Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 35

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With the head of his stiff rod at my back door, Nathan didn't need any encouragement to enter me from behind. I felt his large glans pushing past my anal ring, causing my still quivering pussy to quake with pleasure as he sunk his hot shaft inside of me. I was moaning even louder than before, letting my tight love tunnel squeeze his cock over and over as my climax started to pick up pace all over again. I felt him grab my hips, then he began to pull back. The talented muscles in my pussy weren't having it, though, and they pulled him back in with force. With Nathan's cock in my insatiable pussy, I rolled my hips around, wanting to feel his dick stirring inside of me. At the same time, my moaning was growing more feminine and much louder. He fought the force of my powerful boy pussy by hanging onto my hips for leverage as he began to thrust in and out, and finally, my pussy relented and let him have his way.

As Nathan was fucking my climaxing rear end so perfectly, I found myself in search of a dick to suck. I looked up at Kevin and saw that Jimmy was already sucking him off, bobbing his head up and down as his enticing rear end swayed from side to side. On the other end of the couch, Steve was still stroking his brother's cock, but they were both eying Jimmy's rear end with a hungry look.

Go get it, Bubba,” I heard Ethan tell his brother, then he scooted him out of his lap and stood up behind him. Steve got on his hands and knees behind Jimmy, and with his brother's help and encouragement, he lined up to Jimmy's hole and started to push in. Jimmy responded by pushing up with his hips, eager to accept the virgin cock that was penetrating him. He let out a horny moan, encouraging Steve to sink his shaft all the way into my boyfriend.

Does that feel good?” I head Kevin ask, and both Steve and Jimmy responded with an “Uh huh.”

While Ethan was teaching his brother how to fuck, I reached out and took his steel hard rod into my hand, giving it a few good strokes. A minute later, he was easing it into my desperate mouth, making my wish come true. With Ethan's cock buried down my throat and Nathan's cock buried in my shivering pussy, I felt out of control and began moaning even more sissily than I had been just moments earlier. My pussy was crashing down around Nathan's cock, hastening his moment of climax. At the same time, Ethan's dick was pulling a climax from my throat by running so thoroughly over the clit that rested there. The walls of my boy cunt were catching the head of Nathan's cock just right, and about a minute after I started to suck Ethan's dick, I felt another hot load of cum being squirted into my rear end.

When Nathan pulled away from my cock hungry bottom, I let Ethan's dick fall from my mouth and begged him to mount me from behind. He very quickly complied, and I shuddered when I felt his massive tool sliding up into my pussy. With very little effort, Ethan restarted my climax while I wrapped my lips around Nathan's sticky cock and sucked it clean. While I was doing this, Jimmy was in the midst of receiving Steve's cum load deep inside of his talented butt hole. When he pulled away from Jimmy's rear end, I let Nathan's dick fall from my mouth and urged Steve to let me suck him clean. As soon as he eased his dripping cock into my mouth, I took hold of Nathan's cock and guided it back to my lips, then I let him slide in next to Steve.

Holy shit, he fucking loves it,” I heard Kevin say from the couch as Jimmy lifted his sucking mouth from his cock and looked up at him wantonly.

I want you to give it to me up the butt,” Jimmy said shamelessly. Kevin got behind him and slipped his cock up inside of my lover, bringing out very loud moans from Jimmy as he rode out the butt fucking he was being treated to.

In the meanwhile, Ethan's cock was making me squeal like the girl I had become. I was pushing up to meet his powerful strokes while I sucked on the two dicks that I had in my mouth, wanting badly for either of them to take the next turn at my back door. While I was moaning around their dicks, I could hear Nathan talking to both Steve and Ethan, the context of their conversation causing my pussy to nearly crush Ethan's python as it contracted with anticipation.

I told you he was hot for it,” he said. “Wait till later when he's eating our shit. He fucking can't get enough.”

Mmm,” I moaned out loud as his words carried into my ears, the promise of eating multiple poop loads sending me into an orgasmic frenzy.

Holy crap, his ass is squeezing the fucking shit out of my dick,” Ethan exclaimed.

He's cumming,” Steve said, as if it were a fact that he was well aware of, even though there was no sperm forthcoming from my undeveloped genitals.

He cums hard, Bubba, just like you,” Ethan exclaimed, then he he started to pant heavily as he drove in and out of me even harder. Finally he couldn't withstand the pressure of my squeezing pussy, so he buried himself balls deep inside of me and fired his load. His cum shots felt amazing as they fired up into me, coating the walls of my juicing boy cunt. While his cock was unloading inside of me, my pussy was still squeezing it over and over as I climaxed in my little boy ecstasy. When he finally pulled out of my rear end, he encouraged his little brother to take a turn.

It's your turn, Bubba,” he instructed Steve, who pulled his cock out of my mouth and moved around to my backside, anxious to bury his six inch hard on inside of me. He was definitely Ethan's brother in the size department, at least when it came to girth. I was sure he would catch up to Ethan in the length department someday, too, but there was plenty of time for that. I gave out another horny moan around Nathan's stiff rod as Steve entered me from behind, enjoying the feeling of his head being swallowed by my hot little hole, then I felt his shaft get hot as he sank it in. At the same time, I reached out for Ethan's dick and encouraged him to ease it into my mouth beside Nathan's.

This little cock hound can't get enough, can he?” Ethan observed, talking to Nathan. I moaned again, then I shook my head no as I used my tongue to try to bring him back to life in my mouth. While I was sucking two dicks and taking it up the rear end from Steve, Jimmy was still moaning wildly, enjoying the forceful fudge packing that he was receiving from Kevin.

They're both hot for cock,” Nathan observed, and once again I interjected.

Mm hmm,” I moaned around their dicks, once again feeling dizzy with passion because Steve's hard cock had restarted my orgasm. I was pushing up with my hips again, eager to meet his strokes with my rear end and hasten his re-entry. For a boy who had just lost his virginity moments earlier, Steve seemed to know what to do when he was inside of me, aiming for my clit and hammering it without mercy. As a result, my already squeezing pussy was once again overwhelming the dick that was bringing it such pleasure, clamping down hard and catching the end of Steve's dick just right as he was pulling out, then sucking him back in forcefully. Finally, he slammed into my upturned rear end with force and filled me up with a luscious spray of hot cum that brought out an even more sissified moan than before.

While Steve was using my rear end as a cum dump, Kevin was doing the same thing for Jimmy, firing a hot load of cum deep into the recesses of Jimmy's eager boy cunt. When he pulled out, Nathan and Ethan both withdrew from my mouth, trading places with both Steve and Kevin, who each eased their dripping cocks into my desperate mouth while I moaned like a bitch in heat who needed to suck another dick. While I was being filled at the front, Ethan was once again filling me up from behind. I felt like I had electricity running through my pussy as he sank his hard shaft back into me and hit it from the back. Ethan's hard cock elicited even hornier moans from me as I tried to concentrate on sucking the two sticky dicks that were in my mouth. I wanted to swallow every drop of the delicious cum and ass juice that they were dripping, but it was hard to focus because Ethan was driving in and out of me with the force of a jackhammer.

While he was doing this, Jimmy was in the midst of taking Nathan's hard dick in his pussy, moaning loudly and babbling incoherently the entire time. My own boy cunt was now in overdrive, surging with ass juice as Ethan pounded me into submission. In the meanwhile, both dicks that I was sucking had raged back to life inside of me, and I was using my tongue to try to bathe them until they were clean. I felt Ethan start to slam into me with very hard thrusts, and I knew that once again, my climaxing cunt was too much for him to handle. He gave me about ten hard thrusts, then he stayed still and let my talented pussy pull him all the way in while he fired another load inside of me.

I gave a high pitched moan of satisfaction when he seeded my cunt, then he pulled out and traded places with Kevin, who was now hard as steel and ready to service my needy boy pussy. When Kevin entered me from the back, he tried to go in slowly, but my cock hungry boy butt was too much for him to handle, and he was pulled in by the talented muscles that lined the walls of my pussy. I rolled my rear end around in an effort to give us both some additional pleasure, then I went back to concentrating on sucking dick for a while so that he could steady himself. My pussy was still throbbing with pleasure, the result of my extended climax, and I was moaning hotly around the two dicks I was servicing with my mouth.

I let my gaze travel up and took in the sight of Steve and Ethan sharing a very tender kiss. At the same time, I felt a very sweet burn in my boy pussy as Kevin began to fuck me. He seemed to have abandoned all pretense of a slow, sensual fuck, mainly because my hungry little boy hole wasn't going to accommodate that. I needed to be fucked hard, and Kevin had no choice but to deliver, because every time he pulled back, my clutching boy pussy pulled him back in with force. Finally tired of being pulled back in against his will, Kevin settled into a very rough tempo that stirred my boygasm back up and caused me to suck hungrily on the two dicks I had in my mouth.

This ass feels fucking amazing,” he groaned out loud as he tried to hold on for dear life. I knew that he wouldn't be able to last too much longer, so I decided to work my butt hole around his cock a little harder, eager to feel him squirt his load inside of me, then accept another dick inside of my busy rear end. As soon as I added some pressure, we both experienced Nirvana, as my orgasm heightened to a new level. At the same time, he began to fuck me even harder and faster until he finally allowed himself to be pulled all the way in, then he filled my cum hungry cunt with his very hot load. I let out another loud moan, then I ground my ass around, feeling his still hard dick stir inside of me for a long, enjoyable moment. When I finally stopped grinding my horny rear end around, he pulled out of me and took Steve's spot in my mouth. I was a little stunned when Steve didn't mount me from the back, instead opting to mount Jimmy, who had just received Nathan's load up his butt and was now kneeling between his legs in front of the couch, sucking his cock clean.

Seeing that his brother was tending to Jimmy's hungry little boy butt, Ethan withdrew from my mouth and slipped his cock back up inside of me. I moaned hungrily around Kevin's sticky cock, sucking it clean and getting every drop of cum and ass juice that I could, wanting to swallow as much as I could find. Five minutes later, Jimmy was resting in Nathan's lap with Steve cuddled up to their side as they watched me finish Ethan and Kevin off like the horny pussy boy that I am. I worked my butt hole expertly around Ethan's massive tool, bringing us both to a very frantic climax before he fired off in my pussy, then he pulled away and traded places once again with Kevin, who slipped back up inside of my talented boy cunt while I sucked down the cum and ass juice that coated Ethan's drained fuck stick. He stayed flaccid in my mouth, so I concentrated on the fudge packing that I was enjoying. When Ethan pulled out of my mouth, his brother dutifully got up and gave up his spot next to Nathan and Jimmy. With a smile, Ethan took his brother's spot, then he held his arms out for Steve, who collapsed into Ethan's lap and curled his legs up. I smiled warmly when Ethan wrapped his big arms around his little brother and kissed his cheek, then he very gently rocked him while they both recovered from their orgasms.

While I was watching this, Kevin began a very furious thrusting into my insatiable pussy. Deciding to take a little initiative, I once again used the muscles in my pussy to pull the ball juice out of Kevin, and he lasted less than three minutes before filling me up with his spunk. This load was nowhere near as voluminous as his previous loads had been, but it still felt amazing to feel him shoot inside of me. When he pulled away, I took his sticky cock in my mouth and licked it clean.

While I was swallowing the cum and ass juice that was dripping from Kevin's cock, Jimmy got behind me and used his small hands to part my cheeks, then he dined at my back door. I let Kevin's cock fall from my mouth and grinned up at the group of tops who had serviced my pussy so thoroughly, then I bore down and expelled a large volume of cum and ass juice right into Jimmy's watering mouth. I felt him pull away from my rump, so I looked back at him just in time to see him sit up and swallow. He held his arms out for me, so I went to him, allowing him to take me in his arms so that I could melt into his kiss.

Wow, these two are so fucking horny,” I heard Kevin exclaim from above as our kiss got heavier and our moaning got more feminine. Our kiss eventually led us to 69 on the floor, with each of us eating the others' pussy deeply while we both expelled large volumes of cum and ass juice that we were anxious to swallow. When there was no more cum to swallow, we continued to eat each other passionately, still craving the heavy flow of ass juice that we were both secreting. When our tongues could no longer sustain the motion due to fatigue, we held each other close and basked in the afterglow of our sex act. As we lay still in each others' arms, Jimmy reached down and tenderly caressed my high traffic boy pussy, sending another tingle through it and prompting me to moan and lift my right leg into the air so that he could access it more ably.

Holy fuck, he still wants more,” I heard Ethan say in wonderment. I looked up at him and bit my lip, knowing that I had worn them all out, and yet was still hungry for more cock. They were all sitting on the couch, their dicks painfully limp and unable to rise to the occasion, yet wondering how to satisfy a cock hunger like mine. They had no idea that the truth is that there's only one way to take care of my needs. I need dick all the time, and they were all now painfully aware that while I might be contented for a short time, my pussy is best served when its lips are wrapped around a hard, horny cock.

I was moaning like a little girl as Jimmy lifted my legs into the air and let them rest on his shoulders. I shuddered when he leaned into me, his cock lining up perfectly with my yearning pussy and slipping right inside. When he was buried inside of me, we shared a very tender smile, then he leaned in further and kissed me, slipping me lot's of tongue as he worked his cock in and out of me. Ten minutes later, he seeded my pussy and pulled away, then he ate me out for five more minutes while I moaned wildly. When we were through, I felt sated enough to let him help me to my feet, then we pulled our pretty panties up and let our rear ends switch from side to side as we collapsed into the recliner and cuddled closely.

Do you still want to eat shit tonight?” Nathan asked. Jimmy and I both nodded enthusiastically.

Do you have to go right now?” I asked with a heavy lisp. Both he and Kevin nodded, and I felt a shudder run through me as I thought about eating a hot load of poop from a new rear end. Kevin turned to address Ethan and Steve, and for the first time, we all took note of the fact that Steve had fallen asleep in his brother's tender embrace.

What about you, Ethan?” Nathan asked, and much to my delight, he nodded.

I think Steve has to crap, too,” Ethan said, planting a very loving kiss on his brother's cheek. “Let me see if I can wake him up.”

We all watched curiously as Ethan gently shook his little brother awake, smiling lovingly at him as his eyes started to open.

Hey Bubba,” he said softly, brushing the bangs out of his brother's eyes. “We're about to feed Kyle and Jimmy. Are you still up to it?”

Yeah,” Steve said with a sleepy yawn, then he blushed because he realized that we were all watching with warm smiles. He briefly hid his face in his brother's neck, then he lifted it up and stretched as Ethan scooted him out of his lap. We all got up, then I took Jimmy's hand and hurried down the hall to Nathan's room, my pantied bottom switching from side to side the entire time. Once we were in Nathan's room, I made a beeline for the bathroom and waited impatiently for the rest of the group to catch up.

I can't believe we're going to do this,” Kevin said with a grin. I licked my lips and gazed up at him hungrily as Jimmy and I dropped our panties, then I reached for his hand and tugged him toward the bathtub. Jimmy and I got in together with Kevin getting in last, and we set the mood by dropping to our knees and opening our mouths, eager to have him pee all over us. Kevin gulped and looked Nathan's way, then he nodded and aimed his pecker at us. When he started peeing, I let out a moan of desire and moved my mouth so that his stream was going right in. I drank happily, then I let Jimmy take my place at the fountain. When there was no more pee to be enjoyed, Jimmy and I stood up and parted Kevin's cheeks.

How are we going to do this?” he asked as we both leaned in and inhaled the rich aroma of his poop-chute.

You have to squat over our faces,” I told him in a girly tone. “Poop in my mouth first, then go in Jimmy's mouth.”

With that, Jimmy stepped back and watched as I opened wide at the opening of Kevin's full rear end. Kevin squatted so that his butt was resting right over my grateful face, then I felt his thighs stiffen slightly as his hole started to expand. I moaned loudly when I caught the first whiff of the luscious stink that was swirling around in my face, then a very hot thrust of air pushed into my mouth as his crackling turd emerged. The massive turd felt so hot and tasted so amazing as it pushed into my mouth. It had a dark, rich flavor that matched its stink, and it was lined with moist cracks. I wanted to start chewing it up right away and not even wait for its journey to be completed, but I was also eager to let it fill my slutty mouth so that I could display my dirty deed to everyone else.

Holy shit, this is crazy,” I heard Ethan say under his breath.

When the long turd finally detached from Kevin's anus, I opened wide and displayed his brown gift to everyone else, then I chewed it up and swallowed eagerly while Jimmy posted up at Kevin's rear end for his meal. He was sniffing hard as he parted Kevin's poop smeared cheeks, then he used the opportunity to lick the thick poop smears out of Kevin's crack before smiling naughtily at all of us and opening wide. Kevin was watching over his shoulder as Jimmy was licking his crack clean, then he smiled lewdly and prepared to fill his watering mouth. With a hard strain, Kevin pushed out a very thick turd that bullied its way into Jimmy's mouth, crackling loudly the entire time. When it had completed its journey, Jimmy proudly opened his mouth to display its stinky contents, then he chewed with a very pleasurable smile and swallowed while Kevin looked over his shoulder in amazement. I looked at Nathan, Steve and Ethan, who looked equally impressed and very eager to take their turns feeding us.

I don't know if I have much more,” Kevin announced.

I shrugged and spread his poopy cheeks apart, then I opened wide and waited for him to push. I was treated to a very slender turd that slid down his rectum with very little effort. It had the same aroma and taste as the first turd that he had gifted me, and I was very pleased to have it. With a moan, I chewed it up and swallowed it before taking to his crack, wanting to lick it clean before he got out of the tub.. When he was finally clean, Jimmy and I dropped to our knees and waited for someone to pee on us. We were both pleasantly surprised when Nathan, Steve and Ethan all pointed their cocks at us and unleashed with a torrent of hot pee. We both opened our mouths and let them aim, and once again, I felt fortunate to have both Steve and Ethan aim right for my opened mouth, filling it to the brim with all the pee I could handle while Jimmy accepted Nathan's stream. When their streams started to weaken, I begged them to pee in my hair. With very lecherous expressions, they both redirected their streams to my hair, soaking it and causing a cascade of hot pee to run down all sides of my body. All three of them shook off on our tongues, then Nathan got in and waited for us to get up.

I watched with a hard grin as Jimmy posted up at Nathan's rear end, eager to accept a yummy mouthful of hot poop. He was moaning almost insatiably as Nathan squatted over his small face and pushed. With the sound of a loud, juicy fart, Jimmy's mouth was instantly filled to capacity with a steaming pile of turds that smelled amazing. Their aroma was very distinctive, yet somehow reminiscent of a combination of bird poop and drying pee. As soon as Jimmy showed us his stinky mouthful, his hairless little pecker fired off three shots of cum that landed on the floor of the tub. He closed his mouth and chewed slowly, seeming to want to savor his luscious mouthful with a dreamy, far away look in his eyes. While Jimmy was chewing up his share of Nathan's butt load, I quickly took my place at his rear end and waited for my own stinky mouthful, taking hard sniffs the entire time.

They love it,” Steve said, looking up at his brother in amazement.

He fucking came from eating shit,” Kevin exclaimed, sounding equally amazed as he watched Jimmy's cute little Adam's apple bob up and down while he chewed and swallowed his treat.

I opened wide and looked over at my audience, who all looked on in stunned silence as they waited for Nathan to fill my mouth. I let my tongue dart out of my mouth for a split second, eager for a preview of the tasty butt load that I was about to be treated to. As soon as I plunged my tongue into the smeared poop on his cheeks, I let out a moan and felt my tummy rumble in anticipation. Nathan gave a very firm push, and once again, he expelled a very large volume of hot poop logs that filled my mouth up, causing my cheeks to bulge and my lips to protrude slightly. I let out another long moan as I let the flavor of his steaming poop load dance on my palate, then I opened wide and showed my stinky meal off to the group before I started to smash it with my tongue against the roof of my mouth and swallow. While I was doing this, Jimmy got back into position and moaned loudly as Nathan let go of a long, brown turd that eased its way out of his butt and into Jimmy's watering mouth. I could hear my lover sniffing the entire time that he was accepting the turd. It seemed as if he were keeping his face a few inches from Nathan's rear end on purpose so that he could enjoy the site and smell of the massive poop log as it slid into his watering mouth. From the outside of the tub, I could hear Steve's nose working hard, drawing in the aroma that was wafting up from Nathan's delicious turd. His hard cock was sticking straight up, pressed snug against his pubic bone, his hairless nut sack pulled tight. Ethan was watching his brother with a very introspective look the entire time, giving me chill of delight because I knew what he was thinking.

When Jimmy had the entire turd in his mouth, he gave a small cry of joy and displayed the contents of his mouth to all of us, then he chewed it up and swallowed with a sigh.

Do you think that's sexy, Bubba?” I heard Ethan ask his little brother. Steve looked up and nodded with a very big grin, then he leaned into his brother's side and licked his lips, seemingly contemplating his brother's question. Nathan fed me the last of his brown offering, pushing out three small turds that crackled loudly as they filled my hungry mouth, then he let me lick his crack clean before he got out and Ethan got in.

I have to go really bad,” he said, a note of caution in his voice. Jimmy and I moaned in unison at his proclamation, causing him to smile wickedly as I took my place at his back door.

I want you to poop hard in my mouth,” I told him as I spread his cheeks apart and opened wide. My little face was lined up perfectly with his hot hole, so all he had to do was bend his knees and push. I started to moan and rub my sniffing nose up and down his crack, then I opened wide and formed a seal with my lips around his hole, eager to take a massive poop load in my mouth with force.

Are you sure?” he asked, and I nodded with a horny moan, my face still buried in his crack.

Holy shit!” I heard Kevin exclaim from the edge of the tub, where everyone had stepped up close to watch it happen. Steve was standing the closest, practically leaning over the side of the tub and watching with a very cute grin as I prepared to receive my brown meal. His face was about four inches away from mine, and I was sure that his nose was picking up the sharp aroma of his brother's rear end.

Ethan placed his hands against the wall for leverage, then he bent his knees slightly and hung his butt out, causing me to have to readjust slightly. It was no problem, though, as I was happy to have him get into a comfortable position so that he could fill my mouth with a large pile of hot, stinky turds.

This isn't going to be hard at all,” I heard him say, then I felt his thighs stiffening. I felt a slight burst of hot air fill my mouth, then in what felt like less than a second, my mouth was crammed full with a very hot load of poop that exploded from his rear end. It was more than I could accommodate, and before he could get his sphincter to close, my entire face was covered in a very hot, very stinky mass of poop that felt amazing as it coated my skin and hair, then it pushed up into my nostrils. It was clay brown and had some firmness in its body, but there was also the very distinct, runny texture of diarrhea. The taste was so heavenly, and I was swallowing furiously, wanting to accept it all and keep up, but it was impossible.

When he finally stopped pushing, I was moaning loudly and sniffing hard, wanting to pull the poop that was in my nostrils down into my mouth so that I could swallow it all. When I was able to clear my nasal passage somewhat, I was still picking up the scent of hot poop that made me feel lightheaded with pleasure. Everyone but Jimmy and I watched in stunned silence. I stepped away from the source of my pleasure and let Jimmy take his place. With a loud sniff of his own, Jimmy parted Ethan's poop covered butt cheeks and lapped away, pulling in large heaps of the poop that rested there with a horny moan before smiling up at his feeder and making a request of his own.

I want you to do that for me, too, please,” he said sweetly. I was scraping the massive coating of poop from my cheeks as I watched Jimmy shove his face in between Ethan's cheeks and open wide, his moans only muffled by the stinky set of cheeks that his face was buried in.

Without a word, Ethan got back into his comfortable squat, then he unleashed another torrent of hot poop that filled Jimmy's eager mouth beyond capacity. Being a determined little poop eater, though, Jimmy refused to pull away, instead preferring to let the remainder of Ethan's hot turds push their way into his mouth with unyielding force. The result was a very impacted mouthful of hot poop for my lover and several more shots of cum that erupted from his hard, hairless pecker.

He fucking came again?” Kevin exclaimed out loud, and Jimmy responded with a very horny moan and a nod as he turned to show us all the contents of his impossibly full mouth before he started to chew and swallow with a hard grin.

As he was chewing up his mouthful of turds, I got back into position and let Ethan fill my slutty mouth back up with another pile of stinky poop logs. While the volume was nowhere near as large as it had been the first time, it was still very large and I found myself very grateful to be eating a hot poop load from Ethan's butt. My mouth watered as I pondered the thought of being treated to a daily helping of his hot turds, maybe after school. As my mind wandered with these thoughts, my ass juice started to surge and I felt a very horny throb run down my legs. While I was swallowing the mouthful that Ethan had just treated me to, he was releasing a final turd into Jimmy's mouth that detached with a loud, gassy fart. I watched as Jimmy released another shot of cum from his untouched dick, then he let me take his place at Ethan's back door, licking his crack clean and lapping away at his hot hole, wanting to show my appreciation to him by worshiping the source of my pleasure.

When he stepped out, Steve waited while Jimmy and I licked each others' faces clean. When he got in, he looked like he was shaking with a mixture of excitement and fear. He gave us both an uneasy look, then he looked helplessly at his brother, who tried to set his mind at ease.

It's alright, Bubba,” he said tenderly. “They like it. You're not going to hurt them.”

Are you sure?” he asked uncertainly, so I smiled warmly at him and sighed.

We both want it bad,” I told him, reaching down and cupping Jimmy's hot little rump in my hands.

I felt Jimmy start to knead my cheeks in response, then we shared a tender kiss and smiled at Steve. He smiled back warmly, then he placed his hands against the wall of the shower and waited for me to get into position. I dropped to my knees and crawled in behind him, then I parted his cheeks and inhaled deeply, enjoying the super spicy scent of his sweaty cheeks. I opened my mouth and locked eyes with Kevin, giving him a hungry gaze as I waited for my prize. Steve bent his knees slightly and gave a hard push. At the same time, his thighs stiffened and his hole started to open. I sniffed hard when I heard the familiar crackle of a hot turd making its descent down his luscious smelling boy hole, then I was treated to a very hot thrust of air that told me my stinky meal was on its way. A second later, I was treated to a tasty mound of hot boy poop that filled my mouth to the brim. It was very stinky, almost like sharp cheese, and it had the consistency of soft serve ice cream or chocolate mousse.

Mmm,” I moaned uncontrollably as it broke off in my mouth, leaving a very pointy tip protruding from my lips.

Fucking hot, Bubba,” Ethan exclaimed with a proud smile.

I gave a proud grin to everyone in the room, opening my mouth widely so that they could all see its stinky contents. I sat back on my butt and began to chew it up and swallow while Jimmy got into position at Steve's back door, eager for his own stinky meal to savor and swallow. I watched with interest as Steve gave a hard push and released a long, slender turd into Jimmy's mouth that curled up like dog poop. When it detached from his anus, I leaned in and took a long whiff of the stinky turd, then I let out a moan of anticipation as I took my place behind my feeder, anxious for more. Steve gave another hard push, this time releasing two firm turds that slipped down his chute in rapid succession into my waiting mouth, then he strained hard and released a much smaller turd that blew out of his rear end along with a hot fart that filled my nostrils. While I chewed up the hot boy poop that Steve had just gifted me, Jimmy took to his crack and licked it clean, then he began eating Steve's poop-chute out passionately while we watched. Steve was moaning wildly as Jimmy dined at his back door, so when fatigue set in for my little poop lover, I took over, eating Steve to a frantic climax as he stroked his dick over Jimmy's face.

After Jimmy received the load, we started the shower and took turns washing each of our tops, starting with Steve. Once he was washed, we took care of Kevin by washing him from head to toe like good little pussy boys, then we lubed his cock up and Jimmy bent over so that he could have one last load squirted up his rear end. After that, we washed Nathan, and after he was clean, I gave him some more pussy. Finally we washed Ethan, soaping up his big cock and letting him slide it deep into my needy rear end while Jimmy watched with a naughty grin. When he pulled out of me, Jimmy took his place at my back door, fucking one last load into my pussy before we donned our pretty panties and followed our lovers back out to the living room.

While Jimmy and I were getting dressed, Ethan and Steve were having a quiet conversation that I couldn't quite make out. Ethan whispered something into Steve's ear, and he responded by nodding and pointing to his rear end with a very needy look. Ethan smiled at his brother and caressed his cheek, then he patted his thigh. Steve smiled sweetly at him, then he took a seat in his brother's lap and wrapped his hand around Ethan's cock, stroking it up and down with a very determined look.

Can we see you tomorrow?” Nathan asked, bringing me out of my stare. I smiled up at him and nodded.

I want to see you every day,” I lisped. He grinned down at Jimmy and I and bit his lower lip.

My mom and dad go to work at 7 in the morning,” he told me. “Can you come over tomorrow morning?”

Will everyone else be here, too?” Jimmy asked, his voice dripping with desire.

I promise,” Nathan said, prompting me to lick my lips as we walked toward the front door, my rear end switching from side to side.

Text me tomorrow when you wake up, and we'll come over right away,” I lisped. “Do you want me and Jimmy to wear our panties again?”

Fuck yeah,” Nathan exclaimed. “You guys are so fucking hot with those panties on.”

I smiled and let out another horny moan, then I took Jimmy's hand and we walked home, my busy rear end switching from side to side the entire way as I thought about going back to Nathan's for more sex and more hot poop to swallow.