Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 36

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As Jimmy and I made our way to my house through the cold night air, my cock hungry rear end was still humming with pleasure. I could feel all of the hot cum loads that had been squirted deep inside of my pussy being churned by my heavy flow of ass juice, and I loved it. Some of my neighbors were out in their front yards as Jimmy and I passed by hand in hand, and I was sure that they were taking note of the fact that my hips were swinging shamelessly from side to side. I didn't care, though, because I was in a state of sheer bliss after all of the back door action I'd just been treated to at Nathan's house. Having five different cocks servicing my boy cunt over and over was amazing. Then being fed hot poop from four different rear ends was even better. The fact that three of the boys whose hot cocks I rode and whose delicious turds Jimmy and I swallowed were strangers only added to the orgasmic bliss that I was experiencing.

My pussy feels so good right now, baby,” I told Jimmy with a thick lisp as we strolled past the second yard from Nathan's house. Three of my neighbors were sitting out on their front porch, and I knew that they could hear me lisping as we walked by, my high traffic rear end switching from side to side. Jimmy gave me a huge smile in response, so I rested my head on his shoulder and sighed as we continued our short journey down the sidewalk to my house.

It was a definite thrill for me to be so blatant about my gayness in public. I wanted the world to know that I was a gay cock hound, and that I was yearning to take another round of dicks up the butt. There was a sweet burn emanating in my well serviced pussy that was spreading all over my body, down my legs, up my spine and in my tummy. I was eager to suck another dick right away, and at the same time, feel a hot cock running back and forth in my poop-chute until both loads were squirted deep inside of me.

When we got to my yard, I purposely led Jimmy to the middle of our lawn where I knew people could see us from their porches, then I engaged him in a long French kiss. As we kissed, I encouraged him to run his hands all over my backside, across my horny rump and up my shirt. I felt him grab my plump cheeks with force and gave off a horny moan in his mouth, then I rolled my hips around in a slow, sensual manner as my neighbors watched.

Let's go inside so I can give you some pussy,” I lisped when our lips separated. Two doors down, my neighbors were still watching the show, no doubt trying to process what they were seeing. Jimmy grabbed both of my hands and smiled at me, then he leaned in and planted a peck on my lips before we walked into the house and closed the door behind us. My dad was coming down the stairs in his robe and slippers, and he smiled when he spotted us.

Hey, princess,” he said. “Did you have fun?”

Yes daddy,” I said in a girly voice as we sauntered in, my busy little boy butt switching from side to side. “Me and Jimmy got laid a lot of times by cute boys.”

Jimmy blushed hard when I said that, but my dad didn't bat an eye. Instead, he smiled approvingly at the two of us and continued our conversation.

Oh yeah?' he asked casually, as if it were nothing out of the ordinary. “How many other boys were there?”

Four,” I lisped. “I gave everyone head, and they all gave it to me up the butt. Jimmy gave it to me up the butt three times, too.”

Was it your two friends who've been spending the night?” he asked, and I shook my head no.

It was Nathan and his friends,” I bragged. “They all have big dicks, and they felt really good up my poop-chute and in my mouth.”

Did you do anything else with them?” he asked knowingly, his sniffing nose already telling him what the answer was.

Yes,” I lisped with a contented sigh. “We ate their poop and drank their pee. It tasted so good, daddy.”

It sounds like you two really enjoyed yourselves,” he observed with a warm smile. “What are your plans for tonight, princess?”

We're going upstairs so I can give Jimmy some more pussy,” I told him as Jimmy continued to blush next to me. “Then we're going to take a shower and I'm going to give head until he's ready to give it to me in the butt again. I still feel horny.”

I can tell, sugar,” he said, still smiling. “Well, why don't you two go on upstairs and take care of your hungry little bottom. Mommy and I are going to watch a movie in the living room a little later if you two feel like joining us, okay?”

Okay, daddy.” I said sweetly. “Can me and Jimmy wear our panties if we want to?”

Of course you can, princess,” he said softly. “Mommy and I know how much you like them.”

I wish we had more, though,” I pouted. “I want some pretty ones with flowers and pink hearts on them so that I look like a pretty girl.”

Well, we'll see what we can do about that, pumpkin,” my dad said. “I'll let you two go to your room and have your fun.”

As my dad walked towards the living room, I turned to Jimmy, who was watching him with a hungry look in his eyes. I knew that he was most likely dreaming about the package that lay just beneath the silk robe that my dad was wearing, and perhaps what he wanted to do with that package. I grinned and planted another kiss on his cheek, then I tugged on his arm, eager to get him in my bed so that he could service my juicing boy pussy.

When we got to my room, it didn't take long for Jimmy and I to undress and lock lips. I wanted to kiss him so bad that I didn't even bother to close the door all the way. I let him guide me onto my back as his tongue dominated mine, and I sighed when my head hit my pillow. I locked my arms around his neck and urged him to kiss me even more deeply, then I let go of a very high pitch squeal as he ground his tongue into mine and took control.

Tell me what you want,” he commanded me when he pulled his stiff tongue from my mouth.

I want your dick, I confessed, my horny boy cunt starting to throb with desire. “I need it up my butt, and I want to suck it.”

Jimmy grinned at me, then he spoke again.

I want to eat your pussy first,” he told me. “I need to take care of my pretty girlfriend.”

I let out a very girly moan when he said that, then I grinned up at him as he lifted my legs high into the air. He let my legs come to rest on his shoulders, then he placed the head of his hard cock at the entrance of my pussy. He leaned down and kissed me hard again, then he pushed his glans past my anal ring, prompting my hungry bottom to pull him all the way in. I let out another moan into his mouth, then we broke our kiss and he spoke to me.

Does that feel good, sweetie?” he asked tenderly, and I nodded frantically at him.

I need you to move it in and out,” I begged, but he didn't start thrusting. Instead, he looked down at me lustily, then he kissed me again. He finally began to pull back slowly, but much to my frustration, he didn't push back in. Instead, he pulled all the way out and rested the head of his dick back up against the entrance of my yearning pussy. I felt his hands pushing against the back of my legs, then he lifted them off of his shoulders and smiled before he pushed them all the way back, causing my cheeks to part on their own.

I grabbed my legs with my hands and watched as his face disappeared, then I felt him bury his face between my cheeks. I heard him take a long, loud sniff, then he started to eat me deeply. I was moaning loudly as his tongue tortured my boy pussy, which was humming with pleasure. His tongue was working its way into my pussy while his teeth were brushing over my puckered hole over and over, causing my bottom to burn sweetly. My girly moans were getting louder and louder, while, at the same time, Jimmy was moaning loudly, his pleasure derived from the lewd sex act that he was partaking in. The air in my room was heavy with the aroma of our hot, sweaty butt holes, adding to both of our pleasure.

My head started to spin with lust and I felt delirious, babbling incoherently as my lover serviced my pussy with his talented tongue. The room started to get hazy, and I realized that I was being swept under by a hard orgasm. I started to bear down hard, wanting to open my pussy lips wide so that Jimmy's tongue could slip all the way inside, then I felt strong bolts of electricity shoot through my body. As soon as Jimmy's tongue was as far inside of me as it could go, I expelled all of the cum loads that had been squirted up into my cunt, as well as a large volume of hot ass juice, into my lovers mouth. My legs were trembling hard against Jimmy's shoulders as I howled out like a bitch in heat, then I felt a powerful surge of ass juice course down my poop-chute and into Jimmy's hungry mouth. He let out a loud moan, then he began to eat me even harder, pushing so hard into my bottom that it felt like he was trying to shove his head up my butt.

As my orgasm was gaining strength, I saw my mom and dad peering into my room through the door I hadn't closed all the way. They were both grinning at me, and their noses were both working as they picked up the scent of both of our well fucked poop-chutes. With a gentle smile, my mom held her forefinger to her lips in an effort to tell me that it was our secret. My dad was watching with interest as I continued to moan like a little girl, then he eyed Jimmy's cute little boy butt, which was sticking straight up into the air as he continued to eat my ass. He licked his lips, then he very quietly grabbed the door knob and turned it before pulling the door closed.

Minutes later, Jimmy pulled his worn out tongue from the depths of my horny pooper and replaced it with his talented cock. As soon as he sunk it back into me, I gave off another sissified moan of satisfaction. He leaned down and planted his lips to mine, then he let me suck the cum and ass juice from his tongue as he began feeding me strokes that restarted my already frantic climax.

Mmm, it feels so good, baby,” I moaned with a very high pitched lisp. “Do it harder.”

You love how it feels when I fuck you, huh?” he said, and I responded with another hot moan. “Your pussy tastes so good when I eat it, baby.”

With that, he began to slam hard against my rump, the head of his cock hammering my clit. Waves of pleasure were washing over me as my climaxing boy butt squeezed his dick over and over again, bringing him to his own hard orgasm. He buried his hairless cock deep inside of me, then I let out a cry of joy as his hot cum squirted into my boy pussy. I trapped his tongue back in my mouth and sucked as much saliva off of it as I could, then I wrapped my arms around his neck and let him kiss me as his exhausted cock rested in my squeezing butt hole.

When he finally pulled out of me, I grabbed his hips and guided his crotch to my face, then I sucked him clean. When there was no more cum and ass juice to be savored, I begged him to pee in my mouth. He closed his eyes for a moment, then a smiled spread across his face and he released a powerful stream of hot pee that I gulped down eagerly. When he was finished, I shook him off on my tongue, then I wrapped my lips back around his hairless dick and started to suck it while I moaned like a true sissy boy. Five minutes later, I was presented with a mouthful of hot cum that I hungrily swallowed. I let him help me to my feet like a good boyfriend does for his girl, then we walked down the hall to the bathroom.

I feel like taking a bubble bath,” I lisped daintily. “It'll be more romantic.”

Okay,” he agreed, then he stepped up to the tub and started running the water. While he was doing this, I decided to retrieve the bubble bath from the hall closet. I pranced sissily out to the hallway, the scent of my poop-chute still very powerful all around me. I stopped to close my eyes and inhale the pleasing fragrance, then the door to my parents room opened and my mom walked out. She smiled when she spotted me taking in the sharp aroma of my pooper, then I saw her nose working as she approached me.

Hi princess,” my mom said, leaning in to sniff me closer. “Do you feel better?”

Yes mommy,” I said in a very girly tone, hanging my bottom out her way while I rolled my hips around for effect, stirring the smell up even more. “Jimmy made love to me after he ate my pussy. It felt so good. Now we want to take a bubble bath.”

Okay, sweetie,” she said, opening the hall closet and taking down the bottle of bubbles. “I sent daddy to the store for something special. When you get out of the tub, it should be waiting on your bed.”

She handed me the bottle, then I pranced back into the bathroom and handed it to my boyfriend. While he was pouring a cap full of the liquid bubbles into the tub, I was still prancing around gayly. From the hall, my mom was waiting for me to hand her the bottle so she could put it back, and I couldn't help but notice that she was studying Jimmy's naked form from the doorway. I decided to be a little bolder in front of Jimmy, so I moaned seductively and placed my hands on the counter, hanging my rear end out towards my mom once again, then pushing it up into the air so that my cheeks parted on their own, exposing my horny boy cunt to her. The aroma that was rolling off of it was still very sharp, drifting into her sniffing nose and encouraging me to flex my pucker and expel some of Jimmy's cum load. I smiled naughtily over my shoulder as Jimmy's sperm oozed out of my hole, then I stood up straight again. When he replaced the cap, he handed me the bottle and watched as I walked on my toes to the door, where I handed my mom the bottle with a grin.

Thank you, mama,” I said with a girly tone, then I pranced back over the the sink, where I leaned over and stuck my rear end up into the air, showing her my well fucked pooper with a grin. I gave a hard push, expelling more cum, as well as a large volume of ass juice that smelled amazing to me as it coursed through my crevice, then ran down the insides of my legs. Jimmy's eyes got huge when he saw what I was doing, then, as if he came to the sudden realization that he was standing nude in front of my mother, he covered his hairless privates and blushed hard. My mom smiled warmly at us, then she pulled the door closed.

When we climbed into the tub, I settled into Jimmy's embrace, resting between his legs and leaning back into his chest. I smiled up at him and offered my lips for a kiss, then I sighed and let him hold me while I gave into my feminine feelings, talking with a very prominent lisp the entire time.

I love you, Jimmy,” I sighed. “You're such a sexy boyfriend.”

I love you too, Kyle,” he said in my ear. “I love being your boyfriend, and having you as my girlfriend.”

Do you want me to be your girlfriend at school?” I asked, and he nodded, his cheek right beside mine. “Good, because I want to be your girlfriend everywhere. I want everyone to know that I'm gay and that you're my boyfriend. Will you hold my hand and kiss me at school?”

I promise to, sweetie,” he said, locking his hands at the front of my chest. “Will you wear your panties at school sometimes?”

I will if you want me to,” I offered, then I heard him sigh.

I think they make you a pretty girl,” he confessed as his cock started to stiffen against the small of my back. “I want you to shake your butt all the time when you walk, too. It makes me feel so horny for you.”

I like shaking my butt when I walk,” I admitted. “I know it makes me look gay, and I want everyone to know, especially strangers.”

I like it when you talk like your gay, too,” he told me, referring to my heavy lisp. “I want you to talk that way all the time when we're at school and everywhere else.”

I grinned at him and batted my eyes, then I bit my lower lip and nodded.

I promise, baby,” I said. “Will you let me give a lot of head and a lot of pussy when we're at school?”

Yes,” he hissed, his hairless boner jumping under the water. “You can give as much head and as much pussy as you want. I think it's sexy that you have sex with other boys.”

Are you going to give head and pussy to other boys at school, too?” I asked, and he nodded with a sigh. “Are we going to eat poop from other boys' butts every day?”

Mm hmm,” he moaned into my ear. “We can do it after school with as many boys as you want.”

Jimmy?” I said.

Yes, Kyle,” he replied softly.

I have something to tell you, but I don't want you to think I'm a dirty girl,” I said with a little hesitation.

I won't,” he said sweetly.

Sometimes I think about dog poop,” I admitted. “I like how it smells, and I think about what it would taste like.”

There's dog poop in my backyard,” he reminded me, and I moaned softly. “Buck makes big piles of poop. When my mom makes me pick it up, I smell it and it makes me feel naughty because I like how it smells.”

Sometimes your poop smells like dog poop, and it makes me feel even hungrier for real dog doo doo,” I confessed. “Do you think it'll taste good?”

Yes,” he said. “Do you want to try to eat some?”

Yes,” I told him with a nod, feeling his hard pecker twitch against my back. “I want to eat it when it's hot and steamy. Do you want to try it, too?”

He nodded his head slowly with a far away look in his eyes, then he smiled at me and tightened his embrace.

Do you want to go to my house tomorrow and wait for Buck to poop?” he offered, and I nodded. “If we feed him, he'll go poop right away. He always has to go poop after he eats.”

Will your mom know?” I asked, and he shook his head no.

I only want her to know about me, not you,” he told me. “That way you don't feel embarrassed.”

I won't feel embarrassed,” I told him sweetly. “I don't want her to get mad at me. She doesn't like it when you eat poop.”

Do your mom and dad get mad at you a little for eating poop?” he asked, and I shook my head no.

They want me to do what makes me feel good,” I told him, pressing back against his boner with the small of my back. “That's why they gave me dildos and let me have sex with as many boys as I want.”

I wish my mom wouldn't get mad at me for eating poop,” he said a little forlornly. “I'm going to keep doing it, though, and I'm going to tell her.”

Are you going to tell her if you eat dog poop?” I asked, and he nodded with a grin.

I want her to see me eating it, so I'm going to do it in front of her like I did tonight in the bathroom.”

Will you get in trouble?” I asked with concern, and he shook his head no.

She'll get mad, but she won't yell at me or get me grounded.”

With that, he unlocked his fingers and let his right hand drift down into the water, where he slipped a finger up into my horny boy cunt, sending a shiver through me. I grinned at him, then we shared a very deep French kiss as he added another digit. When we broke our kiss, we stood up and I promptly bent over for him, giving him easy access to my pussy. He responded by grabbing my hips and slipping his hard cock up my butt, then he fucked me to a furious climax before seeding my pussy with another hot spray of cum.

I let out a very girly squeal when I spotted the several pairs of panties that were spread out across my freshly made bed. Some of them had very lacy trim along the leg openings and the waist band. Others didn't, but they all had very pretty patterns that I loved. My favorites were a pair of lavender panties with little white stars and flowers printed all over them. The lacy waistband had a wavy rainbow colored stripe running all the way around them. I picked them up and ran them over my cheek with a moan, then I held them out for Jimmy to see. He grinned naughtily at me, then he watched with a wanton stare as I stepped into them.

They fit my plump, cum filled bottom so perfectly, and I couldn't resist the urge to prance around my room like the little fairy that I am. I took two turns around my room, then I walked back over to my bed and selected a pair for Jimmy to try on. The pair I picked out for him were lime green with a white waistband, almost like our regular white undies. But instead of a blue stripe in the waistband, these had little blue flowers printed instead. They felt very soft and comfortable, just like the ones I was wearing, so I rubbed them against my cheek before handing them to him.

Will your mom and dad get mad at me for wearing your panties?” he asked, and I shook my head no.

They got them for us,” I lisped, feeling a powerful surge of ass juice coursing inside of my horny pussy. “Put them on and we'll go show them how pretty we are.”

I watched as Jimmy slid his panties on and had to suppress a moan as I watched them cover his bubble butt.

How do I look?” he asked, hanging his butt out for me to ogle him.

Sexy,” I told him, still talking like a sissy. “I can't wait to wear these for Matt and Mike, and to Nathan's house tomorrow. I feel so horny right now for them all.”

Jimmy grinned at me, then he took my hand and we walked downstairs to the living room, where my mom and dad were watching a movie. My rear end was switching shamelessly from side to side as we walked in, prompting my mom and dad to look up from the couch and smile at us.

Hi princess,” my dad said when he spotted me. “I see you two found the present I left for you. Do you like them?”

Yes, daddy,” I lisped.

Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” Jimmy said with a very shy smile.

You're both very welcome,” my dad said. “I'm glad you're enjoying them so much.”

We are,” I said, letting go of Jimmy's hand so that I could prance around the living room with my high traffic rear end on display. “They make me want to take it up the butt again.”

Well I'm sure that later you and Jimmy can take care of that, sugar,” my mom said warmly. “Do you want to watch the movie with mommy and daddy?”

Okay,” I said with a dainty lisp. I took Jimmy's hand and led him over to the recliner, then I made sure that he was comfortable before I sat in his lap. I was grinding my pantied bottom into his crotch, stimulating his hard on. I reached down into my panties and pulled my cheeks apart, allowing his panty covered hard on to push up against my hot little hole, which was juicing hard. I let out a sissified moan as I continued to grind my rear end into his crotch, then I spotted my mom and dad watching us intently.

Would you two rather sit on the couch with us?” my mom offered, but I shook my head no.

I want to sit on Jimmy's lap so I can feel his boner against my butt,” I told her with a naughty smile.

It looks like you're really enjoying that, pumpkin,” my dad observed, and I nodded in reply.

I wish it was up my butt right now,” I admitted. My mom and dad both gave me an approving smile, then they went back to watching the movie while I continued to grind my horny bottom into my lover's lap. The smell of ass juice was very powerful in the air once again, and I knew that Jimmy was enjoying it as much as I was. My lavender panties were developing a wet spot where Jimmy's dick was pushing against my butt hole, resulting in a very sexy combination of ass juice and precum working in concert to arouse both of us.

Across the room, my mom and dad were giving each other knowing looks, occasionally looking our way to see what was happening. I decided to be even more daring, knowing that Jimmy was feeling too horny to protest anything I did, as long as it brought him pleasure. I lifted my rump from his crotch, then I reached down with my hands and fished his hard cock out of his panties. As soon as I had it in my hands, I gave him a naughty smile and stroked it a few times. When I was sure that it was still good and hard, I very seductively lowered my panties just far enough to expose my horny little boy hole. When I settled myself back on his fuck stick, I added just enough pressure to get the head to slip in.

Kyle, what are you doing?” he whispered in a panic, but I only replied by sinking all the way down until he was buried inside of me.

It feels so good,” I panted, then I started a slow, sensual up and down ride as he drew in sharp breaths from behind. I let out a very horny moan, one loud enough to get my parents' attention, and they both smiled knowingly before going back to the movie. As I continued to ride my lover's cock, my feminine moans started to get louder, causing Jimmy to panic and my mom and dad to look my way.

Does that feel good, princess?” my dad asked with a warm smile, and I nodded.

I needed my pussy serviced again, daddy,” I moaned, my up and down motion not ceasing. “I couldn't wait long enough to take Jimmy upstairs. I had to have it right here.”

I can tell, baby,” my mom said. “I know you have a very horny little boy pussy, don't you?”

Yes,” I moaned sissily. “My pussy needs to be taken care of all the time, mama.”

That's a good girl,” she told me with an approving smile. “You know how to take care of your boyfriend's needs, too, don't you?”

Yes, mommy,” I nodded through my moaning. “I know that Jimmy has to cum, and I want him to cum in my pussy and in my mouth.”

Does Jimmy take care of your little girl parts?” my dad asked, and I nodded again as my orgasm started to stir.

He's a good boyfriend, daddy,” I lisped. “But I think he's embarrassed because we aren't doing it in private.”

Is that true, buddy?” my dad asked Jimmy casually. I was so worked up from riding Jimmy's cock that I didn't bother looking over my shoulder to see whether he was nodding or shaking his head, but my mom's words told me what his answer was.

You don't have to be embarrassed, honey,” my mom said gently. “We know that Kyle likes to have sex with you. He has a very needy pussy, and he loves having it filled with lot's and lot's of hard cock.”

Yes ma'am,” Jimmy said in a small voice, prompting me to tighten my talented butt hole around his cock and ride harder.

We knew he was in the mood tonight because we can smell his boy pussy all the way over here,” my dad said. “He seems to need it real bad tonight.”

With that, I felt waves of throbbing pleasure wash over my body as a hard anal orgasm shook me to my core. At the same time, Jimmy's hot cock started to swell in my pussy as he prepared to fire another load deep inside of me. I used the muscles in my butt to tighten up around his cock, then I rode it furiously for another minute before he blasted off inside of me, coating my insides with a very satisfying load of cum that made me shiver.

As soon as he was finished squirting his load, I lifted my midsection far enough for his cock to slide out of my pussy. I quickly slid down his body so that I was on my knees in front of him, then I started sucking his dick clean. I was still moaning loudly as I sucked his cock like a pro, my horny little rear end sticking straight up into the air and facing my parents' direction. I could feel Jimmy's fingers running through my hair as I continued to suck the juicy cock in my mouth, then I felt him grab my head with both hands and pull me off of his cock. I looked up at him with a very satisfied grin, then he took my hands and guided me to my feet. As soon as I was standing up, he held his arms out to me, and I very happily collapsed in his lap, eager to be held after having my fudge packed.

How was that?” my mom asked tenderly, and I smiled over at her with a dreamy look on my face.

My pussy feels so good right now, mommy,” I lisped. “Jimmy's cock feels so good up my butt.”

I'm glad you enjoyed that, princess,” my dad said, then he addressed Jimmy. “How about you, pal? Did you like that?”

Yes, sir,” Jimmy said with a sigh, sounding a little more relaxed this time.

That's good, sweetie,” my mom told him. “We don't want you to feel ashamed of anything in our home, okay? Kyle knows that he doesn't have to hide anything from us, and we want you to know that too.”

Okay Mrs. Smith,” Jimmy said sweetly as I nuzzled my head into his shoulder and wrapped my left hand around his still hard pecker. My pussy was still tingling with joy, and I was eager to have him back inside of me. I wanted to give him a break, though, because I wanted him to be up to servicing me throughout the night. Finally, after a few minutes, my need to be filled with hard dick was too powerful to deny.

I'm still horny,” I announced with a sleepy smile, then I looked up at Jimmy and sighed. “I want you to put it back in me.”

Before he could reply, I got back into position with my back to him and my knees resting on the outsides of his legs. As soon as I was lined up, I settled my pussy back down on his cock and sighed when I felt it slip back inside of me. I grinned back over my shoulder at him and offered my lips for a kiss, then I started to ride him gently, wanting to keep him hard and feel him inside of me for as long as possible. I looked over at my mom and dad with a very hungry gaze, licking my lips when I looked down into my dad's bulging crotch, then I smiled and continued to ride Jimmy's dick with very feminine moans.

It looks like our little princess is at it again,” my dad said to my mom, then he smiled over at me. “You never get enough cock, do you pumpkin?”

No, daddy,” I lisped, still riding my lover's cock up and down and licking my lips without shame. “I need to have it all the time.”

That's my special little girl,” he said proudly. “How many more cocks do you think you want in your pussy tonight?”

I bit my lip and moaned loudly, knowing that he was asking me if I wanted his cock. The answer was yes, but I wasn't sure if it was okay to beg him for it in front of Jimmy.

You can answer daddy's question, baby,” my mom told me in a gentle voice. “Do you think there's another cock that you feel hot for?”

Yes,” I cried out, my juicing boy cunt starting to catch fire. “I do need another cock, daddy. I need it bad.”

Tell daddy whose cock you want,” he teased, and I glued my eyes on his crotch as I moaned loudly and tightened my pussy around Jimmy's cock.

It's your cock, daddy,” I moaned, starting to ride my lover even more forcefully. “I need you to service my pussy tonight, daddy. I need it so bad.”

Then take care of your boyfriend, baby,” he told me. “A good girl always takes care of her man first, then she gets what she needs.”

With that, I started to bear down with every ounce of strength I had inside of me, wanting to bring Jimmy off and feel his hot cum shots splattering the walls of my boy cunt. I placed my feet flat against the top of his thighs, then I began a very hard ride as another orgasm started to swell deep inside of me. The walls of my pussy were squeezing Jimmy's cock all over again as we both reached the point of no return. With a loud moan, Jimmy started seeding my pussy with his hot cum. After I received his load, I got back on my hands and knees and took his cock back in my mouth so that I could swallow as much cum and ass juice as possible.

When I was sure that his sticky cock was clean, I stayed on my hands and knees and crawled over to the couch, where my dad was sitting with his legs opened wide. I very wantonly unbuttoned his pants, then I reached down into them and fished his cock out. With a horny moan, I took it into my mouth and deep throated him like a pro, anxious to feel him service the clit in my throat.

You see that, buddy?” my dad said to Jimmy as I impaled myself on his cock, letting my throat muscles work to pull the climax from his balls. “I have a very cock hungry little girl. She needs her pussy serviced all the time, but she loves sucking dick, too. Don't you princess?”

Mmm hmm,” I moaned around his cock, not wanting it to leave my mouth. My hot little boy butt was now filled with so much cum that I knew I needed to expel it all soon, or that it would begin leaking out on its own. Knowing how much he loves cum, I wanted to feed it to my pantied boyfriend, but he was all the way on the other side of the room. I continued to bob my head up and down, letting my dad fuck my throat deeply as I moaned in pleasure, then I rolled my hips around in the air. I finally pointed my cum filled rear end in Jimmy's direction, trying to entice him to dine at my back door.

Do you see that, buddy?” my dad asked Jimmy. “He's still very hot for some action at his back door. Why don't you take care of that end for me while I take care of the clit he has in his throat?”

I let out an even louder moan when my dad said that, wanting my pussy serviced in the worst way. Seconds later, I felt two small hands parting my cheeks, then I felt a burst of pleasure in my pussy as Jimmy started to eat it deeply. My moans, which were already very feminine, became even more so. I was giving off such sissified sounds that my mom reached out and started to rub my back for me.

It's okay, baby,” she said in a soothing tone. “Is my little boy enjoying having his little girl parts serviced?”

Mmm hmm,” I moaned around my dad's cock, then I gave a hard push and filled Jimmy's mouth with an incredibly large volume of cum and ass juice. I felt him pull his face out of my rear end and swallow, then he moved in for more, bringing out another hot moan from deep inside of me. The force of him eating my pussy, combined with the hot throat fuck that my dad was throwing me was sending me into another frenzy of lust and orgasmic fury. I began fucking myself hard on my dad's fuck stick, wanting to feel every inch of his veiny cock as it was sheathed by my cum tube. The head of his dick was catching my clit just right, and I was starting to feel breathless.

At the same time, the sweet burn in my pussy was starting to spread through my midsection, down my legs and up my spine. I gave off a long, loud moan that went uninterrupted for at least 30 seconds as my hair stood up on my head and goosebumps erupted all over my skin. My pussy was spurting out left over cum and fresh ass juice right into Jimmy's mouth, and he responded by eating me even more deeply. Finally, he had to stop due to fatigue, but I was insatiable for pleasure at my back door, so I instinctively pushed my horny rear end up with my hips, wanting him to fuck me. He quickly picked up on what I wanted, placing his hands on my hips and pushing in. Five minutes later, he was shooting another hot load deep inside of my climaxing boy cunt. When he pulled away, he collapsed on the couch beside my mom. I felt my dad pull me up off of his cock, then he looked down at me and spoke.

Be a good girlfriend,” he told me, motioning to Jimmy's sticky cock. I licked my lips and crawled over to Jimmy, staying on my hands and knees as I swallowed his hairless cock and moaned like a bitch in heat. I felt my dad approach me from behind, crawling up to my backside on his knees. He placed his hands on my hips, pulling me up from behind, so I let him position my rear end so that it was sticking straight up into the air without ever letting Jimmy's cock fall from my mouth. I was still moaning like the little girl that I am when I felt my dad's cock pushing past my anal ring, then I felt it get hot as he sunk it all the way inside of me.

Does that feel good, princess?” my dad asked, and I responded with a roll of my hips and a very passionate “Mmm hmm.”

How about you, honey?” I heard my mom ask Jimmy. “Is Kyle doing a good job for you?”

Yes,” I heard him hiss as he ran his fingers through my hair. I felt my dad pull back, then he plunged back in, causing every vein that ran along his massive shaft to stimulate the hot lining of my boy pussy. Soon, he settled into a luscious back and forth motion that caused my legs to shake uncontrollably as I moaned hotly around Jimmy's cock, which had raged back to life in my mouth.

He's a good little cock hound, isn't he?” my mom observed, and I watched as Jimmy nodded. “He just loves it when he's filled up with hot dick. Do you like being filled with hot dick, too?”

Yes,” I heard Jimmy admit.

Where do you like it, honey?” she asked, wrapping her arm around his small frame and giving him a loving squeeze. She had a very loving smile on her face and she was glowing maternally.

I... I like it the way Kyle does,” Jimmy told her.

Do you have a needy boy pussy like Kyle?” she asked, and he nodded at her. “I see. You seem to be very good at servicing Kyle's pussy. Does he service your pussy?”

Sometimes,” he said in a small voice. “He likes to eat me out, but that's all.”

He never uses his boy parts, does he?” my mom said, and Jimmy shook his head no. “He only uses his girl parts because he's always hungry for cock.”

I... I like cocks, too,” Jimmy said, sounding a little more courageous. “But I like servicing Kyle's pussy for him because we're in love.”

That's very special, Jimmy,” she told him, rubbing his back. “What else do you like that Kyle likes?”

Everything,” he told her, closing his eyes as I moaned hard around his dick, feeling a powerful swell of pleasure that was growing with every stroke of my dad's hard dick in and out of my hungry little boy butt.

Do you like to eat the same things that Kyle likes to eat?” she asked, and he nodded at her with a shy smile. “You don't have to be shy. Remember, there's never a reason to hide anything from us. We want you to enjoy everything that makes you happy.”

Thank you,” Jimmy said sweetly, looking up at my mom with a warm smile. “I like it a lot.”

Did you get enough tonight?” she asked warmly, and Jimmy nodded. “Kyle never gets enough, does he?”

No, he loves it more than I do,” Jimmy said with a grin.

You two are very special little boys with very special needs,” she told him. “How much did you eat today?”

A lot,” he confessed. “I don't know how many times we ate poop today.”

I'll bet Kyle can't tell you, either,” she said, caressing my cheek softly as I continued to enjoy being filled with cock at both ends. I responded by shaking my head no and giving off another horny moan of desire. “He needs it all the time. Sometimes he begs me to feed it to him when we're home alone.”

Do you poop in his mouth?” Jimmy asked curiously, and my mom shook her head no.

No, but his daddy does,” my mom told him, and I moaned again as I dreamed about swallowing another hot load of poop. “Kyle likes it when I feed him his own poop. Do you know how we do it?”

How?” Jimmy asked curiously.

He fills his underwear with poop, then he has me feed it to him,” she told him, and once again, I felt his cock twitch in my mouth. “Maybe someday I can help you the same way. Do you think you'd like that?”

Yes,” Jimmy said enthusiastically. “Sometimes I do that when I'm at home, but my mom doesn't like it when I poop my pants or when I eat my poop.”

Well, you're always welcome to do it here, sweetie,” she told him, then she planted a kiss on his cheek. “Mr. Smith and I want you to feel special when you're here, because we love you very much. That's why we bought you and Kyle those sexy little panties. We know how much you like wearing them.”

Thank you, Mrs. Smith,” Jimmy said with a sweet smile.

Would you like to do it the next time you have to poop?” she asked, and again, his cock twitched.

Yes, Mrs. Smith,” he said passionately. “Thank you.”

You're very welcome, sweetie,” she said. “Why don't you ask your mom for permission to spend the night tomorrow, and we'll have more special fun, okay?”

With that, I felt my rear end exploding with pleasure as my climax slammed into me head on. My dad's thick cock was dragging along the lining of my pussy so expertly, torturing my clit and sending long, shivering waves of pleasure down the back of my legs and up my spine and causing me to moan even louder than before.

He really loves it, doesn't he?” my mom said, and Jimmy nodded. “He moans just like a little girl does. Do you moan that way, too?”

Yes,” Jimmy admitted. “It makes me cum when I take it in the butt.”

You're a little bit more developed than Kyle is, aren't you?” she observed, and he nodded. “His little boy parts don't work yet. But yours work just fine, don't they?”

Yes,” Jimmy said proudly. “Kyle likes to swallow my cum.”

Maybe his little boy parts don't work because he doesn't need them to,” my mom observed, running her hand tenderly over my face with a loving smile as I continued to moan hotly around Jimmy's hard dick. “His little girl parts seem to be working fine.”

My little girl parts work, too,” Jimmy told her. “I love having my little girl parts serviced.”

Would you like to have your little girl parts serviced tonight?” my mom asked, and Jimmy's cock twitched in my mouth as he nodded his reply. “Would you like for Kyle's daddy to service your girl parts?”

I looked up at Jimmy's face just in time to see him nodding his reply slowly. I gave another feminine cry of joy as my dad continued to plow my squeezing boy pussy from behind, then I began sucking with even more passion on Jimmy's hard cock. Two minutes later, I experienced the joy of having my mouth filled with cum at the same time that my pussy was being seeded by my dad's massive cock. I swallowed every drop that Jimmy fed me, then I waited for my dad to pull out of my cock hungry rear end. As soon as I felt his head pop out, I spun around and sucked his cock clean like a good little girl, still moaning loudly as my pussy continued to hum with the pleasure of a prolonged climax.

As I was sucking my dad's dick clean, I was joined on the floor by Jimmy, who had dropped to his knees beside me and was looking at the cock I had in my mouth with desire. I grinned at him, then I pulled it from my mouth and offered it to him. He looked up at my dad for approval, then he grinned when my dad nodded with a warm smile. Without wasting another second, Jimmy was on my dad's cock like a pro, taking it all the way to the back of his throat while he moaned loudly.

Oh fuck, you're a good little cock sucker,” my dad groaned. “You love it almost as much as Kyle does, don't you?”

Without pulling his mouth off of the large tool he was sucking on, Jimmy nodded in agreement, then he started to bob his head up and down on my dad's large cock. My dad reached down and started to pet Jimmy's head tenderly, looking down at him with hungry eyes. I felt a shiver of desire run through me as I watched my boyfriend suck my dad off, and decided that I had to be a part of the incredibly horny scene that was unfolding in front of me. Without a word, I parted Jimmy's cheeks and dined at his back door while he moaned wildly around my dad's cock.

Minutes later, Jimmy was on his hands and knees on the couch, his hot to trot little butt at a perfect level for my dad to stand behind him and bury his dick balls deep inside of him. I was sitting in my mom's lap watching from inches away as Jimmy accepted all ten inches of my dad's well lubed cock without much trouble. My dad let him get used to it for a while, resting himself as Jimmy moaned like a girl and smiled at my mom and I. I watched with great anticipation as my dad began to feed Jimmy full strokes of hot, horny man cock from behind, knowing that my boyfriend was experiencing a whole new level of pleasure. He was moaning so loudly that my mom reached out to him and rubbed his back to try to calm him down, but it was no use. He was pushing his horny rear end up with every inward stroke, timing his upward thrusts just right every time. Less than a minute later, Jimmy's hairless dick released several shots of cum all over the couch cushion as his climax swept him away.

While this was happening, my mom cradled me in her arms and opened her blouse, offering me her engorged breasts so that I could nurse. I very quickly latched on to her left nipple and began to breastfeed while Jimmy watched in disbelief. A few minutes later, he was firing another round of cum shots all over the cushion beneath him as my dad continued to service his boy pussy so expertly. As I watched the coupling of my boyfriend and my father happen in front of me, I moaned loudly around the breast that I was suckling from. I was enjoying the warm milk that was making me feel sleepy but I didn't want to pull my eyes away from the butt fucking that my boyfriend was being treated to.

Does it look like Jimmy's getting his little girl parts serviced?” my mom asked me softly, and I nodded with another moan. “He's going to be a very happy little boy after this, isn't he?”

I looked up at her and smiled around her breast, then I watched with a smile as my dad took my boyfriend over the edge once more. Jimmy's hairless boy cock released another series of hot cum shots all over the couch cushion beneath him, then he squealed like a girl as my dad filled his rear end up with a hot load of cum. When he pulled out, Jimmy spun around and took his cock back into his mouth, sucking it clean and planting grateful kisses all over it. He was shamelessly worshiping my dad's dick with his mouth, licking the crown and kissing the tip over and over as he continued to moan loudly.

Finally, my dad collapsed on the couch and Jimmy crawled into his lap, resting his head against my dad's chest and watching with a warm smile as I continued to nurse at my mom's bosom until my eyes got heavy and I could no longer fight off my exhaustion. When I opened my eyes, it was because I could feel my mom disengaging me from her nipple. I smiled up at her, then I let my gaze drift over to my dad, who was still holding Jimmy in his arms as he stood up.

My boyfriend had fallen fast asleep in his post orgasmic bliss, and my dad was happy to carry him up the stairs. My mom planted a kiss on my cheek, then she grabbed me underneath my arms and stood up, prompting me to wrap my legs around her waist and let her carry me upstairs behind my dad and Jimmy. Our panties were laying on the floor in front of the couch, and we were both flaccid. I rested my head on my mom's shoulder, watching as Jimmy wrapped his legs around my dad's midsection and yawned, his own cute little head laying on my dad's shoulder.

Two baby boys, huh?” my dad said to my mom as they prepared to climb the stairs with us in their arms.

They got what they needed tonight, didn't they?” my mom said, and my dad nodded as he smiled at me.

Did you get enough cock tonight, princess?” my dad asked, and I responded with a sigh.

I'll wake Jimmy up later when I need my pussy serviced again,” I lisped. “Thank you mommy, thank you daddy. My pussy feels good right now.”

My dad kissed my cheek when we got to the top of the stairs, then he and my mom carried us into my room. I watched as my dad used one hand to support Jimmy's weight and one hand to gather up the rest of my new panties, then he walked them over to the top drawer of my dresser and carefully put them in. When he was done, he pulled the covers back and gently laid my boyfriend down, then he planted a kiss on his forehead and said, “I love you, pal.”

When Jimmy was tucked in, my mom gave me a kiss, then she handed me off to my dad, who gave me a very tender kiss on the lips and hugged me tight, then he laid me down next to Jimmy and kissed me once more.

You have sweet dreams, princess,” he told me. “Do you want daddy to wake you up in the morning?”

Yes,” I lisped. “I love you mommy, I love you daddy.”

We love you too, princess,” my mom said with a warm smile. “We'll see you in the morning, okay?”

With that, they turned out the light and closed my door as I snuggled up to my boyfriend and drifted off into my own sexy little dreamland.

Kyle, wake up,” I heard Jimmy say as he shook me. I opened my eyes and took a deep breath, then I saw him smiling down at me and holding his tummy. “I have to poop.”

I grinned and sat up in my bed, looking around the room until I saw the illuminated light of my alarm clock, which read 3am. We got up and hurried down the hall to my bathroom, where I turned the light on and dropped to my knees while the door was still wide opened. Without hesitation, Jimmy squatted over my face, causing me to moan with desire as I sniffed hard and opened my watering mouth. I used my hands to part his cheeks a little more, then I heard him start to strain as the familiar crackle of a moist turd sliding down his rectum filled my ears and a very powerful stink started to fill my nostrils.

A second later, I was accepting a very long, very thick poop log that made me moan loudly as it exited Jimmy's rear end with force and curled up in my mouth. It was dark brown, lined with hot cracks, and delightfully stinky. I watched with joy as it continued to emerge from his butt, not breaking off until my mouth was filled to the brim with the chocolatey treat that I was enjoying so much. Jimmy looked down at me over his shoulder with a grin, then his smile faded and his eyes fixed on the doorway.

With my mouth still full, I turned my head to the door, where I spotted my mom watching us with a smile on her face. I smiled around my stinky mouthful, then I opened up to show it off to her before I chewed it all up with a moan and swallowed. I licked my lips and grinned up at her, then I smiled at Jimmy and moaned again as my own butt load started to stir, making me aware of my need to poop.

Go ahead, sweetie, give Kyle what he needs,” my mom said softly as she walked in and sat down on the edge of the tub. Jimmy smiled at my mom, then down at me as he prepared to feed me another mouthful of his hot boy poop. I parted his cheeks and sniffed loudly, then I opened wide and watched as he squatted over my face again. With a very hard push, he filled me to capacity with three hot turds that piled up in my mouth, giving off a very luscious stink that made my little cocklet strain hard against my groin. I showed them all off to my mom again, wanting her to see how many stinky turds I had in my mouth, then I chewed them up and swallowed as fast as I could, wanting Jimmy to continue using me as his toilet while my mom watched.

Before he fed me another mouthful of boy poop, he aimed his hairless little pecker into my mouth and treated me to a nice warm bellyful of pee. After he shook off on my tongue, he turned and hung his butt back out so that I could get into position. With my mouth opened wide at his poop-chute, he pushed out a large, hot load that exited all at once with the sound of a juicy fart. Once again, I proudly displayed the stinky mouthful to my mom and Jimmy, then I chewed it all up and swallowed with a loud moan. Jimmy's last load wasn't as big as the others, but it was incredibly stinky and very tasty as he pushed it into my mouth. Once I had it down, I took to his crack, licking it clean and giving off moans of desire as I pulled thick hunks of poop into my mouth until there was nothing left.

I have to go poop, too,” I told them both when I pulled my face out of Jimmy's rear end.

Will you poop in my mouth?” Jimmy asked shyly as my mom watched. I nodded, then I gazed over at my mom and grinned.

Do you want my mommy to feed you?” I asked, and Jimmy nodded, so I turned to my mom. “Mommy, I want to poop my pants for you. Will you get me some boy undies so we can feed Jimmy?”

With that, my mom got up and walked to my room while Jimmy helped me to my feet. He licked the smeared poop from around my mouth, then he and I shared a tender kiss that lasted until my mom returned with a fresh pair of my white Fruit of the Looms. She held them open for me to step into, then she pulled them up and let the waistband snap against my skin when she let go.

With my audience in place, I very naughtily hung my butt out and showed them the white seat of my underwear. Then, with a hard push, the clean, white seat of my underwear turned brown as I pooped my pants in front of my mom and Jimmy. I gave several hard pushes, releasing every turd that was stored up inside of me, feeling them snake into the seat of my underwear until there was nothing left. A delicious stink was rising up all around me, causing me to let out a horny moan of desire as it drifted into my nostrils. I smiled at them, then I let my gaze travel down to the full seat of my underwear, which were no longer clean or white.

My mom took a seat on the edge of the bathtub and called Jimmy and I over to her. I watched with a smile as she planted a kiss on the top of Jimmy's head, then she did the same for me. She patted her knee, prompting Jimmy to sit in her lap and watch as she worked. She pulled the waistband of my underwear back and together, she and Jimmy examined the stinky pile of hot poop logs that rested there.

Which one would you like first, sweetie?” she asked, and I watched as Jimmy pointed to one of the many turds in my underwear with a hard grin. She reached down into my undies and pulled out the turd that Jimmy had selected, then she brought it up to his face and held it right under his nose. It was a long, firm looking turd with a slight bend in the center. He took a very long, hard sniff, then she placed the tip against his lips and urged him to open wide. I watched with interest as his lips parted and she started to ease it into his watering mouth. It was so long that I wondered if she would feed him the whole thing or not, but was pleasantly surprised when he moaned loudly while she pushed it into his mouth without stopping. He chewed it up and swallowed with a sigh, then he smiled at her and licked his lips, eager for more.

Can I have a bigger piece this time?” he asked sweetly, and my mom smiled warmly as she held her poop smeared fingers up to my mouth so that I could lick them clean.

Sure baby,” she told him as she pulled the waistband back and looked down into my undies for another turd to feed my lover. “Show me the one you want, honey.”

Can I have that one?” he asked with a very cute smile, pointing down into the seat of my underwear.

Of course you can, honey,” she said, reaching down into my undies and pulling out one of the largest turds that I'd ever pushed out. Seeing it in her hands made my mouth water and my tummy rumble, and I felt a little envious that she was holding it under Jimmy's nose, getting ready to feed it to him instead of me. But I knew that she was being motherly to Jimmy, and I was happy because I knew that she wanted to feed him the way that she always fed me. I also knew that Jimmy would cum as soon as she crammed the long turd into his mouth.

Knowing that my poop log was going to bring him off made me feel like a good girlfriend, so I watched with a dutiful smile as she eased the mouthwatering turd between his lips and proceeded to push it all the way in. Jimmy was moaning loudly as my mom forced the long poop log into his mouth, cramming it in when it seemed that there was no more room for it. Just as I suspected, Jimmy's hard boy cock fired off three strong shots of cum as my mom crammed his mouth full of hot poop, then he gave off another shot of cum as he chewed it up and swallowed.

As he was working on his mouthful, my mom reached back down into my undies and pulled out another long turd. Much to my delight, she brought it up to my nose and let me sniff it before she eased it into my mouth. I gave off a long, horny moan as I chewed it up and swallowed, then I felt her pull my waistband back and go in for more. She pulled out two more turds and offered them to Jimmy, who very eagerly accepted them both with a moan, then she gathered up the remainder of the boy poop that was weighing down my undies and pulled it out. She kissed the side of my head and fed me another stinky mouthful, then she eased the last of my poop into Jimmy's watering mouth and watched with a smile as he fired another shot of cum out of his untouched little dick. At the same time, I let go of a hot stream of pee that drenched my undies and ran down my legs, puddling up around our feet.

Such good little poop lovers,” she said affectionately as she reached back down into my wet undies and scraped the remaining butt fudge out of my crack. “You two ate so much. I'm very proud of you.”

With that, she held out her opened palm and let the two of us eat the heaped up boy poop that she scraped out of my butt crack. When there was nothing left, she lowered my undies and turned them inside out, then she eased them into Jimmy's mouth and held him close while he sucked the pee and poop out of them. While Jimmy was sucking on my stinky underwear, she opened her nighty and encouraged me to breastfeed while she hummed a soothing tune and stroked our heads. Five minutes later, she used her fingers to make me disengage, then she pulled my stinky undies out of Jimmy's mouth and started the shower.

While we were in the shower, she washed us both from head to toe, then she encouraged Jimmy to mount me from the back while she washed herself. After Jimmy fucked another satisfying load into my pussy, we got out and she dried us off, then she watched us brush our teeth before we went back to bed. As soon as we were in my bed, I quickly went down on my boyfriend, still feeling hot for some cock and wanting to suck any dick I could wrap my lips around. After Jimmy filled my mouth with a warm load of cum, I sat up and swallowed, then I begged him to slip three fingers into my boy cunt and keep them there while we slept.