Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 38

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When we got to my room, Jimmy and I quickly dropped our panties and started making out. As we kissed, I could feel him caressing my horny boy butt with his hands, prompting me to break our kiss so that I could go down on him. I kissed my way down his chest and tummy until I was on my knees, face to face with his hard, hairless boy cock. I grinned up at him, then I licked my lips before wrapping them around the head, eager to suck a hot load out of him. With his dick in my mouth, I started to moan loudly while he ran his fingers through my hair, driving me crazy with passion and lust. Minutes later, I was sitting on the back of my legs, swallowing his load and simultaneously reaching out to grab his hips, encouraging him to turn around so that I could have a taste of his delicious, well fucked stink hole.

Even though we'd showered no more than 45 minutes earlier, there was a distinct, warm odor emanating from between his cheeks that was driving me insane. I took a long, hard sniff, then I buried my face between his cheeks and ate him deeply while I reached around and took hold of his hairless pecker, which was quickly raging back to life in my hand. As my tongue probed his heavenly pooper, spurts of warm ass juice were landing on its surface, enticing me to continue mining his rear end for more of the stinky concoction.

“Mmm,” I moaned between his cheeks as the sharp flavor and aroma filled my senses.

“It feels good,” he panted from above. I responded by wrapping my hand tighter around his throbbing member and treating us both to the pleasure of giving him a slow, sensual hand job.

When I finally pulled my face from between his stinky cheeks, he smiled over his shoulder at me and hung his rear end out. I grinned and opened wide, then I spread his cheeks once more and locked my lips around his hole. In an instant, I gave off a cry of joy as he blew a hot, stinky fart into my mouth, then another. When his supply of gas was empty, he ground his rear end into my face while I moaned with delight, then he stood up straight and turned to face me, holding his hand out to help me up like a good boyfriend.

“Thank you for cumming in my mouth, and farting in my face,” I lisped with a sweet smile, truly grateful for the warm mouthful of cum and the stink filled farts that he'd gifted me. He responded by leaning in and kissing me on the lips, slipping his tongue into my mouth and wrapping me in his arms as I gave in to his inclinations. As our kiss continued, I found myself on my back, my head resting comfortably on my pillow. Jimmy used his hands to guide my opened legs up as far as he could without breaking our kiss, then I felt him use his fingertips to rub the hot entrance to my horny boy cunt.

“Do you still want to give me some pussy?” he asked me with a loving smile when we broke our kiss. I smiled up at him with stars in my eyes and nodded, eager to be taken by my one true love. He leaned down and planted a very sweet kiss on my lips without slipping me any tongue, then he sat back on his legs and lifted my legs all the way up until they were resting on his shoulders. I felt him line up at the entrance of my poop-chute, then he sighed as he pushed in and sank his cock as far as he could.

“I love you, Jimmy,” I sighed, my lisp now permanent. “I promise to give you pussy every day, no matter who else I fuck.”

“I love you too, Kyle,” he said lovingly as he began to feed me strokes of hard dick. “I'll always want to service your pussy for you because your my girlfriend and I want to make you happy.”

As his promise flowed into my ears, my boy pussy started to flex and twitch around his fuck stick, sending chills up my spine as the familiar burn of an anal orgasm started to spread throughout my midsection. I swallowed hard and let out a whimper as my legs rocked back and forth in the air. Jimmy grinned down at me, then he treated me to a long French kiss that only seemed to hasten the approach of my climax. With my pussy squeezing his cock over and over, I felt him shoot a warm load of cum deep inside of me, bringing out another feminine moan from deep down inside of me. As I moaned into his mouth, he slammed hard into my rear end a few more times, then he settled himself inside of me and sighed as we continued to kiss hungrily.

When he finally pulled out, he held onto my legs and went down on me, eating my pussy with passionate moans. I took the initiative and pulled my legs all the way back, granting him full access to my cum filled boy cunt as his tongue worked its magic, sending more hard shivers up my back. I bore down with all of my might, expelling all of the cum loads that I had inside of me into his mouth, then I listened as he gulped them all down without pulling his face away from my crack. Finally, his tongue started to cramp and he pulled away, collapsing into my arms with a sigh. I wrapped my arms around him and held him closely, then we rolled over so that he was beneath me, holding me tightly and telling me what a good girl I was and how delicious my pussy tasted. We laid together for what felt like a wonderful eternity and eventually we fell asleep in each others' arms. The sound of an incoming text woke us both up, so I reluctantly pulled myself away from his loving arms to check my phone. When I saw it was a text from Nathan, a smiled spread across my face and I gave off a girly squeal, prompting Jimmy to walk up behind me and look at the screen. His face lit up when he realized that it was time to go have our pussies serviced again, then he reached down and used his fingertips to rub the lips of my juicing boy cunt as we shared a tender kiss.

After our romp in my room, Jimmy and I stank of cum and hot butt hole, so we got back in the shower and cleaned up. While were were in there, I dropped to my knees and took his soft organ in my mouth, letting him drain his once again full bladder down my throat, then we washed each other from head to toe. When we got out, we brushed our teeth again, then we lubed up before getting dressed. Jimmy and I donned our panties, then we both made a point of finding our cutest outfits, then doing our hair so that we looked as sexy as possible. Our shirts and pants gave us the appearance of being boys, but we both knew that we were on our way to Nathan's house so that we could be girls for the four hunks that were waiting for us.

As we walked to Nathan's house, there were a few older people in their front yards, watering their lawns and tending their flower beds. Jimmy and I walked hand in hand, letting our horny rear ends switch from side to side the entire way until we reached his front door. I had sent him a text just as we were walking out the door to let him know we were on our way, so he was waiting for us when we made our approach. He let us in, then he closed the door and smiled down at us.

You both look so cute this morning,” he told me with a smile as he stood in front of us in his boxers, his hair a tangled mess. I could hear the TV on in the living room, and it sounded like someone was watching Nickelodeon.

I think you look cute, too,” I said daintily. “We wanted to look good for you guys.”

We all just woke up a little bit ago, except for Steve,” he said. “He never sleeps in. He got up before my mom and dad.”

We got up early this morning too,” Jimmy said cryptically, smiling at me and licking his lips.

Ethan and Kevin are still waking up. I told them all not to piss yet because I didn't know if you wanted to take it.”

Mmm,” I moaned softly, causing Nathan to grin down at me. “Are they in your room?”

Yeah, they're still in their sleeping bags,” he told me, walking towards the living room, where I caught site of Steve laying flat on his tummy in front of the TV, an empty bowl with a spoon right beside him. He was wearing a yellow tee shirt and his bubble butt was contained by a pair of white briefs, similar to the ones that Jimmy and I normally wear. I found myself examining their seat closely, searching for any brown streaks that might have been there, hoping to plant my nose and take in their pleasing aroma.

As it turns out, Jimmy didn't need to see any streaks on Steve's underwear. As if he were in a trance, he got behind him and planted his nose in Steve's crack, taking a long, loud sniff as Steve looked back and grinned at him.

Hey buddy, we're about to take Kyle and Jimmy to my room,” Nathan told him. “Are you coming?”

Okay,” Steve said with a small yawn, then he raised his butt into the air and started to get up, prompting Jimmy to pull his sniffing nose away and sit up. I watched with a smile as Jimmy waited for Steve to stand up, then he reached for his hand, holding it with a sweet smile as we walked down the hall to Nathan's room.

When we got there, Kevin was sitting Indian style on top of his sleeping bag, naked as the day he was born, with a very stiff looking erection. To his right, Ethan was sitting on Nathan's bed, also naked and a little less alert than his hunky friend. He was scratching the side of his head, seemingly trying to find his bearings as he let out a series of short yawns.

Good morning, Bubba,” he said with an affectionate smile when he spotted his little brother standing in the doorway, hand in hand with Jimmy. “I was looking for you this morning.”

I was in the living room watching TV,” he explained as he let go of Jimmy's hand and walked over to the bed, where he sat next to Ethan and leaned into him. Ethan responded by wrapping his large arm around Steve's slight frame and giving him a warm squeeze, then he pulled him into a cuddle.

I love you, Bubba,” he said softly. “How do you feel this morning?”

I feel good, just like last night,” Steve answered quietly. “Do you want me to do it again?”

Let's do it with Kyle and Jimmy first, then you can do it if you want to,” Ethan said as Steve grabbed the waistband of his underwear and lifted his butt up enough to pull them down around his knees

I do,” Steve said, then he rested his head on his brother's shoulder and sighed as his erection stood straight up. “Can I have another kiss?”

Without answering, Ethan planted a very delicious looking kiss on his brother's lips as Steve wrapped his hand around his big brother's hard on. I heard Jimmy let out a soft moan as he watched the scene unfold in front of us, and again, as if he had no control over his actions, he dropped to his knees in front of Steve and wrapped his lips around the head of his dick.

Taking his cue, I did the same thing to Ethan, using my delicate fingers to encourage Steve to release his grip. As soon as Ethan's juicy cock was free of his brother's possessive grasp, I let out a very sissified whimper and swallowed it.

Holy crap, it's like they just picked up where they left off last night,” I heard Kevin exclaim from behind me as I used the muscles in my throat to tighten up around Ethan's dick so that I could enjoy being fucked there. I gave off a horny moan and ground my jeans clad rear end around in the air, wanting him to know that I was eager for some back door action. As I was doing this, Jimmy was unbuttoning his own jeans so that they would fall freely from his hips. I grinned when I saw what he was up to, then I mimicked his actions, unfastening my pants and letting them fall as I continued to moan around Ethan's cock.

They have panties on again,” I heard Nathan say as he drew in a sharp breath, then I felt a pair of hands running over my panty covered bottom. I looked over to my left, where Jimmy was being pulled up at the waist, and watched with interest as he managed to stand up without letting Steve's dick fall from between his lips, his hot to trot rear end now sticking straight up into the air. Once Nathan had Jimmy in the position that he wanted, he slid his pretty panties down, exposing his bare bottom.

Are you two lubed up?” I heard him ask, and with a moan, I nodded and thrusted my bottom up into the air three times in a row, feeling desperate to take a cock up the ass. Seconds later, I felt my own panties being lowered by the same pair of hands that had been caressing them so perfectly, then I felt the slimy head of a hard dick slide between my cheeks and push up against the lips of my boy pussy. I gave off another feminine moan, then I started to roll my hips around, trying to grind my hole against the head of Kevin's dick and get it to slip in.

Fuck, they both want it really bad,” I heard Ethan say, and I responded with another nod as I continued to deep throat his hot rod. With that, I heard Jimmy moaning hotly beside me, so I turned my head and watched as Nathan began driving in and out of his upturned bottom forcefully. As this was happening, Kevin grabbed my hips and pushed all the way in with one motion, sinking his cock deep inside of me. I sighed contentedly, then I used my hips to hump myself on his fuck stick, enjoying the sensation of being filled at both ends with hot cock right next to Jimmy, who was being treated to the same sensation.

They both love it,” Kevin exclaimed as he began to thrust into me on his own. “This little slut couldn't even wait for me to start fucking him. He just did it on his own.”

How's that feel, buddy?” I heard Nathan ask Steve.

It feels amazing, just like last night when Kyle did it,” he said with a dreamy smile. “I'm glad they came back this morning.”

So am I, buddy,” Nathan said. “You did a good job last night, too.”

Thank you, Nathan,” Steve said shyly. “I liked it.”

Oh yeah?” he said curiously. “What did you like the best?”

Getting it up the butt from all of you while everyone watched,” he confessed, and I felt a hot surge of ass juice flow through my pussy as my climax started to build. “It made me feel good.”

You like being our butt boy, don't you?” Ethan asked, and Steve answered with a sigh. “We'll do it again, Bubba. I promise.”

Today?” he asked hopefully, and Ethan nodded as my boy butt started to squeeze Kevin's thrusting cock over and over.

I think this little cock hound is cumming,” he exclaimed as a long, girlish moan erupted around Ethan's hard cock. Kevin responded by increasing the force of his fucking, sending me soaring into orbit as my entire body erupted with ecstasy. My hot moans were adding additional stimulation to Ethan's cock, which was hammering the clit in my throat with the same force that Kevin's dick was nailing the clit in my boy pussy. Seconds later, I was treated to a very luscious treat as Ethan's dick started to swell in my throat. I felt him glide it back and forth over and over, sending long, shivering waves through me that only heightened the intensity of the climax I was experiencing.

I could sense that his balls were tightening, signaling the end of my throat fuck, so I treated myself to about ten more hot strokes in my cum tube before I pulled off of his length just far enough to make a seal around his flared cock head. With my lips wrapped around his dick, I used my tongue to massage the underside of his shaft, causing him to blast off in my mouth, feeding me two very satisfying mouthfuls of hot cum that I swallowed as fast as I could. When his cum stopped erupting, he treated me to three hot spurts that landed on the back of my tongue, prompting me to gulp once more before I licked his deflating cock clean.

To my right, Jimmy was still impaled on both cocks, his hot rear end still sticking straight up into the air as Nathan nailed him from the back. On the floor beneath him, there were several shots of cum that he had blown out of his hairless cock. Steve looked like he was about to shoot into Jimmy's mouth while Nathan had a look on his face that indicated his own impending orgasm. The look on Jimmy's face read sheer pleasure as he moaned like a girl around Steve's dick and accepted hard strokes from behind from Nathan.

Kevin was still hammering my horny boy butt as Ethan continued to deflate in my mouth. He ran his fingers through my hair, then he spoke to Kevin.

Hurry up and finish, I need to get rid of this bladder full of piss,” he said, and I responded by forming a tight seal around his cock and moaning.

I think he wants it right now,” I heard Steve groan, so I once again interjected with a nod as sharp tingles ran down my legs.

Go ahead if that's what he wants,” I heard Nathan say. “You'll drink it all, won't you, Kyle?”

Mmm hmm,” I moaned as Kevin continued to service my pussy with hot cock.

Without another word, Ethan closed his eyes in concentration, then he released a hot torrent of pee into my mouth that I swallowed eagerly. As his yellow treat flowed into my tummy, I found myself pushing up to meet Kevin's inward thrusts while at the same time, inhaling the strong, pleasing scent of pee that I loved so much. As I was doing this, a second orgasm crept up on me, causing me to shiver hard as Ethan treated me to the last of his hot bladder full. I felt him release three hard shots in my mouth, prompting me to wash them around in my mouth before swallowing, then I sucked his dick as hard as I could, wanting to bring him back to life in my mouth in the worst way.

Moments later, I felt Kevin spray the hot lining of my boy pussy with cum and gave off another girlish moan, then I let Ethan's dick fall from my mouth as Kevin pulled out of me. I quickly spun around and took him all the way to the back of the throat, wanting to feel him there while he was still hard. I fucked myself hard on his shaft, giving myself another minute of pleasure, then I pulled it out of my throat because I could feel him going soft. I dutifully sucked him clean, then I encouraged him to pee down my throat, which he happily did. While Kevin pulled his dick from my mouth, Jimmy was in the midst of taking Nathan's morning load of pee. His cute little Adam's apple was bobbing up and down furiously as he swallowed, and his own boy cock was still standing straight up, pressed hard against his groin.

When Nathan withdrew his spent cock from my boyfriend's mouth, he playfully dragged the head of his dick across Jimmy's face, leaving a moist trail of pee and left over cum that ran from ear to ear and across the bridge of his nose before sitting on the bed beside Ethan, who was breathing hard. Steve was leaning into his brother, and had reached back down to take his soft dick in his hand, seeming to be content just to hold it. Nathan reached out and affectionately ran his fingers through Steve's messy hair, then he planted a kiss on his cheek.

I was still horny, and eager to service another cock, so I reached out and took Jimmy's stiff cock in my hand so that I could stroke it slowly. I felt a shiver run through me as I did this, so I smiled sweetly at him and began to jerk him off with more force. Feeling his dick in my hand made me hot to have it in my mouth, so I happily wrapped my lips around it and started to suck it as he ran his fingers through my hair. Minutes later, I was on my back with my legs in the air as Kevin slipped his cock back inside of me. Jimmy was still letting me suck his dick, feeding it to me from the right as I moaned like a bitch in heat. Moments later, I felt another hot dick being eased into my slutty mouth, causing me to moan even louder as Nathan filled my mouth right beside Jimmy.

He really wants it, doesn't he?” Steve asked his brother.

He does, Bubba,” Ethan agreed. “Why don't we see if he wants to take care of a couple more cocks?”

As his words carried into my ears, I moaned sissily and reached up, eager to stroke a cock in each hand. Within seconds, my sluttiest fantasies were realized as I serviced five dicks at once, taking it up the ass, sucking two dicks and giving two hand jobs. My head was spinning with pleasure as I achieved the ultimate level of cock service, wanting to stay this way forever. Kevin's shaft was hammering my clit so hard as I ran my tongue around the heads of the two dicks I had in my mouth that I knew I would cum sooner than later. At the same time, I was stroking Ethan and Steve off like a pro, keeping the tips of their dicks aimed at my face the whole time, wanting to take their loads all over my face when the time came.

While I was getting laid the way a good little pussy boy always dreams of, Steve was treating Nathan, Kevin and his brother to deep French kisses, alternating between the three as I continued milking his dick. Seeing this was enough to trigger my boygasm, sending me over the top as my little body shivered with delight. Jimmy was holding one of my legs in place while Nathan held the other, and Kevin was slamming into my high traffic boy butt with force as it squeezed his dick over and over. Finally, he could take no more, freezing inside of me and squirting a second load deep into my yearning cunt , then he pulled away and traded places with Nathan, who slipped his hot cock into my slippery pussy and fucked me silly while I accepted Kevin's dick into my mouth beside Jimmy's. After five minutes, Nathan was filling my hungry little hole with cum, then he pulled away. I let Ethan's cock go, anxious for him to take a turn inside of my busy rear end while Jimmy made room for Nathan in my mouth.

Without having to be told what I wanted, Nathan slipped his cock between my lips with Kevin's while Jimmy let me jerk him off again. Ethan was feeding me full strokes of hard dick while he kissed his brother hungrily. Ethan was a champ, seeding my pussy after ten luscious minutes of hard strokes. When he pulled away from my cum filled bottom, Kevin pulled out of my mouth to make room for him while Steve took his turn at my back door, slipping his less experienced but still satisfying cock up my butt. I wrapped my hand around Kevin's cock and moaned as Ethan filled my slutty mouth with his dick, which felt amazing next to Nathan's dick. I watched as Kevin leaned in and kissed Steve, their tongues dancing as Steve slammed into my pussy with reckless abandon. While I was in the midst of servicing all five of the dicks that I had at my disposal, I felt every nerve in my body erupt in pleasure. My entire body was burning sweetly as my boygasm exploded like a volcano. My hot little boy butt was working like a machine, squeezing Steve's thick member over and over with non stop momentum while I moaned hotly around the two dicks that I had in my mouth and I tightened my grasp on the two dicks I was stroking with my hands. I felt every hair on my head stand up as goosebumps broke out all over my skin, then I felt my body start to quiver as my legs shook uncontrollably in the grasp of Jimmy and Kevin, who were still holding them in place.

He's cumming hard,” I heard Jimmy say as I rode out the pleasure of my climax. Moments later, I felt a hot spurt of cum shooting up inside of my pussy. Steve pulled out and traded places with Nathan, who once again slipped up inside of me while I sucked all of the cum and ass juice from Steve's deflating cock. In less than a minute, Nathan rabbit fucked a hot load into my pussy while I continued to moan, then he pulled away and traded places with Ethan, who did the same thing in less than two minutes. When he pulled out, Steve withdrew his soft cock from between my lips and let his brother take his place as Kevin got between my legs and slid his rod back inside of me. I held Steve's deflated cock in my hand like a baby holding a Teddy bear as Kevin ravaged my boy cunt and I sucked on the two cocks in my mouth. While Kevin was still inside of me, Jimmy blew his load all over my face, but made no move to pull his dick out of my hand.

Minutes later, I felt Kevin pumping his cum load up my rear end, then he pulled away while Jimmy got between my legs and ate at my back door. Nathan pulled his stiff cock from my mouth and allowed me to stroke it while I sucked Kevin's dick clean, then I pushed and expelled all of the cum loads I had up my butt into Jimmy's mouth. He sat up and swallowed, then he continued to eat me deeply while I moaned wildly around the two dicks that I was sucking. Suddenly I felt Nathan pulling his cock from my hand, then I felt Jimmy pull his face from my pussy. Moments later, I moaned again as Nathan lined up and re-entered me. He fucked me forcefully for about three minutes, then he seeded my pussy one more time.

When he pulled out, Jimmy went down on him, sucking his cock clean as Ethan pulled out of my mouth and slipped his dick back into my pussy. A minute later, I was receiving Ethan's load with a sigh. When he pulled his spent cock from my rear end, I let Kevin's dick fall from my mouth so I could suck Ethan clean. Jimmy took the opportunity to climb back between my legs, lifting them up and letting them rest on his shoulders as he re-entered me, then he fucked a very satisfying load into my busy little boy butt. I sucked him clean, then we ate each others' pussies while our tops watched with lewd grins. After we sucked the cum out of each others bottoms, we cuddled closely and made out while our hunky lovers recovered.

Three of us have to take a shit this morning,” Nathan announced a few minutes later. I smiled up at him and batted my eyes.

We want to eat it all,” I told him. “Do you want to go now?”

Yeah, I feel like I'm about to burst,” Ethan said, standing up and leading the way into the bathroom. I quickly got into the tub, followed by Jimmy, and watched with nervous anticipation as Ethan got in and placed his hands against the wall. With a very hard grin, I got behind him and parted his cheeks, taking a long, hard sniff.

Do you want him to poop hard like last night?” I heard Steve ask hopefully, prompting me to smile and nod as Ethan looked over his shoulder at me. I could see Steve's nose working hard as he leaned in to watch, so I let out a horny moan and sealed my lips as tight as I could around Ethan's hot hole. I felt his rear end push down slightly as he bent his knees for leverage, then I heard his strains. The familiar, hot thrust of stinky air that I love so much blew into my mouth, then I felt his butt explode with a juicy fart as he forced a massive pile of hot turds down his chute. My mouth filled up instantly with a load that I could barely contain, causing my cheeks to bulge and my lips to protrude as the stinky, diarrhea scented treat occupied every square inch of available space.

Mmm,” I moaned loudly as I pulled my face away from his rear end and smiled at everyone, my stinky mouthful on full display for all to see.

Holy shit, that was a lot,” I heard Ethan exclaim from above me. I grinned up at him, wanting him to see his brown gift, then I chewed it up and swallowed it all as Jimmy got into position, eager to take his turn. I watched him step up and plant his face between Ethan's cheeks, then he asked for the same treatment. Ethan placed his hands flat against the wall and bent his knees again, and in a split second, Jimmy was negotiating a large mouthful of hot poop. He opened wide to display the pile of hot, stinky turds in his mouth, then he began chewing with a very big smile on his poop smeared face as he fired off several shot of cum in a row.

I think I only have a little left,” Ethan announced as I stepped up and parted his brown smeared cheeks. I opened wide and waited as he pushed, straining hard and releasing two medium sized turds that slipped down his rectum and into my mouth, causing me to moan sissily as I displayed the contents of my mouth to my audience before chewing it all up and swallowing with a sigh while Jimmy used his tongue to lick Ethan's dirty crack clean.

While Ethan was climbing out and Nathan was climbing in, I used my fingertips to scrape the large heaps of boy poop from around my mouth. I watched as Jimmy stepped up to Nathan's back side and sniffed hard, then he parted his cheeks and sealed his lips around his hole. Moments later, Jimmy's hairless boy cock fired off another round of cum as Nathan's crackling turd bullied its way into his mouth. When it detached from his anus, Nathan looked over his shoulder with a smile as Jimmy chewed and swallowed. When it was my turn, I took a nice, long sniff, taking in the dark rich scent of Nathan's boy fudge as his hole began to expand. Once again, I felt a thrust of heat swirling in my mouth as the loud crackle of a hot poop log filled my ears. As soon as it emerged, I opened wide and watched with a grin as it exited swiftly, pushing into my mouth and bending into a U shape. It was a luscious, dark brown and very moist, with plenty of crevices and nuts lining its exterior. When it broke off, a long tip was smeared against my upper lip, sending its pleasing stink up into my nostrils as I sighed contentedly.

As I smashed the long turd against the roof of my mouth and swallowed, Jimmy let Nathan push the last of his morning poop load into his mouth, treating him to a firm, egg shaped ball of butt fudge that was as dark and nutty as the turds we'd already eaten from his rear end. While Jimmy was chewing his mouthful, I used my tongue as toilet paper, licking Nathan's crack clean, moaning with satisfaction as I pulled in dark, rich heaps of poop with every stroke of my tongue. While Nathan was getting out, Jimmy and I shared a very loving French kiss. I heard Jimmy give off a moan, so I broke our kiss in time to see Steve placing his hands flat against the wall.

You go first, baby,” I lisped sweetly.

No, I went first last time,” he told me. “I want my pretty girlfriend to eat as much poop as she wants.”

Fucking hot!” I heard Kevin exclaim, looking at Nathan and Ethan with a grin. “He's a total fairy, isn't he?”

I am,” I said with a brown grin. “I love being a little fairy.”

Which one of you're going first?” Steve asked, a sense of urgency in his tone. “I have to poop bad.”

Go baby,” I told Jimmy. “I want to be a good girl and let my man go.”

With that, Jimmy leaned forward and gave me a sweet peck on the lips that sent chills of delight through me, then he got on his knees behind Steve and spread his cheeks, smiling the entire time. I watched as Steve hung his butt out far enough to settle it over Jimmy's opened mouth, then I heard him push. I heard what sounded like an accelerated crackle. Suddenly, Jimmy's cheeks bulged with a very large pile of hot turds that Steve was forcing into his mouth.

He was giving off a loud moan and pushing his face up into Steve's rear end, using a reverse grinding motion, as if he wanted Steve to push back and smear his face with his butt cheeks. At the same time, his hairless little boy cock was once again firing off several shots of cum that were hitting the floor of the tub as his moans continued. When he pulled his grinning face out of Steve's crack, there was a brown, circular shaped smear all over it, starting at the top of his forehead and covering the entire diameter of his cheeks. His nose had a very thick buildup of boy fudge on the tip, and I figured that he must have had it planted in Steve's butt hole while he was giving himself a facial. His mouth was filled to capacity with hot turds, and he was chewing and smashing them up with a glazed over look on his face.

As Jimmy chewed up the stinky treat he was enjoying, the rich scent of hot poop was thick in the air. I gave off a loud moan and took my place at Steve's back door, letting his poop smeared cheeks close around my face and opening wide as I waited for my brown reward. With a hard push, Steve sent an equally large quantity of stinky turds down into my mouth, filling it to capacity. I pulled my face out and grinned up at him, then I showed off my mouthful before chewing it up and swallowing. While I was doing this, Jimmy reclaimed his spot and sniffed loudly as he accepted a long, dark turd from Steve's rear end. When it was released, he chewed it all up with a sigh as I dutifully lapped away at Steve's backside, cleaning it up with my toilet paper tongue and moaning with every lick.

When his butt was clean, Jimmy and I sat on our knees and let all four of them shoot pee into our mouths and all over our bodies. After we took their pee loads, we turned the shower on and washed each other from head to toe, then we took turns washing our tops like the good little pussy boys that we are. We started with Kevin, washing him from top to bottom, then we soaped up his cock and let him slip it up Jimmy's horny little boy butt. Once he fucked a load into my boyfriend, we gave Nathan the same treatment, washing him thoroughly before I bent over and offered him another ride in my boy pussy.

Ethan and Steve got in together, and we took special care to wash them well. We were soaping up their cocks so we could each have a ride, but Steve wound up bending over at the end of the tub while his brother slipped a soapy finger into his boy hole. Jimmy and I rinsed off and got out, standing with Nathan and Kevin as we watched Ethan pull his soapy finger out and replace it with his soapy cock. He treated his brother to a fifteen minute ride on his massive fuck stick, fucking three loads out of him before dumping his own load deep inside of him. When he pulled out, they rinsed under the spray, which had long since turned cold as the hot water ran out.

When they got out, Ethan lovingly dried his brother off, then he wrapped him up in a long hug before they followed us back into Nathan's room. While Jimmy and I got dressed, Steve and Ethan cuddled on Nathan's bed as Kevin laid down beside them. Jimmy and I watched as Steve reached out and took Kevin's stiff cock in his hand, giving it firm strokes while Ethan went into Nathan's night stand, where he retrieved a tube of KY Jelly that he used on his brother's rear end. When he was lubed up, Steve got on his hands and knees and moaned while Kevin slipped his cock up his butt and fucked another load out of him before seeding him with a groan. When he pulled out, Jimmy and I both cleaned his cock with our tongues while Nathan took his turn at Steve's back door, pumping another load into it while they both moaned with horny pleasure.