Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 33

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What do you two want to eat?” Jimmy's mom asked from the front seat as we drove towards the mall.

A pile of poop,” Jimmy said with a grin that I couldn't read, not knowing if he was being silly or serious. Much to my relief, Jimmy's mom thought he was being silly. She smiled patiently in the rear view mirror at him, then she turned her attention back to the road. We approached a stoplight, then she turned in her seat to face us and addressed me.

Kyle, what would you like to eat for dinner tonight?” she asked with a warm smile.

Anything's okay, Ms. Anderson,” I said politely. “My mom and dad gave me some money so you wouldn't have to pay for me.”

Keep your money, sweetie,” she told me. “If we can get Jimmy to cooperate, we'll find something in the mall.”

Before heading out with my boyfriend and his mom for a late afternoon movie at the mall, Jimmy and I talked about whether or not he wanted to come out to her. He seemed to be on the fence about it. I could tell that he was more interested in the prospect of eating a steamy pile of turds in front of her, as if that would somehow be more gentle than telling her that he was gay. On the other hand, I could understand his logic, because while she might scold him for ingesting a poop load, she might be less inclined to allow him to attend sleepovers away from home with three other boys if he came out to her.

Jimmy was grinning from ear to ear as his mom gave him an expectant look, waiting for him to let us know where he wanted to eat, but he wasn't budging.

Honey, what do you feel like eating?” she asked in an even tone. He responded by rubbing his tummy and licking his lips. From where I was sitting, I could see his tented pants, indicating that his hard on was raging, and it looked as if his mouth was watering.

I want to eat poop and drink pee,” he said again, causing his mom to sigh and turn in her seat to face ahead before the light turned green.

Kyle, would you like to pick a place to eat?” she asked in the rear view mirror.

McDonald's is good,” I suggested. “There's one in the food court at the mall.”

That sounds fine,” she said with a smile. As soon as the signal changed, we were on our way again. When we got to the mall, there wasn't enough time left before the start of the movie to squeeze in a trip to the food court, so we decided to go after the movie was over. In the dark, Jimmy was all over me, even though his mom was sitting right next to us. He slid his hand down the back of my pants, letting his fingers travel into my crack, where he slipped a couple of fingers up my horny boy pussy and worked my sweet spot. I found myself suppressing my moans as the pleasure got more and more intense. My hungry little bottom was squeezing his fingers over and over as he worked them in a fucking motion, building up until I could no longer fight off the throbbing waves of a powerful anal orgasm. I closed my eyes and clenched my teeth, feeling my hair stand up on its own and goosebumps erupt on every square inch of my skin.

After my climax, Jimmy pulled his fingers from my pussy and slipped them into his mouth, sucking on them lustily, blatantly letting his mom see what he was up to. I couldn't read her expression in the dark, but I took note of the fact that she gently pulled his fingers away from his mouth, as if it were something she'd done before, then she whispered in his ear. He surprised me by nodding and pointing to his own butt, then he held his fingers under her nose and said “smell them.”

I watched her make a face, then she whispered loud enough for me to hear her.

I want you to go wash your hands when the movie's over.”

I don't want to,” he said willfully, and that was the end of their conversation. I was a little stunned by the entire exchange, feeling somewhat awkward that he was doing this in front of me. On the other hand, I knew that he was being daring, and that he was getting a thrill from it. I imagined that the awkwardness I was experiencing was the same thing he went through the first time I told him that my mom and dad knew that I was a gay poop eater right before Christmas. I even went so far as to tell my mom that I was in the midst of eating poop from Jimmy's butt while he looked on in panic. Now that the tables were turned, I understood why he reacted the way he had at that time.

Moments after Jimmy's exchange with his mom, he stunned me once again by changing positions in his seat so that he was sitting on the back of his legs. I looked over at him just in time to see that he had slid both of his hands down the back of his pants and was digging quite blatantly in his crack, watching his mom the entire time. I heard him let out a sigh of pleasure, then he started to work furiously on his poop-chute while we both watched.

Honey, don't do that here,” his mom whispered, looking around for any spectators. Luckily, we were seated at the back of the theater, and there wasn't anyone else in our row of seats. Still, she looked alarmed as he continued to finger bang himself in his seat.

It feels good,” he announced, then he changed his technique from a hard paced finger fucking to a slow, sensual up and down ride, holding his hand in place and letting his legs do all the work. He was giving off quiet moans of desire as he continued to ride his fingers, then his face contorted and his up and down motion started to get rough. Jimmy's mom watched with a very concerned expression, as if she were at a loss as to what to do. At the same time, it was obvious that she had been through this with him before, and it made me wonder just how far in the closet Jimmy really was compared to how far in the closet he thought he was.

Out of nowhere, Jimmy let go of a prolonged moan that was still somehow suppressed, and I watched him shudder hard. At the same time, he arched his crotch slightly, and I realized that he was creaming his pants right in front of us. His mom let her gaze travel down to his bulging crotch, where a wet cum stain that we weren't able to make out in the dark was no doubt soaking through the front of his tan Dockers, spreading across the front of his pants. As he was shooting his load, he was slamming his fingers roughly in and out of his rear end, his breathing labored and quite audible. His expressive eyes were glazed over, and he had a very cute smile on his face that made me want to lean over and kiss him.

When it was over, he pulled his fingers out of his rear end and sighed, then he held them under his nose and sniffed with a naughty grin before sucking them back into his mouth. At that point, I wasn't sure what Jimmy's mom was thinking, but I was sure that watching her son suck ass juice off of his fingers in the back of a dark movie theater was probably troubling. Which was why I was even more surprised to see her wrap her arm around his small frame and pull him into her, holding him close as he recovered from his orgasm. She kissed the top of his head, but made no move to pull his fingers away from his sucking mouth. His breathing was starting to slow down, and he looked very contentedly my way and smiled around his digits, sending a shiver through me as I contemplated the idea that he had done this in front of his mother before.

When the movie was over, Jimmy's mom sent us into the busy men's room with instructions to wash our hands and pee. Jimmy pulled me into a stall with him, and we took turns on the toilet with our mouths wide opened, accepting each others' pee loads. I told Jimmy that I had a butt load that was ready for him when we got back to my house that night, then we kissed deeply before we rejoined his mom in the lobby. We went to McDonald's and ate, then Jimmy made an announcement that caught me a little off guard.

Kyle has to go poop,” he told his mom. “He was too embarrassed to go when we were in the bathroom at the movies. We're going to use the family bathroom so he can go in private.”

At first I was confused, giving him a questioning look, but I caught on quickly and nodded my head in agreement.

That's fine, sweetie,” she told me with a sympathetic smile. “I'll wait here for you.”

With that, Jimmy and I got up and hurried to the private bathroom. Once we were inside, we locked the door and made out. I was sure that Jimmy wanted to fuck a load into my pussy, and maybe let me eat him out, but he had something else on his mind.

I want you to poop in my mouth,” he said with daring eyes.

Are you sure?” I asked, and he nodded almost frantically.

I need it bad,” he told me with pleading eyes, and I knew that he had grown insatiable over the past few days. “Please, baby?”

Okay, honey” I relented, letting my lisp return for the moment. I wasn't entirely convinced that this was a good idea, especially with his mom waiting in the food court for us. But before I could give voice to my concerns, Jimmy unbuttoned my pants and yanked them down, then he got on his knees and opened his mouth.

Don't you want to take your clothes off?” I asked, and he shook his head no, so I turned to face away from him, then I squatted over his face and pushed. I could feel his hot breath tickling my hole while he took hard sniffs, then he began moaning loudly as the first turd began its descent down my poop-chute, crackling loudly the entire time. I felt it start to emerge from my hole, then it slid down rapidly, filling his mouth right away with a moist squishing sound.

I looked over my shoulder at him, watching as he chewed with a very big grin. When it was down, he got into position underneath me and waited for his next mouthful. I gave another push and let go with the next turd. Much like the first one, it crackled loudly as it slipped down my chute, into Jimmy's watering mouth. It detached with the sound of a wet fart, then I heard him let out a soft, joyful moan as he began to chew it up and swallow. When his mouth was empty, he opened wide and grabbed my hips, encouraging me to squat over his face once again. I pushed out the last of my brown gift, a long, solid turd that pushed into his mouth with force.

Once it was released, I turned to look at him, taking note of the fact that it was resting flat on his tongue with about 3 inches sticking out between his deep red lips. He looked so satisfied to have it in his mouth, and I knew that he would be even more satisfied once he had it in his tummy. He smiled up at me brownly, then he used his fingertips to push on the end and smash it against the back of his mouth. As soon as he did this, he shuddered hard and pushed his crotch out again, letting me know that he was creaming his pants with another cum load. At the same time, I saw the wet spot on the front of his pants get darker as he let out a long sigh of contentment, then he chewed and swallowed.

I let him lick my crack clean, then he ate my hole for about two minutes, causing me to moan wildly. When he pulled his poop smeared face away from my butt, he unbuttoned his pants and let them fall to the floor, revealing his once again hard pecker. I felt him line up to the entrance of my quivering pussy, then he fucked me hard and fast, giving us both 3 more minutes of pleasure before he came inside of me. When he pulled out, he scraped the remaining poop from around his mouth and licked his fingers clean. I helped him wash his hands and face in the sink before we went back to the food court to report to his mom, who picked up his stink right away and gave him a measured look.

Do you feel better, honey?' she asked me, and I nodded, so she turned her attention to Jimmy. “How about you, sweetheart? Did you get to poop, too?”

No, I'm holding it,” Jimmy told her with a naughty grin. She gave him an accepting look, then she grabbed her purse and got up. As we walked through the parking lot to the car, Jimmy and his mom fell back about ten feet from me. I looked back at them and watched as his mom leaned down and sniffed him, then she pointed to his bubble butt and said something. Jimmy simply looked up at her with a naughty grin, almost taunting her, then he slipped his little paw into her hand and held it until we reached the car. When we got in, Jimmy and I sat next to each other in the back seat. The smell of poop was rolling off of him, and I realized how bad of an idea it was for Jimmy to ask me to feed him in the bathroom. Apparently, he didn't think it was, though, because he was wearing a grin that seemed to be plastered to his face as we buckled up and waited for his mom to pull out of the parking lot.

Thank you for taking me to the movies tonight, Ms. Anderson,” I said from the backseat, wanting to be polite. “I had a good time.”

You're very welcome, Kyle,” she said. “I'm glad you had a good time.”

I had a good time too,” Jimmy said, resting his head on my shoulder as his pleasing stink continued to drift into my nostrils. “My butt had fun when we were watching the movie.”

I'm glad you had a good time, sweetheart,” she told him in the rear view mirror. “I'm sure you'll behave yourself next time, won't you?”

I behaved myself,” Jimmy countered with a cheeky grin, prompting his mom to sigh in frustration. Jimmy gave a me a daring smile, then he said something that made me very uncomfortable. “I think I'm going to eat my poop when we go home.”

I thought you were spending the night at Kyle's house,” she said, seeming to want to change the subject as she concentrated on the road.

I am,” he told her in a nonchalant fashion. “But before I do, I'm going to poop in my undies and eat it.”

Honey, I hope you don't act this way at Kyle's house,” she said, watching him in the rear view mirror with a look of concern. She didn't seem too convinced that he was going to do what he said, probably because I was with them.

He doesn't,” I assured her. “My mom and dad love him because he always listens to them.”

I wish I knew their secret,” she lamented.

It's that I'm naughty at home and good when I go to Kyle's house,” Jimmy said in a taunting fashion. “I have a lot of poop in my butt and it's going to taste good when I eat it.”

Jimmy's mom ignored his last statement and remained silent the rest of the way home. Jimmy and I were carrying on a conversation about the movie, and once again, Jimmy brought up the fact that he toyed with his rear end and creamed his pants in the theater. His mom watched him intently in the the rear view mirror, and I wondered to myself what was going through her mind.

When we got to Jimmy's house, I waited in his room and watched while he and his mom packed his clothes for our sleepover. When she told him that she wanted him to take a shower before leaving, my heart sank. But before I could think twice about it, Jimmy grinned at his mom and made a proclamation.

If I have to take a shower, I'm going to poop my pants first,” he said defiantly. My eyes got big as soon as I heard him say it, then I watched as he and his mom engaged in a battle of wills.

Honey, you have a friend over,” she reminded him in a gentle tone, but he only shrugged.

So, Kyle knows that I poop my pants,” he told her with a naughty grin. “I told him and he said he doesn't care.”

Well it sounds like you have a very understanding friend,” she observed. “But it isn't polite to do things like that while you have guests.”

Yes it is,” Jimmy argued. “I'll show you that it is.”

Before Jimmy's mom could say another word, he gave her a willful look and hung his butt out, then he strained loudly and filled the seat of his pants and underwear with a load that formed a very large, moist looking bulge. He pushed again, and I could hear his pants filling up with what sounded like a tremendous volume of stinky turds, wishing that he was treating me to them instead of letting them go in his pants, but at the same time, feeling incredibly turned on by the scene that was unfolding in front of me.

When he was finished, he smiled up at his mom and announced, “I pooped my pants.”

Then he gave me a cute grin as he turned to face me, making his rear end accessible to her in the process. As if it were their routine, she pulled the waistband of his pants back and looked inside, then she took a breath and let them go.

Sweetie, I want you to go to the bathroom and clean up,” she said in a very gentle tone. “Do you want me to run a bath for you?”

Yes, mommy,” Jimmy said sweetly, looking up at her with a face of an angel. She kissed his cheek, then she stood up and went into the bathroom while Jimmy grinned at me with a daring smile. As soon as she was out of the room, he came over and hung his butt out my way, offering me the opportunity to look inside of his pants and examine the pile myself. With shaky hands, I gripped the waistband of his pants and underwear, pulling them back and peaking in, a feeling of danger that was born of his mother's presence in the next room making this act deliciously naughty.

I'm not finished,” Jimmy whispered, sending a shudder through me as I let the waistband go. “I'll save what I have to go and give it to you later.”

With that, he planted a sweet kiss on my lips and unbuttoned his pants, letting them drop to the floor around his feet, leaving him standing in only his underwear and his shirt. He pulled his shirt off over his head, then he walked out of the room, his brown pant load weighing down his otherwise white underwear. He was switching his bottom from side to side, and I found myself speechless as I listened to the interaction between Jimmy and his mom as their voices carried from the bathroom into his bedroom.

I heard his mom let out a loud gasp, then she exclaimed, “Jimmy, that's poop. Don't put it in your mouth.”

Mmm,” I heard him moan loudly in reply. I felt a sudden surge of ass juice course through my pussy when I realized what was happening in the next room, then I heard his mom talking to him again.

Baby, no,” she almost pleaded, sounding as if she were trying to maintain her composure. “You'll get sick.”

No I won't,” Jimmy said in a very sweet voice. “I ate my poop yesterday and didn't get sick.”

Honey, it's not good for you,” she exclaimed, but it was obvious that he wasn't fazed because there was a moment of silence, then I heard him moaning around another mouthful.

It tastes good, mama,” I heard him say, a note of joy in his voice. “I love how good poop tastes.”

With that, the bathroom door closed and I only heard the occasional voice of Jimmy or his mom. I couldn't resist the overwhelming urge I had to rub one out, so I very hastily shoved my hand down the back of my pants and slipped three fingers up my butt, fucking myself to a furious climax, then slurping the ass juice off of my fingertips with a moan. About ten minutes later, I heard the sound of the tub draining and water running in the sink, then the door opened. Jimmy walked back into the room with a wet head and a clean pair of underwear on with his mom walking behind him, holding a rolled up towel. She leaned down to pick up his pants, which were laying on the floor where Jimmy had stepped out of them, then she smiled at the two of us.

After you get dressed, bring me your backpack and I'll make sure you have an extra change of clothes, okay?”

Okay, mommy,” Jimmy said with a very adorable smile, then he proceeded to find a shirt and a pair of jeans in his dresser drawer. She walked out of the room with his stinky pants in tow, and I couldn't help but feel a little remorseful that I wasn't able to watch Jimmy eat his poop load in front of his mom. I knew that it was something he talked about doing, and had been teasing it all day, but I wasn't certain that he'd actually go through with it. As disappointing as it was to miss out on that site, though, I still felt very satisfied that he had treated me to so many horny moments throughout the afternoon. I was also looking forward to the pleasures that were still waiting for the two of us when we were back in my bed.

While Jimmy was getting his things together, I felt my phone vibrate with a new text. I smiled sweetly at him, then I looked to see who it was. As soon as I realized that it was Nathan texting me to find out if he could see me right away, I felt a strong shiver run through my body and bit my lower lip, then I grinned at Jimmy because I knew we were both in for a treat.