Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 40

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Basking in the afterglow of our sex, I let Jimmy hold me tight as we settled into a comfortable embrace. I'd just experienced a mind blowing climax, brought about by Jimmy's constant thrusting in and out of my boy cunt, as well as the sharp, spicy scent and taste of the dog poop that had been smeared on my hands. I could still taste it on my tongue and was still picking up the stinky aroma as I inhaled through my nostrils, adding to my contented state of being as Jimmy wrapped me in his arms and rubbed my back.

I love you, Kyle,” he said softly, prompting me to sigh and rest my head on his chest.

I love you too, baby,” I lisped, then I felt him plant a kiss on the top of my head.

Did I service your pussy good enough?” he asked, and I nodded with a dreamy smile.

You always service my pussy really good, Jimmy,” I said daintily. “Even when we do it with other boys, I love being with you the most.”

I love being with you the most, too, sugar,” he told me, making my heart skip a beat. “Even though I love having my pussy serviced, I'd rather service your pussy for you instead so that we can be together.”

I'm glad we get our pussies serviced together when we're with other boys,” I told him. “Do you still want Mike and Matt to go to Nathan's with us later?”

Yes,” he practically hissed. “Kyle?”

Yeah?” I answered.

Do you think daddy will service our pussies if Mike and Matt spend the night tonight?”

Yes,” I said with a confident lisp. “All we have to do is say that we're going to their room to talk to them, and he'll do it for us. Plus, if we're home when he gets home, he'll service our pussies right away.”

Good,” he said, letting out a sigh of relief. “I really want him to do it with us again.”

So do I,” I agreed. “Who do you think is cuter? Nathan, Kevin, Ethan, Steve, Matt or Mike?”

It's hard to pick,” Jimmy sighed. “I think Matt and Mike are tied, because I'm in love with them. But there's someone else I think is even cuter.”

Who?” I asked, and he responded by batting his eyes at me with a dreamy smile.

You,” he declared. “Nobody is as cute as you are, Kyle. I love you the most and I think you're the sexiest and cutest boy ever.”

I love you too, baby,” I gushed, my lisp more powerful than ever. “And I think you're the cutest boy I've ever seen in my life, and I wish that you lived with me so we never have to be away from each other.”

With that, we melted into another passionate kiss as the rich, succulent scent of dog poop continued to drift into our nostrils. At some point, Jimmy and I began to suck on each others' fingers and lick the remaining brown smears from each others' palms, which brought out more loud moans from both of us until our lips parted and we smiled lovingly at each other.

Do you think Buck has to go again?” I asked, by now feeling almost desperate to sample a stinky pile of hot poop from Jimmy's dog.

He will if we feed him again,” Jimmy assured me, then he planted another kiss on my lips. “Let's go feed him.”

We got up and donned our panties and jeans, then we hurried out to the kitchen where Jimmy retrieved another can of Science Diet. Just like clockwork, Buck followed closely behind us, almost as if he knew that Jimmy was going to feed him. When he saw Jimmy peel the top of the can off, he excitedly trotted over to his bowl and panted while my boyfriend let the cylinder of dog food slide out of the can and into the bowl.

Almost as soon as the food hit the bottom of the bowl, Buck devoured his meal as if it were nothing. When his bowl was empty, he took several laps of water from his dish while Jimmy petted him affectionately. While he was still drinking from his dish, he heard Jimmy say the words that prompted him to go wait by the back door.

Are you ready to go poop, boy?”

As soon as we let him out, Buck ran out onto the lawn and over to the fence, where he lifted his leg and peed on one of the boards, then he sniffed around the grass, looking for the perfect spot to poop. Jimmy and I followed him closely, holding hands the entire time. He finally settled on a spot that was less than a foot from the pile that Jimmy and I smeared with our hands minutes earlier. We got behind him on our knees and watched with hard grins as he squatted and got comfortable. Jimmy gave me a very cute smile, then he put his hand on the ground underneath his dog's expanding butt hole.

Both of our noses were working hard as the first piece started to emerge, and I found myself wanting to mimic the actions of my boyfriend, so I let my left hand join his underneath the Pitt Bull. Seconds later, we were treated to the sensation of having the palms of our hands completely covered by a massive pile of hot, stinky dog poop. Jimmy and I both gave the mass of turds a couple of firm squeezes, then I moaned and rolled my hips around in an uncontrollable frenzy. Jimmy cupped the back of my head with his right hand and kissed me while Buck continued to poop for us.

When we pulled our hands out of the steaming pile, Buck was still perched on his hind quarters, pushing out his massive, delicious smelling pile of hot poop directly in front of us. Jimmy and I were now kissing passionately, moaning uncontrollably and taking turns slipping our poop covered fingers between our lips so that we could start to enjoy the flavor we were both craving so badly. The rich, spicy scent of his fresh, steamy poop load was heavenly as it flowed into my nostrils, causing my already juicing boy pussy to burn with pleasure even though there was no cock filling it. I could feel a constant throb of pleasure running up my back and down the back of my legs, driving my urge to suck hard on our fingers as our tongues danced around them.

I felt Jimmy lean to his right, then he corrected and brought his hand up to our lips, prompting me to pull my fingers out of our kiss. As soon as I did this, we let our tongues disengage long enough for him to slip his palm between our faces, and once again, I was treated to the luscious aroma of fresh dog poop. He used his left hand, which was still cupping the back of my head, to pull me back into a kiss, then I felt the intense heat of a moist turd at my lips and an incredible burst of flavor on my tongue as he slipped three of Buck's soft poop logs between our kissing mouths.

Mmm,” I moaned as soon as I realized that my tongue was pushing into an actual pile of dog poop. The heat, taste and texture was everything I had imagined, and more, coating my tongue so perfectly that I found myself in the midst of a very powerful orgasm. My head was spinning out of control as my hairless little boner twitched and my pussy contracted over and over on its own, juicing so hard that I could feel the seat of my panties moisten. I felt so out of control with passion that I instinctively opened wide and took a huge bite out of the steaming pile of delicious turds, breaking my kiss with Jimmy in the process. I let out another horny moan, this time around a stinky mouthful of hot dog poop that I was enjoying, then I watched with bated breath as Jimmy crammed the remainder of the hot turds into his mouth, causing him to cream his pants hard.

We both opened wide and showed off the impressive mounds of poop that we were each enjoying, then we chewed and swallowed with naughty grins. When my mouth was empty, I melted into Jimmy's arms, curling my legs in his lap and resting my head on his shoulder. I watched him chew and swallow his stinky mouthful, then I moaned joyously as he leaned back over to scoop up the remainder of Buck's fresh pile of turds, leaving a matted smear in the grass. I opened wide for him, allowing him to slip two long, warm pieces of poop into my mouth with a loving smile. They were so soft that they easily smashed against my cheeks and the roof of my mouth, conforming to the dimensions of every empty space. I moaned hotly when I felt the intense heat that was rolling off of them pour into my nasal cavity and down my windpipe. As soon as I accepted both turds, Jimmy smiled at me, then he parted his lips and treated himself to the other two pieces. He held me tight as we chewed up our treat and swallowed, then we worked together to lick our hands clean. When there was no more poop in the palm of our hands, we kissed deeply, still basking in the afterglow of our horny experience as we tasted and smelled the evidence of our act.

Did you like it?” he asked me, and I nodded silently, trying to recover from my intense climax. “I liked it too.”

Do you think we'll do it again, baby?” I asked in a girly tone, and he nodded.

I want to show my mom the next time I do it,” he told me. “I want her to see me eating dog poop.”

How come?” I lisped curiously, and he shrugged.

I don't know why,” he admitted. “I just feel like doing it. Just like when she sees me poop my pants and when I ate my poop last night in front of her. I wanted her to see me do it really bad.”

I like it when my mom and dad see me eating poop, too,” I told him. “It makes me feel sexy when they see me eat poop and drink pee.”

I won't tell my mom that you eat poop,” he assured me. “I'll only tell her about me.”

Are we going to eat dog poop every day now?” I asked with a lisp, and he shrugged again.

I don't know if we will or not,” he told me. “Maybe we can do it when we really want to, like a special treat, and the rest of the time, we'll just eat poop from cute guys.”

Okay,” I sighed, finding myself in agreement with him that eating a hot, stinky pile of dog poop should be a rare treat that we enjoy once in a while. “I'm glad we did it, baby.”

Me too, Sugar,” he told me, planting another long kiss on my lips as Buck playfully trotted around the yard. “Will it be our secret from other boys?”

Yes,” I lisped. We won't share with anyone else.”

I was grinning hard as Ethan lowered his sweaty rump over my opened mouth, causing his cheeks to part on their own. As he settled his butt on my face, my nose was resting in his crack, just above his tight, wrinkly hole, which was emitting a powerful heat and sharp odor that caused my little boner to strain hard against my pubic bone. I inhaled deeply and let go of a loud moan, then I reached up and caressed his smooth butt cheeks with my right hand, wanting him to know how much I enjoyed having my nose in his crack and my mouth around his stinky poop chute. I felt his thighs stiffen slightly, then I watched his hole start to expand, prompting me to form a nice, tight seal around the diameter of his opening. A split second later, I heard the squelch of a juicy fart as my mouth filled up instantly with a hot, stinky pile of turds.

Mmm,” I moaned as I used my tongue to smash the tasty treat in my mouth. Ethan lifted his rump a little and grinned down at me, so I opened up to show him my delightfully stinky mouthful, then I carried on with the task of swallowing the load so that he could feed me another. As he lowered his rear end over my face, I used my little hands to part his cheeks, allowing me to run my tongue up the length of his sweaty crack and lap away all of the poop smears that I could find. Once again, I felt Ethan's thighs stiffen, then he let loose with another soft pile of poop logs that filled my slutty mouth to capacity as I moaned sissily.

To my right, Jimmy was being treated to the first of many long, thick turds to emerge from Nathan's rear end that afternoon. His moans were growing progressively louder, each one of them emanating from his primal need to be fed hot poop from the rear end of any cute boy that was willing. His hunger was now insatiable, just like mine, and I wondered to myself if either of us would ever get enough in a day to keep us satisfied. I was looking forward to the start of school in January, knowing that Jimmy and I would be treated to a buffet of hot, stinky turds from the rear ends of as many boys as we could handle.

As luck would have it, we'd just showered and left Jimmy's house on our bikes when Nathan texted me. We were still very horny, and had been talking about the possibility of visiting either the park restroom or the back of the 7-11 in search of more dicks to service. Nathan sent me a text asking if Jimmy and I wanted to come over so that he and Ethan could feed us from their rear ends, then screw another load into our bottoms, and we rode straight to my house, where we put our bikes in my garage and brushed our teeth so that we could be kissed.

Five minutes after we left my house, my high traffic rear end was swinging from side to side as we hastily led the way down the hall to Nathan's room. When we got there, we spotted a still naked Steve sleeping peacefully in the bed next to an equally nude Kevin. His knees were tucked underneath his midsection and his well serviced little boy butt was sticking up invitingly in the air. He had a very contented smile on his face, and his bottom was in the perfect position for someone with the inclination to mount it from the back and dump a hot load of cum.

Jimmy and I quickly stripped down to nothing, then we let our feeders decide how they wanted to proceed. Nathan told Ethan about our first time together, how I laid flat on my back and let him squat over my face, and it was quickly agreed upon by all four of us that we wanted to do that again. So, with Jimmy and Nathan making googly eyes at each other and sharing sweet kisses, I decided that I wanted to experience the joy of eating another hot load from Ethan's bowels.

Just like the previous two times, Ethan's poop was heavenly. The stink was incredibly sharp, and I could taste exactly what I was smelling. It had a very soft body, but there were some firm portions that rested in the warm piles he was depositing in my mouth. I could tell that he was trying to poop extra hard in my mouth, but I was having no problem accommodating his deposits. Still, I wanted to show my appreciation for his thoughtfulness, so I gave his sweaty cheeks another soft caress and moaned sissily each time he fed me. With every mouthful, I could feel my pleasure building and I knew that I needed to have my horny rear end serviced by the blonde Adonis that was feeding me my brown meal.

For his part, Nathan was sending turd after crackling turd down his chute into Jimmy's welcoming mouth, causing my boyfriend to shoot little boy spunk all over his hairless groin and his flat tummy.

More, please,” I heard Jimmy request sweetly when he experienced a slight delay between mouthfuls, prompting Nathan to strain loudly and send another massive poop log down his rectum and into my boyfriend's mouth.

When both of our feeders were empty, we crawled into the tub and let them pee into our opened mouths and down our throats, allowing us to wash down our moist, stinky meal with their yellow love potion. When their bladders were empty, Jimmy and I stayed on our knees and shared a deep kiss while Ethan got into the tub and turned the water on. Moments later, Nathan got in too, and Jimmy and I found ourselves at opposite ends of the tub, bent over with our plump rear ends up in the air, accepting long strokes of hard cock from behind We were both moaning sissily as Nathan hammered Jimmy's boy pussy and Ethan fucked me silly with his massive tool. Ten minutes later, we were each treated to a butt load of warm cum to savor along with the hot poop loads we had in our tummies.

When Nathan and Ethan turned the water off and got out, Jimmy and I shared another deep kiss that eventually led us to 69 on the floor of the tub, eating each others' pussies deeply while we both moaned loudly. While we were both caught up in the passion of the moment, we hadn't noticed that Steve and Kevin were awake until they unleashed their pee loads all over us, causing us to separate and smile at them with our slutty mouths side opened, eager to swallow as much pee as we could.

When their bladders were empty, we let them shake off on our tongues, then Kevin climbed into the tub and hung his rear end out over my face. I inhaled deeply and moaned as his cheeks parted on their own, prompting me to scramble to my feet so that I could bury my face between them. Almost as soon as I formed a seal around his chute with my lips, he blew two hot farts into my mouth, then I felt the head of a firm turd starting to emerge from his pooper. As it glided between my lips and into my watering mouth, I moaned involuntarily and rolled my rear end around. I could feel it hit the back of my mouth, then it curved and started to conform to the shape of my gums. Then, much to my delight, it curved once more, causing it to coil tightly as he continued to push it out. When it finally broke off, I had a very curly piece of boy poop resting in my mouth and a nice, moist tip protruding from my lips. I pulled my face away and grinned at everyone in the room as I showed off my stinky treasure, then I used my tongue to smash the tasty treat.

While I was indulging in the long, hot turd that Kevin pushed into my mouth, Jimmy got into position, eager to swallow another hot turd, this time from a different rear end. I heard the crackle of a moist turd filling his mouth, then I heard a loud fart erupt from outside the tub, causing me to divert my attention away from my boyfriend and his feeder. What I saw was Steve sitting on the closed lid of the toilet, extending his neck far enough to bury his face in his brother's stinky cheeks. He was moaning loudly while Ethan ground his rear end against his face in a circular motion and blew hot farts into his mouth.

Is that good, little buddy?” I heard Nathan ask, and Steve answered by nodding his head and moaning even louder. I saw Ethan's thighs stiffen once more, then I heard Steve give off a cry of joy as a hot, gassy sounding fart vibrated against his lips.

As Steve was being treated to his brother's hot farts, Jimmy was accepting the last of Kevin's luscious poop load. His hairless boy cock was twitching wildly, having heaved out the last of his little boy spunk while dining on Nathan's lip smacking turds. When Kevin was out of boy poop, Jimmy simply stayed where he was and licked his crack clean, then he dined at Kevin's back door for another couple of minutes until his tongue could no longer keep up due to fatigue.

At that point, Jimmy's horny rear end was so moist with ass juice that he couldn't resist the urge to bend over and let Kevin slide his boner deep inside of him. While Kevin was fucking Jimmy to another frantic climax, Ethan had his little brother bent over the toilet, holding his hips tight while he fucked another load out of him. Not wanting to be the odd girl out, I felt desperate to suck any dick that I could wrap my lips around. I reached out for Nathan's cock, guiding it to my mouth so that I could feel him fuck my throat hard. Minutes later, I was moaning sissily as Nathan unloaded his ball juice in my mouth. I swallowed it all without losing a drop, then I heard Kevin let go of a groan as he filled Jimmy's rear end with a hot load of cum. When he pulled out, I sucked his dick clean, swallowing it whole so that I could be treated to another throat fuck. A few minutes later he came in my mouth and I sighed appreciatively, then I ate the cum that was drooling from Jimmy's back door until I heard the familiar sounds of Ethan squirting into Steve's eager rear end. As soon as he pulled out of his brother, I was out of the tub and on his cock like a true pussy boy, wanting to service him right by cleaning every drop of cum and ass juice I could find while everyone else watched. Much to my delight, he came back to life in my mouth, so I used the muscles on my throat to encourage him to drive in and out while I moaned like a little girl. In the tub, Jimmy was once again dining at Kevin's back door. I heard the shower start, then I heard the slapping sounds of more butt fucking as I continued to moan hotly around Ethan's dick. Midway through my throat fuck, I experienced the joy of an intense anal orgasm that carried on until I felt his cock swell in my cum tube. Moments later, I was swallowing yet another mouthful of warm cum, gulping it down furiously like the little cum slut that I am.