Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 43

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Mmm,” I moaned sissily around my dad's hot cock, which was nestled tightly in my throat, running back and forth over my clit. I was naked as the day I was born, underneath my dad's desk in his study, treating myself to another mouthful of hard, horny man cock. My hair was still a little damp from the shower we'd taken earlier, a shower my parents insisted on when I came home stinking of the luscious combination of cum, drying pee and smeared butt fudge. My rear end, which was already accommodating two hot cum loads when I got home, was horny for more action and juicing uncontrollably as I stood in front of my parents and confessed my earlier deeds of sexual indiscretion at the grocery store with Nathan and the stranger I met later.

Before we got in the shower, I sat on the edge of the tub and opened wide, eager for my dad to unload his bladder full of hot pee down my throat while my mom watched. Once I gulped it all down like a good toilet, I got in the tub with my mom and dad, letting them wash me from head to toe with plenty of soap and water. While my mom was running the rag up and down my cum lined crack, I placed my hands against the tiled wall an moaned like a bitch, wanting her to know how much I was enjoying her scrubbing.

Is my little girl enjoying having her pussy serviced?” my mom asked lovingly, and I responded by rolling my hips around sensually. Moments later, I felt her part my cheeks while the water cascaded down my crevice, then I felt her tongue in my crack, taking long laps while I pushed, expelling the cum loads that were inside of me, as well as the ass juice that I was excreting. Every time her tongue ran across the lips of my boy pussy, I felt a hard shiver run through me. Finally, she zeroed in on my pooper and ate it deeply while I pushed gobs of cum and ass juice into her mouth. At the same time, my dad offered his hard rod for me to suck on, prompting me to open wide and let him slip it in from my right.

Minutes later, I was swallowing a hot load of my dad's ball juice while my mom continued to eat my pussy. When she finally pulled her tongue out of my juicing poop-chute, my dad was still hard as steel. I moaned even more sissily when he took her place at my back door, lining up with my puckered entrance and pushing his entire length deep inside of me. While he was servicing my boy cunt with his hard rod, my mom posted up at his rear end, eager to eat more ass. While she was using her tongue to pleasure him, I was tightening my boy hole around his stiff rod, bringing us both the maximum amount of pleasure and causing my boygasm to erupt violently.

After treating me to a ten minute ride on his veiny fuck stick, he filled me up with another hot load of his man cream, then he pulled out and let me suck his sticky rod clean while my mom ate his load out of me. While she was dining at my back door, I was pushing hard, eager to feel her tongue snaking around in my boy pussy, searching for more cum and ass juice. I gave a hard push, letting go of two cum filled farts that seemed to encourage her to eat me deeper while I moaned sissily around my dad's fuck stick. When he pulled his cock out of my mouth, he was ready to go again. This time, I sat on the floor of the tub and watched while he bent my mom over and gave it to her up the ass. She moaned like a whore the entire time, the same animalistic growl that I'd grown accustomed to carrying into my ears while he fucked her brains out. When they were done, she sucked his cock clean, then they turned the water off and we got out, cuddling on the bed while we all recovered from the romp we took part in.

After basking in the afterglow of our sex act, my mom announced that dinner was almost ready to come out of the oven. My dad had some work to do in his study in the meanwhile, and I followed him, yearning for more cock. He cautioned me that he had to get his work done, but I couldn't contain myself. I needed his cock back inside of me, anyway that I could get it, so I crawled under his desk and fished it out of his boxers. Once I had it out, I wrapped my lips around it and swallowed it, wanting to experience the joy of another throat fuck.

That feels really good, princess,” he panted as I worked my cum tube around his rod. “You just love sucking dick, don't you?”
“Mm hm,” I moaned, then I tightened up around him, wanting to take his hot load down my throat before my mom called us to the dinner table. My efforts paid off nicely, as I felt his stiff rob swell in my throat, prompting me to let it slide out just far enough to wrap my lips around the head as he fired his cum load into my mouth. I gulped it all down furiously, moaning like a little girl the entire time and feeling my pussy throb with pleasure as his cum flowed into my tummy. When his balls were drained, I licked his cock clean, then I sucked his balls until it was time to eat dinner.

What time will Jimmy be here?” Mike asked, and I held up seven fingers to give him the answer he was looking for. It was only 5:40pm, and Jimmy texted me to say that his mom said he could come over at 7pm.“Do you think he'll care that we started before him?”

I shook my head with a moan, not wanting to pull his cock from my mouth. He was sitting on the edge of my bed, his pants and underwear bunched around his calves but otherwise still dressed, just like Matt and I. His shirt and shoes were still in tact, as were mine and Matt's, but he was exposed from the waist down, just like Matt and I. Moments earlier, I had both of their dicks in my hands, stroking them firmly while they took turns engaging me in French kisses in my room. I didn't have the patience to wait for Jimmy, so I dragged them upstairs to my room and unbuttoned their pants, letting them fall just far enough to give me easy access to their cocks.

When they were hard enough, I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down, along with my flowery panties. Then I guided Mike to the bed and urged him to sit down while telling Matt that I wanted him to fuck me. With Mike's cock sticking straight up, I simply bent over and sucked it while Matt grabbed my hips and slipped into my upturned bottom. When I was filled up at both ends with hard dick, I moaned like a bitch in heat and spread my legs further apart, anxious for Matt to give it to me long and hard while I sucked Mike's dick.

As usual, Matt brought me off easily with his hard cock over and over while Mike hammered the clit in my throat like a pro, making my legs shake uncontrollably as his shaft serviced my cunt. After Matt filled me up with his cum, I pulled off of Mike's dick and begged him to take me from the back. He quickly complied, posting up at my rear end while Matt sat down on the bed, letting me suck his dick clean. When there was no more cum and ass juice to lick up, he eased his cock from my desperate mouth and rolled over, offering me his stinky boy butt to sniff and eat. I felt out of control with passion as I inhaled the sharp scent of his pooper, then I began eating it with reckless abandon while Mike continued to hammer my boy pussy from behind.

While I had my tongue lodged in Matt's poop-chute, he treated me to several hot, stink filled farts that added to my already heightened pleasure. I steadied myself by parting Matt's stinky cheeks as far apart as I could as my legs trembled, a long shiver coursing down the back of them as my boy pussy started to queef loudly. When Matt turned back over, I selfishly took his dick back into my mouth and sucked it lustily, slurping up as much precum as I could while Mike packed my fudge with expert precision. I felt Mike's stiff cock swell in my pussy, a sure sign that he was about to blast off with another load of cum, and I responded by tightening my pussy around it until I felt the hot, gooey spray of his boy spunk coating the lining of my cunt.

While he was unloading, I was working my cum tube forcefully around Matt's dick, causing him to blow his own load into my tummy. While I was being filled up with cum at both ends, I was moaning extremely loud and very femininely, knowing that I was being a good girl for both of my boyfriend's. When Mike pulled out, I was on his cock like a true pussy boy, eager to clean it the right way. While I was being a true cum slut, Matt rubbed my back and shared a loving kiss with Mike that looked delicious. Kneeling on the floor with Mike's sticky cock in my mouth, I could see their moist tongues dancing, causing me to shudder with passion as I continued with the task of licking away the cum and ass juice from Mike's deflating cock.

While Mike and Matt were making out, I took turns planting long, grateful kisses on the tips of their dicks, then I lapped away at their ball sacks, taints and poop-chutes. They both treated me to long, hot farts while I was on my knees servicing them, and I even got to take the time to sniff their underwear, which were still bunched around their legs. They both had luscious, brown streaks in the seats of their undies, and sniffing them was giving me chills of delight as I thought about swallowed a hot load of poop from each of their rear ends.

Do you want me to undress you?” I lisped, looking up at both of them with a hopeful smile and causing them to break their tongue heavy kiss.

Don't you want to wait for Jimmy to get here?” Matt asked, and I sighed.

He won't be here until seven,” I complained. “That's in an hour. I wanted to have more fun.”

Mike and Matt both smiled down at me and nodded, prompting me to lick my lips and get to work while they resumed their make out session. I started with Mike, using my fingers to untie his shoes and pull them off. I sniffed his socks deeply, enjoying the light stink that they were giving off. It was nowhere near as strong as the stink that the stranger at the store was able to treat me to, but it was still pleasant none the less. I rolled his socks down, then I let him step out of his pants.

As soon as he was nude from the waist down, I picked up his right foot and pressed my nose into the bottom, craving more of the cheesy foot smell. I sniffed hard, then I licked his foot, starting at his heel and running my tongue all the way to his toes. I gave off a very soft, girlish moan, then I licked between his toes, searching for toe jam. When his toes were licked clean, I sucked his big toe into my mouth and smiled up at him, sniffing the top of his foot while my tongue bathed his toe.

I gave his left foot a repeat performance, and was pleasantly surprised when I found an abundance of the toe jam that I was searching for. As I sucked on his left toe and sniffed the top of his foot, I was treated to the very strong aroma of stinky feet.

While I was still sucking on his big toe, I lifted his poop stained underwear to my nose and took a long, satisfying whiff. When I pulled his big toe out of my mouth, I replaced it with his stinky underwear, turning them inside out and sucking on the spicy stain that rested in their seat while I moved on to Matt's shoes, wanting to get them off so that I could enjoy his stinky feet and badly stained underwear as well. While I was untying his shoes, I felt him grab my head gently, prompting me to let him take control and put it where he wanted. He lovingly guided it to his rear end, prompting me to take Mike's undies out of my mouth and open wide while he blew a long, loud fart into it. The stink was intensely pleasing, and I gave off a horny moan as I drew in the intoxicating scent.

From there, I hurriedly took off his shoes and socks, then I held each of his socks to my nose and sniffed hard as their stinky aroma nearly brought me to another dry orgasm. From there, I sniffed the stink that was rolling off of both of his feet, then I licked it away while my horny bottom rolled around in the air. When there was no more toe jam to lick away, I used my tongue to take another trip along the bottoms of his feet and between his toes, then I stuffed Mike's poo stained undies back in my mouth while I lifted Matt's similarly stained underwear to my nose for another pleasing sniff.

He fucking loves sniffing our underwear,” I heard Matt observe from above. I looked up with a grin and nodded in agreement, not taking the seat of his underwear away from my nose the entire time. They were both stiff as a board, and I wanted to service their cocks badly, so I indulged in making a pig out of myself with their stinky underwear for a few more minutes, alternately stuffing one pair into my mouth while sniffing the other pair until I was somewhat sated. Before I made my move, I shoved my face into each of their backsides, sniffing and eating them deeply for about a minute each. I breathed in the dark, rich aroma of each of their luscious stink holes, then I laid down on my bed with my legs spread wide and my mouth wide open, hot for more cock.

Matt climbed between my legs and raised them up into the air until my ankles were resting on his shoulders while Mike eased his dripping cock into my mouth. Matt pushed in, then he slowly sank his shaft all the way inside of me while I moaned sissily around Mike's shaft. Once he was buried all the way inside of me, I smiled and sighed around the dick I was sucking. Matt smiled down at me and pulled back, then he slowly thrusted back in. I whimpered desperately to let him know that I needed more forceful fucking, and he smiled knowingly at me. He let out a deep breath, then he picked up his pace and treated me to a very satisfying butt fuck while Mike serviced the clit in my throat.

When Matt dumped his cum load inside of me, I begged Mike to take his place, still yearning to have my fudge packed while I sucked on a juicy dick. Mike fed my boy pussy continuous strokes of hard cock while Matt eased his sticky cock into my slutty mouth. I sucked every drop of cum and ass juice from it that I could find, then I watched him grin down at me lecherously.

Do you want my pee now?” he asked, and I nodded furiously. He closed his eyes to concentrate, and while Mike was still servicing my juicing boy pussy, Matt peed into my toilet mouth. When he was finished, he shook off on my tongue, then he let me nurse on his soft cock until Mike seeded my pussy. When he pulled out, I let Matt's cock fall from my mouth and wrapped my lips around Mike's, eager to suck him clean and let him use me as a toilet, too. He very happily unloaded his bladder full of pee inside of my mouth, then he shook off on my tongue while I sighed, then I voiced my desires.

I want some poop,” I confessed, my need suddenly urgent.

Well, don't you want to wait until Jimmy gets here?” Matt asked, and once again, I shook my head no.

I need it right now,” I almost demanded, my tone still feminine. I licked my lips and reached out to rub his tummy. “Just do it right here.”

With that he got into position, lowering his stinky rump over my watering mouth. As his cheeks closed in on my face, they parted slightly on their own, allowing my nose to rest comfortably between them. I gave off a very horny moan and sighed, then I used my hands to part his cheeks and sealed my lips around his wrinkly hole. My hairless little cocklet was hard as a rock, pressing tight against my pubic bone as I felt his hole expand. The familiar crackle of a hot turd was filling the air, and a powerful stink very reminiscent of bird poop was starting to permeate the air. I felt a hot thrust of stinky air circulating in my mouth, then I felt my mouth fill up right away with a hot pile of dark brown turds that occupied every inch of space that I could offer. At the same time, I felt my boy pussy throb with passion as a sweet burn spread throughout my midsection and my little body climaxed out of nowhere.

Mmm!” I moaned loudly around my stinky mouthful as sharp shivers traveled through me, then I felt Matt raise his butt enough so that he could look over his shoulder at me. I grinned up at him, then at Mike, the entire time showing off my brown treat, then I chewed and swallowed as quickly as I could. When my mouth was empty, Matt got back into position and treated me to a long, thick turd that curled up like a piece of dog poop in my mouth. When it detached from his butt hole, the steamy tip rested against my lower lip.

The taste was so incredible, and I found myself unable to swallow fast enough, eager for another mouthful. When it was down, Matt treated me to two more long turds, then a nice, oval shaped clump that was lined with cracks and nuts. When I swallowed it all, I lapped away all of the smeared poop that I could find on his butt, then he got up.

Mike took his place and once again, I found myself unable to control my hunger. His stinky chute was amazing as it rested over my opened, watering mouth. My nose was picking up the luscious stink of his farts and his sweat, and I knew that his butt load was going to be just as satisfying as Matt's. He pushed hard, and in an instant, I had a soft, stinky pile of turds in my mouth that I barely had time to prepare for. They had a very strong odor, almost like drying pee and cow poop, and they were scrumptious. I moaned loudly when I felt my cheeks bulging with the hot, soft turds, then I quickly smashed them against the roof of my mouth with my tongue. As I swallowed them, I felt the pleasure starting to swell up inside of me and knew that another boygasm wasn't far off.

Mike gave another push, and once again, I experienced the joy of having a mouthful of turds that were so soft that I effortlessly smashed them with my tongue before swallowing with a contented sigh. He gave me one more turd, a long, thick one that was lined with deep cracks, then he squirted some hot, stinky diarrhea into my mouth. It wasn't an overwhelming amount, but it filled my mouth completely and was enough to send another long shiver through me as I contemplated the thought of people having diarrhea in my mouth everyday. He let go of another hot squirt of diarrhea, then he farted a few times in my mouth while I moaned hotly and shivered with another dry orgasm.

As I was recovering from my climax, I licked the thick gobs of poop from Mike's rump, pulling them into my mouth with satisfied moans. When he was clean, I planted a long, passionate French kiss on his butt hole, then I let him get up. It was almost 7, so I texted Jimmy that I would meet him downstairs. I made Mike and Matt as comfortable as I could on my bed, then I got up and donned my panties. I pranced downstairs to the living room, where my mom and dad were watching TV, and they looked almost startled to see me standing their in my panties with a brown smear of boy poop around my mouth.

Honey, are you going to wash your face?” my mom asked, and I shook my head no.

I was eating poo, and I want to kiss Jimmy so he can taste it too,” I lisped. “Then I want him to go poo for me, too.”

You didn't want to share with him, princess?” my dad asked, and I shrugged.

I did, but I know that he was eating poop too, daddy. He wanted to eat more dog poop when he went home.”

I see,” my mom said. “What time will he get here?”

At 7,” I lisped daintily. “We're all going to take a shower before we go to Nathan's house so that we smell good.”

Well I want you to have fun tonight,” my mom said. “Make sure you tell mommy and daddy when you get home, okay, Princess?”

I will, mommy,” I promised. “I'll come tell you goodbye before we leave, too.”

With that, my cell phone buzzed with a text from Jimmy saying that he was riding his bike to my house. I pranced around a little more in front of my mom and dad, feeling especially effeminate, then I opened the garage door and let Jimmy in. When he came inside, I quickly engaged him in a long kiss, my mouth coated with a very thick ring of poop. He sniffed me hard, then he licked all around the diameter of my mouth before engaging me in another delightful kiss. When our lips parted, I took his hand and we went to the living room so he could see my mom and dad.

Hi sweetie,” my mom said warmly when she spotted him.

Hi mommy, hi daddy,” Jimmy said sweetly.

Hey buddy,” my dad said affectionately. “I think your little boyfriends are here.”

They are,” I bragged. “I already gave them both some pussy and head, then they let me be their potty.”

What time are you leaving to go to your other little friends' house?” my mom asked, and I grinned.

Nathan's mom and dad are leaving at 8,” I said. “We have an hour to get laid some more by Matt and Mike before we go over there.”

Then you two should head on up,” my dad said. “When daddy gets home from work tomorrow, he'll have a special surprise for the two of you, okay?”

What kind of surprise?” I asked, suddenly intrigued.

You'll see,” he said with a wink. “Something special for my two little cock hounds. I know you're going to love it. Now get upstairs and take care of your boyfriends like good girls, okay?”

With that, I took Jimmy by the hand and led him up the stairs, where our two lovers were waiting in my bed to service our boy pussies before we left for Nathan's house.