Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 44

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Are you guys all set?” my dad asked as Jimmy and I sauntered into the living room with our lovers. Mike and I were hand in hand, while Jimmy had slipped his little paw into Matt's hand. He was leaning into Matt's shoulder with a dreamy gaze, a result of the satisfying butt fucking that he'd been treated to in the shower just 20 minutes prior to our descent down the stairs. I had been similarly sated by Mike, and was now feeling somehow even more feminine than I felt when I placed my hands against the tiled wall and presented my upturned bottom to him in hopes that he would service my little boy snatch.

Yes daddy,” I lisped with a contented sigh. “We're going to Nathan's house so that we can get laid. Me and Jimmy are wearing our panties.”

What time will you four be back in?” he asked, and I shrugged.

Is it okay if we come home after 10?”

I think we can work something out, princess,” he said with a loving smile. “Just make sure that you check in with mommy and daddy when you get home, okay?”

Okay, daddy,” I agreed in a girly manner. “I have my house key, too, so you and mommy won't have to let us in.”

Alright then,” he said, then he turned his attention to Matt and Mike, almost as if he were surveying them, then he smiled at Jimmy and I. “You boys have fun tonight, and come straight home when you leave.”

We promise, Mr. Smith,” Matt said, and Mike nodded in agreement. “Thank you again for letting us spend the night.”

That's fine, pal,” my dad said with a gentle smile. “You have a good time at Nathan's house, and we'll be up when you get back. Kyle, Jimmy, come give me a hug.”

With that, we both let go of our lovers' hands and went to my dad, wrapping our little arms around his neck and hugging him tightly. I felt him kiss my cheek at the exact same time that I heard the smack of Jimmy's lips, planting a kiss of his own on my dad's stubbled face.

I love you, daddy,” I heard Jimmy say in a very sweet voice.

I love you too, baby,” he answered, then he gave me a very loving smile and pressed his forehead to mine and spoke softly. “I love you, princess. You two be good girls tonight, and take care of your boyfriends first, okay?”

I promise, daddy,” Jimmy swore, and while I nodded my agreement, he elaborated. “We took care of them when we went upstairs. I gave Matt head in Kyle's room and Kyle ate Mike's butt hole. Kyle ate my poop and some of Mike's poop, too, and drank our pee. Then we got in the shower and gave them pussy.”

Good girls,” my dad said affectionately, then he rubbed my poop, pee and cum filled tummy with a warm smile. “It sounds like they took care of both of you, too.”

They did,” Jimmy sighed, biting his lip with a lustful grin. “I love sucking them off and giving them pussy. I want to do it again, really bad.”

Then it sounds like you're going to have a really good time tonight,” my dad observed, then he turned his attention back to Mike and Matt, who were now standing hand in hand, watching our interaction with wanton stares. “I think these two are itching for some sexy fun. You guys better get going.”

My dad was right about Jimmy and I itching for sex. After Jimmy showed up, we spoke briefly with my parents, then we hurried up to my room. As we made our way up the stairs, I could see Jimmy's hot to trot rear end switching shamelessly from side to side, just like mine. When we reached the top of the stairs, he turned to me and confessed his sins of the day before we went into my room.

I did it, Kyle,” he said with a naughty grin. “I ate dog poop in front of my mom.”

What did she do?” I asked breathlessly, my boy cunt surging with a fresh flow of ass juice.

She tried to make me stop, but it was so delicious that I ate all of it,” he told me. “We were in the back yard and Buck was pooping, so I waited for him to be done and then I picked it up with my hands and smelled it, then I ate it.”

With that, I leaned in and planted my lips to his, hoping to pick up the flavor of Buck's poop load, but there was no trace. I could taste the remnants of the smeared poop that he'd licked from around my mouth, but the distinct flavor of dog poop that I wanted to experience was nowhere to be found. When we separated, I took his hand and we went into my room, where Mike and Matt were on my bed, laying in each others' arms, engaged in a very passionate French kiss. Mike was laying on his back with his legs flat but spread wide, while Matt was resting on top of him with one arm hooked underneath Mike's shoulder. They were stroking each other off quite expertly as their tongues dueled, and it was obvious that they'd done this before.

Jimmy and I grinned at the show, then we closed the door, causing them to break their kiss and look our way. They smiled at us, then Matt rolled off of his lover, exposing his rock hard boner. He still had a hand wrapped around Mike's cock, but his own juicy hard on was now unattended to. Jimmy moaned hotly, then he crawled between Matt's legs and wrapped his lips around the engorged cock while I lifted Mike's left leg, giving me access to his still poop flavored hole. While I was eating Mike out, Matt was still stroking his cock. With their heads side by side, they resumed their lip lock while I used my little fingers to urge Matt to let go of Mike's dick. As soon as he did, I took hold of it and gave him an expert hand job while my tongue rimmed his butt hole.

Moments later, Mike was unloading his ball juice into the air. At first, it spurted out of the end like an erupting geyser, then it simply poured out over my hand while I gave his hole hard tongue swipes. When there was no more cum forthcoming, I pulled my face out of his crack and ran my tongue all over my cum coated hand, then I sucked his soft dick clean. With his soft cock in my mouth, I rested my head on his tummy and nursed contentedly while we watched Jimmy suck Matt's dick like a true cock slut. He had a very dreamy look on his face, and was moaning quite femininely as the hard cock ran back and forth between his moist lips. Each time he took Matt's dick all the way to the base, his throat would expand accordingly and he would let go of another lustful moan. Each time he bottomed out, he would pull it out until his lips were wrapped around the head, then he would let go of another girlish whimper and roll his jeans clad bottom around in the air.

At some point, Matt reached out and grabbed Jimmy's head with both hands, encouraging him to add more force to his cock sucking. Jimmy moaned again, then he started to bob his head faster and faster while Matt drew in sharp breaths. Moments later, I saw Matt make a fist and bring it down on the bed beside him. At the same time, Jimmy let go of a high pitched squeal and started to gulp furiously. His little Adam's apple was bobbing up and down as he swallowed every drop of Matt's boy spunk, then he pushed his denim covered little boy butt into the air and ground it in a circular motion with a depraved moan and a hard shudder. As his butt was churning in the air, I took note of the moist spot forming in his crotch, a sure sign that he'd just creamed his pants.

When he calmed down, he settled his little body down by resting his head on Matt's thigh and nursing gently on the softening dick he still had in his mouth. He looked so content, as if his dreams had all come true, and I knew that he and I were in for a night we'd treasure for a long, long time. The sound of moist kissing pulled my attention away from Jimmy's beautiful, cock filled mouth and to the scene that was unfolding near my headboard. Matt and Mike were sharing another kiss, looking quite tenderly at each other the entire time. When their lips separated, Mike sighed and voiced his feelings.

I love you,” he said warmly, then he puckered his lips and offered his lover another kiss.

I love you too,” Matt replied when they broke their kiss. They smiled dumbly at each other for a moment, then they turned their attention to Jimmy and I.

Let's go take a shower and get cleaned up,” Mike suggested, running his fingers through my brown hair. I reluctantly let his dick fall from between my lips while Jimmy did the same with Matt, then we got up. I dutifully undressed Jimmy like a good little girl, then I took the time to bury my face in his stinky rump, sniffing his brown eye. Once I treated myself to a long, luscious whiff of his stink hole, I felt out of control and took a few swipes at it with my tongue. With my tongue buried in his poop-chute, I lifted his white underwear to my nose, sniffing the dark, sweet smelling stains that rested in their seat.

Do you have to fart?” I asked him almost desperately, and he responded by hanging his butt out. I opened wide and sealed my lips around his hole, waiting for his fart to blow into my watering mouth. I felt his thighs stiffen, then I was treated to the luscious stink of a hot, gassy fart that made me light headed. It had a very dark stink to it, and I could tell that it had passed over a turd or two. I was about to ask him if he had any poop for me when he blew an even juicier fart out, right into my mouth.

Mmm,” I moaned hotly, still holding his underwear to my nose. “It smells like you have some poop.”

Instead of answering, he pushed another delicious smelling fart into my mouth, causing my head to spin with pleasure.

I think I have to poop a little bit,” he told me, causing my own horny pooper to surge with ass juice.

Do it here,” I begged him, and while Matt and Mike watched with lewd smiles, Jimmy strained, sending a long, thick, crackling turd down his poop-chute that tasted heavenly as it pushed into my watering mouth. I was moaning so loudly that I was sure my mom and dad could hear me, but I didn't care. I wanted everyone to know how much I loved tasting Jimmy's poop log as it filled my slutty mouth.

It was a very rich colored clay brown turd, nice and soft with the smell of delicious dog poop, most likely from his earlier meal with Buck. I was sniffing hard as it completed its journey, only wishing that it had curled up like an actual piece of dog poop.

I turned and showed off my impromptu mouthful to Matt and Mike, then to Jimmy, who was grinning down at me over his shoulder as I chewed and swallowed. When I had it down, he squatted over my face and pooped out another long turd with the same rich aroma and soft, moist body as the first one. This turd coiled tightly in my mouth the way I hoped it would, giving me the sensation of eating more of Buck's delicious poop load and causing my boy pussy to burn sweetly with passion. I once again opened wide to show off my stinky mouthful, wanting Mike and Matt to see that I'm always an eager little poop eater, no matter the time or day. That I'm hot to swallow more of their butt pudding whenever they want to feed me, at school, at home or even out in public. I'm always a dedicated toilet for them, and I want to serve them well.

Much to my delight, Jimmy fed me one last mouthful of his stinky boy poop. He sent down one last turd, this one about half as long as the first two, but it was still rich and creamy. It had the same delightful stink to it that the others had, and I was happy to have it. I showed it off again, then I swallowed like a good poop lover. When it was down, I dutifully used my tongue like toilet paper to wipe Jimmy's butt, pulling in thick hunks of his stinky poop and giving off satisfied moans. When his rear end was clean, I wrapped my lips around Jimmy's hairless cock and swallowed a refreshing mouthful of hot pee, then I let him shake off on my tongue before crawling on my hands and knees over to Mike and Matt.

I opened wide and let them take turns resting their cocks on my tongue so that I could wrap my lips around each one and swallow more hot pee like a good toilet. I started with Matt, who peed forcefully down my throat while I swallowed dutifully, wanting to keep up and not lose any. When he was done, he shook off on my tongue, then I begged him to fart in my face. He hung his smelly rump out and I scrambled into position, anxious to taste a mouthful of his hot fart. He gave me a long series of hot, delicious smelling farts, then pulled his butt away from my eager face so that Mike could take his turn. I wrapped my lips around the base of his cock, which was soft, and let him fill my tummy with a long, satisfying pee load that tasted so heavenly and quenched my thirst. He shook off on my tongue, then he treated me to several hot, wet farts. As he was farting in my mouth, he was simultaneously treating me to forceful spurts of hot diarrhea that I was eager to swallow. When there were no more of his wet, poopy farts to enjoy, I used my tongue like a good little poop eater, wiping his butt until it was clean. When I was done making a pig out of myself, Jimmy licked the poo smears from around my mouth, then we got up and went down the hall to the bathroom so we could clean up.

As we made our way down the hall, I wrapped my arms around Mike's torso, wanting him to hold me close. In front of us, Jimmy was leading the way, letting his tasty bubble butt swing from side to side and walking hand in hand with Matt, whose hot rump was jiggling with every step in a fashion I hadn't noticed before. We started the shower while Mike and Matt prepared my tooth brush like perfect gentlemen, then they watched while Jimmy and I brushed our teeth. When we were finished, they added more toothpaste and took the mouthwash down for us to rinse. When our breath was minty fresh, they treated us to long, loving French kisses before we got in the shower.

Jimmy and I washed our chosen partners like good little pussy boys, washing their hair and their bodies from top to bottom. They took turns under the spray of water, rinsing off, then they once again took care of their girlfriends by washing us. Mike was especially gentle with me, massaging the baby shampoo into my brown hair and wiping the built up lather away from my forehead, not wanting the suds to get into my eyes. At the other end of the tub, Matt had accepted the bottle of baby shampoo from Mike and was treating Jimmy in a similar fashion, soaping his head carefully, then taking a washrag to his body and cleaning every square inch. While this was happening, Mike hugged me from behind, wrapping his arms around my wet body and holding me close.

You're so cute,” he told me gently. “I want to make love to you so bad, Kyle.”

I tilted my head back and grinned up at him, prompting him to lean down and plant a sweet kiss on my lips.

I love you, Mike,” I confessed with a quiet lisp. “I want to give you some pussy right away.”

Will you still love me after you have sex with everyone at your friend Nathan's house?” he asked with an unsure expression, and I nodded with a dreamy sigh.

Me and Jimmy are in love with you and Matt,” I admitted, my lisp getting thicker. “We only go to Nathan's house because it's fun getting laid by him and his friends. We're your girlfriends because we like making love with you.”

You're both good girlfriends, Kyle,” Mike said with a smile, then he planted another kiss on my lips. “I love you.”

With that, Matt passed him the rag and Mike proceeded to wash me with it, running it gently over my body and taking extra time when he got to my boy pussy, which was juicing hard in anticipation of the multiple cocks that would be filling it that night. I shuddered and moaned when I felt him use a circular motion to scrub it, then he pulled my cheeks apart and added a little more force. When he was finished, I was eager for some back door action, so I grabbed the bar of soap and worked up a lather in my hand, then I passed it over to Jimmy, who was engaged in a very delicious looking kiss with Matt. I planted my lips to Mike, then I slipped my tongue into his mouth while I used my hands to soap up his hard cock. After giving it several strokes, we broke our kiss and I bent over, placing my hands against the tiled wall while Mike grabbed my hips and lined up with my upturned bottom.

I moaned like a girl when he pushed in, then I smiled and sighed as his shaft got hot inside of me. I looked over at the other end of the shower, where Jimmy had placed his hands on the edge of the tub with his feet spread so far apart that his legs looked like they were forming a triangle. His curious new position made his rear end stick straight up into the air and gave Matt the latitude to drive down into it like a pile driver. Jimmy had an eager smile on his face, and when we made eye contact, we shared a moment of quiet understanding that we were only getting a preview of the night ahead. I let out a long moan, prompting Jimmy to do the same, then he licked his lips and gave his upturned bottom a sensual stir. I responded in kind, then I used my hips to push up, wanting to meet Mike's inward thrusts and display my gratitude to him for agreeing to go with us to Nathan's so that Jimmy and I could have our fudge packed over and over by six different cocks.

When Jimmy and I both received a butt load of cum, we ate each other out on the floor of the tub, feltching the cum and ass juice out of each others' bottoms. When we got out, Jimmy and I dried our boyfriends off first, then we let them dry us off. Matt and Mike had us both bend over the counter in front of the sink, then they used their fingers to lube us both up. My pussy was still humming with pleasure from the satisfying ride on Mike's cock, followed by the expert rim job from Jimmy. So when Mike slipped two fingers up my butt, I tightened up around them and rode them hard until I experienced another dry orgasm and juiced hard around his fingers. When he pulled them from my moist boy cunt, I licked them clean with a lusty moan, then I melted into his embrace and let him hold me tight while Matt tended to Jimmy's boy pussy.

When we got to my room, Jimmy and I nakedly tended to our tops, dressing them and even fixing their hair so that they looked as cute as possible, then we let them pick our outfits. Jimmy and I each wore a pair of panties that our lovers picked out. I squealed happily when Mike held open a pair of pink panties for me to step into, then I watched with glee as Jimmy's hot rump was enveloped by a pair of lavender panties patterned with pink teddy bears. We pranced gayly around my room for our lovers, then we kissed each other deeply, wanting to put on a show for them. I heard my mom coming down the hall, so I opened the door to show off for her.

Mama, look at our panties,” I lisped, dancing across my bedroom floor on my tip toes. “Don't we look pretty?”

You look very pretty, honey,” she said with a loving smile. “Jimmy, you look pretty too, sweetheart. It looks like you're ready to have a lot of fun tonight.”

We are, mommy,” Jimmy said with a faint lisp of his own. “We're going to Nathan's house with Mike and Matt to have our pussies serviced.”

Well I hope that you two get enough,” she said, taking note of the fact that Mike and Matt were blushing hard. “Mommy's going to the store so that I can get something special for my girls. Come give me a hug and kiss.”

We both went to her and were smothered in kisses, then we turned and grinned at Matt and Mike, who were absentmindedly rubbing their crotches. She closed our bedroom door with a knowing smile, prompting Matt to swallow hard.

Holy shit, that's hot!” he exclaimed. “You guys just told her that you were going to take it in the ass tonight.”

She knows we like it up the butt,” I told him. “Her and my dad bought us these panties to wear because we told them that we liked the ones you bought us.”

Is she going to buy you more panties?” Mike asked, and I shrugged.

Maybe,” I told him, my lisp still thick. “Maybe she's going to get us more lube, though. My dad said to use a lot and to let them know when we needed more.”

Fucking hot!” Mike said with a lecherous smile as Jimmy and I led them to my closet, where they continued with the task of picking out our attire. They helped us into our outfits, then they had us sit in their laps while they fixed our hair. When it was time to leave, they treated us to another kiss, then we held hands as we made our way down the stairs to the living room, where my dad was watching the news in his robe.

I was moaning like a girl as I pushed my face up into Ethan's rump, eating him deeply while a strong set of hands took hold of my hips and pulled them up, putting me into the perfect position to accept a cock at my back door. Though I hadn't completely undressed, I knew that this was a minor barrier for my would be top. My pretty pink panties were still adorning my horny bottom, but I was otherwise nude. Jimmy, on the other hand, was completely naked and currently accommodating two hard cocks. His lips were wrapped tightly around Nathan's throbbing boner, muffling his satisfied moans as he felt it drive in and out of his cum tube. Behind him, Mike was feeding his boy cunt rhythmic strokes of stiff, satisfying cock.

While my tongue was lodged deep in Ethan's poop-chute, I had a hard dick in each hand, milking them for all I was worth. Moments before, I'd accepted Ethan's cum load, sucking his dick like a true cock hound while I treated myself to the joy of giving Matt and Steve a hand job. While I was doing this, Steve had a mouthful of Kevin's dick, sucking it with a lustful look in his eyes while I stroked his cock. When Ethan blasted off, he withdrew his cock and I begged him to let me lick his butt. He quickly acquiesced, and I was treated to a luscious stink that made me shiver as his cheeks closed tightly around my face. While I was eating him out, Kevin made his move, pulling me up so that I was in the doggy style position, my face buried in Ethan's rump and a cock in each hand. I thought I could hear French kissing right above my head, but I was in no hurry to pull my face out of Ethan's rump to verify.

When we arrived at Nathan's house 10 minutes earlier, I was burning with passion and hopeful for a long night of cock service. Matt and Mike seemed a little apprehensive as we made the short walk down the sidewalk, hand in hand, to Nathan's house, but their apprehension faded when they set their eyes on the room full of hunks that were awaiting our arrival. Both Matt and Mike recognized Steve right away from the prior school year, as well as elementary school, and they immediately gravitated toward him.

Your boyfriends are cute,” Nathan said openly to Jimmy and I, causing Mike and Matt to grin and blush.

I think you're cute, too,” Mike said shyly. “All of you are really hot.”

Matt was squeezing his boner through his pants, making no effort to hide his desire, and I knew that they had relaxed enough to enjoy themselves. Jimmy and I both made it a point to kiss everyone in the room, then we put on a show by making out in the floor while we stripped our clothes off piece by piece. While we were doing this, Mike and Steve engaged in a very hot kiss while Matt kissed Nathan, who had taken a seat next to him on the couch. This prompted Ethan and Kevin to get up and join Jimmy and I on the floor, kissing us up and letting us pull their dicks out of their pants. I felt Ethan pull my shirt off over my head, leaving me sitting on the back of my legs with only my panties on, while Kevin finished undressing Jimmy right down to his hairless boy pecker and smooth, horny bottom.

When Jimmy was completely nude, he made a move for Kevin's cock while Ethan stood up in front of me, letting me wrap my dick sucking lips around his rigid fuck stick. I watched Jimmy swallow all six inches of Kevin's cock, then I saw his little body change its position suddenly. Jimmy let out a moan as he assumed the doggy position, and I looked back just in time to see Mike lining up with his hole. Jimmy let Kevin's cock fall from his mouth momentarily so that he could look back and smile appreciatively as Mike buried his dick in his pussy, then he sighed contentedly before opening wide. By that time, though, Nathan had taken Kevin's place, so Jimmy swallowed his dick like a pro, satisfied to be fed cock at both ends.

In the meanwhile, Steve and Matt had stepped to either side of me on their knees, giving me access to their thick, luscious dicks. I wrapped a hand around each one and moaned like a sissy, then I watched with lust as Kevin eased his cock into Steve's mouth. By the time Ethan fired his load into my mouth, Steve was moaning loudly, his lust driven by both the cock he was servicing and the hand job he was receiving from me. When Ethan pulled away from my mouth, I voiced my desires.

I need to lick your butt,” I said unashamedly, then I took turns sucking on the end of the two dicks that I was stroking as a way to temporarily sate my need while Ethan turned to face away from me. As soon as his rump was in my face, I pushed up into it while a wet, audible pop filled my ears. Moments later, I felt Kevin grab my hips and pull my little boy butt up so that he could ease my panties down and sink his cock into my willing rear end.

My yearning boy pussy was sizzling with pleasure as Kevin pushed passed my anal ring and entered me from behind. I could feel his glans pushing along the walls of my moist passage, torturing every nerve that lined it and causing my little body to shiver with delight. The heat of his cock was throbbing against the moist membranes of my boy cunt, causing it to clutch his entire length in a show of gratitude as my juices surged around it. I let go of a loud, horny moan, right into Ethan's stinky pooper, then I began to eat him harder while simultaneously pulling on the two dicks I had in my hands with a corkscrew like motion, eager to feel them blow all over my face and hair.

While I was concentrating on servicing my four lovers, Kevin began to thrust in and out, sending long shivers up and down my legs, back and all over my torso. I was practically howling with pleasure as he ran his veiny rod in and out of my moist pussy, hammering my sweet spot over and over as the familiar, sweet burn of an anal orgasm began to swirl in my tummy. Even though I was servicing two dicks with my hands and eating Ethan's teenaged boy butt, I managed to push up with my hips, meeting Kevin's inward strokes as my climax started to build.

Fuck, these two little cock lovers can't get enough,” I heard Nathan exclaim, and once again, I affirmed the validity of his statement.

Uh uh,” I moaned into Ethan's rump, shaking my head no for emphasis. At the same time, I heard Jimmy squeal loudly, then he gave off a depraved moan as the loud slapping sounds of crotch to butt contact filled the room. While I was dining at Ethan's back door, I felt Matt caress the back of my head, so I pulled away from the delicious butt just in time to receive his cum load right in my face. I moaned sissily, then I took his cum firing cock in my mouth and let him unload the rest of his boy sperm down my throat. At the same time, Steve eased his cock into my mouth right beside Matt's, so I gave another whimper and used my tongue to bathe both dicks.

While I was sucking both cocks, Matt and Ethan shared a loving kiss, then Matt pulled out of my mouth and let Ethan have another turn. I squealed like the fairy that I am when Steve fed me his baby batter, then I made it a point to keep my lips wrapped tightly enough around both dicks that he wouldn't pull out. While this was happening, Matt began kissing Kevin, who was still servicing my climaxing pussy with his talented dick. Having a cute 13 year old slipping him tongue was enough to push him over the edge, and as my boy butt grabbed his dick, he fired a hot load of cum deep into my pussy.

When he pulled out, Matt took his place at my back door, slipping his once again hard cock inside of me. I sighed contentedly around the two dicks that I was sucking, then I moaned like a girl as Matt began to fuck me from behind. I felt Steve start to pull his cock, which was starting to regain it's rigidity, from my mouth and felt a little disappointed. Happily, though, it was only so that Kevin could ease his dripping fuck stick in next to Ethan, who hadn't blown his load yet.

Oh, fuck,” I heard Nathan exclaim to my left, but with two dicks in my mouth and one up my butt, I hadn't either the ability or the inclination to watch while he unloaded his boy spunk into my boyfriend's mouth. I heard Jimmy give off another high pitched moan, then I heard him swallow his mouthful of cum like a good girl while Mike and Matt continued to service our needy rear ends side by side. Moments later, I heard Mike groan loudly, as Jimmy continued to moan like a girl, then the only sounds I could hear around me were the sounds of Matt's crotch slapping against my high traffic rear end and moist dick sucking.

While Matt was tapping my ass, Mike was pulling his dripping cock out of Jimmy's rear end. There was a mess of cum on the floor beneath Jimmy where he'd obviously blown load after load while being fed hot cock at both ends. Moments later, Steve was lining up to Jimmy's horny back door while Mike eased his dripping, sticky dick into Jimmy's mouth. Out of nowhere, I could hear the sounds of sex beside me as once again, Jimmy was moaning like a satisfied pussy boy around Mike's dick while Steve drove into his yearning boy butt. While he was taking on two hard dicks, Nathan slipped his tongue back into Mike's mouth and the two of them were soon lost in a very passionate kiss that only intensified when Jimmy took hold of Nathan's cock and eased it into his mouth beside Mike's.

While Jimmy was being serviced on the floor next to me, my own climax was still carrying on, courtesy of the three dicks filling me up. Matt's cock was sending hard shivers through my body, causing me to moan sissily around Kevin and Ethan's cocks. Kevin had raged back to life in my mouth, and I was looking forward to feeling his throbbing cock up my butt all over again. At the same time, I was feeling hot for another load of Ethan's hot baby batter, not caring if he blew it up my poop-chute or down my throat. I just knew that I wanted it badly, and I was determined to feel him unload inside of me one way or the other.

I felt Matt start to drive in hard from behind, and I knew that he was about to treat me to one of his cum loads, so I pushed up with my hips to meet his inward thrusts, just like I did for Kevin. This only served to heighten my pleasure, causing my climaxing pussy to queef loudly as my legs shook uncontrollably. I let loose with a long, feminine moan when I felt Matt's hot dick start to swell in my juicing boy cunt, then I squealed with joy around the two dicks that I was sucking as he blasted off inside of me. With a groan, he sank his hot shaft all the way inside of me and began filling my rear end with a massive offering of hot boy spunk that felt so good as it pumped out of his dick and coated the walls of my well fucked pooper.

God damn, this little fairy loves it,” I heard Kevin exclaim, and I once again nodded my head in agreement as Matt's dick continued to unload volley after glorious volley of cum up my rear end, which was still squeezing his pole over and over. When he was empty, I felt him pull out of my butt, then much to my delight, Ethan announced his own intentions.

I'm going to take a turn back there,” he declared as he began to withdraw from my mouth, his veiny cock gliding so wonderfully between my deep red lips. I moaned my approval, then I ground my unoccupied rear end around in the air, wanting him to know that I was hot for some more back door action. At the same time, Matt came around to my front, wagging his still hard cock in my face. It was drooling cum at the end, and there was a sheen of ass juice coating his entire length, making my mouth water for it. I gave off a needy whimper as my horny bottom continued to roll around in the air, then I felt Ethan's hands on my hips, preparing to line up and push in.

I whimpered with delight as Matt slid his still rock hard rod between my lips, then I sucked lustily on the two dicks my slutty mouth was being treated to. At the same time, I felt the head of Ethan's dick push against my puckered opening, and I responded by using my talented muscles to part the lips of my boy pussy and pull him in, sucking his length all the way past my anal ring and forcing his shaft to enter me. My moist membranes were grabbing his length, pulling his shaft down inch by delicious inch until I could feel his pubic bush scratching the insides of my sweaty cheeks and brushing the deepest part of my crevice, right around my horny butt hole.

Holy crap, I can't believe that just happened,” Ethan declared, a note of wonder in his voice. “You have an amazing ass.”

I responded by moaning hotly around the two dicks in my mouth, then I felt Ethan start to retract his cock. I decided to give my boy pussy the power to decide what it wanted, and before he could resist, Ethan was being pulled back in against his will. He pulled back again, and once more, the membranes in my juicing boy cunt had drawn him back in. I could feel the hot lining of my pussy squeezing his shaft over and over, and I knew that I'd most likely have to calm down so that I could experience a lengthy butt fucking, but at the same time, I knew that he'd return to my back door before the night was through. I felt his fingers dig into my hips, then he began to fuck me with deep, powerful thrusts that made my body shiver and restarted my climax all over again.

While I was being treated to three hot dicks, I heard Jimmy moaning loudly around Mike and Nathan's respective cocks while Steve was hammering his boy cunt from behind. At the same time, I heard the sound of kissing still carrying into my ears, telling me that Nathan and Mike were still making out to my left while Kevin and Matt were French kissing right above me. All of the sudden, I heard Jimmy start to swallow again, and wondered to myself whose ball juice he was being treated to. His moaning was starting to get even louder, and I was sure that he was firing another round of his boy spunk onto the floor beneath him. The sound of Steve's crotch slapping against Jimmy's plump little bottom was starting to pick up in frequency until it sounded like my boyfriend was being fed hard, fast strokes. I heard Jimmy give off another depraved moan, then he started to gulp furiously again. At the same time, I heard Steve groan, a sure sign that he was unloading his own teen spunk into Jimmy's horny, upturned 11 year old boy butt.

In the meanwhile, my own 11 year old little boy butt was being treated to long, thick strokes of Ethan's hot dick and my slutty mouth was filled to the brim with teenage cock. I could hear Nathan and Mike pull out of Jimmy's mouth beside me, and I could sense the moment that Jimmy wrapped his eager lips around Steve's sticky dick because he let go of another grateful moan. I instinctively reached out with my left hand, wanting to stroke another cock, and was rewarded with a handful of Mike's hard on. When I started to stroke him off, I heard him and Nathan break their kiss, then Nathan moved in to my right and allowed me to wrap my hand around his dick so that I could service him the right way.

The moment that I had Nathan's cock in my right hand, I let go of a long, horny moan. For the second time that day, I had reached the ultimate level of cock servitude, and I loved it. My climax was starting to overflow and I was being swept away as I sucked lustily on the two dicks in my mouth, stroked diligently on the two dicks I had in my hands and pushed up to meet the inward thrusts of the thick cock that I had up my butt. I knew that I wanted to stay this way for the rest of my life unless I could find a way to service even more dicks. On the floor next to me, Steve and Jimmy were sitting Indian style, watching with wonder in their eyes as I set the example of how a true cock slut is supposed to behave.

Bubba, why don't you and Jimmy get in on this?” I heard Ethan tell his brother, and once again, I moaned like a bitch in heat. “Just get on either side and see if he can hold your dicks.”

I felt a long shiver of passion run through me when Steve and Jimmy scrambled to their feet and followed Ethan's instructions. Without ever letting go of the dicks I was already holding, I felt the nirvana of another dick being eased into each palm, while I moaned hotly around Kevin and Matt's cocks. Steve slipped his cock into my left hand with Mike while Jimmy slipped his hairless little boy cock into my right hand with Nathan. Mike and Steve were sharing a passionate kiss while Jimmy and Nathan did likewise. Matt and Kevin soon locked lips, and I lost control of my body as the most powerful orgasm I'd ever felt ripped through me, causing my boy pussy to crush Ethan's cock over and over again until he could no longer hold off. He was piston fucking me over and over, picking up the pace while my legs trembled violently beneath me, then I felt him push all the way in and fire off a strong, thick load of his teenage boy spunk that sprayed so hard inside of me that I felt it in my lower abdomen.

When he pulled out, he quickly took Kevin's place in my mouth. Kevin drove up inside of me, causing me to squeal with delight as the head of his luscious 17 year old dick tore back and forth along the lining of my pussy while I sucked all of the boy spunk and ass juice off of Ethan's dick. My legs were once again shaking violently as my climax continued to course through my body, and it didn't take long for Kevin to blow his load up my poop-chute. When he pulled out, he took Matt's place in my mouth while Mike posted up at my back door. I quickly wrapped my hand around Matt's dick, enjoying how good it felt as it rested with Steve's in my palm.

It's always a pleasure when Mike is giving me the back door action that I crave, and this was no exception. He slipped up inside of me and hammered my clit with tender loving care while I continued to moan like a little girl. I knew that I was a true fairy for all of the dicks that I was servicing, and that one day, I wanted to find a way to service even more dicks at once and be an even truer fairy. My hands were working furiously, jacking off the delicious cocks that I had in my hands while my tongue and throat worked to service the luscious dicks I had in my mouth. Mike's 13 year old boy dick was hard as steel as he continued to hammer my boy butt from the back, and as my climax erupted all over again, I was treated to several more long strokes of cock before he filled my boy pussy with spunk. When he pulled out, he took Ethan's place in my mouth while Nathan slipped the head of his dick into my little boy butt and Ethan took his place in my right hand along with Jimmy.

This was Nathan's first time in my rear end all evening, and I was feeling especially horny for his 18 year old cock. Just like I'd done with Ethan, I used the muscles in my poop-chute to pull him all the way in, then I worked my talented butt hole around his dick to give us both additional pleasure while my climax carried on. When I finally let him take over, he fed me delicious strokes of hard dick from behind while I moaned my approval. His tantalizing dick was driving in so hard that I could feel breaths being pushed out of my lungs, causing me to expel air around Mike's and Kevin’s hard rods. My eager little hands were still stroking the four cocks they were being treated to, and I was feeling even more insatiable for cock as my butt fucking continued. My legs were burning with passion and my whole body was shivering, causing goosebumps to erupt all over my skin as my feminine moaning got even louder.

Finally, Nathan could no longer stand the squeezing of my cock hungry boy butt and I felt his dick swell. As the head of his swollen dick began to expand, I could feel the spunk start to rise up his shaft, then I sighed around the two dicks that I was sucking as Nathan pumped his hot boy sperm into my needy rear end. When he pulled out, I felt desperate for another cock in my back door, as well as for Nathan to slip his dick into my mouth. I was soon treated to both as Steve pulled his rock hard boy dick away from my left hand and made his way around to my back side while Kevin pulled away from my mouth and slipped his dick into my hand next to Matt, who quickly engaged him in a lip lock. I pushed up with my hips, wanting Steve to know that I needed more back door action in the worst way, then I felt Nathan ease his dick into my watering mouth.

Mmm,” I moaned like a girl as I felt his length glide along my lips, his glans dragging along the rough surface of my tongue until he was at the back of my mouth, waiting for his turn in my cum tube. I felt Mike pull his hard dick out of my throat, giving Nathan the room he needed to slip his dick in and treat me to its entire length. At the same time, Steve sank his thick dick into my eager rear end, giving me more chills of delight as I took pleasure in being totally immersed in hard dick. Without pretense or hesitation, he grabbed my hips and began thrusting in and out forcefully, intensifying the pleasure that I was experiencing as I took my sixth cock in a row, knowing that there was still another one waiting to slip up inside of me and give me more of the pleasure I was seeking.

How's that feel, Bubba?” I heard Ethan ask his brother, then I heard Steve moan with pleasure at the same time that I let go of another moan of my own.

It's amazing,” he gushed. “I love having sex with Kyle and Jimmy.”

They're a couple of cute little cock hounds, aren't they?” Kevin observed, and I replied by pushing up with my hips again, moaning hotly the entire time.

Uh huh,” Steve agreed, then he picked up the pace of the fudge packing that he was treating me to. I felt every nerve ending in my body catch fire all over again as he drilled my boy pussy from behind with a purpose, causing it to crash down hard on his teen cock, then I started to queef loudly. As my horny little pussy was queefing uncontrollably, I used my throat muscles to squeeze Nathan's hard cock, wanting to feel him thrust in and out beside Mike.

He fucking can't get enough, can he?” I heard Nathan exclaim as my cum tube massaged his fuck stick, and I answered by shaking my head no with a feminine moan.

I bet he wishes there were more cocks to suck and to take up the ass,” Ethan said, and I nodded in the affirmative, my role as a cock hound and a pussy boy now firmly established. I increased the pressure of the hand job I was giving, wanting to feel my hands running up and down the length of all four dicks while I luxuriated in the feeling of two hard dicks in my mouth and one in my boy pussy. Moments later, I squealed with joy as Steve's cock got extremely hot in my poop-chute, almost like an ember had been shoved up my butt, then he pushed all the way in and fired his load of little boy spunk inside of me. I gave a cry of joy at having my boy cunt seeded again, then I used the talented muscles in my butt to squeeze his dick, not ready for him to leave me yet. He stayed in place for a few more moments, then he pulled out and I let go of a whimper as I pushed my now vacant boy cunt up into the air, desperate for more back door action.

I felt Jimmy pull his boy dick from my hand and move around to my cum filled boy pussy while Mike extracted his dick from my mouth and slipped it into my right hand beside Ethan, who I was hoping would be taking the next turn in my boy cunt. Steve eased his dripping cock into my mouth, and I found myself sucking on it with an insatiable hunger while Jimmy slipped his hairless boner into my needy boy butt and aimed for my clit. With Jimmy buried in my cum hungry bottom, it didn't take me long to experience another mind bending climax. His was the seventh cock I'd taken in less than an hour on the floor of Nathan's living room, and I knew that I was always going to crave having this many cocks at my disposal, a sure fire way to have non stop service in my boy pussy.

While Jimmy was servicing my boy pussy, I was squeezing Ethan's dick with all of my might, wanting to send him the signal that I needed to have him back inside of me. I felt him stroke my brown hair while Matt ran his palm up and down my back, which was still covered in goosebumps because of my climax. I was still moaning hotly, but all of my moans were now feminine. Any trace of the little boy who was cock hungry but still carried himself like a male before Christmas break was now gone, washed away by the multiple loads of hot spunk that had been shot deep inside of my twitching snatch. I had become a girl for the night, and was eager to have multiple dicks at my disposal, wanting them all anyway that I could get them.

When Jimmy presented me with his cum load, I felt him pull away and Ethan took his place. I felt a long shiver run through me when he pushed in, then I sighed contentedly as Nathan pulled his dick out of my mouth and offered Jimmy his spot. While I was sucking Jimmy clean, Nathan wrapped his arms around Jimmy's torso and planted a hot kiss on his lips, then they Frenched while Nathan's hot dick poked my boyfriend in the back. I felt Jimmy's little boy dick twitch in my mouth, then he pulled it out while I whimpered. I gave Steve's hard dick a squeeze to communicate my needs, and he quickly took Jimmy's place in my mouth while his brother hammered my boy pussy.

With two dicks in my mouth, one in each hand and Ethan's dick up my butt, I still felt like a good little pussy boy for my tops. I could see Jimmy right beside me, laying on his back with his knees pulled up to his chest, presenting his boy cunt to Nathan, who was in the process of sinking his shaft into it. When he was buried deep inside, Jimmy rested his ankles on Nathan's shoulder and offered his moist lips for a kiss that looked so delicious. Their wet tongues were sliding in and out of each others' mouths as Nathan fed Jimmy hard cock, causing his legs to rock back and forth with every thrust. It looked like they were making love, staring deep into each others' eyes as their kiss progressed.

In the meanwhile, my horny bottom was still burning sweetly with the fudge packing that Ethan was treating me to. I was now sucking hard on Mike's dick, wanting to coax another load from his balls while Steve's cock stayed nestled in my cum tube, gently thrusting back and forth across my clit. I had a firm hold of both Kevin's and Matt's dicks, stroking them thoroughly from the base to the head, wanting to give all five of us the maximum amount of pleasure. My head was spinning as the sweet burn that I was feeling in my boy pussy started to spread through my body again, causing my legs to tremble hard and my hair to stand up on its own, as if being pulled up by static electricity. My feminine moaning was still quite loud, and becoming more sissy like as the moments passed. I could feel my pussy start to grab the head of Ethan's dick over and over, and I knew that it wouldn't take long for me to experience the joy of feeling him blow his boy batter up my poop-chute. I felt him pull back just as my pussy was grabbing his cock, then I felt him push back in one last time before his hot shaft erupted. I moaned sissily and rolled my cum hungry rear end around, causing Ethan's spunking shaft to stir all of the cum loads around so deliciously as his hot cum filled me up again.

When he pulled out, Kevin took his place at my back door once again, while Mike took Kevin's place in my hand. Ethan eased his sticky dick between my lips next to his brother, who pulled out of my throat. As soon as I felt Steve pull out of my cum tube, I smiled at Ethan, then I immediately swallowed his entire length. While I was giving Ethan and Steve simultaneous blow jobs, Kevin was thrusting in and out of my boy cunt, which was juicing so hard that I could feel the flow meet resistance as he drove his dick up inside of me. I heard him take a deep breath and knew that he could feel it too, giving me even harder chills of delight because I was loving every minute of it.

Under the force of my squeezing boy cunt, Kevin lasted less than three minutes inside of me. He fired a quick load and pulled out, then, much to my surprise, he crawled over to Nathan and Jimmy, slipping his dick into my boyfriend's mouth instead of mine. Jimmy whimpered with joy, then he sucked furiously on Kevin's dick while Nathan continued to fuck him deeply. Jimmy's chest was a mess of little boy spunk, and his hairless cocklet was twitching hard with his continuous string of orgasms. His smooth, bald nut sack had no more cum to offer, and he was now experiencing dry orgasms that caused him to moan like a little sissy, just like me.

While I was watching Jimmy climax in his little boy ecstasy, Matt took his place at my back door, mounting me and slipping his hard dick back up inside of me. I was still in the throes of my last orgasm, and he simply picked up where Kevin left off. I was moaning like a girl around Steve and Ethan's dicks, and I was still giving Mike a hand job that I was enjoying. I could hear Mike and Steve sharing a kiss while Matt and Ethan carried on a conversation.

Do you think he's had enough dick for the night?” Ethan asked, and I shook my head no almost desperately.

I don't think Kyle ever gets enough dick,” Matt said, and once again, I shook my head no. “He loves having hard cocks inside of him. I fuck him all the time and so does Mike. He sucks dicks and licks asses at school, and I even fucked him in the locker room.”

That's fucking hot!” Ethan exclaimed. “He's so fucking cute, and it makes it even hotter to know that he likes to be fucked in his ass.”

He does everything, don't you Kyle?” Matt said, and I nodded my head with a feminine moan. “I still remember the first time he begged me to take a shit in his mouth and he ate it. It was amazing.”

No kidding, he's been here twice for it today,” Ethan observed, and I nodded in the affirmative again. “The last time he was here today, we didn't even have sex first. We just went into the bathroom and they took our shit loads.”

They both fucking love it,” Matt said, and I once again nodded my head in agreement as my little body burned with desire. “The first time I ever saw Jimmy eat shit, it was one of my turds. We were in Kyle's room and Jimmy, Mike and me were feeding him our shit in his bed. He'd already swallowed like eight of Mike's turds and still wanted more. So then I took a massive shit into Kyle's mouth, and he was taking it all. I filled his mouth all the way up, then I pushed too much out and shit on his face. It was two huge turds, and Jimmy picked it up and fed one to Kyle, then he licked the shit off of his fingers and ate the other piece like it was candy. When I was done, Jimmy took a pretty big dump into Kyle's mouth, too, and he loved every bite. It was fucking amazing.”

Damn, two little shit lovers,” I heard Ethan exclaim from above me, and I nodded my head in agreement again as my moaning got even more feminine. “Well, I have plenty to feed them tonight.”

Mmm,” I moaned hotly, wanting him to know that I was looking forward to eating hot poop straight from his rear end.

Fuck, he wants it bad,” I heard Nathan exclaim, and I once again nodded and let go of a girlish moan as Matt drove in from the back, my pleasure now derived not only from the cocks I was servicing, but the conversation carrying on around me.

They've been eating it all day,” I heard Matt say, and once again, I nodded as another shiver ran through me. “We fed Kyle and Jimmy earlier, and they fucking loved it. They told us they had been here earlier.”

They were here,” Nathan affirmed. “They took loads from me, Ethan and Steve and then drank all four of our piss. A few hours ago, Kyle met me at the store while I was with my folks and he sucked my dick and drank my piss in the bathroom.”

That's fucking hot,” Mike said, breaking his kiss with Steve. “We fed them our loads later in the morning, and they were both so hot for it. I pooped for days into Kyle's mouth, and he just kept swallowing it and wanting more. When he was done with me, he licked the shit off of Jimmy's face and Matt's ass.”

Mmm,” I moaned again, wanting them all to know that I enjoyed every minute of poop eating that I'd partaken in that day, and was yearning for more.

They came over early in the afternoon, and me and Nathan and Kevin all fed them from our asses again,” Ethan said, and I once again moaned with desire. “They seemed like they couldn't get enough. Like I said, as soon as they got here, they practically dragged us to the bathroom and got undressed. Me and Nathan dropped deuces into their mouths and it seemed like no matter how much I went, Kyle couldn't get enough.”

I responded by shaking my head no, then letting loose with another moan as my juicing, busy boy butt contracted around Matt's steel hard rod.

I came into the bathroom and gave them both a pretty healthy load to eat, too,” Kevin reported. “After that, they were both so horned up that they went for our cocks, then they went home after that.”

When me and Mike got to Kyle's house tonight, we fucked him in the ass, then we both took a big dump in his mouth, and he wanted more,” Matt said, prompting me to moan hotly around Steve and Ethan's dicks and roll my hips around with a nod. “When Jimmy showed up later, Kyle took another full shit load from him, then he drank all of our piss, then he let Mike take a runny dump in his mouth again. I don't think he ever gets enough shit to eat, either. Do you, Kyle?”

Uh uh,” I moaned, shaking my head no for emphasis.

Did you eat more shit today than what we all know about?” Ethan asked, and I nodded with another high pitched moan. “Was it from Jimmy?”

I nodded my answer, then I pointed to myself, wanting them to know that I enjoyed a pile of my own stinky turds as well, then I felt Matt start to drive in hard from behind as his pace quickened.

Have you eaten anyone else's shit?” Nathan asked, and once again, I nodded my reply with a horny moan, feeling eager to let them know that I dined on a large assortment of hot, delicious turds from multiple sources throughout the day. “Were you at the store when it happened?”

I nodded again, essentially admitting to everyone in the room that I ate hot poop from a stranger's rear end, my need to confess such a naughty deed being driven by my continuous climax.

Was it a massive shit load?” I heard Ethan ask, and once again, I nodded and moaned hotly around his and Steve's dicks. “Did you swallow it all?”

I rolled my horny rear end around as I nodded my answer, feeling a powerful jolt of pleasure race up my spine. Seconds later, I was squealing with joy as Matt fired a load up into my needy cunt and pulled his dick out of me. I rolled my hips around wantonly, anxious to be filled up yet again. Mike pulled his hard rod from my hand and slipped up into my back door just in time for Ethan and Steve to pull away from my mouth. Matt slipped his cock in so that I could clean it while I watched Ethan and Steve share a long kiss that ended with Steve on his back, his legs being lifted into the air as Ethan prepared to fuck him with his thick cock. While Ethan was fucking his brother, Nathan was in the midst of firing his load deep inside of my boyfriend, who was moaning hotly around Kevin's hard dick. As soon as Nathan pulled out, Kevin took his place, allowing Jimmy to be filled up with Kevin's stiff cock and fucked thoroughly once more while he sucked lustily on Nathan's dripping tool.

I felt Mike pull his hard rod out of my high traffic rear end without cumming, causing me to whine around Matt's softening dick. I felt Matt run his fingers through my hair, then he eased his dick out of my mouth.

Roll over, baby,” he said softly, and I acquiesced with a soft moan. When I was on my back, Mike picked my legs back up and let them rest on his shoulders so he could fuck me in the missionary position. When he was balls deep inside of my horny boy snatch, Matt eased his semi soft cock into my mouth and let me nurse on it. As usual, Mike was so considerate, caring about my pleasure before his, and sometime after my third climax, he fired his load deep inside of me, bringing out one more sigh of contentment before he pulled out and let me suck him clean while he and Matt shared a tender kiss.

The sounds of sex had stopped in the room, and other than the soft dick that I was sucking on, there was no more action taking place. Jimmy and I were laying on the floor, our brown hair being stroked gently by our tops while Steve was snuggled up to his brother, who had deposited a cum load deep inside of him moments earlier. I thought that I would be insatiable for more cock, but I was strangely content for the moment. Kevin leaned down and planted a tender kiss on my cheek, prompting me to let Mike's soft dick fall from my lips so that I could be treated to something more. He smiled down at me and stroked my brown bangs away from my forehead, then he planted his lips to mine and we shared a very loving French kiss.

You're such an amazing little lover,” he said softly when our lips parted. “You and Jimmy are so adorable.”

I smiled sweetly at him and batted my eyes, then I watched with a warm smile as he gathered my boyfriend up into his arms and held him close, carrying him to the couch and holding him in his lap while they rested and recovered from their romp. Mike and Matt were looking down at me with loving smiles as well, while Nathan was rubbing my chest and tummy with his palm. I looked down at my hairless little cocklet, taking note of the fact that it had retracted to the point that it was nearly gone, save for the skin and my tight, hairless nut sack. I felt like such a good little girl, knowing that I'd given pussy and blow jobs to everyone in the room, most more than once, and that soon, we'd be heading down the hall for the main event.

I had a grin plastered to my face as Ethan's hot rump settled over it. Thoughts of the two loads I'd taken straight from his rear end earlier that day were swirling through my mind, giving me chills of delight as I prepared to indulge in yet another hot poop load from my feeder. My nose was nestled in his crack, just above his hot hole, which was lined up perfectly with my opened, watering mouth. To my right, I could see Matt and Mike watching intently, cuddling closely with Steve, who looked equally enthralled and even a little envious of my new position.

To my left, Jimmy was lying flat on his back beside me, using his tiny hands to part Kevin's cheeks. He was simultaneously giving off loud moans of desire and sniffing loudly, his nose and mouth positioned very similarly to mine. He had a dreamy smile on his face, a byproduct of the many cocks he'd taken throughout the evening, as well as the hot loads of poop that he was about to be treated to. We were surrounded by feeders, six hot lovers who had fucked us thoroughly and deposited multiple loads of cum down our throats, and now we were about to get our final payoff for being such dedicated pussy boys.

I was hot for Ethan to unload his buffet of hot, stinky turds into my slutty mouth. I'd been treated to his spicy poop loads all day, and was eager for another. Kevin had been tender with both of us all evening, but Jimmy was feeling especially smitten with him tonight, and I knew how much it meant to him for Kevin to feed him his boy poop. As soon as he had Kevin's cheeks parted, he buried his face in his crack and let them close around it, then he let off more moans of desire as Kevin released a series of hot farts that made me envious. I could smell them from where I was, even with Ethan's sharp smelling rump over my face, and they smelled heavenly.

While I was watching Jimmy and Kevin, Ethan's hole started to expand, sending a luscious stink into my nose and mouth that caused my hairless little boner, which was already pressed tight against my pubic bone, to twitch on its own. As the stinky aroma started to envelop my face, I felt a strong thrust of heat circulating in my mouth with the force of a convection oven. I heard Ethan's butt hole erupt with the sound of a loud, juicy fart, and in an instant, my mouth filled up with a soft, hot load of poop that caused my cheeks to bulge tightly and my lips to protrude.

Mmm,” I moaned uncontrollably as I used my tongue to smash the hot poop load against the roof of my mouth before swallowing. It was so soft and moist that my tongue pushed effortlessly through it, giving me more chills of delight as I swallowed my stinky mouthful and prepared for another. To my left, Jimmy's moaning hit a crescendo, then it was muffled by the mouthful of hot, thick turds that Kevin treated him to. He still sounded desperate to be fed hot poop from Kevin's rear end, but his moaning was starting to wane a bit as he negotiated his stinky gift.

Ethan gave another hard push, and true to his word, he filled my mouth up forcefully with another large helping of his boy poop. The volume of his offering was so large that there was no room for his turds to take shape in my mouth. Instead, his load pushed in fast and tight, causing the firm turds that pushed out to cram tightly into any available space they could move to. I felt a long shiver run through me as I opened wide to show off my stinky treasure, wanting everyone to see how impacted the load was, and to know that it was comprised of nice, firm, brown turds that tasted and smelled heavenly.

He loves it,” I heard Steve say quietly to Mike and Matt, who nodded in agreement. I turned my head and smiled at him with a nod of my own. My hairless little pecker was bouncing up and down and I started to chew and smash the luscious mound of turds that I was enjoying. My midsection was burning sweetly and my boy pussy was throbbing with joy as my orgasm began to build. When the turds in my mouth were no longer firm, I opened wide again to show off my work, wanting everyone to see the mushy , chocolatey treat in my mouth before I swallowed it whole. As the delicious mound of butt fudge was making its way down my food pipe and into my tummy, I shuddered hard with a girly moan and my boygasm erupted, prompting me to swallow even faster so that I could be treated to more of Ethan's hot poop.

To my left, Jimmy was having his mouth filled with another crackling load of hot poop from Kevin's rear end, causing him to experience yet another dry orgasm as his empty balls tried in vein to shoot spunk that wasn't there. I watched as his cheeks bulged with the load he was enjoying, then he sighed and got to work, anxious to get it all in his tummy so that he could make room for more. In the meanwhile, I parted Ethan's poop smeared cheeks and moaned, then I formed a seal around his hot hole, thinking about the stinky rim job I got to give him earlier.

A hot, juicy fart erupted from his hole that blew directly into my mouth, then he pushed again and produced three nice, jumbo sized turds that pushed into my mouth, one right after the other. They were dark brown and lined with cracks and crevices. There was a moist sheen of ass juice on each one that I could see as they pushed out of his hole and into my mouth with a loud crackle. The first one took the shape of a horseshoe as it glided into my mouth, then it detached, only to be followed right away by another. The second one was a little smoother on the surface, but it was just as firm and had the same thickness and length as the first. I felt my horny boy pussy start to burn with pleasure all over again as it pushed into my mouth, the tip pushing against the roof and landing on top of the first one, then it broke in half when there was no more room for its length. When it broke, it continued to push out in an unrelenting fashion, sending a very luscious stink into my nostrils and causing my boy snatch to juice hard as another boygasm began to take shape.

As the second turd detached from Ethan's rear end, his poop-chute expanded again and he pushed out the third piece. Like the two before, it was massive and delicious smelling, but it was much softer that the two turds that were already resting in my slutty mouth. As it pushed between my lips and joined the others, it smashed easily against the contours of my mouth and the parts of my tongue where the other turds weren't occupying any space. It was pushing into my mouth with a moist crackle, and it had a sharper aroma and flavor that I loved. When it detached from Ethan's hole, I had a massive pile of soft boy poop protruding past my lips, causing my cheeks to bulge once more due to the sheer volume that I was accommodating.

Mmm,” I moaned joyously, letting everyone lean in and see the hot pile of stinky turds that I had in my mouth. I grinned hard, causing some of the poop that was crammed against the roof of my mouth to push into my nasal cavity, sending a luscious stink up into it that I knew I'd be able to keep with me all night. Once again, I made a show of my stinky mouthful, smashing it in my mouth until it was the consistency of chocolate pudding, then I opened wide so that everyone could see before I swallowed like a good toilet. When my mouthful was down, Ethan gave one last push, sending a soft, hot pile of poop into my mouth that I savored before swallowing. When it was down, I took to his rump, licking it clean and pulling in thick hunks of poop that gave me more chills of delight as I used my tongue like toilet paper.

When he was clean, he got up and Nathan took his place. To my left, Matt was making himself comfortable on Jimmy's chest, lowering his rump over his mouth. While this was happening, Steve had moved from Mike's lap to Ethan's, curling his legs up and letting Ethan rock him like a baby while they watched. Mike leaned into Ethan, who responded by wrapping his arm around him and rubbing his back tenderly. Nathan's soft cheeks were now closing in on my face, prompting me to reach out with my hand and caress them lovingly as I watched them part on their own.

My shit might be runny,” he warned me from above, and I moaned loudly from below, my hairless little boner still bouncing around on its own. I opened wide and took a hard whiff of his stinky chute, eager for the moment that he would pack my slutty mouth with his hot, steamy poop load. He gave a hard push, and with the sound of a violent thunderclap, he pushed a load of poop into my mouth that was both runny and somehow, full of body. It was a deep dark brown, and it had a powerful stink rolling off of it that made my little body shiver as yet another boygasm ripped through me. My cheeks were bulging tightly with the load, and as he looked over his shoulder in concern, I sighed and smiled up at him, then I opened wide to show off the hot, stinky gift I was now in possession of.

That stinks worse than mine,” I heard Ethan say, and I sighed contentedly and nodded in happy agreement, then I gulped it all down with one swallow. I opened my watering mouth, eager to be fed more poop, when I heard Matt's rear end erupting into Jimmy's mouth right next to me. I looked over just in time to see Jimmy on the receiving end of a large mouthful of hot, clay brown boy poop that looked and smelled wonderful, just like it smelled hours earlier in the evening when Matt was feeding me. Jimmy's little body was shivering hard and his cute face was glazed over with a permanent grin, just like the one I had. I watched him reach out and take hold of the last turd as it detached from Matt's butt hole, then he pushed on the end, forcing it into the already impacted mouthful that he was negotiating.

I quickly turned my attention back to Nathan, who was watching the show with me. I parted his cheeks and moaned hotly, wanting him to know that I was ready for more. I felt his thighs stiffen above me, and once again, my mouth was filled to capacity with his liquidy boy poop. I was able to swallow about half of it when I felt him start to push again, and without waiting, I opened wide and let him push his last butt load of hot poop into my already halfway full mouth. Just like the others, it was rich, creamy and runny. I moaned with pleasure as I gulped down his diarrhea, then I licked his crack clean. When his crack was clean, he got up so that I could accommodate Mike, who had extracted himself from Ethan's embrace so that he could sit down on the toilet that was my mouth.

In the meanwhile, Jimmy was worshiping Matt's rear end with his tongue, giving him deep ass licks in a desperate search for more of his butt candy. I reached over and ran my fingers through his hair, prompting him to pull his tongue away from Matt's poop-chute so that he could be a toilet for his third and final feeder, Steve.

With our feeders in place, Jimmy and I were both moaning in a depraved fashion, eager for as much hot poop to swallow as we could get. I knew that as soon as we were back at my house, I was going to find something for Matt and Mike to eat that would give them the urge to poop as soon as possible. As Mike's hole expanded against my lips, I opened wide and let the heat from his butt hole circulate in my already well used but still watering mouth. I heard the familiar crackling of a moist turd pushing down his poop-chute, then I felt it pushing between my moist lips and into my mouth. The stink was incredible, just like drying pee, and I loved it. It was clay brown, just like Matt's turds were when he was feeding Jimmy, and as it pushed into my mouth, it curled up like a piece of dog poop. When it detached from his hole, I opened wide so that everyone could see the coiled, tasty treat in my mouth. While Nathan, Ethan and Matt were leaning in to look, Jimmy was looking over at me with a naughty grin as Mike and Steve grinned down at me over their shoulders.

This gave Jimmy all of the incentive he needed to hurry Steve along, anxious for a tasty collection of turds from his poop buffet. Steve got the message when Jimmy parted his cheeks and moaned, straining audibly while filling Jimmy's mouth with a long, brown turd that was too big for him to fit in his mouth. I knew that this was exactly what Jimmy was hoping for, and while I chewed and swallowed my stinky mouthful, I watched with a grin as Jimmy used his fingers to cram the turd the rest of the way into his mouth, then he shuddered with delight as another dry orgasm took him over.

I opened wide and waited hopefully while Mike pushed again, sending yet another hot, stink laden turd down his rectum that pushed its way into my mouth with a moist crackle. As it made its way into my mouth, I shuddered with the thrill of another boygasm as the familiar luscious odor drifted into my nostrils, making me think about drying pee or even better, a pile of my stinky underwear, waiting to be washed after I filled them with my hot poop and soaked them with my yellow pee.

While my boygasm was traveling through my body, I was chewing the luscious turd up and smashing it against the roof of my mouth. I opened wide and showed everyone my chocolatey treat, then I swallowed quickly so that I could eat more. When my mouth was empty, I opened wide and showed off my empty mouth, then I grinned hard and opened wide, eager for more poop to smell, taste and swallow. Mike pushed, and this time he sent down two medium sized turds that I proudly showed off to the room, then I chewed and swallowed them both with a satisfied sigh before opening wide, hoping for more.

To my left, Jimmy was taking the last of Steve's hot load, having already received three mouthfuls to savor and swallow. He was still grinning hard with transfixed pleasure, taking hard sniffs of Steve's butt and moaning loudly as the last crackling turd filled his mouth. While Jimmy was accepting his last mouthful from Steve, Mike was treating me to a series of hot, wet farts that were blowing spurts of diarrhea into my mouth, then he pushed hard and filled my mouth halfway with his chocolatey, delicious liquid boy poop. I moaned gratefully and showed it off to everyone, then I quickly gulped it down before taking to Mike's rump in search of any remaining turds that I might find.

There were no turds, but there was plenty of heaped up boy poop, and I anxiously pulled it all into my mouth with my toilet paper tongue, then I licked his crack clean before treating myself to the joy of eating his poop-chute out for a full minute. To my left, Jimmy was hard at work, doing the same for Steve. When our feeders finally got up, Jimmy and I got in the tub and opened wide, letting our tops fire hot pee into our mouths like good little toilets. As we were gulping down the delicious yellow treat, our tops were taking turns peeing in our hair and all over our torsos. When they were empty, I begged all of them to shake off on our tongues, then I stayed on my knees while Jimmy got up and aimed his hairless boy cock into my mouth, peeing down my throat while I gulped furiously and let my own pee stream go all over my tummy and thighs.

After we received their pee loads, we started the shower and stayed in the tub while Ethan and Kevin got in. After washing them like good girls, we bent over at either end of the shower and let them slip their cocks into our hungry boy pussies. While Ethan serviced my cunt so thoroughly, Kevin was giving it to Jimmy up the butt, causing his spent little balls to try in vain to shoot boy spunk that wasn't there.

When they pulled out, Nathan and Mike got in, and once again, we washed them from head to toe before accepting their cocks into our eager, upturned bottoms. Mike fed me strokes of hard cock at one end of the tub while Nathan long dicked Jimmy at the other end. After they fucked us to another mind blowing climax, they filled our pussies with cum, then they got out and we waited for Steve and Matt to get in. We once again washed our teen lovers from top to bottom, then we soaped up their dicks and were rewarded with more hard cock in our rear ends. While Steve packed Jimmy's fudge under the shower head, I took a page out of Jimmy's book, bending over far enough to rest my hands on the edge of the tub with my legs spread wide, allowing Matt to pile drive my little boy butt into submission, treating me to a long series of shivering climaxes that lasted until he seeded my pussy with his hot, satisfying load of boy spunk.

When we got out, Jimmy and I took care to dry all of our lovers off like dedicated little pussy boys, then we led them back to the living room. We dutifully stayed naked while we dressed Mike and Matt, then we gathered our clothes and prepared to get ready to go. Mike and Matt surprised us by helping us into our panties like gentlemen, then they proceeded to dress us lovingly. When we were dressed, Mike held me close in his lap while Matt did the same with Jimmy. We sat still like obedient little girls while our boyfriend's talked to us and the others about the events of the night.

Did you two get enough cock tonight?” Mike asked, running his fingers through my wet hair, and I shook my head no.

My pussy feels good right now, but I want you to service it again when we get home,” I lisped, prompting him to smile at everyone in the room before he addressed Jimmy.

What about you, baby?” he asked, and Jimmy shook his head no as well.

I need my pussy serviced some more when we go home,” he admitted with a naughty grin, then he continued. “I want to suck Matt's dick tonight, too.”

You can, honey,” Matt told him tenderly. “Is there anything else you two want?”

Yes,” I admitted with a thick lisp. “I want to eat more poop and drink more pee.”

Me too,” Jimmy confessed breathlessly. “I need to eat more poop before I go to bed.”

With that, Mike kissed the top of my head, prompting me to look up at him dreamily, wishing that he would French kiss me while I still had poopoo breath. Beside us, Jimmy was resting his sleepy head on Matt's shoulder as he let out a yawn that sent the luscious stink of the many poop loads he'd eaten my way. I saw Matt wrinkle his nose a little, then he un-scrunched it and kissed Jimmy's cheek.

Are you getting sleepy, honey?' he asked tenderly, and Jimmy nodded. “You were such a good girl tonight, baby.”

Was I a good girl too?” I asked, and I felt Mike kiss the top of my head again.

Yes you were, baby,” he assured me. “You were both very good little cock hounds, and very sexy little poop eaters tonight.”

With that, Mike wrapped me up in his arms and held me close while he and Matt talked to Nathan, Ethan and Kevin about the next day. It was quickly decided that we would all be over as soon as Nathan's mom left, and that Mike and Matt would wait to give us their morning poop loads until they got here. In the meanwhile, Nathan and his buddies were going to eat a lot, and so would Matt and Mike. At one point, Matt asked me if I would find something with a lot of fiber in it for him and Mike to eat that night, and I readily agreed to their plan, feeling my mouth water in anticipation of swallowing more hot poop from all of their rear ends.

When it was time to leave, I was about to scoot out of Mike's lap when he cradled me in his arms and stood up, then he turned me so that I could wrap my legs around his waist. Matt did the same with Jimmy, who was fast asleep in his lap, and they carried us to the front door, where Nathan saw us all off. He engaged Matt and Mike in long French kisses, then he planted sweet kisses on mine and Jimmy's cheeks. As Mike and Matt carried us home, I couldn't resist the urge to whisper into Mike's ear that I was horny and needed more cock up my butt. He responded by using his hands to squeeze my high traffic rear end, then he whispered in my ear that when we got to my room, he was going to mount me from the back and service my pussy like a good boyfriend.