Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 42

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I wish you didn't have to go home,” I lisped sadly. “What time will you come back?”

I just have to eat dinner with my mom,” Jimmy promised, prompting me to lean into his shoulder. “I promise to come over after that, baby.”

Okay,” I said resignedly, looking sadly at him. “Will you be here when Matt and Mike show up?”

I'll try to be back by then,” he told me, then he smiled naughtily. “If not, maybe you can keep them busy for me.”

Do you want me to ride with you?” I asked daintily, and he nodded with a sweet smile. “I'll tell mommy and daddy that I'll be right back.”

I got up and donned my panties, then I let my hips swing from side to side as I sauntered down the hall to my parents' room. My dad was sound asleep, but my mom was up, resting at his side watching TV.

Hi sweetie,” she said warmly when I walked in.

Hi mama,” I lisped. “Jimmy has to go home for dinner so he can see his mom,” I reported. “I want to ride my bike with him, then I'll come home.”

Is he coming back tonight?” she asked, and I nodded. “Are your two little friends still going to spend the night?”

Yes,” I said with a strong lisp and a wide grin, rolling my rear end around almost involuntarily. “We might go to Nathan's house later, too.”

I see,” she said with a knowing smile. “It sounds like you're going to have some very sexy fun tonight, princess.”

I am, mama,” I told her. “I want to get laid by everyone tonight over and over again, then I'm going to give them all head and jack them off. Then I want to get laid by all of them some more.”

You're still very horny, aren't you, princess?” she observed, and I nodded while biting my lower lip. “How many different cocks have you had inside of you today?”

Nine,” I bragged, knowing that out of those nine, one of them was a total stranger. “I wish it was more.”

With that, she leaned forward and planted a kiss on my cheek.

You go have fun, pumpkin,” she told me. “Daddy and I will have dinner ready when you get home, okay?”

Thank you, mama,” I lisped, then I walked back to my room, my pantied bottom swinging from side to side the entire way. When I got there, my heart sank because Jimmy was pulling his jeans up over his boy undies, but I understood why. I kept my panties on, putting my boy clothes on over them, then we shared a long, loving kiss before we rode our bikes to his house.

When we rode up to Jimmy's house, his mom's car was in the driveway, so we took refuge on the side of the house and engaged in a very passionate kiss. As our tongues danced, Jimmy reached down and groped my buns, sending a powerful chill through me. I responded by slipping my right hand down between us and running it all over the growing lump in his jeans, then we broke our kiss and smiled widely at each other. I leaned back in and planted a kiss on his neck, just to the left of his Adam's apple, then I slid my hands up his shirt and ran them all over his torso as I slid down his body, eager to suck his dick right away.

As soon as I had his pants unbuttoned, I fished his hard cock out and wrapped my lips around it with a horny moan, then I sucked lustily on it while he ran his fingers through my hair. Three minutes later, I was sitting on the back of my legs, swallowing the mouthful of warm cum that he gifted me. I dutifully buttoned and zipped his fly, then I let him help me to my feet so that we could share another kiss. His tongue was magnificent, sliding along the top of mine and pouring saliva into my mouth that I swallowed eagerly, dreaming about how badly I wanted to swallow another mouthful of his cum. I moaned hotly into his mouth and used my hands to reach back down to grope him again, feeling desperate to suck more cock. I rolled my hips around and rubbed his crotch, then I slid my fingers back into his fly when his cell phone rang. We reluctantly separated so that he could answer, then I heard him sigh in disappointment.

I'm already home,” I heard him say. “I'm bringing my bike through the side gate.”

With that, he hung up and gave me a sad look. We hugged for an extended period of time, then we shared one more kiss before I rode off. As I was riding my bike down his driveway toward the street, I could feel the overwhelming urge to wrap my lips around another cock running through me, so I took my cell phone out and called Nathan.

Hey, Kyle,” I heard him say in a hushed tone.

Hi Nathan,” I lisped sissily.

What's up?” he asked, and I sighed.

I wanted to see you,” I told him, and I heard him clear his throat.

I'm at the store with my mom and dad right now,” he told me. “We'll be home in an hour, though.”

I can't wait that long,” I confessed. “I really want to give you head. Can I come to the store?”

You mean you want to do that here?” he asked. “How would we pull that off?”

We can go in the bathroom and I'll suck it in there,” I told him, then I was greeted by a long silence. “Please?”

Okay, but we have to be careful,” he cautioned me, not knowing that I'd already sucked my fair share of guys off in various grocery stores already. I promised to be discreet, then I pedaled to the edge of our neighborhood, where the shopping center was located along the main thoroughfare. When I got there, I locked my bike up and made a beeline for the bathroom. I spotted Nathan out of the corner of my eye, watching him follow me to the back of the store as if nothing were out of the ordinary. As soon as we were in the bathroom, I locked the door and moaned sissily.

You're fucking crazy, Kyle,” he told me with a naughty grin. “I can't believe you tracked me down for this.”

I need it bad,” I admitted, stepping up to him and unbuttoning his pants. While I was doing this, he leaned down and gave me a long sniff, then he smiled because he could tell that I'd had a shower. I smiled back up at him, prompting him to lean down and treat me to a long French kiss while I continued to unfasten his trousers. When they were loose, I pulled them down and pulled his hard cock out of his boxers, giving it a couple of long strokes. He moaned loudly, then we broke our kiss, giving me the latitude that I needed to wrap my lips around his dick and swallow it whole.

I felt the head of his cock sliding down my cum tube, running right over my clit and giving me chills of delight as I gripped his hips and encouraged him to thrust in and out. He quickly caught on to what I wanted, taking over on his own and treating me to a very luscious throat fuck that made me moan sissily. I could feel the entire length and all of the girth of his veiny cock as my cum tube gripped it tightly, causing my boy pussy to burn with pleasure as he punished my clit with every push in and every pull back. I started to roll my hips around, wishing that I had a cock in my rear end so that I could experience the joy of being serviced by two cocks at once.

Even though I was absent a cock in my butt, I could feel it starting to throb with pleasure, burning sweetly as Nathan's hot dick continued to fuck my throat deeply. I was moaning very passionately around the juicy dick in my mouth, feeling my little boy butt contracting over and over again as ass juice soaked my panties. Moments later, I felt my boygasm carry me away as sexy shivers coursed through my body over and over again. While I was experiencing the joy of my climax, Nathan unloaded his ball juice in my mouth, filling my mouth with a healthy helping that I gulped down as fast as I could. When his nuts were out of his delicious cum, I licked his rod up and down, then I sucked his balls while his shaft rested on my face, bouncing off of my face as I licked away the sweat that rested on his low hangers.

When I pulled off, I smiled up at him and licked my lips, wanting to pull in any cum that might remain there. I wrapped my hands around his shaft and planted a grateful kiss on the end, then I slipped my mouth back over the head and looked up at him wantonly. He grinned down at me and used his hands to carefully ease his cock out of my mouth, then he leaned back down and engaged me in another kiss.

I want to drink some pee,” I told him when our lips parted.

Wow, you never get enough, do you?” he asked, and I shook my head no.

I want to suck more dicks, too,” I told him, causing him to grin widely and nod.

You're such a sexy little cock sucker,” he said affectionately. “I think I have some piss to share with you, then I have to get going. My folks are going to wonder what's been taking me so long.”

With that, I eased his cock back into my mouth and moaned sissily as he released his pee stream. I swallowed furiously, not losing a drop, then I licked all around his cock head until he once again took his dick away, putting it back into his boxers while I whimpered like a hungry puppy.

Can I see you tonight?” I asked, and he nodded.

My folks are going out again, and the guys will be back over,” he told me. “Is Jimmy coming, too?”

Yes,” I lisped. “But we might have two friends with us if that's okay. They service our pussies for us and we like to suck them off.”

Do they go to your school?” he asked, and I nodded. “Do they eat shit?”

No, but they go in our mouths,” I told him with a dreamy sigh. “We're in love with them. They bought us our panties because we're their girlfriends.”

That's fucking hot,” he said. “Do you think they'll care of we fuck you guys?”

No, they know we like to service a lot of cocks,” I lisped. “I give head and pussy at school, and they both know it.”

He shrugged and said he didn't mind if we brought them along, then he told me that he was looking forward to having Jimmy and I come over again so that they could fuck us. I felt another shiver run through me, then I told him that we'd both be wearing our panties. I watched forlornly as he walked out of the bathroom, then I cleaned up and wiped my mouth clean before I walked out of the restroom. I saw him rejoin his parents, and took note of the fact that they weren't as old as I imagined. His dad was really sexy, just like Nathan. He stood about half a foot taller than his son, and he probably weighed a good 30 pounds more. His mom was petite and pretty, just like my mom. If I liked girls, I might even say that she was hot. But because I'm totally gay, I think she's pretty but gross. They both looked at him questioningly, then I heard him tell them, “I had to take a really long dump.”

They seemed to accept his answer, because they each put a hand on his shoulders, allowing him to walk between them as they made their way to the front of the store. I waited for them to leave, and was about to make my way to the exit when I spotted a very sexy looking guy staring at me with a grin. He had a flannel shirt and a pair of dirty work jeans. His construction boots had a lot of dust on the tops, as well as some caked up dirt around the edge of the soles. Even though the December weather was chilly outside, his hair was pressed to his head, soaked with sweat from a hat and a hard days' worth of work.

I could tell that he was trying to be discreet, but his efforts were failing badly. It was obvious that he'd been eying my bubble butt, then he caught site of my face and his smile got bigger. I smiled back at him, then I turned to give him a better view of my horny rear end. I grinned back over my shoulder at him, then I licked my lips and batted my eyes. I could see a growing lump in the front of his jeans, causing my boy cunt to juice with the anticipation of servicing another stranger's cock. I looked around the aisle, taking note of the fact that it was empty, so I let my hips swing from side to side as I approached him.

Hey buddy,” he said nervously. “Do you need some help?”

Yes, sir,” I lisped, then I let go of a quiet moan. “I need someone to take me to the potty.”

Before he had the chance to say anything, I slipped my little paw into his hand and led the way to the men's room. Just like the last time I was in there, I closed the door and locked it while he watched with an uncertain expression. I placed my palms flat against the door, putting my horny rear end up into the air and grinding it in a circular motion as I moaned wantonly.

I looked back over my shoulder and spotted him rubbing the hard lump in the front of his pants, so I took the initiative and unbuttoned his jeans, letting them fall to his knees. I pulled his boxers down, unleashing a beautiful eight inch hard on that I quickly wrapped my lips around. Less than a minute later, I was swallowing another hot load of cum and moaning like a girl as it shot from the end of his dick to the back of my throat. When there was no more cum to swallow, he was still rock hard, so I promptly dropped my drawers, revealing my pretty panties before I pulled those down as well. When my stiff boyhood came into site, he swallowed hard and waited while I turned around and bent over the sink, eager to take it up the butt from this sexy stranger.

I felt him grab my hips and line up to my well lubed hole, then he pushed in while I moaned loudly. I felt him bottom out, then he began to thrust in and out furiously, treating me to a five minute ride on his fuck stick that brought me off twice before he dumped his baby makers into my boy cunt and pulled out. I quickly spun around and took his dick back into my mouth, sucking it clean of all cum and ass juice while it remained hard in my mouth. I licked the underside of of his shaft, starting at the base and running my tongue all the way to the tip, then I turned around and bent back over, desperate to feel him pump another load into my busy rear end. This time he lasted a little over ten minutes, the length and girth of his hot shaft lighting my pussy on fire from the start of our fuck, only to extinguish the fire with another flood of cum that coated the walls of my horny little boy hole so perfectly.

He pulled out, and once again, I was all over his shaft with my mouth, sucking it clean in hopes of yet another fudge packing. Unfortunately, he went soft in my mouth, so I sucked his balls clean, then I let my tongue travel back to his stinky taint, lapping away the glorious funk that built up there throughout the day.

Fuck, kid, you do a great job down there,” he groaned. “But I came in here to take a crap. I'm guessing that you don't want to be here for that.”

Mmm,” I moaned, then I pushed his legs further apart, trying desperately to access his poop-chute. When I realized that his pants were obstructing my path, I smiled up at him and sighed, then I worked to untie his work boots until I could pull them off. There was a strong, cheesy odor that they gave off as I worked them off of his feet, and I couldn't resist the urge that I had to press my nose into each one, taking a long, drawn out whiff as the heat they contained rolled over my face. I quickly removed his socks, holding each one to my nose for more of the stinky foot smell I was enjoying, then I ran my tongue between each of his toes, eager to lap up as much toe jam as I could find.

God damn, kid, you fucking love it, don't you?” he exclaimed, and I nodded with a dreamy sigh.

I want to help you go poop,” I said innocently, then I pointed to the toilet in the corner of the bathroom. “You don't have to use that toilet. You can use the other one.”

What other one are you talking about?” he asked, and I moaned hotly, rolling my hips around on my hands and knees as I gave him a hungry look. “Do you mean what I think you do?”

Yes,” I practically hissed, then I opened wide and pointed to the back of my mouth. “Use this toilet instead.”

You want me to crap in your mouth?” he asked, and I bit my lips while nodding in the affirmative. “I don't know about that, kid. I've never heard of anything like that.”

Please?” I asked innocently, then I kissed my way up his left leg until I was able to crawl between his thighs, pushing my face up into his crack and using my tongue to bathe his stinky hole. I carried on with the task of eating his stinky poop-chute out until he was hard again, then I crawled back out from underneath him, sitting at his feet and looking up at him with a hopeful smile. He looked down at me dubiously, seeming to process the idea through his mind, then his expression softened.

Are you sure this is what you want, kid?” the stranger asked.

Yes,” I lisped, nodding furiously. I could feel the cum drooling out of my well fucked pooper, adding to my already out of control feelings of horniness and desperation to have all of my urges sated, including the insatiable urge I felt to be used as a toilet by the man standing in front of me.

It might be more than you can fit in your pretty little mouth,” he warned me, and I moaned loudly, crawling across the floor on my hands and knees to his backside so that I could once again access his stinky chute. When his chunky rump came into sight, I rolled my hips around and whimpered like a sissy, then I reached up and parted his cheeks, anxious for my gift.

I buried my face between them, then I inhaled loudly and ran my nose up and down the length of his crack, taking special care to nuzzle it into the stinky brown eye that I had eaten just a minute earlier. As its sharp scent drifted into my nostrils, I moaned like a whore and clamped my watering mouth around its diameter.

Fuck you really want it, don't you?” he asked, and I let out another uncontrollable moan as I pushed my face up into his rear end as hard as I could and rolled my high traffic rear end around with my hips.

With that, I felt his body tense up and could hear him quietly straining. At the same time, his hole began to expand and a luscious stink began to travel into my nostrils, letting me know that my treat was on its way. I was in the middle of taking a very heavenly whiff of his expanding chute when a powerful thrust of heat began to circulate in my mouth, then I heard a moist crackling sound that carried into my ears as the brown head of a long, thick, turd emerged from his poop-chute pushed into my mouth. As heavenly as the stink was that I had been enjoying just seconds before, it was nothing compared to the dark, rich and succulent odor that I was indulging in as his moist turd pushed its way through my lips. I felt the tip hit the back of my mouth and start to smash under the force of its own speed and volume as it continued to travel down his rectum. When it finally broke off, my slutty mouth was so impacted that I could barely move my tongue without forcing some of his poop load either down my throat or through my lips, which were protruding obscenely around the final portion of his massive turd. My cheeks were bulging tightly and I could feel smashed poop pushing into the back of my nasal cavity, treating me to the intensely pleasing aroma of the turd that my mouth was accommodating.

He looked down over his shoulder at me and blinked, watching in stunned silence as I negotiated the stinky mouthful with a notable grin of satisfaction. I used the muscles in my throat to swallow about a quarter of the turd, freeing up enough space in my mouth to open up and show off my brown dessert, then I smiled and sighed before chewing and swallowing everything he'd gifted me.

Wow, kid, you fucking love it, don't you?” he asked, and I nodded.

I want more,” I said wantonly, and he shook his head in disbelief as I got back between his cheeks and spread them apart with a horny moan. He gave another push, this time sending down a soft load that once again caused my cheeks to bulge, but there wasn't enough body to it to form a turd. There was an intense heat rolling off of it, though, and it had a spicy, almost cheesy scent and flavor to it that I loved. I moaned loudly as I chewed it up and swallowed, wanting him to know that I felt like the luckiest gay boy in the world to have it in my mouth.

When it was down, I planted my face back in his rear end and waited while he pushed again. I was treated to a very gassy fart that caused several projectile splatters of poop to spray all over my face, across my brow and into my brown bangs, then he pushed out a hot turd that was soft enough for me to simply smash with my tongue and swallow without chewing. It had the same cheesy, spicy scent and flavor as the last mouthful that I took, but it was nowhere near the volume. Still, I was happy to have it and showed my appreciation with another horny moan and a stir of my cum filled boy butt.

When I was sure that he had nothing else to give me, I pushed my appreciative face back into his rump and grabbed his hips, guiding him in a circular motion and encouraging him to grind his butt and give me a brown facial. When I was satisfied with my facial, I licked his crack clean, then I took to his cheeks, licking away all of the poop that was smeared on them until there was nothing left.

When we were done, he turned and looked down at me with an amused smile on his face while I used my fingers to scrape the smeared poop from my cheeks and licked them clean. I smiled back up at him in gratitude, then I batted my eyes while I continued with the task of cleaning my face.

You're in pig heaven right now, aren't you kid?” he asked, and I nodded contentedly. “Do you make it a habit to have sex and eat shit in store bathrooms?”

I shrugged and told him, “I do it everyday. Sometimes I like to do it with strangers.”

That's fucking hot, kid, but be careful.” he told me, walking over to the sink and grabbing some paper towels. “You never know who might try to hurt you. Do you drink piss?”

Yes,” I hissed, then I crawled over to where he was standing by the sink and reached up for his dick. He was standing, and it was too high for me, so I scrambled to my feet and put myself at eye level with it, then I guided it back into my mouth.

While I had his stiff cock in my mouth, he turned the water on and wet the paper towels, then he proceeded to wipe my face clean while I waited for his release. I felt the paper towel run over my eyebrows, then he wiped the areas around my mouth as I smiled up at him. Seconds later, I was gulping his warm pee load down furiously, keeping up with no problem while he retrieved more paper towels and wet them.

When his flow stopped, I took the initiative and continued to suck on the massive tool in my mouth while he negotiated the wet paper towel under my chin and all over my neck, then he smiled down at me somewhat lovingly and said, “You know, I have a son your age. I don't know if I'd like it if he was sucking dicks in public bathrooms.”

My mom and dad don't know I'm here,” I halfway lied, pulling his cock from my lips momentarily.. “They know that I'm gay, though.”

I imagine that they're going to smell shit and piss on you when you get home,” he observed, and I shrugged nonchalantly as I swallowed his cock and hung on to his hips. Minutes later, he was unloading his ball juice in my mouth while I moaned sissily and ground my bottom up into the air.

When I swallowed, he handed me some wet paper towels and turned around, instructing me to wipe his butt clean so that he wouldn't stink when he got home. I dutifully cleaned him up, then I held his boxers and jeans out for him to step into.

He sat on the toilet and I retrieved his socks and work boots while he waited. I unrolled his socks and held them up to my nose for an extended sniff, taking in their stinky, cheesy scent, then I licked between his toes and all over the bottom of his feet before I finally slid them back on. I gave his work boots a long, enjoyable sniff as well, then I put them on and tied them like a good little pussy boy should before donning my panties and putting my clothes back on. When we were ready, he took my hand and held it as we walked out of the bathroom, wearing a face of paternal responsibility. Nobody questioned us as we walked out of the store, then when it was safe, he got in his truck and pulled off without ever telling me his name.