Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 4

b/b/ oral/ anal/mast

"You... you aren't going to tell anyone about this, are you?" Jason asked, his uneasy blue eyes shifting from side to side as I slid my shirt off over my head, trying to set the example for him.

"I promise," I answered with a warm smile, pulling the green print tee down the length of my left arm. I kicked my shoes off, then I stepped on my right foot with my left one, pressing down and sliding my sock off before switching feet. Once my socks were off, I unbuttoned my pants and let them fall around my ankles.

I followed Jason's gaze downward, noting that he had his eyes set squarely on my erection, which was pressing out against my underwear, making them tent. I licked my lips and sized him up, eager to bed my newest conquest. Finally, he started to undress, removing his shirt and kicking his shoes off at the same time.

I decided to be bold, walking up to him and placing my hands on his hips before I slid them up the front of his torso and let them brush lightly over his soft nipples, then I leaned forward and gave his neck a kiss.

"I don't want you to give me a hickey," he said pensively as I let my tongue slip out of my mouth and lick the salty skin under his left ear.

"I won't," I told him. "Just relax, and let me do all of the work. I promise you'll like it."

Jason and I went to the same school. He was an eighth grader, almost 14, and much bigger than Mike. He was probably a good five and a half feet tall and weighed about 125 pounds. His blonde hair was thick, but not long, and his cheeks were smooth. We ran into each other earlier in the day, when I was walking to the 7-11 for some nachos and a new I-tunes Card while my parents were at work.

To make a long story short, I've eyed him a few times, but I always thought he wouldn't be interested in me. He never gave me the time of day at school, and I figured that I'd never have the chance to try to seduce him. I wasn't sure if he even knew my name, but as it turns out, he did.

He was at the cash register paying for his stuff when I walked in, and we made eye contact right away. I saw him staring at me as I was preparing my nachos, and I was a little worried that he wanted to kick my ass or something. When he walked out to the front of the store, it was obvious that he was waiting for me, and I was almost certain he was going to try to get me.

As I paid for my stuff, I considered calling Mike or Jimmy for protection, but decided to take my chances and go outside. The worst thing he could do was ruin my nachos, I figured. After all, we were in public, and there were a lot of adults going in and out of the store, and others pumping gas who would see if he tried to start a fight. So once I paid, I gathered my stuff and walked outside.

"Don't you go to my school?" he asked when I walked out.

"Yeah, I think so," I told him.

"Is your name Kyle?' he asked and I nodded, removing the plastic lid from my nachos and putting it in the trash before I removed a chip with some chili and cheese on it and took a bite. "I'm Jason. What grade are you in?"

"Sixth," I answered.

"That's why I didn't see you before this year," he deducted out loud, and I smiled in acknowledgment as we started to walk away from the store and toward the sidewalk that would lead us back into my neighborhood.. "Are you friends with Mike Kappas?"

"Yeah, we hang out sometimes," I said, wondering how much he actually knew about Mike and I. "Do you know him?"

"Yep," he said. "What are you doing right now?"

"I just got a new I-tunes card," I said. "I'm going look for something to download and play Skyrim"

"Elder Scrolls?" he asked with a smile, and I nodded as we continued to walk.

"I've been bugging my dad to let me get that, but he's being a total dick," he said a little forlornly.

"I got it off of Steam," I told him. "You want to play it at my place?"

"Sure," he said. "Will your folks care?"

"They aren't there," I said. "My mom doesn't get home until almost six, and my dad gets home after her."

As we walked to my house, I let him walk ahead of me while I snacked on my food, watching his butt as it moved inside of his jeans. He was bundled up tightly in a New York Giants parka, and he actually looked a little hot. I'd worn a blue Duke University hoodie over my tee, but I didn't have the hood on over my head. I didn't think it was that cold outside, but apparently Jason, or Jason's parents, thought it was cold enough for him to dress warm.

I offered to share my nachos with him, but he declined, instead reaching into his coat pocket and removing a new tin of Ice Breakers mints. He removed the plastic tamper proof seal and stuffed it into his front pocket, then he removed a mint and popped it into his mouth. As we walked across my front yard, I reached into my front pocket and pulled out my house key as I stepped in front of Jason to slide it into the deadbolt.

When we got inside, we walked straight upstairs to my room and got online. I logged in and gave Jason my 360 Headset, then I excused myself so I could run down the hall and pee and check myself out in the mirror. When I made it back to my room, he was talking shit to someone else with an intense look on his face. I watched his facial expressions change from serious to thoughtful to happy, then I let my gaze fall to his crotch. He didn't look hard, but it was hard to tell because I didn't know what he was packing down there. He looked over and gave me a nervous smile when he saw me checking him out, and I shyly looked away at the same time he turned his attention back to the game. Twenty minutes later, he was done playing and we were looking for songs to download off of I-tunes.

"My dad makes me get my music off of Amazon," he said. "It's okay, though. I just don't have an Ipod."

"What do you use, your phone?" I asked, and he nodded. He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out an Android, holding it out for me to see. My mom, dad and I all have Iphones, but only because my mom is the manager of an Apple Store and gets our phones for free. I could have asked her to buy a new I-tunes card, too, but I didn't want to wait for her to come home from work to get my music.

As I was looking over Jason's phone, I looked up at him and we made eye contact. I smiled at him, and he grinned back, then he looked away again as he choked on his next words.

"Can I ask you something?" he practically stuttered. I nodded. "Is it true what they say at school?"

"What who says?" I asked with an even tone, causing him to draw in deeply before he released and answered my question.

"Everyone," he said.

"What do they say?" I asked, smiling knowingly at him.

"That you suck dicks at school," he admitted, and I nodded as butterflies swirled around in my stomach. "How come you do that?"

"I just like it," I told him, feeling the butterflies starting to go away.

"Are you... are you gay?" he asked, and I nodded again. "Is it true you'll suck anyone's dick?"

"No, not anyone's," I said with a small grin. "I have to think the guy's cute."

"Oh," he said, sounding deflated, as if he'd just been shot down.

"Do you want me to suck yours?" I offered, feeling a thrill run through me. He looked down at his feet, so I reached out and put my hand on his thigh. "I will."

"You will?" he asked, prompting me to nod. "Oh, okay. What do we do first?"

"This," I said, standing up and taking him by the hand, urging him to stand up with me so we could disrobe.

I lifted my head off of his shoulder and looked into his eyes, still seeing the uncertainty that resided there but anxious to wash it away with the goodness of an orgasm, hopefully more than one. I could tell that he was worried that I might kiss him, so I resisted the urge, instead dropping to my knees so I could unbutton his pants.

As my fingers worked his zipper down, I pressed my nose to the open fly and inhaled deeply, enjoying the strong smell of his crotch through his white underwear. I popped the button and pulled his pants down, leaving him standing there in only his cotton briefs. He looked so amazing, and I could tell that he was hard as a rock as I rubbed my cheek against his stiff organ, which was still contained within the confines of his briefs. I used my hand to cup his balls and massage them as he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, then I planted kisses on the insides of his thighs and used my other hand to urge him to spread his legs apart far enough for me to crawl between them. When he did, I got underneath him with my head, burying my face in his ball sack, then I licked all around the inside of his thighs again as I continued to explore his crotch.

When I reached the bottom of his butt crack, I inhaled deeply, taking in its pleasing scent. I used my hands to kneed his cheeks through his underwear, trying to coax more of the strong scent that they were emitting as I breathed deeply through my nose and mouth. I worked my hands up to the waistband and pulled my face out of his crack, grinning when I caught the site of a few faint, brown streaks in the seat of his otherwise white underwear. I planted my nose in his crack once more, inhaling deeply while I nuzzled my nose against the knitted cotton, causing a shudder to run through me. Finally, I eased them down, just below his buns so I could give him a rim job.

"I haven't taken a shower," he said, sounding almost panicked when I parted his cheeks and started to run my tongue up his sweaty crack.

"Mmm," I moaned out loud, inhaling deeply as my tongue continued to explore his stinky crevice. I zeroed in on his butt hole and went to work, knowing that he was no doubt feeling sensations that he'd never even dreamt of.

"Oh my god, it feels so good," he said, and I nodded, not sure if he could tell that I was agreeing with him or not.

"Press back with your hips," I told him, and he did. I used my fingertips to rub his stinky chute, then I dug back in, eager to lap up all of the ass juice that he could flow. There was still a powerful aroma drifting up from his underwear, floating into my nostrils, and it was driving me insane. I felt like I could literally taste every one of his wonderful, spicy farts on the tip of my tongue, and perhaps even the flavor left behind by his last trip to the bathroom to poop. The sensations that were traveling through my body were intense, and even though I was being a pig, I was loving every minute of it.

I finally pulled my tongue away from his poop-chute when I felt it starting to cramp. I stayed on my knees and gripped his hips once more, urging him to turn around. When he did, I took sight of his thick, juicy dick and felt another shudder run up my spine. I slid his warm cock into my mouth and ran my tongue all around it as I grinned up at him naughtily. He looked down at me, meeting my eyes and smiling back, so I responded by fondling his smooth ball sack as I deep throated him. I used my throat muscles to massage his glans, and as I did, I started to feel breathless. I bobbed my head and worked his cock harder, causing him to blow his load down my throat. At the same time, I felt an intense burn in my groin and I moaned around his cock.

When I pulled off of him, I looked down at my own hard on, which was throbbing and bouncing around on its own, then I grinned up at him.

"Did you cum too?" he asked incredulously, and I nodded, basking in the afterglow of my dry orgasm.

"Did you like it?" I asked as he took a seat on my bed and fiddled with his underwear, which were rolled up on his legs.

"It was incredible," he said, sighing loudly. I laid down on my bed, then reached over and rubbed his chest while I rested my head on my pillow. He lifted his midsection and pulled his underwear the rest of the way up, then he got up and found the rest of his clothes.

"Can I see you again?' I asked as he got dressed, and he shrugged.

"I don't know," he said nonchalantly. "I don't want other people to know what we did today."

"I won't say anything," I said. "No one has to know."

"We'll see," he said, and I accepted his answer. I got up and put my underwear back on, then I walked with him downstairs, where he once again donned his parka before he walked out the door.

When Jason left, I went upstairs to retrieve my phone and look for a text from either Mike or Jimmy. As my luck would have it, neither of them could come over that day. Mike had to go to a doctor's appointment, and Jimmy's mom took two days off of work and wanted to spend the day with him. When I didn't see a text from either of them, I checked their Facebook status's. Jimmy had checked in on Foursquare at some Ice Rink two towns over, and there was nothing from Mike.

I wound up putting my shirt back on, but decided to lay around the house in my underwear until I decided what I wanted to do for the rest of the day. I went back downstairs and took the recliner, turning the TV on as I rested my body, still feeling a little exhausted from my mini-romp with Jason. I could still smell his stinky butt cheeks on my lips, and when I ran my tongue over them, I could taste it as well. I closed my eyes and imagined that he was still there with me, sliding his thick boner into my rear end, giving me a long, hard fucking. I smiled and took a deep breath, then I felt someone shaking me awake and a familiar voice call out my name.

"Hey Kyle," my dad said, causing me to open my eyes. I was a little startled at his presence because he was never home before my mom. I looked at the clock over the fireplace and saw that it was only 2:30.

"Hi dad," I said, straightening up in the recliner.

"Are you alright, buddy?" he asked, a note of concern in his voice.

"Yeah, I think I just fell asleep," I told him as I indulged in a long stretch.

"Did you eat anything today?" he asked, taking a seat on the arm of the recliner and running his hand through hair, brushing my bangs out of my eyes.

"I went to 7-11 and got some nachos earlier," I answered him.

"What happened to your pants, pal?" was his next question, and I froze for fleeting moment, but quickly rebounded with a good answer.

"I took them off when I was going to the bathroom," I said with a smile.

"Well, why don't you go find them and get dressed, and we'll go pick mom up from work early. We're going out for dinner tonight." With that, he kissed the top of my head and got up, picking his briefcase up off of the floor and heading toward his study.

I got up and did what I was told, heading up to my room, where I surveyed the scene of the crime. My bed was in a state of wreck, but that was because I didn't make it when I woke up. I never did, though, so that was no problem. Once I got my pants, socks and shoes back on, I went down the hall to my bathroom so I could wash my face and hands, wondering to myself if my dad could smell Jason's stink on my face.

I'd had close calls before, mainly with my mom. One time over the summer I had Jimmy in my room, and I'd dined on his delicious rear end over and over after he'd serviced my ass with his cock. I was feeling extra randy that day, and wanted him to give it to me up the butt as many times as he could. Every time I took a load in the ass, I'd spend a good twenty minutes feasting on his poop-chute so I could bring him back around.

By the time we were finished, I'd taken it up the butt four times, and eaten him out at least as many times. He left while I was still in my room, basking in the afterglow of our lovemaking. At some point, I got up and slid my undies on to walk down the hall so I could pee, and I carelessly let all of the cum slide out of my butt and into the seat of my underwear while I was peeing. I even giggled when it happened, then I felt a bubble in my crack when I let out a cummy fart.

I started to walk back down the hall to my room when I found myself face to face with my mom, who had just reached the top of the stairs. Right away, I knew, she could smell Jimmy's poop-chute on me, as well as my own well fucked pooper. I tried to walk past her, but she confronted me right away.

"Sweetie did you have an accident?"

I didn't know what else to say, so I looked up at her and nodded.

"I was going to my room to get some clean undies," I fibbed.

"Were you on the computer?" she asked.

"I was earlier," I said. "I'm going to take a shower."

Luckily, that was pretty much the end of it, aside from a gentle reminder not to get so involved in my gaming activities that I forget to go to the bathroom and her telling my dad what happened when he got home. I took my cummy drawers downstairs and dropped them into the washing machine when I got out of the shower, and I swore to myself that I'd always be careful after that.

When I rejoined my dad downstairs, he handed me my hoodie and I slid it over my head as we walked out the door.

"Are you hungry, kiddo?" he asked, and I shrugged.

"Kinda, but I forgot that I had something else to eat after I had my nachos."