Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 3

b/b/ oral/ anal/mast

Alright you two, don't stay up too late,” my dad said as Jimmy and I headed toward the staircase that would lead us to my room.

We won't,” I called out over my shoulder, as I began my ascent up the stairs.

Kyle, make sure you turn your TV off before you go to sleep tonight,” my mom called after me. “You left it on last night and daddy had to go in your room to shut it off after two in the morning.”

I will,” I called out once again, a little impatient get upstairs. When we reached the top of the staircase, we made a quick detour to the bathroom for a pit stop. Once we were finished, we headed straight for my room, where I closed and locked the door. I spotted Jimmy stripping down to nothing, and I decided to follow his example before we climbed into my bed.

Almost as soon as we were in my bed, I found myself in his passionate embrace as we shared a long kiss. Our kiss eventually led to me going down on him, eager to take his hot load as soon as I could. I sucked on his hard on greedily while I slid my hand underneath his body, where I found his hot crack. I rubbed his moist chute while I sucked, and almost instantaneously, he filled my mouth with his precious seed. I sat up and swallowed, then I urged him to roll over so I could grip his hips and guide his bottom into the air so that I could bury my face between his cheeks.

His juicy bottom was delicious, and as I slurped up the juices he was secreting, my breathing quickened. I ate his poop chute out for the rest of the night, only stopping when I found myself fighting the need for sleep. When I opened my eyes the next morning, my head was still resting on his bare rump, so I took the initiative and parted his stinky cheeks almost desperately, taking long, firm laps up and down his crack before I dug into his tasty butt hole. As I ate him out, I felt his bottom pressing back against my face, a sure sign that he was awake and enjoying my morning service. The sun wasn’t up yet, but the taste of Jimmy’s hot chute was like a thousand rays of light. I felt Jimmy’s chute twitching, and I knew what that meant. I dug in deeper with my tongue, and when I did, I was rewarded with a torrent of the hot juices that his pooper was flowing before I finally pulled off of him.

When I did, Jimmy said that he had to go pee. I gave him a long kiss, then I reluctantly pulled the covers back. Jimmy smiled and reached for his underwear, which were still bunched around his ankles from the night before. When we got up, we headed to the bathroom to pee, While we were in there, my desire for sex took me over again, and I found myself on my knees behind him, eagerly burying my face between his cheeks as I treated myself to a scrumptious helping of his ripe bottom. When I finished, he turned and let me suck him off one more time. Once I swallowed another load, we skipped a shower and went downstairs to see what my mom was making for breakfast.

After breakfast, I called Mike on his cell phone and asked to see him. School had finally let out for the holidays, and I was hoping to have him spend the night with me. Sadly, though, his mom and dad made plans to look for a tree that night.

“She said I could come over during the day, though,” he told me, and my heart skipped a beat.

“Do you want to meet us somewhere?”

“Sure, how about at the school?” he agreed. Ten minutes later, we the three of us met up behind the school, and as soon as I set my eyes on Mike, my mouth watered. I couldn't help but notice that Jimmy was checking him out with a shy grin too, and that Mike seemed to be sizing us both up.

Mike's so much bigger than the two of us, easily by 6 inches in height, but he still has a baby face. Jimmy's a couple of inches taller than I am, but we both weigh 80 pounds. My guess was that Mike is somewhere between 95 and 100 pounds.

The one thing that I love about both Mike and Jimmy are their bubble butts. The way their tushes fill out a pair of pants, or a pair of shorts, is fucking hot, and I could spend all day watching either of them from behind. Jimmy's face is dusted lightly with a few freckles on the upper portion of each of his cheeks, while Mike has deep dimples that accentuated his smile.

I don't feel as blessed. People have told me that I'm cute, and Jimmy always says that I am, but I feel a little self conscious because of the shape of my mouth. I feel like I always look like I have a smile on my face, even when I don't mean to. My cheeks are a little high, and my eyes have a bit of a squinty shape that makes me feel inadequate. People like to pinch my cheeks, but I feel ugly sometimes. As soon as I can, I'm going to have plastic surgery to correct my facial imperfections.

We decided to ride our bikes back to my house so Mike could meet my folks and hopefully, we could go upstairs for some privacy. Luckily, my mom and dad were going over their bills and couldn't really be bothered. So after a brief introduction, Mike, Jimmy and I escaped to my room, where I was hoping to get some action.

We sat on my bed at first, in an awkward silence, so I decided to break the ice. I reached over and rubbed Mike's leg, while at the same time, blatantly groping Jimmy's crotch. They both smiled at me, then at each other, and at once, the awkwardness was gone.

“What do you want to do?” Jimmy asked, so I moved my hand up to his fly, where I unbuttoned his pants and reached down into his underwear, fishing for his hard on. Once I had it out, I started to jerk it slowly with my left hand while Mike watched with a lewd smile. I grinned back at him, then I puckered my lips, urging him to lean in for a kiss.

As our tongues started to wrestle, I felt Jimmy reach around and run his fingers through Mike's dark hair.

That prompted Mike to break our kiss, but much to my satisfaction, he wrapped his right arm around Jimmy's neck and moved in for French kiss. Jimmy instantly complied, and for about 30 seconds, I watched them make out while I stroked Jimmy's cock in a trance like state. Finally, I broke out of my trance and dropped to my knees, eager to let Jimmy fuck my mouth while I unbuttoned Mike's jeans.

With my mouth now filled with Jimmy's dick, I managed to work Mike's pants and underwear down. At the same time, Mike and Jimmy both kicked their shoes off and stepped out of their pants completely. I looked up and saw that Jimmy had wrapped both of his arms around Mike's neck, looking totally lost in their kiss.

I let Jimmy's cock fall from my mouth, then I took all of Mike to the back of my well trained throat. While I used the muscles in my throat to try and coax a load from his balls, I ran my fingers through his pubic bush, then I urgently unbuttoned my own pants and pulled them down as far as I could. Unfortunately, I was on my knees, so I couldn't get them all the way off, but I could get them down far enough to expose my hard on and my own plump rear end.

Finally, I couldn't wait. I needed to feel Mike's thickness inside of me, so I pulled off of him and stood up, prompting them to break their kiss. When I was back on my feet, I let my pants drop to the floor and stepped out of them, then I moved in for another kiss from Mike. When we broke our kiss, I leaned in and gave Jimmy another kiss as well, then I guided him to my bed, where I urged him to sit up with his back against the headboard, where I could have easy access to his cock while giving Mike easy access to my butt.

As soon as I took Jimmy back into my mouth, I could feel Mike holding onto my hips. I started to bob up and down, and as I did, I felt Mike push in.

It was a little uncomfortable at first, but only because the lube that was there from the day before was starting to wear thin, and I hadn't lubed up since. But it wasn't that bad, and as soon as I had him all the way inside of me, it was amazing. I'd always dreamed of being filled at both ends, and all at once, in this moment, in my room, it was happening. I closed my eyes and let the sensation take me over as I felt Mike start to plow me from behind.

Just like before, his thickness felt amazing inside of me, and I was luxuriating as every veiny inch stimulated the nerves that lined my love tunnel, both inside and out, as well as my prostate, which was humming. At the same time, Jimmy's cock was filling me so expertly from the front, and I was working hard to see to it that he'd blast off in the back of my throat.

Instinctively, I pushed up to meet Mike's strong thrusts as I moaned around Jimmy's dick, which was starting to throb in my mouth. It felt like every nerve in my body had electricity running throughout, and I could feel my butt start to squeeze Mike's shaft over and over again as my orgasm built to a crescendo. At that moment, I might have hollered Mike's name were it not for the fact that I had a dick in my mouth, which I'd almost forgotten. As I suddenly became once again cognizant of that fact, I felt Jimmy’s load spill out like a running faucet. I hungrily drank down what he had to offer and hoped for more. Jimmy didn't disappoint, though it wasn't nearly as much as I'd have liked.

As I was sucking out the last remnant of Jimmy's sperm, Mike picked up the pace, moving almost furiously for about 45 more seconds until he squirted with force deep inside of me. Feeling his hot load squirting into my bottom made me squeal with delight, and I couldn’t help but let Jimmy's softening cock fall from my mouth as Mike fed me his last few strokes.

Finally he pulled out, and I spun around, taking his cock in my mouth like a bitch in heat. I wanted to suck it back to life if I could, and if I couldn't, I had another plan.

As it turned out, I couldn't. So, once I cleaned him up, I encouraged him to cuddle with Jimmy while I made my move. Almost like clockwork, he collapsed into Jimmy's arms and they started to make out, obviously still feeling passionate about what had just happened. Mike's enticing rear end was sticking up in the air, so I used the opportunity to my advantage.

I simply stayed where I was, on my knees on the bed, and I parted his cheeks so that I could dine on his glorious stink hole. The sharp smell was incredibly powerful, and I was enjoying every second of my feast. His cheeks felt hot and sweaty against my face, causing me to want to smash into them even harder and lick all around them. As I was eating him out, I reached around and grabbed his cock, which had returned to full stiffness, and gave it a couple of good tugs.

I felt Mike shift, and I noticed that Jimmy's legs were going up into the air as Mike's bottom pressed back against my face. For a moment, I thought that maybe Mike was about to go down on Jimmy, but instead, he reached back and ran his fingers through my hair, prompting me to pull my face out of his wonderful butt crack.

“Do you have anymore lube?” he asked, and I smiled at him. I looked at Jimmy, who had a far away look in his dreamy eyes, and nodded. I handed Mike the lube and watched him work some out of the tube and onto his finger, which he used to tenderly rub the outside of Jimmy's hole.

I knew that Jimmy had never been fucked, and that the odds of Mike being able to fuck him today were slim to none. However, I also knew that the allure of being able to fuck the two of us would draw him back, and that we'd both have access to his talents. Jimmy gazed up at Mike as the tip of his finger started to work its way into his hole, and as soon as he was buried up to the second knuckle, I heard Jimmy sigh.

I moved up to sit next to Jimmy while Mike fingered him, and I decided to make the moment a little more special for him by cuddling up with him. When I did, Jimmy turned and gave me the cutest smile ever, and I had to give him a kiss. From there, I rested my head on his chest and rubbed his back lovingly while Mike continued to finger him.

We started to hear my parents moving around downstairs, so for safety’s sake, we wrapped it up and opened the door.

I was shocked to learn that two hours had gone by. It didn't seem like it had been two hours, but I guess time flies when you're being worked out by two hunks. Mike said that he was going to have to leave in another hour, and my parents announced that they needed to go to Super Target for a few things.

“We can trust you not to blow the house up, right kiddo?” my dad asked, prompting me to grin and nod.

Before Mike had to leave, we slipped away to be alone in my room while Jimmy went into the bathroom for an extended period of time. I dropped my jeans and rested my hands on my window seal, offering my horny bottom up for his use. He didn't disappoint, either, as I heard him unzip his fly and unbutton his trousers. I looked wantonly over my shoulder as his cock sprang free, and grinned when he lined up with my entrance and slid it deep into my love tunnel.

His thrusts were strong, and I felt a sharp tingle up my spine that made me moan out loud. I was panting hard and thrusting my hips back in an effort to meet his forward thrusts. As my moaning got louder, I found myself grateful that my parents had gone shopping. Surely if they had been home, they would have heard the moans of their only son carry through the house as he indulged in a quick, dirty but pleasurable lay.

My toes curled and I could feel the powerful burn in my backside that told me what was coming. I used the muscles in my butt to bear down, and when I did, waves of pleasure rode out from my ass down my legs, up my spine and throughout my stomach. I could feel my untouched cock jerking as my balls tightened and I shuddered.

As my orgasm started to wane, Mike started to buck hard against my butt cheeks, and I knew what that meant, too. A few thrusts later, he was unloading his sweet cream inside of me, taking deep breaths as he did and finally letting out a sigh of relief as he pulled out. As soon as he was out, I turned around and dropped to my knees, eager to take him into my mouth and clean his sticky cock of his sperm and my ass juices.

As I was sucking him off, he started to harden again. I looked over to my door, and noticed that Jimmy had cracked it open and was peeping in. We made eye contact, and I gave him a smile, then I really got into blowing my lover. I let him drive his cock to the back of my throat, and while he did, I used my hands to grab his hips and pull him forward.

“I don't know of I want to cum in your mouth, or if I want to fuck you again,” Mike growled. I pulled off of his cock and looked up at him with a hungry gaze, wanting him to know that I'd take his cock anyway I could get it. I looked over at the clock and knew we didn't have a lot of time, so I took the initiative and guided him to my bed. I purposely encouraged him to walk ahead of me so that I could grab his buns. When I did, he smiled back at me, so I squatted briefly and buried my face in his cheeks, treating myself for about a minute to his tasty butt hole.

When I pulled my tongue out, he lay on the bed and I crawled on top of him, straddling his cock and taking it all in at once. I shuddered once more as he entered me, then I started to ride him. I instantly tightened up and rode him as hard as I could. I knew that this was strictly for his pleasure, but I was enjoying it as well. Less than a minute later, he presented me with a smaller load, but it still felt incredible to feel him shoot it inside of me.

I crawled off and cleaned his cock once more, knowing the whole time that Jimmy was watching, and that turned me on even more because I knew that once Mike was gone, I would have my way once again. I crawled up to his chest and we snuggled closely, enjoying the afterglow of our romp. The whole thing took less than 15 minutes, and I was amazed at how easily he was able to bring me off with his magnificent cock.

“You were incredible, Kyle,” he told me tenderly as he nuzzled his face into mine.

“So were you, lover,” I told him with a yawn, feeling myself get comfortable in his embrace. “Will you see me tomorrow?”

“Of course I will,” he said. “Maybe I can spend the night tomorrow night.”

“Mm, I'd like that,” I said as I let me fingertips lightly brush over his now soft cock.

Mike brought his tender lips to mine, and as I reciprocated, he entered my mouth with his tongue. When we broke our kiss, I looked over to the bedroom door and noticed that it was shut.

When Mike left, Jimmy and I were alone long enough to dish about what had happened.

“That looked so hot,” he said.

“It was,” I told him, then in a seductive tone I added, “Maybe that can be us later.”

Jimmy smiled widely, and I moved in to give him a quick peck on the lips, which he gladly accepted.

When my parents got home, we helped them unload the groceries from the car. Once everything was out, my mom started on dinner while my dad settled down to watch a game. Jimmy and I escaped to the backyard to be alone, and I took full advantage of my opportunity. Despite the fact that Mike had pleasured me more than once, I was still horny and eager for any action I could get. All weekend long, I had been stealing moments with Jimmy, taking advantage of the times that we could be by ourselves so that I could service him anyway he would let me, and I was eager to let him use me as his cum dump. .

I had been eyeing Jimmy’s bottom all day, hoping for a chance to satisfy my appetite for his juicy rear end. The two of us made our way into my dad's shed, where we shared a long, passionate kiss that stirred my already heightened libido. It seemed like it only took a minute for me to work Jimmy's jeans down, and from there, I took a seat on an old bucket that was turned upside down.

Jimmy must have been reading my mind, too, because all it took was a slight grip of his hips on my part, and he turned to face away from me. He rested his hands on my dad's riding lawn mower as he made his hot, sweaty bottom easily accessible to me. Through the white cotton fabric of his underwear, I could see the outline of his cheeks and the sweat that ran down the deep valley of his hot crack. The aroma that drifted into my nostrils was heavenly. As I used my fingers to hook the waist band of his undies and pull them down, my own horny pooper was juicing with delight.

I parted his cheeks and smiled as I licked up and down his moist, flavorful crack, then all around his hot, tangy, sweaty cheeks. Because he stayed over the previous night I knew for a fact that Jimmy hadn't showered that day, and I was truly thankful that he hadn't.

Once I was sure that I had lapped up as much of his flavorful sweat as I could, I eagerly moved to his stinky poop-chute and ate it insatiably for the next ten minutes. When I pulled off of it, it was only so I could use my fingers to try and pull it apart so I could dig with my tongue for more of the tasty treasure he held deep within him.

His juices ran freely into my mouth, and what I thought I was missing, I was sure to probe for. Before I finally stopped, I ran my tongue greedily all around his tangy butt cheeks, then I moved back to his savory pooper for some dessert.

Five minutes after I went back to it, I finally stopped so he could turn around and let me finish him off. I selfishly took his hard-on in my mouth and sucked while I let my fingertips linger around his juicy hole, which was still emitting an aroma I found appetizing. It didn't take him long to shoot a voluminous, tasty load in my mouth, prompting me to swallow it quickly so I could make room for what was to follow.

He went to pull his underwear back up, but I used my hand to grip them and guide them back down. With a smile, I said, "Turn around again," and he did. I impatiently buried my face in his cheeks and treated myself to another scrumptious helping of Jimmy's savory chute. For the next ten minutes, I used my tongue to make sure that he enjoyed my feast as much as I did. He was flowing juices heavily into my mouth, and my own poop-chute was still juicing with desire, soaking my underwear. I was yearning to be penetrated by Jimmy, just once, and I knew I could no longer refrain. I pulled my face out of his delicious butt and stood up to drop my drawers. As soon as they hit the ground, I wrapped Jimmy in a passionate embrace and let him guide me to the ground. I heard hm giggle as he pulled my sneakers off, one at a time, then he pulled my pants off so that they wouldn't be in his way.

I felt him line up with my hole, then I grinned as I felt his cock enter me. It felt so hot inside of me, especially in the cold evening air that was coming into dad's shed, and I grinned up at him as he ground it playfully around in my rear end. Soon he was feeding me full strokes, and I was in sheer heaven again.

“You feel so good,” I moaned, and he looked intensely down at my face as he continued to fuck me.

“Your hole feels hot,” he groaned, still thrusting hard, then he gasped, “Oh my God.”

With that, he picked up the pace and I felt delirious. I could feel the inside of my butt squeezing his cock over and over, and as it did, the familiar burn came back full force and I came hard. At the same time, Jimmy moaned in unison with me and started to move at a furious pace. This heightened my euphoria, and caused me to call out his name as he shuddered and came, slowing down his strokes. When he stopped, he leaned down to kiss me, and I wrapped my arms around his neck, eager to accept his kiss once more.

“Let’s stay like this for a while,” I said, wrapping my legs tightly around his waist so that I could keep him inside of me as long as possible.

“Okay,” he said, giving in to my needs with a loving smile as we cuddled closely.

End of Chapter 3