usual style of walking. I opened the cupboards and found a box of Poptarts, so I used the stool to climb up and take them down. I popped two of them in the toaster and looked in the fridge for something else to make my lovers. I found a gallon of milk and some orange juice, so I poured three glasses of each and carried them to the dining room table. While I was in the dining room, I could hear Jimmy's moaning, which was loud but sounded muffled. He was no doubt moaning around a dick, and I was sure that his moaning was being fueled by a hard dick up his butt. I smiled to myself, knowing that Jimmy was experiencing heaven, then I walked back to the kitchen to wait for the Poptarts to come out of the toaster so that I could put more in.

When I had cooked all of the Poptarts, I put them on a plate and carried it to the table, then I climbed back onto the stool and took down three bowls. I carried them to the table, setting them each on a place mat, then I went back to the kitchen for spoons. I opened the drawer that we kept the utensils in and blinked when I caught site of three red and blue pacifiers. They looked brand new, but they were identical to the ones that I used to walk around with when I was still in Kindergarten. I grinned to myself when I realized that my parents bought them for me, and I was anxious to have them give it to me.

I grabbed the spoons and took them to the table, then I took down all of the boxes of cereal that we had, including my dad's Fiber One Honey Clusters cereal, hoping that all three of my lovers would have a bowl or two so that I could be treated to another buffet of hot boy poop before they had to go home. When I was finished setting the table, I walked back into the living room, where Jimmy was on his hands and knees in front of Matt, who was sitting on the couch. He had a mouthful of Matt's cock, and his cute little rump was sticking straight up, accepting forceful strokes of Mike's hard dick. He was still moaning loudly, his eyes closed and a blissful smile on his adorable face. His hairless boner was pressed tight against his groin, and there were already several cum shots on the floor beneath him. Matt was stroking Jimmy's brown hair affectionately, looking down at him with a very tender smile.

“You suck good dick,” Matt told him in a very husky voice. “You're as good a girl as Kyle is. Did you know that, baby?”

“Mm hmm,” Jimmy moaned sissily, nodding without ever opening his eyes. Matt started to run his fingers through Jimmy's damp hair with more enthusiasm, and Jimmy responded with a loud, girly squeal as Mike spotted me and grinned. I smiled back and batted my eyes, then I licked my lips and watched with glee as he picked up his thrusting, slamming into my boyfriend's rear end hard. I heard Jimmy let out an even louder moan as goosebumps erupted all over his body, then he fired several more shots of cum onto the floor. A minute later, Mike groaned and buried himself all the way inside of Jimmy's boy pussy, then he fired his load deep inside of him. When Mike pulled out, Matt pulled Jimmy off of his aching cock and took his place, burying himself to the hilt inside of my boyfriend's pussy and long dicking him. Mike sat down on the couch in front of Jimmy and offered his dripping cock, which Jimmy quickly swallowed, still moaning like a bitch in heat.

Five minutes later, Matt shot his load up Jimmy's butt. When he pulled his cock out, Jimmy spun around and swallowed it like a true cock slut, sucking it down, then licking it up and down before he swallowed Matt's balls. When he was finally satisfied, the three of them sat down at the table and ate their breakfast. I poured them all a bowl of Fiber One and added milk, then I watched with glee as they filled their tummy’s. While they were eating, I crawled under the table and took Mike's dick in my mouth. I heard him let out a low moan, then he told Jimmy and Matt what I was doing.

“Kyle's sucking my dick,” he announced, and I responded with a loud moan from under the table, wanting them all to know that I was enjoying my carnal act, and that I would be making my rounds while they enjoyed their meal. I quickly impaled myself on Mike's dick, taking it all the way down my throat and fucking myself hard on it. In no time at all I felt the familiar burn of an orgasm take me over as his thick cock hammered the clit I had in my throat, prompting me to use my throat muscles to pull the climax out of Mike's dick.

Once he treated me to a mouthful of cum, I crawled out from under the table and poured them all more cereal, then I crawled back under the table and sucked Matt's dick. Once again, I treated myself to his full length, letting his glans and the prominent veins that lined his fuck stick torture my clit until I had another orgasm. After I came, I brought him off, then I sat up and swallowed before moving over to Jimmy, where I once again treated myself to another throat fucking and another luscious mouthful of cum. As I was swallowing Jimmy's cum load, I heard Mike let loose with a loud sigh and set his cup down on the table, so I crawled on my hands and knees to his lap, where I took his deflated cock into my mouth and used my hand to press on his groin, wanting to add pressure to his bladder.

“I think he wants me to piss in his mouth,” I heard Mike say from above me. I let out a loud moan to let him know he was right, prompting him to reach down and pet my head. “Such a little slut.”

I grinned around his dick and continued to press with my hand, and was soon rewarded with a large volume of hot pee that I quickly began to swallow, moaning like a girl the entire time, letting my hips sway slowly from side to side. When he was almost done, I pulled his dick out of my mouth and aimed his stream at my hair, letting him drench it. When he was done, I shook him off on my tongue, then I crawled over to Matt like a dog, eager for more pee to drink and soak my hair with. As soon as I wrapped my lips around his cock, he released his strong stream down my throat. Just like before, I was moaning the entire time and grinding my rear end around in the air, wishing that someone was behind me so that I could feel a dick sliding in and out of my butt. Finally I crawled over to Jimmy and gave a repeat performance, anxious to swallow more pee and be soaked with another golden shower under the kitchen table.

When I was finished, I crawled out from under the table and sat obediently on the back of my legs, resting my wet head in Jimmy's lap while I waited for my three lovers to finish eating. My hair and entire torso was soaked with pee, and the smell was rising up off of me strongly, sending a blissful aroma into my nostrils. I felt Jimmy rub my back with his left hand, causing me to look up at him and smile, watching as he used his right hand to pick up a Poptart and take a bite. While he was chewing, he broke part of the Poptart off and offered it to me with a smile. I ate it out of his hand like a dog, then I rested my head back down in his lap like a good girl.

When they were finished, I carried the dirty dishes into the kitchen, letting my rear end switch from side to side as they all watched. While I was standing at the sink, Mike walked up from behind me and cupped my buns.

“You're such a sexy little tramp,” he told me. “I want to fuck you right here in the kitchen.”

Hearing that caused me to lose control, and I moaned loudly as I held onto the counter and rolled my hips around, causing my tantalizing rear end to grind into the air. I spread my feet apart and pushed my butt up, inviting him to take me right there, and he very quickly took me up on my offer.

He grabbed my hips and lined up with the entrance to my pussy, then he pushed in and fucked a sizable load into me, bringing me to a powerful climax after only two minutes. Once my orgasm started, it didn't subside until he pulled out.

When he pulled his dick out of me, Jimmy spread my butt cheeks and ate my pussy, making us both moan loudly and driving my orgasm. When he pulled his face out of my well fucked pooper, he buried his cock in me and fucked me hard, starting up another mind blowing orgasm, then he seeded my cunt with his hot load. When he pulled out, he ate me deeply for another five minutes, then Matt fucked me silly for five more minutes, my pussy experiencing a powerful climax the entire time.

While Matt was fucking my brains out, Jimmy dropped to his knees and buried his face in Mike's rump. It was obvious from the look of bliss on Mike's face that Jimmy was doing a good job of rimming his partner. Jimmy was moaning loudly underneath Mike, his primal noises giving a voice to his true desires. Through my carnal bliss, I could hear Jimmy's moans of pleasure, and would occasionally turn my head to see that he was still in position under Mike, eating at his back door.

When Matt finally screwed his load into my pussy, he pulled out and I dropped to my knees, anxious to suck his cock clean. While I was doing this, I heard Mike straining, so I let my eyes wander his way.

What I saw was Jimmy sitting on the back of his legs with his mouth wide opened, accepting a dark brown turd that was sliding out of Mike's rear end. It was very long and thick, and it looked delicious. I crawled on my hands and knees so that I could be next to my boyfriend, who was sniffing loudly the entire time that the poop log was filling his mouth. The stink was very powerful all around us, and quite pleasant. When it finally detached from Mike's butt, Jimmy had a large portion of it in his mouth, but there was a large part protruding past his lips. He very quickly pushed on the end, causing the entire turd to be crammed into his mouth, then he began to chew it up with a very big smile on his face.

While he was chewing, I smiled up at Mike and opened wide, eager for a large turd of my own to chew and swallow. Mike gave a hard push, and out slid another turd of identical size, thickness and smell. It felt very heavy on my tongue as it slid into my mouth, and it was very delicious. As the moist poop log was filling my mouth, I moved in closer, causing it to curl up as it slid along the insides of my cheek and the back of my mouth. When it detached from his anus, he looked over his shoulder at me and grinned, then he watched while I chewed it up and swallowed. When it was down, I grinned at Jimmy, who was licking his poop covered fingers, then I planted a kiss on his lips. When we separated, I let Jimmy move in for the last of Mike's poop load, which was a medium sized turd that Jimmy eagerly chewed up and swallowed.

While Jimmy was chewing up the last of Mike's offering, I spread our feeder's cheeks and licked his poop smeared crack clean, my little cocklet once again hard as steel. When there was nothing left, I sat back on my knees and watched as Matt stepped over to take Mike's place. He squatted over my face and I very eagerly opened wide, anxious to take whatever he had. When I buried my face in his crack, he let loose with a very juicy, very stinky fart that smelled like diarrhea and blew into my opened mouth, then he pushed again. I was once again treated to the sound of a loud fart, but instead of gas, a firm load of steaming poop filled my watering mouth. I sat back on my knees and chewed up the tasty load, then I swallowed it. It had the same smell and taste as his fart just moments before, and I knew that I was enjoying a rare treat. I'd never eaten a poop load whose taste reminded me of diarrhea before, and I felt a shudder run through me knowing that I'd always crave this flavor and want to experience it as often as I could.

Jimmy wasted no time in taking my place at Matt's backside, moaning loudly as he buried his face in his cheeks and sniffing loudly. I watched his mouth open wide, then he let go with another depraved whimper as he waited for his meal. Matt hung his butt out and bent his knees so that he could get comfortable, causing Jimmy to re-position himself slightly underneath him, then I heard his rear end almost pop as a massive load exploded into Jimmy's watering mouth. To his credit, Jimmy took it all, not losing even a small splatter. He sat back on his legs and sighed around the stinky mouthful that he had, opening wide to show it off for all of us, then he very happily chewed it up and swallowed, his hairless cock standing straight up the entire time.

Not to be outdone, I took my place at Matt's back door and licked his crack clean, pulling in large heaps of poop and giving off my own satisfied moans before I opened wide and accepted two long, tasty turds from Matt's rear end, immediately followed by a much smaller one that complimented my delightfully stinky mouthful but signified the end of his delicious poop load.

While I was swallowing the last of Matt's offering, I felt a slight wave of gastric pressure that told me I had a load of delicious butt fudge of my own to share with my boyfriend. He was still on his knees, licking his fingertips and moaning, so I simply stood up and squatted over his face. I looked over my shoulder to see him sitting there with his mouth wide opened, giving me a hungry look of desire as he waited for me to feed him. I lowered my butt until I could feel his face in my crack, then I felt his hot breath against my hole as I started to push.

I immediately pushed out a large load of boy poop that I could tell was moist and soft. I heard it fill his mouth with a squishy sound, then I looked down to see him chewing quickly with a huge grin on his face. He looked up at me and smiled, licking his lips and melting my heart at the same time, then he got back between my butt cheeks and buried his face, once again eager to be fed. I pushed and once again, I filled his mouth up with a very hot load of my butt fudge.

I was a little worried that he might be overwhelmed by the amount of poop that he'd already eaten, so I was a little surprised when I looked down and saw him smiling widely, his mouth smeared with poop and his little Adam's apple bobbing up and down as he enjoyed the large mouthful of poop he was eating. He looked almost transfixed with pleasure, and he was eying my rear end hungrily, no doubt craving his next mouthful. I gulped and got back into position, and once again I felt his small hands part my stinky cheeks and his hot breath in my crack. I could hear him sniffing harder than before, and I realized that Jimmy had become just as much of a poop lover as I had. Or maybe he always was a poop lover, but never let me know it.

“Cute little butt sniffer,” I heard Mike say under his breath, and I looked up to see him smiling lewdly at the two of us. I could hear Jimmy moaning underneath me, his hunger no doubt driving him crazy, so I pushed hard and filled his mouth up with another pile of turds, letting everything I had inside of me slip out of my rear end without discretion. I felt them pushing into his mouth, then I heard him squeal like a little girl underneath me. I was still filling his mouth with my poop logs when I felt several hot shots of cum land on the backs of my legs, then I felt him let go of my butt cheeks and pull his face away as the last of my turds were sliding down. Three pieces of my boy poop landed in his lap, and he very quickly picked them up and crammed them one at a time into his already full mouth.

While he was still chewing, I knelt down and planted my lips to his, then I slipped my tongue into his mouth. While we were sharing a long French kiss and passing the hot poop load back and forth between us, I felt two more shots of cum hit my crotch. I looked down and saw Jimmy's untouched cock jerking on its own, having shot a second load while he was ingesting my hot load of poop. I grinned at him and sighed, then I helped him up and engaged him in another long kiss. While we were making out, Matt and Mike were sharing a very tongue heavy kiss of their own, only breaking it when they saw Jimmy and I watching them with lewd smiles.

The four of us went upstairs and got in the shower, and once again, Jimmy washed me tenderly like a good boyfriend should, then I reciprocated like a good girl. When he was clean, I dutifully washed Mike and Matt, wanting to be a good girlfriend to both of them as well. When we got out of the shower, I dried all three of my lovers off, then I let my hips sway from side to side as I walked in front of them down the hall to my room. While Jimmy and I lubed each other up, Mike and Matt each called home and got permission to stay until after lunch time. When they got off the phone, Jimmy and I offered them our pussies, and they quickly accepted our offer.

I laid down on my bed and opened my legs wide for the first hard cock I could entice while Jimmy bent over and held onto the surface of my computer desk with the same goal. Mike quickly accepted my invitation, climbing between my legs and lifting them up onto his shoulders so that he could slip his hard dick into my horny boy pussy. Matt had a firm grip on Jimmy's hips, driving his cock in and out of my boyfriend while his girlish moans filled my room. As soon as Mike was buried inside of me, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. When we broke our kiss, he started to thrust in and out of me while my legs rocked back and forth in the air. I was moaning quite sissily, talking with a lisp the entire time and telling Mike that I was his girl and that he could have my pussy anytime he wanted it.

When they finished screwing their loads into us, we went back downstairs to cuddle while we watched a DVD. We picked out Transformers, then we settled in on the couch. Jimmy sat in Matt's lap while I sat in Mike's. We were making out with them the entire time, never once paying any attention to the movie. When we weren't kissing our lovers, it was because one of us had a mouthful of their cocks. I urged Mike to slip a finger up into my horny rear end, then I rode it roughly while we continued to make out.

When it got close to the time that they had to leave, I begged Mike to fuck me again. He compliantly bent me over the couch and treated me to a very satisfying butt fuck while Matt did the same for Jimmy. When we were seeded, Mike and Matt kissed us both deeply, then I helped them dress. Mike told me to keep his poop stained underwear because he knew how much I loved them, and my heart fluttered. Before he left, he took me in his arms and kissed me again, then he gave me a very tender look.

“I had fun,” he said. “Can I see you again tomorrow?”

“I wish you and Matt would spend the night again,” I lamented, reaching down to squeeze his package. “Do you want to?”

“Of course I do,” he told me. “I don't know if my mom will say yes. Matt has to ask his mom too.”

“My mom and dad don't care,” I told him with a very thick lisp, running my hands underneath his shirt and all over his chest. “I really like you, Mike.”

“I like you too, Kyle,” he told me. “I think you're so sexy, and I love fucking your hot little tush.”

“If you can spend the night, you can fuck my tush as many times as you want,” I lisped seductively. “My pussy is always horny for your dick.”

With that, he leaned in and planted a kiss on my lips. When he broke it, he smiled sweetly at me and said, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” I said, gazing up at him with stars in my eyes. “Will you try to spend the night?”

“I promise I will,” he told me. “If I can, what do you want me to eat?”

“Eat ten more bean burritos,” I told him with a naughty grin, my lisp still very prominent. Matt and Jimmy were kissing on the other end of the couch, neither one of them looking eager to separate. Matt heard what I said to Mike about bean burritos, so he broke his kiss with Jimmy long enough to grin at me, then he and Jimmy resumed their lip lock while Mike and I did the same.

Jimmy and I held hands with our lovers all the way to the front door, then we saw them off with more kisses and even hugs. When they were gone, Jimmy and I dished about our sleepover, then we made out on the couch. Eventually we wound up in a 69 position, with Jimmy eating my pussy while I gave him head. When we stopped, I laid flat on my back and raised my legs for my boyfriend, then I let him fuck another load of cum into my boy cunt before he had to go home.