Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 41

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Daddy!” I exclaimed when I saw his car in the garage We had just come from Nathan's house, our tummies filled with poop and our pussies filled with cum, and I figured that with a few hours before either of my parents were due to be home, Jimmy and I would find a way to keep ourselves busy in my room. But as we got closer to my yard, I noticed that the garage door was wide opened, prompting me to investigate. I wondered if maybe my mom hadn't come home early, but was pleasantly surprised to see my dad's car sitting there instead.

Jimmy and I both ran inside excitedly to find him, and were greeted by silence, then the sound of the shower starting upstairs. I grinned at him, then I grabbed his hand and practically yanked him up the stairs to my bathroom. I could hear my dad washing his hair through the wall, the unmistakable sound of soap being rinsed out of his hair and water being forced out onto the floor of the tub with his fingers carrying into my ears. Jimmy and I brushed our teeth and rinsed with mouthwash, then we stripped and ran down the hall to his room, where the steam of the his shower was pouring through the open bathroom door.

My hairless little cocklet was sticking straight up when I pulled the curtain back and started to climb in, and I noticed that Jimmy's was in the same shape, pressed tight against his pubic bone. My dad grinned down at us but made no move to stop washing his body, which looked beautiful as the rich lather he was creating rinsed away under the shower head.

Without a word, I reached out and took the soap from him, rubbing it between my hands and creating a rich lather of my own. When I was confident that I had enough soap on my hands, I wrapped them around his hose and began to stroke it to life while Jimmy grinned shyly at us.

That feels so good, baby,” my dad said, drawing in a sharp breath through his teeth. I grinned up at him naughtily and continued to stroke his stiffening cock, taking pleasure in feeling its veiny length glide between my hands. When it was at full mast, I licked my lips while I stroked, knowing that he was experiencing wondrous feelings from the hand job we were both enjoying.

Finally, I saw his toes curl and he took another deep breath, then he gently placed his hands over mine and pulled them away, taking the soap from me at the same time. I was about to bend over for him, but he surprised me by using the soap to wash me from head to toe, then he motioned Jimmy over and did the same for him. When we were both clean, he rinsed us off and kissed our foreheads, then he turned the water off and pulled the curtain back while Jimmy and I stood by questioningly.

Do you want to join daddy in his room?” he asked, prompting Jimmy and I to grin at each other, then we got out and let him dry us both off. Both of our boy cocks were straining painfully as he ran the towel all over our legs, arms, torso, head and backs, then he very gently knelt down and held his arms out for us.

Daddy missed you both today,” he said lovingly as we melted into his embrace. “Have you been having fun today?”

Yes daddy,” I lisped sissily as he wrapped his arms around our thighs and effortlessly lifted us up into his arms. “We had a lot of fun already, but we've been waiting for you to come home.”

Tell daddy what you did today,” he told us, then I felt his arm slide far enough so that he was supporting my weight with his hand, which he used to grope my horny bottom. “Did you service a lot of cocks today?”

Uh huh,” Jimmy said sweetly, grinding his needy little boy butt against my dad's hand. “We were good little cock hounds, just like you told us to be.”

Would you like to have daddy's finger in your pussy?” my dad asked him, and he nodded. With that, I felt my dad's middle fingers slip into my crack, then it burrowed into my hungry hole, sending a sharp tingle up my spine. At the same time, I saw Jimmy sigh and rest his head on my dad's shoulder, and I knew that he had a finger buried deep inside of him too.

Why don't you tell me all about if while you take turns giving daddy a blow job?” he suggested as we made our way into the bedroom, eliciting a moan from both of us. “I can tell you've both been very busy back there. There's a lot of cum inside both of you.”

Without setting us down or pulling his fingers out of our yearning boy pussies, he sat down on the bed and positioned us so that he was laying flat with his head on a pillow, Jimmy and I clinging to his chest with his fully engorged cock within reach right between us. We both licked our lips, but I let Jimmy go first, wanting to be a good girl for him. Besides, I got to suck three dicks in a row at Nathan's house, swallowing my last mouthful of warm cum just 10 minutes prior to climbing into the shower with my dad. I knew how badly he wanted to wrap his lips around a juicy dick, and I knew that he was especially craving the monster that dangles between my dad's legs.

Without hesitation, Jimmy leaned forward and kissed the end of my dad's cock, which was now flowing precum like crazy. I watched him press his lips to it, then he slipped his mouth over the head, causing his lips to stretch. He let out a very satisfied moan, then he started to bob his head up and down, taking a little more each time until he had it buried in his throat. I reached out and ran my fingers through his hair, prompting him to smile dreamily at my dad and I, then he closed his eyes and worked his throat muscles around my dad's shaft.

It looks like Jimmy's a very happy boy right now,” my dad observed, and I nodded with a contented sigh.

He really wanted to give you head,” I lisped. “I gave head three times right before we came home, and I know that Jimmy really wanted to swallow some cum, too.”

How many dicks have you sucked today, princess?” he asked, and I had to stop and think about it.

Nine different dicks,”I confessed, then I felt him slip a second finger into my pussy, causing me to moan sissily.

Did you ride all of those cock's, too?” he asked, and I nodded.

I've been taking it up the butt all day, daddy,” I admitted.

Who did you service when daddy went to work?' he asked, and I smiled at Jimmy.

I took Jimmy upstairs and gave him head and took it up the butt from him,” I lisped. “Then we went to Nathan's house and got laid by everyone there.”

Oh yeah?” he said approvingly. “Tell me everything that you did at Nathan's house.”

Me and Jimmy were sucking dick and taking it up the butt at the same time,” I told him, then I felt him zero in on my sweet spot. “But I was really horny, and I did something really naughty.”

Tell daddy what that is, princess,” he said breathlessly, adding more pressure to his furious finger fucking.

I sucked two dicks at the same time that I was taking it in the butt,” I started. “And while I was doing that, I jacked off two more dicks. I wanted to be a good girl, so I serviced all five cocks together until I took them all up the butt, and I sucked them all and jacked them all off.”

It sounds like you were feeling very cock hungry, princess,” he observed, and I nodded my head furiously. “I still am, daddy.”

Did you eat or drink anything while you were there?” he asked knowingly, and once again, I nodded.

This morning me and Jimmy ate poop from Nathan, Ethan and Steve,” I reported. “We drank everyone's pee, too.”

Just this morning?” he asked knowingly, and I shook my head no, causing him to draw in a sharp breath through his teeth, then he spoke to Jimmy. “Hey buddy, how about trading places with Kyle? I want to hear about your morning, too.”

Jimmy gave off another sensual moan, then he very slowly withdrew my dad's dick from his mouth. I watched as his deep red lips ran along the length, the look on his face still very dreamy. He slurped the end, then he ran his tongue all over it, wanting to swallow as much precum as he could before pointing it in my direction. With a very happy grin, I wrapped my lips around it and took him all the way to the back of my throat, eager to be fucked there once again.

Did you have fun this morning, baby?” I heard my dad ask Jimmy, but I didn't hear him answer so I turned my head so that I could see him nodding. “How was daddy's dick?”

I loved it, daddy,” Jimmy sighed dreamily. “I want to suck it again.”

You'll get another turn, baby,” he said lovingly, running his fingers through Jimmy's light brown bangs. “Tell daddy what you did when you left Nathan's house.”

We came here and saw Matt and Mike,” Jimmy said, another dreamy sigh escaping his lips as he rested his head on my dad's stomach.

Tell me everything you did with them, buddy,” my dad encouraged him as I ran the length of his hard shaft back and forth in my cum tube, enjoying the sensation of every vein as they tore along my clit, leaving me breathless.

First we kissed them and let them grab our butts,” Jimmy reported. “Then we took them to Kyle's room and I gave Mike some pussy while Kyle gave Matt head. Then Kyle gave Matt some pussy while I sucked Mike's dick.”

It sounds like the four of you had fun,” my dad said, and I heard Jimmy sigh again as I nodded in the affirmative.

We always have fun when we're with Matt and Mike,” he confessed. “They're our boyfriends.”

That's very sexy, Jimmy,” my dad said, smiling down at me as well. “How long have you two been dating them?”

Ever since they spent the night after Christmas,” he said. “Me and Kyle fell in love with them and they fell in love with us, too.”

Do you guys share with each other, or do you only date Mike?” my dad asked curiously, prompting me to let out a moan as I felt my pussy juice hard around his probing digits.

We share,” Jimmy said. “They both service our pussies and let us suck their dicks.”

I see,” my dad said knowingly. “Do they do anything else that you like?”

Yes,” Jimmy said shyly. “They feed us their pee and poop.”

I can tell that you really enjoy that,” my dad said in a gentle tone, and I nodded in agreement with another horny moan. “Did they feed you today?”

Jimmy and I both nodded at the same time, prompting my dad to smile at the two of us and continue.

Tell me how much they fed you, buddy?”

They fed us a lot,” Jimmy sighed. “They were both saving all of their poop since the last time they saw us, and they had to go bad. Me and Kyle both ate Matt's poop, and Kyle ate all of Mike's poop. Then they peed in our mouths and on our heads.”

It sounds like Kyle was really craving it bad,” my dad said, and I nodded my head in agreement as I accepted another inward stroke down my cum tube.

He was,” Jimmy said. “We both were. We've been hungry for poop all day.”

I see,” my dad said with a warm smile, gazing down approvingly at the two of us. “Did they go home after that?”

No daddy,” Jimmy said with a sweet smile. “We took a shower, then me and Kyle brushed our teeth really good and Mike and Matt tested by kissing us. Then we took them back to Kyle's room and gave them both some more pussy.”

How many more times did you take their cocks?” my dad asked, and I held up two fingers as Jimmy was answering.

Me and Kyle took turns giving them both more pussy,” he reported. “We both wanted to take it up the butt from them again, so Kyle gave his pussy to Mike and I gave my pussy to Matt. Then we gave them head and they got hard, then we traded and I gave Mike my pussy again and Kyle gave his pussy to Matt.”

It sounds like your hot little bottoms were busy this morning,” my dad observed, and I once again nodded. “What time did your two little boyfriends go home?”

They left at noon,” Jimmy said. “So me and Kyle put our panties back on and went to my house.”

I see,” my dad said. “Kyle, princess, why don't you let Jimmy take over on daddy's cock so you can tell me more?”

I moaned hotly around his cock, then I let it slide from the recesses of my cum tube, wrapping my lips tightly around the end with a naughty grin before slurping up a delicious combination of my saliva and my dad's precum, then I planted a sweet kiss on Jimmy's dick sucking lips as I passed the juicy cock back to him. As soon as he had his lips around it, he let go of a very feminine moan and rested his head on my dad's thigh, a very contented smile on his face. I rested my head back down on my dad's chest and let him blow air into my face, making my bangs flutter across my forehead.

Did you enjoy sucking daddy's dick, princess?” he asked, and I nodded happily. “That's good, baby. Did you service anymore cocks after your little lovers went home?”

Yes daddy,” I admitted with a very thick lisp. “We went to Jimmy's house and we had a visitor come over while we were in the backyard.”

What were you doing in the backyard, baby?” he asked lovingly, and I felt my cheeks heat up. I could tell from the look on his face that he knew I was up to something naughty. He smiled knowingly at me, then he gave me an expectant look.

We were playing with poop,” I lisped quietly.

Why would you be embarrassed to tell daddy that?” he asked, and I shrugged.”Is there more?”

I nodded slowly, then I felt him add more pressure to his finger fucking, prompting me to want to confess my newest dirty secret. I decided to proceed cautiously, just giving him the facts in the order that they happened.

It was dog poop,” I admitted, my lisp still very thick. “We were smelling it and looking at it, then Jimmy's dog started to bark.”

What did you want to do with dog poop?” he asked knowingly, and I smiled shyly.

Taste it,” I confessed. “But before we could, the meter man came and we put it down.”

I see,” my dad said, nodding his head with a neutral look. “What happened next?”

I was horny, and we wanted to do it with him, so we did,” I revealed. “He looked sexy, and I wanted to give him some pussy.”

I see, princess,” my dad said, his look of approval returning. “Did he want to have sex with you?”

Yes,” I lisped. “First I kissed him, then I played with his dick, then we both sucked on it until he was hard enough for me to take it in the butt.”

I see, and did Jimmy take it in the butt, too?” my dad asked knowingly, and we both nodded at the same time.

While I was taking it in the butt, Jimmy was eating his butt hole out,” I lisped. “Then, after he came in my pussy, I gave him head while Jimmy kept eating his stinky butt, then Jimmy got to take it up the butt, too. While Jimmy was taking it up the butt, I got to eat his pooper out.”

Wow, princess, it sounds like you two had a good time with him,” my dad observed, and I nodded in the affirmative.

We did,” I told him. “I wanted to eat more poop, but he didn't stay long enough, so I just licked his butt a lot. It was delicious.”

What did you two do after he left?” my dad asked, and I felt a strong surge of ass juice run along the walls of my boy cunt, coursing around his fingers and giving away our secrets.

We played with the dog poop again,” I lisped. “But it was too cold to eat, so we just made it mushy with our hands, then we rubbed it on our pants and went inside so I could give Jimmy some more pussy.”

You rubbed it on your pants?” my dad asked, and I nodded shamelessly.

I wanted to smell like dog poop,” I admitted. “It was making us feel so sexy. When Jimmy was servicing my pussy, I was sniffing my hands because I loved it.”

Is that all you did?” he asked, and I shook my head no.

I sucked my fingers, too,” I confessed. “It made me cum a lot of times when Jimmy was inside of me.”

So you got to taste it after all?” he asked knowingly, and I nodded, once again not feeling any shame. “Then what happened?”

Then we fed Buck again and went into the backyard,” I admitted, and I watched my dad draw in another sharp breath through his teeth as his toes curled.

Did he do what you two wanted him to do?” my dad asked passionately, and I answered with another nod. “Tell daddy everything that happened next, princess.”

He went poop, and me and Jimmy let him poop on our hands,” I said breathlessly, feeling another shiver of desire running through my body. “Then me and Jimmy started to kiss and mash the poop with our hands, then we smelled it and licked our fingers and hands. Then Jimmy picked more dog poop up and we kept kissing, but we kissed with dog poop around our tongues.”

Oh, shit,” I heard my dad gasp, adding even more pressure to his furious finger fucking as he tried to compose himself. There were goosebumps erupting all over his body, and I knew that he was on the edge.

It tasted so good, daddy,” I revealed, giving him a hungry look and rolling my hips around. “I always dreamed about eating dog poop, but I never got to do it. So when we were done kissing, me and Jimmy ate all of Buck's poop and we loved it.”

With that, he lost control and fired his load into Jimmy's sucking mouth. As he was blowing his load, Jimmy's untouched boy cock fired off several shots of cum onto the bedspread while I continued to moan and grind my horny bottom around in the air. Out of the blue, I felt my dad pull his digits from my pussy and grab my hips, then he guided my little body so that I was sitting on his face. He parted my cheeks and started eating my pussy deeply, bringing out loud moans of desire from me while I watched Jimmy gulp over and over, still taking all of the cum that my dad was firing out.

When he was finished cumming, Jimmy moaned loudly and smiled, leaving his lips wrapped tightly around my dad's shaft, as if it were his pacifier. My dad was still eating me deeply, and I could feel the ass juice coursing along the walls of my pussy as his tongue snaked up inside of me. I could feel jolts of pleasure running all over my body, originating in my burning boy cunt and spreading like wild fire as he continued to eat me with reckless abandon.

Two minutes later, I was on my back with my legs being pulled back by Jimmy, who was lowering his own horny pooper over my mouth. I reached out and parted his cheeks, then I let my tongue travel into his hot crack as the head of my dad's dick pushed through the entrance of my boy pussy. I let out a very long, passionate moan as he sank his cock all the way inside of me, letting me luxuriate in both the length and the girth as it tore along the lining of my cunt.

Give daddy a kiss,” I heard him command from above me, then I heard Jimmy squeal like a little girl into his mouth as I carried on with the task of eating his rear end out. As they kissed, my dad began to thrust in and out of me, bringing out even more feminine moans as my pussy hummed with pleasure. The head of his cock was hammering my clit just right, and I was in the midst of a powerful boygasm in no time at all. As my climax started to sweep me away, Jimmy started to push, allowing all of the cum loads that were inside of him to roll out, giving me even more pleasure. I swallowed every drop I could find, living out my truest desires as a cum slut until there was nothing flowing but grade A ass juice.

Five minutes later, Jimmy lifted his rump from my well used face and sat on his knees to the right of my head, then he eased his boy cock into my mouth. I instantly wrapped my lips around it and sucked like the true cock hound that I am while my dad continued to punish my clit with the head of his powerful cock. My climax hadn't waned, but only leveled off and continued its assault on my senses. I felt it intensify when Jimmy fired his boy spunk into my mouth, giving me more cum to swallow. This caused my already squeezing boy butt to start clamping down hard on my dad's thrusting cock, pulling the climax from his balls. I heard him groan loudly, then he fired his load deep inside of me, filling my pussy with a red hot load of cum that made me squeal sissily around Jimmy's still hard pecker.

When my dad pulled out of my boy cunt, Jimmy eased his cock out of my mouth, leaving me empty and desperate for more cock. My dad must have sensed my neediness, because he eased his dripping man cock into my mouth and let me suck it clean while he held my legs in the air. When it was nice and clean, he withdrew from my mouth and urged me to roll over. When I did, I heard him tell Jimmy, “Take care of your girlfriend's pussy, buddy. She needs to have it eaten after taking a big cock like mine.”

Okay, daddy,” I heard Jimmy say sweetly, then he pulled my hips up into the air and parted my cheeks. I felt his tongue lapping away at the lips of my pussy, then he started to eat me deeply while I moaned passionately. While Jimmy was eating my cum filled boy cunt, his hot to trot boy butt was sticking up in the air, in the perfect position for my dad to line up and sink his shaft deep inside of him. I heard Jimmy give off a loud, feminine moan, then he parted my cheeks once more and resumed the rim job he was treating me to. The room was filled with the feminine moans of Jimmy and I, as well as the smacking sound of my dad's crotch slamming in and out of Jimmy's upturned bottom.

Is that good, baby?” I heard my dad ask, and Jimmy and I both moaned in the affirmative at the exact same time. “My two little cock hounds. You two have been busy servicing cocks all day, haven't you?”

Yes daddy,” I lisped with a hard pant, my trembling pussy burning sweetly with the action it was getting from Jimmy's tongue. “We serviced more cocks after we ate dog poop.”

Tell daddy all about it, princess,” my dad instructed me, and I moaned hard before I continued.

After we were finished eating dog poop, me and Jimmy were still horny,” I confessed. “We were going to go to the park or to the store and look for someone else to meet, but Nathan text me and said him and Ethan had to go poop again.”

Oh, yeah?” my dad asked, and I moaned hotly, feeling the burn of another anal orgasm starting to swell deep inside of me. “Tell me more, pumpkin.”

We came home to get cleaned up again and brush our teeth,” I whimpered sissily. “When we got to Nathan's house, they had to poop bad, and I wanted it right away. So we went in the bathroom first and Ethan pooped for me and Nathan pooped for Jimmy.”

Did you boys like that?” he asked knowingly, and I nodded frantically with another feminine moan. Just then, I heard Jimmy moan uncontrollably and felt several hot shots of cum hitting the backs of my ankles.

I wanted more poop so bad, daddy,” I confessed. “I was so hungry for it. So was Jimmy, and we ate all of it, then we both ate Kevin's poop, too.”

That's very hot, baby,” my dad practically stuttered as he tried to compose himself while Jimmy's climaxing little boy butt squeezed his cock unmercifully. “Did you get plenty of cock when they were done feeding you?”

Once again, I moaned my answer, feeling my orgasm start to take me under.

Me and Jimmy both took it in the butt, daddy,” I moaned. “Then I sucked three dicks while Jimmy took it up the butt again.”

That was all I could stand. I felt every nerve ending in my little body catch fire as my boygasm erupted, sweeping over me like a tidal wave as I surged ass juice so hard into Jimmy's moaning mouth that I could hear him gulping audibly. For all of his swallowing, though, he was still intent on servicing his girl's pussy, because he never pulled his tongue away, and he continued to torture my boy cunt until my dad finally lost the battle, firing his own load deep inside of my boyfriend.

When Jimmy finally pulled his face out of my rear end, I heard my dad withdraw his dick with an audible pop. We were both on it like true pussy boys, licking and sucking it clean while he petted our heads lovingly. When we let it fall from our lips, he laid down with his head on the pillow, prompting us both to collapse in his arms while we recovered from our love making.

When I opened my eyes, my mom was laying beside us in the bed, rubbing my back soothingly and talking to my dad. She smiled when she spotted me, then she planted a kiss on my cheek. Jimmy was still fast asleep, and it was obvious that he was more pooped that I was.

Did daddy take care of your pussy?” my mom asked lovingly, and I nodded, my head still resting on his chest. I reached back between my cheeks and gave it a gentle caress, then I smiled at her and yawned. “Are you ready for mama to feed you, baby?”

I don't have to go poop yet, mommy,” I told her, and she nodded.

That's okay, baby,” she said softly. “Do you want some milk?”

Okay,” I smiled, then I lifted my tired head from my dad's chest and crawled into my mom's lap, getting into position as she lifted her blouse.

Did daddy tell you what I did today?” I asked, and she smiled lovingly down at me.

He did, baby,” she said. “Which part were you wondering about?”

That I ate dog poop today,” I lisped, and she nodded, still smiling warmly at me.

Did you like it, Kyle?” she asked, and I nodded with a contented sigh.

I loved it,” I told her with a happy smile.. “It was so hot and stinky, and I wanted more. I ate a lot of other poop, too. But I really wanted to eat dog poop, mama. I was hungry for it.”

I know, baby,” she cooed down at me with a maternal glow. “You're mommy's little poop lover, aren't you?”

Yes,” I lisped with a naughty grin. “I ate a lot of poo today, mommy. I'm still hungry for more.”

Well, when you're ready to poop, mommy will feed you, okay?” she said.

I wish there was some hot poop I could eat right now,” I lamented with a sigh, and she nuzzled her nose against mine.

Do you think you're going to get hungry for dog poop again?” she asked gently, and I nodded my answer with a warm smile. She leaned down and kissed me on the lips, then I watched while she removed her bra so she could offer me her left nipple. When it was out, I clamped onto it right away and began to suckle while she hummed quietly and rocked me back to sleep in her arms.

The next time I opened my eyes, I was in the living room, still being nursed by my mom, but my dad and Jimmy were sitting to our left. Jimmy was sitting still in my dad's lap, with a pair of white underwear on while my parents talked to him.

I bet Kyle's ready to poop, too, sweetie,” my mom told him, and I suddenly became aware that I did indeed have to go. I reached up and rested my hand on her shoulder, prompting everyone to look at me and smile. I smiled back, but made no move to disengage. My mom planted a loving kiss on my cheek, then she rocked me back and forth while I continued to nurse.

Are you ready to poop, buddy?” my dad asked, then he leaned over and planted a kiss on my forehead. Jimmy and my mom were watching, waiting for my reply, so I nodded around my mom's nursing breast, then I felt her use her fingers to make me disengage.

Do you want undies like Jimmy?” my mom asked, and I nodded, resting my head on her shoulder as I smiled at my boyfriend. Out of nowhere, my mom produced a clean pair of white underwear and pulled them open so that I could step into them. Without getting up from her lap, I let her slide my feet through the leg openings, then I placed the bottom of my feet against the couch so that I could lift my butt from her lap just far enough for her to slide them on.

As soon as they were up, she scooted me off of her lap and stood up while my dad got up with Jimmy snuggled tightly in his arms. I felt her reach down and grab me underneath my arms, so I let her pick me up, then she followed my dad up the stairs to my bathroom, where they both set us down and took a seat on the edge of the tub.

Without having to be told, I turned to face away from them, hanging my butt out their way so that they could see my nice, clean underwear, then I gave a nice, hard push, expelling several long turds into the seat of my underwear with a naughty smile. I could feel the hot, moist load in the seat of my undies, weighing them down in the back, so I hung my butt back out and pushed again, determined to finish as quickly as possible so that I could be fed from the stinky pile I was creating. There was a powerful stink rising up all around me, the luscious aroma of spicy diarrhea and drying pee carrying into my nostrils, giving me chills of delight.

When I was empty, I turned back around to face my mom, who wrapped me up in her arms and gave me a kiss on the cheek while I announced my deed to the room, even though everyone already knew what I'd done.

I pooped my pants,” I said with a naughty grin, then I looked at Jimmy with a sweet smile. I felt my mom pull the waistband of my underwear back so that she could examine the mess they contained, prompting Jimmy and my dad to lean in and look too.

Does that look good, sweetie?” my mom asked, and Jimmy nodded. “You don't have to wait, sugar. You can poop whenever you're ready.”

Can I wait until all of Kyle's poop is in our tummies?” he asked innocently, and my mom smiled warmly at him.

Of course you can, sugar,” she told him, then she reached down into my underwear and pulled out two very savory looking turds.

I instantly started to moan in anticipation of having a hot turd eased into my watering mouth, causing both her and my dad to plant kisses on my cheek. I smiled at the two of them, then I watched as my mom held the larger of the two turds under my nose so that I could take a nice, long whiff. The aroma was so intense, and there was a very delicious steam rolling off of it, prompting me to open wide and moan again. With a smile, my mom eased the entire turd into my mouth, giving me chills of delight as it smashed against the roof of my mouth while she continued to ease it in. As soon as the entire turd was in my mouth, I gave off another horny moan and hung my bottom back out, wanting everyone to know how much I was looking forward to another piece.

Do you see how bad he wants it?” my dad asked Jimmy, holding him close while I used my tongue to smash up my tasty treat and swallow. “He never gets enough to satisfy his craving.”

With that, my mom held the second turd under my nose, bringing out another loud moan as I continued to grind my pant load around in the air, feeling insatiable for more. My pussy was burning sweetly and I could feel my hard little cocklet straining so tightly that I thought it would break. I opened wide and displayed my empty mouth, then I pointed to it and whimpered as she turned it so that she could slide the tip between my deep red lips.

While I was accepting the second turd from my mom, I felt my dad pull the waistband of my underwear back and look inside with Jimmy. I started to chew and moan loudly, then I opened wide to show off my stinky mouthful to everyone before I swallowed. While I was swallowing, my mom reached back down into my undies and pulled out a very thick, very firm looking turd that made me moan even louder. I could tell that she wanted to feed it to Jimmy, but my moaning was giving her pause, and she brought it to my nose instead while she used her other hand to reach down into my undies for more.

I felt out of control with lust and hunger, sniffing the turd loudly and running my nose along its length while she simultaneously held another delicious looking poop log under Jimmy's sniffing nose. I heard Jimmy let out a moan of satisfaction, then he opened wide and let her ease the hot poop log into his mouth. As it was gliding through his lips, I saw it start to smash in his mouth, then I saw his body give several hard jerks and realized that he'd just creamed his underwear. This got me even hotter, and without thinking twice, I wrapped my lips around the massive turd that my mom was holding under my nose, prompting her to push it in all the way as I moaned sissily.

I once again opened wide to display the tasty poop load I was enjoying, then I moaned loudly and started to chew as my boy pussy continued to burn sweetly with pleasure. I knew that I was on the verge of my own delicious climax; the train had left the station and there was no turning back. I started to swallow, feeling the thick mass of poop moving down my throat, catching my clit just right and triggering my boygasm. My boy pussy was contracting over and over on its own while my hairless little boner jerked and twitched within the confines of my underwear. I was moaning quite sissily the entire time, prompting my mom to wrap her arms around my tiny frame and hold me close while my climax ran its course.

When it was over, I rested my head on her shoulder and caught my breath while she went back into my underwear for the remaining turds that were resting in the seat. She pulled them all out at the same time, offering them to Jimmy, who gratefully accepted them with his own horny moan. I watched with a warm smile as she stuffed them into his mouth, causing him to lose his boy spunk in his underwear all over again, then he chewed and swallowed with a very contented sigh. I felt her reach back down into the seat of my undies, this time to scrape my crack with her fingers, gathering up as much of the remaining poop that she could find, then she brought it to my nose and let me breathe in its delightful fragrance before holding it to my watering mouth so that I could dine on the fine treat and lick her palm clean.

When there was no more of my boy fudge to be enjoyed, she carefully eased my undies down and picked them up off of the floor. I was expecting her to ease them into my mouth so that I could suck on them, but she turned her attention to Jimmy instead.

Are you ready, baby?” she asked, and he nodded with a huge grin. “Go ahead, then, so that mommy and daddy can feed you.”

Okay, mommy,” Jimmy said in a very innocent voice, then he hung his bottom out the same way I did, keeping eye contact with my parents and I the entire time, as if trying to gauge our reactions. He looked a little unsure, but carried on with his task, giving a firm push and filling his underwear up with a delicious smelling load of poop while we watched. The entire process took less than a minute, and when he was done, he looked relieved. When he straightened his legs, he looked momentarily panicked, as if he suddenly realized that he'd done something naughty in front of my parents, but my dad planted a kiss on his cheek that seemed to relax him.

Does that feel better, buddy?” my dad asked, and he nodded with a shy smile. “That's great. I know that mommy's ready to feed you, if you still want her to.”

I do, daddy,” Jimmy said sweetly, then he moved closer to my mom and I, turning to show us his bulging pant load. When my mom pulled the waistband back, we both looked in and I saw a very tasty looking assortment of four hot, stinky, clay brown turds staring back at me, making my mouth water in anticipation of dining on more than one. There was a powerful odor rolling off of the pile, very reminiscent of the dog poop we'd eaten earlier in the day, giving me powerful chills of delight.

Mmm,” I moaned, smiling at my mom the entire time. “Jimmy's poop smells so good, mama.”

I can tell you really want some, princess,” she told me, and I nodded eagerly. “Let's pick one out that Jimmy can enjoy, first, then we'll get one out for you, okay?”

I once again nodded my head, this time in agreement with her plan as I surveyed the pile closely. There was one turd in particular that I found enticing. It was long and thick, lined with cracks and glistening with a moist, succulent sheen of ass juice. I wanted it badly, but being a good girlfriend, I knew that my boyfriend would be especially grateful to have it crammed into his cute mouth. I pointed to it, then I licked my lips as my mom retrieved it from Jimmy's undies, pulling it out carefully and holding it momentarily under my nose. I moaned involuntarily as I drew in the rich, spicy scent, then she did the same for Jimmy, who closed his eyes and sniffed hard before she pressed the tip of the poop log to his lips. I watched as his moist red lips parted just far enough to accommodate the thick turd, allowing it to glide in until there was no more room for its length. The look on Jimmy's face was sheer heaven as she continued to cram the turd into his mouth, causing it to smash as it continued its journey into his mouth until all of it was in. He was moaning hotly the entire time, his eyes glazed over as his hard little cock heaved out more boy spunk, then he started to chew and swallow.

Is that good, baby?” she asked, and he nodded, still transfixed with pleasure as his little Adam's apple bobbed up and down slowly. I grinned when she pulled her fingers away from his lips and brought them to mine, giving me the joy of licking the smeared poop from them before she pulled the waistband of his undies back, giving us both access to the remaining turds that rested there.

Show mama which one you want, baby,” she encouraged me, and once again, my mouth started to water as I pointed to another moist, delicious looking turd. It was nice and thick, just like the one Jimmy had been treated to, but probably only about ¾ as long. Still, it looked scrumptious, and I wanted it right away. So when she pulled it out, I gave off a very loud moan and rolled my bare bottom around in the air. She held it under my nose, and just like the one before, it had the distinct smell of dog poop. I took a nice, long whiff, then I opened wide, impatient for my reward. As she eased it in, I deliberately brought my head forward, hastening the moment when I had the entire turd stuffed in my slutty mouth.

Wow, someone's hot for it this afternoon,” my dad commented, and I nodded as I moaned around my stinky mouthful. I savored its heat and texture, then I began to macerate the offering from Jimmy's butt, eager to swallow so that I could have more.

Can I have more, please?” Jimmy asked sweetly, and my mom gushed.

Of course you can, sweetie,” she said, her maternal glow incredibly powerful. “Would you like me to pick it out for you, or do you want Kyle to pick?”

Will you let Kyle pick it out for me?” he asked, and she smiled warmly.

He does a good job, doesn't he?” she commented, prompting him to nod his reply.

She pulled his underwear back, and I was greeted by the site of two nice sized poop logs, both of them firm and lined with deep cracks. One looked like it had a softer texture than the other, just barely, but it was the larger of the two, so I pointed to it and smiled up at my mom. She returned my smile, then she pulled it out, supporting it at the center in the palm of her hand as it emerged from his undies. She held it under my nose briefly, allowing me to draw in the wonderful stink, then she did the same for Jimmy, who gave off a whimper of desire as he caught sight of the tasty treat that he was about to enjoy. While he was still sniffing the poop log, she turned it so that the tip was pointed at his lips, then she slid it in, prompting him to squeal sissily as another boygasm gripped his little body. There was no more little boy spunk forthcoming from his jerking cocklet, but his entire body was shivering and he had goosebumps on every inch of his smooth, baby soft skin. My dad was rubbing his back lovingly, wanting to make the experience as pleasurable as he could, then he held him close while my mom retrieved the last of Jimmy's boy poop. She held it up to my sniffing nose, offering me a glorious preview of what was to come, then she slipped it into my mouth while I gave off noises of desire.

While I was chewing Jimmy's final turd up, she eased his white undies down, exposing his boy butt, which was thickly matted with poop. I quickly chewed and swallowed, then I dropped to my knees behind him and licked his rump clean, pulling in the thick heaps of boy poop with my tongue and moaning loudly the entire time. When his backside was clean, I gripped his hips and urged him to turn around so that I could take his spent, hairless dick into my mouth, encouraging him to pee down my throat. When my tummy was filled with hot pee, I got up and bent over for him, allowing him to lick my little rump clean, then we kissed deeply while my mom and dad ran us a bath.

While the water was still running, I bent over the sink and begged for some cock. My dad mercifully slipped his hard man cock up my horny little boy butt, treating me to a five minute ride while Jimmy dined at his back door.

Once he seeded my cunt, my dad got my toothbrush out and took care to brush both mine and Jimmy's teeth twice, then he watched while we rinsed with mouthwash. After that, we got in the tub and let my parents wash us from head to toe, starting with our heads of brown hair and working all the way down to our feet. While we were getting our boy pussies washed, my dad took the time to climb into the tub with us and treat Jimmy to a hard fudge packing, then he did the same for me. With both of our pussies filled with his man cum, we were sated enough to rinse off and get out, lubing back up before we pranced down the hall to my room, where a clean pair of panties was waiting for both of us in my dresser.