Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 29

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After my daddy bred my boy pussy, we got in the shower and I let him wash me from head to toe. He paid special attention to my ass crack, which was lined with sweat and cum. While he was soaping my crack up, I bent back over for him and invited him to screw another load into my bubble butt. I felt his strong hands grab my hips to hold me in place, then he pushed in and treated me to another enjoyable ride on his long, veiny cock. Even though he'd already screwed two loads into me, he was hot to trot again, and was able to treat me to another large load of his hot man seed after ten minutes of luscious fudge packing. When we were through, he took me to my bathroom and brushed my teeth for me, then he took me to my room and dressed me in a clean pair of undies and a tee shirt.

Once I was dressed, he put my binky back in and carried me back downstairs. We cuddled closely on the couch while we watched TV and waited for my mom to finish dinner. At some point, my mommy brought him a cold bottle of beer and handed him a sippy cup filled with milk. Before she went back to the kitchen, she gave us both a kiss and watched lovingly as my daddy removed my binky long enough to hold the spout of my sippy cup to my lips so that I could take a drink. While I sipped from my cup, daddy took a long drink from his bottle of beer, then he sat his bottle down on the end table beside us and pulled my sippy cup away.

“Are you comfortable, baby?” he asked, planting a kiss on my lips before re-inserting my binky. I nodded happily and sucked away, feeling very satisfied with the multiple butt fuckings that he'd treated me to. Every once in a while, he'd take my binky out long enough for me to sip some more milk, then he'd put it back and kiss the top of my head.

When dinner was finally ready, my mom came and got us. She'd cooked hamburgers, macaroni & cheese and broccoli. I ate most of my burger and all of the mac and cheese, but I picked at my broccoli, prompting my mom to grab my fork and feed me two bites of it before I was excused. I got up from the table and toddled back upstairs, noting that it was almost 7pm. I got to my room and checked my Iphone for missed texts and calls. I didn't have any, so I texted Jimmy to find out what time he was coming over. He texted me back immediately that he was ready to come over right away, so I very quickly sent him one back telling him that I'd be waiting.

As much as I hated to revert back from my childish state to my slutty state, I wanted to be ready for my three lovers. I ran back downstairs and ditched my pacifier, then I told my mom and dad that he would be over soon. My mom took that as her cue to put a top and some pants on, and my dad did the same. While they were clearing the table, I went to the front room and watched out the window, waiting for my boyfriend. When I saw him ride up to the garage, I opened the side door and let him in before closing the garage door.

As soon as he was inside, I was all over him like a true cock slut. There was an intense aroma rolling off of him, almost as if he'd been sitting in a pant load of is own butt fudge all day, and I loved it. I wrapped my arms around him and engaged him in a long kiss, then I dropped to my knees and kissed his crotch before I crawled between his legs and planted my nose in his spicy rump. The sweet scent of boy poop was incredibly powerful, causing me to give off a loud moan that clearly communicated my pleasure.

“You stink so good back here, baby” I lisped, taking in a long, enjoyable sniff.

“That's because I pooped my pants earlier and didn't take a bath,” he said, sending a shiver through me. “I wanted to do what you do, so I pooped my pants when we were coming home from the mall. Then I went in my room and ate it all. My mom made me change my undies, but I didn't take a bath.”

“It smells delicious,” I moaned, still breathing in the sharp aroma through my nose and mouth.

“It tasted so good,” he told me in a sweet voice. “I pooped a lot, and it was really stinky in the car so my mom had to turn the heater off and put the windows down. Then when we got home I was supposed to go in the bathroom and get cleaned up but I went in my room and ate it while she brought the stuff we bought inside and cooked dinner. While we were eating, I was still wearing my undies that I went poop in, and she smelled me. After dinner she made me take them off and put clean ones on.”

With that, I pressed my nose back in his rump and sniffed hard, letting the aroma fill my nostrils and giving me chills of delight.

“I pooped my pants earlier too,” I told him, my nose still planted in his butt. “I ate all of it, then I had to take a bath. My mom washed my undies.”

“My mom took mine when I was changing and put them in the hamper in the laundry room,” he told me over his shoulder. “I wish I could have kept them so I could have brought them with me.”

“Me too, then I could smell them,” I said with a strong lisp, reaching up and grabbing his waist band, trying in vein to pull his pants down over his bubble butt without unbuttoning them. “Will you fart in my face?”

“Okay,” he said, hanging his rump out a little bit. I felt his thighs stiffen, and right away I was treated to a delightfully stinky fart that blew forcefully into my opened mouth, loudly vibrating against my face at the same time. Knowing that Jimmy was an after dinner pooper, I pulled my face away from his stinky butt and got up, taking his hand and encouraging him to follow me up the stairs, my rear end switching from side to side the whole time. When we got to my room, I closed the door and confessed my need.

“I want you to poop in my mouth right now,” I told him in a girly manner, dropping my undies and pulling my tee shirt off over my head. He grinned at me and started to undress, so I very impatiently got on my knees and waited until he was nude. Not caring about the carpet, I parted his stinky cheeks and inhaled once more, this time taking note of the many dark brown smears that colored his otherwise white rump.

I immediately started to lap away at the poop smears on his butt, then I took to his crack and treated myself to its wonderful flavors. My hairless, miniature sized boner was sticking straight up the entire time, and I was giving off sissified moans of desire. While I was doing this, Jimmy hung his butt out and got comfortable, so I opened wide and sealed my lips around his poop-chute. I felt him give a push, and with the sound of a loud, juicy fart, my mouth was filled up with a hot, lumpy pile of poop. It had a soft consistency, but at the same time, it had several firm clumps throughout, almost like peanuts. It had a very powerful stink to it that I found indulgent, and the taste was incredible on my palette

Mmm,” I moaned as I started to chew and swallow. When it was down, I licked my lips and got back into position, eager for my next mouthful. Jimmy looked over his shoulder at me with a grin, then he pushed hard, expelling a very long, very firm turd that curled up like a piece of dog poop in my mouth. When it detached from his anus, I kept my mouth opened wide and showed him his creation. He knelt down and put himself at eye level with me, then he leaned forward and took a very long sniff, no doubt enjoying its stinky aroma as much as I was. When he was finished sniffing, I started to smash and chew it up, then I opened up to show him my brown mouthful once more. With a huge grin, he leaned forward and planted his lips to mine, then he slipped his tongue in my mouth and we shared the large mouthful that he'd just treated me to.

While we were kissing, he cupped his hands at his entrance and pushed again, producing another long turd that he was able to catch. When it was released, he broke it in two, feeding me one piece while he wantonly crammed the other piece into his own mouth. While he was still chewing, he stood up and turned around, allowing me to lick his poop smeared crack clean. While I was doing this, I got carried away and started to eat him deeply for five minutes. When I was finished, we both licked the poop that was smeared around each others' mouths, then we went down the hall and once again, I got in the shower to clean up.

When we climbed in the tub, I got on my hands and knees and begged him to pee in my hair and my mouth before we showered. When his bladder was empty, he took his turn at my back door, eating my pussy while we both moaned wildly. Then he turned the shower on and we washed each others' bodies. As we were rinsing off, we started to make out, which eventually led to me winding up on my back on the floor of the tub with my legs on Jimmy's shoulders and his dick up my butt. After he squirted his load inside of me, I sucked his cock clean, then we got out and lubed up. I dutifully dressed him from head to toe like a good girlfriend does for her man, then I made sure that he was comfy on my bed before I got dressed in preparation for the arrival of our two tops.

"You two look so fucking sexy like that," Matt said with a very lecherous grin. He was sitting on my bed next to Mike, who looked equally aroused as he watched Jimmy and I prance around my room in our newly attained attire.

When Matt and Mike showed up, Jimmy and I met them in the garage, where they stored their bikes. As soon as I had the garage door closed, we were both all over them, smothering them in kisses and grabbing their crotches. My lisp was very thick, and I was extremely hot for all three of their cocks, wanting to let them all take me in the cold garage while I bent over and held onto the bumper of my mom's mini van with my pants around my ankles. In the end though, common sense took over and we all went inside. I wanted to bypass the formalities with my parents so that I could get laid right away, but Matt and Mike felt sheepish and wanted to be polite.

Jimmy held Matt's hand and I held Mike's hand while we walked them into the living room, and I was sure to swing my hips from side to side like a true sissy the entire way. Jimmy looked like a little school girl as he held Matt's hand, and I felt the same way about Mike. After my three guests thanked my mom and dad for letting them sleep over, I hurriedly led them to my room and started to pull my pants down.

While Jimmy and I were taking our clothes off, Mike was digging in his backpack for something and noticibly not undressing. Jimmy stripped down right away, and I had gotten as far as losing my pants and underwear when I noticed that Mike was rifling through his backpack instead of stripping. To his left, Matt had pulled his shirt off over his head and was in the process of kicking off his shoes, watching Mike with a knowing look. With my shirt still on but nothing else, I walked over to the bed, wondering if I shouldn't have started to undress my lover instead of waiting on him to do it himself.

When Mike pulled his hand out of his backpack, though, I suddenly realized what he was looking for. It was something special he brought for Jimmy and I, something that gave me chills when I saw what it was.

What do you think?” he asked, holding up two very pretty pairs of girl's panties with a smile. The first pair were white with little blue, pink, red and purple flower petals. They had a very delicate looking frill lining the waistband and they looked like they'd fit either of us perfectly. The second pair were powder blue with strawberries of all assortments printed on it. Some were pink, some were red, and some looked like they had been dipped in sprinkles. This pair of panties also had a very delicate looking frill lining the waistband, and were the same size as the white pair.

Do you like them?” Matt asked hopefully as he stepped out of his pants and underwear, and I very eagerly nodded. I quickly pulled my shirt off over my head, then I accepted the white panties from Mike and stepped into them, eager to feel them covering both my boy and girl parts.

As I was bending over to pull them up, I felt Matt run his palms all over my bare butt, sending another shiver of desire through me as I waited for him to slip his hard cock inside of me. Instead of doing that, though, he was a gentleman and helped me pull my panties up, pulling them snugly over my rump and once again running his palms over my now pantied bottom. With Matt's hands groping my rear end, I placed my hands on the bed and rolled my hips around from side to side with a very naughty grin, wanting him to know that I was anxious to accept his hard fuck stick right away.

To my right, Jimmy was already in his panties, being felt up from behind by Mike. He was grinding his pantied bottom into his lover's bulging crotch while Mike very gently ran his hands up and down Jimmy's torso, under his arms and back down to his hips. I felt Matt run his hands all the way up my back, then he grabbed my shoulders and ground his hard on into my rear end, the very pretty panties acting as a barrier between the head of his cock and the entrance to my yearning boy cunt. I was so horny that I could feel it in the backs of my thighs, wanting so badly to take Matt's big cock up my pooper. I knew that the instant I was penetrated I would climax, and that I was in such a sexual frenzy that I would be able to ride my climax out for as long as I had a cock inside of me.

I could tell that Jimmy felt the same way because when I ate him out earlier his flow of ass juice was thirst quenching. Another reason that I could tell that he felt that way was because he was moaning quite sissily and grinding his rear end into Mike's crotch so hard that I was worried that his panties would tear in the back. As his moans and grinding were becoming more and more intense, he turned his head and engaged Mike in a very passionate kiss, then I watched as Mike's hands moved from Jimmy's torso to his pantied bottom, where he started to knead his plump ass cheeks roughly while they continued to kiss.

This prompted Matt to tug on my shoulders in an effort to get me to stand up straight, which I reluctantly did. I was rewarded for my efforts with a very passionate and tongue heavy kiss of my own. Matt and I were now facing each other, so I wrapped my arms around his neck and let him control the tempo of our kiss. To our right, Jimmy and Mike were still locked in a French kiss of their own. Mike managed to pull Jimmy's ass cheeks apart by sliding his hands through the lacy leg openings on each side, and Jimmy was now pushing his rear end up and down with Mike's hard, jean covered cock resting in his crevice. They were so into what they were doing that neither of them had made a move to get Mike's jeans unbuttoned.

When Matt and I broke our kiss, I very naughtily reached down and wrapped my right hand around his cock and started to jack him off. As I was doing this, he leaned forward and planted a tender kiss on my lips that got Mike and Jimmy's attention. As if they were awaken from a dream, they both changed their positions, with Mike sitting on the bed and Jimmy working to unfasten his pants. While Jimmy was working on his pants, Mike reached out and ran his left hand over my panty clad rump, sending another thrill through my body as my horniness continued to swell up inside.

When Mike's pants were unbuttoned, he got up and let Jimmy and I pull them down like good little girls. When they were off, he stepped out of them and we very obediently folded our two lovers' jeans and shirts. We both took turns sniffing the seats of their underwear, taking pure pleasure in the sweet, spicy scent of the brown streaks that resided in both pairs. I then did the same with their socks and shoes, wanting them to know that I loved every scent that they produced.

When we were finished tending to their needs, Jimmy and I both pranced around the room in our new panties, switching our asses from side to side and putting on a show for our lovers. Finally, we both crawled up onto the bed in the doggy style position with our panty covered bottoms sticking up in the air, a very blatant request that our two lovers come bury their cocks in our already lubed up boy pussies.

It didn't take either one of them long to get the message. Mike crawled into the bed behind Jimmy while Matt did the same for me. Neither one of them pulled our panties all the way down, instead just taking them down far enough that they hung off of our thighs, just clearing the bottom of our plump bottoms. I heard Jimmy moaning to my left, prompting me to look over just in time to see Mike sinking his hard shaft into Jimmy's upturned rear end. At the same time, I felt Matt's glans at the opening of my boy cunt, about to push past my anal ring.

Just as I predicted, Matt's hard cock penetrating me was enough to send me into orbit. As he sunk his shaft into my juicing boy pussy, I felt the familiar pangs of an anal orgasm starting to build. Never one to waste time on foreplay, Matt very quickly started to thrust in and out of my rear end. The head of his dick was dragging back and forth over my clitoris, adding to an already frantic situation for me. My head was spinning and my crotch, the backs of my legs and my boy pussy were all burning sweetly with an uncontrollable swell of orgasmic pressure.

While this was happening to me, I was moaning like the little girl that I am, trying to call out Matt's name but unable to speak coherently. My bed was squeaking loudly, and right beside me, I could hear Jimmy begging Mike to fuck him harder. I could hear Mike's tempo quicken, and it sounded like he was slamming hard into Jimmy's butt cheeks with his crotch. I was trying to concentrate on what was happening beside me, wanting to try to edge my climax down a bit, but it was no use. Matt was pummeling my pussy without mercy, and I was loving every second of it. I started to feel my legs shaking, as if I had no control over their movements, and I realized that it was only a problem for me because I wasn't on my back, accepting Matt's hard strokes with my legs resting comfortably on his shoulders. Instead, I was on my hands and knees like a true whore, taking a very nice cock up my poop-chute, knowing that my legs might not hold out through the fudge packing that I was on the receiving end of, and yet at the same time wanting it to go on forever.

Like all good things, though, it had to come to an end. The walls of my boy pussy were crashing down on Matt's cock with a vice like grip. Every time he pushed in, the head of his cock was nearly crushed by my climaxing pussy. As he pulled back, the same thing was happening, but it had the added effect of grabbing the head of his dick and pulling his glans in the opposite direction that he was moving. All of this added up to a very intense and ultimately overwhelming fuck for both of us, and even though we were both loving the ride, my lover could no longer sustain it. With a loud, hungry growl, Matt let my pussy pull him all the way back in, then he squirted a very hot, very voluminous load of cum. He fired off so hard inside of me, and it felt so amazing as it coated the lining of my boy cunt and beyond. As his cum firing cock was unloading inside of my pussy, it was still being squeezed over and over again because I was still in the throes of my own orgasm, which started as soon as he entered me and only got stronger as our long lay progressed.

To my left, Jimmy was still moaning loudly and Mike was still hammering his pussy from the back. I felt a warm feeling inside, knowing that Jimmy was being treated to long, luscious strokes of cock from behind. He was a very eager bottom for Mike and Matt, just like I was, and I wondered how many different cocks Jimmy would be riding in the very near future. Nearly everyone at our school knows that we're gay, but I'm the one with a reputation as a cock hound. I knew that when January rolled around in a few days and we were back in school, this would be a new role for Jimmy. But at the moment, on my bed, on his hands and knees with a pretty pair of panties hanging just below his rear end and a very nice cock up his butt, he seemed to be quite comfortable in that roll.

While Jimmy was moaning like a girl, my own pussy was still squeezing the cum out of Matt's dick, which had yet to deflate as it rested in my warm recesses. Feeling Matt's cock inside of me was very comforting, and I was in no hurry for him to leave me. Indeed, what I wanted was for him to pick the pace back up and start thrusting again, but I also wanted to lay flat on my back and get laid in the missionary position so that my trembling legs would be able to rest. I felt my lover lean over my back and kiss my neck, then he began to withdraw, so I waited patiently.

As soon as he was out, I sat up on the back of my legs and leaned into him, sharing a very long kiss as his monster poked me in the back. When we broke our kiss, he whispered into my ear.

I love you, Kyle,” he told me in my ear. “Your pussy feels so fucking amazing tonight. How about if you let me show you how much I love you again.”

I love you too,” I whispered back to him with a very thick lisp. “I'll lay on my back.”

With that, I quickly got into position and let him pull my panties all the way down and off of my feet so that he could hoist my legs up over his shoulders. Once we were in position, he slid back into me balls deep and proceeded to hammer my pussy again. From the position I was in, I could see a tremendous volume of cum on the sheets underneath Jimmy, where he'd obviously fired his load over and over while taking it in the ass from Mike. He was still moaning quite sissily when he looked over at me and smiled almost lecherously, a look of pure pleasure on his face. He was covered in goosebumps and making fists with both hands, a sure sign that another orgasm wasn't far off. Mike looked like he was also on the verge of cumming, but I knew that if he wanted to, he could last longer because he was just as concerned with pleasing his lover as he was with getting pleasure.

My attention to the scene in the bed right beside me was suddenly diverted when Matt planted his lips to mine and slipped his tongue into my mouth, all the while thrusting in and out of my humming pussy. Every nerve in my body felt like it was on fire again, and I knew that my own climax was starting all over again. I felt Matt use his hands to pin my arms down to the bed, then he began to thrust in and out even harder. Once again, the head of his cock was dragging along the walls of my throbbing boy pussy, pushing and pulling across my clit so deliciously. Every vein that protruded from his fuck stick was gliding along the squeezing walls of my cunt, and I found myself in the throes of a very wild orgasm all over again. My legs were rocking back and forth with every thrust he made, and my feet were waving in the air like little flags of surrender as Matt serviced my pussy so perfectly.

Feeling him pin my arms to the bed was the ultimate domination for me, and it only drove my orgasm even harder, giving me the feeling that I was now a girl who was being controlled by a man, in my place with my legs in the air and my pussy available for his use. As these feelings ran through me, the walls of my cunt started to clamp down violently on his dick, and he was unable to fight off his own impending orgasm. With another loud growl, Matt buried his cock all the way inside of me and fired off another load deep inside of my pussy, then he collapsed on top of me and we held each other closely, my legs still resting on his shoulders and his hard cock still buried in my ass. We shared a very tender kiss, then Matt shared his feelings with me quite openly.

I love you so much, Kyle,” he said, still catching his breath. “You're such a sexy girl.”

I love you too, Matt,” I said with a very girly lisp. “I think you're cute, and I love feeling you in my pussy.”

Do you want me to put your panties back on, or should we wait?” he asked, and I first responded by using my talented pussy to squeeze his cock.

Let's stay like this for now,” I lisped with a sigh. “I want to keep a dick inside of me all night unless we get out of the bed.”

To my left, Jimmy and Mike were also holding each other closely. Jimmy's panties were still pulled down partially, but he was snuggled up in Mike's arms. They were kissing and whispering sweet nothings into each others' ears, and it was clear that Jimmy was feeling quite feminine. Probably not as feminine as I was, but still he was clearly enjoying his role as Mike's girlfriend tonight.

I felt Matt blowing in my ear, causing me to giggle like a sissy. When he let up, we gazed into each others' eyes and shared another kiss. As we kissed, I continued to squeeze Matt's hard cock with my pussy, wanting him to know that I was anxious to feel him fuck me again whenever he was willing to do so.

You just love feeling hard cock up the ass, don't you?” he observed when we broke our kiss. I smiled and nodded, then I squeezed his cock with my pussy again.

It just feels so good when I have a dick inside of me,” I lisped shamelessly. “Jimmy's been giving it to me up the butt for a long time, and before that I always finger banged myself and gave it to myself with a dildo.”

Do you ever use your dick for anything?” he asked curiously, and I shook my head no.

Only for peeing,” I admitted, using my hands to grab his hips so that I could try to encourage him to start thrusting again. “I only get laid by taking it up the butt. I never want to use my dick for anything else. The only dicks I like are the ones that are on cute guys like you and Mike and Jimmy.”

Have you been eating shit for a long time, too?” he asked, and I nodded my head.

I always licked it off of my fingers when I fingered myself,” I told him, still talking like a sissy. “But then I started licking more and more, then one day I played with my poop in the bathroom. Then Jimmy started peeing and pooping for me.”

That's fucking hot,” he said with a grin. “Do you still want me and Mike to take a dump in your mouth tonight? We both ate a shit ton of beans again. More than yesterday.”

Yes please,” I lisped with a very hard grin, another shudder running through me at the thought of being treated to a large buffet of stinky turds from their rear ends, then I turned my attention to my boyfriend. “Jimmy, do you want to eat some more poop tonight?”

Yes,” he practically moaned in reply.

I have to go right now,” Matt told me, and I licked my lips. “We might want to go in the bathroom this time, though. I don't want your folks getting mad at us if we shit in your bed.”

They won't care,” I told him with a naughty grin. “Sometimes I poop in my underwear and eat it in front of my mom and dad.”

Are you serious?” he asked, and I nodded, still licking my lips.

I did it today,” I admitted. “When Jimmy came over earlier, he pooped in my mouth in here.”

You have the coolest mom and dad,” Mike exclaimed, a tone of wonder in his voice. While he was saying this, Matt pulled his cock out of my cunt and I opened my watering mouth. As he was crawling over me to get into position, I saw Mike doing the same with Jimmy, who had a very hungry look on his face. As Matt was lowering his rump over my face, he let go with a long series of hot, stinky farts that made my stomach start to growl in anticipation of the pile of hot poop logs I was about to be treated to. As soon as he was in position, I parted his cheeks slightly and moaned out loud, wanting him to know that I was ready when he was.

I watched with a smile as Matt's butt hole started to expand, then I heard the unmistakeable crackle of a very moist turd making its way down his chute. At the same time, a very gassy heat was pushing out of his butt and into my mouth, circulating like a convection oven as the sharp stink got very powerful. When the brown head of his thick turd came into view, my head started spinning with pleasure and I felt light headed. My little cocklet was standing at attention, straining hard against my hairless groin as the moment arrived and the turd bullied its way out of Matt's rear end and into my opened, watering mouth.

It was moving slowly at first, but it suddenly picked up speed and pushed rapidly into my slutty mouth, where it slid along my tongue and curved up slightly, causing it to curl up against the roof of my mouth and take the shape of a horse shoe. It was very heavy and amazingly long, causing both ends to protrude from between my lips as it continued to grow . The stink was heavenly and I couldn't help but take long sniffs the entire time that the hot turd was filling my mouth. When it finally detached from his rear end, I had at least an inch of each tip protruding beyond my lips as the chocolatey treat rested in my mouth. Matt looked over his shoulder at me and smiled down when he saw the blissful look on my face. I turned to show Jimmy and Mike my brown gift, but was greeted by the site of my boyfriend chewing up a very large mouthful of Mike's boy poop, holding a large turd in his hand right under his nose and preparing to cram it into his already full mouth. He had a very big grin on his face, and he was sniffing the turd in his hand very loudly. He turned his head and gazed over at me, a look of nirvana on his face, and he batted his eyes at me. Mike was smiling down at both of us, and it was obvious that he was enjoying the site below him.

I very quickly chewed up the mouthful that I had, then opened wide for Matt to feed me my next mouthful. He pushed hard and my mouth filled up instantly with another soft, thick turd that was so long that my cheeks bulged and my lips pushed out as I tried to accommodate its size. I let out a very loud moan as I chewed it up and swallowed, then I got ready for the next round. Matt strained hard, and once again, I was treated to a very stinky mouthful of hot poop that I chewed and swallowed right away. Matt gave another hard strain, and this time he presented me with two medium sized turds that were just as hot and stinky as the rest of his impressive load, so I very gratefully chewed it up and swallowed it all.

I was about to lick his crack clean when he crawled off of me and Mike took his place. Matt waited for Jimmy, who was still cramming two long turds into his mouth, to finish his meal while Mike got comfortable with his rump in my face. I spread his two cheeks apart and took in the hot stinky aroma of his poop load, which was very similar to the hot pile of dog poop I had sniffed earlier at the park. I inhaled deeply, then I let out another moan and opened wide, anxious for him to push right away. He gave a forceful strain, causing a trio of long, thick turds to push out of his rear end and into my mouth all at once, nearly overwhelming me. I very quickly chewed and swallowed, then I opened wide and waited for the next round, determined to keep up this time and not have any trouble.

He gave another hard push, but this time I was prepared for the onslaught of soft poop that exploded from his butt and into my watering mouth. It was extra stinky and very hot, and I moaned around every last bite of it until it was gone. I opened wide and waited for him to push, and was pleasantly surprised when he pushed out a load that was so soft that he was almost liquidy. It still had enough solid mass to give it some body, but not a lot. It felt so warm and wonderful, and all I had to do was swallow it as it flowed out of his butt and into my mouth. He gave one last push, sending down his final turd that I very effortlessly chewed up and swallowed, then I licked his crack clean before scraping the large, dark smears of poop from around my mouth and licking my fingers clean.

When we were done, Matt, Mike and Jimmy went into the bathroom while I donned my panties and went to report to my parents, wanting someone to change my sheets.

Mommy, I need help,” I lisped as I walked into the living room, my pantied bottom switching from side to side like the horny little slut that I am.
“Baby, where did you get those?” my mom asked, and I sighed before answering.

Mike got them for me and Jimmy,” I reported. “Aren't they cute?”

My mom and dad shared a look between them before they both nodded.

What kind of help do you need, honey?” she asked, and I licked my still poop smeared lips.

My sheets have poop on them,” I complained, prompting her to give me a knowing look.

I'm not too surprised to hear that, honey,” she told me. “Didn't we just go through this last night?”

Yes mama, but I wanted Matt and Mike to feed me their poop.”

Why don't you go get in the shower with your friends,” she suggested in a quiet but understanding tone. “Mommy will be up to change your sheets in a little bit, okay?”

Okay, mommy,” I lisped. “When I brush my teeth and get cleaned up, I want to come see you and daddy in my new panties before I go night night.”

That's fine, pumpkin,” my dad said with a warm smile. “Go get cleaned up, okay?”

Okay daddy,” I said, still talking like a sissy. I walked out of the living room, letting my hips sway from side to side the whole way up the stairs until I got to the bathroom, where I dropped my panties and got into the tub with my three lovers. While we were in there, I took Jimmy and Mike's pee loads down my throat while Jimmy drank Matt's bladder full, then I peed all over his legs while I ate at his back door. When we finally turned the shower on, Jimmy and I dutifully washed our boyfriends from head to toe, then we washed each other before we offered our still horny rear ends up to our lovers for another round of butt fucking. Mike bent me over while Matt did the same to Jimmy, then I let Jimmy bend me over and give me a quick and dirty screw up the butt while Mike and Matt made out next to us in the tub.