Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 32

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Laying flat on my back, I smiled and sighed as I felt the familiar set of small hands tugging on the waistband of my panties. I responded by raising my knees into the air and placing the bottom of my feet flat on the bathroom floor so that I could lift my midsection, making it much easier for Jimmy to slide them off of my hips. At the same time, another familiar site was coming into view as Matt lowered his bubble butt over my face, causing his smooth cheeks to part on their own until he was resting comfortably, his knees on either side of my body supporting most of his weight. My nose was pressed into his sweaty crack, just above his wrinkly hole, which was lined up perfectly to my opened, watering mouth.

I was sniffing as hard as I could, taking in as much of his pleasing stink as I could. There was an intense heat radiating from his cheeks, and his brown hole seemed to be pulsating as I let my mouth form a perfect seal around its diameter. I let out a moan of desire when my tongue darted out of my mouth, almost under its own direction, and raked across the hot orifice that was bringing me so much joy. As soon as my tongue made contact with is butt hole, I experienced an incredibly powerful burst of flavor in my mouth, heightening the pleasure that I was feeling and giving me chills of delight.

I could feel his hot hole starting to expand around the tip of my tongue. It first protruded slightly, then it opened wide, allowing me to push up into it so that I could greet the gift he was about to send down his rectum. I could hear the familiar crackle of a moist turd traveling down his poop-chute, forcing a powerful thrust of heat out of his hole, along the length of my tongue and into my mouth. My head was spinning with pleasure and my hairless little boner was straining hard, pressed tightly against my pubic bone. My little nut sack was pulled tight, and my boy pussy was flowing with so much ass juice that I was almost certain that I would leave a mess on the floor beneath me.

To my right, Mike was sitting Indian style beside my head. Jimmy had just joined him, crawling into Mike's lap with my pretty panties in his right hand, and his own pretty panties bunched up in his left hand. Mike's own boner was standing at attention, similar to mine, sticking straight up in such a fashion that all Jimmy had to do was line it up to the entrance of his love tunnel and accept it. Jimmy had a boner of his own, no doubt spurred not only by the scene in front of him, but also the promise of taking part in a similar scenario. Mike reached out and took both pairs of panties from Jimmy, then they shared a tender kiss that spoke volumes about the feelings they were each experiencing.

I love you,” Jimmy told his lover with a dreamy sigh when their lips parted.

I love you too,” Mike reciprocated in a very loving tone.

I can't wait to eat your poop,” Jimmy confessed. “Do you have a lot?”

Yes I do,” Mike said gently. “Will you eat all of it?”

Mm hm,” Jimmy sighed. “I'm so hungry for it.”

As their tender conversation was carrying into my ears, Matt's thick turd was pushing its way into my mouth. I could feel it gliding along the top of my tongue, which had retracted from his anus as the dark turd bullied its way out. Its firm surface was tickling the membranes that lined the surface of my tongue, giving me chills of delight as the stinky poop log bottomed out against the back of my mouth and started to coil tightly as it conformed to the shape of my cheeks and gums. When it detached from his smelly hole, there was a steamy tip sticking out of my full mouth, pressing gently against the bottom of my nose, sending its savory stink up into my nostrils.

Matt lifted his rump slightly and looked down over his shoulder at me, taking in the site of his curly creation with a naughty grin. I opened my mouth as wide as I could, proudly displaying its moist, brown contents to my cute feeder, then I was treated to the sight of Jimmy's adorable smile as he leaned in to take a long sniff. I gave out another horny moan of desire, then I started to chew and swallow, anxious for my next luscious mouthful. When it was all down, I opened my mouth again, wanting all three of my companions to see that it was empty, then I watched with a hard grin of my own as Matt's now poop smeared cheeks came to rest over my grateful mouth.

Poop as hard as you can,” I begged him from my prostrate position, eager to feel his hot load cramming into my mouth with as much force as he could muster.

Without a word, Matt gave a very loud strain, and I was treated to a powerful fart that vibrated against the inside of my mouth. Less than a second later, I was negotiating a very large volume of hot turds that exploded from his rear end and into my slutty mouth. The first blast was overwhelming, filling my oral cavity to capacity in an instant. This was followed by several more firm turds that pushed into the load I had already received, causing my cheeks to bulge and my lips to expand as the pile got bigger and more difficult to accommodate. When there was no way for me to fit anymore in, the long turds simply landed in a pile on my face before they started to cake up into his crack in a brown, stinky mass. I heard him strain loudly again, expelling another loud fart, then I heard the crackle of a lone turd, signaling the end of his brown gift. I never even got to see it come out, because it joined the rest of the turds that I couldn't fit in my mouth, simply pushing into the large mound that was resting between his butt cheeks and on top of my face.

So fucking hot,” I heard Mike exclaim to my right as I began to chew up the large, impacted mouthful that I had just been treated to. As I chewed, the steamy pile of poop logs that was resting on my face was moving around, resulting in an audible squishing noise that I took pleasure in as their delightfully stinky fragrance poured into my nose. I was alternating between chewing and smashing the many firm turds with my tongue against the roof of my mouth, eager to swallow so that I could start enjoying the moist pile that I was listening to and smelling.

When my mouth was finally empty, I opened wide and moaned as a large section of the stinky pile of poop that was resting on my face simply collapsed into it. As soon as this happened, I started to once again smash the poop logs against the roof of my mouth, feeling them spread out over my tongue as I did. Feeling each turd that I smashed up go from firm to soft was amazing, especially as I tasted each of their soft, stinky cores dancing on my palate. When my second mouthful was down, I opened wide and used my fingers to push the rest of my meal from my chin, where it was resting, into my mouth. As soon as I had my treat down, I used my tongue to scrape Matt's heavily poop smeared crack clean, pulling in large hunks of poop and a couple of medium sized turds as I did.

When Matt's crack was as clean as I could get it, Jimmy leaned over and used his fingers to scrape the large volume of poop from around my mouth, then he smiled naughtily at all three of us and licked them clean with a very girlish squeal. I responded by smiling up at him, then leaning back into Matt's rump and planting a very sensual French kiss on his hole. As my kissing became more passionate, I found myself no longer able to control my urges and started to eat him deeply, taking long, hard sniffs the entire time. As I was treating myself to a scrumptious helping of Matt's pooper, Jimmy was treating himself to a mouthful of Matt's cock, which had been standing at full mast the entire time he was feeding me. I could hear Jimmy moaning sissily around the big dick that he was sucking while I moaned in my own sissified fashion into Matt's stinky poop-chute, which was starting to constrict around my probing tongue. He was flowing ass juice quite freely, and I was sucking it all down as fast as I could as goosebumps started to form on his cheeks. Moments later, I heard a loud groan emanate from deep inside of my lover as Jimmy received a hot mouthful of cum that he swallowed like a bitch in heat.

Shortly thereafter, I pulled my tongue from Matt's delicious poop-chute, but only because Jimmy was ready to take his place. Matt lifted his well serviced rear end from my face, and I watched from my prone position on the floor as he fell into Mike's outstretched arms. They shared a very sweet kiss, then they traded positions as Matt sat Indian style on the floor and Mike sat on his lap. Mike's hot boner was still standing at attention, and I wanted to suck it so badly. But he would have to wait for relief, because Jimmy was in the process of lowering his rear end, which had been serviced over and over in the last few days, over my face.

As his cheeks parted, I took site of his boy pussy, which looked only slightly used, and still had a very tight pucker to it. I let out a long moan of desire as I gripped his hips and pulled him back so that my nose was resting in his sharp smelling crack and his little pucker was lined up with my mouth. I fought off the urge to begin eating his stinky pooper, instead opting to hasten the moment when he would feed me from his rear end. I could feel Jimmy's back twist slightly, and I knew right away that he was looking over his shoulder at me, wanting to be sure that I was comfortable. I sighed contentedly at his show of concern for me, knowing that it was a byproduct of our undying love. I reached up with my hand and caressed his right butt cheek, then I let go of another moan to let him know that I was enjoying the heat, smell and weight of his butt as it rested on my face.

As much as I was looking forward to chewing up another mouthful of hot turds, I was also hoping that Jimmy still had diarrhea. The memory of the taste and smell he'd treated me to earlier were still fresh in my mind, and I was hoping to have another opportunity to swallow his chocolatey stew. I felt Jimmy's thighs stiffening, then I heard him start to strain. I was grinning very hard when I felt the powerful thrust of heat enter my mouth, accompanied by a very pleasing stink that enveloped my whole face and told me that his hole had opened up.

A few seconds later, I heard the moist crackle that told me his turd was emerging, then I felt it pushing into my mouth rapidly. It was very soft and very hot, the stink very reminiscent of the tummy full of diarrhea that he'd treated me to earlier. As it pushed into my mouth, I drew the scent in with an extended sniff, wondering if the rest of his load would taste and smell as good. I didn't have long to wonder, though, because as soon as I smashed the delicious mouthful I had against the roof of my mouth and swallowed, he strained hard and pushed. This time he sent down a very luscious, slightly firmer turd that crackled loudly as it curled up in my mouth. I gave another long sniff as it took shape between my cheeks, giving off another horny moan as the stink wafted into my nostrils and sent chills of delight up my spine.

When my mouth was empty, Jimmy gave another loud strain, sending a trio of turds down his chute and into my watering mouth, the first one being the largest and the last one being the smallest, once again signifying that the end of his load was near. He let go of a few hot farts that blew into my opened mouth, then he pushed out a firm, oval clump that was lined with cracks and felt amazing as it rested on my tongue. I chewed it up with a very satisfied grin, then I took to his poop smeared crack, licking it clean and pulling in large hunks of poop as I gave off moans of delight. When his crack was clean, I ate his poop covered hole for several more minutes before he lifted his bottom from my face. He collapsed on my chest and we shared a very long kiss, then we rolled over so that he was on his back.

When our lips parted, I sat up and watched as Mike crawled on top of Jimmy the same way that Mike and Jimmy had done with me, lowering his sweaty rear end over Jimmy's grinning face. Jimmy was moaning quietly and reaching out to grab Mike's hips, no doubt to guide his landing so that he would be in a position to poop into Jimmy's opened mouth. Matt and I were watching the scene unfold in front of us, and I couldn't help but let go of another moan when I felt his hand caress my bare bottom. We both knew that it was not the time for sex, not yet anyway, because I had a butt load of my own that I promised to share with Jimmy as soon as Mike was finished.

I noticed Mike's thighs stiffening, then I looked up at his baby face, where I spotted a look of concentration that told me what he was about to do. I heard a loud fart erupt from his bottom, then

I heard a loud squishing sound. I looked back down at Jimmy, who seemed to be transfixed with pleasure as Mike pushed out a very thick, dark brown turd that seemed to be building up in his mouth, smashing under its own weight. The smell was incredible, just as heavenly as the bag of dog poop that I sniffed at the park the day before, and I could only imagine how wonderful it must have tasted. When it broke off from his anus, Mike let go of a quiet but gassy fart, then he looked over his shoulder at Jimmy, who was chewing the poop log up and swallowing with a hard grin.

Does that taste good, sweetie?' Mike asked tenderly, and Jimmy nodded, his cute little Adam's apple bobbing up and down as he chewed and swallowed.

I want more, please,” Jimmy asked sweetly, smiling up at us with the look of an innocent angel. He licked his poop smeared lips and opened wide, then he moaned as he pulled Mike's rump back to his mouth. Mike gave another push and once again, Jimmy accepted a very delicious smelling turd from his lover. It came out with a loud crackle, emitting the same scent as the one before as it pushed into his opened mouth. Jimmy seemed to be pulling hard on Mike's hips, as if he wanted him to continue to fill his mouth and cram if full with his poop load. For his part, Mike seemed to be taking it easy on Jimmy, not wanting to cause him any harm but still wanting to give him the maximum amount of pleasure. I watched with a warm smile as Jimmy's cheeks started to bulge with the poop load that he was accepting, then he moaned sissily as Mike lifted his rump from Jimmy's mouth, allowing one of his long, thick turds to fall from his rear end and into Jimmy's waiting hands. Getting a good look at it, I took note of it's clay brown exterior. It had several bulging portions, almost like a sausage casing that was disproportionately filled, and there was a very tantalizing steam rolling off of it.

Jimmy's mouth was stuffed to capacity, and he looked very happy to have such a large mouthful of stinky poop to savor and enjoy. He started to chew and swallow again, seeming to want to make some room in his mouth. Then, with a dreamy look on his face, he inserted the massive turd that he was holding into his nearly full mouth, pushing it between his bright red lips right into the brown pile that was already there. As he forced the turd into his almost impossibly full mouth, I saw his hard, hairless pecker give a slight jerk as cum erupted from the end, splattering his hairless groin and his tummy. When he began to chew and swallow, several more shots of cum heaved from his untouched little boy cock and he shivered uncontrollably.

Such a cute little poop lover,” Mike gushed from above, looking down at Jimmy with a very loving smile. When Jimmy's mouth was empty, he parted Mike's cheeks and begged for more. With a lewd grin, Mike pushed hard, sending the rest of his offering down his poop-chute and into Jimmy's desperate mouth, filling it with two more long turds and several gassy farts that brought out more moans from my poop eating little lover and another shot of cum from his untouched dick. When his mouth was empty, he dutifully licked Mike's crack clean, then he waited for me to climb onto his chest and feed him.

Jimmy's moans were very loud and seemed to be getting louder as I crawled onto his chest and lowered my little bubble butt over his mouth. I could hear him taking hard sniffs from beneath me as his hot breath tickled my crack and my boy pussy. I felt him pull my cheeks further apart, then I felt his tongue vibrating against my chute, spurred on by his uncontrollable moaning.

I need more,” I heard him say from beneath me, and realized how insatiable he was feeling. I knew the feeling well, and couldn't fault him because there are so many times when my desire to eat a hot, stinky load of poop gets so bad that I feel desperate. I decided not to waste any time, instead, bearing down and sending the first of many turds that I had stored up in my bowel. As my hole opened up, Jimmy's moaning was louder than I'd ever heard it at anytime before that, so I very quickly pushed. With the sound of a juicy fart, I felt several hot turds shoot out of my butt, the last one completely detaching as my hole closed. At the same time, Jimmy's moaning seemed to subside slightly, prompting me to look over my shoulder at him.

I was greeted by the site of my boyfriend chewing up a very soft mouthful of my boy poop, and he seemed quite content. There was an intensely spicy aroma rising up from his mouth, no doubt the product of the mouthful that I'd just treated him to. When we made eye contact, he smiled up at me with a gleam in his eyes and swallowed, then he sighed and parted my plump cheeks, a look of hunger and desire still very prevalent on his cute face. I smiled back at him, then I lowered my little boy butt back down over his face and pushed, this time sending down a hot load of poop that didn't have enough body to form a turd. It was so hot that it almost burned as it came out, and I once again looked over my shoulder at Jimmy, this time in concern.

What I saw was the same thing I saw the last time. My lover was grinning and taking hard sniffs as he smashed up the soft poop load that I'd just fed him. I felt him reach up and grab my hips again, then he pulled them down forcefully against his face as he let go of another long moan, so I strained hard and listened as his mouth filled up with three firm turds that my butt was expelling. I heard him moan like a girl beneath me, so I pushed again, sending another long turd down my poop-chute and into his already full mouth. As I was pushing my poop log into his mouth, his hard cocklet jerked hard and he fired three more shots of cum all over his hairless groin and his tummy. When the poop log detached from my anus, I looked over my shoulders at my boyfriend, who had that same dreamy look on his face as his cheeks bulged with my poop and his little Adam's apple bobbed up and down.

When he was finished chewing and swallowing his large mouthful, I pushed one more time, offering up one last turd to my lover, who gratefully accepted it, then he licked my crack clean before he took to my poop covered hole, eating it deeply for several minutes before I lifted my rump from his poop covered face. I spent about five minutes licking the smeared poop from around his mouth, then we kissed deeply on the floor. When we were through making out, we sat on the backs of our legs with our poop coated mouths opened and waited for Matt and Mike to help us wash our meal down with a hot helping of pee. Mike gave me his pee load while Jimmy took Matt's, then I let Jimmy pee in my hair and all over my face before he finished in my mouth. While he was shaking off on my tongue, I released my yellow stream all over his legs, then he helped me stand up so we could make out again.

While Jimmy and I were kissing, Mike and Matt started the shower and we all got in. While we were in there, Jimmy bent over and took Matt's dick up the butt while I sucked Mike's dick like a true cock hound. When we got out, Jimmy and I ate each others' pussies, then brushed our teeth and rinsed with mouthwash. Mike and Matt inspected our mouths by smelling our minty fresh breath, then they treated us to long French kisses. Jimmy and I quickly lubed each other up, then we donned our panties and led our lovers back down the hall to my room, our rear ends switching the entire way.

We were both eager to give our lovers some pussy, each of us still craving the joy of taking a hard cock up the butt, so it didn't take either of us long to wind up on our hands and knees with our pantied bottoms sticking up in the air, enticing our tops to have their way with us. Mike gave in first, pulling my panties down just far enough to expose my horny boy cunt, then sliding his cock deep inside of me while I moaned like a girl. Right beside me, Jimmy was in a similar state of bliss, moaning and panting as Matt gave it to him up the butt.

With Mike giving it to me, it didn't take me long to experience a prolonged climax. At the same time, Jimmy was shooting another load from the end of his untouched dick, his pretty blue panties rolled up just below his plump rear end. I craned my neck just far enough to engage my boyfriend in a very sensual kiss that only seemed to heighten both of our orgasms. Before I knew what was happening, I was babbling incoherently as my tight, hot rear end squeezed Mike's cock over and over again until he could no longer hang on. I felt him bury himself deep inside of me, then his cock erupted in my rear end, coating the lining of my pussy with his white hot cum.

When he pulled out of me, I took his cock in my mouth and sucked it clean while I listened to Matt let out a loud groan as he unloaded inside of Jimmy's insatiable rear end. I let Mike's cock fall from my mouth and waited for Matt to pull out of Jimmy. As soon as he did, I was on his cock like a pro, sucking it clean, desperate for every drop of cum and ass juice I could get my hands on. When I let it fall from my mouth, I collapsed on top of Matt while Mike took Jimmy into his arms and cuddled him closely.

That was incredible,” I heard Jimmy say with a sigh, nuzzling his head into Mike's chest. “I love you both.”

We love you too, sweetie,” Mike said, planting a kiss on Jimmy's head, then he reached out and rubbed my rump, which was still humming with pleasure. “We love you too, baby.”

I love all of you,” I lisped, feeling especially feminine because I was wrapped up in Matt's secure embrace. “I feel like such a lucky girl to have three boyfriends who love me.”

You're a very pretty girl, too,” Matt told me affectionately. “So is Jimmy, isn't he Mike.”

Oh, he's beautiful,” Mike gushed. “Both of you are, and you have incredible pussies.”

I love giving pussy to you all,” I confessed. “I want to give you all some more pussy before you go home.”

I want to give you some more pussy, too,” Jimmy offered in a seductive tone, reaching down and taking hold of Mike's cock. Once he had it in his hand, he smiled up and they shared a sweet kiss on the lips.

You ate a lot of poop today, little lover,” Mike observed, and Jimmy sighed.

I've been wanting it since last night,” he admitted. “I'm starting to eat poop every time I can, like Kyle does.”

Have you eaten anyone else's' poop?” Mike asked with a lecherous grin, and Jimmy shook his head no.

I ate my own poop yesterday when I wasn't with you,” he told his top with a shy smile. “I did something naughty because I wanted to try it.”

What was it?” Matt asked, and Jimmy blushed deeply before he answered.

I pooped my pants on purpose in the car when me and my mom were coming home from the mall, then I went in my room and ate it.”

Did you eat it in front of your mom?” Mike asked incredulously, and Jimmy shook his head no.

When we came home, she looked in my pants and saw how much poop I went, then she told me to go get cleaned up in the bathroom and bring her my stinky undies. But I went in my room and ate all of it instead while she was bringing in the stuff that we bought.”

Fucking hot,” I heard Matt whisper, then Jimmy went on.

I didn't get changed, either. Instead I just left my stinky undies on and when we were eating dinner, my mom smelled poop and asked if I pooped my pants again. I told her no and she looked in my pants and saw that I was still wearing my stinky underwear and made me change them. I wanted to wear them when I came over so Kyle could smell them.”

That's so sexy,” Mike declared. “You're a sexy little poop lover, just like Kyle. You're both so fucking adorable.”

It was hot watching you cum when Mike was pooping in your mouth,” Matt said, and I nodded in agreement. He smiled down at me, then we shared a tender kiss on the lips before Jimmy continued.

I love feeling poop being pushed into my mouth,” he admitted. “It makes me feel like my mouth are my underwear, and instead of pooping in the toilet, the poop is going in my undies like it did yesterday.”

You like pooping in your underwear?” I asked with a lisp, and Jimmy blushed a deep shade of red as he nodded his confession. “I like it too.”

Do you eat poop out of your underwear?” Mike asked, by this time sporting a solid erection that Jimmy had a firm hold of with both hands, slowly stroking it up and down.

I do it everyday,” I revealed, my lisp still very thick. “I love pooping my pants and eating the pieces of poop out of my undies. I always do it when my mom is home so that I can show her my dirty underwear, then she has to wash them out.”

Holy shit, that's hot,” Matt said breathlessly, his own erection growing between my butt cheeks. “What does she say?”

Nothing anymore,” I told him. “She used to get worried because I was eating my poop, but she knows that I love it and she doesn't ever get mad.”

Did you do it yesterday?” Mike asked, his hard on starting to jerk under the force of Jimmy's light stroking.

Yes,” I lisped, massaging Matt's veiny fuck stick with my soft rump. “I did it in the bathroom when she was watching me. Then I started to eat all of my turds and the poop that was stuck on my butt, then she made me take a bath and washed my undies.”

Are you going to do it again today?” Mike asked, and Jimmy and I both said “yes” at the exact same time. All four of us smiled at each other, then Jimmy made an announcement.

I think I want to eat poop in front of my mom too,” he said. “But I don't know if I should yet. I don't want her to get mad at me.”

Did she know that you pooped your pants on purpose yesterday?” I asked, and he nodded with a naughty grin.

I told her I was going to do it before I did,” Jimmy admitted. “Then I pushed really hard and loud and we could both hear it coming out.”

Did she get mad?” Mike asked, and Jimmy shook his head no with a grin.

She never gets mad when I poop my pants,” he said sweetly.

You've done it before?” I asked, and he nodded with a shy grin.

I like pooping my pants,” he confessed, and I felt a shudder run through me because I felt the same way. “It makes me feel sexy.”

I think it is sexy,” I admitted with a very sharp lisp, blushing slightly myself.

You two are fucking amazing,” Matt said. “How long have you guys been doing that?”

I always did it,” Jimmy revealed. “When I was littler my mom would change me for pooping my pants, but she said when I wasn't in elementary school anymore that I had to change my own pants.”

My mom and dad still clean me up,” I announced with a cheeky lisp. “I even pooped my pants one time when Jimmy was spending the night and they cleaned me up. It was before Christmas.”

That was all Matt could take. He planted a quick kiss on my head, then he took control of the situation by flipping me on my back and picking my legs up off of the bed. I grinned up at him as he rested my legs on his shoulders, giving off a long, horny moan as I waited for him to bury his cock in my pussy. I was so horny, and I wanted to get laid in the worst way, so when he sank his cock into my boy cunt, I squealed like a sissy, then I hung on for dear life while he fucked me silly.

Right next to me, Jimmy was on his back, letting Mike lift his legs into the air while they shared a long, sensual kiss. Without breaking their lip lock, Mike found the entrance to Jimmy's pussy with his hard rod, then he slipped in and treated my fellow poop lover to a very satisfying butt fuck. We both received their loads, then we sucked our tops back to life and traded partners so that they could each fuck another cum load into our cock hungry rear ends.