Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 27

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After my three lovers left, it didn't take me long to get bored and horny, so I quickly made myself up in the mirror and got dressed before I called Jimmy on his cell phone. His mom was home from work early and had taken him shopping, so he wasn't able to meet up with me. I sighed when we hung up, then I let my mind wander, thinking about the various partners I'd had over the last few days, and my horny feelings started to become unbearable. I looked out my bedroom window out to the street, where I saw one of my neighbors walking her Labrador. She was holding the leash in one hand, and a plastic baggie in the other, no doubt to pick up the dog's pile of hot, steaming poop. I closed my eyes and let my mind wander, wondering how good it would smell and what it would taste like if I had a small gob of it on my tongue.

I wasn't quite sure that I was ready to eat a pile of dog poop, but the thought was making me curious. My curiosity was working in tandem with my stirring libido, which led me to slide my Iphone into my pocket and grab my house key, on a mission to sate my needs. I walked down the street in the same direction that my neighbor was, wondering if by chance she would have forgotten to pick up after her Labrador. As I strolled down the street, I couldn't resist the urge to let my horny bottom switch from side to side, wanting to alert as many cute guys as I could that I was gay, horny and hoping to take a couple of cocks up the ass.

My journey led me to the public park, which is right around the corner from my house. For late December, it was an unseasonably warm day and there were a few people out walking their dogs. I walked along the concrete path that led through the park, scoping out the grass in search of any fresh piles of dog poop that I could find. I was so eager to find it, not even sure yet what I wanted to do. I knew that at the very least, I was anxious to smell it, maybe even smear it on my skin so that I could carry its stinky aroma with me until my mom came home and could give me a bath to wash it off.

As I continued to walk through the park, I took note of a few people watching me. There was a woman pushing a stroller with her husband, and they both seemed to be studying my provocative walk. There was also a group of guys on the other side of the park throwing a football around, and they all seemed to be watching me and even talking about me. I thought I could hear one of them call me gay, and I grinned because that was exactly what I wanted everyone to know about me. I finally came upon a park bench, located near the restroom and the drinking fountain. I took a seat on the bench and watched the activity all around me, wondering if I wasn't wasting my time here and if I wouldn't have more luck hanging out at the 7-11.

I was about to get up and leave when I noticed a lady and her Great Dane walk up to the trash can that was at the other end of the park bench I was resting on. She was carrying a plastic baggie that was bulging with dog doo doo, and she nonchalantly dropped it into the can before walking off in the direction she came from. I looked around the park for any onlookers, scanning the area well so that I could pull it off. I didn't notice anyone watching, so I quickly got up and leaned down to pick up the baggie that was filled with dog poop. It was so soft and warm, and I just had to sniff it right away, so I made a beeline for the bathroom, still letting my bottom switch from side to side as I made my move.

When I walked into the bathroom, it was empty, so I recklessly ripped the bag open and held it up to my nose, taking in the very hot, very spicy scent of the soft poop. It was so heavenly, and I felt a shudder run through me while I moaned loudly. I was grinning very hard, and my tummy was starting to rumble for a taste. I was about to press my face to the steamy poop load and take a bite when all of the sudden I heard the door open and I found myself face to face with a man I didn't know. He was very sexy, but not what I would classify as cute. He was aged, probably my dad's age or older, but he was very masculine. He was dressed professionally, his hair slicked back, and he smelled like very expensive cologne. I tried to act casual, dropping the plastic bag into the trash can, but he was smiling knowingly at me, and something told me that he'd been watching me the whole time.

“You like sniffing dog poop, kid?” he asked, and I didn't know what to say. I looked up at him, meeting his eyes and trying to read his expression. I wasn't sure if I was in trouble or not, but my mind betrayed me and I found myself nodding my confession. I gulped when I realized what I'd done, wondering if he was a neighbor who knew my mom and dad, but he very curiously licked his lips and gave me an understanding nod of his own. Then he knelt down and put himself at eye level with me, placing his meaty hands on my tiny shoulders.

“I've been watching you walk through the park,” he told me in a very seductive voice, then he let his hands run all the way down my back, cupping my buns deliciously. “You're very sexy. Is there something you were hoping for?”

“Yes,” I admitted with a very quiet lisp, not yet sure whether I wanted to let him know how much I was enjoying his groping.

“You can tell me what it is,” he said, a warm smile spreading across his face as he very gently started to knead my cheeks. “I won't tell anyone.”

I relaxed and let a smile creep across my face, then I leaned in and rested my head on his shoulder as his kneading got more forceful. I let go of a girly moan, then I rolled my rear end around instinctively, wanting him to know that I was very horny and eager for any action I could get from him. He pulled his right hand away from my buns, then I felt him slide his left hand down the back of my pants and into my undies. His finger slid along the lining of my crack, sending a shiver through me. He leaned forward and started to kiss me, and as soon as my tongue entered his mouth, I felt him slip his finger up my butt, causing me to moan in his mouth.

“It feels like you're lubed up back there,” he said when we broke our kiss. I nodded and bit my lip, then I rolled my rear end around once more to let him know that I was ready to have sex with him. He gave me a very sensual kiss, then he pulled his finger out of my ass and led me to the furthest stall from the door. I very quickly dropped my pants and underwear, then I bent over the toilet and waited for him to enter me from the back. I felt the very large head of his dick line up with the entrance of my boy pussy, then he pushed in rather easily. As his glans were pushing past my anal ring, it dawned on me that I hadn't even looked at his cock, not sure how big it was or how it tasted before I bent over for him. Feeling him inside of me, though, I knew that I was in for a very nice ride.

“You have such a hot little bottom,” he panted when he was buried to the hilt inside of me.

I smiled over my shoulder at him and flexed my pussy muscles, then I rolled my hips so that I could feel his dick stirring inside of me. I bit my lip and moaned, then I begged him to start fucking me right away.

“Damn, this is what you came here for, isn't it?” he exclaimed, and I nodded as he started to pull back, dragging the head of his massive fuck stick along the lining of my boy cunt, scraping my sweet spot and pulling another loud moan from deep within me.

“It feels so good,” I squealed like a sissy. “I'm so horny and your dick feels so big. Do it hard, please.”

Without further ado, he started to feed me hard strokes of cock. I couldn't resist the urge to push my ass up, desperate to meet his inward strokes and feel him hammer my insatiable clit. As I was taking this strangers cock up my ass, I started to think about the fact that I didn't even know his name, nor had I told him mine. It wasn't my first time having casual sex, but it was my first time having anonymous sex, and I was loving it. With these thoughts running through my head, it didn't take long for my juicing pussy to start squeezing his large tool, the familiar burn of an anal orgasm sweeping me away. As my climax was starting to take me over, I felt him starting to slam into me even harder, bringing out even more girlish moans from deep inside of me, then I heard him cuss loudly as he squirted his hot load inside of my squeezing cunt.

When he pulled out, I was on his cock like a pro, wanting to make sure that I cleaned up every drop of cum and ass juice until there were no traces left. When his cock was clean, I let it fall from my lips and looked up at him, watching his blissful expression closely. He smiled down at me, then he reached down to pull his pants up. While he was doing this, I did the same, hiking my undies and my jeans back up to my hips and fastening the button and zipper. He knelt down and we shared another French kiss, then he was gone.

When I walked out of the bathroom, my pussy was still humming with pleasure. I let my rear end switch from side to side in an even more blatant fashion, feeling satisfied with the sex I'd just partaken in but still horny for more. I wanted to be totally out of the closet, and I wanted all of the strangers in the park to know that I was looking for gay sex from anyone who wanted to give it to me. I walked back over to the empty park bench, but instead of taking a seat, I rested my hands on the back rest and stuck my rear end up into the air, then I ground it around shamelessly as I waited for someone to walk by and notice me.

A few minutes later, a thin balding man walked up and gave me a very perverse smile as he adjusted his bulging package. It was obvious that he had spotted me and was turned on, so I batted my eyes and started to walk toward the men's room, once again switching my ass from side to side in an effort to show him that my intentions were to have sex with him. When we got inside, I led him back down to the stall where I'd been fucked just minutes earlier, then I turned to face him.

“You're new,” he told me. “You're awful young. Have you been here before?”

“I was just in here 5 minutes ago,” I lisped. “I was hoping to come back.”

The man gulped as I stepped up to him and started unbuttoning his pants. He seemed to get the message right away, because he took over for me, allowing me to drop my pants and undies, then I bent over the toilet and waited for him to give my horny bottom the action that it was yearning for. I felt him grab my hips, then I felt the slimy head of his cock at my pussy lips. I pushed back to encourage him to push in, and once again, he caught on.

When he slipped into me, I used the muscles in my talented pussy to pull him the rest of the way in, then I moaned loudly. His cock felt nowhere near as big as the stranger before him, but he did feel about as big as Matt and Mike were, which suited me fine. He grabbed my hips and began to fuck me furiously, his hard cock tearing back and forth lusciously in my cunt, giving me incredible pleasure that I luxuriated in. I was moaning loudly and pushing back on his cock when I felt him grab my hips tight and freeze, then he shot his cum load up inside of me.

When he pulled out, I dropped to my knees and sucked him clean, taking note of the fact that his silver pubes were trimmed, though he had a few around his 4 inch cock, which had deflated in my mouth. When I let his cock fall from my mouth, I smiled up at him and gripped his hips, urging him to turn around. When he did, I let my tongue travel up the entire length of his crack, then I zeroed in on his poop-chute and ate it hungrily for a few minutes. When he turned around, he was hard as steel again, so I very promptly offered up my horny pussy and let him fuck another load into it while I moaned like the little girl I had become. When he pulled back out of me, I sucked him clean again, then I sat on the toilet and watched as he hiked his trousers and left.

When he was gone, I pulled my pants up and went out in search of my next conquest, determined to service another stranger's cock before leaving. I walked through the park, letting my hips sway enticingly from side to side and my bubble butt stick out. Everytime I saw someone who I thought might want to fuck me, I would give a very suggestive smile and motion toward the restroom. Finally, I caught the eye of a very lecherous looking old man. I seductively led him to the bathroom, and without so much as a word, I let him bend me over the toilet and fuck a very satisfying load into my ass. While my pants were still around my ankles and my rear end was still sticking up into the air, he pulled his pants up and left.

That was amazing,” Nathan said with a sigh, holding me close to his chest as we basked in the afterglow of our love making. “I thought your ass was never going to let me go.”

“That's because I love having you inside of me,” I said daintily, letting my fingertip run around his right nipple. Nathan and I had been at it for over an hour, and I was fully satisfied as I lay in his arms. I had just finished riding my third cock in the bathroom at the park when he called me up to see if I could come over, and I was very anxious to see him. He let me know that he'd been out to eat with some friends, and that he had to go to the bathroom.

I expelled the cum loads that I had in my bottom, then I ate them hungrily before I pulled my pants up. I hurried around the block to his house, my very busy rear end switching from side to side the entire time. When I got their, he let me in and we went straight to his room, where we undressed and he let me suck his dick. When he came in my mouth, I ate his poop-chute hungrily until he came back to life, then I opened my legs and let him have a go at my cock hungry boy pussy. He fucked me like a stallion, and I was in the throes of a very delicious orgasm in no time at all. As my pussy squeezed and grabbed his dick, he maintained his composure and fed me full strokes, causing every nerve ending in my body to burn sweetly with pleasure. When he finally filled me up with his cum load, he pulled out and I collapsed in his strong arms, anxious for him to hold me close and kiss me up.

“I want you to give it to me up the butt everyday, Nathan,” I confessed with a lisp. “My pussy's been horny for you ever since I went home yesterday.”

“That's an amazing fucking coincidence,” he panted. “Because I want to fuck you every day, too. We have to figure out what to do about my mom and dad, though. They'd fucking flip if they knew what we were doing.”

“Maybe you can come to my house,” I offered seductively. “My mom and dad don't get home until after 5 everyday. And besides, they already know that I like to have sex with other boys.”

“They what?” he asked disbelievingly, causing me to grin.

“I told them that I was gay and that I take it in the butt,” I told him, still lisping heavily. “They got me some dildos because they know I get horny.”

“Holy shit, that's fucking awesome, Kyle,” he exclaimed. “Do they know you have a boyfriend?”

I nodded, then I added to his surprise.

“They know I like to drink pee and eat poop, too.”

“Are you lying?” he asked with a huge grin, and I shook my head no.

“I told them about it one day when I was done taking it up the butt with my dildo,” I explained. “I told them that I sucked all of the poop off of it, then they asked me if I liked it. I told them that I did, and that I always eat poop.”

“They didn't get all freaked out?” he asked, and I shook my head no. “That's insane. If it had been my folks, there would have been a shit storm over it.”

“My mom and dad are pretty amazing,” I said, a warm feeling spreading through me because I knew it was true. “They never treat me bad, and even got me two more dildos for Christmas that I love. They call me their little poop lover.”

“You are a hot little poop lover, aren't you?” he asked, and I nodded, looking up at him with a hungry gaze. I licked my lips to signify my desires, and he grinned down at me with a very naughty expression.

We walked into his bathroom, and this time I crawled into the tub and got on my knees. I smiled up at him and waited for him to get in with me, then I waited patiently as he aimed his cute dick at my opened mouth. He let loose with a powerful stream that shot directly into the back of my throat, then he re-directed his stream into my hair and all over my torso. When I was soaked, he aimed for my mouth again, and I quickly wrapped my lips around the head, anxious to gulp every last drop down. When he was done, I let him shake off in my mouth, then he turned around and squatted over my face. I watched as his cute buns spread apart on their own, then I opened wide and sealed my lips around his tasty poop-chute, eager for a hot, stinky pile of turds to feast on.

He must have had to go badly, because he barely pushed and I was treated to a hot mouthful of his butt fudge. The stink was incredible, the taste even better. I was in heaven as I chewed it up, moaning loudly because I knew that he had a lot more to share with me. When it was down, I licked my lips and smiled up at him, wanting him to know how much I enjoyed my first mouthful. My hairless little boy cock was hard as a rock, sticking straight out as I got back between his cheeks and waited for another helping of his scrumptious poop load.

He pushed a lot harder this time, and my mouth was instantly filled beyond capacity with a very soft, very hot load of his poop. My cheeks were bulging tightly, and my lips were pushing out because of the sheer volume and the pressure with which it filled me up. I immediately began to chew it up and swallow, then I saw him watching me over his shoulder with a look of concern. I put his mind at ease by smiling up at him gratefully, my mouth still filled with his brown gift. When I had it down, I looked up at him and spoke.

“I want you to poop that hard in my mouth every time,” I told him, licking my lips and pulling in a large heap of his poop. “Poop harder than that if you can.”

“Are you sure?” he asked, and I nodded almost frantically before I got back into position. Having been given his marching orders, Nathan squatted down a lot further than before, putting himself in the best position to force a mass of poop into my mouth with as much velocity as possible. I couldn't help but give off a very horny moan in anticipation of what I knew was coming, my watering mouth literally pressed up against his hot hole, almost as if I were rimming him. I felt his thighs tighten, then he strained hard and loud.

With the sound of an explosive fart, a massive load erupted from his butt and filled my mouth with uncontrollable speed and force. Before either of us could get a handle on it, his poop load was cramming tightly into my mouth, pushing back down my food pipe and up into my nasal passage and out of my nose. In less than three seconds, his crack was caked heavily with his poop, and my face was covered with it. It smeared into my skin, my eyebrows and even into my hair, matting it heavily. I swallowed as fast as I could without choking, moaning loudly with the pleasure that I was experiencing at the moment, having been inundated with Nathan's delightfully stinky poop load.

As I was gulping it all down, I grabbed his hips and encouraged him to grind his poop smeared bottom into my face, wanting him to give me a full facial with his hot butt fudge. When I swallowed the last of what I had in my mouth, I licked his heavily caked up crack clean, then I smiled up at him brownly and waited for my next mouthful.

“I'll take it easy this time,” he advised me, and I shook my head no.

“Do it hard again,” I begged him like a sissy. “I need you to do it that way.”

He gave me a look that told me he wasn't so sure it was a good idea, but he acquiesced, squatting lowly over my depraved, poop covered face. I shoved my face as far up into his rump as I could, wishing that there was a way to push my head up his butt, then I opened wide and waited while I listened for his hard strain. He gave another hard push, and this time I was treated to an unrelenting succession of several massive turds that pushed out of his butt and into my mouth, once again cramming it full and forcing everything back to my food pipe and into my nostrils. The consistency of this poop load was much heavier, though, and I delighted in the way it felt to have my mouth crammed full of multiple turds that were both hot and stinky. I knew that I couldn't keep up, but I was somehow taken with the idea that he was still pushing into my already full mouth, making me find room for my brown meal. What didn't fit in my mouth wound up smashing into his crack, while I swallowed to make room in my stuffed mouth. Just as I made enough room for more, he pushed a long, thick turd out that slid directly between my distended lips and pushed into the rest of his massive pile of poop logs.

When he finally stopped, it was because he was empty. He gave a hard strain that caused the last of his thick turds to detach from his butt hole, then he stood up straight again and looked over his shoulder at me. My cheeks were bulging very tightly, and there was a large turd between my lips that was protruding about 4 inches out of my mouth, lodged firmly into the poop load that I was chewing up. I was swallowing diligently, wanting to get it all down but taking my time because I was enjoying my stinky mouthful so much. The thick turd between my lips was still protruding obscenely, bobbing up and down with my chewing and smashing. When there was finally room, I used my fingertips to cram it all the way into my mouth, letting out a loud moan as I felt it join the rest of his hot load.

When my mouth was finally empty, I spread his cheeks apart and moaned like a girl. There were so many smashed up pieces of poop pressed into his crack that I only had to lean forward and take bites. Many of the turds were soft, and they were holding the firm pieces in place so that I could dine on them. Their aroma was still making me lightheaded, their taste doing likewise. As I took bites out of the many firm turds that rested in his crack, I delighted in the solid texture of their exterior layer, concealing the soft, stinky core that I enjoyed so much. When my meal was finally finished, I licked Nathan's crack clean, then I scraped the large hunks of poop off of my face and out of my hair, then I ate them hungrily.

When I was finally finished making a pig out of myself, Nathan turned the shower on and I let him wash me from head to toe. When he was satisfied that I was clean enough, I dutifully washed his entire body, then I soaped his cock up and bent over so that he could screw another load into my cock hungry rear end.