Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 34

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When we left Jimmy's house, I wanted to walk straight to Nathan's. Instead, we stopped at my house so that I could check in with my mom and dad, and more importantly, to retrieve the two pair of panties that I had tossed in the washing machine before leaving for the movies with Jimmy and his mom. I knew that they would be clean and dry by now, and that Nathan would be so happy to see us prancing around with them on. I couldn't wait to entice him by letting my pantied bottom switch from side to side. Jimmy admitted that he was a little nervous about meeting a new conquest, so I eased his fears with a long French kiss as we walked up the driveway, not caring who could see us. When our lips separated, he gave me a sweet smile, then he slipped his hand into mine and we went inside.

Hi sweetie,” my mom said when she spotted me coming through the front door. “Did you two have fun?”

Yes,” I lisped, feeling extremely girly all of the sudden. “Me and Jimmy want to go to a friends' house for a little bit so we can get laid.”

Jimmy blushed hard at my confession, but I didn't flinch. I pointed to my rear end and grinned up at my mom while Jimmy looked away, his red cheeks heating up with shyness. My mom smiled knowingly at the two of us, then she nodded.

That's fine,” she told me. “Do you two want to eat a little something before you go?”

We ate at McDonald's,” I told her, then I turned to Jimmy. “Are you hungry, baby?”

No, I'm still full,” he told me with a cute smile, and I knew he was referencing the pant load of steamy turds that he'd treated himself to just a half hour earlier. I felt a rumble in my tummy, eager to ingest a butt load of turds that I was sure Nathan would be sharing with me, as well as the butt load that Jimmy had been saving for me. Seeing his smile, I couldn't resist the urge to lean forward and plant a kiss on Jimmy's bright red lips. I smiled and puckered my lips, and with a sigh, he accepted my show of affection while my mom watched with a warm smile.

You two are so cute,” she gushed in a very motherly tone. “I washed your panties, by the way. They're in your top drawer.”

Thank you, mommy,” I said, my lisp still prominent.

Thank you, Mrs. Smith,” Jimmy chimed in, his tone very quiet.

You're welcome, boys,” she said, still smiling. “I hope you two have fun tonight. I want you to call me and check in if you think you're going to be out later than 9 o'clock, okay?”

Okay, mama,” I said, turning to walk with my boyfriend up the stairs. When we got to my room, we both dropped our pants and underwear, leaving us in only our shirts. Jimmy licked his lips when he spotted my underwear, which were streaked heavily with the remnants of the poop load that I'd pushed into his mouth at the mall. I grinned over at him and leaned down to pick them up, then I pressed their seat against my nose and sniffed hard. Their spicy-sweet aroma was heavenly, and I had to fight off the urge that I had to shove them into my mouth so that Jimmy could enjoy them too. My hairless little pecker was stiff as a board when I finally pulled them away from my nose, rubbing the dark stain across my upper lip before I did so that I could continue to enjoy the aroma. I passed them over to my lover, and watched with a grin as he sniffed loudly, his cute boner pressed tightly against his hairless pubic bone.

With a hungry look on his face, he eased them into his mouth and sucked on the stain, prompting me to drop to my knees and crawl around to his backside, where I spread his cheeks apart and buried my face between them. I let them close around my face, then I inhaled deeply before I dug in with my tongue. As I ate his brown eye, I felt his thighs stiffening and his hole expanding, causing me to let out a moan of desire as a luscious stink drifted into my nostrils. The familiar crackle of a moist turd making its descent carried into my ears, so I opened my mouth to accept it. A few seconds later, I was treated to a long, solid poop log that slipped out of his rectum and into my watering mouth. I felt an intense wave of pleasure wash over me as I smashed the turd against the roof of my mouth and swallowed, and I found myself unable to get back into position fast enough, eager for another stinky mouthful.

Jimmy strained loudly, and once again, a long, thick turd bullied its way out of his butt hole and into my slutty mouth, pushing along the inner walls of my cheeks until it hit the back of my mouth, causing it to coil tightly. When it broke off, there was a soft tip that rested against my lower lip, sending its steam up into my nostrils and making my head spin with even more pleasure. Jimmy looked over his shoulder at me and smiled, so I kept my mouth opened to display its heavenly contents, then I closed my eyes as another wave of pleasure washed over me. As I chewed and swallowed, I gave off another moan brought about by a powerful burn in my hairless groin and a throbbing wave of pleasure in my boy pussy. I instinctively thrust my rear end up into the air, as if I were accepting strokes from a hard cock, then my stiff little cocklet started to bob up and down on its own, twitching and jerking as all of the horny scenes from the afternoon caught up to me once again. As the powerful boygasm I was experiencing gripped my body, I felt Jimmy pushing his rear end against my face, gently grinding his butt hole into my nose, smearing it with more boy poop.

I was clinging to his haunches as I accepted his gift and recovered from my dry orgasm, then I came to my senses and licked my lips before opening wide, eager to be fed more tasty turds from Jimmy's rear end. He gave a hard push, and I was treated to a gassy fart, followed by one last clump of butt fudge that I savored by keeping it in my mouth and moaning around it before swallowing it without chewing, feeling its firm texture as it slid down my throat and into my tummy, where it joined the rest of Jimmy's delicious poop load. Once it was down, I gave out another moan, then I spread my boyfriend's cheeks and licked them clean, pulling in the heaps of poop that had stuck in his crack until there was nothing left.

Once his crack was cleaned, Jimmy took my hand and helped me to my feet, then he engaged me in a very tongue heavy kiss as we shared the flavor of his tasty turds. When we broke our kiss, I dropped to my knees and wrapped my lips around his pecker. He smiled down at me, and with very little concentration, he quenched my thirst with a hot bladder full of pee that I gulped down eagerly. When there was none left, he turned and squatted over my face once more. I opened wide with a huge grin, and was treated to a hot, stinky fart that made my mouth water. I pushed my face up into his rear end as hard as I could and started to eat it deeply. As my tongue wormed its way up into his delicious poop-chute, he blew another hot fart into my opened mouth. As I was luxuriating in the intensely pleasing taste and delightfully stinky aroma, I heard him straining hard. I felt a shudder run through me as his hot hole started to expand, prompting me to send my tongue in further.

As my tongue traveled up his poop-chute, it was greeted by the head of a hot, firm turd that forced me to pull my tongue out to allow its exit. As soon as my tongue was out of its path, his hot turd filled my mouth rapidly, giving me chills of delight as I felt the moist exterior, lined with cracks and bursting with what felt like peanuts. I gave off another horny moan as I listened to him push hard, but there were no more tasty turds to be enjoyed. I chewed up the stinky mouthful that he'd gifted me, then I swallowed it all. Once again, he helped me to my feet and kissed me tenderly, then we shucked our shirts and went down the hall to the bathroom, where we got in the shower to wash up.

While we were in the shower, I bent over and placed my hands against the wall, offering up my horny boy cunt for Jimmy's enjoyment. He quickly took me up on my offer by slipping his stiff rod up my butt and fucking a very satisfying load into it. When we got out, we brushed our teeth and rinsed with mouthwash, then we lubed up before donning our panties and dressing in our cutest clothes. Nathan texted me that he had the house all to himself, and that he had a couple of friends that he wanted me to meet. I texted him back that Jimmy was coming with me, and that we were getting ready. He texted a smiley face back, so I reciprocated, then we fixed our hair before setting out for the house that was only four doors down from mine. We held hands all the way there, and I made a point of letting my horny rear end switch from side to side as we made the 500 foot walk. When we got to his front door, I gave Jimmy's hand a firm squeeze, then I planted one more kiss on his moist lips before I rang the doorbell.

When Nathan opened the door, I felt a sharp tingle run up my spine. He looked so sexy to me, as if I were seeing him for the first time. I looked over at my boyfriend, who looked equally enthralled at the site of our prospective top as he leaned into my shoulder. For his part, Nathan looked like a Cheshire cat, grinning from ear to ear when he saw Jimmy and I standing at his door, holding hands and leaning into each other. I smiled up at him sweetly and waited for him to let us in.

Hi Kyle,” he said, standing to the side so that Jimmy and I could come in. I let my rear end sway enticingly from side to side as we stepped through the door, then I watched with a grin as he closed it, sizing us both up the entire time.

Hi Nathan,” I said with a strong lisp. “This is my boyfriend, Jimmy.”

Hi Jimmy,” Nathan said smoothly as he held his hand out for Jimmy to shake. Jimmy shyly reached out and accepted Nathan's handshake, then he spoke.

Hi Nathan,” he said in a very quiet tone. “It's nice to meet you.”

It's very nice to meet you too,” Nathan said with a lecherous grin. “The guys are in the living room watching Inception. Let's go in there.”

We followed Nathan down the hall to the living room, where Jimmy and I were greeted by the breathtaking site of three very cute older guys sprawled out around the living room, looking our way with hopeful expressions and standing up as we walked in. I felt my cheeks heat up and a smile spread across my lips when I made contact with a dark headed boy who gave me a huge grin. He had green eyes and clear skin, his lips plump and moist with very deep dimples on his rosy cheeks. He stood at about 5'10”, and weighed about 155 pounds. He was wearing a white button up with blue cuffs and a blue collar. His jeans looked crisp and his Nike's looked brand new. The definition of his chest and washboard stomach was apparent through his shirt, and I wanted more than anything to run my hands all over it while he fucked me silly.

Standing next to him was a dirty blonde in a blue LA Dodgers shirt and a pair of track pants. He was giving both Jimmy and I a hungry look, and I could see a very prominent bulge in his crotch. Standing at about 6'1” and weighing in at about 190 lbs, he was easily the biggest of the group. His blue eyes were very expressive, his hands clasped together as if he was contemplating the night that lay ahead. Standing in front of the recliner was a very cute brunette with glasses, smiling shyly at the two of us as he sized us up. I smiled and waved, causing him to blush hard and look down, a gesture I found charming. He was the shortest of all of his friends, standing at about 5'6” and weighing no more than about 120 pounds.

I felt Jimmy lean back into my shoulder and give my hand a squeeze, so I responded by resting the side of my head against his and nuzzling it gently. I wanted to help him relax, so I decided to break the ice in the most forward way I could think of.

They're all cute, aren't they?” I said with a lisp, prompting him to nod silently and sigh. “We're going to have fun tonight.”

With that, the dark haired stud who gave me the eye when we first walked in introduced himself.

I'm Kevin,” he said, practically licking his lips, then he turned to the others.

I'm Ethan,” the blonde chimed in, then he motioned to the shy brunette. “That's my little brother, Steve.”

This is Kyle,” Nathan said, walking to the middle of the living room and motioning to me, then he diverted his hungry gaze to my boyfriend. “This is Jimmy.”

For all of their forwardness, it was obvious that neither Kevin or Ethan knew what to do. Both Jimmy and Steve were obviously nervous, so I took the initiative once again and puckered my lips for Nathan, who leaned in and pressed his lips to mine. I let out a small whimper, then I let Jimmy's hand go and wrapped my arms around Nathan's neck while my tongue slipped into his mouth.

Fucking hot!” I heard Ethan exclaim, so I broke my kiss with Nathan and batted my eyes up at him, then I bit my lower lip and gave Ethan a hungry stare as I used my hands to unbutton Nathan's pants.

Do you want to kiss him?” Nathan asked me, and I responded with a slow nod, not taking my eyes off of the dirty blonde the entire time. I felt Nathan's hand cup my plump bottom and sighed again, then I boldly approached Ethan and licked my lips. With a grin, he sat down on the couch, putting us at eye level as I stepped between his legs and leaned in for a kiss. He looked a little unsure at first, but when I pressed my lips to his, he closed his eyes and let out a sigh of satisfaction, then he parted his lips and let me slide my tongue into his mouth.

The taste of his kiss was delicious, and I couldn't help but moan as I wrapped my arms around his neck and locked my fingers. He responded by cupping my rear end with both hands and kneading them gently, sending a throbbing wave of pleasure through me that originated in my boy pussy and radiated down my legs. At the same time, I could feel a sharp tingle run up my spine that prompted me to push back against him with my hips, wanting him to know how much I was enjoying his massage.

Is that good?” he asked, as our lips parted, and I nodded with a huge grin.

It feels so hot,” I practically stuttered, then I confessed my need. “I'm so horny.”

Yeah?” he asked, increasing the pressure of his kneading, and I nodded almost frantically. “It looks like your boyfriend's horny, too.”

With that, I turned my head to look at Jimmy, who was engaged in a very passionate lip lock with Nathan. It appeared as if any inhibition that he was feeling had washed away, as he was pushing his right hand down the front of Nathan's jeans in search of the cock that he was craving so badly. At the same time, his left hand was shoved down the back of his own pants, and it was obvious that he was penetrating the lips of his boy pussy in a very shameless fashion. I smiled at Ethan and licked my lips, then I grinned at Kevin and sighed.

You're both so cute,” I lisped. “I want to do it with all of you tonight. So does Jimmy.”

With that, I reached down and started to work Ethan's track pants off of his hips, wanting to unwrap the package that lay underneath so I could feel it inside of me. He caught on right away, standing up to make my task a little easier and running his fingers through my hair. As his pants came down, I slid my fingers into the waistband of his boxers and worked them down at the same time, causing a very thick, very succulent looking hard on to spring loose. It was so veiny and amazing looking. There was a nice patch of brown hair around the base and a treasure trail of hair that ran from his pubic bone all the way up to his naval. I immediately reached out with both hands and wrapped them around his dick, then I gave it very sensual strokes while I looked into his eyes.

While I was doing this, I heard the sound of a zipper, and looked over to my right just in time to see Kevin kicking his shoes off and unbuttoning his fly at the same time. I smiled when his jeans fell to the floor and he stepped out of them, leaving him standing there in only his boxers and his button up. As I was watching him get undressed, I felt the tickle of Ethan's breath against my face, so I turned back to him just in time to receive another kiss that swept me off of my feet. As our kiss carried on, I moaned into his mouth and worked more diligently on stroking him off. At the same time, I felt him reach down to my fly and begin to unbutton my jeans. He broke our kiss suddenly, causing me to look up at him questioningly. I saw him smile back down at me lewdly, then I felt the head of a dick pressing against my lips. Without looking to see whose it was, I parted my lips and let it slide into my mouth, then I let my eyes drift over to Kevin, who closed his eyes and shuddered as I accepted him all the way to the back of my throat and sucked.

Such a cock hungry little slut,” I heard Ethan say, and I let out a moan because it was true. At that exact moment, my jeans fell from my waist, exposing my pretty panties for all to see.

Holy shit, that's fucking sexy,” Kevin exclaimed when he caught site of my pantied bottom. I let out a girly moan, then I felt him grab the back of my head as my sucking persisted.

This one has them on too,” Nathan said from the other side of the room, where Jimmy was on his knees in front of the love seat with a mouthful of Nathan's hard cock. Sitting to the left of Nathan was Steve, who had moved over from the recliner and was enjoying a hand job, also courtesy of my boyfriend. They were both stroking his head and smiling lecherously as Jimmy moaned around the large dick in his mouth, his eyes closed tightly and a dreamy smile on his face. His pantied bottom was sticking up invitingly in the air, in the perfect position for someone to bury their hard dick inside and work it back and forth.

In the meanwhile Kevin was getting ready to blow his load down my gullet. I could feel his cock swelling in my throat, working my clit over as he ran it back and forth in my fuck tube. I wanted him to last forever, but I was also looking forward to swallowing his cum, then taking Ethan's cock down my throat. Feeling his amazing cock in my hand, I just knew that he would have no problem bringing me to a powerful orgasm while I gave him head. I changed my stroking technique slightly. I was still using both hands, but instead of stroking, I tugged on his dick as if I were pulling on a rope. Each time, I started at the base of his cock and ran my hand in a corkscrew like motion over its length until I reached the head, treating us both to a pleasurable experience. As I did this, I also increased the amount of suction that I was using on Kevin's dick while using my tongue more assertively, wanting to coax as much cum from him as possible.

This proved to be more than enough to pull the orgasm straight from Kevin's balls. I felt his cock swell again, then it throbbed and jerked hard in my throat. I let it slide out just far enough so that I had the head of his dick in my mouth, then I formed a tight seal around his glans and welcomed his climax. He treated me to several strong shots of hot cum that exploded from his dick, filling my mouth to the brim. I was swallowing furiously, barely able to keep up with the volume. The entire time that I was swallowing Kevin's cum load, my little hands were still working their magic on Ethan's monster, an act that only served to heighten the pleasure that I was experiencing at the moment. I moaned loudly around the cum firing dick that I was sucking on, never wanting the sperm to stop flowing because I was enjoying it so much.

When there was no more cum to swallow, I sucked Kevin's dick a little longer, then I let him ease it out of my mouth. As soon as my mouth was empty, I leaned forward and swallowed Ethan's massive tool in one fell swoop, eager to take it all to the back of the throat. I felt his palm resting on the back of my head, prompting me to grab his other hand and place it there as well. With both hands on my head, I started to bob up and down forcefully on his cock, treating myself to a very enjoyable face fuck. He seemed to understand what I was after, because he applied a light amount of pressure to the back of my head. I let out a moan to let him know that I liked what he was doing, so he applied a little more. When I gave out another moan of desire, he pushed harder and began thrusting hard.

With his fuck stick punishing the clit in my throat, it didn't take me long to reach my climax. I tightened my throat muscles around his massive dick and moaned even louder as goosebumps erupted all over my body. My hairless little cock was straining hard against my pubic bone, twitching inside of my panties as my pussy burned sweetly. I pushed out with my rear end and rolled my hips around in the air, eager for some action at my back door but not requiring it because I was already cumming. As my climax carried on, I felt the delicious dick that I was sucking start to expand, and I knew that I was in for another mouthful of hot cum. I slammed into his cock with my throat, letting his glans work my clit over for as long as I could, wanting to feel him fuck me hard and deep until the moment of ejaculation. When the moment arrived, I pulled his cock out of my throat and wrapped my lips around its head, then I let him blast off inside of my mouth.
“Oh fuck,” he shouted, then he groaned loudly as his balls unloaded their bounty of cum down my swallowing throat. I was moaning like a bitch in heat as volley after volley of cum heaved out of his dick and into my waiting mouth. Like the cum slut that I am, I swallowed it all like a pro, not letting any go to waste. He must have unloaded inside of my sucking mouth for at least 40 seconds, if not longer, and I was in heaven the entire time. While he was cumming in my mouth, I caressed his smooth ball sack, then I let my hand travel further back into his crack, where I found his hot, moist hole. I felt a few strands of hair back there, and I knew that I had to dine at his back door once he was finished unloading in my mouth.

When his cum shots finally ceased, I licked his cock up and down, then I sucked on his swollen balls. With his nuts in my mouth, I pulled my hand out of his crack and squatted, then I crawled between his legs and found his taint. I bathed it with my tongue, then I turned so that I was facing his rump, my face buried between his hot cheeks. I parted them and smiled, taking in their rich aroma before I ran my tongue all the way up his crack, starting at his sweet taint and dragging across his stinky poop-chute, making sure to lap away at the stringy hairs that rested all around it before continuing my journey to the top. I felt him shift a little, parting his legs to give me more room to work with, so I responded with another horny moan as I zeroed in on his pooper and ate it greedily for a few minutes. He was flowing ass juice very heavily, and I was lapping it all up with girly moans, hoping to swallow a large volume of it before the evening was through.

When I pulled my face out of his crack, he collapsed on the couch next to Kevin, who had a very dreamy look in his eyes as he recovered from the climax he had when I sucked him off. I sat on the back of my legs and licked the flavor of Ethan's poop-chute off of my lips, then I turned my attention to Jimmy, who had moved from sucking Nathan's dick to sucking Steve off. Nathan was rubbing his friend's stomach and back, and they seemed to be looking at each other tenderly. I crawled on my hands and knees across the living room floor to my boyfriend's side, where I stayed dutifully until Steve unloaded his ball juice in Jimmy's mouth.

Jimmy sat up and swallowed, then he fell into my embrace and we started to kiss deeply. Somehow we wound up on the floor, rolling around as we continued to make out. As we swapped spit, Kevin and Ethan got up and joined Steve and Nathan on the couch. I caught site of Steve getting up so that his brother could sit down, then he took his spot on his brother's lap, resting his head lazily on his shoulder as if it were nothing out of the norm.

So fucking adorable,” Nathan exclaimed as Jimmy and I rolled around on the floor of his living room in our freshly washed panties, our tongues intertwined the entire time. He looked over to his right, where Kevin was stroking his cock, watching the scene unfold with a very hungry look in his eyes. Nathan's own cock, which had been bulging through his pants before I helped him undress, was standing at attention, like a divining rod leading him to the treasure that lay just under the pretty fabric that covered our eager rear ends.

When we came to rest, I was on my back with Jimmy laying on top of me, his tongue still working its magic in my mouth. We were both squealing sissily, our feminine moans a byproduct of our mutual desire to have our pussies serviced by the four hunks that were watching the show we were putting on. I felt overwhelmed with passion, having my cute lover resting atop my prostrate form as he expressed his own feelings in the form of a hot kiss. When Jimmy and I broke our kiss, we smiled sweetly at each other, then I verbalized my feelings.

I love you, baby,” I lisped.

I love you too, sweetie,” he said, then he leaned down and planted a sweet peck on my lips.

I want you to eat my pussy,” I told him in a girly tone, and he let out a sigh. On the couch, Nathan was breathing quite heavily, no doubt feeling heated by the horny scene happening in his living room.

What else do you want?” Jimmy asked, seeming to understand that our sexy talk was turning on the four studs on the couch. I sighed and smiled up at him, then I turned my head toward the couch and confessed my desires.

I want to be a good girl and give all five of you some pussy,” I lisped, opening my legs wide and letting Jimmy rest between them.

With that, I felt Jimmy's little hands tugging on the waistband of my panties, so I lifted my midsection and gave him the leeway he needed to get them off of my hips. He pulled them down just far enough to expose my boyhood, then he sat up and waited for me to roll over. When I did, he pulled me up at the waist, causing me to lift my rump high into the air by tucking my knees underneath my body and resting the side of my head on the carpet. With my little boy butt hanging out, he lowered my panties just far enough to expose my plump cheeks, then he parted them with a moan. I felt his tongue travel into my crack, then he zeroed in on my pussy and ate it deeply while we both moaned wildly.

Does that look good, Bubba?” I heard Ethan affectionately ask his brother, who was still seated in his lap.

Yeah,” I heard Steve answer quietly. “It looks amazing.”

Kyle ate my ass the same way just a couple of minutes ago,” Ethan told his brother. “I could tell he was really into it. I liked it, too.”

You did?” Steve asked hopefully, causing me to wonder what was going on between the two of them. I wasn't sure at the time how much difference there was in their ages, but I later learned that Ethan was 18, just like Nathan, and Kevin was 17, just a few months away from his birthday. Steve was a high school Freshman who was 14 years old. Like me, his birthday was in August, just before the start of the school year. It made me wonder if he knew Mike and Matt, or maybe other kids from my school. I had a hard time concentrating on the rest of their conversation, though, because the force of Jimmy's rim job was causing my head to spin with lust and pleasure. I could feel the familiar burn of an anal orgasm building up like a tidal wave, gaining strength and increasing in energy and speed as it prepared to crash into the shore.

The rough surface of Jimmy's tongue was sliding in and out of my boy pussy, torturing every nerve that lined it. I was moaning like a true slut the entire time, eager to feel the joy of a hard cock slipping up inside of me. At the moment, though, it was Jimmy's tongue that was bringing me joy, sending shivers up my spine and down my legs as my rear end burned sweetly. His teeth were brushing across my puckered entrance, causing the pleasure to swell inside of me until I could hold off no longer. With a long, horny moan, I gave in to my demons and let the waves of my climax come crashing down over me. I reached back with my hands and grabbed Jimmy's head, pulling it into my rear end as I pushed back against his face, wanting him to eat me even more deeply than he already was. I felt him pull back on my hips, so I let go of his head and placed the flats of my hands on the floor, allowing me to lift my head into the air as my hair stood up on its own and I howled like a mating dog.

As my orgasm swept me under, I felt Jimmy's hands leave my hips momentarily, then he put them back, but he pulled his face out of my pussy. I looked over my shoulder to find out why, and was treated to the site of my lover lining his rod up to my exposed cunt. I smiled when I realized that he was about to fuck me, then I grinned up at the four hunks that were watching the show. Nathan and Kevin were still stroking their cocks, and curiously, Steve was stroking both his cock and Ethan's cock, which had regained its full length. He was still resting his head on his brother's shoulder, and Ethan was saying something to him that I couldn't quite make out.

When Jimmy pushed in, I sighed at the familiar heat of his cock, then I let him control the tempo of our fucking by staying still on my hands and knees. I wanted him to know that I was happy to have him inside of me, and I wanted everyone else to know it, too. Besides, I'd have four more cocks inside of me soon enough. I looked over my shoulder at Jimmy and smiled when we made eye contact. He smiled back at me and my heart fluttered, so I responded by tightening my butt hole around his cock, which was thrusting in and out of my pussy in a very pleasurable motion.

Does that feel good, baby?” he asked me, and I nodded at him.

I love it,” I lisped, by now feeling so feminized that I had completely given in to being a sissy for all five of my tops. I was also looking forward to giving Nathan and Steve some head and sampling each of their butt fudge. I wasn't sure how much Nathan had told his group of friends, but it was obvious that he'd revealed enough for them to be comfortable having sex with Jimmy and I. Feeling insatiable, I turned to the couch and announced, “I can't wait until all of you fuck me and let me suck your dicks.”

Whose dick do you want after mine?' Jimmy asked in a very husky voice, and I let out another moan.

Anyone's dick, as long as its hard,” I admitted with a feminine whimper. “I just want to get laid so bad.”

With that, Jimmy started to thrust hard into my pussy, bringing out a series of long moans that I had no control over. My vision was getting blurry and my climax was fast approaching, so I bore down even harder around his cock and let him fuck me to another anal orgasm. He was panting hard when my pussy started to squeeze his cock over and over, then a surge of ass juice met his inward thrust and that was all either of us could take. My juicing cunt clamped down hard around the head of his dick over and over, causing him to squirt his load deep inside of me. When he pulled out, I spun around quickly and took his sticky member into my mouth, sucking it clean of all ass juice and cum. When I let it fall from my mouth, I moaned loudly and ground my rear end around in the air, desperate for the next cock to enter me. I looked up at the four hard cocks that were hovering above me on the couch and licked my lips, then I let my moaning get even louder as I caught the site of Nathan getting up from his spot on the couch and moving in behind me, his hard cock just inches away from the entrance of my yearning pussy.