Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 45

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The air in my room was thick with the smell of hot butt hole, the result of four naked boys having sex with the window and door closed. I was face down with the left side of my head on my pillow, my knees tucked snugly against my chest, causing my already cum filled bubble butt to stick straight up into the air while I accepted stroke after stroke of hard dick. I had a blissful smile on my face because my boy pussy was humming with pleasure, burning sweetly as Mike drove in from the back. Rolled up around my knees were my pretty pink panties, having been pulled off of my hips by the same stud who was now servicing my high traffic rear end.

With my head resting on the pillow, I had a perfect view of Jimmy, who had crawled between Matt's legs and was currently treating himself to a mouthful of hard dick. He had a very dreamy look on his adorable face, and was giving off soft moans of desire as he bobbed his head up and down, letting Matt's length glide along his moist, deep red lips until they were wrapped around the base, pressing into the tiny patch of pubic hair that was sprouting around it. Jimmy's hot to trot little boy butt was slowly rolling around in the air, anxious for a dick to fill it up from the back, the way mine was being filled. At the moment, though, he was obviously content to suck the dick of the boy who had stolen his heart for the night.

"Is that good, honey?" Matt asked, running his fingers through Jimmy's brown hair. In response, Jimmy let go of a hot moan and nodded, his smile evident even with a mouth full of cock. Matt turned to look my way, prompting me to sigh contentedly when we locked eyes. He was so cute, just like Mike, and just knowing that Jimmy and I were able to service his cock with our mouths and our pussies was enough to cause my heart to flutter. Of course, Jimmy and I were being taken care of in the process. Being able to swallow a mouthful of warm cum from a hard, horny cock was all the incentive I'd ever need to wrap my lips around a dick. But knowing that I was giving Mike or Matt pleasure made it even more fulfilling. When they slide their hard cocks up our eager rear ends, we're even more fulfilled because we love having our pussies seeded.

When we got home, my dad was waiting up for us. Mike and Matt carried us all the way home from Nathan's house like good tops, and as we climbed the stairs of our front porch, I dug my house key out of my front pocket and prepared to hand it to Mike. Before I could, though, my dad opened the door and let us in.

"Hey princess," he said gently as Mike carried me in the house, followed by Matt and Jimmy. “Are you sleepy?”

“No, daddy,” I lisped softly. “Mike wanted to carry me home because Matt carried Jimmy. He fell asleep after we got dressed.”

“Did you have a good time?” he asked, and I nodded, still resting my head on Mike's shoulder.

“I got laid really good by everyone tonight, even Jimmy,” I boasted, causing Mike and Matt to blush deeply, but I continued. “Me and Jimmy got to give everyone head, and I gave everyone a hand job and took it up the butt. It felt good.”

“It sounds like you had a very sexy evening, princess,” my dad observed. “Did you take care of your boyfriends the right way?”

“Yes daddy,” I said, nodding my head for emphasis. “After I got laid in my pussy, I sucked all of their dicks clean. Then me and Jimmy ate their poop and drank their pee, then we washed everyone in the shower and took it up the butt again.”

Good girls,” he said proudly, reaching out and running his hand over my cheek, then he used his thumb to rub my slightly swollen lips. “I can tell you've been sucking a lot of dick today, baby.”

“I have, daddy,” I lisped, causing Mike and Matt to shift uncomfortably from side to side as they listened to me tell my dad about my night of passion. “I want to suck some more dick before I go to sleep tonight.”

“Okay, pumpkin.” he said approvingly, then his face lit up and he smiled Matt's way. I turned my head just in time to see Jimmy letting loose with a yawn as he stretched his little arms, then he smiled at my dad.

“Hi daddy,” he said sweetly.

“Hi baby,” my dad gushed quietly. “Did you have fun tonight?”

Jimmy nodded while he drew in a long breath, obviously still finding his bearings, then he said, “Me and Kyle were good little cock hounds tonight, daddy. We took care of all of our boyfriends like you said. Then we were good little poop eaters, too.”

“Good girls,” my dad said proudly, repeating his earlier praise while Jimmy was asleep. “Are you going to take care of your boyfriends again before bedtime?”

“Yes, daddy,” Jimmy said sleepily, resting his head back down on Matt's shoulder. “I want to give more head really, really bad.”

“Such a good little cock hound,” my dad observed, using his thumb to trace over Jimmy's swollen, cock sucking lips while Matt and Mike looked up at him with unsure expressions. He gave them both approving smiles, then he asked them, “Did you two have fun tonight?”

“Yes, sir,” Matt said with a cautious nod, then he turned to look at Mike, who gave my dad a very nervous look.

“Yes, Mr. Smith,” Mike said, then he gulped. “Thank you again for letting us spend the night.”

“You're welcome, pal,” my dad said amiably. “You two don't have to be scared of me, either.”

“We don't?” Matt said with a nervous inflection, and my dad shook his head gently before placing a hand on each of their shoulders. It was then that the difference in size between our boyfriend's and my dad became so evident to me. Compared to my dad, Mike and Matt looked like the little boys that they still are.

“You've spent the night already, and I know that Kyle and Jimmy like you,” he told them, giving their shoulders very gentle massages with his large hands. “If Mrs. Smith and I didn't like you, we wouldn't let you come over. So you don't have to be on your guard around here. Ask Kyle and Jimmy. There's nothing to hide.”

“Thank you, Mr. Smith,” Mike said, a note of relief in his voice. I couldn't help but notice that both he and Matt were studying my dad's face, as well as his torso and most notably, the bulge in his crotch.

“No, problem, little buddy,” my dad said with a warm smile. “Now how about if you two get these girls upstairs and give them what they need?”

“Yes, sir,” Matt said with a grin as my dad turned back toward the living room.

“Kyle, Jimmy, make sure you come give mommy and daddy a hug and kiss goodnight in our room before you go to sleep, okay?”

“Okay, daddy,” Jimmy said eagerly, knowing that this would be his opportunity to wrap his lips around my dad's cock again, and possibly have his insatiable rear end fucked. I wanted it badly, too, even though I'd sucked him off under his desk before dinner, swallowing a very large mouthful of his hot man cum when I was done.

“We'll come say goodnight together,” I lisped, my voice dripping with passion as I contemplated being fucked at either end by my dad's hard rod.

When we got to my room, our lovers set us down and undressed us like true gentlemen, only leaving us standing there in our panties while they took the time to get their clothes off. While they were undressing, Jimmy and I shared a long, poop flavored French kiss that led us to lay on my bed, rolling around passionately until our tops joined us. Mike guided me so that I was laying face down, then he pulled my hips up until my horny bottom was sticking straight up into the air. Then, with one motion, he pulled my panties off of my hips, rolling them down until they were around my knees with nowhere else to go. I felt his hands on my hips, causing me to moan loudly and tuck my knees up to my chest so that he'd have no trouble finding my horny boy cunt.

While Mike was in the process of mounting me, Matt laid flat on the bed next to me while Jimmy pulled his panties off, leaving him totally naked and exposing his hard boy pecker, which was pressed tight against his hairless groin as he crawled between Matt's legs and treated himself to the entire length of his hard cock. I heard Jimmy moaning very femininely around the dick that he was enjoying, and I responded in kind, moaning like a girl as Mike buried his length all the way up my juicing boy butt. I was flowing ass juice freely, adding to the already pungent aroma of hot, stinky butt hole that was permeating the air as Mike began to feed me full strokes.

While my rear end was being filled with hard, satisfying cock, Matt and I were making googly eyes at each other. At some point, he reached out with his hand and brushed my bangs out of my eyes, then he told me, “I love you, Kyle.”

“I love you too, Matt,” I confessed. “I want you to service my pussy tonight, too.”

“I promise, baby,” he told me, then he very gently caressed my cheek while my little body approached climax, my boy pussy burning with pleasure that was starting to overwhelm my senses.

I let go of a long, loud moan that sounded so depraved as it escaped my lips, and I knew that my mom and dad could hear me. I felt a powerful tremble run up my back and down my legs, heat radiating from my midsection, pulsating through my tiny frame as my 11 year old boy butt began to squeeze Mike's hard shaft over and over as he drove in and out of me. My legs began to tremble, and I found myself grateful that I had tucked them so tightly against my chest, fearing that I would otherwise collapse. Just when I thought I'd reached the apex of my orgasm, I felt my hard little boy cocklet pulsate three times, then I let go of a long stream of pee that I couldn't control, knowing that I was soaking my sheets and blankets but powerless to do anything to stop.

While I was climaxing in my little boy ecstasy, Jimmy was deep throating all five inches of Matt's cock, his own climax not far off. His eager rear end was still sticking up in the air, and he was moaning very sissily around the dick he was enjoying so much. He reached out and took Matt's hands into his own, guiding them to the top of his head, encouraging Matt to push down on it and treat him to a forceful throat fuck. When Matt acquiesced, Jimmy rolled his rear end around sensually and moaned a little louder, then he impaled himself on the fuck stick, still using his hands to encourage Matt to grab a handful of his hair.

I knew that Jimmy was starting to love sucking dicks more and more. While I was known as the true cock slut at school, Jimmy also had a penchant for sucking dicks whenever he could. In fact, most of the guys who let me suck them off at school were people who knew that Jimmy and I were gay lovers. More often than not, they talked to Jimmy first, confirming the rumors that were swirling around the school about me taking it up the butt in the locker room, or giving head in the gym. Then he would come to me and tell me who was willing to let me give them head, and I'd make my move. In the meanwhile, he'd sucked his fair share of dicks along the way, but he wasn't keeping pace with me until we hooked up with Matt and Mike over Christmas break.

Since then, he'd grown insatiable for hot dicks to wrap his cute little lips around. I knew that he was a very horny bottom, just like me, but now it was about more than getting his fudge packed on a regular basis. It was about a cock hunger that can only be sated by having a dick inside of him, 24/7. Like me, whenever he isn't being fed hot strokes of dick from behind, his mouth waters for a juicy dick to suck on. He's a very eager cock sucker for my dad, and for Matt and Mike, but I knew that if I took him with me to the public park restroom, he'd gladly stay right beside me, on his knees all day and night, sucking every dick that was dangled over his innocent looking face.

While my bladder was draining onto my bed below me, Matt was watching my climax unfold with a naughty grin. He was very aware of the stream of pee that I was releasing, but made no move to get up as the wet spot grew in diameter. I wasn't worried about my mattress, as my parents had purchased a plastic liner for me years before when I was still a regular bed wetter. Occasionally I would still soak my sheets while I slept, even when I started middle school, so they kept it in place. I'd peed while climaxing before, but I was normally able to control my bladder under these circumstances. But having just taken hot loads of pee from all of my tops just 20 minutes earlier, my bladder was full and I had to go pee when we got home. I was so horny, though, that I didn't want to take a detour to the bathroom, or even take the time to pee into Jimmy's warm, welcoming mouth. I was so hot for a cock in my boy pussy that I simply got into position and let Mike mount me from behind, and even though there was a puddle of yellow pee soaking my sheets, I wasn't sorry at all.

“Is my breath nice, daddy?” I asked from his lap, looking up at him with a huge smile as I blew my breath in his face. I had taken a comfortable spot on his right leg, a fresh pair of panties adorning my plump little bottom. Upstairs, my mom was stripping my pee soaked sheets from my bed and wiping down my plastic liner before replacing them with fresh linen. She offered no complaints when I told her what happened, instead seeming pleased that Mike had fucked a hot stream of boy pee out of me.

“It sure is, princess,” he said gently, using his strong hand to rub my back, then he smiled down at Jimmy, who was also seated in his lap, situated on his left leg. “So is yours, baby. Did your boyfriend's help you brush?”

“Yes daddy,” Jimmy said sweetly. “They got our toothbrush down and put toothpaste on it, then they gave us mouthwash and tested our breath with kisses. Then we took a shower and they serviced our pussies again.”

“That's what a good boyfriend is supposed to do,” he observed, looking approvingly at Mike and Matt, who were seated on either side of him. They both smiled back at him, and I couldn't help but notice how Mike was leaning into my dad's side right beside me. “Did you all get what you needed upstairs?”

“Yes, daddy,” Jimmy said as Matt, Mike and I all nodded. “I got to give Matt head and Kyle got his pussy serviced by Mike.”

“That's good, baby,” my dad said, leaning down and kissing Jimmy's deep red lips in a very paternal manner. “Have you sucked enough dick tonight?”

“No,” Jimmy answered, shaking his head for emphasis. “I still want to give more head, daddy.”

“Oh yeah?” he asked, and Jimmy nodded eagerly. “How many times have you given head today, baby?”

“I don't know,” Jimmy admitted with a naughty grin. “I just know that I want to give more.”

“And what about that tight little bottom of yours?” my dad inquired, running his hand down the length of Jimmy's back until he was cupping Jimmy's pantied bottom with it. “Have you had enough dick back there?”

“Not yet, daddy,” Jimmy said with a dreamy sigh. “I still want more cock in my poop-chute.”

With that, my dad reach over and rubbed Matt's back, prompting him to look up with a very cute smile.

“Did you hear that, pal?” my dad asked. “Your girlfriend still needs her pussy serviced. Do you think you're up to that?”

“Yes, Mr. Smith,” Matt said confidently. “I promised Kyle that I would service his pussy, too.”

“Is that true, princess,” my dad asked, prompting me to bite my lip and nod. “You're both still very cock hungry tonight, aren't you?”

“Yes, daddy,” I lisped sissily. “Mike gave it to me good in my room, but I'm still horny for Matt's cock, too. I want him to cum in my pussy and in my mouth.”

“That sounds like something you're really going to enjoy,” my dad observed with an approving smile. “When would you like to have your pussy serviced, baby?”

“Right now, daddy,” I admitted, reaching around so that I could shove my left hand down into the back of my panties and rub the lips of my juicing pussy. Mike's eyes got huge when he realized what I was doing, watching in an almost trance like state as I let go of a moan. My dad reached down with his right hand and gently grabbed my wrist, then he guided it back out of my panties.

“Why don't you let your little lovers do that for you, princess,” he suggested, then he addressed Mike and Matt. “I think the girls are horny again, boys. Maybe you should give them what they need.”
“Is it okay to go upstairs yet?” Mike asked in an unsure tone, and my dad shook his head no.

“No, buddy, you'll have to take care of them somewhere else,” he explained. “I don't think these two little cock hounds can wait to get upstairs. Can you, girls?”

“No, daddy,” Jimmy said hungrily, reaching over to his left so that he could grab Matt's raging hard on through his white underwear. “I want more cock right now.”

While Jimmy was squeezing Matt's dick, I had reached over and slid my hand down the front of Mike's undies, eager to feel his stiff organ in my hand. I gave off a very feminine moan when I wrapped my hand around it, then I pulled it out of his briefs and licked my lips. They both looked terrified as Jimmy and I made our moves, still sitting in my dad's lap. They were looking up at my dad with fear in their eyes, but were met with tenderness as he stroked the tops of their heads gently. I heard Jimmy give off a muffled moan, and looked to my left just in time to see that he had moved from my dad's lap to the floor, kneeling in front of the couch between Matt's legs so that he could give him another blow job.

“Does that look good, princess?” my dad asked me, and I nodded up at him hungrily. “Then why don't you treat yourself to some, too?”

With that, I licked my lips and turned over, putting myself in position so that I was on my knees in my dad's lap, the tops of my shins resting across his legs and my knees tucked tightly to my chest, making it easy for me to lean over and wrap my lips around Mike's hard cock. I gave off a satisfied moan when I had it in my mouth, happy to feel his length run all the way to the back of my throat so that he could service my clit.

“Are you two boys enjoying that?” I heard my dad ask Mike and Matt softly.

“Yes sir,” I heard Mike say above me, then he swallowed hard.

“These two love sucking dick, don't they?” my dad observed.

“Yes, they do,” Matt said nervously. “You don't care if we do it in here?”

“No, buddy,” my dad told him, still stroking the top of his head. “Mrs. Smith and I want our girls to be satisfied. We know how much they love cock. They never get enough. Do you, girls?”

I shook my head no with a very horny moan while Jimmy let go with a muffled, “Uh uh.”

“You see that?” my dad said, then I felt the tip of his forefinger tracing along the back of my thighs and all the way up to my pantied bottom, where he let it glide along my crevice. “Besides, we know that you've done this in here before. A few nights ago, I watched both of you pump a load into Kyle's eager little rear end right here on the couch.”

“You saw?” Mike asked, sounding mortified.

“Of course I did, pal,” my dad told him, still tracing along the valley of my crack through my light blue panties. “I heard him moaning like a little cock hound, and I figured that he was getting his tight bottom fucked hard. He loves it hard, don't you princess?”

“Mmm,” I moaned, nodding my head up and down as Mike's cock ran blissfully between my dick sucking lips. I felt my dad's finger push a little deeper into my crack, then I felt electric as it brushed over the lips of my boy cunt.

“He loves it hard in the ass, and he loves it hard in his throat,” my dad told them, applying a little more pressure. “We bought him a collection of the biggest, sexiest dildos that we could find, but they weren't enough to keep him satisfied. He needs access to a dick all the time.”

“Mmm,” I heard Jimmy moan sissily as my dad's words carried into all of our ears.

“Yes, baby, I know you like it too,” my dad gently assured my little lover. “You have a nice, tight little bottom that just swallows hot dicks, don't you?”

“Mm hm,” Jimmy moaned, rolling his pantied bottom around in the air.

“Are you boys planning to service those hot rear ends tonight?” I heard my dad ask, causing Mike and Matt both to swallow hard before he continued. “They really want it bad. I bet they could each take about half a dozen more fucks before they fall asleep.”

“I think they each got more than that already,” Matt told my dad, who surprised him by leaning down and kissing the top of his head.

“They need more than what they've had, buddy,” my dad said knowingly. “You can feel it in their asses when they're really hot for it. They both juice hard when they need cock. And I can tell you for sure that they're both flowing ass juice like the little cock hounds that they are.”

With that, I gave out another hot moan and let my hips swing from side to side in a slow, sensual manner as my dad's forefinger continued to rub the lips of my pussy. From his vantage point, Matt could see the action that my dad's finger was giving me, and that I was clearly enjoying it. While Mike's view wasn't quite as clear, he could see enough to know what was happening, and it was causing his cock to swell in my throat as he prepared to feed me a mouthful of hot boy sperm.

“Are you getting close, buddy?” my dad asked, caressing Mike's cheeks gently. Mike looked up and nodded, his expression still unsure even as his climax approached. My dad smiled lovingly down at him then he turned his attention to Matt. “What about you, little buddy?”

“Yes,” Matt hissed, drawing in a sharp breath through his teeth as the cum started to rise up his shaft. “It feels good.”

“I'm sure the girls are looking forward to swallowing your spunk,” my dad said, still rubbing my pussy with his forefinger. I felt him slide a second finger between my cheeks, causing me to shiver with pleasure when I felt two fingertips make a circular motion, causing the fabric of my blue panties to tickle my slippery cunt. “After that, I'm sure they need their hungry little bottoms filled up. Does that sound good, girls?”

Jimmy and I both responded to his inquiry by moaning like sissies, then I heard Jimmy's moaning get louder and more girlish, followed by furious gulping. Moments later, I was moaning hotly and swallowing Mike's cum load as fast as I could, anxious to take it all to my tummy and not waste a drop. My dad wrapped his arm around Mike's small shoulders, prompting him to lean into my dad's chest as he unloaded his hot sperm into my tummy. At the same time, Matt leaned into my dad's other side instinctively, his own boy dick still erupting into Jimmy's sucking mouth. Without taking his fingers away from my bubble butt, he raised his arm up far enough for Matt to slip his head in under it, then he wrapped him up in a warm, loving embrace while his climax played out.

Beneath me, I could feel my dad's throbbing cock, and I wanted it in my mouth or my pussy so bad, but I was still unsure as to what his plans were. I was still swallowing Mike's cum load, taking it straight from the end of his cock, but my pussy was alive with passion, and I needed it serviced in the worst way. I heard Mike sigh, then I heard the smack of lip to lip kissing, followed by my mom's approving words, catching me a little by surprise. I didn't hear her descend the stairs, or go into the laundry room. But now that I was aware of her presence, I realized that I could hear the washing machine running.

“That's so sweet,” she gushed. “You two are very tender with each other, just like you are with Kyle and Jimmy.”

“They are, aren't they, honey?” my dad asked, still rubbing my hot chute. “They're very loving little boys, and I can see how special they are to each other.”

“Do you two have a special relationship?” my mom asked, taking a seat beside Matt and rubbing his chest while Jimmy nursed on the end of his cock.

“Yes,” he answered timidly while my dad smiled down at him and Mike with affection.

“You don't have to be ashamed, pal,” my dad told him. “Do you remember what I said earlier?”

“Yes, Mr. Smith,” he said quietly, then he reached down and ran his fingers through Jimmy's brown hair, urging him to let his sensitive cock fall from his mouth. As soon as Matt's dick was no longer in his mouth, Jimmy pulled it up with his little hands, giving him access to his ball sack. Jimmy grinned up proudly at my mom, then he used his tongue to lick Matt's balls while continuing to roll his horny bottom around in the air.

“Such a happy little cock lover,” my mom said affectionately. “I think he needs some dick at the other end, too. Don't you, baby?”

“Yes, mommy,” Jimmy said with the voice of an angel, smiling up innocently. “I don't think Matt can do it, though. His wiener is soft.”

“Well that won't work, will it baby?” my mom asked, and Jimmy shook his head no. “Is there another cock that you think you might like to have instead?”

“Yes,” Jimmy answered eagerly. “Can I have it, mommy?”

“Let's wait for Kyle to finish swallowing like a good girl,” she cautioned him, and he nodded happily before resuming his chore of licking Matt's balls. He gave a few more laps with his tongue, then he proactively lifted Matt's legs so that they were resting on his shoulders. He used his hands to pull Matt's underwear the rest of the way down, so that they were bunched up around his ankles, then he pushed his legs up a little higher so that he could go lower, treating himself to the joy of eating Matt's pooper with hot moans of delight.

“Is that good, honey?” my mom asked Matt, who nodded.

“It feels really good, Mrs. Smith,” he stuttered.

“It looks like he's trying to get you ready for Kyle,” she told him, and Jimmy nodded, the top of his head slowly going back and forth as he moaned into Matt's butt hole. “Do you like having your rear end serviced that way?”

“Yes,” Matt hissed. “Kyle and Jimmy do it all the time for us, and it always feels good.”

“They love eating hot butt holes,” my mom told him, still rubbing his chest. “Why do you think that is?”

“I don't know,” he admitted, and my mom nodded sympathetically.

“I think I know why,” she told him. “When Kyle and Jimmy were younger, they found out that they loved stinky smells. Did you know that when Kyle was eight years old, he used to fill his underwear with poop and smear it on himself?”

“No,” Matt said, swallowing hard.

“Mr. Smith and I thought he was being naughty,” she told him. “But he was just turning into our sexy little poop lover. We just didn't know that yet.”

“He loves it so much, don't you, princess?” my dad asked, and I nodded around Mike's softening cock. “I'm sure he's hot to eat another load or two before the night's over.”

“Would that make you happy, princess?” my mom asked, and I nodded again before letting Mike's flaccid dick go so that I could verbalize my desires.

“I'm so hungry for it, mama,” I moaned loudly. “I need more poop in my tummy.”

“Do you two think you might be able to do something for them?” my mom asked, and Matt nodded, his eyes glazed over. “Would you like to service my little girl's pussy first? I know she needs that, too.”

“Mmm,” I moaned sissily, rolling my hips around as my dad's probing digit left my rear end. I felt the familiar touch of my mom's hands on my hips, easing my panties down, causing my boy pussy to juice hard in anticipation of being mounted from the back by Matt. Jimmy's tongue was still lodged deep in Matt's stinky chute, causing goosebumps to erupt all over his body as his cock regained its stiffness and length. I could hear the smack of Jimmy's lips as he sucked and licked simultaneously, moaning almost in an almost animalistic fashion into Matt's rear end.

While Jimmy was treating himself to a tasty helping of Matt's poop-chute, I was still on my hands and knees in my dad's lap, anxious to have my own hot hole filled up. I felt my dad's fingers return, rubbing my pooper forcefully, then I heard the flip of a cap and realized that my mom was holding lube in her hand.

“Would you like Mr. Smith and I to get her ready for you?” she asked, but I didn't hear Matt's reply. Mike was still resting his head against my dad's chest, and had wrapped his arms around his torso while he recovered from the blow job I'd given him. He seemed more relaxed than he had been earlier, as if he had come to the realization that my mom and dad were here to help Jimmy and I have sex with our lovers, and perhaps do a little more.

“Why don't you slip your undies all the way down, kiddo,” my dad said to Mike, who responded by letting go of his embrace and lifting his butt up from the couch cushion. I took the initiative and tugged on his undies, pulling them off until they were bunched around his knees, then he did the rest.

Just then, Jimmy pulled his face out of Matt's pooper, smiling up at my mom and dad proudly. I took that as my cue to crawl off of my dad's lap to the floor, where I engaged Jimmy in a tongue filled kiss that ended with us in a 69, eating each others' pussies once again while our audience watched. I used my tongue to drive in deeply, the taste of boy poop very powerful along my tongue, being absorbed by the membranes that lined its surface. I could feel Jimmy's rough tongue doing the same, causing me to moan loudly into his rear end while he did likewise into mine, adding to both of our pleasure.

I felt a familiar set of hands on my hips, rubbing them gently and causing me to pull my tongue out of Jimmy's poop-chute. I felt his tongue retracting from my pussy too, so I rolled over until I was in the doggy style position on the floor, ready to accept Matt's hard dick. I felt his hands rubbing my back, then he told me, “Roll over, honey.”

I did as he asked, lifting my legs into the air as he accepted the bottle of KY Jelly from my mom. Beside him on the floor was my dad, who opened his palm and waited for Matt to squirt the lubricant out. When there was enough in his hand, he very carefully rubbed it onto my pussy lips, then he slowly inserted two fingers while Matt, Mike, Jimmy and my mom watched. I moaned like a girl when he penetrated my anal ring with his digits, then I sighed as he used a gentle fucking motion to lube my boy pussy.

When he retracted his fingers, he held his palm out for more, then he surprised me by wrapping his hands around Matt's hard cock, lubing it up nicely and stroking it a few times while Matt gazed up at him with starry eyes. I looked over at Mike, who looked a little envious, then over at Jimmy, who had a look of desire on his face that he only gets when he's craving my dad's dick. We both knew that his wish was about to come true, but I wondered in what fashion. Would he get to wrap his lips around my dad's shaft, or would he be taking all ten inches in his horny rear end? Either way, I knew he'd be satisfied.

“Are you ready, little buddy?” he asked, and Matt nodded dreamily. My dad leaned down and planted a light kiss on Matt's lips, causing him to let go of a light whimper, then he ran his hands all over my dad's exposed torso before smiling up at him.

Before things could go any further, my dad pulled my legs back for my top, exposing my boy pussy to him. Matt nodded and lined up with my hole, then he sunk his boy cock all the way in until I could feel his small pubic patch scratching my pucker. I moaned femininely as he was feeding me his length, then I shuddered with delight when I knew that he was all the way inside of me. Matt smiled down at me, then he leaned down and treated me to a French kiss as he began to feed me hot strokes. I reached up with my hands, wrapping my arms around his neck as my legs rocked back and forth with each thrust, moaning over and over into my lover's mouth.

As Matt was feeding me strokes of hot cock and treating me to his stiff tongue, I could hear my mom, Mike and Jimmy talking on the couch, where my dad had just re-joined them.

“Can I have it now, mommy?” I heard Jimmy ask.

“Of course, baby,” she told him lovingly. “You did such a good job getting Matt ready for Kyle. Why don't you get between daddy's legs and help yourself?”

Without another word, I heard my dad get up again, then I heard his boxers hit the floor. In an instant, I heard Jimmy moaning loudly, and could tell by the muffled sound that he had another mouthful of hard dick.

“Is that good, baby?” I heard my dad ask, and Jimmy moaned seductively.

“How does that look, sweetie?' my mom asked Mike, who looked up at her and my dad with a very big smile.

“He loves it,” Mike observed, his voice dripping with lust. “You have a really big one, Mr. Smith.”

“I'm sure you'll have one this big when you're my age, pal,” my dad told him. “Right now you have a nice boy dick, but when you grow up, you'll have a nice man cock.”

“Mmm,” I heard Jimmy moan hotly at the prospect of having Mike's cock at his disposal when it was man sized. I was equally enthralled with the prospect of being split roasted by Matt and Mike in a few years when they started to fill out more.

“Are you going to give daddy head all night?” my dad asked. “Or would you like me to pump a load into your tight little bottom?”

Jimmy answered with another hot moan, rolling his hips around in the air as he let my dad fuck his throat as deeply as his shaft would go.

“Maybe Jimmy would like to have two cocks in him,” my mom suggested, and Jimmy nodded his head, still not letting my dad's prick go. “Would you like to suck daddy off and have Mike service your pussy? Or would you like daddy to service your pussy while you give Mike a little head?”

With another girlish moan, Jimmy pulled off of my dad's cock, a long strand of saliva connecting the mushroom head and his moist lips until he moved over to Mike's cock, taking it into his mouth in one impressive motion, swallowing it whole while rolling his panty covered bottom around, eager for my dad to give him the back door action he was yearning for.

While he moaned around Mike's dick, my mom and dad got on the floor behind him, parting his cheeks and exposing his hot hole. I could hear my mom sniffing it, running her nose up and down his crack as her sniffs got louder and louder, then I heard Jimmy let go with a long, loud moan as she began eating his pussy all over again. When I pulled my tongue out of Jimmy's rear end, the taste and scent of boy poop was powerful, and I knew that my mom was now being treated to the same scents and flavors. While she was eating at Jimmy's back door, my dad was lubing his massive prick so that he could slip it in. When he was ready, he kissed my mom's forehead, prompting her to pull away and allow him to slide two lubed fingers up Jimmy's butt.

Moments later, I heard Jimmy's sissy like moans get out of control as my dad fucked him furiously from behind. Jimmy's little boy dick was spurting out hot cum on the carpet below him, and he was pushing up with his hips to meet my dad's inward thrusts. In the meanwhile, I was in the throes of my own anal orgasm, my queefing boy pussy contracting hard around Matt's shaft as he continued to drive in. He was still kissing me passionately, and I was still letting go of hot moans into his mouth. My legs, which were rocking back and forth in the air, were shaking uncontrollably as shivers of delight traveled all over my body, originating in my throbbing boy cunt and coursing to the ends of my extremities.

The force of my squeezing boy butt wasn't enough to bring Matt to an orgasm, though, and he continued to feed me strokes of hard cock for another five minutes. The butt fucking I was being treated to was driving my dry orgasm the entire time until he finally had enough. My queefing pussy was sizzling with joy as it slammed down hard around his cock several times in a row, catching the head in both the inward and outward strokes. The constant grabbing around his cock caused his orgasm to erupt, and as I moaned like a little girl getting nailed in the missionary position, he filled my pussy with a hot load of cum that made me squeal sissily.

While he was unloading his boy spunk against the walls of my pooper, we were still kissing deeply, my heart fluttering with joy the entire time. I knew for sure that I had been made love to, not fucked, and that my top was as in love with me as I was with him. I could feel the heat of his hot shaft inside of me, unloading his boy juice, first in forceful shots, then pouring out like liquid love into my glory hole as his tongue continued to battle mine.

On the couch, I could hear the familiar sounds of skin slapping skin as my dad continued to service Jimmy's upturned rear end. Jimmy was still moaning loudly, but his moans were no longer muffled by hard cock, as Mike had unloaded in his mouth long ago. Jimmy's head was still resting in Mike's lap, but he was smiling blissfully as he accepted the hard fuck he'd been craving from the moment we got home from Nathan's house. While Jimmy was taking it up the butt, and I was still filled with Matt's hard dick, I could hear my mom and Mike talking on the couch, but I couldn't make out what they were saying. When Matt and I finally broke our kiss, we smiled dumbly at each other, then I verbalized my feelings.

“I love you, Matt,” I declared loud enough for the whole room to hear. “You still feel so good.”

“I love you too, honey,” he told me tenderly. “Your pussy is still squeezing my dick so hard.”

“That's because I still want you to make love to me,” I lisped sissily, then I used my arms to pull his face back down for another kiss. As our tongues dueled, he started to feed me strokes of hard dick all over again, causing me to moan loudly and my legs to shake roughly. Three minutes later, he was spilling his limited supply of boy spunk into my eager rear end while I whimpered for it.

When he pulled away, I kept my legs up in the air, anxious for another cock to enter me. I smiled and sighed when, at my mother's urging, Mike slipped his boy cock inside of me and proceeded to service my yearning pussy. By the time he dumped his load in me, Jimmy had sucked my dad's cock back to life. I watched with anticipation as he crawled between my opened legs and slid his hard rod deep inside of me, treating me to a 10 minute ride on his long shaft that caused me to moan loudly. Matt quieted my moans by easing his hot dick into my mouth, giving me the joy of sucking another dick while my dad serviced my boy pussy. While I was being fed hard dick at both ends, Mike laid Jimmy down on his back and pumped another load into his cock hungry rear end.

“So how many boys have you each been with?” my dad asked gently, his voice carrying into my ears and rousing me from the deep sleep that he'd fucked me into on the floor.

“We've only done it all the way with Kyle and Jimmy,” Mike answered, sounding very tender. “But we've kissed a lot of boys tonight, and we kiss each other, too.”

“Is that all you guys do together?” my dad asked knowingly.

“No, Mr. Smith,” Matt admitted. “We mess around in other ways, too.”

“Have either of you sucked a dick before?” he asked, and I opened my eyes, wanting to see their answer in case they nodded or shook their heads. To my surprise, they were both sitting in his naked lap, nodding up at him with dreamy smiles. “How many dicks have you sucked?”

“I've only sucked Mike's dick,” Matt said, resting his sleepy head on my dad's firm chest, then he looked questioningly at Mike.

“I've sucked Matt's before, and someone else's from school,” he admitted, and I wondered who he could have been talking about.

“Do you boys like it?” my dad asked knowingly, and they both nodded their confessions again. “Have either of you taken it in the butt?”

“No sir,” Mike said, shaking his head at the same time that Matt shook his head no. “We like giving it up the butt, but we've never done that before.”

“You've never even tried it?” my dad questioned them in an almost disbelieving tone, one he'd used with me many times over the years when I was caught fibbing. I saw Matt's shoulders drop, then he looked guiltily at Mike, who looked down and shrugged. “That's nothing to be ashamed of, boys. You're curious, and that's healthy. Kyle and Jimmy love it in the ass, and someday when you're ready, you should try it out. Just don't let anyone talk you into it if you don't want to, okay?”

“Okay, Mr. Smith,” Mike said, then I watched with interested as my dad puckered his lips and leaned down. Mike happily accepted my dad's advances, and before long, they were sharing a long, loving kiss that ended when Matt wrapped his hand around my dad's hard shaft.

“Do you like that, buddy?” my dad asked, and Matt whimpered his answer.

“Yes, sir,” he panted, letting it go as his face turned bright red.

“You don't have to let go, kiddo,” my dad assured him. “If you want some of daddy's dick, you can get some. Is that what you want?”

“Yeah,” Matt admitted, then he reached down and wrapped his hand back around it and carefully stroked it up and down while Mike watched with a watering mouth. My dad smiled at him, then he lovingly ran his fingers through Mike's brown hair.

“Would you like to do something with it?” he asked, and Mike looked up at him, nodding with a guilty expression. “Don't be ashamed, little buddy. Tell daddy what you want to do with it.”

“I want to lick it,” Mike admitted, looking ashamedly at Matt, who was stroking it with a very hungry expression. Matt and Mike locked eyes, then as if they were having a silent conversation, they both slid out of his lap until they were curled up at his side, their heads resting where their naked bottoms had been just moments before. They both leaned in and let their tongues touch the sponge like head, which was leaking precum like crazy. I was more than a little stunned when Matt slipped his mouth over the end and nursed like a baby, swallowing as much precum as he could while Mike waited patiently.

When he pulled away, Mike took over, doing the same thing while my dad petted his head. He and Matt took turns for about three minutes, giving my dad about a minute of sensual sucking at a time before switching off. Finally, while Matt had a mouthful of my dad's cock, my dad used his hand to encourage Mike to join him, and together, they stayed on his cock, one of them licking and sucking along the stalk and his entire length while the other wrapped their lips around the head. I sat up and watched from the floor, eager to see my boyfriend's worshiping not only a dick, but my dad's dick. It was hot.

The longer they kept at it, the more into it they got. Their boy cocks were standing straight up, pressed hard against their groins. Their small patches of pubic hair were barely visible, and their dicks were so hard that their hairless balls were pulled tight, slightly exposing their taints. My dad was rubbing their backs, then letting his hand run up to the backs of their heads, giving them the encouragement that they needed to continue.

“You're both doing such a good job for daddy,” he said, heaping praise down onto them. Mike responded by pulling the end of my dad's knob out of his mouth long enough to smile proudly at him, then he got back to work while Matt used his mouth to suck along the length, almost as if he were trying to give the cock a hickey.

I looked around for Jimmy, and realized that I didn't see him anywhere. I turned my head to the recliner, and that was when I spotted him in the recliner with my mom, sleeping peacefully in her lap. She had eased a pair of my stinky boy undies into his mouth, and he was sucking on them quite furiously as he slept. I crawled over to her and climbed up into her lap, eager to be held while I treated myself to long sniffs of the underwear that Jimmy was sucking on. I felt her kiss my cheek, then I leaned over to sniff the underwear hanging from my boyfriend's mouth. Much to my delight, I picked up the luscious aroma of dark poop and drying, stinky pee.

“Do you like that, baby?” she asked me, and I nodded, wishing that I could have a mouthful for myself. “Would you like mama to give you something to keep you happy until Mike and Matt are finished with daddy and ready to feed you and Jimmy?”

“Are they ready to go poop for me?” I asked, and she nodded. “As soon as they get what they're after over there, they're going to be ready to feed their girlfriends. How does that sound, princess?”

“Mmm,” I moaned hotly as my mom pulled her right breast out and offered it to me. I quickly latched on and began to nurse, feeling temporarily sated as her flow of milk traveled down into my tummy, which was rumbling for another pile of hot, stinky turds. As I continued to nurse, I heard my dad talking softly to Mike and Matt, who were moaning around his stiff organ. While I watched the show from my mom's lap, she positioned my sleeping lover so that his face was right next to mine, giving me the joy of being able to sniff the stinky underwear that were stuffed in his mouth. I was treating myself to a long, heavenly sniff when I heard my dad let go of a loud groan. At the same time, I saw Mike gulping furiously, trying in vain to keep up with the fountain of man cream that was pumping out until he had to pull off, allowing Matt to take his place, drinking freely and swallowing as fast as he could. Cum was running from the sides of both of their mouths as they tried to take my dad's whole load, but it was impossible for two casual cock suckers like them.

Clearly, they needed more practice, and knowing that we were going to spending more time with my dad, as well as with Nathan and his friends, I was sure that they would be getting it sooner than later.

I was pulling hard through my nose, the scent of Mike's stinky chute giving me chills of delight as I posted up at his back door on my hands and knees, my watering mouth wide opened. To the right of us, Jimmy was moaning with uncontrollable desire as Matt squatted over his face, his sweaty cheeks closing tightly around it as Jimmy formed a perfect seal with his lips. We were both craving a hot load of boy poop to savor and swallow, and being used by Mike and Matt as toilets in front of my mom and dad was like a dream come true for me. I wanted them to see me take a pile of steaming turds from both of my lovers, and at the same time, I wanted them to watch while Mike and Matt had diarrhea in my mouth, just like before.

“Go ahead, honey,” my mom encouraged Mike, who looked unsure at her as I smiled hopefully at his backside, waiting for him to make his stinky deposit in my mouth. “He wants it really, really bad, don't you princess?”

“Uh huh,” I moaned, giving her and my dad a hungry gaze as I positioned myself perfectly so that they would be able to see every turd emerge from Mike's stink hole and fill my slutty mouth, hopefully over and over. I felt Mike's thighs start to stiffen, then the familiar crackle of a moist turd moving along his poop-chute filled my ears. I made direct eye contact with my mom, who was watching intently as I prepared to accept a hot load, this time from a different rear end than she'd seen in the past. I felt the wonderful thrust of hot, stinky air pushing down into my mouth and up into my nostrils, then a moist, loud squelch filled the room as Mike's load emerged swiftly, filling my mouth with a pile of long, hot turds right away.

The stink was incredible, and the taste was exquisite as the load pushed into my mouth, piling up against the back of my tongue and building outward, pushing against the roof of my mouth and my cheeks tightly. When he stopped pushing, he looked over his shoulder at me, then at my mom, who was watching my face with a look of maternal love. I saw a look of worry pass over Mike's face, then my mom and dad smiled approvingly at him. He returned their smile, then he looked back down at my poop filled mouth. I grinned up at him, then I smiled at my mom and dad, moaning around my stinky mouthful the entire time until I started to chew and smash it up so I could swallow it and make room for more.

“Is that what you've been after, honey?' my mom asked, and I nodded eagerly as I continued to chew and swallow until my mouth was empty. I opened wide to show everyone that I swallowed it all, then I heard a loud, juicy fart erupt next to me. I looked over just in time to see Jimmy's cheeks bulging tightly with an impacted mouthful of boy poop that caused his hairless cocklet to fire off three shots of cum as his little body shivered.

I posted back up to Mike's rear end and waited while he pushed, sending down two long turds that filled my slutty mouth perfectly. Once again, I made it a point to angle my opened, watering mouth so that my mom and dad could see me taking the hot poop logs straight from Mike's butt. When they were down, I waited for more, but all he had was a final, medium sized turd that was creamy and delicious, but not enough to sate my hunger. I looked over to my right, where Jimmy was chewing and swallowing another large mouthful. He noticed that Mike was empty, and held his arms out for me to come to him. I gratefully crawled over to him and engaged him in a long, poop loaded kiss.

When there was no more of his stinky mouthful to be shared, he crawled over to Mike's back side and began licking it clean while Matt squatted over my face, ready to present me with his stinky gift. I opened wide and moaned, eager for my mom and dad to see me eat hot poop from yet another rear end, one that they hadn't seen me eat from before. I pushed my already poop smeared face up into Matt's backside and licked it hard, then I pulled back a little and waited for his load to emerge. I was treated to three long, hot turds that crackled loudly as they emerged one at a time. They were clay brown and thick, firm, but not too firm. As I felt their weight on my tongue, I shivered with passion because they were just the way I loved them.

The first turd curled up like a piece of dog poop in my mouth, and I was anxious to show my mom and dad what Buck's poop load looked like when it was on the grass, before I ingested my half. The second turd pushed into my mouth with so much force that it smashed under its own mass, breaking apart in my mouth and treating me to the soft, stinky core that I loved tasting. The third piece took the shape of a long horse shoe, bending in my mouth without breaking, leaving two delightfully stinky tips sticking out of my mouth that sent a powerful, wondrous aroma wafting into my sniffing nostrils.
When Matt pushed the last of his boy poop into my toilet mouth, it was a loose, steamy mound. Not diarrhea, but still heavenly as it pushed its way in. I opened wide once more, eager to show off my stinky treasure, then I swallowed all of it while my mom and dad watched. When there was no more poop to be eaten, I took to Matt's backside, along with Jimmy, and licked it clean. We were pulling large hunks of boy poop into our mouths, and I was giving off loud moans of desire the entire time. When his butt was clean of all traces of poop, Jimmy and I licked each others' faces clean. I once again moaned loudly as I sniffed and licked away the dark smears of boy poop that he was wearing, then we shared another brown kiss.

When our lips parted, we crawled into the tub and opened wide, eager to be used as toilets yet again for our lovers to pee in. Matt aimed his soft pecker into my mouth and let loose with a powerful stream that hit the back of my throat, then I sealed my lips around it and gulped furiously, eager to keep up and not lose any so that my mom and dad could see what a good toilet I am. Mike was doing the same with Jimmy, who was swallowing all that he had to offer with no difficulty. Finally, my dad pointed his big dong our way and treated us both to his stream, then he peed in our hair and all over our faces.

When he was done, Jimmy got up and pointed his boy pecker at me, prompting me to open up, wanting to be a good toilet for all of the males in my life. I happily took Jimmy's pee load, then I begged him to fart in my face while my mom sat on the edge of the tub and watched. As he was sending a series of hot farts into my opened mouth, I released a stream of hot pee all over the back of his legs. While I was peeing, he pushed again, and much to my delight, he pooped four nice sized turds into my watering mouth, one at a time. Each time I accepted one of his hot, stinky logs, I'd open up and show everyone. Every time I opened my mouth to display my stinky treat, my mom would lean over and take a whiff, causing me to swell with pride because she knew that I was a dedicated toilet, swallowing the longest, thickest, stinkiest turds with joy. As my mom sniffed each stinky mouthful, she'd tell me how proud she was of me, then I'd chew and swallow like a good little poop eater. When the final turd was released from his anus, I dutifully swallowed it, then I took to his cheeks and hole, wiping his butt clean with my toilet paper tongue until my mom started the shower, prompting Mike and Matt to get in with us.

They washed us from head to toe, then we did the same, being good girls and taking care of our boyfriends. When they were clean, we soaped up their cocks and bent over, eager to take their hard dicks up our rear ends. While they treated us to another butt fucking, we were moaning loudly the entire time. When they fired their loads up our butts, we licked and sucked their cocks clean, then we got out and let my mom and dad dry us off. While my dad was drying my little body, I felt another shiver of desire run through me, and quickly bent over so that he could fuck another load into my high traffic rear end while Mike and Matt filled Jimmy with hard cock at both ends right next to us.