Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 31

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I was yawning and scratching my messy head as I made my way down the dark hallway to my parents' room. It was a little before 5am, and I knew that it would be a while before they were ready to wake up, but I wanted to be there when my dad opened his eyes so that I could accept both his morning pee load, and more importantly, his morning load of poop. I slipped into their room and made my way around to my mom's side of the bed, my pantied bottom switching shamelessly from side to side, even though there was no one awake to see what I was doing.

I crawled into the bed and snuggled up to my mom's side, and without even opening her eyes, she wrapped her left arm around my tiny frame and guided my mouth to her nipple. I latched on right away and began to nurse as she rubbed my back gently, and in no time at all, I was fast asleep once more. When I opened my eyes, it was because I felt the familiar touch of my dad's opened palm caressing my rear end. I blinked slowly as the room came into focus, becoming aware that the TV was on and I was still nursing from my mom's bosom.

Hi baby,” I heard my mom gush when I opened my eyes. I felt her run her hand gently over my cheek, then she planted a kiss on top of my head. “Did you get enough yet?”

I nodded without disengaging, so she used her fingertips to gently massage the perimeter of her nipple, encouraging me to let go so that she could get up. I sat up in the bed and smiled at my dad, noticing that his long, thick cock was hanging low this morning. I knew that there was a torrent of hot pee waiting to spray into my eager tummy, and I wanted it all.

Do you want to come to the bathroom with daddy?” he asked in a very gentle tone, and I replied by nodding and holding my arms out for him to pick me up and carry me. When I was up in his arms, he kissed me on the lips and took me into the bathroom, setting me down on the toilet and smiling down at me. I looked up and licked my lips, then I lifted his hose and wrapped my lips around the end. As I expected, my mom followed us into the bathroom and was watching from the door as I waited for my dad to release his bladder and fill my mouth with warm pee.

As soon as his flow started, I began to gulp furiously, wanting to keep up as his yellow elixir flowed down into my stomach, where it joined my mother's nourishing breast milk and Jimmy's gift of mouthwatering turds and hot diarrhea. I could feel the steam of his hot pee rising into my nostrils, filling them with the intoxicating scent that I could never get too much of. When he finally finished, I let his hose fall from my slutty mouth and gripped his hips, eager for him to turn around so that I could enjoy a warm, brown breakfast straight from his rear end. I was also anxious to have him blow a hot fart right into my opened mouth, something that I was sure would happen since he hadn't let one go while I was drinking his pee.

Sure enough, as soon as I parted his cheeks, I was treated to a loud, stinky fart that danced on my palate and drifted into my nostrils, giving me a preview of the wonderful poop load I was about to swallow. I let out a moan, then I pressed my sniffing nose and my opened mouth as hard as I could into his crack. With my nose pressed against his hole, I felt it start to open as a glorious stink started to fill the bathroom, so I pulled my nose away and watched with glee as the dark brown head of a thick turd began to emerge.

I was grinning hard as I opened wide and sealed my lips around his hole, feeling the tell tale heat of his steamy turd thrusting into my mouth. Before I knew what was happening, I was accepting the first of my dad's succulent turds as it slid out of his hole and into my mouth. It was incredibly long, thick and very stinky. It had a firm texture with plenty of cracks along its length, and I delighted in feeling it push its way into my mouth, snaking along my cheeks and gums like a horseshoe. As it filled my mouth, I was taking hard sniffs and moaning softly, feeling its weight on my tongue and knowing that I was in for a treat once I had the chance to chew it up and swallow.

When it detached from his anus, I opened wide to show my mom my stinky mouthful, then I chewed it up and swallowed with a satisfied sigh and a huge grin. When it was down, I got back into position and opened my watering mouth. My dad gave another push, and once again, I was treated to a long, thick turd that crackled the entire time it was filling my mouth. My mom knelt down to watch as I accepted the long turd and sniffed hard, feeling light headed as the delicious taste and smell filled my senses. She was almost looking on in wonder as it filled my mouth and curled up at the same time. When my dad's poop log completed its journey, I let my mom look a little longer, wanting her to see how the turd rested snugly in my mouth, its steamy aroma an added bonus.

When I closed my mouth and started to chew and swallow, she smiled warmly and pulled my dad's cheeks apart for me. When my mouth was empty, she looked expectantly at me, so I opened to show her my empty mouth, then I pushed my face back up into his rump and waited for my next mouthful. I inhaled loudly and smiled at my mom, then I made a seal around my dad's smelly butt hole and waited for him to feed me again. He gave a hard push, simultaneously releasing a juicy fart and a large, stinky mouthful of turds that caused my cheeks to bulge and my lips to distend slightly. Even with my mouth crammed full with hot poop, I managed to smile proudly at my mom, showing off my brown mouthful before I chewed and swallowed all of it.

I'm all finished,” my dad announced, so I took to his cheeks, licking them clean while my mom held them open for me, then I dropped my panties and the three of us got in the shower. I let my mom and dad wash me from head to toe while I released a stream of hot pee all over their legs. When they were finished washing me, they washed each other lovingly, then I got up and offered my dad some pussy. He very eagerly accepted my offer, bending me over and slipping a soapy cock up my butt, fucking me to a frantic climax before he bred me. When he pulled out, my mom rinsed his cock off, then she sucked it into her mouth and gave him a very passionate blow job, swallowing his cum load when he presented it to her.

When we got out, I let my mom and dad dress me in my panties, then I went to my bathroom and brushed my teeth again before going downstairs to join my parents in the kitchen, eager to be held after such a satisfying butt fucking. While my mom made breakfast for my dad, I crawled into his lap and stayed close to him, enjoying the way his cologne smelled and how manly he looked in his suit. We shared a few French kisses, but I sat still in his lap when my mom brought his food so he could enjoy his breakfast. When it was time for them to leave, they smothered me with hugs and kisses before they walked out the door.

I went back upstairs and rejoined my three lovers in bed, snuggling up to Matt once again and letting him hold me close as sleep closed in on me. When I woke up, it was a little after 9am and my bladder was screaming at me. As I crawled out of my bed, Mike started to stir, so I smiled and waited for him to wake up. He grinned when he spotted me, then he got up and we held hands as we walked down the hall to the bathroom, my panty clad bottom switching from side to side the entire time. I was about to drop to my knees so that I could drink his pee load when he pulled me back up and planted a very tender kiss on my lips.

Good morning, sweetheart,” he said sweetly, and I blushed hard as he wrapped me in his arms.

Good morning sweetie,” I lisped, feeling my cheeks heat up as I rested my head against his chest and smiled up at him. “Did you sleep good?”

Yeah, I slept really well,” he said, letting me slide back down his body. When I was on my knees, I wrapped my lips around the head of his dick and encouraged him to pee. He wasted no time in letting go with his strong stream, treating me to my second warm mouthful of hot pee that morning. When he was finished, I begged him to turn around and blow a juicy fart into my mouth, then I got up and retrieved the plastic cup, eager for him to see me pee into it and drink it down. As I was drinking my own pee load down, he sat on the edge of the tub and grinned at me, licking his lips.

Do you want to eat my poop this morning?” he asked as I was swallowing the last of my pee. I pulled the cup away from my lips and nodded anxiously, then I sniffed the inside of the cup as hard as I could, still wanting to smell the acrid aroma of my pee. He licked his lips again, then he stood up and motioned for me to get into position. I dropped my panties, not wanting them to be soiled by our lewd act, then I crawled into the tub and got on my knees. Mike got in right in front of me, squatting directly over my face. I barely had time to part his cheeks and open my mouth when I felt his thighs start to stiffen. I sealed my lips around his stinky hole as quickly as I could, and was instantly treated to a large helping of hot, steamy poop logs that forced their way out of his butt and into my watering mouth.

Mmm,” I moaned loudly as I smashed the large volume of firm turds against the roof of my mouth and swallowed, then I made a special request. “Poop harder this time.”

I parted his poop smeared cheeks and got into position, then I heard him straining loudly. His hard work paid off, and my reward was a torrent of hot, stinky turds that practically exploded from his rear end and into my mouth, filling it beyond capacity and forcing me to open my mouth further to make room. Even that wasn't enough, and his hot poop load began caking up in his crack, all around my mouth and up into my nostrils. I was in heaven as I chewed up the many turds that occupied my mouth, giving out loud moans of desire the entire time. When I was finished swallowing, I used my fingers to scrape the poop that was caked up on my face and in my nose, then I enjoyed it all with a very girlish squeal.

I opened wide to accept the last of his generous offering, and was delighted when he sent two more firm, thick turds down his rectum, letting them fill my slutty mouth and rest on my tongue before I chewed them up and swallowed. Finally, I took to his cheeks, where there was a massive amount of boy poop caked along the lining of his crack and all over his cheeks. I grinned when I spotted a lone turd smashed against his right butt cheek, and I couldn't resist the urge to dislodge it and hold it in my hands, taking a nice, long sniff before I crammed it into my mouth and swallowed it. While I was licking his crack clean, I came across a few more turds that were buried under the mass of soft poop that had caked up there. I grinned hard as I indulged in each one of the stinky, succulent treats, knowing that I was such a lucky girl to have a boyfriend like Mike to feed me.

I was about to turn the shower on and clean us both up when Matt staggered into the bathroom, still half asleep. I smiled up at him brownly, then I opened wide and waited patiently while he aimed his soft dick at my face and peed. I quickly gulped down all that he had to offer, then I let him shake off on my tongue. When his bladder was empty, he squatted over my opened mouth and treated me to the first of five voluminous mouthfuls of hot poop that he would feed me. His thick, clay brown turds emerged one at a time, each one crackling loudly as they filled my watering mouth to capacity. I took my time as I chewed them up, loving their heavenly stink and scrumptious flavor, very reminiscent of cat poop and drying pee. Between turds, he was blowing hot farts right into my mouth, adding to my already heightened state of bliss. Three of his steaming poop logs curled up in my mouth like dog poop, and I found myself once again dreaming of eating a hot pile, this time straight from a dog's butt.

When he was finished pooping in my mouth, I licked his crack clean, then I turned the shower on and washed my two lovers from head to toe like a good girl. When they were clean, I got on my hands and knees and let them both fill my slutty mouth with their cocks, sucking them both off and swallowing their cum loads like a pro. When we got out, I brushed my teeth three times and rinsed with mouthwash, then I slid my panties back on and led them back to our bed, where I took turns giving them each some pussy and some head. Both of them took a turn between my opened legs and in my slutty mouth while I squealed like a sissy.

When Jimmy woke up, I gave him some pussy too, then I drank his pee load down while we were in my bed. After I drank from his bladder, we kissed passionately, then we got up and went downstairs so we could cuddle and watch TV on the couch again. Mike and Jimmy held hands while I held hands with Matt. As we made our way down the stairs, me and Jimmy were letting our panty covered bottoms switch from side to side as we leaned into our tops and lisped heavily. When we got downstairs, I put the Blue Ray Disc back in, since none of us watched it the night before for different reasons.

While we were on the couch, Mike held Jimmy close in his lap, smothering him with kisses and telling him what a sexy girl he was. On the other end of the couch, Matt was doing the same with me.

How did my poop taste this morning?” he asked, causing me to bite my lower lip as a shiver ran through me.

It was delicious,” I told him with a thick lisp. “I loved it so much, and I wish I was still eating it.”

I think it's so hot that you want me to take a dump in your mouth,” he confessed. “It makes me think about you and Jimmy all the time. Do you think you'll want to eat more later?”

Yes,” I practically hissed, then I found my lisp. “Do you have more for me, baby?”

I will, honey,” he said tenderly, then he planted a sweet kiss on my lips. “I want to keep my sexy little girlfriend happy.”

I love you, Matt,” I sighed dreamily, still talking like a sissy.

I love you too, honey,” he said, resting his forehead against mine and pressing the tip of his nose gently against the tip of my nose. We smiled dumbly at each other for a moment, then he pressed his lips to mine and we found ourselves in a very passionate lip lock. When we broke our kiss, I ground my panty covered bottom into the growing bulge that was only covered by his briefs, then I let out a loud moan.

Do you want some more pussy?” I asked him with a seductive lisp, and he nodded. “Good, because I need some more cock.”

With that, he took my hand like a good boyfriend and helped me stand, then he stood up with me and took me into his strong arms as he engaged me in another French kiss. As our tongues dueled, I felt his hands work their way down my back until they reached my rump. I felt him tug on my panties, pulling them off of my hips until they were resting just a little more than halfway down on my cheeks, then I felt him slide his finger into my crack to feel for my boy pussy. When he found it, his tongue began to dominate mine, and he began rubbing the lips of my pussy with force, causing my already heavy flow of ass juice to surge. We broke our kiss and I smiled seductively at him as I reached out and pulled his white briefs down. I took site of his cock and licked my lips, knowing I was just seconds away from getting laid. I crawled onto the couch on my hands and knees, my hot little bottom sticking up into the air as I watched him step up behind me.

I felt him line up to the entrance of my juicing boy cunt, and I felt a shudder run through me because I needed him to push in so badly. He placed his hands on my delicate hips and pushed, bringing out a horny moan from deep inside of me when I felt his glans push past my anal ring. His cock felt so delicious as it sank into my pussy, and as if it were my first fuck of the day, I gave out another long moan of desire. His cock was so hot inside of me, and I couldn't resist the urge to roll my hips around, wanting to feel it stir deep inside of my pussy as ass juice flowed around it like a running stream.

Oh my God, you feel so fucking amazing,” he groaned, pulling all the way back before plunging back in. I could feel every vein that rested along the length of his cock, and I was in heaven as he began a steady in and out motion. I let out a very high pitched moan, then I gave words to my pleasure.

It feels so good,” I moaned with a heavy lisp, then I pushed up with my hips to meet his forward thrust, just like I had so many times before. “Do it harder, baby.”

Matt's fucking motion became even more forceful after my plea, his cock tearing back and forth across the hot lining of my pussy over and over, hammering my clit with so much force that I was in the throes of an overwhelming anal orgasm in no time at all. My moans were becoming more and more frantic and sissified as Matt punished my squeezing boy cunt with his glorious cock.

Right beside me, Jimmy was on his back with his legs resting against Mike's shoulders. He had an ass full of Mike's cock and a mouthful of Mike's tongue. His chest was in the midst of being covered in his boy spunk, which was shooting out of his hairless, untouched little cock. Every time Mike would thrust his fuck stick into Jimmy's hot boy pussy, a shot of cum would shoot from the end of his little boy cock and onto his chest. I couldn't help but notice that bunched around Jimmy's ankles were his pretty blue panties, rocking back and forth in the air with the force of Mike's hard fucking.

On our side of the couch, Matt was still slamming into my needy pussy, hitting it hard from the back as I moaned like a little sissy. I could feel his thrusts getting harder, telling me that he wasn't going to last much longer under the force of my pussy's repetitive, vice like gripping. I could feel his cock starting to swell inside of me, bringing me even more pleasure that sent another long wave of shivers up my back and down my legs. I grabbed onto the back of the couch with both hands and squeezed hard as I rode my powerful orgasm out. My pussy started to crash down hard around his cock, grabbing the head over and over until he let out a loud groan and buried himself all the way inside of my cunt and unloaded. His hot cum fired into the depths of my boy pussy like a rocket, adding even more intensity to the climax that I was still experiencing as my pussy continued to squeeze his cock over and over like a vice.

When he finally pulled out of me, I got on my hands and knees on the floor and sucked his sticky cock clean, then I collapsed in his lap, where once again, he held me close. We shared a very long kiss, then I felt him grab my panties, prompting me to lift my butt so he could have his way. With a sweet smile, he considerately pulled them back up over my rump, then he wrapped his arms around me and held me close while I rested my tired little head on his shoulder.

Mike and Jimmy were still in the midst of their lovemaking beside us on the couch, and it was obvious that Mike was only thinking about Jimmy. He had a look on his face that told me he wanted to please his lover, and I felt so happy for Jimmy as I thought about the feelings of love and fulfillment that I knew he was experiencing. Jimmy had a dreamy look on his face, his eyes half closed as he accepted another French kiss from Mike, who had just leaned down to offer it. I could hear Jimmy's pussy queefing noisily, and I also knew that this was only adding to his sensations of carnal bliss.

I love you, honey,” I heard Matt tell me, causing me to look up at him and bat my eyes with a dreamy sigh.

I love you too, baby,” I lisped. “Thank you for making love to me again, I needed it really bad.”

You have such a hot little pussy,” he said, giving me a kiss on the lips. “You know just what to do with it, too.”

You have a nice, big dick, baby,” I observed in a very girlish tone, nuzzling my head into his shoulder. “I love it when I get laid by you because your dick feels so good in my pussy. That's why I love eating your poop, too. Because you always make turds that smell and taste so good and feel good when you push them into my mouth.”

Do you wish you were eating my poop right now?” he asked, and I nodded in the affirmative before he could even finish his sentence. “Then I promise to feed you more poop before I leave today, okay baby?”

Okay, honey,” I lisped with a huge grin, then I let out a sigh of contentment as I thought about the hot load I'd taken earlier from his rear end. “I hope it smells and tastes like it did this morning. I loved it so much.”

He responded to this by pressing his lips back up to mine and slipping his tongue back into my mouth, then we shared a heavenly kiss while Mike fucked Jimmy to two more orgasms before seeding his pussy.