Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 37

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I was awakened in the morning by light moaning and very wet sucking sounds. Jimmy's fingers were no longer lodged in my boy pussy, but I could still feel him next to me, holding me tight with one arm as my head rested on his heaving chest. I hadn't opened my eyes yet, so I wasn't sure if I was having a dream, or if someone was giving head in my room. I got my answer when I heard my dad's tender voice carry into my ears.

You suck a very good dick, buddy,” I heard him say. “Do you like giving head?”

Mmm hmm,” I heard Jimmy answer with a soft moan, then more moist sucking. I opened my eyes and caught site of my dad treating Jimmy to a mouthful of hard cock, humping in and out gently as Jimmy moaned with a very dreamy look on his face. I grinned up at my dad, then I raised my well fucked boy butt into the air and released a loud, cummy fart before closing my eyes, still exhausted from our night of passion.

I must have lost track of time, because the next sound that I remember hearing was Jimmy moaning sissily around my dad's shaft, then hearing him gulping furiously as my dad let out a loud groan. I tightened my embrace around his chest and sighed, then I felt my dad petting my head lovingly as I drifted back off into dreamland. Moments later, I found myself letting go of an involuntary moan and parting my lips instinctively as I felt the tip of my dad's hot shaft pressing gently against the opening of my mouth. I opened up to allow him entry without ever opening my eyes, then I happily sucked on the massive tool as Jimmy rubbed my back.

As my dad's dick filled my slutty mouth, I started to work my head to and fro, wanting to feel him slide it down my throat and fuck me there. He quickly took over, doing all of the work for me as he slid his rod back and forth in my mouth until he had worked it into my desperate cum tube. As soon as I felt it working back and forth over the clit I had in my throat, I gave off a very feminine moan of desire and tightened up around his shaft while sweet dreams carried me back into a light slumber.

Do you see how much my baby loves sucking dick?” my dad asked Jimmy. “He's hot for it all the time. He doesn't even have to be awake. Just wave a cock under his nose and he'll open up for it.”

Yeah,” I heard Jimmy agree. “He loves to suck dick all the time. He never gets enough. Neither do I.”

Do you service dicks at school like Kyle does?” my dad asked. I didn't hear Jimmy's reply, but I assumed that he was nodding his head up and down in the affirmative. “Such a good little pair of cock hounds. How many dicks do you think you'll service today?”

A lot,” I heard Jimmy practically stutter. “Later this morning, me and Kyle are going back over to Nathan's house to have sex with him and his friends.”

That's great, buddy,” my dad said affectionately as he continued to fuck my throat deeply. “Do you have plans to see anyone else today?”

Yes,” Jimmy hissed. “We're going to see Matt and Mike later on. We love taking their cocks.”

I can tell,” my dad said. “You sound really hot for it, buddy. Do you think that you and Kyle will be here when I get home from work?”

Mmm hmm,” I heard Jimmy sigh dreamily. “I want you to service my boy pussy again, Mr. Smith.”

You don't have to call me that, buddy,” my dad told him tenderly as his shaft started to pull the climax out of my cum tube. “You can call me daddy if you want, just like Kyle does. How does that sound?”

It sounds good, daddy,” Jimmy said sweetly.

That's better, buddy,” my dad said. “Make sure that you use plenty of lube in that hot hole of yours, okay? Daddy has a big dick, and I want to make sure that you don't get hurt when he's servicing your tight little bottom.”

I will, daddy,” Jimmy said. “When do you feed Kyle your poop?”

I do that in the morning, pal,” he said. “Do you want Kyle to share with you this morning?”

Yes daddy,” Jimmy panted. “Mrs. Smith fed me Kyle's poop last night, and now I want more.”

It sounds like you have a healthy appetite for it, just like Kyle does,” my dad observed. “Do you hear him moaning?”

Yes,” Jimmy answered.

It's because he knows that he's about to get a nice tummy full of everything that he craves,” my dad said, bringing out an even louder moan from me. “Do you want to enjoy the same things?”

Yes daddy,” Jimmy said sweetly. “I want to drink your pee and eat your poop, just like Kyle.”

That's a good boy,” my dad said proudly as throbbing waves of pleasure radiated throughout my body. “Do you think I should give Kyle a warm mouthful of cum to swallow before we go to my bathroom?”

I think he'd like that, daddy,” Jimmy said breathlessly, his warm chest moving up and down with his rapid breathing. “Daddy?”

Yes, baby,” my dad said as he drove in and out of my throat with even more force.

Will you service my pussy before you leave this morning?”

Sure I will, buddy,” my dad told Jimmy, then I felt his cock start to swell in my throat, prompting me to moan even more hotly around his dick as my little boy climax reached its height. “I'll pump a hot load into both of your tight little rear ends before I leave for work, okay?”

Thank you, daddy,” Jimmy sighed. “I love you.”

I love you too, buddy,” my dad said as he sucked in a sharp breath through his teeth, then his cock erupted in my throat, prompting me to pull it out of my cum tube so that he was pumping cum into my mouth, then I wrapped my lips tightly around the head of his shaft and swallowed every drop that he had for me. When he was finished unloading his delicious sperm in my mouth, I sucked his cock clean like a good little pussy boy is supposed to as I opened my eyes and smiled warmly at him. I felt Jimmy tugging on my dad's shaft lightly, so I let him pull it from my mouth and plant kisses all over the head before he eased it back into his mouth and moaned like a girl.

Okay, that's enough for right now,” my dad said gently as he pulled his spent dick from between my boyfriend's lips. “Do you two want to join me in the bathroom?”

I nodded happily and sat up, holding my arms out for my dad to pick me up and carry me to his room so I could swallow a hot pile of stinky turds. As soon as I was up in his arms, he reached out for Jimmy, who stood up on the bed and leaped into his arms. I planted a sweet kiss on my dad's cheek, then I engaged my boyfriend in a very tongue heavy kiss as my dad hauled us to my parents' room. When we got to their room, my mom was standing in the mirror, getting ready for her day. She smiled warmly when she spotted us, then she walked up to my dad and they shared a kiss. After they broke their kiss, she planted kisses on both mine and Jimmy's cheeks.

Did daddy treat you two to some loving this morning?” she asked, and we both nodded.

We're going to share daddy's poop, mommy,” I told her with a dainty lisp. “Jimmy wants daddy to go in his mouth.”

I'm sure that daddy will be happy to give you both what you need,” she said.

Will you watch, mommy?” I asked hopefully, wanting her to see me used as a toilet again. “I'm going to drink Jimmy's pee and daddy's pee, too. Then I want Jimmy to fart in my mouth before daddy poops there.”

Sure I will, baby,” she said warmly, causing me to sigh contentedly as my dad carried Jimmy and I into the bathroom and set us down.

As soon as my feet hit the floor, I dropped to my knees behind Jimmy and buried my face in his stinky poop-chute, taking long sniffs and using my tongue to lap away as much stink as I could find. I let out a loud moan into his rump, then I parted his cheeks and shoved my face into his crack as hard as I could, searching for ass juice and any remnants of the meal he fed me the night before.

Wow, someone's hungry for it this morning, isn't he?' I heard my mom say, and I nodded without pulling my face out of Jimmy's rear end.

Fart in my face,” I commanded him from where I was. I felt his thighs stiffen, then I experienced the joy of having a very hot, very stinky fart blown directly into my watering mouth. From the rich aroma, I could tell that it had passed over at least a few turds as it made its way down his rectum, and I was eager to have them. I pulled my face out of Jimmy's rump and sat back on my butt, smiling up at everyone and licking my lips as my little cocklet strained hard against my hairless groin.

Is that better, honey?” my mom asked, and I shook my head no.

I want Jimmy to go poop in my mouth,” I told her shamelessly, feeling an overwhelming desire to be used as a toilet in front of her and my dad.

Do you have to poop, Jimmy?” my mom asked, and I watched with glee as he nodded his answer.

Without waiting to be told, I opened my watering mouth and pulled his cheeks apart, then I buried my face between them and let them close around my face. I gave off a long moan of desire as I felt him squat just enough so that he was almost sitting on my face, then I felt his thighs start to stiffen and his hole began to expand. A powerful stink started to fill my nostrils, prompting me to sniff over and over as his emerging turd crackled loudly. I positioned myself perfectly so that my mom and dad could see my opened mouth being filled with the brown offering from Jimmy's butt, then I moaned again as it came into view.

As soon as the brown head of his hot turd made contact with my tongue, I gave off another moan of desire as I made direct eye contact with my mom, giving her my naughtiest look. I heard Jimmy give a hard strain from above, then his hot turd pushed rapidly into my mouth, coiling up tightly and sending a delicious aroma into my nostrils that I was sure my parents could smell. When it detached from his rear end, I opened wide to show off my mouthful of boy poop, then I chewed it up with another moan and swallowed. I was watching their expressions carefully as I opened up wide and let Jimmy aim his hairless pecker into my mouth, releasing a hot stream of pee that I swallowed effortlessly,

When his bladder was empty, he turned and hung his butt out my way, and once again, I positioned my watering mouth so that my parents could see it being filled. Jimmy placed both of his hands on his stomach, then he gave a hard strain, releasing a hot pile of turds that filled my mouth beyond capacity, making my cheeks bulge and my lips distend as the last of his offering protruded from between them, sticking out about three inches. I gave off another horny moan of satisfaction as I displayed the stinky contents of my mouthful to everyone in the room, then I chewed it all up and swallowed with a very huge grin.

You love it, don't you baby?” my mom asked, and I nodded.

I love it when cute boys go poop and pee in my mouth,” I told her, posting back up to Jimmy's rear end. “I always want to be Jimmy and daddy's toilet.”

Mommy's little poop eater,” she said with a warm smile as Jimmy squatted over my opened mouth one more time, releasing a slender turd that I very happily chewed up with a loud moan. When he was finished, I licked his crack clean with my tongue, eager to pull in all of the poop that was stuck there.

When I was sure there was no more, I stood up next to my boyfriend and grinned at everyone as I waited for my dad to feed us his morning load. Jimmy's mouth was watering heavily as he watched my dad step in front of us, aiming his flaccid cock at the two of us, prompting us both to open wide like two little chicks waiting for their mama to feed them. My dad rested his cock between Jimmy's moist lips first, causing him to let out a horny moan as he wrapped them around the head and made a nice, tight seal. My dad closed his eyes momentarily, then he very carefully let go of a warm stream that Jimmy effortlessly accommodated.

Are you okay, pal?” my dad asked with a note of concern in his voice as his flow continued, and Jimmy nodded with a very dreamy smile.

About midway through, my dad wrapped his forefinger and thumb around the base of his stalk, stopping the flow as he gently extracted his tool from Jimmy's mouth so that I could have a drink. As it exited his mouth, Jimmy planted a long kiss on the end and sighed contentedly, then he looked up and smiled sweetly at my dad.

Thank you, daddy,” he said in a very soft voice.

You're welcome, pal,” my dad told him affectionately, then he slipped the tip of his cock between my dick sucking lips, prompting me to wrap them tight around the head and moan like a girl.

His stream started slow but picked up right away, filling my mouth with force as I gulped furiously and enjoyed the feeling of my poop filled tummy being filled with more hot pee. When his flow subsided, he shook off on my tongue, then he pulled his tool from my mouth and smiled down at us.

Which one of you is first?” he asked.

I want Jimmy to go first since he fed me all of his poop,” I lisped with a warm smile, wanting to be a good girlfriend to my lover. Jimmy gave me a grateful smile, then he licked his lips and sighed.

Are you all set then, pal?” my dad asked him, and he nodded eagerly. “Hop in the tub, then.”

With that, Jimmy and I both got in the tub and waited while my dad climbed in. Like me, Jimmy didn't have to get on his knees, as he was just small enough to stand at eye level with the center of my dad's ass crack. My dad placed his hands up against the wall for leverage as Jimmy stepped up behind him and parted his cheeks, taking a long, hard sniff as he buried his face in his crack.

Will you poop hard in my mouth, daddy?” Jimmy asked with the voice of an innocent angel, as if he were asking for help crossing the road.

Sure, buddy,” my dad said softly as my mom stood next to the tub and watched up close.

I moved in close, too, wanting to see the moment when Jimmy had his watering mouth filled with my dad's hot poop load for the first time. He asked for it hard, and I knew that my dad was happy to give him what he wanted, knowing that I would be making the same request when it was my turn to eat a mouthful of his hot, delicious turds. I could hear Jimmy's nose sniffing hard, his moaning becoming louder and more depraved as my dad's hole expanded.

All of the sudden, a loud crackle and the sound of a hot, juicy fart simultaneously carried into my ears as Jimmy's cheeks bulged and his lips pooched out. There was an intensely sweet stink in the air, causing my pussy to surge with ass juice and my hard, hairless little boy cock to twitch as it drifted into my nostrils. In the meanwhile, Jimmy's untouched boy dick fired out several shots of cum as he pulled his face away from my dad's rear end and sighed contentedly around his stinky mouthful. He used his tongue to smash it enough that he could swallow some, then he opened his still full mouth and showed us all its clay brown contents.

Mmm,” he moaned as he closed his mouth and started to chew slowly with a very big grin, then he released another round of cum shots as he began to swallow the tasty treat.

Seeing my boyfriend with a mouthful of butt fudge hastened my positioning at my dad's back door, my mouth wide opened as I inhaled the pleasing stink of the poop that was smeared in his crack. My little cocklet was straining hard against my pubic bone and my midsection was starting to burn sweetly as I watched my dad's hole expand. Without having to be told what I wanted, my dad gave another hard push, sending a massive poop load down his chute that filled my mouth instantly. As my mouth reached its capacity, three more turds bullied their way between my lips, pushing straight into the already impacted pile of hot turds without mercy and bringing out a very passionate moan from me as my body shivered with another boygasm, my second one since opening my eyes that morning.

When I pulled my face away from my dad's rear end, there was a long, thick turd hanging halfway out of my mouth, sending a very pleasant stink wafting up into my nostrils as I displayed my mouthful off to my audience. I looked up at my mom and sighed, then I let loose with a hot stream of pee that shot all over the back of my dad's legs as I started to chew my stinky, impacted mouthful up and swallow.

Are you alright, baby?” my dad asked with genuine concern when he realized how much poop he'd forced into my mouth. I looked up at him and nodded with a grin, then I used my fingertips to push on the end of the turd that was between my lips, forcing it in and giving off another loud, feminine moan in the process.

Do you have anymore poop, daddy?” I heard Jimmy asked politely, then I looked up at my dad as he nodded his reply. Jimmy quickly got into position and opened up wide, accepting the last of my dad's morning poop load with a loud sigh as more cum erupted from his untouched cock. As Jimmy chewed up his mouthful of turds, I treated myself to the left over poop that was smeared in my dad's crack, using my tongue to pull it all into my mouth with soft moans of satisfaction, then I looked up at my mom and smiled.

Are you proud of how much poop I ate this morning, mommy?” I asked her with a dainty lisp, and she nodded with a warm smile.

You ate a lot this morning, baby,” she observed. “You and Jimmy both did a great job.”

I'm going to eat more later,” I practically boasted, using my fingers to wipe the smeared poop from around my mouth. “When Nathan's mom and dad go to work, me and Jimmy are going to go over to his house and eat everyone's poop and drink their pee. Then we're going to see Mike and Matt so we can have their poop and pee, too.”

It sounds like you have a fun day planned, pumpkin,” she told me, and I nodded happily, licking my lips clean. “What else are you and Jimmy planning to do with your friends?”

We're going to give them all head and pussy,” I told her, feeling another shiver run through me. “We both gave daddy head this morning. It was nice.”

Well daddy and I know how much to love to give head, baby,” she said. “Maybe before daddy leaves you can have a little more fun.”

I want daddy to give it to me up the butt,” I admitted, biting my lower lip.

Well, then you better start the shower right now,” she said, looking up at my dad with a very lecherous smile. “I'll go downstairs and get daddy's coffee on.”

With that, she pulled the curtain closed and my dad started the shower. Jimmy and I let him wash us both from head to toe, then I sat Indian style on the floor of the tub and watched while my dad slipped his soapy cock into Jimmy's eager, upturned rear end and fucked two more loads out of him before he dumped his hot load into it. When he pulled out, he was still hard, so I used the bar of soap to lather it back up, then I bent over and placed my hands against the wall so that he could treat my horny rear end to a satisfying ride on his 10 inch fuck stick. Ten minutes later, he was unloading a hot, thick load of cum into my pussy while I moaned like a sissy.

When we got out, my dad dried us off and sent us to my bathroom, where we brushed our teeth three times each and rinsed with mouthwash. He was ready for work with his shirt and tie on when he came in to inspect our work, having us blow our minty fresh breath in his face, then he watched while we lubed each other up in front of the sink. When our pussies were ready for the day, we walked to my room, our cum filled bottoms switching shamelessly from side to side as he followed close behind. We both donned fresh panties that he picked out for us with Disney characters on them. Mine had characters from Beauty and the Beast and Jimmy's had characters from The Princess and the Frog. They were both very pretty, our plump bottoms filling them out perfectly, and we were very happy to wear the panties that our daddy picked out for us.

After we pranced around my room for a while, my dad picked us both up and carried us downstairs with him. As we made our way down the stairs, I could hear my mom working in the kitchen as the smell of freshly brewed coffee drifted into my nostrils. When my mom brought his breakfast to the table, he let us both sit in his lap while he ate. Neither Jimmy or I could keep our hands out of his pants, though, and before long, we were on our knees in between his legs, sharing his cock and kissing deeply with it trapped between our mouths. When he finally blasted off, his cum shots covered both of our faces completely, then we took turns licking each others' faces clean while he and my mom watched with lewd smiles.

When it was time to leave, my mom and dad both gave us long hugs and smothered us with kisses. I watched as Jimmy smiled up at my dad sweetly, then he held his arms out to be picked up again. With a smile, my dad accommodated him, then they shared a very tender French kiss as my dad carried him as far as the front door. When he set Jimmy down, he knelt down and kissed me too, slipping his tongue into my mouth and causing me to moan sissily as his hand caressed my pantied bottom.

You two be good little cock hounds today, alright?” he told us lovingly. “Daddy should be home at around 5 o'clock. I love you.”

I love you too, daddy,” I told him, then I smiled up at my mom. “I love you mama.”

I love you, daddy,” Jimmy sighed dreamily. “I'll see you later.”

With that, they were out the door. I took Jimmy by the hand and dragged him back upstairs so that I could give him some pussy before it was time to leave for Nathan's house with our pretty panties on.