Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 39

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By the time Nathan was squirting his hot load into Steve's rear end, Jimmy and I had brought Kevin back to his fully erected state. I watched as Nathan pulled out of his partner, hoping for the chance to lick his dripping cock clean of every drop of cum and ass juice he had. Once he was completely out, he sat on the edge of the bed and grinned as Jimmy and I crawled between his legs. We took turns slipping our mouths over the head of his cock, even swallowing it whole a few times, then we kissed deeply with his cock trapped between us.

On the bed, Steve stayed on his hands and knees with his rear end in the air, anxious for the next cock to slip in from behind. His brother was quick to sate his desires, grabbing his hips and re-entering his little brother, bringing out loud moans of pleasure from both of them. While this was happening, Jimmy and I were working hard to coax another load from Nathan's balls, moaning into each others' mouths and around the head of his shaft. Jimmy moved down to the base of his dick, licking around the diameter of his stalk while I slipped my mouth over the head and used my tongue to tease his crown. He was leaking precum like crazy, and I was loving every minute of it.

As I was using my spongie tongue to pleasure Nathan's cock, I felt Kevin grabbing my hips from behind, pulling my little boy butt up into the air so that he could line up and push in. I gave off a girly moan when I realized what he was doing, then I smiled up at Nathan with a mouthful of cock. I felt the head of Kevin's dick at my back door, then I felt him push past my anal ring, his head slipping in with a very satisfying pop, then he sank his entire length into my pussy, causing me to moan even more loudly as his shaft got hot inside of me.

Does that feel good, little cock hound?” I heard Kevin ask from behind, and I responded by nodding my head and rolling my hips around as I continued to make love to Nathan's dick with my mouth. With that, Kevin tightened his grip on my hips and started to slam into my rump with force while I steadied myself by placing my hands on Nathan's thighs.

In the meanwhile, Jimmy had positioned himself so that he was able to access Nathan's balls with his eager tongue. I could see him lapping away at the low hangers, using the flat of his tongue to bathe every square inch before he used his hands to pull them up further, giving him access to Nathan's taint. I heard Jimmy and Nathan moan at the same time, letting me know that he had successfully zeroed in on the sensitive region between his balls and his butt hole, and was now pleasuring our top thoroughly. As I accepted long strokes of hard dick from behind, I felt Nathan scooting forward so that his butt was now sitting just on the edge of the bed, giving Jimmy full access to his wrinkly butt hole.

I pushed up with my hips, wanting to meet Kevin's inward thrusts, and felt a delicious shudder travel through my entire body. At the same time, I could hear Steve moaning loudly as Ethan bucked into him over and over again, causing the bed to squeak with his back and forth motion. From beneath me, Jimmy's cute little face was visible as he'd turned himself 180 degrees so that he was sitting on his butt, giving him better access to Nathan's taint, ball sack and butt hole. I instinctively tightened my boy pussy around Kevin's thrusting cock, heightening both of our pleasure and triggering my climax, which started with an intense burn in my legs and spread like a gas fire until I felt my entire body shudder and my hair stand up as if there were static electricity all around me.

Moments later, Kevin buried the entire length of his cock deep inside of me, allowing my squeezing boy cunt to pull the climax from his balls and squirting a hot load of cum into my depths, bringing out very a feminine moan from my throat. As soon as he pulled out of me, I quickly let Nathan's dick go and spun around, eager to clean my lover's cock of all cum and ass juice like a good girl. With Kevin's cock in my mouth, I raised my hips up into the air, anxious for more back door action. I felt a small pair of hands spread my cheeks, then I felt Jimmy's tongue in my crack, lapping up all of the leaking cum that was starting to run down my crevice, then he started eating me deeply.

While he was eating my pussy, Nathan pulled him up by the hips, anxious to fuck another load into his sweet boy butt. Moments later, I felt Jimmy's eating get more intense as he let out loud moans of pleasure, occasionally pushing hard into my back side.

Fuck, yeah, these two little whores can't get enough,” I heard Kevin exclaim. I smiled up at him and batted my eyes, then I used my tongue to continue bathing his sticky cock. When it was clean, he let me continue to nurse on it, although it didn't regain its hardness. A couple of minutes into his butt fuck, I heard Jimmy moaning uncontrollably, then I felt four shots of cum hit the back of my legs. A few minutes later, Jimmy moaned again, firing off more cum shots, then I felt him pull his face out of my crack and sigh. I let Kevin's soft cock fall from between my lips and looked back just in time to see Jimmy worshiping Nathan's cock with his mouth, sucking it all the way in, then licking it up and down before he planted a grateful kiss on the end. When Nathan's dick was clean, Jimmy and I made out on the floor, kissing deeply while Kevin and Nathan watched with lewd grins.

With Kevin and Nathan servicing our pussies, we hadn't noticed that Ethan had seeded his little brother, and that they were now basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking on the bed. When Jimmy and I broke our kiss, we both became keenly aware of this when we spotted Steve letting his brother's cock fall from his lips and crawling into his outstretched arms. As soon as he was wrapped in Ethan's strong embrace, he let go of a sigh and smiled dreamily at Nathan and Kevin.

You did a very good job again, Bubba,” Ethan told him. “Did you like it?”

Mmm hmm,” Steve practically sang. “I love you all so much.”

I love you, too, Bubba,” Ethan said softly, planting a kiss on his brother's cheek.

I love you, too, buddy,” Nathan said with a warm smile, reaching out and running his fingers through Steve's messy hair. For his part, Kevin got up and sat on the edge of the bed next to Nathan, then he leaned over and planted a kiss on Steve's cheek. Steve smiled up at him with starry eyes, then he puckered his lips and offered him another kiss. Kevin accepted the offer, planting his lips to Steve's and slipping his tongue into Steve's mouth, engaging him in a very sweet French kiss.

When we left Nathan's house it was after 10 in the morning, so I sent Mike a text to find out if he and Matt could see us. He quickly replied that he wanted to spend the day with us, but that he had a doctors appointment at 1pm. He said that he and Matt could come over and see us for a little bit if that was okay, and I sent him a text telling him that we missed them and wanted to see them no matter how long they could stay.

As soon as Jimmy and I got back to my house, we got in the shower again, cleaning the stink of the morning completely off, then brushing our teeth and rinsing with mouthwash before we lubed up and donned our new panties. When Matt and Mike showed up, I opened the garage door long enough for them to bring their bikes in, then I closed it as Jimmy and I met them in the garage wearing nothing but our panties. We engaged them both in long, tongue filled French kisses, then we pranced around, letting our plump boy butts switch shamelessly from side to side as we led them back into the house and engaged them both in more kisses.

You two look so sexy like that,” Matt said as he wrapped me in his arms and held me close after our lips parted. I reached down between us and gave his stiff package a squeeze while I batted my eyes at him with a smile.

We wanted to be sexy for you,” I told him, my lisp becoming more and more natural as I settled into it. “Our pussies are ready for your dicks. So are our mouths.”

While I was offering Matt an easy piece of ass, Jimmy was engaging Mike in a long, passionate kiss. His arms were wrapped tightly around Mike's neck, and he was letting out tiny whimpers as he felt Mike run his hands all over his panty covered bottom.

I love you,” Jimmy said with a sigh when their lips parted.

I love you too, honey,” Mike said tenderly. “I missed you last night.”

I missed you too,” Jimmy declared, then he grabbed Mike's hand and led the way up to my room with Matt and I right behind them.

It didn't take long for Jimmy and I to wind up in my bed, servicing our lovers' cocks lustily. I let Matt lay flat with his head resting on my pillow while I treated myself to a mouthful of hard cock while Jimmy lay next to Matt, his legs resting on Mike's shoulders as he accepted hard strokes of hot cock in his horned up little boy butt.

Does that feel good, honey?” Mike asked, and Jimmy nodded up at him with stars in his eyes. His chest was already a mess of cum, his untouched cock shooting freely as Mike drove into his bottom over and over again.

In the meanwhile, I was feeling breathless as a powerful burn started to spread out from my poop-chute and all over my groin. Matt's hard cock was sheathed so expertly by my cum tube, punishing my clit as his glans worked in and out until I was swept away by a hard orgasm that made my own little boy cock twitch over and over inside of my panties. I continued to fuck myself hard on Matt's dick until I felt his shaft expand in my throat, prompting me to position it so that I could accept a mouthful of hot cum straight from his balls. As I was doing this, I felt him reach down and run his fingers gently over my forehead, brushing the bangs out of my eyes as I moaned loudly, then he shot a thick load of sperm into my mouth that I quickly swallowed so that I could make room for more. As volley after volley of cum erupted from his thick member, I was gulping furiously, eager to keep up and not lose a drop. When it was over, I licked his shaft clean, then I sucked on his balls before I collapsed in his strong arms, letting him hold me close and whisper sweet nothings in my ear while we watched Mike service Jimmy's cunt. Mike drove into Jimmy's boy butt for an extended period, then he groaned loudly and seeded his pussy with a hot load of cum.

When he pulled out, Jimmy and I cleaned his cock like good little girls, then I ate the cum out of Jimmy's pussy while Mike and Matt cuddled closely and watched. Once Jimmy pushed all of the cum out of his boy pussy and into my mouth, I continued to eat at his back door while he blew hot farts into my mouth. Finally, my tongue could no longer sustain the motion due to fatigue, so I pulled away from his back door and lay down flat with my legs wide opened, hoping to take another hard dick in my pooper. Matt took the initiative to climb between my spread eagle thighs, easing my panties down and lifting my legs so that my ankles were resting on his shoulders, then he plowed my boy cunt with luscious strokes of hard cock that made me shiver with pleasure. While Matt was servicing my boy pussy, Jimmy had crawled between Mike's legs and was treating himself to a mouthful of hard cock. Once we'd both received their loads, we licked their cocks clean, then we let our boyfriends hold us tight while we recovered from our romp.

Your pussy felt so good today,” Matt told me as he held me in his arms. “It was so hot inside. I don't think I've ever felt you that hot before.”

It's because I was so horny for you,” I confessed. “I've been horny for you ever since the last time I was with you. I wanted to do everything with you today.”

Everything?” he asked with a lecherous smile, and I responded by biting my lower lip and nodding. “Do you want me and Mike to feed you our poop?”

Yes,” I practically squealed. “I'm so hungry for it.”

We've been saving it for you,” Mike said, prompting Jimmy to lick his lips. “We haven't gone since we went home yesterday. We both have to go really bad.”

I let out a horny moan of desire when his words traveled into my ears, then I engaged Matt in a long French kiss as Jimmy did the same with Mike. When we got up to walk to the bathroom, we traded partners, allowing me to kiss Mike while Matt and Jimmy kissed hungrily right beside us. I held Mike's hand all the way to the bathroom as Jimmy and Matt strolled lovingly behind us, giggling and planting sweet kisses on each others' lips the entire way.

Are you going to let me feed you?” Matt asked Jimmy, and he nodded with a dreamy sigh. “You love it just like Kyle does, don't you?”

Yes,” Jimmy told him sweetly. “I always think about poop, now. I want to eat it, smell it and touch it all the time. Especially yours and Mike's.”

He ate poop in front of his mom last night,” I told them, causing Mike's cock to swell.

That's fucking hot,” Matt exclaimed. “What did she do?”

She got mad, but she didn't make me stop,” Jimmy said. “I pooped my pants in front of her and Kyle, then I took it out of my underwear and ate it.”

While Jimmy was telling Mike and Matt about his activities the day before, I wrapped my hand around Mike's cock and started to stroke it lightly, wanting him to feel the maximum amount of pleasure, my role as a cock slave now clear. I felt him wrap his left arm around me, pulling me close to him as we both listened to Jimmy talk about eating his entire pant load in front of his mom, who could only watch helplessly.

I can't believe you did that,” Matt said with a huge grin. “You and Kyle aren't ashamed to do anything, are you?”

Nope,” Jimmy said proudly. “I even give it to myself in the butt in front of her and she knows I like it. Ask Kyle.”

It's true,” I said, still using my hand to service Mike's hard cock. “We were at the movies and he stuck his fingers up his butt and rode them hard while his mom watched. Then he creamed in his pants and sucked the poop off of his fingers when he was done.”

Holy crap, let's hurry up and do this so we can fuck you again,” Matt exclaimed, prompting me to moan sissily as Mike leaned down and planted a sweet kiss on my lips.

As badly as I wanted to bring him off, I was equally eager to be his toilet, so I let go of his cock and got in the tub with Jimmy. We both dropped to our knees and watched as our tops got in behind us. Matt stepped up first and squatted over both of our faces. I smiled at Jimmy and obediently sat back, allowing him to enjoy the first mouthful because he was the boy and I was the girl. He quickly moved in behind Matt and spread his cheeks, taking a long whiff before opening wide and sealing his lips around Matt's expanding butt hole. My mouth was watering and my little cocklet was straining hard against my hairless pubic bone as I picked up the dark, rich scent of a hot, fresh turd making its descent from Matt's rectum and into my boyfriend's mouth. I listened intently as the loud crackle carried into my ears, then I grinned as Jimmy's cheeks bulged and his lips protruded almost instantly.

Mmm,” Jimmy moaned around the impacted mouthful of hot poop that he was enjoying. At the same time, his own hairless boy cock gave off several shots of hot cum, then he pulled his face out of Matt's rump and opened wide, displaying the stinky pile of turds to everyone with a very hard grin before he began chewing, his eyes glazed over the entire time. I very eagerly got into position, anxious to have my mouth filled with a pile of turds that I could enjoy as well. I pulled Matt's cheeks apart and licked the smeared poop from all around his hole and between his cheeks, then I sealed my lips around his opening and moaned loudly.

I was rewarded with a massive offering of soft, hot boy poop that forced its way into my mouth, causing my cheeks to bulge as tightly as Jimmy's had. There was no part of my mouth that wasn't occupied, from the roof of my mouth to the spaces between my upper and lower gums and my cheeks. I could even feel it pushing into the spaces between my teeth. It was so hot and stinky, and I was enjoying it so much. When he stopped pushing, I pulled my face out of his crack and smiled, taking a long sniff before I began to chew up my brown meal and swallow. My little cocklet was bouncing around on its own, and the sweet burn I had in my boy pussy earlier when Matt was fucking me had returned with a vengeance, triggering the start of another boygasm that started to sweep me away.

While I was experiencing the Nirvana of my orgasm, Jimmy moved back into position and was accepting another hot load from Matt's rear end, moaning loudly the entire time. I was watching the action in front of me when I felt Mike's hand on my shoulder, prompting me to look up at him and smile brownly as he stepped in front of me and squatted over my face.

Sorry, I can't wait anymore,” he told me with a sense of urgency in his voice. I let out a horny moan and licked my lips clean, then I spread his cheeks and opened wide, ready to let him use me as a toilet. Much to my delight, he presented me with a very hot butt load of soft, almost liquidy boy poop, its spicy aroma and delicious taste adding to my pleasure. The sweet burn started to spread through my little body as I effortlessly smashed the hot load with my tongue and swallowed, then I got back into position and waited for him to force another load into my slutty, dirty mouth. I was pleasantly surprised when he let loose with three hot, gassy farts, blowing them directly into my watering mouth, then his rear end exploded with liquid poop and he had diarrhea in my mouth while I gulped furiously, desperate to keep up and not lose any of the delicious meal he was giving me.

When his liquidy treat subsided, he sent a torrent of soft, clay brown poop logs down his chute and into my mouth, followed immediately by more diarrhea. I moaned hotly around the mouthful of boy fudge, then I opened wide and displayed the contents of my mouth to my feeder before swallowing and getting back into position.

In front of us, Matt was still feeding Jimmy hot, stinky turds from his rear end, and Jimmy was still moaning loudly and firing off occasional shots of cum from the end of his untouched little boner. There were loud farts erupting from Matt's rear end, some of them sending hot squirts of diarrhea into Jimmy's mouth, some of them simply hot, stinky bonuses that my boyfriend was being treated to. In the meanwhile, Mike's poop load was getting progressively runnier and stinkier, the sharp scent and smooth texture giving me more chills of orgasmic pleasure.

After four hot mouthfuls of his tasty diarrhea, Mike released three long, thick turds from his rectum that I was anxious to accept one at a time. As he pushed them out, they crackled loudly and curled up tightly as I accommodated each one fully. I could smell the hot, sharp stink rolling off of each one as they filled my mouth to capacity, still bearing the delicious taste and aroma of his hot diarrhea. As each one detached from his poop-chute, I gave off a horny moan and began smashing with my tongue. When he released the final turd into my mouth, my head was spinning and my body shivered while I chewed it up and swallowed, experiencing the joy of another dry orgasm. In front of me, Jimmy was encouraging Mike to give him a full facial with the poop that was smeared against his butt cheeks, and he readily complied, grinding his butt into my boyfriend's face with a naughty smile. This brought about another orgasm from Jimmy, whose hairless boy cock heaved out a last sputtering of little boy spunk, then twitched dryly as he took hard sniffs and ran his tongue all over Matt's rear end.

As my orgasm was starting to wane, I crawled back between Mike's cheeks and treated myself to the leftover poop that was heaped up in his crack, pulling thick hunks of it into my mouth with moans of satisfaction until there was nothing left. From there, I crawled over to Matt's rump, sitting beside Jimmy and licking his heavily poop smeared cheeks clean, taking long, luscious whiffs the entire time. When there was no more butt fudge to be cleaned from Matt's backside, I took to Jimmy's brown face, licking it clean of the thick coating of boy poop that he was wearing with a proud smile.

When he was as clean as I could get him, we shared a long, passionate kiss while Mike and Matt released their pee loads all over our heads and bodies. As their yellow loads were cascading down onto our heads, I released my own pee stream all over Jimmy's stomach. When they were finished peeing, we got up and started the shower. I let Jimmy wash me from head to toe, then I did the same for him. When we were clean, we soaped up our lovers and washed them like good girls, paying extra attention to their hard cocks. We worked a very thick lather over their shafts, then I bent over on one end of the tub so I could give Mike some pussy while Jimmy offered his eager rear end up at the other end for Matt. We were both moaning like little girls as they slipped their cocks into our little boy butt holes and brought us both off over and over until they finally seeded our pussies.

When we got out, Jimmy and I brushed our teeth three times each while Mike and Matt watched, then we rinsed with mouthwash. Our boyfriend's checked our breath, then we got their approval in the form of long, loving French kisses that they treated us to while they groped our buns, enticing us to lead them to my room, where once again, we each took it in the ass from our lovers. Jimmy laid on his back while Matt fucked him deeply on the right side of the bed while I took it doggy style from Mike on the left side. When they were done, they pulled out and we sucked them clean, then we traded partners. I got back on my hands and knees for Matt, who promptly slipped his shaft back inside of me while Jimmy straddled Mike's cock, riding it up and down and moaning loudly the entire time.

When our romp was over, Jimmy and I let them hold us in their laps and smother us with kisses until it was time for them to leave. Jimmy and I donned our pretty panties, then we held their hands all the way to the door. I wanted more than anything for them to spend the night, maybe even take them to Nathan's house so that Jimmy and I could service 6 cocks all evening, then be fed from all of their rear ends. Then, we could bring them back to my house, where they would service our pussies all night long. But Matt wasn't sure if his mom would let him. Mike thought he might be able to spend the night, but he wasn't sure about going to Nathan's to have sex, especially with people he didn't know. He said he would think about it, and would definitely come over if Matt could too.

I hope you can spend the night,” I said sissily to Matt, letting him hold me close as we slowly strolled toward the door. “I really want to be with you tonight.”

I want to be with you, too, sweetie,” he told me in a tender voice, then he kissed me lovingly on the lips. “Do you think your friend Nathan will care if me and Mike come over?”

No, he'll love it,” I lisped. “Me and Jimmy want to get laid by all six of you and suck all of your dicks at the same time.”

You just love cock, don't you?” he said, and I nodded eagerly.

I serviced five cocks at the same time this morning,” I bragged, my lisp very thick. “I was sucking two dicks, taking it up the butt from one and jacking two dicks off, all at the same time. Everyone took turns fucking me and letting me give them head, and I got to jack everyone's dick off, too.”

That's so fucking hot,” I heard Mike say. “I'll try to help Matt get his folks to say yes.”

Jimmy and I accepted their answer, then we gave them both a very long French kiss before seeing them to the garage, where they got on their bikes and let themselves out so that we wouldn't have to go out in the cold weather in our panties.

Are you sure this will work?” I asked Jimmy as he climbed up onto the counter and opened the cupboard.

I know it will,” he told me confidently. “Trust me, Buck always has to poop after he eats. And he's always hungry.”

With that, Jimmy retrieved a large can of Science Diet, taking it down and pulling the metal tab back, peeling the lid off in the process. I followed him over to the corner of the kitchen, where a white, empty bowl sat side by side with a blue bowl filled with water. Jimmy turned the can upside down, and with very little effort, the dog food slid out, keeping the shape of the can the entire time. Jimmy smiled and carried the empty can over to the garbage can, dropping it in before he opened the sliding glass door, where his large, black Pitt Bull was sitting on his hind quarters on the other side.

As soon as there was enough room for him to squeeze through the opening, the dog slipped through and made a beeline to his bowls. He ate his food so fast that I don't even think he tasted it, then he lapped up several drinks of water before he looked up from the bowl and shook off.

That's a good boy, Buck,” Jimmy praised him, petting his shiny fur as the dog looked at him happily. “Are you ready to poop?”

With that, the dog understood that we were going out back, because he trotted over to the sliding glass door and sat on his hind quarters once more, waiting to be let out. Jimmy smiled cheekily at me, then he motioned for me to follow him. He opened the door and we followed Buck out to the backyard, where he instantly dashed out to the lawn. There were several heaps of dog poop already on the grass, but Jimmy and I were only interested in the one that was hopefully forthcoming.

I watched with interest as the black Pitt Bull walked in a very tight circle on the lawn, sniffing the grass over and over again as Jimmy and I held hands and watched. Then, as if he had found the perfect place, Buck squatted on his hind legs and looked straight ahead as he relaxed and let nature take its course. From where we were standing, we could see a massive pile of hot turds building up just below him, weighing down the grass as he continued to poop. Seconds later, he lifted his butt back up and walked away, returning to the patio where Jimmy and I were standing hand in hand, eager to be petted.

Jimmy reached down to pet his dog, then we both walked out onto the grass so that we could examine Buck's steamy creation. It was very moist looking, a lighter shade of clay brown than the turds that we'd eaten from Matt and Mike's rear ends an hour before, and it had a very stinky aroma that sent shivers of desire through me. I knelt down and gave it a closer sniff, prompting Jimmy to do the same, then I leaned in even closer, putting myself less than an inch away from the mouthwatering pile as I inhaled deeply. Jimmy put himself right next to me again, then he looked at me with daring eyes and grinned as we contemplated our next move.

My mind was still processing the act we were about to participate in when Jimmy let go of my hand and scooped up a handful, bringing it to his nose and sniffing hard. He grinned cutely at me, then he held the pile of dog poop under my nose and allowed me to take a long, satisfying sniff of my own. My mouth was starting to water and I let out a quiet moan as my courage started to build. Jimmy and I made eye contact, giving each other a look of mutual understanding as the heavenly aroma continued to waft into our nostrils, then I watched as he pulled his hand closer to his face and his tongue started to lance out toward the stinky pile of turds.

Just then, Buck started to bark loudly and was giving off a very nasty growl, snapping Jimmy and I out of our trance. We turned to look at the dog, who was going crazy at the side gate, prompting Jimmy to drop the pile of dog poop he was holding and walk over to see what the problem was.

Meter reader,” we heard a man call out from the other side of the gate. “Will you please put the dog away so I can read your gas meter?”

Yes sir,” Jimmy said in a startled tone, hurrying over to the side gate and grabbing Buck by the collar to lead him to the sliding glass door, sending him into the house and shutting it before walking back over and opening the gate.

Thanks, buddy,” the man said as Jimmy let him in. He was an older man, about 50, but in shape. He looked like he probably worked out and watched what he ate, but his hair had several gray streaks running through it. As soon as he set his eyes on Jimmy and I, he gave us both a very hungry look and bit his lower lip. I smiled up at him and winked, causing Jimmy's eyes to widen when he realized that I was flirting.

Buck doesn't bite,” I lisped, then I turned to walk toward the center of the yard, my bottom switching shamelessly from side to side. I smiled over my shoulder at him, then I licked my lips and sighed. “What's your name?”

Roger,” he practically stuttered. “What's your name, buddy?”

I'm Kyle,” I said sissily, then I pointed to my boyfriend and sighed dreamily. “He's Jimmy.”

I see,” he said, swallowing hard. “You two must be close friends.”

We're more than friends,” I lisped, switching my busy boy butt even more blatantly as I approached Jimmy and took his hand. “He's my boyfriend.”

With that, I leaned in and planted a kiss on Jimmy's luscious red lips. Roger stood in front of us with a disbelieving smile on his face as he took deep breaths. When I knew that he was watching, I slipped my tongue into my boyfriend's mouth and kissed him deeply, wanting Roger to know that I was gay and very eager to take his cock at my back door. When we broke our kiss, I looked down at Roger's crotch, which was clearly bulging, and licked my lips. He reached down and started to massage it through his pants, prompting me to moan sissily and roll my hips around.

Do you think we're cute?' I asked daintily, and he nodded slowly without speaking. “We think you are, too. Can I kiss you?”

You... you want to kiss me?” he asked, and I nodded eagerly, prancing gayly toward him.

I want to do more than that with you, Roger.”

He swallowed hard and asked, “What else do you want to do, Kyle?”

Let me kiss you and you'll see,” I lisped, now standing in front of him. I looked up at him with my sweetest smile, then I puckered my lips and watched as he leaned down to accept my offer, planting his lips to mine and letting me wrap my arms around his neck before I slipped my tongue into his mouth. His kiss was delicious, and I moaned into his mouth as it gained momentum. Moments later, Jimmy and I were in the garage with him, taking turns slipping our mouths over the end of his hard, horny man cock and alternatively licking his balls. Finally, I could wait no longer to feel him inside of me, so I dropped my pants, revealing my pretty panties to him as I rolled my horny bottom around in the air.

I used my hands to drop my panties, then I bent over and hung onto a shelf as he grabbed my hips and slipped his dick up my butt. I didn't experience an orgasm, but his cock felt amazing as he ran it back and forth for over two minutes in my boy pussy, fucking me hard and dirty while bringing out loud, feminine moans from deep inside of me the whole time. While he was pleasuring my willing rear end, Jimmy had posted up at his backside, spreading his cheeks and feasting on his hot hole, somehow managing to keep his eager tongue planted in the stinky poop-chute the entire time Roger was fucking me. When he blew his load up my butt, he pulled out and I anxiously took him all the way to the back of the throat while Jimmy continued to eat at his back door. His semi soft cock raged back to life under the double pronged assault of being deep throated and having his asshole eaten deeply by my boyfriend, and it wasn't long before Jimmy was ready to take a ride. He bent over and held on tight to the same shelf I used earlier as Roger sank his man cock into his upturned boy butt, then he enjoyed a very satisfying butt fuck as I resumed the delicious rim job that Jimmy was giving earlier. When he pulled out, Jimmy and I cleaned his cock like good girls, then we kissed him goodbye and thanked him for servicing our boy pussies.

When he left, we closed the gate and let Buck out. His earlier poop load was too old for me to even consider trying to eat. I wanted to continue smelling it, though, so Jimmy and I found it and took turns holding it in our hands and squeezing it, sniffing it for an extended period of time while Buck watched us curiously. After several minutes of smashing the massive pile of dog poop in our hands and enjoying its smell, we were both starting to get horny again. We wiped our poop smeared hands on our shirts, allowing the fabric to absorb the smell, then we went to Jimmy's room with Buck right behind us. The smell of dog poop was strong on us both as our clothes and our hands retained it nicely, making me feel very naughty as it carried into my nostrils.

We both stripped down to nothing and I let Jimmy bed me right away, eager to have him breed my pussy with his load of cum. While Jimmy was inside of me, I started to sniff my hands, which still smelled like dog poop, then I lost control and started to lick and suck them. I experienced a very powerful flavor explosion in my mouth as my climax started to sweep me under, prompting me to continue sucking the spicy flavor off of my fingers. Jimmy smiled when he saw what I was doing, prompting him to do the same as he drove into me over and over. As his thrusting got harder, I was sucking lustily on my fingers and moaning loudly, hoping that we'd get the chance to eat a fresh, stinky pile of Buck's steamy poop before the day was over.