Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 30

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When we got out of the tub, I dutifully dried my three lovers off like a good girl. Once they were dry, Jimmy and I brushed our teeth and rinsed with mouthwash. We let Mike and Matt inspect our teeth and test our breath by kissing us, then we lubed each other back up before we donned our panties once again. Our panty clad bottoms were switching back and forth as we led our lovers back down the hall to my room, where my mom had changed my sheets and made my bed. When we closed the door, Mike and Matt let the towels fall from their waists while Jimmy and I licked our lips. I stepped up to Matt and engaged him in a very tongue heavy kiss while Jimmy did the same with Mike. My kiss with Matt eventually led to me going down on him, anxious to take his meaty cock all the way to the back of my throat and let him fuck me there.

While I was sucking Matt's dick like a good girl, Jimmy was back in the bed with his legs in the air and Mike's dick up his butt. They were engaged in a passionate kiss and I could hear my mattress squeaking with the motion of their fucking. Jimmy was letting out soft, lustful moans into Mike's mouth, and his legs were rocking back and forth as they rested on his shoulders. Seeing this heated Matt, causing him to grab the sides of my head and treat me to a very forceful throat fuck. His meaty fuck stick was hitting the clitoris in my throat over and over again, swelling up with each stroke and adding to my pleasure and hastening my climax. In no time at all, I was treated to a very large mouthful of hot cum, which added to the bliss of my own orgasm as it washed over me.

When he pulled his cock from my mouth, it was still dripping with cum and saliva, so I licked it clean like a good little pussy boy, then I grabbed his hips and urged him to turn and face the other way, giving me access to his luscious poop-chute. I spread his butt cheeks apart and dug in with my tongue, eating him deeply for several minutes before he turned and offered me his cock to suck on once more. I smiled up at him, then I swallowed his cock whole and sucked as though my life depended on it. A minute later, I was swallowing his load again, then we cuddled closely on the floor. Matt sat Indian style and I sat on his lap, letting him hold me close. I smiled up at him and offered my lips for a kiss, an offer he happily accepted, then he whispered sweet nothings in my ear while we watched Mike fuck two loads out of Jimmy and one load into him.

When they were finished, we all cuddled closely on my bed and basked in the afterglow of our sex. While we were resting, I heard my mom and dad ascend the stairs, so I got up and went to their room, using the excuse that I wanted to thank my mom for changing my sheets and ask permission for us to stay up late and watch movies in the living room. As I walked down the hall, I let my panty covered bottom sway from side to side like a true cock slut, wanting to stay in that mode for as long as I lived, even when I went back to school the following week. I wanted to talk with a lisp all day, in class and around all of the other boys in my school, and I wanted the whole school to know that I was an even bigger fairy than I had been before school let out for Christmas vacation.

When I got to my mom and dad's room, I very daintily pranced around their room, watching as they shed their clothes and turned their TV on so they could watch the news before they fell asleep.

“I see you're enjoying your panties, honey,” my mom observed with a warm smile, and I nodded with a shy smile.

“They make me feel like a pretty girl, mommy,” I admitted with a very thick lisp, slowly strutting around their bed and letting my ass swing from side to side.

“Well they make you look like a pretty girl too, honey,” she told me. “Are you having fun tonight?”

“Yes,” I lisped. “Thank you for changing my sheets and making my bed, mommy.”

“You're welcome, baby,” she told me, walking toward the bathroom. She went into the bathroom and took a seat on the toilet, and I could hear her urine stream hitting the water. At the same time, I felt my dad's fingers running through my hair. I looked up to find him standing naked behind me, prompting me to smile up at him. He kissed me on the lips, then he patted the bed and encouraged me to get in. I wasted no time in hopping up onto the bed and getting on my hands and knees, my pantied bottom sticking straight up into the air as an invitation for my daddy to fill my boy pussy with his large cock. While I was doing this, my mom flushed the toilet and came back into the room, crawling into the bed next to me with a very lustful expression. She had my dirty underwear from that afternoon, bunched up in her right hand. I was about to make a move for them, but she slid them under the covers and out of my reach. She smiled knowingly at me, then she opened her legs and let her right hand travel down between them.

“I have two sexy girls in my bed,” I heard my dad declare, prompting me to divert my attention back to him. His cock was filling with blood, stiffening quickly and growing by the second. I knew I had to have it right away, so I decided to show him how I felt.

“Am I a pretty girl, daddy?” I lisped sissily, rolling my pantied bottom around in the air. I felt his hand come to rest on my right butt cheek, then he very sensually ran it across to the left cheek, sending a sharp shiver up my spine and down the backs of my legs.

“You're a very pretty girl, pumpkin,” he said in a lustful tone. “You make daddy feel very horny.”

Before he could get the words out, I let out a very long, horny moan and started to push back against his hand, anxious for him to pull my panties off of my hips and fuck a load into my pussy. Right next to us, my mom was watching silently with two fingers working furiously in her own dripping cunt, biting her lower lip. I smiled sweetly at her, then I verbalized my desires so that there would be no doubt in either of their minds.

“Daddy, I want you to give it to me up the butt,” I moaned, taking note of the fact that my mom was now starting to pant under the force of her finger fuck. I looked over my shoulder at my dad, catching site of his man cock which was now standing full mast, and squealed like a girl. At the same time, my flow of ass juice started surging, causing a very sweet burn to spread throughout my midsection.

My dad rested both of his hands on my hips, taking hold of my panties, then he gently eased them down as far as he could take them. As he was doing this, my panties started to roll up, making it a little easier for him to get them down until they were bunched up around my knees and he could go no further. The smell of my boy pussy was strong, even though I'd just had a long shower with my three lovers, who were now engaging in their own carnal threesome down the hall in my room. I had no doubt in my mind that Jimmy was being fed hard cock at both ends, and that all three of my lovers were enjoying every second of their romp.

As the scent of my horny pooper filled the air, I felt my dad part my cheeks and use his thick fingers to rub it gently, bringing out an even more powerful pheromone from deep inside of me. Before I realized what was happening, my mom pulled her fingers out of her pussy and crawled over to my dad, who was adding more pressure to his rubbing, sending a delicious thrill through my body as I anticipated the fudge packing he was about to give me.

As I looked over my shoulder, I watched my mom and dad share a long French kiss, then my mom's hand traveled into my crack, where her fingers joined my dad's. They seemed to be working in unison, rubbing the lips of my boy pussy as their kiss got more passionate. I was moaning quite sissily, once again giving into my feminine feelings as I watched the scene unfold behind me. When they broke their kiss, both of them turned their attention to my needy pussy, watching with great concern as they rubbed even more forcefully. I watched my dad lean forward and plant a kiss on my mom's lips, then he smiled and nodded. She replied by pulling her hand out of my crack and bringing it up to her nose, inhaling loudly and letting out a quiet moan of her own, then she slipped her fingers into her mouth and sucked lustily.

When she pulled her fingers out of her mouth, she licked her lips and placed both of her hands back on my cheeks, pulling them as far apart as she could before she lowered her nose to my crack and sniffed. I was about to roll my hips around again when she started to run her nose up and down my crack, brushing my boy cunt and taking loud sniffs the entire time. When she pulled her nose out of my rump, she licked her lips again, then she buried her face back in my crack and started to eat my pussy with reckless abandon.

“Ooh, mama, it feels so good,” I lisped loudly, and was rewarded for my words of pleasure when she began to eat it harder.

“Do you like that, pumpkin?” my dad asked, using the palm of his hand to caress my plump cheeks.

“Yes daddy, I love it,” I squealed. “Mommy's eating my pussy so good.”

“I'm so glad to hear that, sugar,” he told me. “Mommy loves eating pussy, and she loves eating butt holes, just like you.”

I responded by pushing back hard with my rear end, letting the deep burn of pleasure that was coursing through my body take me over. My head was spinning and I was moaning loudly, wondering how long this would last. My mom's teeth were brushing over my pucker and her face was pressed hard against my crack while her tongue wormed around inside of my poop-chute. My little pecker was rock hard, sticking straight out painfully as my little rump stuck straight up into the air. My every movement was a reflexive reaction to the rim job that I was being treated to, and aside from being very aware of my own flow of ass juice, I was out of my mind with pleasure.

When she finally pulled away from my juicing cunt, I was still moaning like a bitch, anxious for more butt sex from anyone I could get it from. My dad quickly sated my need, lining up at my entrance and pushing his dripping cock in with one hard thrust. I shivered hard when I felt him enter me from behind, letting another girlish squeal go as a smile crept across my face, then I felt him grab my hips and begin to feed me long strokes.

“Oh, daddy,” I moaned as his veiny dick tore back and forth along the hot lining of my boy pussy.

“Does that feel good, sugar?' he asked. I responded with a very feminine moan, then I started to push up with my hips, wanting to meet his forward thrusts halfway and hasten their journey into the depths of my pooper. Moments later, I felt the delicious sensation of a powerful anal orgasm washing over me, so I increased the force of my backward thrusts while I babbled incoherently.

At the same time, I picked up on the very succulent scent of poop and dried pee. I opened my eyes just in time to see my mom holding my stinky underwear from that afternoon up to my lips, letting their aroma drift into my nostrils. I very hungrily opened my mouth and let her ease them in, then I sucked hard on them as I rode my climax out to its glorious end. With the taste of pee and poop filling my slutty mouth, I felt my dad's hard dick swell in my boy cunt, then he blasted off inside of me, filling my pussy with a very hot load of cum that felt incredible as it sprayed the interior of my hungry chute.

When he pulled out of me, I let my stinky undies drop from my mouth and spun around quickly, anxious to suck his dick clean of all cum and ass juice. While I was sucking my dad's dick, my mom took her place at my back door, once again eating my pussy deeply while I moaned loudly and pushed as much cum and ass juice into her mouth as I could. When we were finished, I pulled off of my dad's cock and sat up, prompting my mom to stop eating me out. When she sat up, I collapsed backwards into her lap and let her cradle me in her arms so I could breastfeed.

While I was nursing, my mom got into a more comfortable position, laying flat on the bed and turning me over so that I was laying on my tummy at her side. She was stroking my head gently, humming in a very soothing tone as her milk flowed into my tummy. I could feel her open her legs wide, then my dad crawled between them, resting there and planting another kiss on her lips. Aside from this, I paid them no mind, instead choosing to stay where I was and nurse while they engaged in a very loving fuck. When they were finished, my mom used her fingers to make me disengage from her nipple, then she and my dad tended to my pussy, using moist feminine wipes to clean away all traces of our sex and leaving a very pretty smell. Once my pussy was clean and fresh, they pulled my pretty panties up and sent me back down the hall to my room, where another round of sex was waiting for me.

“It feels good, honey” Matt whispered into my ear as I rode up and down on his cock, feeling its length run up inside of me, then back out as I continued my lustful ride. My back was to the TV, and I was missing the movie we were watching, but I didn't care. I wanted to feel Matt's hard dick inside of me in the worst way, and I knew that I needed more than just to suck him off. I had an insatiable yearning deep inside of my boy pussy for cock, and I had just crawled off of Mike's dick after 20 wickedly pleasurable minutes. Prior to that, all three of my lovers had screwed loads into my juicing pussy upstairs in my room, after I had been freshly fucked by my dad.

I sauntered into my room, where Mike, Matt and Jimmy were laying in a heap on my bed, obviously worn out from their romp while I was taking ten inches of hard, horny man cock up the butt from my dad. Jimmy looked so adorable with his panties bunched around his feet, and I couldn't resist the temptation that I was feeling to engage him in a long kiss while Mike and Matt watched. Our kiss led to Jimmy pulling my panties off of my rear end just far enough to gain access to my itchy, cock hungry pussy, then he mounted me from the back and fucked me furiously while I moaned like a cock hound.

As he was doing this, I eased Mike's cock into my mouth and sucked him off while I wrapped my hand around Matt's cock and gave him a hand job. Once Jimmy seeded my cunt, he and Mike traded places and I found myself on the receiving end of another satisfying butt fuck while I moaned around Jimmy's hairless, sticky dick. Eventually, Matt eased his cock into my mouth beside Jimmy's, and I was treated to the sensation of three dicks filling me at the same time. With two cocks in my mouth, I found myself more insatiable than ever, wanting Mike to drive in hard from behind while my sucking mouth serviced the two dicks that I was enjoying so much. While I was sucking them off, Jimmy and Matt were kissing passionately, feeling each other up and running their fingers through each others' hair.

When Mike finally bred my pussy, he pulled out and traded places with Matt, who wasted no time in mounting me from behind and fucking me to another frantic climax while I sucked two dicks at the same time. Mike simply picked up where Matt left off, kissing Jimmy with lots of tongue while I sucked their dicks. When Matt finally seeded me for the last time, he tried to fit his cock into my mouth with Mike and Jimmy's, but there was no room, so Jimmy pulled away and let Matt take his place. It felt so amazing to have Matt and Mike filling my mouth at the same time, and I took extra pleasure in watching them kiss while Jimmy ate at my back door.

When they finally fed me their cum, Jimmy and I pulled our panties up, then we dressed our lovers in their undies and tee-shirts before leading them downstairs, where we cuddled on the couch and watched The Smurfs on blue Ray. I sat in Mike's lap while Jimmy sat in Matt's lap, and we both let them kiss us and grab our butt's at will. I felt Mike nibbling on my ear, then he whispered that he loved me. In a girly lisp, I told him that I loved him too, and that I was still horny for his cock. He let me take his dick out of his underwear, then he tugged on the waistband of my panties and lowered them just far enough to be able to slip inside of me. I could feel my panties brushing along the length of his cock as he fucked up into me. I responded by placing the flats of my feet on his thighs, giving him more room to thrust in and out, sending long shivers up my spine as he treated me to another fudge packing.

When we were through, we cuddled until he fell asleep, then I crawled over to Matt, who was still awake with Jimmy sleeping in his lap. I watched with a smile as he very sweetly kissed Jimmy on the cheek, then he effortlessly picked my boyfriend up like he was cradling a baby and carried him over to Mike, placing him gently in Mike's lap. As soon as Jimmy was in his lap, Mike opened his eyes and smiled at Matt, then he cuddled Jimmy closely while he and Matt shared a loving kiss.

“I love you,” Mike told his friend when their lips parted.

“I love you too,” Matt said with a sweet smile. “Go back to sleep.”

With that, Matt dropped his undies and sat down on the couch. His cock was already rock hard, so I simply straddled him and lowered myself down until he was inside of me, then I rode him hard. After he told me how good it felt, I engaged him in a long kiss as my climax overflowed and I moaned into his mouth like a sissy. After he came inside of me, I took his cock in my mouth and let him grope my butt cheeks while we watched the movie. Eventually he got hard again, and I found myself riding his cock once more, eager to milk another hot load from his balls. He seeded my pussy just as the credits started to roll, so I licked his cock clean, then we got up to go to bed, holding hands the entire time. It was after 1am, and Jimmy was out like a light, so Mike carried him upstairs, tenderly kissing him on the cheek and whispering that he loved him. When we got to my room, I pulled the covers back and Mike tucked him into the bed, then he got in and cuddled him close until he fell asleep. Matt and I fell asleep in each others' arms as well, but not before he whispered sweet nothings into my ear.

“I love you, Kyle,” he told me. “You have such a pretty face, and such a sexy little butt.”

“I love you too, Matt,” I lisped. “I'm glad you think I'm pretty. I want to be a good girlfriend for you and Mike and Jimmy.”

“You're a very hot girlfriend, Kyle,” he told me, wrapping his arms around my torso and holding me close.“I love the way your ass feels when it's wrapped around my dick.”

“I love feeling your dick inside of me,” I told him, stating the obvious. “I want you and Mike to make love to me every day.”

“Are you still going to suck us off at school?” he asked, and I nodded eagerly.

“I'm going to suck you off at school, at home, anywhere you want me to,” I said with a girly moan, reaching back to grope him through his underwear.“I wish there was a way to suck you off under your desk when you're in class. Would you like that?”

“Shit yeah, I would,” he said. “Do you want us to take a dump in your mouth at school?”

“Mmm,” I moaned. “I'd love that, baby. Will you do that for me?”

“I promise, honey,” he whispered into my ear, then he planted a kiss on my cheek. “I'll do anything for my sweet little girlfriend.”

I sighed, then I felt myself drifting off into dreamland as thoughts of being fed cock and hot loads of poop at school drifted through my sleepy head.

It was dark in my room when I felt a nudge on my shoulder. I opened my eyes and took a deep breath, then I sat up and realized that Jimmy was standing at the side of the bed. I smiled and crawled over Matt and Mike so that I could climb out of the bed, and as soon as I was standing in front of my boyfriend, he planted a kiss on my lips.

“I have to poop,” he told me with a whisper, taking my hand and leading me out of my room, down the hall to the bathroom. We were both wearing our panties, and I couldn't help but look down at Jimmy's bottom as it switched from side to side, as if this were now normal for him. When we got to the bathroom, he closed the door and turned the light on, causing us both to be temporarily blinded by the glare. Without a word, we both dropped our panties and I got into the tub, resting on my knees as I waited for my lover to feed me his butt load. I licked my lips and watched as he squatted over my opened mouth, moaning in anticipation of having my mouth filled with a luscious pile of turds. I used my hands to part his warm butt cheeks, then I opened wide as his hot hole started to expand.

A very strong stink started to fill the air while I listened for the familiar crackle of a moist turd. I was anticipating the wonderful, hot thrust of air that I love to feel in my mouth whenever someone's about to fill it with poop when, without warning, his poop load erupted with a very audible fart. My mouth was filled up right away with a very stinky collection of soft, savory turds that piled up quickly before they subsided. I let them rest in my mouth, enjoying their steamy heat and delightful stink, then I started to chew and swallow. I had the entire mouthful down in no time flat, then I posted back up at his rear end for another. He gave a hard push, and once again, I was treated to a delicious mouthful of hot, stinky turds that I was eager to swallow. As he was feeding me from his hot bottom, he pushed so hard that several splatters of his poop load hit my cheeks and forehead, carrying with them the promise of a tasty round of leftovers that I could enjoy later.

While I was still chewing the second mouthful, he turned to face me, pointing his hairless little boy cock my way. I swallowed as fast as I could, then I opened wide and let him wash my brown meal down with a mouthful of warm pee. When his bladder was nearly empty, he directed his weakened stream into my hair, then he shook off on my tongue. When he turned back around, I shoved my face between his poop smeared cheeks and opened wide, eager for more. He gave a hard push, and I was pleasantly surprised to receive a very hot mouthful of liquid poop that shot out with force from his butt hole. It was extremely stinky, and when I could no longer keep up, it overflowed from my mouth and ran freely down my cheeks. I was gulping furiously, wanting to keep up and swallow every drop, but it was shooting out with so much pressure that it was impossible.

“I went diarrhea,” I heard him say in a panicked voice. He looked over his shoulder at me with a worried expression, and I could only smile up at him and lick my lips hungrily. His eyes got huge and he let out a sigh of relief, then he let me get back into position so that I could dine on his extra stinky butt fudge. I parted his cheeks and inhaled deeply, letting the distinctive scent of diarrhea fill my nostrils as my mouth watered and my poop filled tummy rumbled, anxious for more.

The truth was, I had been eager for someone, anyone, to have diarrhea in my mouth ever since I'd been treated to a similar smelling and tasting poop load from Matt the morning before. Now I was being treated to the real thing, and I was anxious to enjoy it. I opened wide around Jimmy's dirty hole, and was once again treated to a very hot mouthful of his liquidy boy poop. I very quickly started to swallow, wanting so badly to learn how to keep up and not lose any. As I was accepting Jimmy's hot, chocolatey diarrhea, my hairless little pecker was standing up so hard that I thought it might break. I was feeling delirious with pleasure as wave after wave of the stinky treat flowed into my tummy like hot lava for nearly a minute.

“I think I'm done,” he announce from above.

“Can you try to go some more?” I begged him. “I want you to keep going diarrhea in my mouth.”

With a naughty grin, he acquiesced, straining hard in an effort to feed me more. I was rewarded with a very hot, juicy fart that caused him to splatter the inside of my mouth with a little more poop, then he strained again but nothing came out. I licked his poopy crack clean, then I ate his hole deeply for five minutes. When I pulled away, he helped me stand up, then he licked the splatters from my face before we shared a long kiss.

He finally turned the shower on and we washed up, then I begged him to fuck me. I got in the doggy style position on the floor of the tub and let him mount me from the back while I moaned like a girl. When he filled me up with cum, we donned our panties and brushed our teeth, then we went back to bed, where I once again begged him to fuck another load into my needy pussy. While he was breeding my boy pussy, my girlish moans woke Mike and Matt up, and at my urging, they each fucked another load into my quivering cunt, then Jimmy took their pee loads down his throat before we all went back to sleep.