Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 28

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It was almost 4 in the afternoon when I left Nathan's house and walked home. My rear end, which had been busy all day taking cocks of all sizes, was swinging from side to side as I strolled down the sidewalk and checked my phone for missed texts. Sure enough, Matt had texted me to make sure that it was still alright for him and Mike to spend the night again. I hurriedly texted him back that it was, and that I'd check in with Jimmy to make sure that he could sleep over too.

About a minute later, Matt texted me back that he and Mike would be over at 8, sending a thrill through my body as I thought about being fucked all night, then swallowing multiple loads of hot poop from their luscious rear ends. I quickly fired off a text to Jimmy, asking him if he could spend the night again. He texted me back that he'd ask his mom as soon as she came out of the dressing room, and I giggled at the thought of Jimmy being trapped in a department store with his mom, waiting impatiently for her to finish shopping. A few minutes later he texted me back that he got permission, causing another shiver to run through me as I dreamt about the fact that I'd be in for another night of hot cocks and delicious turds.

When I got home, I decided to prepare for my parents' return from work by washing up. Not that I didn't want to keep the stink of my afternoon with me, but I wanted them to engage me, particularly my daddy. I was very anxious for him to bed me as soon as he came home, but at the same time, I was finding myself craving the warm refuge of my mother's nursing bosom. I could feel my very satisfied tummy digesting all of the delicious turds that I'd swallowed throughout the day, and I knew that they would be ready to be expelled soon enough. I also knew that warm breast milk would be just the thing to move the process along.

Before I hopped into the shower, I cupped my hands at the entrance of my boy pussy and pushed hard. The two loads that Nathan had screwed into me emerged, along with a very large volume of my delicious ass juice, filling both hands to capacity and running down the insides of my legs. I very hungrily slurped it all up, then I took to my legs and scraped up what I could before I got in the shower. Once I had the water temperature just right, I made sure that I washed really well with soap and baby shampoo. When I got out, I dried off, then I brushed my teeth twice and rinsed with mouthwash.

While I was in my room getting dressed in a clean pair of undies and a tee shirt, I started to revert back to my childish state. I'd spent all day being a horny pussy boy, and I still was. But with my mom coming home, I had a different need to be met. Thoughts of being her little baby were giving me a special feeling, and I was now craving her mother's milk badly. Almost as badly as I was craving the taste of poop, which I knew that she would help me enjoy as well by feeding it to me right out of the back of my underwear. My tummy was churning hard, and I started to feel tiny gas pains in my abdomen, letting me know that I could fill my undies with a pile of yummy poop logs whenever I was ready.

I pulled my white tee shirt on over my head, then I started to step into my white Fruit of the Looms when I heard the unmistakeable sound of the garage door going up and my mommy's car pulling in. When she turned the engine off, I pulled my undies up and let go of the waistband with a snap, then I ran downstairs to greet her with a hug. When I was halfway down the staircase, I heard her close the car door and open the side door, so I bounded down the stairs as fast as I could, anxious to see her so that she could breastfeed me.

Mommy!” I exclaimed when she walked in through the door into the front room. She immediately dropped her laptop bag and knelt down to accept my embrace. As soon as I was in her arms, she kissed the top of my head and hugged me tightly.

Did you miss me, baby?” she asked, and I nodded eagerly, my head resting on her shoulder. I could tell that her breasts were engorged because she hadn't nursed me all day. I didn't detect any leakage, but I wondered if she hadn't bought nursing pads for work.

I'm hungry mama,” I said, reverting my style of talking from a thick lisp to that of a very small toddler.

Do you want mommy to feed you, honey?” she asked, grabbing me under my arms and picking me up. I promptly wrapped my legs around her waist and nodded, then I put my thumb in my mouth for added effect. She gave me a very warm smile and kissed my cheek, then she carried me into the dining room and pulled out a chair. I felt her tug on my hand so that I'd remove my thumb, then she repositioned me so that I was being cradled. She lifted her shirt with her left hand and unhooked her bra with her right hand, then she pulled her left breast out and offered it to me.

I latched on right away and started to nurse, anxious to taste her warm milk and feel it coating my tummy. As soon as the flow of milk started, she began humming gently and rubbing my tummy, almost as if she knew that I had a load in my bowels, waiting to be pushed out into my underwear. She leaned down a little and kissed my cheek, then she stood up with me still in her arms and carried me into the living room, where she took a seat on the couch. Even though I wasn't looking up at her face, I could feel her maternal glow radiating against my skin, and I felt incredibly secure in her arms.

As the minutes went by, my need to poop started to get more and more urgent, so I reached up with my hand to get her attention. She smiled down at me and sighed, so I used my hand to reach around and point to my rear end, wanting her to know my issue but not wanting to stop breastfeeding.

Does my baby have to poop?” she asked, and I nodded slowly, still sucking furiously. “Come on then.”

With that, she stood up with me still cradled in her arms and carried me to the kitchen. I couldn't see what she was up to, but I heard her open and close the drawer where I spotted my new collection of binkies, then we continued up the stairs to my parents' bedroom. She sat down on her bed and let me nurse a little longer, then she used her fingertips to get me to detach. I groaned a little bit, but was pleasantly rewarded for my compliance with a red and blue pacifier, which she eased into my mouth with a loving smile.

I smiled widely and began to suck furiously. She cooed down at me and kissed my cheek again, then she lifted me up so that my head was resting on her shoulder and started to pat my back gently. I responded by wrapping my thighs and knees around her midsection, my calf muscles pressing against the backs of my thighs.

Is that better, baby?” she asked. I let out a sigh of contentment on her shoulder. “You're such a good baby boy.”

I responded by sucking furiously on my binky, wanting her to know that I was enjoying our closeness. At the same time, I could feel the pressure from my bowels, telling me that the time had arrived, so I communicated my needs to her with my binky still in.

Mommy, I have to go poop now,” I said, my childish tone muffled by the wide silicone rubber nipple that I was sucking on. “I want to poop my pants.”

She responded by rocking me a little faster and placing her palm gently over my bottom and giving it a pat of encouragement. I squeezed her mid section with the insides of my thighs for leverage, then I strained hard. I could feel an incredibly large and very hot load of poop emerge from my rear end all at once, instantly filling the seat of my undies, no doubt turning the seat an instant dark brown. As I was pushing, I could feel the load being supported by her hand, which she hadn't moved. The stink was rising up all around us, and smelling it was giving me chills of delight knowing that I would soon be dining on the stinky load.

That's a good boy,” she said warmly, planting another kiss on my cheek. I looked up at her and smiled around my binky, then I pushed again. As I pushed, I could feel several long, firm turds snaking out of my rear end, pushing into the hot load that I was already sitting in. While I was doing this, my mommy planted her lips to the side of my head and held them there, a gesture I found even more comforting as I continued to poop my pants in her lap.

I finished with a loud strain, prompting her to pull her lips away and remove her hand momentarily from my bottom. She used it to pull the waistband of my undies back and examine the stinky load I was sitting in, then she let go of my waistband and brought her hand up to my nose. I immediately started to sniff it, enjoying the smell of my stinky load and taking note of the fact that there was a wet, brown film coating her palm. She pulled my binky out, so I used my tongue to lap it away, then she put it back and gave me another kiss on the cheek.

With my binky back in, I sighed contentedly once more, then she stood up. I simply kept my legs where they were, wrapped tightly around her midsection, and let her carry me into the bathroom, where she sat down on the toilet with me still in her arms.

I felt her remove her hand from my bottom and use it to pull the waistband of my undies back. At the same time, she removed my binky once more, handing it to me so that I could hold it while she fed me. I grinned up at her, watching as she reached down into my undies and picked out the first of many turds that were sitting there, waiting to be savored. When she pulled her hand out, she had two very thick, very chocolaty looking pieces of my boy poop in her hand. She let the waistband of my undies go, then she brought them both to my nose, encouraging me to sniff them. As their dark aroma drifted into my nostrils, I let out a soft moan of desire, then I opened wide, anxious for her to cram them into my watering mouth.

As she held the dark turds in one hand, she used the other to pick them up one at a time. I sighed when she started to ease the first piece into my mouth, enjoying the way that its heat radiated against my tongue and my cheeks. I very impatiently started to chew and swallow, then I opened wide to show her that I was ready for more. The second piece was a little longer than the first, so she only inserted half of it, prompting me to bite down and start chewing. As I was enjoying my second mouthful, I examined the remainder of the turd that she was holding, taking note of the fact that its soft, stinky core looked so appetizing. I leaned forward and took a long, hard sniff, then I quickly swallowed what I had in my mouth so that I could have the rest right away.

As I was sniffing the center of the turd she was holding, my mommy turned it a little so that she could see what I was so taken with. I grinned at her, then I used my tongue to lick away at the soft poop that I was sniffing, letting out another moan of desire as I did. She grinned back, so I opened my mouth to show her that it was empty, prompting her to feed me the rest of the delicious poop log before she went back into my undies and pulled out another handful of turds for me to enjoy.

Is mama's baby enjoying his snack?' she asked, and I nodded furiously. I quickly swallowed, then I opened wide for her, wanting her to know that my mouth was empty and that I was ready for more. She kissed my cheek, then she fed me another dark, thick turd that I eagerly chewed up and swallowed. When it was down, she eased another firm piece into my watering mouth, then she went back into my undies and gathered up the remainder of my brown pant load while I chewed and moaned. With my mouth still full, she held the last of my pile of tasty turds up to my nose so that I could enjoy their steamy aroma. With a luscious mouthful of hot poop, along with the steamy pile that I was sniffing, I felt delirious with pleasure. I chewed up the firm turd in my mouth, then without warning, I took a very large bite of the soft pile that she had in her hands, wanting all of it very quickly. I opened wide to show off my mouthful, then I started to chew it up while I took continuous hard sniffs of what remained in her palm.

When my mouth was empty, I opened up and smiled at her, then I let her feed me what was left. With the remainder of my pant load now in my mouth, I rested my head on her shoulder and chewed while she reached down into my stinky underwear and scraped my crack clean with her fingers. I sighed contentedly when I felt her fingertips scrape across the entrance to my puckered boy pussy, prompting her to plant one more kiss on my cheek before she fed me what she found in my crack. While I was savoring the last of my poop, I let my bladder go and soaked my undies, as well as my mommy's work slacks. She simply sat there with me in her arms, letting me lick the smears of poop from the palms of her hands and her fingers.

When there was no more, she scooted me out of her lap and pulled my soaked, stinky undies off of my hips, then she turned them inside out and eased their brown seat into my mouth, encouraging me to suck on them. Right away, I started to suck furiously, drawing out as much pee and poop as I could. The dark, rich taste of my butt fudge was still very satisfying, flavoring the pee that was being pulled from my no longer white briefs. While I was doing this, my mom stood up and got completely undressed, then she sat down on the toilet and watched with a warm smile as I continued to enjoy the decadent combination of pee and poop that I was sucking out of my underwear. She leaned forward and kissed my forehead, then she sighed contentedly at me.

Mommy loves you so much,” she said, her maternal glow still very powerful. “It makes me so happy when I get to feed my baby. Are you ready to get in the shower with mommy?”

I nodded slowly, my stinky undies still hanging from my mouth. The strong scent of pee and poop was wafting up into my nostrils, giving me pause as I considered the fact that getting into the shower with my mommy meant having them removed from my mouth. Still, I knew that my daddy would be home soon, and I wanted to feel him dominate my pussy with his long cock in the worst way, so I gave into my fate. Happily, though, my mom had business of her own to take care of on the toilet, so I was able to enjoy the flavor and aroma of my stinky underwear a little while longer while she let go of her bladder and peed.

When she was finished, I reluctantly let her pull my undies out of my mouth and set them on the back of the toilet, then she took my binky from me and put it back in my mouth. I started to suck furiously on it and watched while she started the shower. When the water temperature was just right, she took my hand and guided me into the tub, then she pulled the shower curtain closed. I watched as she washed herself from head to toe, then she did the same for me.

While she was washing my rear end, my pussy started to hum as the washcloth ran up and down my crack with force. I couldn't help myself from moaning, and she smiled lovingly at me when she realized that I was taking pleasure in this activity. When I returned her smile, her maternal glow got stronger and she used her hands to grab my shoulders and encourage me to face away from her. When I did this, she soaped up the rag again, then she zeroed in on my pooper and used a circular motion to scrub it. I responded by placing my hands flat against the shower wall and hanging my rear end out, encouraging her to continue. As she was doing this, I started to moan loudly and roll my hips around, wanting her to know how much I enjoyed having my pussy pleasured. She responded by adding force to the washrag, using her middle and forefinger to push it up into my juicing boy cunt. My legs started to shake uncontrollably as I felt the rough fabric of the washrag tear across the lining of my pussy, moving up further as her two fingers continued their journey deep inside of me.

Do you like that, baby?” she asked lovingly, and I responded with an almost frantic nod. “I knew you would. This is what mommy likes, too, and you're just like mommy, aren't you?”

Yes mommy,” I moaned sissily, letting my binky fall from my mouth and land in the tub right at my feet. “I'm just like you. I love how this feels in my pussy.”

When mommy gets done servicing your pussy, would you like to see how she services her own pussy?”

Yes,” I lisped, feeling her fingers start to pull back, bringing the rag along with it. “I want to know how you do it so that I can do it too.”

That's a good baby,” she said gently, then she started a slow, gentle fucking motion in and out of my clutching pussy. “Mommy's going to teach her little boy how to take care of his little girl parts.”

With that, I let out another long moan and pushed my rear end up into the air, wanting to encourage her to use more force. She seemed to get the message, because I felt her add more pressure, and before I knew what was happening, I was in the midst of a violent orgasm. My hot little bottom started squeezing her fingers, trying to pull them back in every time that she started to withdraw, then the squeezing turned to persistent grabbing.

As this was happening, my moaning was getting even louder and more out of control, my toes curling and my shaking legs almost knocking into each other. I felt her add even more pressure to the fucking motion she was using, giving my horny bottom the opening it needed to move on from grabbing her fingers to clamping down forcefully on them. She responded by adding just a little more force and increasing the speed of her thrusts, causing a long shiver to run up my spine and down my shaking legs as I howled out loud like a bitch in heat.

When she pulled her fingers and the washrag out of my rear end, I was still in the midst of my orgasm and didn't even notice that she had. She very lovingly rubbed the lips of my pussy until I calmed down, then she let me collapse against her while I tried to recover from the powerful anal orgasm I'd just experienced. I felt her reach down and pick up my binky, then she grabbed me under my arms and picked me up. This prompted me to once again wrap my legs around her mid section and rest my head on her shoulder while she very gently stroked my wet hair and kissed my cheek.

Are you alright, baby?” she asked, and I nodded with a huge smile on my face, feeling her fingers in my crack.

I feel so good, mommy,” I lisped, wanting to be as girly as I could at that moment. “You made my pussy feel so good.”

You have a very special pussy, baby,” she told me, giving me a firm hug as she started to rub my pussy lips. “It's very tight and very cock hungry, isn't it?”

Yes, mommy,” I said, still talking like a sissy. “Am I a good girl?”

You're a very good girl, princess,” she gently whispered in my ear. “Do you like being a little girl?”

Yes,” I lisped, completely giving into being a girl again, hoping that when my dad got home, he'd be in the mood to give his little girl another round of pleasure. “Will daddy want to service my pussy when he comes home, mama?”

I'm sure he will, baby,” she told me, planting another kiss on my cheek. “I know how much you'd like that.”

Are you still going to service your pussy, mommy” I asked, taking note of the fact that she hadn't brought herself off. She smiled lovingly at me, then she sighed.

Are you ready for mommy to put you down?”

I took the initiative by straightening out my legs, so she carefully let me get down, then she rinsed my binky under the spray of the shower before easing it back into my mouth. With my binky back in, I sat down on the shower floor and watched while my mom took the bar of soap and started to run it over the lips of her pussy with a very pleasurable smile on her face. While she was doing this, she grabbed the wash cloth and placed it at the entrance of her cunt, simultaneously soaping them both up.

I watched curiously as she pressed harder and harder with the bar of soap and started to moan, then my eyes got big when she turned it so that the narrow side was pressed up to her pussy lips and started to push in. To my astonishment, the entire bar of soap was swallowed whole by her pussy, then she reached up inside and pulled it back out. She grinned down at me, no doubt taking note of my startled look, then she slipped it back up inside of her before I watched it emerge again. She continued in this fashion for the next three minutes, fucking herself with the slippery bar of soap, the entire time creating a thick lather that collected in her bush and all over her pussy lips.

When she finally stopped, she pushed the washrag up inside of her and began fucking herself furiously with it. She had shoved her three middle fingers deep inside of her soapy cunt and was giving it to herself with reckless abandon. Her moaning was becoming animalistic and getting louder by the second. I was starting to get concerned about her well being because the look on her face read both pleasure and a little bit of pain, and I wondered to myself if a girl's pussy wasn't a little more sensitive than a boy's pussy. Happily, I would never know the answer to that question, but my concern for her welfare started to wane when I realized that she was cumming. I saw her shudder hard and she gave off an incredibly loud moan that I could tell she had no control over. At the same time, the sudsy froth at the entrance to her pussy started to run clear as her juices shot out with force.

When she pulled the wash cloth out, she let it drop to the floor of the tub and sighed contentedly, then she rubbed the lips of her pussy gently while she let the water wash over it, removing all remaining suds. She was taking deep breaths as she came down from her climax, then she smiled down at me lovingly and held her arms out for me to get up and go to her. I very quickly complied, and once again, she picked me up and held me tightly while we stayed under the shower and let the water run over us until it got cold.

When we got out, I let her dry me off and take me to her bed, where she laid me flat. I watched her dry off, then she put a pair of panties on and brushed her hair out so that it wouldn't tangle. When she was satisfied that she'd taken care of her hair, she scooped me up off of the bed and took my binky away, instead offering me her right breast to nurse from. I very eagerly latched on again and let her breastfeed me while she carried me down the stairs, where we once again took our place on the couch. She turned the TV on with the volume low, letting me breastfeed in a very quiet, relaxed way that caused me to give into the urge to close my eyes and fall asleep.

When I opened my eyes, my mommy was still nursing me, but she had gotten up from the couch and was walking through the dining room toward the front door. I heard it open and could instantly sense that my daddy had walked through the door. Without a word, my mommy and daddy shared a very loud, very lip smacking kiss, then I felt my daddy rub my tummy with his fingertips.

How's my baby boy?” he asked in a very loving tone, and I responded by smiling around my mom's nipple.

He's been nursing for about an hour,” I heard my mom gush. “He's been such a special baby this afternoon.”

Did you give him his binky?” my daddy asked. I didn't hear my mommy's answer, but I felt her nodding. My daddy planted a kiss on my cheek, then he followed us into the living room, where he sat next to my mom and they both doted on me while I continued to nurse hungrily. While my mommy breastfed me, she told daddy about our afternoon. She told him about my brown meal, then she talked about our experience in the shower. I felt a shudder run through me when she told him that I wanted to be a good little girl. My daddy responded with a very big smile, then he kissed my cheek. After a while, I heard my dad ask my mom if she wanted him to start supper.

I'll do it honey,” she said, using her fingers to massage her nipple so that I'd let go. “Why don't you take the baby with you upstairs. I know he's been waiting for you to get home so that you can take care of his hungry little bottom.”

Before I could complain about being separated from my mommy's nursing breast, she slipped my binky back in and smiled down at me. I smiled back up at her, prompting her to give me a kiss on the cheek. With that, she passed me off to my daddy, who cradled me in his arms, cooing down at me lovingly as he asked, “Is that right, pumpkin? Have you been waiting for daddy to come home and give you something special?”

I nodded silently, now sucking furiously on my pacifier as I felt my daddy slip a finger up my butt, causing me to sigh. He stood up with me in his arms and carried me back up to their room, where he laid me face down on the bed and pulled my legs apart, exposing my horny boy hole to him. I felt him crawl between my legs and part my cheeks, then he planted his face between them and let his tongue brush across the lips of my pussy.

Mmm,” I moaned around my binky.

You like that, don't you pumpkin?” he asked, and I nodded furiously with another loud moan. That was his signal to begin eating my boy pussy with passion, and he didn't hesitate to dig in. With my ass up in the air and my legs spread wide apart, he tortured my juicing cunt for what felt like a luscious eternity. His tongue, teeth and the stubble around his mouth were working in concert to bring me to the edge of a very frantic orgasm, only to pull away just before it hit. I heard him flip the cap of the KY Jelly, then he slid his slippery fingers into my pussy and worked it over again. Just when I thought I was going to climax from his forceful finger fucking, he stopped and placed the head of his man cock at my entrance.

I moaned loudly when he started to push in, luxuriating in the feel of his glans as they pushed past my anal ring. Once he was in, he very sensually buried his entire length into my pussy with a slow push, and I couldn't resist the urge to use the muscles in my talented boy cunt to try to pull him all the way in. Unfortunately, though, he was onto my game and was able to resist my charms, instead sinking his dick at a very deliberate pace that both frustrated and pleased me to no end. When he was finally buried deep inside of me, I felt his hands pushing on the backs of my thighs, encouraging me to push my knees up underneath my body so that my rear end would stick up a little higher. I happily acquiesced, knowing that in this position I could push my hips up to meet his strokes should the need arise. I even translated my satisfaction with my new position to him by rolling my hips around with a horny moan, feeling his veiny monster stir inside of my pussy and his thick pubic bush scrub my ass cheeks, causing them to burn sweetly.

I don't know how you stay so fucking tight, baby,” he panted when I did this, then he started to thrust inside of me. I could feel his massive cock running along the walls of my boy cunt, tearing back and forth across my sweet spot and bringing out a loud moan that I had no control over. As his fucking became steady, I coped with the pleasure I was experiencing by sucking on my binky as if my life depended on it. I was panting hard and moaning wildly, all the while sucking and biting down on the fat nipple that was in my mouth.

Oh daddy!” I moaned sissily around my binky, understanding that this was sheer heaven. I had once again become completely feminized by a large cock, and wanted to communicate my new feelings in as effective a manner as I could. At the same time, the binky I was sucking on had so much allure that I couldn't bring myself to spit it out, so instead I tried to communicate with my dad while I kept it in.

Is daddy taking care of his baby girl?” my daddy asked as I pushed up to meet his hard thrusting.

Yes daddy,” I squealed like a little sissy. “You're making my pussy feel so good.”

With that, he started to fuck me even harder, causing my orgasm to swell up and crash into me like a tidal wave. I was moaning like a girl around my pacifier as he slammed into my rear end, which I was using to push back and meet his forward thrusts. As my orgasm was taking me under, my pussy started to queef loudly, adding to my already powerful feelings of orgasmic pleasure. I swore that I could feel my clitoris starting to swell up inside of my boy pussy as the head of his dick dragged across it over and over again until I could take no more. I opened wide and the binky fell from my mouth as my daddy's swollen cock brought out a very long, very girlish squeal that only got louder as his in and out strokes continued. Out of nowhere, I felt his searing hot cum squirt forcefully up inside of my pussy, filling me up to the brim, then he pulled his dripping cock out.

I spun around as fast as I could to take it into my mouth, sucking on it like the true pussy boy that I am until there were no more juices left to enjoy. As I did this, he very lovingly stroked my hair and told me what a good little cock hound I was. I smiled up at him without letting his dick fall from my mouth, purring like a kitten as I ran my tongue over the head of his stiffness and sucked. I could feel it raging back to life in my mouth, so I let my tongue run along the underside of his cock, then I gave it a long, sensual lick that ended with my lips wrapped around its head. I let my hungry gaze travel up to meet his eyes, then I smiled up at him and kissed the end of his cock before I laid back down on the bed with my legs wide opened.

He very quickly took my hint, climbing between my legs and lifting them up into the air as he lined up with my juicy entrance. He pushed in, sinking his cock back into my horny boy cunt, and I smiled up at him in appreciation as he began to thrust in and out. While he was doing this, he found my binky by the pillow and eased it back into my mouth, then he fucked me silly for the next 15 minutes, giving me a continuous string of orgasms that lasted the entire time until he seeded my hungry pussy with another hot load of cum.